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Where Food Comes From

The PDS brigades have their panties in a twist about this video.  Apparently the Phoebe Buffet types thought the turkeys in the freezer section of the supermarket all died of natural causes.



169 Responses

  1. i’m not quite sure what is so disturbing to folks about this video. Palin is her usual bright self, talking about doing the people’s business and being grateful for health and happiness. On some other blogs where this video is posted, you would think the woman was biting off the heads of live turkeys while speaking in tongues (not that there’s anything wrong with that a la Seinfeld)

  2. This woman can field dress a moose, and she’s supposed to puke on her shoes cuz a turkey terrorist gets executed?

  3. elderj:

    If you have ever seen an automated dissembly line at a poultry processing plant then this video is nothing.

  4. What is so distressing about this video?

  5. I’m a vegetarian for precisely the reason that I find factory farming repugnant. Anyone who is squeamish about how and where food (meat) comes from is in serious denial and better either accept it or try a different way of life. (And no, you don’t have to be a vegetarian, there are free-range meat and eggs.)

    I’m just tired of people who get all exorcised about hunting–which is far more humane–while they’re going down to the grocery store to buy dead animals who were confined to a pen their entire lives before being slaughtered and wrapped in plastic.

    Enjoy your turkey.

  6. Of course, everyone, after yesterday’s thread, knows I lived on a working farm so I have to agree with myiq, do people think their Thanksgiving dinner came from the turkey fairy?

  7. myiq — did you see David Shuster’s comments on the video? He said at the end “And you thought the interviews Palin gave during the general election were bad.” Here is the link via Hot Air:


    God, I hate him.

  8. I grew up on a farm. My spouse calls me a serial chicken killer. I never ate a store bought chicken, turkey, duck or goose my entire childhood. Every spring we bought 150 chickens, 25 turkeys, etc. We raised them for our own personal consumption and gave a few to friends. My mom would give me 2 buckets and tell me bring me 10 chickens. During the fall I would catch the turkey’s, carry them to my mom, we’d put them in a feed sack …….you know the rest. Let me tell you — the skin on our chickens — yellow with a layer of fat. They kept the bugs out of the yard.

    Anyway — Sarah 2012

  9. OMG, the idiot bots in my carpool made such a fuss about this video this morning. I wanted to sock each one of them in their noggins. These people whine and complain when I mention that my boyfriend is going hunting, but then they turn around and eat cheeseburgers from McDonalds and chicken tenders (what the heck is a tender anyway?). Give me a break.

    I tell them they get no sympathy from me – I’m vegetarian BECAUSE I know where meat comes from.

    Gimme a friggin break. Hypocrites. Sarah rocks.

  10. If you are gonna eat meat, poultry or fish then you should be able to deal with the process of making living creatures into food.

    Dancing O:

    There are factory farms and there are factory farms. I live near Foster Farms’ headquarters and I have seen inside their ranches and processing plant. Their birds are raised in large barns, not cages.

  11. I respect people who are capable of killing their own meat.

    Yes, the turkey fairy, the city-boy’s dream.

  12. angie:

    I searched for a clip w/o Mr Potato Head

  13. simo:

    My uncle worked for 15 years on a FF turkey ranch. A fringe benefit was lots of free turkey to eat.

    He hates Thanksgiving.

  14. How juvenile is msnbc?

  15. PS — if you watch the MSNBC video linked above — please note the caption that “Pardoned Turkey too dirty for Palin to hold” — they truly are just pulling sh!t out of their a$$es — it was obvious she didn’t “hold” the turkey because it was flipping out a little bit.
    Meanwhile, B0 declares No new New Deal — obviously, the “news” that Palin didn’t hold the pardoned turkey is much more important.

  16. Hmmm. Who said people are rational actors on the last thread?

    “Like OMG you mean people kill turkeys before I eat them?”

    Let’s face it, some people just can’t stand Sarah because she makes them feel inadequate. The level of hatred is absolutely insane.

  17. myiq2xu, on November 21st, 2008 at 12:42 pm Said:


    I searched for a clip w/o Mr Potato Head

    You’re smarter than I, then because now the vein in the middle of my forehead is throbbing.

  18. How dare she!

    How DARE she be an Omnivore!!!

    Don’t you fools know that you have to be a VEGAN to run for office!!!!1111!!!


