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Powered by Dreams; Grounded in Facts

New scene.

Elaine and Puddy on the plane.

Elaine: I can’t believe we broke up like that.

Elaine starts reading, Puddy stares off into space.

Elaine: Do you want something to read?

Puddy: Nah.

Elaine: Well, are you going to take a nap or —

Puddy: Nah.

Elaine: You’re just going to sit there staring at the back of a seat?

Puddy: Yeah.

Elaine tries to read but cannot concentrate.

Elaine: That’s it! I cannot take this!

– Seinfeld Scripts, The Butter Shave

I’ve been thinking about some of the tools I use to keep track of my goals and progress. But, one of the best tools is the cheapest — and it’s always around: Dreams. Sure, it makes some people crazy when I go off in a trance — but the benefits (if you can tune out the rage) are worth it.

Yesterday we talked about the tools I’ve used in the past to track my diet and exercise. And that set up the particular dream I’m talking about today. It may not seem like much to you but, I spent most of yesterday thinking about getting things setup in Nutribase and Fitday again. And much of the night actually dreaming about it.

The effect was immediate. For the first time in ages, I actually remembered to weigh myself first thing this morning! Which like it or not is the first step in getting a Food and Exercise journal set up. This morning I got things going in Nutribase by setting up a whole new profile. I decided to get a clean start and didn’t just edit my original plan.

I’m aiming for a whole new Katiebird! (cough)

It’s amazing how it works. After I got through the set up, I took a look at the “Breakfast” I defined way back when. Amazingly, it still works: Fake-Cheerios & milk with a cup of coffee. And a teaspoon of Fiber Supplement (THIS is worth a whole post of it’s own. Trust me — I’m better off when I take it.) So, I think — go ahead and post it to “Intake.”

I guess my next step is to post my “Exercise” . . . . What’s yours?

(Crossposted at Eat4Today and The Confluence)

This is NOT an Open Thread

19 Responses

  1. Help! you can you guys coordinate a bit? Like, dakinkat’s thread is hardly up with only 3 comments and we’ve already got a new thread? Have mercy on us!

  2. urgetocompute – I wouldn’t have posted this except that Dakinkat’s thread is an “Open Thread” — this one is focusing on Health and Goals and NOT open.

    This one might not interest everyone and they shouldn’t worry about commenting here.

    The OPEN thread is still alive!

    And I’ve updated the post to clarify that.

  3. I ♥ anything that katiebird does! Just knowing she is out there makes me happy!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ♥ing Pat! {{Pat}} I feel the same way about you too.

  5. A very nice (and svelte) librarian was helping me check out some yoga books one day.
    She insisted that I try one of her fav DVD’s, called “Baron Baptiste, Soul of Strength.”
    She even retrieved it from the shelf. She was so nice I couldn’t say no.

    I didn’t make it all the way through the DVD the first time-but, wow did I feel good. Especially my problematic lower back and hips.
    Didn’t make it all the way through the second or third time either, but again, I felt great. I was warmer, more flexible, and had noticeably more energy. My appetite seemed to decrease.

    Baron can be a tad annoying (“…angels fly because they’re liiiiight…”)
    but, hey, that’s when the mute button comes in handy.

    I bought that DVD for myself and also for a few friends with funky backs who sit a lot.
    After a period of inactivity (like during election season) it’s always a good jumpstart for me.
    Did I mention the disc is on my desk and ready for Monday?

  6. Thanks, Catarina — I just put a hold on it at my library. They’ve got copies available at other branches so I should have it by the end of the week.

