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Late Night Open Thread: Things We Wish We Had Written

Arthur Silber has a new post up at “Once Upon A Time…” The man is a magician with words! His latest is entitled “Out of Your Trance, Assholes.”

So. I’ve tried to catch up a bit over the last few days, and I’ve looked over what various commentators and bloggers have been saying since The Most Significant, Metaphysics-Altering, Consciousness-Raising, Paradigm-Shattering Craptastic Farce Election Since the Multiverses Were a Teensy Eeensy Embryo in the Non-Existent God’s Fantasy Belly. It’s enough to make me advocate forced abortions. Look: it’s fine with me if most people voluntarily choose to obliterate their few remaining brain cells and enthusiastically stick their noses in the filthy, smelly ass of the ruling class. Whatever works for you, you know? But Jesus F. Christ, doesn’t it trouble people at all to make themselves so utterly, fantastically stupid? I mean, shouldn’t there be at least a passing moment of regret that people have chosen to make themselves dumber than unicellular life? It would appear not.

I will not make a show of false modesty here, and instead I will point out that I predicted everything that is now transpiring. I did so on the basis of carefully reasoned arguments based on the available relevant facts, always keeping in mind the nature of the political system that rules our lives. A number of individuals frequently write off views like mine as mere “cynicism.” When such criticisms are offered without much (or any) more, this is simply a way of dismissing arguments one doesn’t like without engaging them. Well, one shouldn’t expect more from amoeba.

He sure can take it to those Koolaid-drinking suckers!

WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


75 Responses

  1. I wish I had written that…

  2. littleisis, on November 25th, 2008 at 11:25 pm Said:

    Yes. So?

  3. Nice pics btw. Every single one of them so far.

    Good job.

  4. MAblue = love


  5. I’m not a fan of Arthur simply because he compares everything to his own leftist ideal, rather than against the actual possibilities of flawed humanity. He is right about Obama, but I doubt he’d feel significantly differently about Hillary, Edwards, Gore or any other Democrat.

  6. Where do you get them all, little isis?

  7. Arthur Silber just took the words right out of my mouth!

  8. LOL! You probably could have written that, Pat.

  9. bb: I should be so adept.

  10. a livejournal community called Hillary Daily. Actually, I don’t take credit, only because Regency told me about the Community. I have been there for new pictures ever since. I spent an entire night just going through the archives once. It was a hoard. All the gorgeous pictures of my pantsuit wife… my head almost exploded. Here’s another one:

    That one is my absolute favorite. She was my age in that picture, at Wellesley. No wonder Big Dawg drooled over her in college. (at Yale she had to wear geeky glasses and no make-up, so all the blowhards would take her seriously, but that’s a moot point.)

  11. I like this Arthur guy. Maybe I will check his blog more often.

    *eats bologna sandwich*

  12. I love this guy Arthur Silber — I wish I had known about him sooner –I’m always behind the curve on the intertubz. 😦

    btw gang I have been seriously busy which does not bode well — consumer bks are up 47% nationally & it shows in my office.

    also, my kitten BeBe (pronounced “beh beh” — like the French “b”) has diabetes (she isn’t a kitten, she is 16 years old, but she is tiny — only 5 pounds, so I always call her kitten). So, its two shots of insulin a day for her plus one all day stay at the vet’s a month from here on out — which I hope is for a very long time.

  13. angie-

    AAAWWWW!!!! poor Bebe. My kitten’s name is Isis. She is still a kitten (more a teenager really… she has to get spayed in a couple of weeks) She is magickal. If anything happened to her I would die. I would just… omg, I can’t even think about it. She is like a feline version of me.
    Isis and I will pray for Bebe. 😦

    PS: I don’t know if you posted a reply, but I must ask, what did you think about what elizabeth joyce had to say?


