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The Two “Realities” of Obamanation


Ever since Obama flip-flopped and voted for the FISA amendment he claimed to oppose, he has repeatedly provided evidence that he is not a progressive, let alone a liberal.  The past few weeks have provided even more evidence that Obama intends to govern somewhere from the right of center as he has been announcing Cabinet and other appointments as well as signalling his intention to delay or break keeping campaign promises.

The reaction thus far among Obamanationals falls into two basic categories:

1.  We’re still getting a pony

2.  I always knew we weren’t getting a pony

The first category includes everyone who continues to believe that Obama is a progressive and will govern as such.  They range from the people who rationalize that Obama’s moves and statements are part of a devious plan to those who put their fingers in their ears and say “La la la I can’t hear you!” when presented with contrary facts.  This group is shrinking somewhat but will never quite disappear.  Many of them will hold out hope that their pony will be delivered during Obama’s second term and if (when) he fails to win reelection they will go to their graves convinced he would have finally delivered had he won.

The second category is increasing in size and they would be amusing if their dishonesty wasn’t so annoying.  I’m  not talking about bloggers like Vastleft at Corrente or Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft who were suspicious and critical of Obama but supported him in the end.  I’m talking about the bloggers who dove head first into the Kool-aid vat back in the primaries and never came out.

With a few rare exceptions, the only people claiming during the primaries that Obama wasn’t a progressive were Hillary Clinton supporters (GOPers claimed he was a socialist but nobody believed them.)  Hillary was vilified by Obamanation for being a DLC centrist and was even accused of being a Republican by no less than the head Cheeto himself.  We also heard how she planned to be John McCain’s running mate and how her supporters were just Republican ratfuckers.

So when these same people that viciously attacked Hillary as a centrist and/or praised Obama as a progressive now claim they knew all along that he was a center-right politician it begs the question:

Were they lying then or are they lying now?

There is a third category that has not yet made it’s appearance among Obamanationals:

3.  What the f**k was I thinking?


145 Responses

  1. From Not Your Sweetie we have a message to Obamanation:


    IT’S ON YOU.

  2. SOD – Funny. If I didn’t know better, I’d call that type of ideological inconsistency “triangulation.”

    But we all know that only people named Clinton do things like that.

    (shoots self in face)

  3. So what does this mean as far as getting us back on track?
    Will an Obama administration be a Clinton redeux?

  4. If a couple of letters to the editor at the NY Times today are any indication, I’d say that option 3 is gaining in popularity.

  5. Like God, Obama has a Plan For Us.

  6. Even if you don’t understand The Plan and it appears to suck utterly, just wait. All Will Be Revealed. (Sips Kool-Aid)

  7. MrMike:

    I expect Obama to be more conservative than the Big Dawg, which is notable because Bill had to deal with the GOP takeover of Congress.

    What’s the impediment to Obama governing from the left?

  8. Micki:

    As I recall from my fundie childhood, discussions of “God’s plan” usually took place when we were getting screwed over.

  9. Myiq: Yes, that is typically when this happens. Also, emphasizing the words “thy will be done” during recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.

  10. (BTW – great post, MyIQ!)

    I see #3 coming within the first 6 months.

  11. Micki – Obama reminds me more of Nixon with every passing day. He has a “secret plan” to become more progressive. Really, really!

  12. I’m afraid I’ve never understood the indignation over the DLC, or the hairsplitting of definitions of liberal or progressive or center right, center left, and so forth.

    There’s a letter among those in the NYT that accuses Obama of imitating Bill Clinton instead of FDR, and finds that outrageous. But I think FDR would have loved Bill Clinton — both being pragmatists who wanted the best for the people.

    It seems to me that effective government that suits the times is the point, not beating some ideological horse.

  13. myiq2xu:
    The Dems in congress always have an excuse, first they were the minority, then they were the majority but not by much.
    Now that they have it all, what will their excuse be for not getting any meaningful legislation passed?

  14. I remember when Teh Precious flip-flopped on FISA the Obots rationalized how he had to do that to win but he would fix it once he was in office.

    If you want to keep track of His promises:


  15. Brilliantly written, MYIQ

  16. MrMike:

    It will be “we don’t have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate” then it will be “we don’t have a majority in SCOTUS”

    Translation: BOHICA

  17. myiq – Don’t forget to blame Joe Lieberman.

