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Bush and Obama: Perfect Together

Hooray! We’ve finally gotten our Unity Pony, guys and gals. Only problem is, it’s Obama who is unifying with Bush – and the dynamic duo wants a lot more of your…CHANGE.

The Unity Pony Takes Your Change

The Unity Pony Takes Your Change

The federal government has decided to spend $800 billion more on purchasing mortgage assets and securitizing the frozen credit markets. Yes, that brings the total up to $1.5 trillion, officially. Golly gee, can I be a greedy bank, insurance company, financial institution, mortgage lender or credit card company too? All I have to do is get “too big to fail,” and voila! I can steal from the Treasury with both hands and laugh all the way to the bank, as my employees who put their 401(k)’s in my company lose their jobs and their financial futures. Wow, screwing millions of people to the wall is FUN!!!

But I digress. Barack Obama keeps saying there is only “one President at a time,” but in reality, he and Bush are acting as a team.  How sweet!

WASHINGTON — America has never seen anything quite like this: The president and president-elect acting like co-presidents, consulting and cooperating on the day’s biggest crises.

“It’s pretty unusual,” said George Edwards, a presidential expert at Texas A&M University, in College Station.

What Princeton University professor Julian Zelizer calls “the split-screen presidency” is the result of several historic forces converging this fall:

  • The 24-7 nature of the global economy, which demands timely reaction.  
  • Incoming and outgoing presidents who have personal and political reasons to show that they can manage a crisis.  
  • A president-elect, Barack Obama, who “believes in strong government and wants to get things under way immediately,” said William Leuchtenburg, a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor who’s written extensively about the presidency.  
  • A lame-duck president, George W. Bush, who’s leaving office voluntarily. “Bush was not defeated. That makes for an easier relationship,” Leutchtenburg said.

Well, thank Gawd we didn’t elect McSame because, um…

But wait, there’s MORE unity between Bush and Obama! Robert Gates will be staying on as Secretary of Defense. Yippee! From the AFP story linked above:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has reportedly agreed to stay in his job at least for Obama’s first year as president and execute the Democrat’s signature policy of withdrawal from Iraq.

Okay, stop right there. Obama’s “Signature policy of withdrawal from Iraq?” Oh, that’s just rich. That’s just hilarious.

He and Hillary always had essentially the same plan – removing the combat troops at the rate of one-two brigades a month, and leaving some there to help stabilize the country.  Change you can Xerox, indeed.

Politico said Gates would be part of a raft of national security positions announced next week, including former NATO commander General James Jones as national security adviser.

It’s so comforting to know that the same old people will be in charge of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and national security, isn’t it? We know about once-and-future Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and as for General Jones, the new National Security Advisor? It turns out he served under both Bush and Clinton.  So much for bringing fresh faces and new ideas to Washington.

Seems like the only change Obama was ever interested in, was the change in your pocket.

We told you so.

102 Responses

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  3. I seem to be the only one who is finding no glee in “I told you so.”

    The bots got what they wanted and now all of us are stuck with him.

    All of the “I told you so’s” in the world are not going to fix the mess this country is in and now we have a do nothing epty suit in charge.

    The day after the election, all my former bot friends came to me beaming with joy, ready to say I told you so. My response was along the lines of – okay, I pray that he will be able to do a good job, I still don’t think he will, but for all of our sakes, I hope he does.

    Well, now we have our answer, he is not going to change a damn thing and we are all going to suffer for it.

    I am just going to lurk a while, my mood is not gleeful.

  4. I need someone to tell me to stop banging my head against the wall! However, I have developed a certain rhythym.

  5. No glee on my part.

  6. The question is: what would Hillary have done differently? We keep saying that the economic team is clinton team, but that is Bill Clinton’s team, not Hillary’s.

    Can you imagine Larry Summers in Hillary’s WH?
    She would have arrested him if he ever came into DC. Geithner? NO. She would have identified her own team and turned them into stars.

    On national security, she would probably have given SOS to Biden or Wes Clark and NSA to William Clarke.
    She might have kept Gates for 6 months and then bring on some defense and logistics expert.