  19. I didn’t see anything to be squeamish about either. Who is all upset about Turkeys being killed and drained?

  20. We raised hogs and cattle too — but at a much larger scale as we sold the animals for world consumption. It’s a fact of life. It’s how we made our living. We will have a working farm of a 1000 acres – we only grow corn and soybeans now and no longer raise animals. Folks are older and can’t handle the work load.

    This is just another MSM tactic — like angienc says — move the story off BO — best way to do that — put focus on Palin or Hillary

  21. Honestly, what reality are these people living in? If I saw this video for the first time, I would say, “Oh, that’s sweet, she’s promoting a local business, and she’s so positive and fun.”

    Of course it was David Shuster who called this turkey-gate. He is a charter member of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club.

  22. Where do they think their food comes from?

  23. When I was a kid (From the midwest), we visited my Ukrainian grandparents who lived in Boston every summer. They were from “the old country” – better known today as immigrants. They went to market 2 times a week. They bought live chickens. The heads were cut off right then and there. It was quick and I assume painless. ???? It never bothered me; yeah, it was kinda “gross” and we would look on in wonderment as kids. But, heck, we weren’t in trauma over it!

    How about fish? I don’t hear much about how we cut off the heads of fish. In fact, many people put the heads in soup stock. Big eyeballs staring at you. Some people just need to get a life.

  24. They searched hard for something to attack Gov.Palin for 2012. They want this story to have legs.

  25. Sorry guys, but I am not holding a turkey with crap all over it either. If she had held it, the caption would have been Palin gets sh!tty. Like I said, can’t win for losing.

  26. “Who is all upset about Turkeys being killed and drained?”


    They thought Chicken McNuggets came from the drive-through

  27. Sheri: The old way was to just snap its neck. My Grammy just flicked her wrist and the chicken was dead. Don’t know how she did it, but it was a strange sight.

  28. Not really snap its neck, but wring it.

  29. This thread is lol.

  30. I guess I’m missing what their excuse is for continuing to attack Palin. Hillary pretty much dropped out of the news after the Convention. She got no coverage for anything she did–not even much for campaigning for the creep. Sarah Palin isn’t news. It’s like they are trying to turn her into Paris Hilton or something.

  31. Whiny ass little pishers, we should mail Shuster a live turkey. Really, buy one and have it delivered to MSNBC. See if he will hold it and get turkey sh!t on him.

  32. I had some Puma friends over last night, and we watched Hillary’s speech the night she lost. It was so sad:

  33. Shuster’s a pig. I’d like to see him hold that squirming giant turkey. Palin will never catch a break.

    I would like to know what the baggie of undentifiable things in the turkey are.

    Mom says to use them for the gravy, so I lie and tell her that I did.

    Good thing she told me to look for them the first time I made one, it could have been tragic.

  34. madamab@12:50 pm said:

    Of course it was David Shuster who called this turkey-gate. He is a charter member of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club.

    Yep and that’s about as juvenile as one can get Elderj – you keed right?

  35. the thing that is distressing about this video is that it didn’t occur to anyone that it would create this dumbass shitstorm.

    The media didn’t need to be given this opportunity. Pics of any pol
    standing in a blood puddle are not good.

    Maybe she needs handlers and strategists to make sure the media doesn’t get this kind of fodder.
    It’s time for Sarah to fight back and this may have been the wrong location in which to start..

  36. TheRealKim: Yeah, I believe that is how they did at the market in the old days. I don’t remember any blood or horror. Fast and quick.

  37. You’d think they’d be more worried about the fact the their “messiah” has morphed into the second coming of GW Bush–trying to be Reagan and failing miserably.

  38. I’m fine with people who are vegetarians for whatever reason (health, religion or for “animal rights”) — hey, to each his own. But I can’t stand the hypocrisy from meat eating/leather wearing (and yes, that includes shoes) spoiled “city folk” who are just so shocked that people exist who don’t flinch at animals being killed for food. That level of stupidity gets no tolerance from me. I also kind of don’t like PETA people — fine if you don’t want to eat meat, wear leather, etc. but stop projecting human emotion on the animals — ie it is fine if you want to pity them, but trust me, animals would not have pity on us if the situations were reversed — it’s called the cycle of life.

    I eat meat & wear leather and I make no apologizes for it because (1) meat tastes good and (2) my ancestors didn’t fight to get to the top of the food chain for me to be a vegetarian.

  39. You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see David Shuster fight Mike Tyson. Or maybe be sacked by the NE Patriots.