  18. Nope, blame George Bush

  19. and Hillary & John McCain.

    Push comes to shove, it’sall Nancy’s fault.

  20. JC:

    Even a blind acorn finds a squirrel once in a while

  21. Totally, totally OT:

    OMG Hugh Jackman is moving to New York!


    And now, back to snarking at the Obamasphere.


  22. If the real obstacle to progressive legislation was the ability of the GOP to filibuster in the Senate then the Democrats should force them to actually filibuster.

    Then in 2010 they would have an issue.

    Na ga happen

  23. Anybody besides me think that Harry Reid has the demeanor of a mob accountant testifying at a RICO hearing?
    I wanted Hillary to stay in the Senate and become majority leader.

  24. Ah, the money boyz behind the scenes who were the REAL backers of Obama all along (we tried to tell them that) are having a good chuckle over how the netroots got played. They were useful for GOTV, but need to run along now with their silly ideas.

    The difference between the Cheetos and myself is that I KNEW all along that I was a nobody and not important, and would need to fight the system tooth and nail. I was suspicious. I had my eyes open. The Cheetos made the mistake of buying the siren song that they were IMPORTANT to the powers-that-be, and so didn’t blink when the media etc invited them into the budoir for a little intimacy with no guarantees. No red flags went up. It was the classic “But…but…but…he said he LOVED me!”

    No, honey pie, in politics it is never that he loves you. It is a trade-off, it is entirely a “what’s in it for me” proposition, and you have to have your eyes open and drive a hard bargain. Hillary had faults, but the majority of her supporters took a pragmatic view, and hustled for and pressured for what they could get out of her. They knew it, she knew it.

    Obamatrons never did that. They never insisted on anything, never held his feet to the fire over a damned thing. Not once. They made excuses for his every betrayal.

    Next time, cheetos, don’t shout us down when we recommend discussing a pre-nup, and tell you that he’ll respect you more in the morning if you ask for the cash up front. I know it would have harshed your glass slipper buzz, but it would have been better, really.

    Instead, you are back to scrubbing the hearth, repeating to all who will listen that the coach and fine horses will be there for you any minute now, honest.

  25. The Obots are now saying “he never promised you a rose garden”. But he did. Their contortions are a thing of beauty.

  26. WMCB – I was going to write a post about this, but you just did it for me.

    The difference between the Cheetos and myself is that I KNEW all along that I was a nobody and not important, and would need to fight the system tooth and nail. I was suspicious. I had my eyes open. The Cheetos made the mistake of buying the siren song that they were IMPORTANT to the powers-that-be, and so didn’t blink when the media etc invited them into the budoir for a little intimacy with no guarantees. No red flags went up. It was the classic “But…but…but…he said he LOVED me!”


  27. MrMike:

    Hillary would be 80 years old before she ever saw SML, if then. It’s a good old boys club with emphasis on the “old”

    She’s not even the senior Senator from New Yawk.

  28. I think the emphasis in the Senate is on the “boys.” No way she would ever be majority leader. Which is kind of a nothing position anyway, as leading the Senate is like herding cats.

    What is powerful is the committee chairmen, and seniority determines that.

  29. Whenever I hear Obama speak, I’m reminded of the Prince’s line from “Into the Woods”, “I was raised to be charming, not sincere.”

  30. Look what Dave Sirota has to say today:

    “I’m confused about the state of Barack Obama’s tax promises.”

  31. SOD:

    I don’t think they were aiming their lips that low.

  32. myiq – David Sirota has always been confused about Barack Obama. He’s only now realizing it.

  33. Even the NY TImes editorial board — and was there anybody in the media more obviously in the tank for Obama than them? — is now pretty much admitting that Summers and Geithner seem like really bad choices to lead the economic team.

    Of course, Obama’s supporters in academe can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that Summers might have been a poor choice — including, remarkably but not surprisingly some of Summers’ most virulent critics back in the day when saying dismissive, undermining things about women was still considered not politically correct. Apparently, even the combination of Summers’ advocacy of the very legislation that brought about the financial crisis combined with the remarks he uttered that once upon a time made them demand his resignation as President of Harvard is not enough to overcome the effects of the KoolAid of which they have imbibed.

    Tools, every last one of them.