    Bill Clinton himself admitted recently he could have done better on deregulation of banks, which caused
    the Wall St crash.

    Hillary would not have taken any of them on economic team – including Bill’s advice.

  7. Indeed. We always were at war….with the Cllintons.
    Let’s face it: W, Dick and his cousin Barack are “our kind of people” unlike unwashed populists such as the Clintons or Palin. The ruling class is in charge as it should be and the plebes is distracted by the cosmetic differences

  8. Now he’s recommending recipes for the “ideal turkey” from his economic board.

  9. Pat-Please stop banging your head against the wall. Before this is over, we all may be living together and we need the house solid.

  10. We will know soon just how far back Obama is ready to go if he appoints Dick Morris in the role of an adviser.

    At this point someone will have to be delegated to keep all sharp objects out of my reach.

  11. NewRepublican – Thanks for coming – however, most of us are not interested in joining your Party.

    I’m going to stick with my unaffiliated status now. Both Parties are a disaster.

    In terms of glee – well, I am not happy AT ALL that all this is going down. I agree with ecoast. Hillary would NEVER have picked people like Larry Summers and Austen Goolsbee to be on her economic team.

    But in any case, I am hammering the “We told you so” theme because I am trying to wake people up. It does feel kind of good to stick it to the Cheetos, but mostly I’m depressed that Obama is exactly who I thought he was.

    Kept hoping I was wrong.

  12. Kim: In that case, you get to do the vacuuming.

  13. Pat
    Our lot should be done with head banging since, well, the primary. Leave some wall to the newly awaken koolaid drinkers

  14. plural – The ideal turkey is ObamaNation. They’re about to be sacrificed for the good of Corporate America.


  15. The ideal turkey is exactly what some of us are afraid they will come up with.

  16. That is what I mean, madamab. When he was declared the winner, the first thought was “oh sh!t”, the second was, “Dear god, let me be wrong.”

    Now, it is “Oh shit, I was right, nowwhatthefuckarewegonnado?”

  17. Paraphrasing Hmmm, no glee over here, no glee over there, I don’t know where that glee can be

    Well, look these folks know how to get people’s attention.


  18. That is fine, Pat, I just bought the new lightweight Dyson. The place will be quite tidy. You will be able to do the knitting Rahm suggested on Friday.

  19. Paraphrasing Bush Hmmm, no glee over here, no glee over there, where can that glee be?

    Have you seen the sit in in Thailand? Maybe that tact would have been more effective.

    TRK said: When he was declared the winner, the first thought was “oh sh!t”, the second was, “Dear god, let me be wrong.”

    Now, it is “Oh shit, I was right, nowwhatthefuckarewegonnado

    I think a lot of us are mumbling that right now, Kim.

  20. Kim,

    I’m not gleeful at all. I’m completely, utterly disgusted and trying to keep from sinking into despair. I tend to react to those feelings with black humor.

  21. TRK – Exactly! Well, my response to being scared is to snark. Believe me, I am not taking our desperate straits lightly.

  22. BB – We are mindmelding…

  23. I tend to snark as well; kind of like whistling in the dark.

  24. Yeah, TRK, I agree. Somehow “I told you so” just doesn’t transport me much. I never had any real respect for the Obots to begin with, who were so transparently irrational in their attachment to Obama — why should I find it particularly satisfying to have them found out in their stupidity? I’m smarter than they are! Wow — such an accomplishment!

    And neither does it do my heart any good to reflect that the community of people who supposedly shared my values is, in fact, largely composed of individuals who do their decision making with some part of the anatomy other than their brain. It’s not really a positive thing on balance to be vindicated in one’s positions if it comes at the expense of losing one’s faith in humanity.

    And then there is the sheer tragedy of lost opportunity for progressive change. Everybody knew that this was the election cycle that more favored major progressive change than perhaps any in our lifetimes, and it is squandered on the likes of Center-right Obama — and, worse, comes at the expense of setting back perhaps for decades progress in society’s treatment of women.

