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    • The Wages Of Embarassing Elites Are Death
      Everyone remember the Panama papers? A leak of bank records showing that the ultra-rich are hiding massive wealth, tax-free and often breaking the law to do so? A rather weak set of laws designed to allow tax avoidance by rich people, at that. Found out the other day that the reporter who broke the Panama Papers story was killed by a car bomb. Coincidence, n […]
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Yes We Did! — and Now I Know Why: Open Thread

So why is Hillary smiling? Maybe it’s because she’s the best person to spread the word to the rest of the world that women leaders are where it’s at.


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  1. BB-I am sorry I did not mean to imply that Hilary had any bad motives for taking the job of SOS…In fact it would be easier to accept her decision if I could just get an inkling of her reasons for considering it.

    I know she will work hard to do a good job I guess I am just mad that she is going to be working hard for “that man” occupying her oval office….

  2. I challenge Hillary’s decisions because I am loyal to her not out of disloyality ….

    I will never be a yes man not to anyone!

  3. this just arrived in my mailbox

    Such hypocrites!

    Two nights ago, David Letterman, in interviewing Katie Couric, described Gov. Palin as “the first vice presidential candidate that I found myself being aroused about.”

    It is ghastly that this kind of discourteous, indecent talk should pass for conversational fodder — even on late night TV.

    This violates CBS’s own “Program Practices” specifically states that: “The Program Practices editors review material for excessive or gratuitous violence, sexuality, nudity and inappropriate language. They ensure that character portrayals are sensitive to current ethnic, religious, sexual and other significant social concerns.” http://www.cbspressexpress.com/div.php/cbs_network/page/program_practices

    A violation? What do *you* think?

    Well, don’t just think it! Make your voice heard.

    Email the Federal Communications Commission!

    Email fccinfo@fcc.gov, tell them your name, where you are from, and EXACTLY how you feel about Letterman taking indecent liberties with a dignified lady, mom, and governor on his show!

    — Emily

    Visit Team Sarah at: http://www.teamsarah.org

  4. Obots are so dumb. As if that wasn’t already evident back at the Cheeto in January. LOL! I just love how their messiah is letting them down so badly. He’s not even being subtle about it.

  5. fuzzy,

    I replied to you down on the other thread. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

  6. this makes me mad I could answer all these easy questions…its is just typical MSM crap….I am glad I didnt run into this guy see my answers would have ended up on the cutting room floor.

    country which begins with a U…

    United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland
    United States

    English Currency….
    Pound Sterling

    Coalition Of the Willing Members-

    Tony Blair-former UK Prime-minister

    Axis of Evil-
    North Korea

    Religion of Isreal-

    shall I go on….

  7. I know you do fuzzy! I love everybody here.

    This is all I’m going to say on the SoS position until we know for sure it is a real offer: If I can see that Hillary will not get any credit for her success and that she will be a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong, then so does Hillary. SO, I can only believe that IF she does accept the position it will be because she truly believes it will be the right thing to do for this country.

  8. boston boomer I love and respect you and regency very much….

  9. Just because you criticize someone doesn’t mean you don’t like them. Its worse to be completely uncritical.

  10. did you like my answers…..?

    first man in space …

    Yori Gragarin

    that was the last thing I heard we really are not that stupid….please god/des tell me so!

  11. It may be satire but it sure does show there is little difference.

  12. so I tried a new wine last night it is called “manage a trios” a cabernet red price $ 9.99 and the cabernet was most good great with dark chocolat!

  13. Fuzzy…you’re one of the 18 million.

  14. SOD — well, at least half of the Obot sheeples used to be Bush sheeples.

  15. ok ladies name the first woman in space….

    hint it was not Salley ride!

  16. Ok ladies put your womyns studies knowledge to work!

  17. fuzzy — Valentina something — can’t remember he last name. Something Russian.

  18. The NYTimes is reporting that 2 of HRC’s confidantes are saying she’s decided to accept the SoS position. In part because she’s disenchanted with the Senate and who they’ve treated her.

    The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin (not Yori!)