  34. WMCB — I’m going to second madamab — this is perfect:

    The difference between the Cheetos and myself is that I KNEW all along that I was a nobody and not important, and would need to fight the system tooth and nail. I was suspicious. I had my eyes open. The Cheetos made the mistake of buying the siren song that they were IMPORTANT to the powers-that-be, and so didn’t blink when the media etc invited them into the budoir for a little intimacy with no guarantees. No red flags went up. It was the classic “But…but…but…he said he LOVED me!”

    If I wasn’t enjoying the humiliation of the Cheetos being publicly exposed as the impotent wankers they are so much, I would pity them. (well, not really, but you know what I mean).

  35. plural:

    Old or boys, either way she’s still screwed

  36. myiq2xu:
    I know but a guy can dream can’t he?
    Anybody know if the implosion has started at kos?
    Have they started the cannibal fest like a pack of hungry jackals?

  37. Frankly0 – Anyone applauding the appointment of Larry Summers has got to be imbibing something more potent than Kool-Aid.

  38. LMAO, myiq!!! I admit I am gleaning great amusement from the sheer incredulity of the bots as they wake up to how they’ve been scammed. They look around in bewilderment as if NO ONE could have seen it coming, and struggle to spin it so as to prop up their “faith” in the One.

    Funny as hell if it weren’t so sad. Who knew he was a fake???!!! Um, yeah, lots of us did, sweet cheeks. There must be some explanation! Yeah, darlin’, there is, but you didn’t want to hear it.

  39. What all this shows, IMO, is that Obama’s Clinton bashing was just a campaign strategy. And the bots fell for it.

    Meanwhile, as anglachel says, Obama is guilty of allowing CDS to proliferate.

  40. Ironically, the most powerful Senators tend to come from “small” states in terms of population.

    They take office young and then stay for 30-40 years. With seniority they are more powerful than the governors of their states.

  41. I wouldn’t give a fig except that their Obsession cost us a truly remarkable and progressive president. I think President Hillary Clinton would have made UHC her legacy, and now all that is dust.
    The Obots cost us UHC. I don’t think I can ever forgive them.

  42. WMBC – couldn’t have said it better myself – Thank you!

    What is wrong with this world we live in? Why can’t ANYONE admit to making a mistake and correct it – Ooops, Larry, I made a mistake I actually need you over here (pointing to new position that won’t hurt the country as much)

    Or at least not let discussions “leak” before they are sure of what they want to do.

    I don’t know, the current Obama “administration” reminds me of a scene from Gilligan’s Island where they are just scurrying around not knowing what to do – perhaps even with all that money they didn’t expect to actually win?!?!?!?!? 🙄

  43. Seems to me that David Sirota has been confused about a lot of things for a very long time. But that could just be me being an old cranky-ass.

  44. SOD – That statement was in the BitterCling remarks.

    Here’s what I wrote about it back then.

  45. WMCB!!!!!

    WMCB is back! Yay!

  46. myiq, for the last time, stop writing exactly what I’m thinking! It’s beginning to scare me (especially since you write more eloquently than I think).

    I was just over at Open Left, reading a wonderful post by Chris Bowers, who is getting chewed on for not being happy enough with the Precious’s staffing picks. He gave back as good as he got, which is encouraging,

    But yeah, we’re gonna need a bigger bus.

  47. SOD, I don’t remember that, but I do distinctly remember when Obama was questioned by one of the debate moderators as to why he had so many former Clinton staffers on his team when he claimed that he was the “change” candidate. The evidence was always there, all along, what a complete phony this guy was.

  48. One of my friends said he’s really happy to see O picking Clintonistas because he feels safer with that group in the WH.

  49. Joanelle:

    I don’t think there is really that much confusion in the transition. The Big Dawg’s was worse, but he only had the Carter administration’s four years (from 12 years prior) to find experienced people from.

    A lot of the conflicting stories are due to people who don’t know what they are talking about but have to produce something anyway by a deadline.

  50. WMBC – missed the Hat and certainly missed YOU!

  51. Hmmm, perhaps we should move to only weeklies then – they wouldn’t have to make up so much 🙂

  52. Obama has to either pick Clintonistas, GOPers or people with no DC experience.

  53. merciless – Chris Bowers?

    You mean, THIS Chris Bowers?

