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Working off the gravy

Sister B. does the beaver machine

Sister B. does the beaver machine

I worked off the last of the gravy today.  B. and I went to the local Y and did elliptical, weight machines, 10 minutes of treading water and sauna.  Ahhhhh.  Feels great.  What did you do to work off the peck of food you ate yesterday?

This is an open thread.

143 Responses

  1. I can think of only very rude explanations for the phrase “the beaver machine”. Am I right?

  2. I took my usual walk. I “passed” on a third dessert. More work needed here.

  3. I cleaned the living room,m wrapped packages, and decorated the tree.

  4. of course the rude explanation is the right one…
    = )

  5. I had a lot of sex….

    you asked

  6. Yes, that is the explanation. That’s what we call it. It’s almost as comfy as stirrups.

  7. I went to work. Retail on Black Friday… scary.

  8. Fair enough. I grew up misinterpreting phrases with the word Beaver in them. In Canada Boy Scouts have a division for young kids called “Beavers”. My mom was therefore a “Beaver Leader.” Beavers are also the Canadian national animal, our equivalent of the Bald Eagle. That’s just hilarious to me. Don’t even get me started on “Eager Beaver”.

  9. I cleaned my house. Rose bushes severely pruned back so I don’t get attacked when I go out onto the patio. Big pile of stuff for the Salvation Army. Books for the Friends of the Library book sale. A bagful of hangers to take to the recycling bin at the cleaners. New dog toys made out of old socks. A pile of stuff to store in ex-husband’s garage 🙂

  10. I once met a woman named Sharon Beaver.


  11. Simon de Beauvoir’s pals nicknamed her ‘Castor,’ French for ‘beaver,’ beause they thought Beauvoir sounded like beaver. First time I read that I told my French BF, “OMG! They called her beaver!”
    “Why? What’s a beaver?”
    “What’s between a woman’s legs!”
    “Oh, la foufoune! Hahahahah!”

  12. All the LOR geeks are camped in front of the telly watching TNT about now.

    Just like me

  13. Add two more to the body count for today – shooting at a Toys R Us.

  14. I work with beavers all the time.

    Started my burn-off with a trip down to the beach where I practiced with my cast net for about an hour. Caught one bait fish in that time but it was good exercise.

    I don’t think I got close to burning off what I ate, though.

  15. I raked leaves side yard, front yard — tomorrow – to the other side yard.

    I have about 20 pounds that have found their way to me over the last 3 years. I could stand to lose 15. My diet does not start until I return from Hawaii at the end of January.

    badtodembones – sounds fun !!! I think everyone should follow suit !!

  16. simofish… it is more fun than raking leaves, I can tell you that!
    = )

  17. I worked .. at my job, all day, came home ate more turkey stuffing and potatoes and gravy , and napped 😉
    But I am off tomorrow…

    I fantasized I had a lot of sex .. not as much fun and not as much exercise … dam

  18. If you want sax, check out da Big Dawg!:

  19. I worked for a while, and afterwards my husband and I went, for the very first time, to Whole Foods. it’s actually a pretty cool store, not as snooty or as expensive as I had imagined.

    we walked through the front door and the first thing I saw was aragula……so now I know what it is, anyway

  20. Riverdaughter and Friends:

    I have set up a short-term website to post a prayer, comment or condolence to those affected by the terror attacks in Mumbai. Please drop by and leave a note, prayer, or condolence.


    It is just my small effort to make this world a little bit better.

    Maybe you can send your friends this to URL …


  21. Simo – you can eat pretty healthy in Hawaii. The fish is just incredible!

  22. I adopted a dog about 10 days ago.I walk her often and she walks really fast.I lost 6 lbs since I got her (no weighing since Thanksgiving).It’s a small dog, but if you follow her lead it’s quite the workout.

  23. myiq- My last name is synonym for Jizz. Junior High was FUN.

  24. Spooge?

  25. Just came home from the movies and started back in on pecan pie and cream. Saw Baz Luhrman’s “Australia”. The young aboriginal boy’s line at th end about stories being important because they hold the people together reminded me of the Confluence.

  26. I think she meant Sperm.

  27. Google thought beaver is an animal.
    When I said “beaver slang” then it paid attention.

    beaver Look up beaver at Dictionary.com
    O.E. beofor (earlier bebr), from P.Gmc. *bebruz (cf. Low Ger. bever, O.H.G. bibar), from PIE *bhebhrus, reduplication of base *bhru- “brown” (cf. Lith. bebrus, Czech bobr, Welsh befer, see bear (n.) for reason for this). Gynecological sense (“female genitals, especially with a display of pubic hair”) is 1927 British slang, transferred from earlier meaning “a bearded man” (1910), from the appearance of split beaver pelts.