    In the end, we see ourselves living in a far less hopeful world than we might have ever imagined a year or two ago.

    Hard to feel good about that.

    On the other hand, “I told you so” is about all we’ve got. We might as well use it for the few dry grins it will afford us.

  25. Pat – I wouldn’t put anything past this poseur. Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly – why not appoint them all to something?

    After all, Obama is post-partisan!

  26. My browser keeps crashing.

    Sorry for my pessimism, but not much gets me down and very rarely am I ever scared, but I have to admit, right now, I am scared.

  27. ep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, a Democratic House leader who helped orchestrate the party’s strategy for winning control of Congress in 2006, argues against reading too much into the holdouts. He said most of them always stay out of national politics and that the party is generally unified around Obama.
    “They’re just going to stick to their knitting,” he said. “It’s not that they’re anti-Obama.”

    note-he also said most of them stay out of national politics.

    What happened to women was that most of us had too much going on -what with jobs, raising children, cleaning house and paying back the mortgage.

    We delegated feminist interests to organisations such as NOW, who used them to be both lefty, holier than thou, and squandered energies which should have related to real economic issues on abortion.

    The internet will be a great help to the women’s movement.

  28. Off to finish up one last dessert. But one thing is certain: our utter dismay, distrust, disgust, and genuine concern over Obama at the helm.

    Not much comfort in “I told you so” but at least it is an indication that those of us who held off weren’t wrong in the end.

  29. You can buy a perfect “we told you so” bumper sticker through liberal rapture.
    I’m just wondering when it will be safe to use it. None of the Obots I know have
    expressed a glimmer of doubt yet, and they wouldn’t take kindly to having it rubbed in their face. Maybe sometime next spring?

  30. What exactly are you scared of, Kim?

  31. I’m scared too. I want to figure out what we can do about it, but it seems overwhelming. I think continuing to mock him for now is a good idea, but we have to work out a counter-strategy that is people-powered.

    We can’t let ourselves sink into despair. That’s what I did after 2000. I kind of ignored everything until I realized Bush was going into Iraq. That woke me up. This time I’m going to stay awake no matter how painful it is.

  32. TRK – I am trying not to worry too much, but I’m scared too.

    I think the only thing Obama really wants to change is our social institutions, and he will make them worse. More faith-based crap, less quality education for our youngsters, and more advertising masquerading as entertainment and information.

    As for our economy and our national security, we will keep going down the same terrible path we have been going down for the past eight years. Bush has absolutely screwed the pooch, and some of the Dems helped him do it. I don’t know if even Hillary could have done much to change this situation, although she certainly would have made better Cabinet appointments!

    {{{Group Hug}}}

  33. […] They may be skeptical, but  I see a lot of significance in using GOP talking points […]

  34. I posted this early this morning, but I might as well post it again:
    An Associated Press-Yahoo News poll that tracked the same group of about 2,000 adults throughout the long campaign reveals a lively churning beneath the surface as people shifted their loyalties—some more than once.

  35. […] They may be skeptical, but  I see a lot of significance in using GOP talking points […]

  36. Laurie: Trend analysis shows that by 2012, the US could be virtually unrecognizable. Unemployment could be as high as 30% and homeless numbers would be sky high. This would increase crime to almost double.

    So, even though I am usually a naysayer to doom and gloom projections, it is sitting back there in my mind poking me every so often.

  37. bostonboomer, at 11:32 am Said:

    “I think continuing to mock him for now is a good idea, but we have to work out a counter-strategy that is people-powered.”

    Yes, this may be the only thing to save our sanity and our spirits.

  38. Just remember that what you are hearing on the radio/TV or reading in the “news”papers is all being written by the same bobbleheads that gave us wonderful Mr. O!

    Doesn’t say much for the accuracy of it all.

  39. Joanelle – Good point. However, the facts of the appointments remain the facts.


    Taking a walk now. Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone…I thank the Giant Green Lizard, my deity of choice, for each and every one of you.