  40. PUMAs are carnivores

  41. Where does all the meat come from for the fund raising dinners? I have always read about the rubber chicken circuit.
    maybe david schuster thinks they are really rubber chickens.



  42. I’ll bet most of those Obots and bloviating gasbags never changed a poopy diaper either.

  43. hehe
    whenever one of his vegan co-workers try to lecture him my husband points to his canine teeth and asks them if they know what those are for..

  44. It is curious that they are still attacking Palin.

    And then they blame her for supposedly not going away quietly.

    At this point, these kind of media games are so obvious.

  45. TheRealKim, on November 21st, 2008 at 12:53 pm Said:

    Sheri: The old way was to just snap its neck. My Grammy just flicked her wrist and the chicken was dead. Don’t know how she did it, but it was a strange sight.

    TRK — I said almost the same in the previous thread — my great-grandmother could kill a chicken with one hand by wringing its neck — it was a weird site, but it was especially weird when the chicken’s body took a few seconds longer to actually die — anyone who has actually seen a chicken running around with its head cut off knows what I mean! LOL

  46. OMG I just turned into the Food Chanel and they had a LARGE DEAD BIRD in a PAN !!!OMG OMG
    someone killed it and pulled all the feathers off too OMG OMG
    it isnow the large dead bird channel… this week anyway
    be back later they have a recipe for oyster stuffing coming up..

    omg dead shellfish …….

  47. poopy diapers are waaay yuckier than turkey guts, IMO!

  48. All the vegans I ever met look kinda sickly

  49. catarina – A blood puddle? Must have missed that!

    I think Palin was well aware it could be turned into fodder. She even said so. Everything she does is subject to PDS.

    The Cheetos keep falling for it every time. They need something to hate. Their movement is essentially negative, and Dear Leader needs to feed their fauxrage every day or they might notice how totally unworthy he is of their uncritical worship.

  50. well, time for a turkey sandwich, ciao!

  51. myiq — that is because they are iron deficient. Plus, imagine how miserable life would be without a little bacon.

  52. Exactly Angie, I eat meat and I am wearing a leather coat today.

    Also, this media shitstorm was created by the media, they blur the bird, when it is obvious they could cut the whole damn side out and we would not even see that the bird is being slaughtered. This is the holiday season, would it be better for the workers to have stopped processing? In this economy keep those birds coming.

  53. madamab

    I just hope wasn’t wearing didn’t wear the good shoes..

  54. ok that made no sense-low blood sugar for sure!

  55. My grandma once said the first step in frying a chicken is “catch the chicken”

    I watched my grand-uncle remove a chicken’s head by grabbing the bird by the head and swinging around it over his head until the two parts separated.

    The body ran around briefly like a . . . well, you know.

  56. Plants have feelings too… at least the animals can run ………

  57. Waiting for MSNBO to feature Sarah in a PopTarts report. Based upon Letterman’s disgusting arousal comment, it won’t be long now.

  58. swan, that’s what I say — Vegetables are alive, too.

  59. hee hee hee heee, this is just what I needed today!

    I just went to Eschaton to see how they were reacting to this video.

    Oh boy.

  60. David Shuster makes himself look like a real “girly-mon”. I hope he has opted for soy burgers for Thanksgiving if he is soso traumatized.

  61. I wonder if The One’s campaign people expect him to have to run against Palin next time. Maybe that’s why Shuster et al. are still trashing her.

  62. hey – my avatar changed!

    Oh well. Now people know I am not actually a lion who can type.

  63. yea whats the prob with this vid . i just wish i could get one that fresh.

  64. I bet Sarah could take a turkey from gobbling to getting gobbled without any help.

  65. TRK — I’m wearing a leather coat today too — mine has a gorge. fox fur collar as well. Anyone who doesn’t like it can s*ck it.

    BTW — best.response.ever — I know this lady in NOLA who is what I would call a “dame” — married a few times, super rich & doesn’t care what anyone thinks — she also smokes & drinks like there is no tomorrow — I love her! Anyway, she came into this party wearing the most gorge. full length sable coat & this dumb young girl said to her:
    “Do you know how many animals died so you could get that coat?”
    She replied:
    “Honey, that’s nothing! Do you know how many animals I had to sleep with to get this coat?”

    I die laughing every time I remember that.

  66. plural – Of course it is! They are trying to pre-destroy her for 2012.