    Cultural Shift: Out with Bubbas, up with Creatives: There should be a major cultural shift in the party, where the southern Dems and Liebercrat elite will be largely replaced by rising creative class types. Obama has all the markers of a creative class background, from his community organizing, to his Unitarianism, to being an academic, to living in Hyde Park to shopping at Whole Foods and drinking PBR. These will be the type of people running the Democratic Party now, and it will be a big cultural shift from the white working class focus of earlier decades. Given the demographics of the blogosphere, in all likelihood, this is a socioeconomic and cultural demographic into which you fit. Culturally, the Democratic Party will feel pretty normal to netroots types. It will consistently send out cultural signals designed to appeal primarily to the creative class instead of rich donors and the white working class.

    Um, no thanks.

  54. “he feels safer with that group in the WH”

    So do I. Big time.

  55. Chris Bowers is just another constant irritant trying to make sense of his unquestioned support of Obama. How is that all working out for you Chris?

    Hope and change and another billion dollar payout won’t get you a cup of coffee these days.

    I hate to say “I told you so” but…………………….

  56. How does shopping at Whole Foods make you creative?

  57. I would rather take my chances on Clinton Redux than to go along with Obama I Am In Way Over My Head.

  58. I just came onto my computer and the news headline on the email for NYT said “Obama and Bush Working to Calm Volatile Market”. Now that’s reassuring!

  59. PBR?

    Ugh! That is nasty beer.

  60. Myiq – But it’s KEWL and IRONIC!!!

  61. madamab:

    I don’t know if “penilely-endowed” is the correct term.

    “Shrinkage” sounds more like it.

  62. I googled PBR and got

    Professional Bull Riders, just sayin……… 😉

  63. From the Bowers’ movement that madamab cited:

    “Policy Shift: Out with the DLC, up with technocratic wonks. My sense of Obama and his policy team is overwhelmingly one of technocratic, generally less overtly ideological professional policy types. We should see a shift from the more corporate and triangulating policy focus of the Democratic Party in the 1990’s, and see it replaced by whatever centrist, technocratic policies are the wonkish flavor of the month. It will all be very oriented toward think-tank and academic types, and be reminiscent of policy making in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. A sort of “technocratic liberalism” that will be less infuriating than DLC style governance, but still not overtly leftist.”

    No DLC types? I guess Rahmbo’s career is over then.

  64. Swannie:

    Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Not as bad as Lucky Lager but close.

  65. Were they lying then or are they lying now?

    Both! lol! However the swiftness of Barry’s shock and awe turn around is making it harder for Obots to lie to themselves….boy , that really frosts their Cinnabons

    I’m hoping for a Clinton redux, but IMO the press is pushing the Clinton redux narrative so they can trash Barry with it later . When things go bust, it will be the Clintons fault…again. Because nothing ever is anyone’s one fault , but the Clintons

  66. Huh? I thought the DLC was bad because it’s centrist and technocratic. I’m so confused.

  67. MyIq, very nicely done — great post.

    There is much for which to be thankful when all these fawning sycophants who waxed their dolphins while turning crosseyed and squealing, “Behind the curtain is a wizard,” figure out it was only a cheesy south side Chicago “changing room.”

  68. This is the worst one:

    “Coalition reorganization: Out with party silos, in with squishy goo-goos.”

  69. Pat Johnson, on November 25th, 2008 at 11:14 am Said:
    I would rather take my chances on Clinton Redux than to go along with Obama I Am In Way Over My Head.

    Oh, SOD, no one needs to remind us – it’s so crowded under here we can’t even move anymore. But my bruises are healing, I’ve stopped licking my wounds and now I’m reallllllly angry. 👿

  70. I really don’t want policy making from the 1950s. Thanks, we’re way past the 1950s, thank goddess.

  71. What makes anyone think that backtrack will actually do anything. He hasn’t yet in any job he ever had.
    Others will work , he will vacation and take the credit for their work.
    We he had a part time job, he was writing a book on company time.
    We he was in the Ill Senate he was given credit for bills written by others.
    The short time he was in the US Senate he was campaigning.
    He is a load and wll have to be carried forever in any job he gets.
    The Clintons have a work ethic and a love for this country that backtrack needs to look good.



  72. myiq2xu, on November 25th, 2008 at 11:25 am Said: From the Bowers’ movement that madamab cited:….

