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Saturday: Matt Continetti Comedy Gold

Some Obots are taking to stand-up.  In this video clip of Blogging Heads TV at The New Republic, Matt Continetti does a brilliant parody of an Obamaphile who has finally come to grips with the fact that Obama is not a liberal and instead puts all of his eggs in the basket of the liberal paradise that is the new Congress.  He’s hillariously funny when he enthuses about how now that Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, she is going to get those new Blue Dog Democrats to roll over just like she did last session.

Eve Fairbanks plays the cynical smirker as Matt tells us all about Liberalism on Steroids.  I don’t know who wrote this material but it’s brilliant!

What’s that?  Not a parody?  REAlly?


Other curiosities:

  • The ugly truth hatches out about the recent economic collapse.  Amity Shales in the WSJ takes on Krugman in The Krugman Recipe for Depression.  What was it about The New Deal that drives capitalists absolutely nuts?  It’s the effect it had on labor.  Yeah, with Social Security insurance and strengthening of the country’s labor laws, workers had greater autonomy.  They started getting paid real wages and had health insurance too.  I’m of the opinion that those New Deal fixes lead to one of the greatest periods of entrpreneurial spirit and prosperity that the country has ever seen. Well, Shales will have none of that.   Shales believes that a job, ANY job, is preferable to a job with insurance.  I’m not sure about that.  I’m listening to Timothy Egan’s book, The Worst Hard Time, on the Dust Bowl of the 30’s and he tells the story of one schoolteacher who worked in Oklahoma for a whole year without pay.  Yep, the school district offered her a warrant that she was supposed to be able to redeem for cash at the local bank.  Except the bank wouldn’t accept it.  Niiiice.  What Shales seems to be missing is that the reason so many people are defaulting on mortgages or are in debt up to their eyeballs is because real wages have actually eroded over the past 40 years.  The social safety net of the New Deal is in tatters.  And when people fall through it, they can’t pay their  bills.  It’s really very simple cause and effect, Amity Shales.  If there is a solution to this current morrass, it *has* to have a strong labor component.  We are the bulk of the taxpayers in the country and if there is no taxbase, there is no recovery.  It’s really too bad this doesn’t fit with Amity Shales worldview but this is America.  Love it or leave it.
  • Dr. Violet Socks’ brilliant compilation  of the consequences of electing Barack Obama is reprieved in #13 from early November.  Keep this in mind when you hear more about Hillary, Samantha Powers and Christina Romer.  But I think her recent post on taxation is something we should all be asking ourselves.  We have taxation without representation.  Our votes for Hillary last year during the primaries were completely disregarded.  What is the meaning of suffrage if your vote doesn’t count?  And why are we paying taxes into a system where our representation in the general population is greater than 50% but our representation in elected office is only 17%?  It’s just nuts.
  • Murphy at PUMAPac pointed me to this article in the NYTimes by Alex Kuczinsky about her struggle with infertility and her hiring of a surrogate in Her Body, My Baby.  Unlike a lot of the commenters on this piece, it doesn’t bother me that she paid for the treatment or the surrogate instead of adopting.  The money she threw into the system is benefitting someone.  It’s her money and she has the normal reasons for doing IVF- eleven times.  And I think the pictures are a hoot!  Only the most arrogantly unaware wouldn’t see the unsubtle classist overtones.
    Alex and Max....and the baby nurse?

    Alex and Max....and the baby nurse?

    No, what strikes me is the incredibly cold account the author gives of her relationship with her surrogate.  Cathy Hilling, the vessel, loses her identity as soon as she gives birth to the author’s nearly 11 lb baby.  As Murphy notes, enough of the nurturing, mother stories already.  It’s a part of life but not the only meaningful part of a woman’s life.  But the story as written shows Alex Kuczinsky as probably one of the most selfish, insensitive, catty, snobbish, pseudo-intellectual and heartless women I’ve ever read.  Nature unfortunately didn’t bless her with a working uterus.  It’s doubly unfortunate that she seems to be missing a soul.  Pray for the poor kid.

30 Responses

  1. Matt needs to switch to decaf.


    Great music from women Independent artists Saturday 10 AM – 1 PM
    click here http://audio.cygnusradio.com:8000/cyg1_hi.m3u

    or copy paste that link into your player where it says play url or find CYGNUS RADIO on itines under radio eclectic or rock 🙂

    great post RD !!as always

  3. Riverdaughter, this is the sort of post I love the most! For most bloggers any one of your points would be a post of it’s own. But, you give us a cornucopia of issues in your morning blog-of-the-day.

    And that’s why you’ve become the First-Read-of-the-Day for so many of us.

    I’ve been sitting here stewing about the Samantha Powers (I almost typed Samantha Summers) thing and thinking about the taxation thing too. I wish I knew more about how Tax Boycotts really work (or don’t work?) — I just can’t take a new hopeless fight.

    I’m off now to follow your Krugman/Dust Bowl links…

    Thank you VERY much!!