  28. Sandra S: I’m guessing “Siemen”

  29. It really doesn’t matter what your name is, in junior high they will find a way to make fun of it.

    Or something else about you.

  30. I always enjoy the Joy of SAX thanks 😉

  31. I once owned a spray painting unit called “The Little Beaver”. Did a good job. Very easy to get going, and it just went on forever.

  32. After the last of the company left today at 2pm I had just enough energy left to “veg out”. Went from one to the other of three couches for the rest of the day so chalk this up as a form of exercise.

    With so much left to do I will follow Scarlet O’Hara in thinking that tomorrow is just another day.

  33. I took my 2 1/2 year old grandson shopping at the mall – without a stroller. I feel like I ran the marathon.

  34. I took my 1 1/2 year old grandosn shopping at the mall – without a $tr0ller. I feel like I ran the marathon. Didn’t expect this comment to find its way into moderation,

  35. smantasmom – you win. Grandson beats dog walking

  36. My last name is synonym for Jizz. Junior High was FUN.

    The last two numbers of my phone number were 69. My mom refused to get it changed without a good reason and I couldn’t quite figure out how to tell her why we needed different number.

  37. I found out in my 20’s that there was a guy with my name in the local phone book when I was a teen.

    His wife was not amused by teenaged girls calling and asking for me/him.

    I never did find out who those girls were.

  38. The first three digits of my old cell number were: 666. I loved it! Whenever I told people my number I’d get a look as they tried to figure out if I was joking. Always cracked me up.

  39. JL – that’s a good one!

    When I was a teen (looooong time ago), my Mom’s bowling team was the Beavers (they all had names of animals).

    When I found out, I laughingly told my Dad. He was deadpan. Did not know the term. How to explain?

    kiki – my son works in seafood at Whole Foods. I only shop there for certain items I can’t find elsewhere. He is a very good cook and sometimes does cooking demos for customers. He can tell them a lot about the fish and how to cook them. Anyway, I am glad because I do not worry whether he, as a young single man, is eating well! (He cooks for his girlfriends – used to cook for me before he left home.)

  40. Oh, and there was a girl I went to high school with (she was Russian) whose last name was spelled – I kid you not – Fucks. The original spelling was done in Russia as she applied for a visa and the person there had no idea what they were spelling. (The phonetical spelling should have been Phewks. But they thought a U was a good substitute for EW.) The poor girl took people’s jokes with good humor. But she also kept saying she couldn’t wait to get married and take her husband’s last name.

  41. DYB – hope her husband’s name wasn’t Yu.

  42. My Thanksgiving guests/friends have a dog who cried mournfully this am as we started out the door for a hike so we changed venues from the state park where we were going to look for Big Horn Sheep to a section of the Pacific Crest Trail so dog could go with us. Nice alternative hike; cows but no Big Horns; dog happy. Six miles of rolling hills; probably made only a small dent in the dressing bulge and the pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Why is pumpkin pie so good and hiking so hard even with absolutely perfect weather?

    Really liked that Schiff tape RD. Why do we have to put up with the big money rollers? —look at how many civilizations they have destroyed with their bubbles. Between the big money rollers and the religious nuts we ordinary folk are just constantly going to the cleaners to be picked clean. They never go to jail.

    Obama has become everything they did not want but because he became the one they wanted now they want what they did not want because he is their one. I hope they all have a Merry Xmas in the middle of a mall stomp. No wonder we need pecan pie, whipped cream and stuffing.

  43. is this an open thread? I hope so – I just read that Samantha Powers is back…….and working on the state dept transition team. these people just piss me off.

    Fran, that’s cool about your son. all the people who work there were awfully nice, handing out samples and making suggestions.

  44. OMG, that poor girl! Those poor teachers!

    UTC, you have a wicked sense of humor.

  45. I did what badtodembones did. (Hey, I’m married.)

    I also sang tonight and worked out a teeny bit this morning. Only 6000 more calories to go!

  46. Well…I lost my appetite worrying about my friend who lives in Mumbai. She’s safe but she knew people who died. She went to the Narimen center eery Friday night and knew the rabbi and his family.

  47. JeanLouise> The teachers, those who were seeing the name for the first time, would always just pause and stare at the roster. The class would begin to giggle because they knew what was happening. The teachers were afraid to say anything and would just ask her how to pronounce her name. And she would tell them it’s pronounced “Phewks.” And the teachers would try to not laugh. It became a thing with everyone.

  48. kiki
    nah alls good. Samantha Power will serve directly under Hillary so Hillary can bitch her around hah.

  49. We did only what we loved, Amy painted and I read, and visited w/the neighbors Basset Hound puppies. We’re waiting till New Year’s to do any healthly stuff.