    Good grief…when I read such stuff, I can’t forget Barry deathless words to Ed Rendell:

    we don’t need the people, we just need the checks

    That’s what it boils down to for Barky Barry Von Cash.

  73. It’s so clear that Bowers thought he and his fellow Obamans were going to be assimilated into the O-Borg after the election. Why else would he be making up ridiculous terms to describe himself like “creative class” and “technocratic liberalism”? What in the world does that even mean?

    Sorry, Chris and friends, Obama won’t be appointing you UnderSecretary of Kewlness.

    We told you so.

  74. Prolix – LOL!

  75. myiq – Party silos? Like, say, people from the Clinton Administration?


  76. The goo-goos must be surprised to see Obama throwing away public financing of elections, which has been their big cause for decades.

  77. PUMA’s, blue collar Dems, and women were thrown under the bus a while back. Then gays, as a separate block, were tossed in, now the netroots. Is there anybody left? Who the hell is the Democratic leadership representing anymore? I’m getting a really sick feeling that Naderites (not Ralph himself, because I think he only looks out for his own self-interest) have been right all along.

  78. Prolix:

    Are you sure it’s not a “whizzinator” behind the curtain?


  79. Where does Pumas organizing on the net, in a TRUE grassroots movement, fit into that picture? Ha.

    I guess ‘creative’ means ignoring boring everyday things like issues and policy.

  80. MyIq — LOL.

  81. madamab:

    By “party silos” he was referring to unions and groups like LGBT’s, pro-choice orgs, etc.

    You know, Democrats.

  82. Pabst sucks ..always has … cheeesh

    I love to google acronyms


    I know, I have a weird way of entertaining myself, but if ihad to read those blogs to which you are referring; for too long I would have to have a designer barf bag to carry with me at all times…

    I can barely get thru the bits you post here. And when I do read them out of curiosity I find that
    what passes for intelligence there is contorted convoluted logic that is so painful you have throw in a trite german phrase occasionally to prove your relevance and come to your own preconcieved conclusion …
    how uber … SO uber over ….

    am so glad I am HERE

  83. myiq – Oh. My bad.

    That IS creative.


  84. When will Obamanation implode? I want to have my popcorn ready. Great post myiq!

  85. thought for sure you’d all be hanging on every word of the Obie news conference-quite a bit of blathering about “sacrifice”..

  86. swan spirit – contorted and convoluted – yes for sure, but ‘logic’ – no I wouldn’ t use that word! How about ‘rationalizations’ or contorted and convoluted ‘bullsh*t lies’ that they want to convince themselves are plausible. And plausible is as much as they could ever be, falling far short of ‘reality.’

  87. sacrifice – of the planned week long super inaugural mega bash? Because in these austere times, such a thing would be way over the top?

  88. When I hear politicians and pundits blathering about how the American people have to sacrifice, I can only echo Anglachel’s words to the elite: “You first.”

    Really, what further sacrifices are we supposed to make? While our representatives and preznits keep tax cuts for the wealthy, cut government services, and hand out billions of dollars, no questions asked, to Paulson’s billionaire buddies? We’re already living on the edge. Let them take a turn.

  89. Swannie:

    I try to minimize my exposure (I almost never read the comment threads) and provide only the minimum necessary quotes to give context to my posts.

    I do try to be fair and quote them in context though. If I only provide a link it’s just an example of whatever they are saying.

  90. Ha ha ha, now that you know our plan it is too late! We backed the blogger boyz and control the Obots. Ha ha ha!

  91. DancingOpossum: When the heads of the banking corporations, AIG, Freddie/Fannie, and the automotive industries turn over their homes, their fortunes and their jobs to the federal government, Obama can start talking about sacrifice.

    Till then, he can kiss my big ol’ badonkadonk.

  92. what do the nutroots say about the fact that this guy has stopped talking like a black preacher and now sounds a whole lot more like a politician?
    How will they explain this?

  93. catarina:

    What are you talking about YOU LIE!

    (gulps Kool-aid)

  94. Catarina – The same think they said about how his “inspiring” oratorical abilities disappeared entirely whenever he stopped reading a prepared speech.

    (cricket cricket cricket)

  95. myiq

    the day you go over to the dark side will be one sad day indeed.

    and what I really wanted to say in my previous comment is that he sounds a whole lot more like a *white* politician now..
    Not a trace of that sing-song phony-assed Jeremiah Wright imitation-what happened?