    Liberty Belle not for Obama, on November 25th, 2008 at 11:26 pm Said:

    Do you all know that Socks, the Clinton kitty, is alive and well and living with White House secretary Betty Curry and her husband, now retired in So. MD. He’s 19 years old, and comes out for events that support pets, and animal welfare. He’s a local celeb (and probably a PUMA).

    Will see if I can figure a way to find some photos (their local paper that did a feature story this spring may not be on-line).

    *Isis the kitten is pleased*

  15. oh dear Angie, you give BeBe these shots twice a day? she lets you?

    I’ve had lots of cats over the years and never had any luck medicating them! I do much better with dogs (they’re easier to fool)

    good luck, poor little BeBe

  16. It’s a curse being right all the time. But saying I told you so has never been more satisfying…or more painful.

  17. I must say that was one of the best — “I TOLD YOU SO” — for the f***king — 0bots.

    angienc — the mature cats are so wise. Our oldest cat is almost 18, he was raised by a dog. We found him abandoned in the barn at 10 days. So I bottle fed — and our dog was so happy to have the little guy that she brought him all of her toys. The cat is our link to our beloved wise old dog who has gone over the rainbow bridge. My cats and dogs have always gotten along — and are best friends.

    A friend of mine also had a diabetic cat — and she lived a long time with the disease. They learn to adapt to treatment.

  18. angienc — the mature cats are so wise. Our oldest cat is almost 18, he was raised by a dog. We found him abandoned in the barn at 10 days. So I bottle fed — and our dog was so happy to have the little guy that she brought him all of her toys. The cat is our link to our beloved wise old dog who has gone over the rainbow bridge. My cats and dogs have always gotten along — and are best friends.

    A friend of mine also had a diabetic cat — and she lived a long time with the disease. They learn to adapt to treatment.

    That story is so adorable. My kitten Isis is wiping tears from her eyes with her paws.

  19. Little Isis — I loved Joyce’s new post — thanks for the link — I had said that in the post that got put in moderation, but didn’t want to re-write it because I didn’t know what had thrown me into moderation! She is right on about the “good cop/bad cop” game the rich behind the scene money men are playing with W & O.

    Thank you for your well wishes about BeBe — I found her on the street 16 years ago –she is a cute little black & white kitten — she has always been very playful, but started sleeping a lot these last 2 months but I thought it was because she was getting old — I then began noticing the entire bowl of water was gone every morning & saw it was her drinking it (I have another cat too Monty — all black with green eyes — about 17 pounds). So, I strongly suspected it was diabetes. I took her to the vet Monday & got the bad news. We’ve gotten it early so hopefully everything will be OK. But whatever happens she has had a good life & we’ve had a good time together.

  20. Northwest Rain — thanks for the words of support — she is an older kitty, but I have a lot of hope that she will live for a long time — and you are right — she is a wise old lady.

    Kiki — I know what you mean about cats — my Monty is impossible to give any kind of medicine too — he is usually so gentle but try to give him medicine he turns into a black panther — fights, squirms, spits & scratches! But BeBe is really tiny (only 5 pounds) so she is easier to control (unlike my 17 lbs. Monty). Also, I think she is feeling so “bad’ right now that she is very passive — hopefully she will be back to feeling well soon but by then will be used to the shots. And, they are very, very tiny needles — a quick little jab more then a “shot.”

  21. Angie-
    My kitty Isis, I found her in a petshop, RMS Agriculture. I don’t know about their reputation as a whole, but that particular shop was foul. Her cage was disgusting, she had mites and fleas, and she was so small- she is going to grow to be a huge cat, mind you, but she couldn’t have been more than three or four weeks old. I took her out of there, especially because I just looked at her once, she is black, with yellow eyes and a tuft of white on her chest, and she peered at me through her cage in that way that animals look at you that says “you’re mine. I own you.”
    I held her once and that was it. She is my familiar and she is completely crazy. She sleeps on top of my head and licks me awake in the mornings.
    I am eighteen, so I want Isis to be with me for a long time. Like you and Bebe.
    Poor little Bebe. I am glad that you have made peace about her. Any kitty would be luck to have you as her pet. 🙂

  22. Angie,

    I hope your cat does OK. I’ve known a few people who had cats with diabetes. It’s fairly common, I guess. It sounds kind of expensive. You’re a good “mom.”