  19. was she russian Fuzzy?

  20. DYB — no fair — spelling mistakes don’t count!

  21. SOD — yes she was Russian & her first name is Valentina (that I know) can’t remember the last name. I’ll google.

  22. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova

  23. These couple of paragraphs from the Times made me laugh:

    “Mrs. Clinton would bring a distinctive background to the State Department. As first lady, she traveled the world for eight years, visiting more than 80 countries, not only meeting with foreign leaders but also villages, clinics and other remote areas that rarely get on a president’s itinerary. Mr. Obama during the primaries belittled that experience as little more than having tea and pointed to schedules showing many ceremonial events on those trips.

    But more than any first lady before her, Mrs. Clinton delved deep into particular policy issues in the international arena, from women’s rights to microlending to alleviate poverty. As a senator for the last eight years, she served on the Armed Services Committee and continued her interest in foreign affairs.”

  24. SOD — Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova

  25. angie very close got the first name and yes she was russian….

    because they solved the potty issue first!

    DYB right I am spelling rather poorly tonight

  26. SOD — LOL!!

  27. very good angie A in womyns studies for you tonight!

  28. reposting from downstairs

    OK here is what I think……..

    Hillary knows there is nothing she can do about the fact that we have a deficient , much more than inadequate POTUS.
    She knows , much more than he , what the situation is around the world and in this country . Much more than she despises this idiot, and I know on some level she does despise him and sees right through him, SHE LOVES THIS COUNTRY .
    I think she feels a responsiblity to serve , “around , with, behind, before, and thru ” this incompetent figurehead., and allay what ever damage he might do . My personal belief is that she can and will be the de facto president. I know for certain it won’t be Joe Biden, he is already as big a joke as Gerald Ford , i have no doubt that he will expand that characterization..
    This office of SoS does not give her the due which she deserves; which is the officeof POTUS itself, and that is a tragedy , and one very personal for me .
    But it gives her the opportunity to serve her country and the people in it she loves, now at a time when she must feel she is needed. She is above all, a solution oriented person.
    I firmly believe if Hillary had been elected we would not have such a drastic downturn in the economy , especially where the stockmarket is concerned. The day the announcement is for all intents and purposes made certain that she will have this office the Dow rises almost 500 points, and this was already happening before the announcement for Treasuer was made. It is an absolute indicator of confidence, and not for bo .
    In this office, which I believe Hillary will make uniquely her own , she will exercise more power to assist the country , and the world .
    She must see a need or she would not have accepted. I hate that she is not POTUS, but I think she will exercise her power in this office a way not done before by anyone .
    The ” press” be damned ; they already are.

    I adore the soggy bottom boys ..
    If you appreciate that kind of corn and even corn on the macabre you will also like FodderShock ;

    Songs from The Black Dusty Coalfields Of Southwest Virginia,
    Truth Or Dare Tunes About Livin’, Dyin’, Drinkin’, Killin’
    Along With Other Sorid Details From The Human Condition.
    Chock Full Of Characters Your Momma Plain Told You Not To Hang Out With.


    from their site
    Recently we were greatly honored to have our song, “Dyin’ to Make a Livin’ ” included on a compilation CD/Book.
    The project, features a history of coal mining songs that more or less travels through time, from some of the earliest recordings about mining to more recent offerings, by artists, Dwight Yoakam, Ralph Stanley, Tom T. Hall, Darrell Scott, Natalie Merchant, and even Ned Beatty! The 2 cd/book with liner notes about the songs and artists is an amazing piece of work!


    One of my favorites of theirs is
    Put Down That Chainsaw, Baby , I’ll Take You Back..

  29. DYB — those same paragraphs make me cry. FUCK THOSE FUCKING FUCKERS

  30. uhoh in moderation ….whut I dew ??

  31. Here’s the full Times article alleging Hillary will accept SoS post:


  32. seriously we did not send a woman into space because we could not figure out the “potty” issue and the russians did….

    NASA – had to actually steal this state secret from the russians!

    I believe the person who told us was shot for selling “state secrets”!