  96. I had to kill the live stream, it was too much.

  97. catarina, he played the race card and hyped his blackness as “change to suck in the AA community and the guilty white liberal boyz. Now that he doesn’t need them, there is no more reason to pretend to be a brother, so no more black preacher cadences. Obama is whiter than me (a southern white girl who grew up in poor black neighborhoods), and always has been.

  98. WM

    a close friend of mine, AA and from Hawaii, no less-told me this morning that the black community knows he’s not a brother.

    So I guess that leaves the “guilty white liberal boyz”

    Gullible bastards, aren’t they…?

  99. Every newly elected president says what he said today.

  100. Perries you are right …
    logic is a BAD word to use in reference the ” uber overs “

  101. catarina,

    Obama was a good actor. He took on whatever personality he needed to get elected. He should probably win an Oscar this year.

  102. Seems to me that “creative class” is just a euphemism for “educated, upper-middle class, self-proclaimed intelligencia”. Hell, I’ve got a college degree, a background in the arts and a prior career in advertising. But I also have two cars, two kids, a mortgage and two decidedly non-glamorous jobs that go towards supporting the above-mentioned.

    I feel such a disconnect between myself and my longtime friends who are now, apparently, part of the “Creative Class”. Since when did working hard for a living and shopping at Wal-Mart disqualify a person from being a member of the Democratic party?

  103. myiq2xu, on November 25th, 2008 at 12:07 pm Said:

    I try to minimize my exposure (I almost never read the comment threads) and provide only the minimum necessary quotes to give context to my posts.

    I do try to be fair and quote them in context though. If I only provide a link it’s just an example of whatever they are saying.

    you do a great job of that !!

    but for the urge to gloat and say I TOLD YOU SO over comes me and I want to post something
    , and then I remember to whom I am talking.. and come back here

  104. While I would love to have a front row seat to see Cheeto heads exploding, I don’t see it happening.

    1.They will always rationalize their way out of the evidence in front of their eyes. or
    2. They will point to the lone “girl” standing: “Hillary did it” or
    3. Most of the electorate has little or no clue what he promised or how he will deliver. (As seen by recent clips). They will continue to believe whatever he or the MSM want them to believe. Few actually blog or keep up.

    Bush got reelected even after starting a war.

    Pass the blinders, please.

  105. Julie,

    Heretofore, creative class was a euphemism for chronically depressed. Give it six months and they will find their way back.

  106. oops meant to say for ME .. the urge to gloat LOL

    I spent waay too much time arguing with self satisfied, overbloated on their own vocabulary , lacking reallife experience or substance assholes on the net already on other issues

    WAIT we have one of those as president now YUCK
    I still cannot look at him or listen , I listened to him for a fraction of a second the other day and his Uhhhs and umms are back with a vengeance some “oratorary ” I WISH he would put some pebbles in his mouth … that wuold be fun to watch ..

  107. Heretofore, creative class was a euphemism for chronically depressed. Give it six months and they will find their way back.

    LOL! I’ll be counting the days.

  108. Another press conference tomorrow.

  109. mlhath, on November 25th, 2008 at 12:38 pm Said:

    While I would love to have a front row seat to see Cheeto heads exploding, I don’t see it happening.

    1.They will always rationalize their way out of the evidence in front of their eyes. or…..
    They exhibit the same psychological behavior as the Creationist/Fundamentalists that they laugh at. Pots and Kettles…

  110. The thing that annoys me most about Obama off the cuff?


    It’s taken the place of “Uh.” It’s not an improvement.

  111. The Uhhhs and ummms are supposed to make him appear thoughtful.

    He is one of those students who are bright enough to get by on bs. (maybe bs = creative?)

    The problem, of course, is that we have a bs artist who will be running our country.

    Obama and Bush are handling things. Oh boy, dumb and dumber. It just strikes me as funny, if it were not frightening, to think that 2 people who never tackled anything in depth in their lives are supposed to be handling a crisis.

  112. Fran:

    At least they are well rested

  113. Fran, on November 25th, 2008 at 12:49 pm Said:

    …to think that 2 people who never tackled anything in depth in their lives are supposed to be handling a crisis.

    They both got sober before they got drunk on power.