  23. Oh, Northwest Rain — I love the story about the cat raised by the dog! I have the opposite in my house. My puppy Pepa (chihuahua) was “raised” by my cat Monty . Pepa is 7 so Monty was 7 & BeBe was 9 when Pepa joined the family when she was 8 weeks old. BeBe never had much to do with Pepa, but Monty took her under his wing — the sleep together, play together & Pepa follows Monty around like a baby duck following the momma duck — it’s adorable.

  24. Rev. Wright gave an interview to the XM radio’s Mark Thompson:


    Watching the election returns on TV—Wright was apparently not invited to the Grant Park rally—was somewhat bittersweet, he told Sirius XM Radio host Mark Thompson.

    “It was like a mixed bag of being proud of him and being blessed to have lived to see something my parents would never have believed was going to happen while at the same time having been put up as the whipping boy by the media to be the weapon of mass destruction to destroy his candidacy,” he said.

    Though he hopes to talk with Obama again once he leaves office, he also said he won’t hold back in criticizing Obama’s administration.

    “I’ve already told . . . Obama: On Nov. 5, I’m coming after you,” he said. “It’s not you the person . . . it’s the policies of this country. And as long as you are presiding over policies that grind God’s people into the earth, I’m coming after you.

    “The minister, the prophet’s role and allegiance is to be faithful to God, not a particular government.”

  25. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Silber was my verbose and not too helpful customer service agent last time I was stranded by weather at an airport layover. He kindly explained to me and everyone within a 5 mile radius that weather happens on the planet earth and had I been out of my cave where I cohabitate with that bin Laden guy and prayed to the gods of the NBC owned Weather Channel, I would have known enough to stay home and tend to my bats. All in all, fairly enlightening although painful in execution.

  26. Angie,

    That’s so sweet!

  27. Prolix: LOL!

  28. Anywho, Isis the magick kitty and I are off to bed!!! Night y’all!!!

    *Little Isis out!!!*

  29. bb — thanks — and yes, it is common esp. with older cats (as I’ve found out!). It isn’t too too expensive — because of the small dose the cats get (as compared to humans) one vial of insulin lasts 3 months for a cat. The needles though are almost as expensive as the insulin if you can believe it — a box of 100 is $50! At 2 needles a day, that is a dollar a day in needles!

  30. night Little Isis & magical kitty!

  31. angie, good luck to you. a couple of years ago I had 3 dogs and 2 cats and now i only have one dog. I had had the other four for many many years and only one gave me a break and died on her own. with the others I had to make the decision. I hated it. but….funny thing, I always told my kid – if you have pets you’re most likely gonna outlive them, you have to understand that going in. that doesn’t make it easy though. I have all their ashes, and sometimes I wonder why. actually any time I think about it I wonder why. they didn’t have favorite places I can scatter them, except maybe on my lap.

    I wonder why domestic animal’s lifespans are so much shorter, on average, than humans. in the wild I can understand, but in a home???

    oy, I probably need to go to bed. nite (((y’all)))

  32. Angie,

    I’ve had two cats that lived to be around 17 years old. Cats don’t usually live much longer than that. My sister-in-law had one that lived to be 20-something. It’s so heartbreaking to lose them. I just can’t stand to go through it again. Sometimes I still dream about my cats that have passed on.

  33. Angie — I’m also owned by a Chihuahua — he joined our family about a year ago and the cats were so happy to have another dog. When our elderly Chihuahua crossed the rainbow bridge — the cats were lost without their god/dog. So we added another Chihuahua to the family and now the cats are again amused by their best buddy. Of course the cats believe that they are superior to all other beings — and that humans are their slaves.