  50. Ari – so sorry to hear that. I am so upset about what happened there. I tried to write about it but just couldn’t.

  51. KiKi … I read that also re: Ms Powers .. ugH!!!

    Samantha Power re-joins Obama

    Samantha Power, the foreign-policy scholar who was banished from the Obama campaign for referring to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as a “monster” during the Democratic primaries, is working on President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team studying State Department personnel, operations and policy.

    That’s potentially a little awkward because Clinton is scheduled to be designated Obama’s secretary of state early next week.


  52. I got up at 3 am to see if I could get my darling boy an XBox360 from Wal Mart online. Couldn’t do it, so I fought my way through the worst crowd I have ever seen and stood in line for over an hour, and my angel will get his game.

    He will hear for the next four years until he graduates and leaves his poor overworked and underappreciated mother behind, how love is measured by one’s willingness to be run over carts, shoved this way and that and be called unmentionable names, that all to make my baby smile. True sacrifice! This was way worse than when I wanted furbies for my four children and sent my 78 year old mom to go get them on Black Friday. Now that I have braved the evil masses, I cannot believe she did that for me!

    My legs hurt. I am frazzled. But, my son will get that game and that really is the only way I could afford it.

  53. The saddest thing is that its their son’s birthday and he has to find out that his parents died.

  54. You all didn’t think Samantha Power was going anywhere, did you? It’s the Obama rule: the nastier and more incompetent a crony is, the more loyal he is to that crony.

    Besides, she is now married to one of his top legal advisers, Unitary Executive proponent Cass Sunstein. She’s part of The Family.

  55. o.k… some ‘sexist’ humour ….going the male way – I’m shocked .. Shocked ! ! ..

    Obama’s Chocolate Nuts Are For Sale


    I”M NOT A SEXIST PIG ..!!!!! – honest.

  56. oh good lord Ari – I’m so glad your friend is ok but so very sorry about the people who aren’t.

    it struck me today that if that had happened here it would be considered a day that changed everything, and that justified all kinds of reactions and actions. but it happened *there* so people here were free to riot at Walmarts and shoot people at Toys R Us. I hope this isn’t an offensive observation.

  57. I thought Cass Sunstein was a woman! wikipedia just told me otherwise

  58. Ari …this isn’t the boy I heard about on tv who is in the hospital and injured is it …?? – He kept saying “he’ wanted to come home and the reporter said that no one wanted to tell the boy that he had no family left .. !!!!

    It’s such a tragedy – I am sure all of Mombai is in shock .

  59. Briana-
    I know…it says she will “serve directly under Hillary” so we know there will be payback.

  60. Fortunately, it turns out, I was blocked from moving after I filled my plate and found a seat at the table (a too crowded table and lots of big people) so all I had was my tiny plate that I arranged sparingly (assuming that I’d have seconds). A teenager brought me a few slivers of two pies, which I ate. I also was able to snag more than my share of the Pinot Noir (I think).

    I spent 7 hours cleaning the house Wed. night and Thursday morning and ate little, saving room for the big dinner with my usual seconds.

    This morning I weighed a few pounds less. I ate a small plate of leftovers, which would have been equivalent to my second serving.

    Late afternoon I walked for 40 minutes at an open space and then went to the Y to do the machines. I warmed up with 5 minutes of stairmaster–burned over 40 calories. Tomorrow I’m walking with a friend for 40 minutes at least!

    I’m going to join http://www.myfooddiary.com, which my friend swears by! I think I’ll have to since the poundage is not dropping off as I expected.

    Now I’m eating turkey soup and a salad and drinking a glass of Champagne.

  61. “…the nastier and more incompetent a crony is, the more loyal he is to that crony.”

    Sounds like another recent President, doesn’t it?!

  62. No this was the Chabad rabbi’s two year old son who lost both of his parents but managed to escape with the maid.

    I saw the little Indian boy on the news.

    Kiki-that made me scared. I wonder how will deal with a terrorist attack or riots.

  63. “serve directly under Hillary”……..but………she has the Messiah’s ear and Hillary doesn’t

    I hope thi isn’t some horrible set-up

    I’m probably just being paranoid

  64. I mean I wonder how Obama will deal with a major security crises on land. Next week he names his national security team.

    I was listening to the radio yesterday and an Obot called in and said that we should be thankful that Obama has such great leadership skills. The host laughed and said if he has great leadership skills, why is he selecting all of Clinton’s old people? This is a sign of insecurity.

  65. hmmm CB, I’m looking at the food diary webpage. what do you get for your $9 a month? and is $9 enough of an incentive?