  114. Today he reminded me of George W. Bush. Schmoozing the reporters while saying nothing new.

  115. Fran, on November 25th, 2008 at 12:49 pm Said:

    …to think that 2 people who never tackled anything in depth in their lives are supposed to be handling a crisis.

    They both got sober before they got drunk on power.

    WOW FRAN you said a mouthful ….

    dry -drunks /addicts without recovery are always little tin gods

  116. plural – He always has reminded me of Bush. They are both front men who use their “charisma” to sell an unappealing theory of government to an underinformed population.

  117. 3. What the f**k was I thinking?

    That only happens when someone is personally and directly affected by something bo does or does not do that suddenly snaps their neck back into alignment with their spine and allows or proper blood flow to the brain , Also required is the pre- condition of having been capable of rational thought at some time previous in their lives.

  118. Bush was on earlier making some rather lame comments again. As much as I detest Obama, I for one cannot wait to see him get on plane to Texas come January. If ever a country needed a break from that Simpleton, the time is now.

    Then we can look forward to at least four years of Mr. Heeing and Hawing, The Great Orator at Work. OMG!!! There is not enough liquor in the world to get us through this.

  119. Cheney is his cousin. (8th) That is all you needed to know.

  120. love the bumper sticker … where can I order one?

  121. I know most of you have sworn off “The Nation” but there is an article over there called “let’s be clear about Obama” and the comment section is priceless. I’m amused reading it. One commenter claimed that the right elected Obama and that all progressives knew that he wasn’t a true progressive. I chuckled.

  122. The only thing I wuold add to that bumper sticker would be because we could have had HILLARY !!!!

  123. There’s a huge group of people out there who are the “Anybody But Hillary” group, and it includes people from the Democratic party and the MSM. I think KOs in this group. He supported Obama with eyes wide open, but he knew what he was getting.

    Since he voted for W – it wasn’t about the Democratic party – it was about ego and dislike of Hillary.

  124. does this mean obama isn’t going to pay my house not now and put fuel in my car?

  125. And pay your heat and credit cards, doncha know.

  126. dakinikat, I asked and he says “Sure sweetie, you know that no matter what it seems like I might be doing or who it might appear I am hanging out with, I’m thinking only of you, right babe?”

  127. ah such a man, such a sugar daddy

  128. New plan for the fiscal crisis, everytime some nattering nabob says, “Obama’s appointees are really smart,” they pay the government one dollar.

    It feels like watching the X-men’s Xavier’s School for Exceptionally Gifted Youngsters where it was perfectly acceptable to send out the debate team to play football or save the world, whichever came first in the plot line.

  129. The press has already picked up the phrase “pragmatic center” for O. He just might make Reagan worship look juvenile.

  130. the Obama Administration: Revenge of the nerds

  131. New thread up

  132. dak, Revenge of the Nerds or perhaps, “Eggland’s Best?”

  133. Axelrove and Summers don’t have to go thru the senate do they>

  134. Nope, but apparently Obama didn’t either.

  135. lol

  136. Andrew Sullivan mad as a hatter over Brennan and torture:

    The least we know is that Brennan is ambivalent about this. Ambivalence on this matter is unacceptable. We haven’t fought for decency and reform and a return to American values for so long to be turned back now. We didn’t work our butts off to elect Obama only to get Bush another four years at CIA. If Brennan emerges as the pick, those of us against the continuation of war crimes and the prosecution of war criminals will have to oppose him strenuously in the nomination process. We will, in fact, have to go to war with Obama before he even takes office.

    And if Obama doubts our seriousness, I have three words for him. Yes we can.

  137. Pat Johnson, on November 25th, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Oh Pat, I think Obama is here to stay. Obama will be president for the next eight years.

  138. Well…what goes on? A post is up, then the picture changed (understood that) then it’s gone entirely with all comments.

    We heard from Mawm who, along with Gary has been MIA for awhile and then zip: gone!

    Fredster cupping hands together to shout: MAWM!! IT WAS GOOD TO HEAR FROM YA! WE MISSED YOU TWO!!

  139. “Andrew Sullivan mad as a hatter.”

    There, fixed yer typo.

  140. No one has blogged here in 3 hours so I doubt anyone will read it, but in case someone does here are my thoughts.

    In the eyes of Conservatives/Republicans Obama is a radical socialist. I’m going to list a few items that you will probably be happy about (there progressive) but we believe will start WWIII in the country.