    The Chihuahua has figured out that he can run UNDER the younger cat — funniest thing to watch. Dog runs under cat, cat looks back, as if asking, how the he-ll did he do that??

    Chihuahua has learned to “eliminate” outside when I tell him to “Obama”. I figure that it’s just a matter of time before that becomes the universal word for dogs to poop.

  34. night kiki! Thanks for the well wishes.
    We’ve owned pets my whole life & I too only had one good dog who “gave me a break and died on me” as you say — my Brando (for Marlon Brando) a toy poodle so I know how hard it is too lose a pet, especially when you are the one having to make the decision — but putting a pet who is in pain down is the right thing to do, imo, as hard as it is for us “humans” to do.
    No ashes here — but there is a nice little pet graveyard in my parent’s back yard. (We’ve always had under 20 lbs pets). I don’t know what my mom & dad are going to do when their 80 lbs big black dog — 100% pure bred mutt — Venus kicks the bucket — I don’t think my dad has it in to dig a hole that big — lol.

  35. LI – I love that first picture on this thread!

  36. I just read what Northwest Rain wrote about the dog who poops when hearing the word, “Obama” – that is absolutely BRILLIANT!

  37. Northwest rain — LMAO! I’m going to have to teach Pepa the new universal word for poop! Right now I use the inane “walky walky” with Pepa — works like a charm though — when we are out I say “walky walky” and she goes!

    bb — I know it is so hard to lose a pet that sometimes I often think it isn’t even worth having them in the first place to grow so attached to something which, as Kiki rightly points out, you are going to outlive by a mile. But when I come home & see their happiness to see me (the cats not so demonstrative as the dog, but it is definitely there) I get over it & wonder how anyone can live without them!

  38. Chihuahua has learned to “eliminate” outside when I tell him to “Obama”.

    Northwest rain, now that is the funniest thing I have heard today.

  39. Angie .. Your Beba couldn’t have a better Mom .. ! .. wishing both of you tons … more – tender moments together ..

    I have 3, one is close to 20 – He will be 20 on Jan. the 5th .. 🙂 .. the other two are Mom & son -both are under 10 … sigh ……………..

  40. My magical kitty Nimue died peacefully stretched out on her spot on the rug at 17, and I buried her in my yard because I didnt wan’t her to be too far away … I still miss her ….. sometimes I still think i hear her
    Haven;t yet been able to bring myself to bring another kitty home, but i am feeling like one might be coming soon , maybe this spring ..
    Blessings on your kitty angie
    . and if anyone needs a dose of intense cuteness


  41. Myiq .. thanks for bringing Arthur here … I have read him forever .. well, not really, but for about two years or so.

    He is wordy – but the words are packed.

    Also – I was reading over at Corrente .. just so we can all get ‘re-pizzed ‘ again .. LoL …

    “Some people just won’t get over it”

    HuffPo headlines I never got past…

    “Hillary + Obama = High Drama”

    “Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama ‘Offer'”


    I didn’t go over to ‘her’ site … didn’t want to sleep with a bad dream.

  42. I had a cat who lived very well with chronic renal failure for four years (until the last week or so). He lived to be 18-years-old. I was able to pick up fluids at Costco at a good price, and bought Tumero needles at Costco cheaply on line (they are so much easier on the cat than the Monojects that vets use.) There are yahoo groups for cats with diabetes and Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). I learned so much and had a community to share my concerns.

    I also found a internal medical specialist vet who was much better informed (and the office better equipped) to help my cat. I didn’t know there were vet internists (go to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine at http://www.acvim.org/ to find a specialist near you). The CRF list has an online resource for recommended vets.

  43. I believe our beloved companion animals teach us about passages, moving on. They also teach us about aging — and empathy. I feel sorry for kids who don’t have pets — or adults who can’t be bothered.

