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Thanksgiving Traditions and Favorite Foods: Open Thread


With “Turkey Day” right around the corner, how about sharing some of your favorite traditions?  What’s on YOUR menu — share those unusual recipes and rituals.   Plus – what are you thankful for this year?


192 Responses

  1. I’m thankful to be blessed with a wonderful husband who has been my best friend since I was 15 years old. I’m also thankful for the beautful daughter we have. Both of them are alive and healthy and with me this Thanksgiving. Who could want for more?

  2. You are al ucky woman, SOD!

    (and hey–there is my turkey tradition featured! I have NEVER done that great a job, though I try!)

  3. wait, not “ucky” woman–LUCKY woman 🙂

  4. So is that how you “dress” your turkey joaniebone?

  5. The wife of someone kind of well-known once gave me a tip for cooking Thanksgiving turkey: Place it in a paper bag.

    No, it won’t burn, as long as you keep it below Fahrenheit 451.

    Long and slow is the way to do it. The bag, I have found, is the perfect containment unit. The juices penetrate the meat just right. Best bird I ever had.

  6. wow SOD, Joanie called you ucky. I wouldn’t take that if I were you 🙂

    for years we’ve had tofu tacos every thanksgiving. this year we bought a small turkey, just to be different. different from ourselves, that is.

    Joseph, someone kind of well-known? do tell!

  7. tofu tacos for thanksgiving? that’s interesting. We have a totally vegan Thanksgiving meal and it really is delish!

    Tofurky cooked in a bag (sorta like Joseph’s idea)
    Sourdough stuffing – my daughter makes this and it’s awesome!
    vegan irish mashed potatoes
    veggie gravy
    sweet potatoes
    homemade cranberry sauce
    some kind of veggies – probably broccoli
    and Tofu Pumpkin pie — better than regular! seriously!

    Damn…I’m hungry now!

  8. what are vegan irish mashed potatoes?

    and I’m hungry after reading your menu too!

  9. SOD.
    You ARE lucky. Wowzer. You’ve been with your man since you were fifteen?
    I envy you.
    Well, this thanksgiving, I am thankful that my granny is still alive, and that my mom hasn’t gone crazy from being in school yet. I am thankful for my friends.
    Er… and my Wii!

  10. kiki5 – regular mashed potatoes that you add chopped scallions and fresh chopped parsley to at the end. we use soy milk and earth balance (as butter).

  11. Isis,
    it’s really great to see young people who appreciate and are thankful for family. Good for you!

  12. sorry, gang–I had to pop away for a minute.

    Were you here the other night when I described my tin-foil …(wait–yes you were!–tin-foil Tuesday!)… bikini for my turkey? that’s how you get the bikini–pin it on with toothpicks 🙂

  13. I’m looking at Joseph’s idea and wondering what happens at 452F degrees….hmmmm.

  14. Yes joanie — I remember. This “turkey” is dedicated to YOU! 🙂

  15. mmmm, sounds really good……

    I’m thankful every day (so far) when I wake up, I’m thankful for my husband and my daughter and my friends, both irl and online.

    I hate my job but I am thankful that I’m employed

  16. With all of the crap that has happened this year is it good to stop and reflect on what is good.

  17. Well, we always have the traditional turkey and cornbread dressing, but we also have tamales, guacamole, chile con queso, and stuffed jalapenos. The best of both worlds!

  18. Thanks SOD!

    This is not part of the Thanksgiving spirit, but….I was away this weekend with that horrible barf-plague. Yuck!

    However, I am THANKFUL for losing several pounds before Thanksgiving.

  19. SOD that’s so true. it’s easy to dwell on the bad stuff

  20. Is scrubs around? Late night threads are never fun without her

  21. stxabuela

    OMG that sounds sooooo delicious! I’m stopping by your house this year! Gosh I’m really hungry now! BRB!

  22. And if we want to be sincere, I am thankful that my life changed so much for the better this year with a great new job, that my two boys 12 and 14 are still loving to me–in public, that they are unapologetic liberals, and that I live in a decent home that I manage to pay for–and HEAT this year!

  23. littleisis

    scrubs had a family emergency today. her brother is not doing well and she asked us to keep her and her family in our prayers.

  24. joanie — you ARE lucky!