    Won’t work.

  67. Now if you want something special for the holidays:


  68. OMG:

    This story is now at the top of memeorandum

    What a bunch of putzes.

  69. angie – LOLOLOLOLOL!!!


  70. I heard that celery stick screaming in my nightmares …. it was scary ..

    I was scared and wanted my mommy

    My latest invention : grocery stores that have auto panels on the floor , like auto doors, but when you walk on them they made the animal sounds of the whatever was in that part of the meat keeper 🙂
    ok that wont go over well…….

    we bring back the wooly mammoth to help solve the world food shortage .. I heard they were delicious

    that was so bad I LOVE WOOLY MAMMOTHS
    I just made myself feel bad .. oh well I will have a turkey sandwich and the tryptophan will help me calm down 😉

  71. It’s about city folk vs country folk, classism, ignorance and the overwheening need to be superior/kewel. This election has shown us more @sses than evah before.

    Another reason Hillary and Palin apeal to so many voters – they are real people and deal in reality. It seems to me so did Bill Clinton. People are starved for real as opposed to the plastic pod people who have taken over media. Mostly caused by immaturity and being challanged by any deep human relationship. That human relationship – that human bond has been replaced with, hold on, it’s not new or shiney really – it’s MONEY. Most of us want to be comfortable and want others to be comfortable too. Some want it all.

    It is interesting to watch and read how others are going to deal with the financial crisis at hand.(BZero apparently is going to ignore it – has anyone told him he will eventually have to take some stands? prolly not – to scarey) What will the kewel people do without their kewelness?

    OT – I love Suze Orman – she has values.

  72. Paging Pamela Anderson, Pamela Anderson please…

  73. Times are hard. More and more people are having to hunt and fish for their food. Raise their own veggies. There is nothing wrong with that.
    There are still plenty of wild turkeys to be had. So go get your bowhunting permit and have at it!
    It’s almost turkey time and the fam is hungry!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, PUMAs!

  74. angienc-ROFL

    *heartily bites turkey sandwich*

  75. Boo Radly – Financial crisis? What financial crisis? Didn’t you know that Sarah Palin drinks turkey blood straight from the neck?????1111!!!!

  76. POE — yeah, Pam Anderson is a hypocrite too — without animal testing breast implants never would have gotten off the ground. & she would still be a beer “model” in Canada.

  77. Read the comments at Shakesville:

    “Do you really not grasp the irony of a governor pardoning a turkey with turkey slaughter behind her?”

    My response:

    What did you think was gonna happen to the rest of them? They weren’t getting adopted.


  78. myiq
    just went over and looked
    conclusion: you are poking fun at the mentally impaired

  79. Some black activist at election time called the Repubs irrelevant and all-white, like living in Leave It to Beaver Land.

    I saw LITB yesterday, and the storyline was how the boys teased Beave for palling around with a little girl, so he called the girl a nasty name just to show them he doesn’t like them dumgirls. Teacher told them to quit being so stupid and hurtful.

    Too bad Shuster didn’t watch Beave, maybe he’d stop acting like Larry Mandello.

  80. Oh shit! God give me strength to slap ’em upside the head.

    Where the hell did they think those Butterballs came from?

    Shuster needs a reality check!

  81. myiq – I knew there was a reason I didn’t go to Shakesville.

    They have their narratives, and gosh darnit, they’re going to make Palin fit into those narratives, no matter what the reality is.

  82. miq2xu — I am scared to watch this — even without seeing it I feel I know your point. Palin did represent this whole segment of the US that is in touch with that —

    yesterday– that video that was up about the crisis to come?


    Alaska — the final frontier——- I think it is. People there will fare far better than in the urban areas.

    yikes x 200000000000000000000000000000000000.

  83. Dirtiest thing ever said on television:

    “Ward, you were a little hard on the Beaver last night”

  84. Pumas
    coco beans don’t cry do they?
    Please tell me coco beans don’t cry.



  85. Maybe we could round up all the unpardoned turkeys, and release them from an airplane, so they can fly to freedom, a la Herb and WKRP in Cincy

  86. Some of the reactions really are elitist.

    I grew up and live in an area where lots of kids are 4-H and FFA members.

    They show off their prize hogs at the county fair and then make pork chops and bacon out of them.

  87. Angie, vinyl/pleather shoes make your feet stink.

    (eating a southern style bbq port sandwich, with BBQ sauce dripping on my leather coat.)