  4. I think motherhood is a wonderful goal, but I do believe there is more a woman can do than simply being a mother. Isn’t the New York Times one of the news outlets that screamed “OMG, Palin wants to be Vice President! Who will take care of her children?” It seemed to me that the liberal media during the election was trying to push women’s rights to what they were in the 1850s.

  5. She has a “Designer Baby”. Enough said. The “me,me, I, I” was contained into every sentence she wrote. Sounds like she may one day question the sincerity of this action should the kid not live up to her expectations.

    She apparently wanted more by way of affirmation from friends who described the birthing process as less than uniformly “uplifting” and felt let down when they accurately pointed out the “messiness” this usually involves.

    Self involved people like the Times contributor seldom get what they really want out of life: a celebration of them.

  6. I’m amazed they are showing the lady in a uniform, which they all have of course . Usually the press is very careful not to! Fire that photo editor!!

    Someone wanted Alex to be even more of a laughing stock. than she is ..or is this the declaration that the Handmaiden’s Tale phases is upon us?? Hard to tell!

  7. Goddess Radio post in moderation 😦

    anyone who thought that ANY of bos advisors he had to let go to get elected, really went away , are sadly deluded , but then , many many of the people who voted for him were deluded and misled and many still are .

  8. If I could needlepoint, Matt would be the recipient of a small, but nonetheless telling pillow bearing the motto, “Vision without a plan of execution is a hallucination.”

  9. Hmmmm:

    Voted for Obama? Confession urged
    The Modesto Bee
    MODESTO — Father Joseph Illo, pastor of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Modesto, has told parishioners in a homily and in a follow-up letter that if they voted for Barack Obama, they should consider going to confession because of the president-elect’s pro-abortion position.

    I agree with Father Illo about them going to confession, but for different reasons.

  10. I’m amazed at the people I’ve encountered lately who were not O’bots during the elections, but have become so.

    Now that the slimy Chicago politician has become president, suddenly he’s a good person. Being so, you should never suspect his motives, never question his ethics, never believe that he has anything other than the best interests of the country at heart.

    I seriously wonder if these same people felt this way about Bush when he was elected.

    Personally, I feel exactly the same way about Obama as I did about Bush. For me, both came to power under decidedly shady circumstances and neither is my president.

  11. Slimy poll appoints slimy pol…

    Bill Richardson at Commerce: Scary


    Seriously, look at Commerce and what this creep is now in charge of!! He’ll have more sneaky power than Hillary at SOS….and she’ll get all the media grief….

    I’m glad he’s out of NM, but not glad he’ll be in Washington…

  12. Slimy poll appoints slimy pol…

    Bill Richardson at Commerce: Scary


    Seriously, look at Commerce and what this creep is now in charge of!! He’ll have more sneaky power than Hillary at SOS….and she’ll get all the media grief….

    I’m glad he’s out of NM, but not glad he’ll be in Washington…

  13. Teresaa, on November 29th, 2008 at 11:08 am Said: ……Personally, I feel exactly the same way about Obama as I did about Bush. For me, both came to power under decidedly shady circumstances and neither is my president…

    Amen sister!

  14. “The Worst Hard Time” is one of the best books I have ever read. After reading it, I bought copies of it for almost everyone I know. If you haven’t read it, please do. It provides important insight into an era that few history books address.

  15. Wow, RD, great post.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Conflucians. Sorry I haven’t been around much, but I’ve been in the kitchen since Sunday. I think I’m done now…

  16. OT, somewhat – Here are two articles worth noting, I think:


    TAPPED OUT – O’s continually asking for money

    Just nuts.


  17. More on Obots and Democrats.

    It seems that if Republicans screw you, you can hate them until the end of the earth.

    On the other hand, if Democrats screw you, you must HEAL, brothers. That old “grief” meme rears its ugly head.

    Charles Lemos has joined the “heeeeeal brothers” camp. See his Samantha Powers thread

    I think many people have trouble understanding and really waking up to the fact that we don’t have the same Democratic Party that we had only a few years ago.

    “Healing” may mean fighting the powers that be to get the Democratic Party back, and not allowing people like Samantha Power into the mix without question.

    As long as we all just “heal” things will continue down the slimy path.

  18. excerpted from the NYT article above:

    “I appreciated Cathy’s warmth and straightforward manner. But there was something else that drew me to her — the same thing that caused me to see her computer-generated essay in a different light from the other women’s hand-scrawled applications. They seemed, in other words, not so different from us. Later, during the election season, she and I were unaccountably pleased to learn that we were both planning to vote for Obama.”

    yes, RD-I will “pray for the poor kid!”

  19. “And why are we paying taxes into a system where our representation in the general population is greater than 50% but our representation in elected office is only 17%? It’s just nuts.”

    THAT is a $64 million (or billion) question. I think this goes right to the heart of the capitalist “religion”. Most religions suppress women – capitalism is no different. For more than 50% of the mullah I think you would want at least 50% representation. This, dear PUMAs, ought to be a rallying cry.

