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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Correcting the President’s…
    Catscatscats on Correcting the President’s…
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The NYTimes misses the point- again.

The latest noise on the Hillary for SOS from the New York Times includes the kissy-kissy stuff about how Hillary submitted to her defeat gracefully and said, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

Mr. Obama, who was in the first steps of what would become a strategic courtship, called afterward to thank her. By then, close aides to Mrs. Clinton said, she had come to respect the campaign Mr. Obama had run against her. At the least, she knew he understood like no one else the brutal strains of their epic primary battle.

By this past Thursday, when Mr. Obama reassured Mrs. Clinton that she would have direct access to him and could select her own staff as secretary of state, the wooing was complete.

“She feels like she’s been treated very well in the way she’s been asked,” said a close associate of Mrs. Clinton, who like others interviewed asked for anonymity because the nomination will not be formally announced until after Thanksgiving.

I don’t know whether this is true or just more propaganda.  It’s like the Obama campaign are trying really hard to say, “See?  We were nice to her and she bought into our plans and it’s all hunky-dory and you damn wimmin can shut up about it now.  Get off our f*%^ing case.”

No so fast,  You @$$holes didn’t give Hillary the finger.  She’s a politician.  She knew what she was getting into.  She deserves an apology from the superdelegates who abandoned her.  But if you think we, the voters, are going to let you get away with what you did because Hillary and Obama have kissed and made up and she acknowledges him as her better, you are completely wrong in every way.  We will remember now and for the rest of our lives how Barry nullified the primaries and used all of the Republican dirty tricks to deprive voters in his own party of their self-determination.  And now that he has pretty much accepted that the perks that the Bushies gave the executive branch are good enough for him too, we will be on our representatives backs to repeal them quicker than spit.

It is not over.  It will never be over.  We will be out here watching and planning and looking for every opportunity to call you and your army of sycophantic droogs on every bit of nasty consensus reality you plan to create.  We are going to be knocking holes in it every chance we get.

And the first hole is that we are going to go along with this amicable detente because Hillary now admires Obama.  She’s only in this position because the superdelegates screwed us over.  And if Barry screws up, we will hold him and them responsible.  Hillary will do what a brilliant person with thousands of hours of practice does best- succeed.  The rest of you have yet to prove yourselves capable of anything other than the brutal tactics of a corrupt campaign operation.

You may have a working relationship with Clinton but with the voters you screwed over in the primaries you haven’t gotten even one inch closer to detente.

100 Responses

  1. I do not for one moment believe Hillary is doing anything but working for the country …
    .not “that one””

  2. Absolutely!

  3. And as for propganda … they have been spewing propaganda for months and even years, and I am to think they have stopped now??
    No, I dont think so .

  4. For Hillary in case she needs it

    Kiss My Ass in Different Languages
    Spanish: Bese mi asno
    French: Embrassez mon âne
    German: Küssen Sie meinen Esel
    Italian: Baci il mio asino
    Portuguese: Beije meu burro
    Norwegian: Kyss mitt esel
    Dutch: Zoen mijn reet
    Danish: Kys mig æsel
    Finnish: Suudelma minun aasi
    Gaelic: Pog mo thoin
    Icelandic: Koss minn rass
    Croatian: Iscjelivati moj magarac
    Hungarian: Csókol az én -m csacsi
    Czech: Polibek má osel
    Serbian: Poljubac moj zadnjca
    Slovenian: Poljub svoj norec
    Pig Latin: Isskay ymay assyay
    Afrikaans: Soen my esel
    Albanian: Puth im gomar
    Bengali: Chumu gAdha
    Estonian: Suudlema minu eesel
    Hawaiian: Honi ko’u ‘elemu
    Maori: üngutu taku käihe
    Romanian: sarut magar
    Swahili: busu. changu kitako
    Swedish: kysst min åsna
    Welsh: cusanu fy asen

  5. I understand the New York Times is in financial trouble…may be coming up for sale..what a pity. What does the media get out of voicing their own opinion and we are supposed to accept that as news?

  6. RD said:

    quicker than spit

    Indeed, and don’t forget it ‘cuz we won’t!!!

  7. Hillary had the voters.

    She didn’t have her Party backing her, she didn’t have the Press behind her, she didn’t have polling machines behind her. But one thing she most certainly had, was the voters.

    And they were royally screwed by the Dems this year.