  33. angiec> Yes, you’re right. When I said “laugh” I mean what we Russians call “laughter through tears.”

  34. DYB — LOL — yep, that’s what I meant too when I said cry!!

  35. russians like there first man and womyn in space claim to fame…..of course I am not saying russians even communist ones were not mysoginistic they were but still it took us over 20 years to get a woman in space…shameful!

    I guess NASA was lucky….MSNBC had not be invented yet!

  36. swan — if you have more than 2 links it goes to moderation.

  37. Fuzzy, I thought of Uzbekistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay.

    Didn’t come up with USA or UK!

    I love going to England, but I don’t really think of my country as being United anymore.

    Angie, those paragraphs got to me too. Where was that respect during the primary? It’s sickening.

  38. AHA ,SOD thank you so much I had no ideaer 🙂

  39. Don’t ask don’t tell got thrown under the bus around the time BO was touring SC with McLurkin — any GLBT who voted for B0 after that would have to be an idiot to think otherwise. Of course B0 will delay it until 2010 — so he can blame it on the GOP (who will be in control of Congress again at that point) — and I bet the Obots will buy it.

  40. swanie — what do you call two blind deer having sex?

  41. Has anyone been keeping a running list?

  42. angie — you’ve got mail

  43. I doubt the gay community will get the memo. They’ll argue it’s just what he has to do, blah blah blah.

  44. Hi Fuzzy! I understood you completely. It is very hard
    ( I think for all of us) to see Hillary make this a-hole’s administration any form of success after how she was treated.

    I also understand BB, who is choosing to look on the bright side, because it ia all we got.

    Personally, I saw back and forth–spittin mad one minute, resigned and regrouping the next.

    I do love you all here. We really are a family–we sure act that way. I swear to God, coming from a big family, there are so many similarities. Katie, doncha agree?

  45. I wonder quite often why we ended up here.

  46. I saw it comming….I cant wait to say I told you so next Tuesday….I am sure this will never get done!

    “Mr Obama evil and ignorance perservere when good poeple of conscience no nothing…”

  47. I cant wait to say I told you so next Tuesday….I am sure this will never get done!

    saw what coming, fuzzy?

  48. sorry should be:

    “Mr Obama evil and ignorance perservere when good poeple of conscience Do Nothing…”

  49. SOD,

    I am a gay woman and unlike most, or maybe all, of my friends, I have never thought Obama was anything other than a homophobe……no, make that a lying homophobe.

    He barely gave any interviews to gay media until late in the primary process, and then his purpose was to let us know he would not attack DOMA. (see the Advocate, I forget which month) He said it, and no-one listened.

    Then there was Prop 8. Huge Obama turnout to vote yes. Not a big surprise IMO. But don’t ask any questions about why people of color voted for it so strongly, or you will be a scapegoating r*cist. So, we’ll drop the ball on figuring out how such an effective appeal was made to people of color and the next vote we lose may be over gay adoption. And you can bet Obama isn’t losing any sleep over any of this.

    I support the idea that when someone tells you who they are, listen and believe them. Obama told gay folk exactly how committed he was to us, trouble is, most of us weren’t listening.

  50. putting repeal of DADT on the back burner-Stateslink upthread!

  51. SOD, was it you that said how bizarre it is that we are the few carrying the gene that can see right through this BS?

    I am still wondering why I remain perpetually in what feels like the losing minority when I feel so goddamn right!

    Am I crazy? are you? are we?

  52. looks like all the people in that vid where berrys suppoters they sound just like the typical obama-sheep

  53. Fuzzy — he put it on the back burner.

  54. joaniebone — at least we’re here together!!! 🙂

  55. EricaLiegh welcome to the rebel alliance I have obat friends who are convinced Obama was committed to the LGBT community and Hillary was not….Ha! this tells them how wrong they are!

  56. Hey this is Friday night — shouldn’t we be celebrating, drinking, joke-telling, or something???

    OK…How about for shitz and gigglez…

    “My most embarassing moment …stories.”