  20. RD, sorry to be a nitpicking little pain in the ass, but it’s Amity Shlaes (not Shales):


  21. Hi RD & Co.

    Did you say Samantha “the monster” — I saw that, this makes my unease for Hillary go off the charts, RD. Yesterday I saw a comment about Hill as Bhutto, someplace — I have NO FAITH in her being supported with this crew. None. Actually, it horrifies.

    I could use the C word but I won’t — maybe at my place……..

    In the meantime, it’s getting to look a lot like Christmas — in a way.

    I found a place this am that has the vintage bulbs of our youth, I swear. This guy from Maine even has bulbs that were manufactured by the WPA! they were! In my opinion, not a bad place to start. Over. Start manufacturing them here….

    My writer friend Rodger Jacobs has written a magnificent piece on the tramplings that just occurred on Black Fri.

    That YMCA looked good. The one out here that I want to join has an outdoor heated pool/spa/yoga and so forth — very reasonable and the idea of the water appeals.

    I am doing a personal HUGE boycott of products from overseas — truly. It’s political for me. So Christmas is going to be VERY simple this year.

    I did however buy the Lancome kit — very fab– and their new perfume — Magnifique — plus some See’s candy…the stroll around the store (empty) was about all the workout I got yesterday — but, this is going to be a green Christmas, for sure.

    I was laughing over the basement TV! of yours — ahahhahahahahhahaha!
    bwhahahwhwhahahah! It turns out TVs are the barometer for how the American economy is doing…..just saw that….up as news.
    I could use one…..before C City folds forever. Geez.

    I am boycotting RD. On purpose. Mavens on TV who manufacture overseas, stores with non-American products. Just yesterday I saw a ‘buy American” sticker on a car out here. They had that in the 70’s too.

    Here is Rodger’s brilliant piece on all of that stampede frenzy, from yesterday…
    Sad times when people stampede for a bunch of “plastique” and he nails it…

    Hang tight, Conflucians. We’ve got each other. This Christmas is going to be as simple and vintage as RD’s dried corn, at my place.


    and, for us tail end boomers—– Christmas lights — the old fashioned kind you might have seen once — way pre-LED. It’s amazing! To see how things were……including 60’s vintage nostalgia typefaces and art on the boxes……..


    hugs to all.


  22. thanks for those links, State of Disbelief!
    It’s a start!

    never underestimate the power of the feminist boycott revisited……..


  23. If you want blue jeans made in the USA (Levi’s aren’t made here anymore) check out this link:


  24. I read the entire WSJ article and I’ve also read Amity Shales book, “The Forgotten Man.” Personally, I think she’s right.

    FDR put in place many systems that if they were not inplace today, we’d really be a depression. But, I think it’s fair to look back at history to try and learn from it. We should take what worked and dispell what didn’t and favoring the public sector over the private section failed. It was WWII that got us out of the depression, not FDR.

  25. Well, technically, Carol, it was the forced conversion of factories to war production and the creation of thousands of new jobs that helped elevate the U.S. economy out of a depressed state. It also put an end to the agrarian economy in America (the dust bowl disaster of the ’30s also had a hand in that, of course) and moved us into an industrial economy. The free market, consumer-driven economy followed the end of WWII. And here we are today, reaping the disastrous after effects of a system that should not have worked as long as it did.

    The ride is over. Time for a new form of capitalism. (Don’t look at me. I don’t have the answers.)

  26. I get that the NYT is evil (weren’t they the ones hyping the so-called Opt-Out Revolution to the skies?), and that the woman who hired the surrogate was hopelessly shallow and elitist and self-involved. But I don’t see the need to be so very hard on her. The fact that she’s hired someone else to care for her child is not something that any of us should be judging. The fact that she chose surrogacy over adoption is maybe worth consideration, but am certainly in no position to hold any other woman in judgment for the choices she makes in her life. Hell, I don’t believe in altruism at all.

    But I just think we could all stand to be a little more gentle with this woman. We might not make the same choices. We might be smarter, more egalitarian, more evolved, more broad-minded, and more self-aware than she is. But there’s no need to be harsh about this. What a woman doesn’t do with her uterus is just as much her choice as what she does. If the surrogate didn’t feel coerced (and I’m not sold that she didn’t, but we don’t have a statement from her), then why the hell are we judging anyone? Remember that the Bad Mom trope is the one most often used to hammer women into the ground.

  27. 1. It appears that Mr. Obama will now be using the economy to do whatever he pleases. I’ve just written about his new economic recovery advisory board, which – ta da – is more Reaganesque in its creation of presidential power than anything else.
    Post is at http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/

    2. RD, I enjoyed your posts about your Thanksgiving weekend experiences, particularly when you just HAD to get away. These days, I use Thanksgiving as a time to totally unwind – I don’t have family obligations – and it is a joy.

  28. Thanks for the heads up on the surrogate article.
    Sadly missing from the piece is why the author wanted children so badly.

    At the end of the day being a mother is NOT:

    Dealing with snarky friends, being computer literate, leaning one way or another politically, or handing off the child to it’s nurse/nanny.

    Pretty sad.

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