    I was just doing Weight Watchers and I quit because even at $39.95 a month, I just wasn’t sticking with it at all.

    maybe this is just a bad time of year to lose weight. I guarantee I can find a reason to say that at any time of the year 🙂

  66. KiKi .. I’m paranoid also . I’m thinking/fearing that they aren’t going to give it to her ..

    Cause ‘everyone’ wants to humiliate her again and again and more …

    I just wish the whole deal was over – one way or the other, instead of dragging it out . I really , really despise ‘all of them ‘ …

    Godess please help me. HEY .. Where’s Fuzzy ..????

  67. Kiki-It will still be fun to watch Hillary bitch her around. Otherwise we can always give her Sarah Palin treatment. *scratches head* protest outside her events and wear “Samantha Power is a C***” Tshirts.

  68. did Fuzzy travel somewhere for thanksgiving?

  69. … or at least “Samantha Power is a Monster”

  70. Didn’t Hillary insist and get hiring powers for the State Department? How can Powers work for Hillary without Hillary’s approval?

    I love the “Samantha Powers is a Monster” t-shirt idea!! We should get those made!

  71. Yes Fran we should start manufaturing those. We can wear them when she lives the part.

  72. got this from Ace … here’s Xmas shopping for the stepford BO supporters …


    I’ll repeat .. . . arrrghhhh

  73. DYB – now that you mention that .. Yes . Didn’t we read that somewhere .

    I believe nothing . I am going to try & shut my head down on it .. makes me crazzzzzyier than usual.

  74. Samantha Power is a monster

  75. I’ve been kicked out of my bed by one of my nieces. Damn, I was just snuggling into the arms of Morpheus when the great bed rearrangement happened. I’ll never sleep now, not that the family room sofa isn’t comfy. it’s just that it’s so not like a bedroom.
    Someone entertain me.

  76. ok RD, here’s a joke….

    A duck walks into a small town supply store.
    “Do you have any duck feed?” he asks the owner.
    “No. We used to have that but stopped selling it few months ago. No one was buying.”
    The duck leaves. The next day the duck comes back.
    “Do you have any duck feed?”
    “No. I told you yesterday we don’t carry it.”
    The duck leaves. The next day the duck comes back.
    “Do you have any duck feed?”
    “No!” The owner yells.
    The duck leaves. The next day the duck comes back.
    “Do you have any duck feed?”
    “Look, I told you 3 times already. We don’t have duck feed here. If you ask again I’m going to nail your feet to the floor.”
    The duck leaves. The next day the duck comes back.
    “Do you have any nails?”
    “No”, the owner replies.
    “Do you have any duck feed?”

  77. Hi, RD — I was just daydreaming over the Harry & David catalog. I’m sorry you lost the room. Why couldn’t your niece sleep on the couch since you were already asleep.

  78. if that didn’t work…….


    8:00 am – Dog food! My favorite thing!

    9:30 am – A car ride! My favorite thing!

    9:40 am – A walk in the park! My favorite thing!

    10:30 am – Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!

    12:00 pm – Lunch! My favorite thing!

    1:00 pm – Played in the yard! My favorite thing!

    3:00 pm – Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!

    5:00 pm – Milk bones! My favorite thing!

    7:00 pm – Got to play ball! My favorite thing!

    8:00 pm – Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!

    11:00 pm – Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!


    Day 983 of my captivity. My captors continue to taunt me with bizarrelittle dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets.

    Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength. The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet. Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a ‘good little hunter’ I am. Bastards!

    There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of ‘allergies.’ I must learn what this means, and how to use it to my advantage.

    This morning I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow– but at the top of the stairs.

    I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released – and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded.

    The bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicate with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now…

  79. Ari,
    I’ve been thinking about that little boy all day. He’s only two. I was comforted to hear that he has a strong community who will love and care for him as his parents would. His parents were so young, too.

  80. Ari: I’m not sure that “bitching” Powers around is Clinton’s style. I’ve always had the impression that Hillary felt herself to be Bill’s equal. It’s what drives the Villager crowd to derangement. They can’t accept a woman who feels herself at the same equivalence as the male president of the US. They really don’t get it, but it’s not surprising given that many of them are significantly older than we are.
    So, no, I don’t see Hillary “bitching” Powers. I see Hillary as completely not threatened by Powers, as being more than willing to work with her, as being very willing to learn *from* her. If Powers is a smart woman, she will take advantage of this opportunity. That’s what it is like to work for a competent woman who you learn to respect. A good working relationship of true collaboration is almost better than sex. It makes it worth getting up in the morning to go to work.
    Some guys really have no idea.

  81. kiki> That is brilliant! And sounds exactly like my cat!

  82. kiki – I’ve seen the dog and cat diaries before and I loved it. I have always had both cats and dogs. I sent that one to my brother. (He’s a dog person.)