  7. “Catarina”
    Great story about the DVD. For myself I’ve been doing “Hot Yoga” for 5 months & “I love it”!
    On the prior thread some people were discussing Bill Clinton’s donor list.
    I just want to ask a question, I’ve had since when this 1st came up during the primaries???
    “Why would he have to report “HIS” donor lists & Pres. Bush *41* did not have too” for Sonny in 2000???
    It seems like Pres. Clinton is taking all the risks in this.
    I am a supporter of the Sec. of State job for Senator Clinton; but the price shows some how we are still in a “Man’s World”. In 1984 Geraldine Ferraro was raked over the coals for her “Husband’s” dealings….24 yrs. later; has things changed very much at all??
    If Senator Clinton gets or doesn’t “GET” the job it needs to be “BECAUSE OF HER……PERIOD”!!!
    There is NO evidence that in her “8” years in the Senate she compromised herself for his donors; so leave her alone! If Obama can’t be judged on the “Guilt by Association thing”….then she shouldn’t either. If his wife’s 160% pay-raise after he became a US Senator is a non-issue; then stop it with the Clinton’s.

  8. katiebird, that’s great!
    I hate to suffer alone 😉

    I should have mentioned that I bought one of those sticky yoga mats
    (8 bucks at TJ Maxx) and that keeps me from falling on my a**!

    Best of luck.
    I’m hoping to do some walking as well.

  9. Also, I’m collecting music from the Library and I’m going to try “Dancing” on days when it’s too cold/wet/icy to walk — and to supplement it even when I do take a walk.

    And Mister just reminded me that I could vacuum now and then too . . . . .

  10. katiebird, on November 30th, 2008 at 12:01 pm Said:
    And Mister just reminded me that I could vacuum now and then too . . . . .

    well, you said he’s cooking for you…not a bad trade.

  11. Cat, not a bad trade at all. I’m a lucky gal.

  12. And Mister just reminded me that I could vacuum now and then too . . . . .

    What a selfish person he turned out to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. katiebird , you just reminded me of a joke. Sorry for OT!

    A traveling saleswoman is driving toward home in Arizona when she sees an Indian woman hitchhiking. She stops the car and the Indian woman gets in. After a bit of small talk, the Indian woman notices a brown bag on the front seat.
    “What’s in the bag?”, she asks.
    “It’s a bottle of wine. I got it for my husband”.

    The Indian woman is silent for a while, then nods and says,
    “good trade”

  14. Or you could get a big dog that likes to go for loooong walks. I don’t ever get to a cardio workout level, though, because Samantha has to stop and check her “peemail” at every tree and street light pole.

  15. NEW POST UP!!

  16. tpt/ny, on November 30th, 2008 at 11:52 am

    I just don’t understand how Hillary and BC can let Obama get away with this. It has to be clear to them that Obama and his gang want that donor list. It will make Obama and “them” (whoever they are) very powerful. Are they that naive and trusting?

  17. I gotta “trust” they know their best ( & ours) in the end.
    Example, I was real concerned she could/would become another “Colin Powell” & ruin her reputation for Obama (like Powell did for Bush).
    Then I read Senator Clinton was taking steps to “Avoid” some of the mistakes Powell made.

  18. A dear friend of mine is a doctor who is also at least 100 punds overweight. She started studying more detail about neurophysiology and relearned the fact that the frontal lobe of our brain can actually override the impulse part of our brain (the limbic system). Now, when she gets an impulse (generally to take that extra serving, snacking between meals etc) she gets her thinking, commanding part of her brain to give a small instruction to the limbic system.

    For example, she may say to limbic system, “Wait for at least 30 more seconds” or “hang on, I have to touch my foot first”. These very little directions usually turn off the limbic desire temporarily. She is very slowly losing weight with these small overriding instructions. She acknowledges that they don’t work all the time but that, the more she does it, the better she gets at it.

    Just a thought to add – in the appropriate thread. 🙂

  19. Oh My Gosh! I have always been on the “chubby” side since like forever. The doctor said I have bad genes and that my metabolism is just slow at burning food so it was very hard for me to lose weight….BUT guess what? ……..I just lost 10 lbs. in just 11 days! YES! YES! YES! I, the bad genes – slow metabolism lost 10 lbs in 11 days! YES! I feel GOOD! 😀 I wouldn’t have able to achieve such a thing if it wasn’t for The Amazing FAT Loss rules.

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