  25. BRB — need something to eat with all this food talk!

  26. Don’t you guys just wish that we could organize a family holiday–in person– with this family of Conflucians?

    I was fantasizing about this recently. Having enough $$ to get the gang to one centralized location for cooking and ranting and laughing. Wouldn’t that be so fun?

    I know if we lived in the same place, we would be a gang of best friends.

  27. SOD-
    of course Scrubs and her family are in my prayers. Poor scrubs. I hope her brother ends up being okay.

  28. What happened to Scrub’s brother????

  29. Well, I am most thankful for Isis the magickal kitten. She is growing up to be healthy. She is going to be a big cat, all black with yellow eyes and only a white tuft on her chest. She is old enough that she has to get her lady parts taken away soon. I’d rather not have her going in heat all over the house. If she does, she might try to run out in the snow when me or my mom open the door to stow away the recycling. She is a knockout for a kitty and there would be lots of other snow tomcats wanting to get her pregnant. Than I would have lots of magickal kittens running around my house and I don’t want that.

  30. joaniebone — she talks about it on the 30% solution thread beginning at 354pm

  31. I am thankful:

    that I left the fog that is the “progressive-sphere”

  32. I have explained to Isis the Magickal Kitten how it saddens me so that I have to take her womanhood away, but she has told me that she understands that it is for her own good.

  33. I am also thankful that my Hillary Hawt Photo craze from an open thread a few nights ago has been put to good use.
    I see that myiq and others have been using them for new posts, and this pleases me so.

  34. I am thankful for my hubby, family and friends (including my fellow Conflucians!). We don’t have a lot of traditions in my family because we are scattered all over the country. But we will have turkey, corn muffins, green beans almondine and apple crumb pie for two!


  35. corn muffins! yum!

  36. mmmm…
    one good thing about Thanksgiving is the food. I always look forward to the food.

  37. Things I must see on the Thanksgiving menu or I’ll throw a tantrum:

    Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoes

    Turkey with Oyster Dressing and Old-Fashioned Gravy (without any syrup in the recipe)

  38. it’s funny, I can say I’m thankful that I didn’t drink the kool-aid, but all my kool-aid drinkin’ friends sure seemed to have a much better year…….yeah, I know, it would suck to be a bot, but if they don’t know it sucks, then does it really?

    of course, by next t-giving we’ll be plastering our “don’t blame us” bumper stickers everywhere

  39. The greatest thing about Thanksgiving dinner for me is its the one meal my daughter and I ALWAYS cook together. I hope when she’s off on her own she comes back to keep up the tradition.

  40. And by the way – I think you are confusing scrubs with CWaltz. CWaltz is the one that has a sick brother.


  41. Kiki-
    Just think of how they’ll likely be acting a year from now, and let it roll off of your shoulders. That is what I have managed to learn to do.

  42. thanks madamaab — you’re right

  43. sorry — my bad

  44. madamab-
    I saw that. I was looking for Scrubs on that thread and noticed it was Cwalt whose brother was sick.
    Well, she is in my prayers, as I said before. 😦

    I guess Scrubs is not coming out of the woodwork tonight.

  45. a numerologist told me that 2008 would be a horrible year — and it was. However, the good news is she said the bad stuff would end Nov. 3oth.

    C’mon Dec 1st!

  46. this will be my first Thanksgiving with my daughter gone. no, she’s not gone forever, she’s just in Orlando, but she has to work and won’t be coming home. it’ll be……. weird, and it makes me sad. SOD, hope you keep up the tradition!

  47. oh kiki…I’m sorry. It’s awful when our kids move away. Why can’t they just stay small like puppies!

  48. SOD!! I was just thinking I had read here, ages ago, that a numerologist predicted a bad year that would end some time soon. I was thinking I’d never be able to find the post……and you said it! yay! 2008 has been a HORRIBLE year, presonally as well as politically, and I so look forward to Dec 1st and every day thereafter

  49. SOD-
    I should have payed attention to the numerology this year… I might have been more prepared.
    It’s all right though. I am glad for all you Confluceans. Y’all are just fine, and Kiki, I’m sure your daughter will miss you and all, but she’s got to spread her wings, you know?
    *Is young person. Knows*

  50. kiki-
    Same here Kiki!!! This year has been misery, personally and politically!