  88. i went to look at the comments, i wonder how many of them are still going to be eating turkey on thursday … definitely some denial going on over there …

    especially the one that talked abou the pardoned turkey while his ‘buddies’ were being slaughtered behind him … what sort’ve higher consciousness does this person think a turkey has?

  89. POE:

    OMG! That was hilarious! lemme see if I can find the video!

  90. myiq — just went over & looked myself — you and about 2 other people seem to have any sense.

    Also, Paul the Spud with his “as a vegetarian and as an animal lover” bs response sounds EXACTLY like those a-hole “animal rights” people that I find offensive — They love animals soooo much but don’t seem to give a damn about a person with whom they disagree. I’m an animal lover too — I’ve got 2 dogs & 3 cats (all rescues) & those animals are loved & well taken care of from grooming to vet visits to top of the line food. Still doesn’t mean that I don’t understand that people are carnivores & animals are for eating.

    I do admit, however, that I most probably would never eat one of my pets.

  91. parentofed: oh, the humanity!

  92. Kim — I’m proud to say I’ve never owned a pleather anything in my life! LOL

  93. dk: that line was in the back of my mind but I so didn’t want to let that one loose! LOL!

  94. myiq: Never was a member of 4-H, but I do recall the morning we were informed that we were eating Levi, our favorite pig.

  95. If you were a carrot, how would you feel about vegetable peelers?

  96. Is MR Shuster eating “Ernies processed Tofu Roll” this thanksgiving? No than here;s a big can of STFU!

  97. Helen – I don’t care if cocoa beans cry. I’m eating them anyway!!! I’m just a hard-hearted woman, d*mmit!


  98. dakinikat:

    especially the one that talked abou the pardoned turkey while his ‘buddies’ were being slaughtered behind him … what sort’ve higher consciousness does this person think a turkey has?

    Exactly what I can’t stand about “animal rights” people — it is fine if you want to make whatever personal choices that you want, but stop trying to “give” these animals human consciousness and/or emotions to argue against killing them — animals simply do NOT have them & it is only we humans who project these things on animals.

  99. crap I guess the Obats would really hate my bikers chaps and leather vest and harness-I guess I sould not wear them anymore!

  100. “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!!”

  101. so angie are you saying my cat doesn’t love me

  102. my hubby thinks cats and dogs have feelings…but people don’t eat them, for the most part…


  103. Check out the update

  104. I was driving down the street in Charleston, and two PETA spokepeople were standing on the corner of main street naked with their PETA signs. I am sorry that was mistreatment of me, to have to see them naked and they made me late for my lunch meeting because of the gawkers.

  105. Next year Obama will pardon all turkeys…for thanksgiving- so to compensate Michelle Obama’s Arugulla-Tofu Turkeyette mold resipe will be available to all for a $ 5.00 donation to Obama 2012…

  106. The best argument, which is easily refuted, is that it is unseemly for Sarah Palin to be talking so calmly in the foreground while death is in the background.

    In another week, over a 150 million people will be sitting around a Thanksgiving day dinner, glibly talking about the Thanksgiving day football game, what movie they plan on seeing, how nice somebody else’s hair looks, all while they are gobbling down turkey.

    You can’t have it both ways. If you condemn Sarah Palin in this video, then you condemn 150 million americans for doing the same thing. MSNBC however, seems intent on blaming Sarah Palin while exoneratiing the 150 million turkey gobblers.

    It’s as if Sarah Palin kills all of those turkeys and keeps them for herself.


  107. I am having turkey…with all the fixins!

  108. catarina — I’m not sure people love other people.

    I don’t know about cats, but I’m convinced dogs only give people “stripper affection” — they curry favor with people to get food. If you stop feeding them & some one else starts, their “love” gets transfered as well.

  109. Um… The President pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving. Is BO going to end that tradition because of his squeamish followers?

  110. Just look at the blood on the ground in that pic above.
    I really fucking hope she’s not wearing the shoes from Saks.

  111. TheRealKim, on November 21st, 2008 at 1:46 pm Said:

    I was driving down the street in Charleston, and two PETA spokepeople were standing on the corner of main street naked with their PETA signs. I am sorry that was mistreatment of me, to have to see them naked and they made me late for my lunch meeting because of the gawkers.

    Was this today? Is it cold in Charleston? If the PETAs were male you probably didn’t see anything.