  83. Katie, I ordered from H&D today. I tried to yesterday – there was a thing on the website that promised a 25% discount if you enetered a certain code……I did, and didn’t get the discount. so I called the 800 # and they said the discount doesn’t start until midnight. so I stayed up until midnight and still didn’t get out, called again…….turned out that meant midnight pacific time – oy! – so I tried again this morning and had to call again (they’re sick of me) and I had never noticed through all of this that it was for orders of $100 or more. mine was $88. sheeit, I added some more peach salsa and finally got my discount. I felt like I could have grown the peaches and made the salsa at that point. but I couldn’t have made the chocolate truffles 🙂

  84. Kbird: I LOVE the pears in the H&D catalog. Yummm…
    Niece can’t sleep on couch because she and Brook are supposed to be having a sleepover and niece is only 8 years old and cute as a button. I love her tender and delicious cheeks to death. She really is a special critter. So, when they kicked me out of the room, I wasn’t offended, just a little disoriented.
    Now I’m wide awake after I didn’t sleep well last night.

  85. kiki: love the jokes.. Can’t wait to share them with Brook and niece in the morning,

  86. Riverdaughter:
    Bitching has nothing to do with being equal to men. Samantha is also a woman. Hillary doesnt need to prove anything. She is an experienced and knowlegable woman. What I meant was that now that Samantha insulted Hillary. Hillary can have some fun with Samantha.

  87. I was trying to clean up my laptop desktop today and found both of those jokes – I just couldn’t delete them and was thrilled to get a chance to use them so soon 🙂

  88. Kiki and Kbird: Here’s another great place to order holiday gifts: Indigo Wild
    The goat’s milk soaps are to die for. Their version of frankincense and Myrrh is seasonal and pungent. I ordered a ton of this stuff last year and never get tired of it. Soaping up in the shower with Zum soap is a olfactory experience.

  89. Yes it sucks when the guests sleep in your room. My parents always used to make me give up my room when we had guests.

  90. Ari: And I am telling you that women at this level of power do not resort to such petty tit-for-tat. Seriously.
    Working for a woman can be a very pleasurable thing. If I were Samantha, I’d approach this opportunity with an open mind. Retailiation doesn’t really fit the Hillary modus operandi. She seems to have an uncanny knack for winning over her adversaries. I expect it to be much the same with Powers.

  91. thanks, I will definitely check out Zum. I love skin care products.

    as long as we’re recommending, I’d like to plug Southern Magnolia Minerals http://www.smmcosmetics.com/

    it’s mineral make-up like Bare Escentuals, but a lot more affordable and the products are really nice

  92. I like working for strong, smart women. We usually understand each other. It is the insecure ones, less competent, who get nasty.

  93. Riverdaughter – THANK YOU for that link to Indigo Wild. It’s much lower in calories!!

  94. Riverdaughter,

    Try this Thanksgiving animation on Brook and your niece (the second animation down the page). Cute!


  95. hmmm, maybe we should have a thread to recommend good websites for gift ordering

  96. Kiki: I have a ton of makeup. My dermatologist told me I have to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Actually, what she said was, “your ancestors should have never left Ireland. Your skin was supposed to be surrounded in mist”
    Alas, if it weren’t for that damn potato famine….
    She recommended the strongest sunscreen for me and told me to buy the foundation you find in the drugstore and reapply it several times a day because even going from my car to my front door was too much exposure. So, I bought some Almay in Warm Ivory. Perfect match. Much better than the MAC, Estee Lauder and Lancome. And about 1/3 the price. But it still sucks to be a whiter shade of pale.

  97. Jack Nicholson says there’s nothing sexier than saluting a woman…

  98. “He will hear for the next four years until he graduates and leaves his poor overworked and underappreciated mother behind, how love is measured by one’s willingness to be run over carts, shoved this way and that and be called unmentionable names, that all to make my baby smile. True sacrifice! ”

    HA! That’s funny. The last time I donned the sweats, scarf, hat, and gloves to stand in the rat race line of Black Friday Walmart was about 11 years ago. We took hte kids and got there at midnight (I think my daughter was about 5 years old). It was insane, we were about 50 people back, the police were there for crowd control, and my kids were stunned by organized chaos of it all. There were me an my husband, my ex-husband and his girlfriend, and my mother – with three carts. My hubby and ex would dodge through the crowd, grab the item, and throw them to me and the girlfriend, and hope someone didn’t jump up and grab the thing in mid-air. It was the only way to get the stuff and we weren’t the only ones. My daughter was terrified ducking for cover while her older brother was trying to help catch. Toys were flying everywhere and it was absolutely insane.

    My kids knew they were getting some of those toys, but many were donated to our church, so they didn’t know which ones they were getting.

    My daughter swore she’d rather have no presents than go through that again, and I’ve done the internet ever since. Today was the first time we’ve shopped locally on Black Friday since that long ago day. But we waited until afternoon and it was very pleasant. Lines at the register, but no craziness of the 5:00 a.m. rush. That was my exercise of the day, but I was very good yesterday and even skipped the pumpkin pie.