  8. Obama is gonna have to do one hell of a job as POTUS to get me to “forgive and forget.”

  9. What’s that old saying: Forgive yes, forget NO ?

  10. myiq – The odds on that? Not great.

    He will never be forgiven by me. Not unless he fully acknowledges what he did to “win” the primaries and apologizes for all the sexist cr*p he slung at HRC and Palin, and establishes a Presidential Commission on Women, and acheives gender parity in his Cabinet, and stops treating Michelle like a Stepford First Wife.

    So, nagahapin.

  11. Quite frankly, I fear for her.

    I know she’s tough as nails and knows what she is getting in to but there are some really vicious people out there within the Obama coterie and of course the media who are desparate to see her fail. It wouldn’t be too long before they start “Palinsque” rumours about her. Every step of hers will be analyzed and she will be held to a standard like no other SOS. All the attention will be negative ala Palin. You think the Matthews/Olberman crowd, the NYT or the deranged big blogs are going to accept her achievements or intellectual superiority over them ever ?

    She needs a strong President behind her all the time who is mindful of her talents but she will never get that kind of unconditional support from a shifty man like Obama. I have to wonder as to how and why it was offered to her in the first place.

  12. If Obama can earn a historical ranking in the top ten I’ll happily kiss his ass in the Rose Garden.

    I’m talking about an objective ranking, not some poll at dailycheeto

  13. It’s like the Obama campaign are trying really hard to say, “See? We were nice to her and she bought into our plans and it’s all hunky-dory and you damn wimmin can shut up about it now. Get off our f*%^ing case.”

    I agree.

  14. Britain may ban “happy hour” discounts:


    What the hell else are we going to do in the recession/depression other than drink? 😦

  15. The title alone is a kick in the junk:

    “Barack Obama doesn’t fear the enraged, impotent Netroots”

  16. I’ve got a comment in moderation. Why?

  17. What RD and madamab said.

    I will never forget how Obama chose his political aspirations over my franchise and the franchise of the other 2.3 million voters in Florida and Michigan.

    I’ll never forget the farce of a roll call vote that occurred in Denver. (I love Heidi Li and others for forcing the issue though.)

    I’ll never forget ‘you’re likeable enough’, ‘periodically’,
    ‘claws come out’, middle finger/dirt off his shoulders/sh-t off his shoes, ‘tea parties’, and the other too-many-to-mention sexist/misogynistic/disrespectful things he said during the primary.

    I’ll never forget how he remained silent as his surrogates and minions called the Clinton’s ‘racist’.

    I’ll never forget the incessant calls for her to quit the race after Iowa.

    You can call me bitter or a deadender, or even a bitter deadender, but I will not saddle up on the unity pony.

  18. Oops. I used the racist word. Can I be taken out of moderation please?

    Happy Bday RD!

  19. Hepl? or Help?

  20. Oops. I used the ‘r’ word. Can I be taken out of moderation please?

    Happy Bday RD!

  21. Myiq – It wasn’t they who got him elected, after all. What does he owe them? The media and the Republicans staying home in record numbers are the ones who made his election possible.

    Those are the constituencies he will pander to. He will govern from the center-right and the Village will be delirious.

  22. Piper I think we’re stuck!

  23. RD – It’s your birthday???

    (singing) Happy Birthday tooooo yooooooou!!!

  24. Oooh, that linky goodness will have keyboards all over left blogistan checking into abuse centers.

  25. Love Hillary and I still call myself a Hill Dog – but — she’s on her own. I will watch from a far.

    I will NEVER FUCKING forgive the DNC, RBC or the OBAMA for the cheating dirty tricks, lies and sexism. FUCK ‘EM.

  26. Fredster–It was my own fault for using the dreaded ‘r’ word. I couldn’t ask for nicer company though. 🙂

  27. 🙂

  28. Well thankye Piper! Same here! I’m still trying to figure out what word I used!! Britain? Happy Hour? ban?

  29. OMG Myiq! The last paragraph of your article:

    The week before Tuesday’s meeting, Obama let it be known that he bore “no grudge” against Lieberman. Setting a positive tone so early after a hard-fought election, he is already making good on his promise to, if not end, then at least lessen the “petty partisanship” he decried in the campaign. Among the positive outcomes of this week’s abject lesson in letting bygones be bygones, it is reassuring to see that the leadership of the Democratic Party isn’t as petty, vindictive and small as its left-wing supporters.


    I don’t agree with TNR on much, but “petty, vindictive and small” describes ObamaNation to a T.