  112. Y’ll are just too funny – just outstanding!

    They just don’t get it.

  113. I don’t know Angie, my dogs are pretty kewl. I have always said if I ever had a man that was so happy to see me he p!ssed himself, I would rethinkl marriage.

  114. next it is arugulla and tofu molds in the shape of a turkey for all of us!

  115. WKRP was one of the greatest shows, i loved it

  116. No, not today and yes, it gets very cold in Charleston. Charleston is a port city, the wind from the harbor is freezing. And no, they were women.

  117. Sarah’s prolly wearing some hawt looking boots.

    You betcha!

  118. angie

    i think tony loves me
    (but he sures loves food, too!)
    I was crying after a friend passed away and he jumped up and very gently “wiped” my tears with his paw.
    I’ve never been so sappy for a pet. this cat is strangely human.

    The PETA loons threw flour ant Lindsay Lohan last week for wearing a fur collar. That is assault, I’m sorry!

  119. Kim — I love my dogs too & they are very affectionate with me. I just don’t think they “love” me in the way humans think of “love.” Animals can show affection, fear, etc. but love is pretty much a human construct that I don’t buy as part of any animal’s experience.

  120. The thing that I don’t understand about this vegan-esque attitude is the animal elitism. Why is a chicken more “worthy” than a carrot or a potato? It’s all living stuff.

    Don’t these idiots see how foolish they look? There are so many true atrocities taking place in our world and this is what they get worked up over.

  121. catarina — my cat always comes and cuddles up to me when I’m sick — they are nurturing.

  122. oh and no one needs those jobs in the food industry right now either ………….

  123. I agree Angie, my dogs love me, but they love anyone with ham in their hand. Cats are a little more choosy.

  124. TRK, I was just wondering if it was today, because we got a 2nd dose of the cold here in AL and it’s 42 but the wind chill is in the 30s.

  125. WKRP turkey drop:

  126. catarina — don’t be sorry about it — that was assault & exemplifies exactly my point — these PETA people have no problem assaulting and vilifying other people in the name of “animals” I find that illogical, inhuman & just plain stupid.
    Save the People.

  127. I used to live next door to a pasty, sickly vegan. She was obsessed with diet and it’s all she ever talked about.

    she did stealth book drops on my steps, leaving books about how veganism would save me and the world.

  128. Did anyone catch the interview with Dupre (Spitzer’s friend) this morning?

  129. Kim — LOL — exactly — cat’s are more discriminating — the fact that my cat Monty doesn’t let anyone else hold him/pet him etc. makes me feel “special” — my dog Pepa on the other hand will wh@re herself 6 ways from Sunday for bacon from ANYONE.

  130. I am a vegetarian and I love it. I hate meat. I hate the texture, the blood, the taste. YUCK! The only thing I miss is bacon. Every time I think I miss it, I remind myself of the pig i saw when i was 6, hanging on a hook and draining blood from its neck into the floor drains at a relative’s butcher shop.

    I don’t care if people eat meat, however, I do have a lot more respect for people who hunt and eat game than for people who blithely pick up meat at the supermarket and have no idea where it came from. I know that we have dominion over the animals, etc, but I believe that animals deserve some respect from us since they help to clothe and feed us. I don’t see any reason why animals have to be treated like shit, just to save a buck.

    And, I was a vegan triathlete. I was bad ass and did not look sick. 😛

  131. Having grown up with hunting & animal slaughering on a farm, I freely admit to sqeamishness & became vegetarian. Also have a delicate tummy, & find meat hard to digest.
    Hubby grew up with hunting & animal slaughtering on a farm, and is a full-blown carnivore.

    Trust me when I say I am not in any way a better person than hubby. I’m vegetarian by choice, and left the hypocrisy and self-righteousness at the front door.

  132. The Shakers are getting pissed cuz a few commenters are questioning their feminist cred.

    Well Duh!

    Bash women, get suspected of misogyny

  133. True story — one time this vegan acquaintance of mine (I could never actually be friends with someone who was a vegan) actually told me at a party one time (as I was eating beef carpaccio hors doeuvre) that “Eating red meat is bad for you” — Really, where was this guy raised? What kind of bad manners/presumptiousness does it take for someone you barely know to come up to you out of nowhere while you are actually eating red meat and tell you “Eating red meat is bad for you.” My response:

    “So is sticking your nose in other people’s business.”