  40. Where is the faith and hope? Just have a little more faith in Obama. He will come through for everyone. He really is not that bad. Give the brother a chance 😀 😀 😀

  41. The difference between Clinton and Obama is the willingness to tell the American people the truth. During a time of crisis. charecter DOES matter. It may mean the difference between sinking and swimming.

  42. Oh, right Downticket – I forgot he is the hopey, changey President! 🙄

  43. I haven’t seen any semblance of awakening in the Obamaphiles. Any thing this man says or does as far as they are concerned is positively inspired. He could tell all of them to bend over and drop ’em, and they’d do it in a heartbeat. Does anyone really know of a single Obamaphile that has given up the Kool Aid and grabbed a cup of coffee yet for the hangover?

  44. I’ve been commenting on the “post-partisan” i.e. center-right appointments with grim glee — my Obot aquaintances are still saying things like “So?” Denial is a defense mechanism, after all.

  45. Somehow, when I think of the continued adoration of Obama from some of his supporters, even in the face of his obvious moves to the Center-Right, I’m reminded of these lines from Alexander Pope:

    All Nature is but Art unknown to thee;
    All chance direction, which thou canst not see;
    All discord, harmony not understood;
    All partial evil, universal good:
    And spite of Pride, in erring Reason’s spite,
    One truth is clear, Whatever is, is right.

    Of course, Pope was talking about God. Same difference to an Obot, though, I guess.

  46. On the brighter side, if you can call it brighter, is that some of the media are showing glimmers of doubt. As shown by the NYT and Nation articles referenced on this blog.

    Wouldn’t we all rather not be able to say “We told you so”? But since that’s an unreality, and we’re stuck, so I will take perverse (justified?) delight in pointing out Prez HopeyChangey’s revealing of his real self..

  47. BTW, a wonderful Thanksgiving to all the Conflucians and PUMAs. You all help keep me sane, as many others have said on this site.

    And I look forward to hearing more about Madame Secretary of State Clinton as she starts the heavy and necessary work of repairing US-world relations.

    Interesting — the same day that Guardian? UK article came out with a headline about Hillary playing “hardball” with Obama to get her necessary autonomy for SoS, an article in a US paper talked about her giving up some of her initiative tendencies to take the post. I thought it was a revealing view of the US media bias against Hillary — or any strong, smart woman.

  48. Mccain wasn’t McSame. Smart Dems knew that didn’t we?

    Once we saw the unethical fund raising and the media slant.
    It looks so crooked doesn’t it? All these bazillions for bail outs –all the crooks at the helm…

    It’s just like a very bad dream that won’t end every since those hanging chads. Even worse though, is how the other world leaders are viewing all of this right now. If things like faux seals look like what they do to us? Imagine what the world thinks…

    Not good.

    hugs to all here on the eve of the big day —
    have to do PIES! I give thanks to PUMAS everywhere– and I’ll be thinking about how great you all are tomorrow too. RD & Co.

  49. You are missing the big plan. Obama has a plan, he just hasn’t thought of it yet but he has one. Just have more faith. He is hiring Clintonistas that backstabbed Hillary. He knows what he is doing. You just need to have more faith in him. He had the great plan of appointing Hillary as SOS so she is out of the senate where she can make him keep his promises by introducing new legislations and expecting him to back her. The Democrats now have the majority in the senate so there is no reason why greatness wouldn’t be achieved. Obama knows. He knows everything. Just have hope and you too will finally see the light.

  50. Pat Johnson: The only good thing about banging your head against a wall is that it fells really good when you quit. So quit that. We will need the remnants of our wits about us.for ACT II of the Obamarama.

  51. By time these two muckety mucks get through with the economy all we’re going to have left is Change. That’s just change in our pockets and not much else.

  52. Yes, headbanging should cease. There are already too many folks acting as if with headinjured mindlessness.

  53. Ye Gods. Yet more examples of CHANGE from BZero:

    In his third news conference on the economy in as many days, Obama announced he had chosen former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker to head a new White House panel to help create jobs and bring stability to the ailing financial system.