  99. Riverdaughter: Im really torn about Samantha Power. I admire her work on genocide. I havent read her books so I do not know about her plans.

    But it would still be awkward for her to work under Hillary, not to mention a bad move for Obama as he has already appointed Larry Summers, another controversial figure.

  100. Oh dear…I just got back from a full day of black Friday shopping. My feet hurt, I’ve got an achy pulled muscle below my right shoulder from carrying bags, my credit cards have several hundred in new charges — I think I’m only done with stocking stuffers… UGH.

    But as Seal sings so well. “”we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy”

  101. Kiki,

    I’ve read that keeping a food diary helps keep the weight off. I am going to set a goal for my desired weight and then enter what I eat during a day. After I have filled my “refrigerator” with items that I eat regularly that aren’t on the general food list, supposedly keeping the diary and getting a report on how many calories I have left for the day (or if I have exceeded my allotment). A loss of two pounds per week is allowed. The food one eats needs to be nutritious and certain aspects of a helpful diet are tracked.

    I figure I’ll save more than $9 a month by eating less.

    My friend binged one day and entered a high caloric amount (she ate all of the little pastries in a box). The program warned her to get medical help if she started feeling stomach cramps (she said her daily total was 6,000).

    I think it will be helpful for me because I’ve forgotten how many calories are in certain foods, and am often surprised at how much I am eating when I figure out the number of “servings” I’ve had. I put on 15 lbs. drinking three free Snapples a day (provided at work) because I didn’t read the label. I was thinking low-calorie tea! The program also tracks exercise.

    I am expecting it to keep me honest, and to self-correct. A big eating day needs to be balanced by a reduced eating day. As my doctor said, if you keep gaining just two pounds a year, what will you weigh in ten years? In twenty years?

    I believe http://www.myfooddiary.com advises one to drink a lot of water, too. I need to be reminded to do that.

  102. wow, I never thought about my skin being surrounded by mist back in Ireland. it makes sense. I get sunburned driving in my car, so I always have to wear sunscreen. that is one thing I like about mineral make-up, it has sunscreen in it. the main thing I like is it’s quick and easy to use, and gives coverage without looking like heavy make-up.

    I also have tons of cosmetics. probably most of them have been around here for so long they’ve developed bacteria or something and need to be thrown out. I’m kinda into natural stuff, like almond oil or coconut oil as a moisturizer. that doesn’t stop me from buying other stuff though, tons of it, especially on sale!

    yesterday I ordered a bottle of ostrich oil, after being assured that no ostrich was harmed to produce the oil. what…..is it their sweat? I dunno, I don’t want to know

  103. [to complete my incomplete sentence] …keeping the food diary is easy.

  104. thank you CB, I will look into it. I quit smoking this past year, and also have been on steroids for months and months for asthma and pneumonia, and I have gained so much weight! I keep trying diets and plans, and have a real problem sticking with something. I really need to do something

  105. I know…it says she will “serve directly under Hillary” so we know there will be payback.

    directly under Hillary? As a foot stool? 😉

    Ah, exercise. Was not possible. I did hit 2 stores before deciding everyone was nuts, which I vowed I would not do, but…

    Then the ugly, overcast weather and drizzle rolled in and after the rain. No walkies were possible. So, I heated the leftovers and exercised with a fork and knife! 🙂

  106. seriously, I think politicians (and Hillary is certainly one) are just sort of a different species. they have very thick skin, and they don’t seem to take campaign rhetoric as seriously as we mere mortals take it.

    I couldn’t do it myself. they never cease to amaze me (even the ones I don’t particularly care for)

  107. Fredster, are you here in Alabama?

  108. kiki, on November 29th, 2008 at 12:22 am Said:

    hmmm, maybe we should have a thread to recommend good websites for gift ordering

    If you are looking for gift items, and like or know someone who likes candles, here’s the website of a candle company founded by a woman in Louisiana:


    I got my cousin’s wife a magnolia-scented candle for Christmas one year that she loved. Burned the thing all the time for that scent.

    This woman was profiled (before Katrina) on one of the nola news stations with the story of the startup of the business and how it had grown.

    I know the cousin’s wife loved the candle I purchased for her and lots of shops back home, pre-K burned them in their businesses.

  109. kiki, on November 29th, 2008 at 1:10 am Said:

    Fredster, are you here in Alabama?

    Yep, for about another week and then home to “da Parish”back in Nola!

  110. Samantha Powers, it says she’s on the “transition team”.
    She couldn’t have been hired by Hillary since Hillary is not SOS yet. From what I have heard, the Clintons do remember who supports them….if I was Samantha, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Hillary’s office.