    I was smiling when I said it, but I’ve never spoken to that jerk-off again.

  134. Micki-I think the thing is respect. I respect you for your choice to become a vegetarian and a vegan, if you chose. I chose to eat meat, I like it. I respect animals, I own several and have married a couple. In turn, I expect to be respected for my choice. Just because I chose to eat meat or wear leather shoes does not mean someone can dump flour on my head.

  135. oops — I would totally be friends with Micki & POE — they aren’t the kind of vegans I’m talking about.

  136. Kim — LOL — we really do have a lot in common:

    I respect animals, I own several and have married a couple.

  137. brb

  138. The Shuster story has nothing to do with turkeys or meat-eating, it has everything to do with around the clock Palin-hating, woman-bashing, and crude elimination of a political icon for the future..

    It’s just more of the did that rac*st bit*ch darken the photo and a thousand more non-stories this year.

  139. Angie: We must be psychic twins or something, something similar happened to me and my response was almost identical.

  140. New thread up!

    (this one is getting full)

  141. Micki and POE:

    I’m a meatatarian.

    Captain Spaulding is a humanitarian

  142. I would never tell someone they couldn’t eat meat. I would always speak out against animal cruelty, however, since my philosophy is that should be treated with respect because they help to sustain us. I mean, I’m not an expert on this, but didn’t the native americans even thank that spirit of the animal after they killed it? I don’t dig on keeping veal crates, and the sow gestation contraptions. Its just not cool. I reviewed and appeal in NJ, where the NJ SPCA challenged the NJ Ag regs and it was all about animal cruelty. I determined that the regs were fine, and the App. Division agreed, but the NJ Sup. Court overturned. That and I think Prop 22 (?) in California shows a trend towards better treatment of animals.

    I’m not vegan anymore angienc. i couldn’t live without cheese and soy cheese is for shit.

  143. angie: that a**hole is just a jerk, the method of traveling jerky doesn’t change the destination. Today meat, tomorrow cigarettes or whatever.

    As Miss Manners used to say, the only thing more rude than a display of bad manners at a dinner party is for the host to point out the display of bad manners.

  144. Schuster was born and raised in Indiana not in an ‘evil urban area’. Can we stop trashing urbanites? Thanks, proud, native Brooklynite, current Baltimorian and not at all yucked out by the tape.

  145. honora:

    It’s not really location, it’s elitism.

    Some people think they are superior to those who get their hands dirty earning a living.

  146. Well, SOD, I must say the meat from the Whole Foods does look like it came from heaven. That meat counter is impressive, and so are the prices. Egad! My husband eats tons of meat and I buy Whole Foods meat once in a blue moon for a special occasion.

  147. PofE: I have to admit, I was called down for sneaking a smoke. I know how bad it is for me and I have tried every way imaginable to quit. So now I am out of the closet, but I only smoke in the closet.

  148. I told my mom about this kerfluffle. Her response:

    “Are they idiots? Tell those people to get a life!”

    (Mom was raised on a farm)

  149. SOD: The meat at Whole Foods was killed too, I don’t think they coerce them into committing suicide.

  150. There is a new thread…complete with Alec Baldwin and the ladies of SNL, if that floats your boat.

  151. My comment!! It’s gone!!!
    Oh the Humanity!!!!!

  152. angienc – you and TRK are cracking me up… especially the story about the woman with the full length fur coat. I can just picture it, especially said with an appropriate NOLA accent.

  153. Just got a letter from the local cat shelter, thanking my husband for his donation of turkeys for the cats on Thanksgiving.

  154. Sorry, its there now? Glitch I guess.

  155. I once dated a vegetarian (bigass dopesmoker he was too!) who despised us who ate shrinkwrapped meat from the grocery store (we didn’t date for long). He was fine with his housemates who were hunters since “they know what they’re eating” and he happily participated in their pigroast as he got free beer (did I mention what a cheapass he was?) the day I had to put my kitty to sleep. My sister was funny though: she said if I had to kill a cow to get beef, I’d learn how to do it!!!!

  156. myiq2xu,

    Here’s reply I made to a comment in Shakesville after pointing out that Palin was probably in on the joke so their snarking on her was silly:

    Melissa said:

    “The point you’re missing is that whether she’s in on the joke or not, most people are quite reasonably going to find it hilariously tone-deaf. It’s bad politics — and she is, after all, a politician.”