    Volcker, 81, will head the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. The board’s top staff official will be Austan Goolsbee, a University of Chicago economist.

    Volcker is a legendary central banker who raised interest rates and restricted the money supply to tame raging inflation in the 1980s. It was a painful prescription that helped send the economy into one of the nation’s worst recessions.

    “He pulls no punches,” Obama said of Volcker. “He seems to be fairly opinionated.”

    “Seems”? “Seems”? Is it time for a drink yet?

  54. I know what ya mean about the head banging Pat J. I feel like doing the same thing. But I am concerned that the screws that are all ready loose might fall completely out. Then where would I be? No screws and no marbles, since I lost them years ago.

    Come on over and read the story I wrote at http://insightanalytical.wordpress.com/ about a turkey I once knew. No not a politician. This story is true and may give ya a grin or two.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  55. OK. ((restrains self from head-banging))

    Definite similarities, Sharon! I sometimes see brain-injury patients and most of ’em have what we medically term “lack of insight into situation”.

  56. PUMAInSeattle –

    Nothing says “Fresh Face In Washington” like an 81-year-old refugee from the Reagan Administration!

  57. And yet another funny thing about the Volcker pick. This guy sent us INTO a recession. Not exactly what we want more of right now, ya think?

  58. BTW – Hubby and I saw a wild turkey in Central Park while on our walk!

    Got some great pics,and I will post them tomorrow on Thanksgiving.


  59. Madamab — I sure hope there aren’t too many more still living from the Reagan administration to be the face of Change.

  60. PUMA – Well, there is Henry Kissinger!


    Okay, gotta go again. Take care, everyone!

  61. Ooooh, a wild turkey. Cool. Yes, some pics would be fun. We need frequent breaks from all these ghoulish humor opps we have with this New Face Of Change administration…..

    I’d actually better get to the grocery store before it gets too busy. Too much fun here!

  62. I keep telling people we should be saying “how dare you” instead of “I told you so”. The news media and the “preogressive” activist knew every concern we had and chose to demonize us for pointing it out rather than getting Obama to be accountable. It was as deliberate and willful as C*l*n P*w*ll going to the UN and lying to the American people and the world. He knew and we knew he was lying so he deserves to be held accountable. The news media and “progressive” activists need to be held accountable as well. Part of the “progressive MO is to f**k things up and complain about it. They need the anger to sale their Nation subscriptions just as much as Newsweek needs its narratives to sale.

    You can’t blame people that much for trusting the Dem leadership re: Obama. The Dems spared no chance to paint Obama as the savior of everything, even Hillary joined in that effort in the end. The anger and frustration should be aimed where it belongs. I happen to think it should mostly be anger at this point..

  63. Oh, Marge that was really funny. Thanks for sharing – hope you have much to be grateful for this year!

  64. O-bushy-bots.

    Actually none of this surprises me. Many people, like the cheetoh eaters , supported Bush in 2000. By 2004 they were becoming Dems. By 2008 they were full blown Obots and telling everybody else to get out of the party, we weren’t wanted anymore.

    You would think having made such a colossal mistake in 2000, they would forever be banned from participating in politics again, but oh no, they became the Blogger Boyz, self appointed experts on the Dem party. And instead of delivering us a wanabe cowboy, they gave us an authentic greenhorn. I guess they’re attracted to empty minded leaders full of hubris. Must be kind of like looking in a mirror.

  65. Does anyone else think Obama did some sweet deals behind scenes with the Repubs b4 the election???

  66. You know, I was thinking here. 700 BILLION +800 BILLION dollars is 1.5 TRILLION Dollars to give to banks and companies that are failing because noone else has any money to buy anything.

    Common Sense says take that 1.5 TRILLION and give it to the people. Every citizen of the US gets 100 thousand dollars. Everyone spends most of it, they can buy cars, or tvs or pay down some loans or open savings accounts.

    What helps an economy more? Give money to Corps who are still firing employees? Or to the people who will use it to buy shit?