  51. lil isis, you’re right. I’m actually happy my daughter is out on her own, because I think it’s good for her and mostly makes her happy. but I still miss her 🙂

  52. Kiki =

    *nod nod*


  53. O/T: Because my back was out most of last week I vacuumed all the dustballs today in time for company on Thursday. Did not want to confuse the guests into thinking they were the hot rolls I was planning on serving.

  54. “oh kiki…I’m sorry. It’s awful when our kids move away. Why can’t they just stay small like puppies!”

    It’s true, they are cute like puppies and I adore them, but they also nip at your heels and get underfoot, and sometimes in moments of weakness you fantasize about when they go away to college.

    I have to admit, sometimes life is so hard caring for them–but they are EVERYTHING to me.

  55. Pat — LOL! how’s your back anyway?

  56. SOD: Better. I managed to do some housework and a couple of loads of wash. Not too thrilling I know but much better than last week.

  57. Pat–you and your dusting! You rdustballs could never compete with my hairballs!

  58. hell, just throw some butter on those damn dustballs and make up some fancy name! They’ll think you’ve been watching the food channel for weeks!

  59. I have a golden retriever so we have fur tumbleweeds! Somedays I can pick up enough to knit a sweater.

  60. Pat, I would try scotch if I were you.

    And stop feigning this “leaf-raking” story. We know it was an exceptionally gymnastic “roll in the HAY” not “leaves”.

  61. SOD! LOL!

    I stuff pillows with mine–two hairy German shepards. When do they eveh stop shedding??

  62. You know it’s bad when you can skip the sweeping and just pick up the clumps.

  63. TWO german shepherds AND TWO boys….you DO have a recipe for intermittent chaos there joanie! I’ll bet you don’t leave the crystal candle sticks on the coffee table anymore!

  64. Not having an animal in the house any longer I have no idea where all this dust has come from. It borders on a scientific experiment or maybe it is just because I have not done a lick of actual housework for months!

  65. joaniebone: But it does save on having to plug in an actual machine and pushing it around. The bigger they are, the easier they can be seen. No second guessing.

  66. my housekeeping tips: light some incense and remove some lightbulbs…..and serve wine. no one will notice if you haven’t cleaned.

  67. kiki! lol! I’ll definitely try that!

  68. “not done a lick of actual housework for months!”

    you’ve been on bigger and better things, as we all know….

  69. joaniebone: Believe me, if I had a Sex in the City Weekend instead of frequent walks down Memory Lane I would start my own blog and dish all the details!

    The most I can offer today is that I changed the beds and only because company is coming. Otherwise I see no harm in the color gray.

  70. I’m grateful for this blog and for all of you. I never could have survived 2008 without this place of refuge from the insanity of consensus reality.

    I will be spending Thanksgiving alone this year, and I hope I’ll be making a lot of progress on the draft of my doctoral disseration. My family are all in Indiana for a wedding this week, but I just couldn’t justify going–too much work to do. Holidays are the best time to communicate in my family anyway. We are a loud, emotion, raucus bunch. I’m grateful I won’t have to heard them all talking about Obama.

    My favorites on Thanksgiving are stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. I could just have that and be happy without the turkey. I also love pumpkin pie. The vegan pumpkin pie from Whole Foods is really good, SOD.

    But this year, I was thinking about making some of that cornbread that someone was talking about on a thread last week–the kind with jalapeno peppers, corn kernels, and cheese in it. If anyone has a good recipe for it, please share!

  71. SOD, you know what is amazing? I actually have breakables all over, and things are left alone. The problem is not the “bull in the china shop” sort, more the ” Oh, I forgot to bring the dish to the sink”, leaving wrappers around, dirty clothes kind of thing.

    But I can’t complain. I have two beautiful musicians. One plays violin, the other flute. They are dazzling.

  72. bb: You are more than welcome here at my house. I am only 90 miles away. Plenty of room.

  73. Yes they are, Joanie!

  74. Pat, I’m gonna pull this outta you if its the last thing I do! If anyone can make up Sex in the City weekends for our entertainment, it’s you!

    They’re getting bored with my whoring and vulgarity.

  75. joaniebone: I am never bored with your misadventures! Just say I live vicariously. Had we lived closer you and I would be good friends. One of us at least has to be in charge of the bail money!

  76. Sissie!!!!!!!

    BB, I think you and Pat should get together. You can only work so much over the weekend.