  57. Joanie, Do I what?

  58. angienc, on November 21st, 2008 at 9:07 pm Said:
    swanie — what do you call two blind deer having sex?


    that cant be right LOL whut ?

  59. Katie—agree that this reminds you of our big family dynamics

  60. Oh, God — yes! (having just finished talking to B)

  61. angienc / swanspirt — ROTFLMAO

  62. The potty issue about women in space is quite true. I once worked with a committee of doctors who looked after astronauts and were involved in the early days of space travel. I was the only woman in the room and they loved to talk about the subject and then check to see my reaction! (I learned long ago to have a poker face, however, so it was no big deal to me.)

    Oh, and they used the word “void.”

  63. oh, well fuzzy..i’m keeping an “I told ya so!” file. That’s a new contribution.


    I compiled all the best of the Y pee-pees. I can save it for the late night group. All togther, they are pretty impressive –40 in all, and the last from my youngest son (I know, bad mom) and it was quite funny. I guess I’m raising them to do HBO comedy specials someday.

  64. SOD Said:
    joaniebone — at least we’re here together!!!

    It was Janice that said “Crazy is when you’re right too soon”.

    I repeat that to myself often. Further evidence that I am truly crazy.

  65. My most embarassing moment has vulgarity and sex attached. Surprised?

  66. what do you call 2 blind deer f*cking?

    Fuzzy and Sarah Palins next dinner

  67. hey would.nt it be hilarious is obama ask hillary to be SOS she gets up the in front of the national media . mathews is there & starts to get a thrill up his leg we just dont know how far it gose up & for the most part dont want to know. any way back to the big moment .
    all eyes are on hillary standing next to berry. she turns & looks at him . & says MY BAD I WAS JUST MESSING WITH YOU.

  68. fuzzy! HA!!!!!

  69. what do you call 2 blind deer having sex?

    No fucking eye-dear!

  70. Swannie — you were right — No Fucking Eye-Deer!

  71. yuk yuk yuk, angie:)

    My little barf-boy wants to watch “Dodgeball”. We’re going to snuggle for a few hours and I’ll be back a bit later!

  72. barf-boy! LMAO — poor little thing

  73. I wiush I could hear your cute accent saying that—he does too 🙂 xxxoooo

    See you later, guys!!

  74. SOD — by the way, I answer the mail — I wasn’t here for a while because I got carried away listening to music.

  75. fuzzybeargville, on November 21st, 2008 at 9:33 pm Said:
    what do you call 2 blind deer f*cking?

    Fuzzy and Sarah Palins next dinner

    HAHAHA crackin me up again omg LOL
    screamin here ohhh jeez

  76. Come back when you can Joaniebone. I’m from a huge family too, and I know just what you meant.

  77. got it angie — I’ll go download them. Can’t verify if they’re any good — some of those garage bands are…well…garage bands. 🙂

  78. my most embarrassing moment? Hmm, I think it has to be getting so drunk at a little cafe in Amalfi that I actually got us kicked out — that was after I told the male part of a newlywed American couple that “She is going to get tired of your ass way before you get tired of hers.” Pity, they had been so happy to see us before that (you know, Americans meeting up in another country like dogs sniffing each other’s butts, so happy to recognize another dog) .

    Good thing I barely remember it.

  79. On a more serious note, tomorrow is the 45th anniversary of one of the darkest days I’ve ever lived through, a day that changed the course of this country’s history.

  80. bb — I’m choosing to do a Scarlett — I’m going to think about that tomorrow.

  81. I know, BostonBoomer — I’ve been thinking about it too.

  82. Q: What do you call two Raider fans having sex?

    A: A conjugal visit

  83. well there you are myiq!

  84. Angie,
    LOL! I think we’ve all done stupid stuff like that. I sure have and I certainly don’t like to remember it either!

  85. Ok, let’s have more fun — I know lame jokes aplenty. Here is another one:

    Why do men get their best ideas in bed?

  86. Answer: Because they’re plugged into a genius!

  87. Somebody get me outta Bahstan. It’s freezing here and we’ve got the most horrendous consequence: massive shrinkage.

  88. Hey! where did everybody go?

  89. My joke wasn’t that bad!

  90. angie here’s a better one:

    Why do men die before their wives?