    Our furkids give us some much more than we give them. Chihuahuas are very much tuned into their people — and they understand words and gestures – perhaps better than most breeds. My first Chihuahua taught me that I always use certain words around other animals — like “hello sweetie” for dog. My current Chihuahua taught me that I say O.K. — frequently. O.K. generally means — I’m stopping one task and starting another. I never knew I used O.K. so frequently. Dogs are wonderful teacher (cats are too — like don’t pile things too high, or try to defy gratify — that pile will topple when the cat jumps up).

  44. Briana, Swannie & CB — thanks for the kind words & information.

    I’m will definitely check out info on diabetes CB. I didn’t know there were vet internists either, but I have to say I’m very comfortable with my vet & the office is a “state of the art” one. When I first moved here 3 years ago I went to two other vets (one for Monty, one for BeBe) before I found the vet I have now (I found her when it was Pepa’s turn for her yearly exam — I stagger their yearly appointments — one in May, one in July, etc to make it more “affordable” — plus, I tried taking 2 cats and a mouthy dog to the vet at the same time once when I first got Pepa — ONCE). The first two vets I went to were not “bad” I just didn’t like them — I felt they were not sympathetic enough for lack of a better word. I like the vet I have now and she has been treating all of my animals ever since. Plus, the office is big enough that they do inter-office referrals for special procedures. For example, Monty had to have oral surgery last year, and my vet recommended that her colleague (who specializes in surgeries for older pets) do it rather then her. So, I trust that if there is someone “better” in the office to do some aspect of BeBe’s treatment my vet will refer BeBe for that treatment. Plus, the assistants who work there are really, really nice — when I go out of town & can’t take Pepa with me & I call every day to check on her (the office has a kennel too) they are very patient & kind.

    I have a cat sitter so the cats can stay at home — which they much prefer to a kennel. BeBe is going to go to the kennel over Thanksgiving though since she has started the insulin. I trust my cat sitter, but I will feel better if she is at the vet’s.

  45. “Hungry cat
    Hilarious animation.”


  46. Briana:

    Twasn’t I that brought Arthur here.

  47. Northwest rain — so true! Seriously, I don’t understand people who don’t have pets — I don’t know what I would do without mine.

    I once dated a guy who when he met my Monty & BeBe informed me that he didn’t like cats much & that “we’re going to have to do something about them.” I was appalled at the nerve & told him in no uncertain terms: “My Monty & BeBe have been with me long before I met you & they’ll be with me long after you’re gone.” Suffice it to say, he didn’t last long after that.
    As my brother says about me: “You can kick me, but don’t kick my pets!” LOL

  48. Foo Foo went outside today for the first time since her surgury (the drainage tubes were removed yesterday.

    She has long white hair so she looks kinda funky half shaved.

  49. Hi myiq! How are you?

  50. Diss a woman’s cat?

    Might as well tell her she has an ugly baby.

  51. Everybody is much better around here

  52. myiq2xu, on November 26th, 2008 at 1:05 am Said:

    Diss a woman’s cat?

    Might as well tell her she has an ugly baby.

    No kidding — he definitely was not sponge-worthy.

  53. I’m glad Foo Foo is better — poor thing — it is a good thing you took her to the vet. Did you ever say what was wrong with her ? If you did, I missed is as I haven’t been around here much lately because of work.

  54. Women keep pets longer than men.

    If a guy says “me or the cat” he is either really stupid or wants an excuse to break-up.

  55. She had a bad cut on her belly that got badly infected when she ran off and hid.

    She almost didn’t come home from the vet.

  56. Sheeesh … it’s way too late for me .. You always do the late thread .. how dare you not .. !!!!

    Thank YOU BB – for bringing Arthur here …

    good nite all … sweet dreams .

  57. True — but this guy & I weren’t “together” enough for him to be looking for an excuse — we had only gone out a couple of times — he met Monty & BeBe the first time I allowed him to pick me up at my house (I always meet the guy at the place we are going the first couple of dates). He was just an a$$hole who thought “hating cats” was manly. Good luck to whatever poor woman ended up with his butt.