    1. Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which will repel every common sence restriction placed on the abortion industry such as “Partial Birth Abortion” and ” Parental notification for minors. There are 557 Catholic hospitals in the US who served 83 million people last year. The church is afraid that FOCA may force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. There was already a meeting in Baltimore of all the Bishops in the US and they stand committed to shutting down every hospital if that encrochment is put upon them. There’s already murmers in the church that any Catholic politician who supports FOCA, such as Nancy Pelosi, will be ex-communicated from the church.

    2. Card Check which will basically take away the union right to a secret ballot. Any employee working in a business with more than 50 employees will have the right to unionize. This is going to be fought tooth and nail by republicans and ad’s are already in development

    3. The Fairness Doctrine or better put the “Censorship” Doctrine which by it’s design will bring down the AM bandwaves.

    So you might think Obama’s not progressive, but we sure as hell do. And if you support the one or all of the above policy initiatives, I think you can say Obama is working for you.

    I am just here to tell you that for us if 1 or all of the above happen it will be WWIII. This country will not be united around Obama and his administration. It’s going to get ugly.

  141. Carolynn, I’m still here and I can’t for the life of me figure out why you think any of the three items you listed will cause WWIII. You can’t just state “x” will cause “z” without explaining why. Are you insinuating that the conservatives will rise up in revolt? And if so, why would that include the rest of the world?

    IMO, Obama isn’t going to do anything that Bush didn’t do because the same people who put Bush in place put Obama in place.

  142. Micki, thanks for the tip. I’ve been over at The Nation laughing my a$$ off at the comments. What a bunch of idjits!

  143. Carolynn, I found your comment quite interesting as to those like you in the GOP see Obama as a radical socialist. You had 3 laws that you feared might be passed and thereby cause rioting in the streets. A bit over the top, but OK. But your data is incorrect.

    1. The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is a response to the right wing Supreme Court’s Carhart decision that said if a women’s heath was put in danger if she carried a fetus to term – it did not matter as her control of her health was less important that trying to get a live birth. You folks went to the extreme – and now you have a reaction. Luckily for you Demcrats will take the edges off the law, but the law will codify Roe v Wade, ending Supreme Court discussions. As for the Catholic Church – they are not “the church” – just an organization – and they are not the government. The church is the word used to describe all Christians as a whole. If the Catholic Church wants to get out of health care that can be arranged. Any Catholic politician who supports FOCA, and is ex-communicated from the Roman Church, can continue as a Catholic via the Orthodox, or Episcopal Churches..

    2. The Card Check restores a balance of power to unions – Since Reagan FRLB elections have been delayed so management can fire union favoring workers – a crime that the FRLB seems unable to find despite liberal executives at a given company providing them with details of how the crime was committed. This is indeed going to be fought tooth and nail by republicans, with ad’s that are already in development – but Harry and Louise no longer have the impact they once did in selling lies by false implications.

    3. The Fairness Doctrine is not a “Censorship” Doctrine despite Rush’s rantings – read the law – Section 325 is already a law and is the equal time provision which the GOP never enforces – but it is not new having been around for nearly 90 years. The Fairness Doctrine was a regulation that Reagan killed and then veto’d a bill that would have made it a law – and which simply says both sides of an Issue should get airtime on the public airwaves – and is almost always used for local issues. I don’t you have heard many discussions of water board rates and availability issues in your town since Reagan – and the lack of a Fairness Doctrine is the reason why.

    If there is to be a US Political WWIII over discussions of water board rate issues – bring it on.

  144. Papau,

    We will bring it on. That’s the point I was trying to make. I said that you would like these initiative and as you rebuttled every point, republicans don’t see it your way and I understand that.

    I’m just telling you that we are ready to do battle over FOCA, CardCheck and the Fairness Doctrine. I realize you want all these things that I believe are progressive. The blog was about Obama not being a progressive and I just wanted to point out that from the perspective of the right – he is.

    Look, I’m not trying to cause trouble, I’ve been blogging here for months. I’m just offering up the perspective on the ground from the republicans point of view.

  145. […] go too far, potentially vindicating the jeers of the right-wing blogosphere (both traditional and closeted). But until that point, his initial bipartisan overtures do nothing more than paint a stark […]

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