    Common sense vs Harvard Econ degree…which is better in the long run?

  67. Laurie – I believe he did. Chicago politics knows no party. Power and money are what you need

  68. Owen – but how can Goldman Sachs profit from that?

  69. Owenaprhys: I’ll take a 100K. Where so I sign?

  70. Thanks Joanelle! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I am grateful that in spite of our differences our family will survive Obama as we have survived so much over the years. We have resolved that NO politics will be allowed and I’m sure my oldest son will at some point begin telling the tale of “Tom the Turkey”. When all is said and done we have more holding us together than pushing us apart. And I am truly grateful for that.

    Hope is a much over-used word these days, but I truly hope you all have a wonderful day. I hope those that you love, love you back. And I hope that those that don’t love ya back feel the lack.

    What, you didn’t think I was gonna turn into a sweet little old lady at this late date did ya?

  71. Owenaprhys: I have been saying that for months. $600, imho, isn’t enough to stimulate me to get out of bed. Not that I didn’t take the money, but get real. People are losing their homes, give them the cash to give to the bank to save the homes. THose of us that had the good sense to stay within our budgets, we’ll call it a bonus for being sensible.

  72. *do* I sign. Sigh. MadamaB, my parents have wild turkeys running around in their back yard. Its a forest behind their house. My mom feed the deer and the turkeys and other assorted wildlife. Turkeys are not attractive animals. 😉

  73. Kenosha you are truly one of a kind.

  74. Micki – this one was gorgeous. Sleek, brown and kinda graceful. It even flew a little!

  75. We need a new thread, this one keeps crashing my browser.

  76. gqmartinez, on November 26th, 2008 at 1:28 pm Said:

    I keep telling people we should be saying “how dare you” instead of “I told you so”. The news media and the “preogressive” activist knew every concern we had and chose to demonize us for pointing it out rather than getting Obama to be accountable. It was as deliberate and willful as C*l*n P*w*ll going to the UN and lying to the American people and the world. He knew and we knew he was lying so he deserves to be held accountable. The news media and “progressive” activists need to be held accountable as well. Part of the “progressive MO is to f**k things up and complain about it. They need the anger to sale their Nation subscriptions just as much as Newsweek needs its narratives to sale.


    I agree strongly with every syllable in this paragraph.

    You know, maybe I just happened to be surrounded by unusually triple-half-twist in the kool-aid types in real life, but based on them, I find it hard to feel sorry for the rank and file who were “deceived.” The information was out there and very easy to find. Heck, even listening to the Obama fluffing media, you’d the smell the cognitive dissonance in short order, unless you really didn’t want to.

    My real life encounters were so bizarre, they frequently revealed that citizens of Obotia were purposefully closing eyes and ears. My favorite quote from a colleague: “I know it probably won’t make a difference but… I want to believe!” Great, the electoral season as X-File. The voting booth is no place to stage your emotionally stunted need for a king-daddy or your childhood fantasies about the Easter Bunny. So, yeah, not a lot of sympathy for the deceived.

  77. And madamab, that picture of the pony with the cash register kills me, just kills me. Laughed so hard when I saw it, it was a good thing I’m alone in the office today.

  78. You got your Bush in my BO!

    You got your BO in my Bush!


    I’m planning to employ a similar strategy that I used in 2001: plausable deniability, or The Ignorance is Bliss Tour. I went for months without reading the paper, watching the news, etc. I had completely forgotten Shrub was President, with a brief period of spoilage when I saw him on CNN in a laundromat TV. But soon I was back in the zone. Then 9/11 happened.

    Thanks a lot bin Laden! You blew the whole thing!

    My dog has been my President since 2005, and she is kick ass. It beats hugging myself and rocking back and forth in the dark muttering, “Jed Bartlett is President…Jed Bartlett is President,” over and over. 🙂

  79. Now there is an open thread – Most ridiculous statements we have heard from Obots.

  80. Who’s Jed Bartlett?

  81. madamaB: Where do the turkeys hang out in Central Park? Geez, I feel like Holden Caufield.