  91. I loved it … 😉

  92. I give MaBLUE, why?

  93. I’d say I’m here, but that would probably chase everyone else away. In their defense, it is a Friday night.

  94. angie — check your emal. 🙂

  95. Because they want to

  96. Well I am alnost through with my homework. I have read the tipping point up to “sticky” cigarettes. I still have no idea if I am a maven,connector, or persuasion person though. I have bit of each but not enough to be real clear on what would suit me best. Sigh.

  97. MA Blue — because they want to!

  98. Here is another:

    Why don’t blind men skydive?

  99. BB – what effect do you think seeing two murders – live on television – had on the American public?

    I can remember watching Wolfie B. report live from SA I believe it was, during the first Iraq War and they were showing incoming rockets. The camera would move and it was unnerving. I wanted to watch but I did not want to see anyone hurt.

  100. angie:


  101. Embarassing moment —

    When I got married (at 18 no less) my hubby drove us to Florida for our honeymoon. We drove through the night and at one point we stopped at a Dennys. I was sound asleep when he woke me up to go into the restaurant. The restaurant was quite full for the middle of the night (I think it was North Carolina too ang!)

    I had to go potty so once we had our seat I got up and headed to the bathroom. Once in the stall I did my ‘business’ and then got up to exit. I had heard others come in, but did not hear anyone enter any of the other stalls which I thought was odd.

    Well…when I exited the stall I found out why. I was in the men’s room and there were two men taking care of business at the urinal.

    To make matters worse, I couldn’t stand beside them at the sink to wash my hands and so I just exited and figured I’d go into the ladies room. One of the waitresses was walking by the mensroom door as I exited and headed to the ladies room. Where was she going?? of course, the ladies room.

    After washing my hands I quickly returned to the booth which was unfortunately close to the counter, the cash register and the cooks window. I figured that waitress would tell everybody about my “duality” and they’d be giggling my whole time there.

    It gets worse…guess who came to take our order?
    UGH! worst moment evah!

  102. Because it scares the shit out of the dogs!

  103. Boo Radly,

    It’s not seeing the murders per se. It’s that we could have avoided escalating Vietnam, killing millions of people, 60,000 of them Americans. We could have had 16 years of Democratic leadership–real Democrats. We might not have gotten Nixon or Reagan. And we might not have had a shadow government since 1968. And we might not have lost Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.

  104. Boo, I’ve wondered about that. I was 9-1/2 and saw Ruby Shoot Oswald when it originally happened. I think I’d put a kid of mine in therapy if that happened to a child of mine. But, my parents never gave it a thought. If anything they thought it was cool — I was the only one in the family to see it actually happen. And at first they thought I made it up.

    Which is totally weird for parents who never let us see any TV show or movie with guns.

  105. SOD — that is a funny story!

  106. BB, I just sent you a message with a huge image. If you don’t get it please tell me so I can try again.

  107. SOD:

    You could have won the evening that’s a terrific story. You could have won the evening if I hadn’t decided to to for the prize with the following quiz:

    What do the elephant day to the naked man?

  108. Embarrassing experience: When I was a junior in HS, I took Chemistry. One day we had to use a pipette to move hydrochoric acid from one test tube to another. I sucked up the HCL and accidentally swallowed it. I had to come back during another class to redo my lab exercise I ended up swallowing the HCL again–while this other class was going on.

    I’ve had worse, but I don’t want to relive them right now.

  109. I saw a guy get shot live on tv — not Oswald — I was only a twinkle in my daddy’s eye when all that was going on. No, when I was about 10 years old in NOLA the US Marshals were escorting a guy who had kidnapped, raped, & killed a little 4 year old girl back to NOLA for trial (he was caught in some other state). Anyway, all the local press was at the airport & they were showing him being escorted in live (they’d been following the story for weeks) — as the guy was walking out the daddy of the little girl came forward from the crowd & shot the guy right between the eyes. It was amazing & sickening.