  77. I have to get to bed but I would like to second what BB said. I would have gone mad this year without all of you. as I steadily deleted blogs from my favorite places, I truly would have thought I was the crazy one. I often kinda thought that anyway, but I could always come here and find like-minded peeps…..

    I am really truly thankful for that, and for {{{y’all}}}

  78. re: bail $$
    Pat, we’d have to take turns.

  79. That turkey is HAWT

  80. kiki: Same here. Without our daily dose of the Confluence I would be in a straight jacket about now. Couture, of course, but definitely insane.

  81. myiq? How long has it been?

  82. Without The Confluence and all of you, I’d probably be living curled up under the bed. I can’t even imagine how I could have made it through February – much less the succeeding horrors — if Riverdaughter hadn’t built this site!

  83. amen kiki and BB — this blog community saved my life.

  84. I have you to thank for my great new family, Katie.

  85. myiq2xu —

    I hate to ask (not really 🙂 )…but what are YOU thankful for this thanksgiving?

  86. I need to hear again where everyone lives, so I can pick a spot in the middle with some date in the future for an in-person food-and-blab fest.

  87. Yes joaniebone.

  88. I’m thinking direct flights, and cheap lodging….

    Outside DC? Atlanta? Charlotte is an airline hub, and Angie lives there.

    I know better than to try to get you all out here, but in the summers….sure is nice!

  89. I am in Western MA, joanie. Home of the Basketball Hall of Fame and Dr. Seuss! With the exception of having Timothy Leary as one of our most infamous native born sons, not much else to offer.

  90. Pat,

    That is so sweet of you. I’ve already turned down a couple of invitations though. If I don’t get a lot of writing done this week, I’ll never finish this thing! I would love to take a raincheck though. I think all of us in MA should get together sometime after we get through the holidays.

  91. Well, I lost my mind a long time ago. Tis a well known fact in my circle that Miss Little Isis has a screw loose. But that is perfectly okay!
    Because when many an older woman has gazed at me with an expression of disbelief on their face and told me that I should take residence in a “Funny Farm”, I only smile, because they cannot hide the affection in their voice.
    This year, I have found that all of the other screwy people here at the Confluence have earned themselves a special place in my heart.
    There is Scrubs, Katiebird, BB, Regency, RD, myiq, of course, Angie, Seriously, Woman Voter, SOD, CWaltz and so many many many more…
    And myiq, I second the sexiness of the turkey.
    You are all such intelligent, wonderful, spectacular people.

  92. bb: Raincheck it is!! Count on it.

  93. Where would PA and MA folks be willing to go?

  94. Pat,

    I’d love to see a “couture” straightjacket. You are one funny woman!

  95. joanie: Anywhere they don’t check for ID’s.

  96. We could “car pool” if it’s not too far!

  97. Pat J =

    love 🙂

  98. Thanks, littleisis!

    Joaniebone–I live in a western suburb of Boston, Arlington. Catarina lives pretty near me and so does samantha’s mom. I know there used to be other people here from MA. Anyone else who is from MA, RI, or NH, please speak up.

  99. taggles and Darragh Murphy are also in eastern MA.

  100. I live down the street and you’re not even willing to visit me, joanie :p.

    Lousy Packers.

  101. Joaniebone,

    How about meeting in Kansas City? Maybe we could have a Yearly Confluence meeting. Katiebird can recommend hotels/motels.

  102. That’s right. Murphy and Sheri live here.

  103. myiq is invited but that “thing” is definitely not!

  104. A Confluence party…
    That would be amazing.

  105. MABlue lives somewhere around here too.

  106. BB — I’d love to look into it. I live about 1/2 mile from I-35 and there are a lot of hotels along the way.

  107. We could meet in Chicago and do the “Obama tour”.

  108. PAT!!!

  109. It’s almost time for bed!

  110. Just checking to see how many were still awake! I would rather tour sewers before I signed up for that bus ride.

  111. Pat — here’s an early Christmas gift

    One “couture” straight jacket

  112. Pat? Is there seriously such a tour? (shudder)

  113. SOD: Just be sure to remind us again as the time gets closer. My book club is meeting Dec 2nd so I will put this date in my calendar.

  114. I’m grateful to have a beautiful, healthy, intelligent son, a good job, a sane ex, a loving BF, a devoted dog, and a great relationship with my mom.