  30. I can’t help it-but that linky goodness just made me think of BTD holding Obama’s feet to the fire….

    A totally absurd concept.

  31. It’s a darn shame too, Fredster. I’m sure that both of our comments are so incredibly awesome that they would bring world peace and puppies to us all.

    (Who said Obama could be the only one who could promise everything and fail to deliver?. 😉 )

  32. Like an elephant I never forget. Or perhaps it is because I am a thick headed Irishman. But to casually walk away with a shrug after watching this corruption that has been bestowed upon us is asking far too much. I won’t forget. It has become embedded in my DNA.

    Like all the mafia dons before him who gave lavishly to the church to assuage their own crimes, Obama cannot be forgiven for “stealing” this election and expect that we will just automatically turn on a dime and forget.

    It will be a cold day in hell before I do.

  33. Laurie – Obama does not give a sh*t about BTD. Please. Could he BE more arrogant?

  34. It’s RD’s birthday !!!! How cool is that !!!!

    Happy Birthday Riverdaughter !!!!

  35. PAT JOHNSON!!!!

    (does happy Snoopy dance)

    Where have you been, lady?

  36. I don’t agree with TNR on much, but “petty, vindictive and small” describes ObamaNation to a T.</blockquote?

    They must think we are all so stupid.

  37. Oh you’re so right Piper! I supplied the formula to change water, garbage and poop into a type of gasoline that does no damage to the environment! Alas, now all is lost. 😦

  38. madamab: I have been spending most of this week lying on a board since I threw my back out raking leaves last weekend. Hard to stand, sit, lay down.

    But I am back and wishing I was in SF with simofish who is cooking up some fine ribs and pouring some strong drinks! She raised one to me from Denver so I feel like I owe her.

  39. PJ – We are not part of ObamaNation. We were right and they were wrong.

    We will have more influence on Obama than they ever will. Already, The New Agenda has made enough of a fuss about Larry Summers that Obama didn’t nominate him for Treasury Secretary.

    Ya see, the way to influence a politician is to notice his flaws and call him on them…not to uncritically worship his every move.


  40. I would gladly hold his feet to the fire with a butane torch.

  41. Laurie:

    What’s BTD gonna do if Obama refuses to cooperate?

    Pout? Write sternly worded letters?

  42. Oh, PJ – so sorry to hear about that! It must have been agony.


    Glad you’re feeling better.

  43. Pat Johnson, on November 22nd, 2008 at 5:00 pm Said:

    I would gladly hold his feet to the fire with a butane torch.

    Well talk about stinky feet!

  44. madamab: Motrin was my saving grace. Even the pain killers my pharmacist son in law gave me had little effect in the beginning. Actually this was my own fault since I insisted on raking up the leaves in time for the pick up. Over 12 bags.

    I am a Dumpkopf!!!

  45. Fredster: LOLOLOLOL!!!

  46. PJ: Glad you are back but sorry about the back. Since I’ve had back problems before, “I feel your pain.”

    I had taken Aleve before for back issues but may now try the Motrin.

  47. deetee, I, too, fear for her. I am not happy about this at all.

    If foreign policy goes well, BO will get the credit; if it doesn’t, Hillary will get the blame. The crises will come, and she will be crucified by what is now a state media for anything that goes wrong.

    She no longer works on her own agenda (health care, etc.) in a role that provides checks and balances on the presidency.

    BO knows this is the best way to marginalize her while looking “unifying” and establishing a buffer against future criticism on foreign affairs. This is why she was offered the job.

  48. Holy f***ing sheepsh*t!

    And the media called Sarah stupid:

    “Thanksgiving is next week, and President Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning.


    Putting Barack Obama in charge immediately isn’t impossible. Dick Cheney, obviously, would have to quit as well as Bush. In fact, just to be on the safe side, the vice president ought to turn in his resignation first. (We’re desperate, but not crazy.) Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become president until Jan. 20. Obviously, she’d defer to her party’s incoming chief executive, and Barack Obama could begin governing.”


  49. Mark Halperin beards the lion:

    Media bias was more intense in the 2008 election than in any other national campaign in recent history, Time magazine’s Mark Halperin said Friday at the Politico/USC conference on the 2008 election.

    “It’s the most disgusting failure of people in our business since the Iraq war,” Halperin said at a panel of media analysts. “It was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage.”

    Other expected reporting revelations: The sky is blue, water is wet and dingoes prefer Slimfast to babies.