  58. night Briana!

  59. Poor Foo Foo — I guess she got the cut in a fight? I’m glad she is ok now.

    Anyway, I’m going to turn in too — another busy day tomorrow. Good for me, not so good for the country.

    Night everyone!! Thanks again for all the good wishes for BeBe.

  60. I learned that if a woman has kids, pets and/or friends when you meet her and you can’t stand any of them, save everyone a lot of trouble and don’t get attached.

  61. Oh, btw — I’m going to NOLA for Thanksgiving — flying down tomorrow night & will not be back until Sunday — not sure if I’ll get to “check in” on y’all before I leave or while I’m gone. So, if I don’t get a chance to tell you before — I hope everyone has a wonderful, joyous Thanksgiving filled with love, good food & good company!

  62. G’night!

  63. Have a good trip!

  64. myiq — of course you had to say something I had to respond to — very good practice — goes for men too but I had the misfortune of staying with a guy I couldn’t stand that much for a lot longer then I should have because I was so attached to his kids! So I also think that if the other person has kids make sure you really, really like that person & be with him for a long time before meeting the kids.

    OK — good night for real. XOXO

  65. Yeah, I’ve gotten attached to the kid and had to deal with it when I broke up with the mom.

    4 year relationship.

  66. Angie, if you fly over b’ham, drop me a roast beef po-boy, dressed out the window or door.

  67. we have two years to start a tidal wave against sexism in politics.
    The writers here make such valid points maybe a collection could be published.
    Letters to the editor, comments on other blogs, invitations to people interested in change.( not backtracks kind of change) but real change for the better treatment of women and children
    Local politics is a good place to start
    Could we start by voting in a board here to choose what steps we should start with?
    All of us have some kind of contribution to make no matter how big or small.
    If we start now look how far we could be in two years.
    The next election will be a lot different than this one.



  68. My dogs chose my husband — he came to pick me up and they climbed on his lap — they wanted him. All our animals have him wrapped around their paws. If any boyfriend or girlfriend dares to utter the words: “its me or the dog/cat whatever” — kick that reject’s butt out of your life.

  69. Good suggestions — helenK

    I do believe that many GOP women and men have had a wake up call about the sexism.

    Fighting sexism will take a lot of education — however, I do believe that the f****ng da** Dem party gave a demonstration of just what sexism is. Also the media — there is an excellent Youtube Video which used snips of so many out right misogynist making sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton. Then if their behavior wasn’t obvious these same creeps made sexist remarks about Sarah Palin. The educational material is there to be used — sort of like “THIS is a sexist remark” — with examples. For Palin — the way the media — chopped up her interviews to make it appear like she was a village idiot.

    In my opinion for this to work it will take the combined efforts of people who care regardless of party (or not) affiliation.

    But I’m not very hopeful — because women are women’s worst enemies and there is a large segment of women who would bite off their noses to spite their faces.

  70. I agree that some women will cut their noses off to spite their faces.
    But their are more and more women everyday refusing to be second class citizens any more.
    They need a direction to how to change things and we can be a start.
    If we don’t try now when will we?



  71. That should read but there are more and more women

  72. good night all
    i think I am here by myself



  73. “I once dated a guy who when he met my Monty & BeBe informed me that he didn’t like cats much & that “we’re going to have to do something about them.”’

    A guy I was living with informed me that once my two cats died we wouldn’t be replacing them. Appalled? I was. He was gone muy pronto thereafter.

    Someone at Corrente said he loves reading Arthur Silber but always wants to hang himself immediately afterward. LOL…this one is fantabulous though, not depressing at all unless you’re an Obot!!

  74. p.s. So glad Foo Foo is better! At my house we currently have about 30 lives left so if she needs one we can spare it 🙂

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