  115. SOD: And she looks so much like me too!!!! Not.

  116. Maybe if Afrocity gave us the guided tour. Chicago is kind of huge though. I hate driving through there.

  117. ugsome: LOL You do have much to be grateful for!

  118. C’mon Pat — we know ya got gams like that! All that bending, stooping and squating to do that dusting would give anyone buns and quads of steel.

  119. katiebird: They do have such a tour. Was on the news the other night. His home, his community org place of business, his bookstore, the coffee shop, a sandwich place he went to, all included if you have the stomach for it.

  120. wow…myiq2xu drops in to make a pass at the turkey and they leaves..

    I hope we wasn’t so turned on that….

    never mind.

  121. Katiebird,

    The tour would be looking at the Rezko tenements, the park that never got fixed up, Trinity Church, and the prison Tony Rezko is in. Then the tour of the Obama neighborhood– seeing the houses of Bill and Bernie Ayers, Rev. Farrakhan, and the Obamas. Next stop would be Rev. Wright’s brand new mansion. Afrocity can fill in the rest.

  122. SOD: If I looked like that I would wear that outfit to the grocery store!

  123. bb: You are good!!

  124. We can always do the “Hillary cry” for them

  125. Oh, and I forgot the hospital where Michelle worked so hard to deny the claims of minority patients, the corrupt law firm where Obama worked, the mobbed up bank owned by Alexi Giannoulias, Grant Park…what else?

  126. There is nothing more uplifting than to hear “goddamn America” accompanied by a little shimmy dance on a Sunday morning to uplift my spiritual being. Can’t get enough!

  127. bb: Keep going, you are on a roll!!

  128. (still shuddering)

  129. katiebird: You are too funny! I would think that this would appeal to your sense of history. We would be afforded a closer view of these sites since we would not actually be on the bus but under it.

  130. all right fellow Conflucians…thanks for the thanksgiving cheer this night. But alas…it is the witching hour and all good witches must go to bed here on EST.

  131. nite SOD

  132. We could visit Michelle’s neighborhood–the middle-class one that she claims was working class. We could visit Mayor Daley’s office and sit in on one of Bill Ayers lectures. Oh and we can’t forget Father Phleger!

  133. Night, SOD! Sleep tight.

  134. Fr. Pflager would be number one on my list of “must see’s”. I want to meet someone more disturbed than I am.

  135. Opie’s on Jay Leno talking about his Obama video and why he’s so excited by this election.


    Pat — I’ll do the tour if you do.

  136. live down the street and you’re not even willing to visit me, joanie :p.

    aww.. gq! when was the invite?

  137. I am off to bed. You guys are much too amusing at this hour.

  138. goodnite SOD! Time to go back to thinking about a Conflucian holiday instead of BO-land.

    Pat, my real regret is never getting to take that road trip.

    I was going to vote for KC, but was afraid to sound selfish. I vote for whereever the majority would be willing to go:)

    And I’m not kidding.. we could do this, and it would be fun!

  139. nighty-nite Pat.

    I love it when you are here.

  140. Like you need an invite.

  141. yes I do…I am a proper woman, actually.

  142. I have to get to bed too, but first, who is Opie, KB? Do you mean the kid Opie from Mayberry?

  143. Ron Howard, BB

  144. Good nite you all–I am an early-bird these days.

  145. on cnn , stopped for a minute to hear how mo will be such a great role model for AA women … because she has lifted herself so high
    and the message ?
    marry the right guy , no matter how much education you have, stay home with the kids and do not try to make it on your own , trash women who are independent so that your guy can use them as stepping stones for HIS carreer ,make sure the guy is in charge and you are lifted… yeah right
    what a role model for women

  146. Yes, BB — He’ll always be Opie to me. Which is confusing because I’ve got a nephew with that name too.

  147. Our tradition was “orphan Thanksgiving” — hosting all our friends who don’t have families, or can’t travel to see their families. Then we moved to Oregon and we don’t know anybody here! So last year was our first ever immediate family only Thanksgiving and it REALLY felt like something was missing.

    Our other tradition is Franco-American TG. My husband is from France and I am from here, so we just make our TG a little bit Frenchy: raw oyster hors d’oeurves, a scrumptious gratin instead of mashed potatoes, and no pumpkin pie (I’m doing pumpkin cheesecake this year to see if he’ll eat it!). Plus all the other traditional American stuff — the turkey, etc etc.