  50. Pat – I just made some homemade chocolate cookies !! Tonight I will bake them and serve hot out of the oven !! I am baking a ham and roasting potatoes later too !! We’re drinking lots tonight !

  51. Pat – I did it too – went to my acupuncturist and was quickly back doing my thing!

    RD – blockquote>happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear RD, happy birthday to yewww!!! (throwing confetti) 🙂

  52. Fredster: I take 3 at a time because the Ibuprofrin helps with the swelling and my pharmacist son in law also recommended. It worked but it did take 5 days since I must have wrenched it pretty good. I could feel it when it happened.

  53. PJ – Heh. You remind me of my mother-in-law – she is 82 and still rakes all her own leaves. So far she hasn’t thrown her back out, but she does swear by Motrin afterwords!

  54. simofish: I really wish I were there with you guys! Make a toast to me, your East Coast Sister in Arms and fellow Conflucian. whom you remembered in spirit from Denver. That salute had made me feel like I was a real part of the action that night.

  55. Holy sh!t! What was Gail Collins drinking, smoking or ingesting?

    Dubya has too many things left to do, such as pardoning himself and all his friends for anything and everything they did during the last 8 years that may have been illegal.

  56. Pat, glad you are feeling better, missed you. I swear by “better living through pharmacology.”

  57. The worst offense for me was Obama trying to portray both Clintons and their surrogates as racist. I will NEVER forgive that.

  58. A visit to simofish’s house must be a blast! Sounds like the door is always open to friends and family alike.

  59. Thanks PJ. Does the generic version work as well?

  60. Prolix: I missed your hilarious comments which we both know make me spit things on my screen all too often.

  61. ((((Pat))))))

    back problems are hell.

  62. Move away from the screen while ingesting tablets of God’s little gifts.

  63. Fredster: I don’t see why not yet I do use the brand name. I used to use Aleve but my son in law recommended the Motrin and I can say it did help a lot with the pain. The main thing was trying to get comfortable. It took days in my case.

  64. Halperin said that? Well, I guess there’s no risk now. They’ve gotten what they wanted.

    I wonder if Dear Leader will have him fired?

    Myiq – Gail Collins is nothing if not fatally stupid. I don’t think I’ve ever liked anything she’s written.

  65. I had the tv on earlier and saw Bush getting off a plane. What a totally insignificant creature. Only two more months and we are rid of this moron. Oh wait….. there is another one waiting in the wings!

  66. Madamab, Halperin must have had a moment of lucidity, but it will pass.

  67. Thanks PJ. I’ll go ahead and get the brand name.

    I’ve got a friend who graciously gave me a few Flexeril, but can’t stay on those forevah.

  68. Call me crazy, or just wishful thinking, but I see a possible playlet coming out of madamab with this Collins column.

    Nancy Pelosi as acting president?????????????????

  69. Fredster: One good thing about Motrin is that it does not upset your stomach.

  70. Give ’em Hell, Riverdaughter.

  71. PJ: thanks

    Need to run for now. Halftime LSU/Ole Miss and Ole Miss is ahead. 😡

    I hope LSU comes back in the 2nd half. {{{praying}}}

  72. Pat – we’ll do a couple toasts tonight — to your back healing swiftly, to all Puma’s and fellow Conflucian where ever they may live.

    Yes, house is always open. We love to cook over here — I get it from the farm.

    I have said many times – anyone in the area – stop on by !! We welcome all Puma’s and bury all Obots (in the side yard).

  73. Robert Gibbs has been named Obama’s press secretary. Not as beautiful as Dana Perino.

  74. Prolix – Maybe he is staking out his claim early as the only person who is willing to criticize The Messiah. Always good to be the lone voice of reason…

  75. PJ – He probably has a few IQ points on Dana. God bless her, she is not the brightest bulb on the planet.

  76. madamab: I think I have a few IQ points higher than Dana. I know I do on Bush but then so does Goober so this is not saying much.

  77. Just as I feared… amazing. Just came across this.

    “Anonymous” Obama “aides” have already started attacking her.


  78. Much as I support the 30% solution, I look at Gail Collins’ article and the posts that Murphy currently has up and I wonder why it hasn’t worked with reporters. There are lots of women in media jobs and I have not noticed a benefit. I know that the women are not in the management jobs, but they are on the air and writing in major newspapers and they are often as bad or worse then the men. I look at the AA journalists and newspeople and they all had kool aid ivs. (Banging head into brick wall next to my computer.)