  111. Oh, and I found out that reporter that got called Sweetie, Peggy Agar got here follow up interview she had been promised about two weeks later–they sure kept THAT quiet, but she’ s quite personable, although she didn’t exactly ask any tough questions.

  112. nijma: yes the release I saw did say she was on the transition team at State. I don’t think she’ll be looking for a job there after the transition. Maybe, with the National Security guy (the ex-Marine) or something.

  113. I just saw a video of her doing an interview–something about “genocide”. If that’s how they’re going to refer to war causalities–on one side but not the other–she is not a good choice.

    Also Powers was talking about interfering as she thought should have been done in Rwanda. She seemed to be saying we should intervene in the middle east militarily for ideological reasons. She has absolutely NO CLUE how disastrous that sounds. A scary person.

  114. well, I just read the toys r us story and honestly……I’m not a gun person, but I don’t really want to go there…..if you have a gun, is there a reason why you would take it on a shopping trip to toys r us? if you need to have it with you, it could stay in the car trunk while you shop in a toy store, no? so sad that two people are dead, and if kids in a toy store saw it happen…..I would so not be happy if it was my kid.

  115. Hi ya all, I expected today to be a vacation day with work on the back burner… I wanted to relax all day then decided that i didn’t relax wellenough,.,. could of done this could of done that ,.,. so now i’m critiquing now my ability to relax well enough.,.,. and that’s a worry job in itself.. tomorrow i’ll work again,.,. so to burn off the turkey i finished up the apple pie and thought about tomorrrow i’ll doit tomorrow……I’ll bend over and lift my legs up and with weights attached!! susan

  116. I’m like you kiki, I can’t understand why they brought the guns into the store. Sick fucks.

  117. They are saying it was a gang thing … sick .

    why not the parking lot .. oh wait – kids there too .

  118. Not all these, laid in bed majestical,
    Can sleep so soundly as the Conflucians,
    Who with body’s turkey- fill’d and fingers still’d
    They will not wake.

  119. Since Samantha Powers’ husband is a close advisor to Obama and we all know how she feels about Hillary. I think she will be more of spy reporting back to Barky and co.

    Here is something I don’t understand. Obama likes to be the center of the universe. Is he really willing to share the spotlight with Hillary? This is the guy that went to Germany to hold a big rally, the same man that got his own seal. Some might argue that it was due to the GE and trying to act like he had already won. Obama and his wife hate Hillary and I don’t believe that they only said all the mean things because of the primary. If a guy has three priests who all decide to bash a woman in their churches because she is competing against their friend then that says something about that man. He doesn’t like Hillary and I don’t for a second believe that he will treat her right. When did Obama ever say that he didn’t agree with what his priest buddies said? Infact when Richardson endorsed Obama he said some of the same things. We all know how Obama and his advisors like to control everything. They wanted to approve the speech BC and Hillary gave at the convention, I am certain they approved what Richardson said.

    I find it difficult to believe that he would want her to be SOS unless there is someone else pulling the strings. There is a reason why someone wants Hillary out of the senate.

  120. Nijma-Powers scares me too. I find her opinionated and living in an academic world cocoon.

    Downticket-do you feel that perhaps, some of the Hillary hating, was based on blaming the Clintons for the Rwanda massacre. (which is unfair).

  121. I did more than half my shopping – online! 🙂

  122. Downticket, on November 29th, 2008 at 7:09 am Said:

    …Here is something I don’t understand. Obama likes to be the center of the universe. Is he really willing to share the spotlight with Hillary?…

    Good point. However this is the one appointment that removes Hillary, almost completely from the domestic scene. And how much press coverage does Conie Rice get? It makes me uneasy that Hillary will not be in the position to effect or even comment on domestic, family issues( her forte) . What voice do we have now?

  123. edgeoforever, on November 29th, 2008 at 7:42 am Said: ……W wants to be remembered kindly: as the savior of millions….

    And Barky will do all he can to help. For those obots who thought Barry would prosecute Bush….lol! here’s another Barry dream dashed!

  124. I see Samantha Power is being discussed up thread. Well of course she’s back. She’s a George Soros asset and he is the Obama King Maker.

    You know I think the serious decline in our society towards privation began in earnest when Ronnie Reagan declared,” I’m paying for this microphone Mr. Chairmen! ” and was cheered. oy

  125. The “monster” reference seems to me to have been to the primary campaign. I don’t know what Hillary did in the primaries that was “monstrous.” Except that she wanted to win, which, to Obama supporters, was monstrous.

  126. This is exactly what Powers said, so we are all on the same page:

    “She is a monster, too,” Power said in the interview. “She is stooping to anything.” Power added that “the amount of deceit she has put forward is really unattractive.””