  148. G/n, joanie and others.

  149. Here’s the Ron Howard video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbH0NENLuUE (keep a barf bag handy)

  150. I am so very deeply grateful that my children are healthy and can take care of themselves… I am grateful for my family and friends and for the people here at the Confluence who have quite possibly saved my sanity this past year 🙂
    I am grateful for Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin and women like them who have the courage to take on the patriarchy .

  151. We butter the insides of two paper bags and pop that turkey in there. Fantastic!!

  152. Goodnight, everyone! “See” you tomorrow. I’m so excited I have the rest of the week off.

  153. Best Cranberry sauce ever (It is really easy but out of this world. I make it by popular demand every year for Thanksgiving & Christmas — it’s Emeril Laggasse’s recipe)


    * 2 cups fresh cranberries
    * Juice and chopped zest of 1 orange
    * 1/4 cup Port
    * 1/2 cup sugar, or more if needed
    * 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    * 1 tablespoon cornstarch


    In a small saucepan combine cranberries, orange juice and zest, port, sugar and cinnamon. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmering and cook until cranberries are tender, stirring occasionally. In a small cup make a slurry with cornstarch and 1 tablespoon water. Whisk cornstarch mixture into cranberry sauce and cook, whisking, until sauce thickens. Taste and add more sugar, if necessary.

  154. What family emergency did scrubs have today?

    First I’ve heard about it.

    This thread is yummy.

  155. Our Thanksgiving is always really cool — my mom teaches at a University & there are always a few students of hers who can’t go home for Thanksgiving, so they are always invited. Plus, my mom’s best Greek friends & their kids (“kids” being my age by now!) always come as, when they first came to the states, it wasn’t a traditional holiday for them — not it is a tradition at our house. Plus, there are always a few foreign co-workers of my mom’s who get invited. We never have less then 30 people. (and they all love my cranberry sauce — so try it). Our meal is a mix of Cajun/NOLA staples, traditional American fare & Greek favorites:

    1. Turducken — Deboned Turkey stuffed with deboned duck stuffed with deboned chicken — it is fabulous.
    2. Turkey (fried)
    3. Pork Loin
    4. BBQ Shrimp (not what you may think)
    5. “Cajun” Rice (rice with spicy sausage)
    6. Brussel Sprouts (for my dad — yuck — he gets them 4 times a year — Thanksgiving, Christmas, His birthday & Father’s day)
    7. Braised Baby Onions
    8. Green bean casserole (don’t pretend y’all don’t have it too or that you don’t love it)
    9. Greek meatballs (called Beefteki)
    10. Tarmasalada (dip made from red caviar)
    11. Spinach pie
    12. Cheese pie
    13. Cornbread dressing
    14. Oyster dressing
    15. Gravy (white)
    16. Gravy (mushroom)
    17. Fava beans in tomato sauce & olive oil
    18. Tomato, cucumber, bell pepper & red onion salad
    19. Assorted cheeses & olives
    20. Dolmadas (grape leaves stuffed with rice)
    21. Mashed potatoes
    22. Rolls
    23. Pumpkin Pie
    24. Pecan Pie
    25. Assorted fruits & figs
    My brother does the fried turkey, my dad does the pork loin, I do the cranberry sauce & my mom does everything else. Well, I go to the bakery to pick up the pies, so that should count too.

  156. Oh, angie-baby. You hurt me with that list.

    I miss Thanksgiving a lot down here but try to do something on the weekend of.

    Three years ago I did a sweet potato casserole recipe that called for Southern Comfort. I couldn’t find any small bottles (and don’t normally drink it so didn’t want a big bottle) so I used Bundaberg Rum, one of the local rums down here.

    Despite cooking for an hour, the alcohol content was still so high that my son got drunk eating it. He still asks me to make that every year!

  157. ….check out “the-strict-30-solution” post , scrubs. For a minute there earlier I was thinking you had two niks…. sock puppet insanity!