  79. Got to run folks, enjoy yourselves, remember, if you drink, type responsibly.

  80. deetee – That makes Obama look bad, not HRC. It looks like he and his “aides” aren’t on the same page.


    honora – The 30% solution is for government, not reporters! LOL She writes what makes her masters happy, and quite poorly, at that.

  81. Got to run folks, enjoy yourselves, remember, if you drink, type responsibly.

  82. Happy BIrthday RD,

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the videos up at PUMAPAC.—-they are a DISGRACE.

    deetee’s: post is nothing.

    I cannot wait till their ratings are so BAD, they beg for people to watch: OH< I Forgot< PELOSI will BAIL THEM OUT.

    Doing an all nighter: BE WELL PUMA’S

  83. deetee: Only time will tell. We need leadership. Hopefully this is a start down that path.

  84. Awww. Bob Woodward’s not happy with Clinton as SOS:

    Being president is about control, and tell me who ever controlled Bill or Hillary Clinton. They can’t control each other. … I think it’s because Warren Buffett and Paul Volcker and others have convinced Obama, ‘You’re going to have to focus like a laser on the economy. That’s issue Number One. And give Hillary and Bill the world.’ … I think people are fantasizing or smoking something if they think Joe Biden’s going to call Hillary Clinton up and say, ‘This is what we want you to do.’

  85. 😯
    Both had come to believe, in the crucible of the campaign, that Mr Obama’s judgment was superior to their own. But when they met on Wednesday they agreed on one thing: “He’s making a mistake.” As one of the participants told a friend later that night: “She’ll do a good job but she’ll do it for herself, not for Barack. I can’t bear the drama again.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/barackobama/3502456/Barack-Obamas-aides-believe-he-has-made-a-mistake-in-hiring-Hillary-Clinton.html

  86. Michelina – I went to PUMAPac. I didn’t have to watch the videos – they are all too predictable after 17 years of the same ridiculous crap.

    I think the media has overplayed its hand when it comes to HRC. And frankly, it kinda makes me happy that she is making their haids explode.

    They cannot get rid of her no matter what they do. She is too good.

    And she will survive this Chicago thug too.

  87. Hillary is like Velcro.

  88. PJ – I haven’t felt in the mood for a playlet in quite some time. But maybe I will do one about the impotence of the media and the Obamasphere when it comes to the Clintons.



  90. READ this rant:


    and comment.

  91. madamab: You know whatever you do will be fine with me. I am a huge fan of whatever you produce.

  92. madamab- Of course I know that. LOL I was suggesting that the argument that 30% provides the tipping point after which women become able to come into their own and not be controlled by the male majority, has not worked in areas where women have already reached that threshold, i.e. the media.

  93. Thanks, PJ! I understand…you just want a part for Pelosi so you can play the part you were born to play!!!


    Time for dinner – later, Conflucians!

  94. What’s with this stuff from myiq’s last post?

    The usual rules governing comments still apply, and keep in mind that we are all Conflucians, and this is an emotional issue.

    I am moderating this thread and I expect you all to behave. If you don’t want to discuss this topic, find another thread.

    Thank-you in advance for you cooperation

    One thing I really like about some of the various Hillary-inspired blogs is that the ground rules usually say no ridiculing or talking down to readers.

  95. I just heard that Ellen Moran, who heads up EMILY’s List, will be Barry’s Communications Director.

  96. Halperin said that, huh? I do remember Halperin on “Reliable Sources” saying that if a Republican was spending $600,000,000 on a campaign the media would have something to say about it. But I haven’t done enough reading of Time to know if this is a new epiphany for Halperin or not.

    Jenny Q> AP is indeed reporting that Ellen Moran will be Barky’s communications director. But the article says she heads the Washington chapter of EMILY’S LIST.

  97. “But if you think we, the voters, are going to let you get away with what you did because Hillary and Obama have kissed and made up and she acknowledges him as her better, you are completely wrong in every way.”

    That sentence inflates your importance. You are not ‘the’ voters, you are some voters. And apparently not enough.

  98. The NYT article is pure gibberish and Mark Halperin was as much in the tank for Obama as the other thugs.I do not know what to make out of this Hillary thing and the SOS appointment. I can never forget and discount her treatment at the convention and the humiliation of her delegates. If she accepts the position it will signal that she is hanging up her political career. Her legacy will be, great first lady, US Senator and Secretary of State. Not to bad a resume.

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