  110. OMG Boomer — didn’t that do damage??

  111. Who likes bridge?

  112. MABlue — how do you breathe through that thing?

  113. KB,

    I got it and sent you a message back.

  114. In reaction to “The Great Turkey Massacre” someone at BJ said “meat is murder.”

    Someone else added “murder most fowl”

  115. SOD — if you have a good hand you don’t need a partner!

  116. SOD,

    I just had an acidy stomach. HCL is what we have in our stomachs anyway–to break down food.

  117. Angie,


  118. myiq — someone at BJ has a brain then! LOL that is pretty funny.

  119. What is the longest sentence known to man?

  120. angie:

    You screwed it.

    Can you breathe through that thing?

  121. crap I was onlu a year old my brother was 3 weeks old crap Dallas November 22 1963-almost forgot….

  122. good one angie — I have another one a bit more risque’ — is it too early?

  123. BB & KB – thanks for your thoughts.

  124. Never ever mouth pippette. You only do that when you are a grad student. Grad student/postdoc safety doesn’t matter for some reason.

  125. Sorry MABlue! I often do mess up the punch lines!

  126. SOD –of course it isn’t too early — fire away!

  127. I am sure that elephant joke was not sexist right?LOL

  128. btw the punchline to mine:

    What is the longest sentence known to man?

    “I do.”

  129. No one saw JFK get shot live on TV did they? The Zapruder tape of it didn’t become available till later on.

  130. What’s the ultimate rejection?

  131. Interesting Swan. I use an analogy of the owner of a business. Most employees want to make the business successful so they continue to have a job. Even if the owner is a tyrant, while you are employed (and hopefully looking for a new job), you want the business to succeed.

    HRC wants our Country to succeed. Hopefully BO will let her use her experience, rather than micromanaging our Country into failure.

  132. hmm, the ultimate rejection? I don’t know that one.

  133. I’m a lot older than you, gq. We had to do it in high school Chemistry. It was required.

  134. SOD:

    When your hand says no

  135. Anyone know anything about the FEC accounting rule Buffet was talking about tonight on Fox?

  136. angie:

    I thought that’s was the dumbest answer to a question.

    (Hope MABlue spousal unit doesn’t log in)

  137. LOL — is that it SOD? When your hand says no? LOL

  138. Nope:

    When your hand falls asleep.

  139. What do ice cream and elephants have in common?

  140. Sorry MABlue — here is another one:

    Why was Adam created before Eve?

  141. LOL — I like SOD’s answer even better!

  142. because every great artist starts with a rough draft?

  143. SOD:

    Going by that, there most be tons of ultimate rejections here in New England today. The cold here today is atrocious.

  144. myiq:

    They both come in quarts.

  145. SOD — LOL — you got it!

  146. i don’t get the elephant / ice cream joke

  147. angie:

    Don’t know that one.

  148. What are 3 words you never want to hear while having sex?

  149. so a bar owner has a donkey sitting in the corner of his bar a pot full of $ 10.00 dollar bills sign over the donkey says:

    “throw in $ 10.00 and if you can make the donkey laugh you get the pot”

    Man comes in sees the donkey stoicly sitting in the corner…asks the barowner if the sign is for real bar owner says yes…

    the guy goes over to the donkey and wispers something in his ear and the donkey busts up laughing rolling on the floor…guy takes the pot…

    Three years later…

    same guy come in and sees the donkey in the corner with a pot of $ 10.00 bills in fornt of him….but this time the sign says…

    “throw in $ 10.00 and if you can make the donkey cry you get the pot”

    they see the sign and asks the bar owner if he can give it a try…

    bar owners laughs and say sure….

    guy goe ove in to the donkey and takes him in the rest room and the donkey come out crying like a little baby….

    as the guy leaves the bar owner asks how did you get theat Ass to laugh 3 yrs ago and how did you make him cry?

    Guy answers well three years ago I came in and wispered in the donkeys ear….

    ” Mine is bigger than yours….today I showed him!”