  82. caulfield. I can’t type today.

  83. Now that is perhaps the most overrated book I ever read.

  84. Kim,Jed Bartlett was the president on the show the West Wing.

    Turkeys in Central Park? Or city hall?

  85. And Kim, I’m not one of a kind. There are dozens, hundreds, millions just like me. They are women that won’t give up, won’t give in and believe in honest politics that works for the common good. I think the latest manifestation of “our” kind is called PUMA.

  86. time to haul the unity pony off to the glue factory!

    does anyone have a link to a good obot website where I can see heads explode?

  87. TRK: I think Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the most overrated book, personally.

  88. Can’t stay on any longer, this is driving me insane. My browser keeps crashing. Please a new post! I am bored to tears here at work.

  89. I will never forget the interview on CNBC with Austin Ghoulsbee. He stated that “before we privatize Social Security, we will” Blah, Blah, Blah. It was jaw dropping and a much bigger moment than his Canadian gaffe. But of course the MSM didn’t say squat. Before we privatze Social Securuty!!!!!!!! Need we say more? Obama is getting ready for his “Nixon to China” move. Bush wasn’t able to privatze Social Security but 0bama will do the dirty deed for them. I TOLD YOU SO!! Say it loud and often.

  90. damn, the Ghoul said that about SS?? How tf did I miss that?
    Still hoping this is all a bad dream and when I wake up it’s HRC’s inauguration.

  91. This day will never end. Someone tell a joke.

  92. Open thread coming in 5 minutes…

  93. open thread open thread open thread

  94. I was stopped at the light the this summer around the corner from where we live and there walking down the side walk was a momma Turkey and about 7 – 8 little ones boy did they look silly.

    Then one day I walked out on our back deck and there on the top of our neighbor’s garage were about 4 female and 2 male turkeys – I didn’t know they could fly – we live in a pretty busy part of NJ only 25 mile from NYC – but then we also have lots of deer and red fox in our neighborhood. Yet I still stop and marvel at the beauty of these wonderful creatures when I see them.

  95. :::banging my plastic utensils on the table::::


  96. So what I want to know is, who is Darth Rahm’s sith master?

    There are always two….


    (with bonus turkey pic)

  98. thx Kenosha for a really funny turkey story!!!

  99. happy thanksgiving every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. I admit. I’m one of those who is gleefully laughing my a$$ off. Sorry but I have a sick sense of humor. And, yes, it hurts to be right but we always knew this is where we’d wind up. I just didn’t predict we’d be here before Bush version 3.01 took the oath of office.

  101. Dig a Pony – Lennon/McCartney

    I dig a pony
    Well you can celebrate anything you want
    Well you can celebrate anything you want
    I do a road hog
    Well you can penetrate any place you go
    Yes you can penetrate any place you go
    I told you so, all I want is you.
    Everything has got to be just like you want it to

    I pick a moon dog
    Well you can radiate everything you are
    Yes you can radiate everything you are–

    I roll a stoney
    Well you can imitate everyone you know
    Yes you can imitate everyone you know
    I told you so, all I want is you.
    Everything has got to be just like you want it to

    I feel the wind blow
    Well you can indicate anything you see
    Yes you can indicate anything you see–

    I dug a lorry
    Well you can syndicate any boat you row
    Yes you can syndicate any boat you row
    I told you so, all I want is you.
    Everything has got to be just like you want it to

    …Hell, I don’t know, makes about as much sense as Barack Obama: POTUS.
    I think the “syndicate any boat you row” line describes Obama’s political philosophy pretty well, though…and oh yeah — I TOLD YOU SO! Ponies…

    In some ways I’m glad I’ll never know whether John Lennon would have been a Kool-Aide drinker. Some months ago my brother told me (in between telling me how the Big Dawg had lost his sanity) that Obama made him think of that song Imagine. I told him Lennon’s socialist utopia anthem was the last thing that Obama reminded me of. I always thought my big brother was a very intelligent person. I see a lot of things differently now…

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