  158. I knew I would forget something!
    Sweet Potatoes — with marsh mellows of course! That’s my favorite thing too, I can’t believe I left it off the list.

    scrubs — yeah, we’re pretty much pigs — but it isn’t as bad as it sounds as there are a lot of people & my mom (being Greek) doesn’t let anyone leave her house without food to last them for 2 more days. LOL

  159. Oh yeah, that reminds me, angie. The other day there was a thread where someone posted how to say, “kiss my @ss” in different languages but Greek wasn’t filled in. How do you say that?

  160. been lurking on and off all night — lost my entire itunes folder that is on my external drive today – so have been trying to restore all my shit.

    I am making 7 pies on Wednesday — so put your order in now. At a glance it is so refreshing to see folks like SOD still have the love of their life by her side — she must be a siamese cat or a goose — one love for life — at a 2nd glance I am on Travelocity now heading to angienc’s Mom’s for Thanksgiving.

    Will now go catch up on the other comments I have missed.

  161. scrubs — “kiss my a$$” isn’t something you would hear a Greek person say, but if you want to say it in Greek it is:

    Fila mou to kolo

    Obviously, I’ve written that phonetically, not with the Greek alphabet.

  162. btw, the typical thing a Greek person would say (in case you are curious) is:

    Fas skata

    which means “Eat sh!t”

  163. Simofish — don’t forget penguins — they mate for life too!

    7 pies — I’ll take sweet potato please. 🙂

  164. angienc — I LOVE NOLA style Thanksgiving. A couple of years ago I had an infant AND was extremely pregnant, and my favorite gay Southern bachelor (a perennial guest at our orphan Thanksgivings in previous years) stepped in and had the whole shindig at his house. I’ve never had such a spicy Thanksgiving! Boozy, too — at least for everybody else. Yum!

  165. And by extremely pregnant, I mean: I had a 7 1/2 old month baby, and was 6 months pregnant. The cooking wasn’t happening so much that year.

  166. Since no one seems to be around, I’ll educate y’all some more on the art of Greek cussing:

    The most popular has got to be:

    Ay gamisou

    “Go f*ck off” followed closely by:

    Gamoto manasou

    “F*ck your mother”

  167. Jadzia — that’s why the Cajuns use so much spices — so we can taste the food over the alcohol! LOL

  168. angienc – you crack me up !!

  169. Here’s one in Serbian, originally taught to me by my father (who voted for Hillary and informed me during the caucuses that he could tell the Obama supporters because they were the ones who “look like they believe in the fucking Easter bunny”). I had, however, forgotten how to say it until I looked it up: Yebie se! (“Fuck you!”)

  170. Yummy spices! This year I am NOT pregnant, so I can test this theory of Cajun cuisine…

  171. Mr. B’s recipe for barbeque shrimp in case anyone wants to try it (this is the recipe my mom uses — Mr. B’s is a landmark restaurant in NOLA)

    1 pound shrimp (heads on and fresh)
    4 T unsalted butter
    2 t cracked black pepper
    1 t Creole seasoning (recipe follows)
    2 T Worcestershire sauce
    juice of 1 lemon
    3 cloves minced garlic

    Creole seasoning:
    2 T ground cayenne
    2 T black pepper
    4 T paprika
    1 t dried thyme
    1t dried oregano
    1/2 T garlic powder
    1 t onion powder
    Place in jar and shake.

    Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
    Put the butter in a baking pan (high sides) large enough to place
    the shrimp in one layer.
    Holding the pan, melt the butter on the stove.
    Just as the butter melts, add all the other ingredients except the shrimp.
    Swirl them around to mix.
    Add the shrimp and place in oven.
    Check after 2-3 minutes and turn shrimp over.
    Another few minutes and they are done.

    Divide into bowls and serve with crusty french bread and lots of napkins.

  172. Simofish — happy to amuse! LOL I knew if I started cussing people would show up!!

    Jadzia — I LOVE that description of the Obots — the ones who look like they believe in the Easter Bunny! LMAO!

  173. Dad is an unending fountain of bitterness (i.e., a true Serb). Which is why we love him!

    Gotta try that BBQ shrimp recipe… yum!

  174. My God, I am so hungry. …must go and feed!

  175. Dammit! I forgot, we also always have hummus & pita bread — my mom makes the best hummas — it is the Greek style though, not the middle eastern style.

  176. Jadzia — “an unending fountain of bitterness” — I love your dad too! LOL

  177. Eek — it’s 2:00 a.m. here — have got to go to bed

    Good night scrubs, Jadzia, Simofish & jvsp.