  150. What did the prostitute ask Santa for?

  151. MABlue — SOD got it right — Adam was created before Eve because every great artist starts with a rough draft.

  152. “Is it in?”

  153. SOD & Angie:

    I thought it was cuz God didn’t know what to do with the “left over”.

  154. is it in? angie….

  155. SOD & fuzzy — good try, but the answer is:

    “Honey, I’m home!”

  156. fuzzy!! LOL!

  157. Angie — ROFLMAO!!!!

  158. I have been reading the comments over the last few days and I am struck by how we are so willing to take exception to one another when someone fails to agree with our own viewpoint.

    Part of the answer may lay in what we have gone through over the last 11 months. As the disappointments piled up, one after the other, we mused out loud about what our candidate was doing. We second guessed, put words in her mouth, read her thoughts, created scenarios, and quite frankly failed to come to terms with the fact that somehow, for whatever reason, she left us behind.

    Many here have lost friends, relatives, partnerships, all because they continued to back the candidate they felt most worthy. But as the reasoning began to slip away we found ourselves questioning decisions over which we had no control. Our votes were discounted. We were marginalized. Women took a beating and the one woman we all revered continued to remain silent. Credit was given because she did not take part in the Palin bashing but was that in itself enough? Some of us questioned aloud and found that it was not acceptable.

    When we lose the privilege to question or counter an argument we have lost the meaning of this blog. I admire Hillary Clinton but I do not feel that asking questions of her decisions, both for this nomination and her inability to fight in Denver where at least we could take some pride in that our votes were at least acknowledged, should be viewed petulantly. Women have been discounted this past election season. Our stance has been defiled. If we continue to make excuses and not allow our own thoughts to be at least considered within the framework of a blog what have we accomplished in the end? Very little.

    Holding someone sacrosanct and above questioning puts us into the same category as the Obots who refuse to question or criticize. Devotion is admirable but when it begins to drive a wedge between friends we need to step back and take a deep breath.

    Too much has been lost this past year. Losing one another for the sake of admiration without a hint of criticism is unhealthy. Unless a comment is utterly vile or without merit, it should be judged by the feelings of the person who wishes to express consternation.

    Just a thought.

  159. angie:

    you’re on a roll.

  160. SOD — I don’t know — what did the prostitute ask Santa for?

  161. uh oh! Here we go with the tiny pee pee jokes!

  162. The usual $100.00

  163. I love that picture of Hillary.

    ok, I’m just getting in after a late dinner, and catching up. I’m sure the sharp Conflucians have already covered everything, so forgive any redundancy.

    First this:

    Former Treasury Secretary Summers — also considered for the post — might still play a major future role in the Obama administration, according to sources. Summers came under fire from women’s groups because of controversial comments he made about gender issues while President of Harvard, but sources say the decision to choose Geithner had more to do with Obama’s interest in “change” and getting someone new on the team.

    So after being hammered for replicating Clinton’s cabinet, he pulls out the “change” card to deflect criticism. Oh, I’m convinced.


    Can someone please tell me what the hell Richardson knows about being Commerce Secretary? Did he do a good job with the budget in New Mexico? What am I missing? (And I’m open to being wrong–is he qualified for this beyond endorsing Obama and expecting payback?)

  164. SOD — LMAO!!!

  165. What do you get when you cross a computer with a prostitute?

  166. In a restaurant, a man ordered soup but, as soon as it arrived, he had to go to the bathroom. To make sure that nobody touched his soup while he is away, he wrote on a napkin: “I SPIT IN THE SOUP”.
    When he returned, he found another message on napkin: “ME, TOO”.

  167. {{{{pat Johnson}}}}

    BB-mine was a big Pee Pee Joke!

  168. There is a New Post up!

  169. fif — Richardson knows as much about Commerce as Napolito knows about Homeland Security.

  170. SOD — LOL!

  171. Pat,

    I don’t think Hillary is above questioning. I have questioned her myself. And I’ve never told anyone to stop questioning her. I have found the comments about the SOS thing repetitive and boring lately. I think I have a right to express my opinion too. But I also said I was going to stop doing it because my saying I found it boring wasn’t well received. I even suggtested we could have a special “bitch” thread about it, but no one seemed to want that either.