    I love that in her “apology” as she resigned Powers said that these statements don’t really reflect what she thinks and that she holds Hillary in very high regard. She added that this high regard is something she’s talked about publicly before. Does anyone have any public statements from Powers that express the high opinion she holds of HRC? I don’t remember anyone referencing these glowing statements during the monster controversy. And just how does one accidentally say the things Powers said to that Scottish newspaper? How do you go from holding someone in high regard to calling them a monster and saying they’d stoop to any level to win? She was clearly…triangulating.

    And let’s remember that Powers is also the person who told another paper that Obama would not be pulling out of Iraq any time soon; it was just something he was saying during the campaign.

  127. plural, the Scotsman interview with Samantha Power, included this quote:

    “She is a monster, too — that is off the record — she is stooping to anything… You just look at her and think, ‘Ergh.’ But if you are poor and she is telling you some story about how Obama is going to take your job away, maybe it will be more effective. The amount of deceit she has put forward is really unattractive.”

    You can pretty well see what Power thought of Hillary at that time. I do not doubt that Power’s remarks were sincere, but whether they were misguided, or guided by jealousy, or some other clouding emotion I do not know. It is hard to believe that with the quote “You just look at her and think, ‘Ergh.’ ” on the record, that Power would be someone Hillary could trust.

    If this Democratic administration is to succeed a lot of people are going to have to get over the feelings of “I just look at him/her and go Ughhh!”.

  128. The Politico article links to an incredibly long list of people who are working on the transition — Power is one of fourteen for the State Dept alone.

  129. plural, on November 29th, 2008 at 10:24 am

    Sam Powers and Code Pink are all about pretending Hillary is Dick Cheney . That’s thier job. I also believe Move.on attacked Petraeus, expressly to raise his conversative street creds.

    They may have started out for actual peace, but they were bought up and these celebrity peace groups aren’t about actual peace any more . IMO.

  130. Hillary has been first lady of Arkansas and of the US, and has been a Senator for eight years, so I think she has more than enough experience to be able to deal with people who look at her and go Ergh.

  131. plural, on November 29th, 2008 at 10:34 am

    Wow, lots of cars on that garvy train! lol!

  132. plural, on November 29th, 2008 at 10:34 am

    Wow, lots of cars on that garvy train! lol!

  133. sorry for the double post!!

  134. No one can work with a former or current enemy better than Hillary Clinton. She’s almost super human in that regard. She also has to know you cannot trust anyone….but none of this stops her. Amazing .

  135. When did Hillary say that Obama was going to take someone’s job away? I thought her approach was telling people how she was would create jobs. Was she also supposed to tell them how Obama would create jobs? “Stooping to anything to win”, that is amusing and makes Samantha Powers sound dumb which she isn’t. She was working with the Obama campaign and must have known about their fraud. What did she think of that?

    paper doll, on November 29th, 2008 at 10:06 am

    If Reid offered her a great post, I think Hillary would stay in the senate. It is up to him and how much he wants her to stay there.

    Laurie, on November 29th, 2008 at 8:08 am

    Never thought of that before. My question is, if he hated them that much why did he then let them campaign for him when he was running for the senate? Hillary raised 2 million for him. What MO said about Hillary and her house is something that shouldn’t be said about another woman. It was mean, cruel and way too personal.
    I also don’t buy the meme that Obama cares about Africans. If he did he would have helped his grandmother or built the school like he had promised. He didn’t even have to build it with his own money, he would have asked his Rev. Wright to help.

  136. Barack Obama has promised to create 3.2 million new jobs, 3 million of them on his transition team! 🙂

    Answering RD’s original question, I taught 2 classes yesterday morning–one Muscle Sculpt, and and one I call Cool Cardio Combos–lots of fun and lots of sweat!

  137. Anything in the MS press is a lie…. They are paying for the promotion of lies, not the reporting of facts . Start from that premise and even before you run down the facts yourself , you are better informed than those who watch it .

  138. Oh and a financial group headed by Volcker…or was it Greenspan? …like there is a difference …was originally Hillary’s idea, back in March. Of course Hill wanted it to be about stopping foreclosures….LOL! now it’s about bailing out banks. No surprise there. Either in Barry the stealing the idea and then twisting it for the benifit of the Upper Crust .

  139. Laurie,

    Obama’s broken promise to the school in Kenya really bothers me. He could transform children’s lives for $165,000. It seems as though this is the kind of thing that he could get done with a phone call or two. Is he so cold-hearted, so arrogant, that he’s okay with promising running water for the school in his father’s village and then blowing off the commitment while he runs through more than half a billion dollars on his campaign?
    Where are his priorities? Does he really care about anyone? Is there a moral core somewhere inside that suit?

  140. Hopefully I can go to the gym tomorrow. I seriously doubt that it’s going to happen tho.


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