    Night everyone else who is here!

  178. You guys should read Carol Adam’s book, “The sexual politics of meat”.

  179. goodnight everyone. faites de beaux reves…

  180. Lorac — are you serious? I think that book is ridiculous. It actually equates meat eating with white r@cism. Puh-lease, as if we haven’t already been told enough that we are r@cists for not voting for B0.

    Additionally, the book has absolutely no scientific evidence or even the barest research to back up the author’s theories — only someone who already believes that God didn’t intend humans to eat meat (and yes, the author makes that assertion) would give it any credence — especially since humans aren’t the only meat eating animal on the planet.

  181. I’m going to bed for real now.

  182. Late to the party, as usual.

    It’s my birthday today, so I’m thankful for that. Another year older, which hopefully translates to another year closer to being perceived as credible, and another year closer to sexy grey hair and laugh lines.

    Every year we do a big friends’ Canadian Thanksgiving (in October) and it’s just such an awesome occasion with all of us cooperating and working together and then sharing a meal. It makes me thankful I have such fabulous friends.

    I’m also grateful for my family and the good health of me and my loved ones. And for finding like-minded folk this last year when I was so close to going completely insane. You guys give me hope for the future.

  183. I am grateful for my family – including the dog we just adopted, and my PUMA family.
    I never did the turkey – but I am usually bringing my Romanian eggplant dish which is well received:
    3 medium size eggplants – cook in the broiler/on open fire on top – until soft (cca 20 minutes – turning over). Peel them off, mash them up (don’t use metal – they oxidate) Incorporate oil, chopped onions, serve with cut tomatoes. or, instead of oil, ad tahini and you get the Middle eastern version – babaghanouj
    P.S. if you put them in the broiler, don’t forget to poke holes in them with a fork before cooking – to avoid explosion

  184. And OT, here’s my take on the neoprogs fantasies of Obama as secret progressive

  185. turkey stuffing and mashed potatoes all covered in gibblet gravy….broccolli with cheese sauce cranberry sauce green beans hot dinner rolls and a good red wine….

    thankful for….family and friends and america for all her faults she is still the best country in the world….

  186. I’m thankful for all the good recipes I’ve gotten from you nice people.

    And I’m grateful for the laughs and a place that is Obotfree.

  187. At this moment I am thankful for all the help I have had from sites like this to get me through this nerve wrecking election months. You will never know the sanity so many of you have brought to me. Even now..it feels good to read some of the comments and realize the wonderful sense of humor so many of you have. It helps me look at this crazy group about to lead our lives and laugh. So …thanks..have a great Thanksgiving ..enjoy your meal no matter which recipe you are using..and I will be checking in during the coming years. I am sure I will need all of you.

  188. I’m particularly grateful to have other blogs to go to, after seeing that illustration. What’s happened to you? I’m not coming back.

  189. Sandra, happy birthday!

  190. Yams!

    a l’orange!

    Boil several yams in their jackets until almost soft, but still firm enough to slice — remove skins and slice into circles, layer in a pan with some brown sugar and butter — top with a jar of orange marmalade — “Robertsons” is good…….

    place this under the “turkey” roasting pan — either on the floor of the oven or the bottom rack — last two hours of time———–

    mine is — plain sage/celery/onion stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce, yams, peas — (little beige colored ones in a can–that is silver) pumpkin and pecan pies — black and green olives as appetizers! (while waiting)…………………………………!

    we are usually vegetarians…except………………………………….!

    and Champagne, Bushmills, Courvoisier………………………….!

    I usually do the cranberries from the recipe on the bag — sometimes adding lemon zest if my tree has any Meyers on it left………

    It may rain this year — but, a walk on the wintry beach while it all cooks….

    (everything is scratch except those crazy peas — somehow they are a tradition for ages………..)

    Happy Holidays! — to all — RD & Co~!

  191. We are having a heat wave here- 39 degrees today!!!
    Here’s a Thanksgiving ‘Prayer’

    “May your stuffing be tasty
    May your turkey be plump
    May your potatoes and gravy
    Have nary a lump.
    May your yams be delicious
    And your pies take a prize,
    And may your
    Thanksgiving dinner
    Stay off your thighs!”

  192. Thanks, Regency!

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