    Anyway, I thought we had all made up. If people want to talk about why they object to Hillary being SOS, they should just do it.

  172. Actually, I think the harshest thing I said was that I don’t see how Secretary of State can be equated with a Starbuck latte. I still don’t.

  173. Pat: I haven’t been around much lately due to a lot of life conflicts, but did I miss something? I’ve seen a lot of different opinions about HRC lately, and as long as it’s thoughtful and respectful–as you always are–it’s not shut down, is it? I support everyone’s free expression here, as long as it’s not an Obot deliberately trying to provoke or disrupt or if someone is just being hurtful and insensitive. HRC is not perfect–no one is–and critique is essential to democracy.

  174. bb: My comment was not aimed at anyone in particular just a series of postings I had been browsing through that seemed to berate the person who raised an issue that was not in full agreement with another.

    This blog was set up as support for Hillary the nominee and the one thing that bound us was our out and out dislike of Obama and his slimy actions.

    I think what bothers some here is that she has now aligned herself with this upcoming administration that we have decried which makes it suspect. Admitting that there are some serious questions regarding this position under this man is legitimate. Many here are suffering from fractured relationships due to their steady support and now it seems it may have all been for naught. I think that is what I was attempting to convey.

  175. fif: My point is in that we need to allow expression without fear of being banished or dismissed because it does not counter another viewpoint. There has been a slow defection of commenters who felt they were being accused or dismissed because they expressed an opinion that was contrary to what others held.

    Many found their way here because they were mistreated on other blogs when they posted a point of view that was deemed unacceptable.

    Few trust Obama. He ran a rotten, slimy campaign that we all recognized. Now to see our candidate blithely fall in line leaves one to question. If this has become unacceptable, then it becomes troubling. That was all I had in mind.

  176. I agree Pat.

  177. I just think that we can be disappointed but have no justification for anger.

  178. Pat> Your comment is just about perfect. I agree 100%.

    Something you wrote struck me as particularly painful: some (many?) people have lost friends and even family members over this election because they chose to stand behind their candidate. And the candidate seems to have left these people behind by not fighting in Denver, by not speaking out against misogyny during the general election, and now by joining the administration of the man who was at the heart of all the issues we objected to. What her reasons are we don’t know – she’s remained silent. I no longer buy HRC’s argument that any Democrat is better than any Republican. So here we are. Have I stopped admiring HRC? No. Will I vote for her if she runs for office again? Yes. But I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I did not admit that things have changed and I do not see HRC the same way I saw her during the primaries. I’m not sure I can yet articulate just how I feel about her today. But I can’t pretend there’s no water under the bridge.

  179. My respect or benefit of the doubt is earned.

  180. SOD: Speaking only for myself, but I loathe Obama and I am suspect of anyone willing to tie their career to his. Call me thickheaded, but this was a brutal campaign and to see my candidate turn on a dime is jarring.

    I am sure to get over it but right now I hold my suspicions about this nomination. But that is just me. If offered I would more than likely tell him to shove it up his a**.

  181. I can’t feel that way Pat.

  182. Obama doesn’t deserve any respect — because he has give women none.

  183. Have you read the article by Dr. Lynette Longe titled, ” Hillary Did It”?


  184. ~”Two nights ago, David Letterman, in interviewing Katie Couric, described Gov. Palin as “the first vice presidential candidate that I found myself being aroused about.””~

    I don’t watch Letterman because I find his humor about as unfunny as any sexist male joker and I haven’t watched Couric since her days as a vapid interviewer on the morning news show.

    Her political “correctness” is so biased that I haven’t watched Couric since she began honing her belligerent and biased interview tactics on Bush critics. She’s just another pompous overpaid celebrity interviewer who has scribbled “journalist’ in front of her name. Neither one of them has anything to say that I want to hear.

  185. After watching the video, it’s obvious that fighting the ignorance of the U.S. population is an uphill battle. It’s obvious that It was easy for Obama to con these people.

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