    My reply:

    Most people? That’s a mighty royal “we” there. I suspect that most people won’t know about it or care in the slightest and those that do know and actually care, their reaction will be based on pre-existing bias and/or how it’s reported (e.g. MSNBC’s turkey-gate nonsense) Anyway, now that we’ve gotten irony and juxtaposition out of the way, I see we’re on to tone-deafness now. “Tone-deaf to whom? Oh right, “most people” again. Bad politics? This is so far removed from actual politics that the mere idea that this is “bad politics” on any level, local or national, in ANY meaningful sense of the term, is laughable. Depending on you viewpoint, It might be bad political theatre but that’s about it.

  157. On No quarter threy are saying the the msm is annoucing that Senator Clinton took the sos job.
    I pray they are wrong.
    The thought of her working for that scummy, slease bag, racist, anti american, know nothing breaks my heart

    AdAM my damn aggravating machine keeps kicking me out of the upstairs thread



  158. Was that last video from that sitcom WPRQ radio station when they came up with the bright idea to throw live turkeys from a helicopter — thinking that the turkeys could fly — not knowing that today’s turkeys are bred to be meat machines.

    If so — that is just about the funniest, creative writing!

    I’m on dial up — so I’m just guessing.

    I think I threw my tv out of a helicopter and it couldn’t fly either.

  159. “SOD: The meat at Whole Foods was killed too, I don’t think they coerce them into committing suicide.”

    LOL – Those wacky Whole Foods shoppers. Free range must mean the Turkey was given career options and chose to the path to their dining table rather than say – becoming a rocket scientist.

    My thought was no one ever seems to get upset at all those stupid bets over playoffs. You know – where the Mayor/Governor put up say three bushels of Maryland Blue Crabs ( those crabs jumps out of the water all on their own – not to mention they just love the whack a mole scenario at the local crab house.)

    While the opponent’s Mayor and/or Governor counters with pots of Kielbasi or Barbecue. No sir – no meat there.

  160. I come from a family of hunters, so it doesn’t bother me. But all the same, I think the point is, there’s things that might be best not played on TV. For example, Sarah Palin has 5 children. I think that’s wonderful. That doesn’t mean I want to see her making them, or see her giving birth to them, on the evening news.

    This isn’t entirely Palin’s fault: the news crew should’ve stepped her aside or not aired it. But likewise, she should also have pointed it out and said, hey, can we step over here? It’s kind of common sense. It doesn’t mean anyone’s against killing the birds. Death is just not something a lot of people are comfortable with.

    By the way, Hillary Clinton just accepted Obama’s offer to be Secretary of State. Have any heads exploded yet like those turkeys did?

  161. angienc, why not get to know people who care about animals, rather than holding them up to ridicule. While I think it’s barbaric to wear a dead fox around one’s neck, I’d never question anyone’s right to do so. And I strongly feel that projecting human qualities on animals is a grave disservice to animals (including pets). Animals are not human, but animals are entitled to humane treatment. BTW, bacon has no appeal to me whatsoever. In fact, quite the opposite.

    Anyone interested can learn about factory farming here:


    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi

  162. “I could never actually be friends with someone who was a vegan”, etc.

    The majority of vegans or vegetarians are respectful of the choices of others. If you want to learn about it we’ll share. If not, it’s your life.

    Keep in mind most of us are like that.

    And would appreciate if others were just as respectful of our choices.

  163. There are several vile threads over at DUnderground about this issue. Most comments directed at Sarah. Their vile sensibilities have been assaulted.

  164. Just to clarify, I was objecting to was the stereotyping of “animal rights” people with ridiculous behavior. One can be an “animal rights” person and behave perfectly normally (whatever that is).

    Get to know us.

    Generally when I first get to know someone and we are eating out, it comes out that I don’t eat meat. So they ask why and I explain. That’s it. If someone brings it up again, I’ll talk about it, sure.

    A friend I hadn’t seen for a year just told me I had “influenced” her and she had become a vegetarian. But I don’t remember ever talking about it more than once or twice to her. She just reflected on things and made the decision on her own.

    Same with me, I just started reading up on what was going on and decided for myself.

  165. I have been a serial vegitarian but my HIV Positve BF did not respond we to the diet and we went back to eating meat…since immune compromised persons tend to need lots of protien and fat to maintain body weight I it not always a good choice to be vegitarian.

    I respect your choice but I have been attacked by some extremist because I wear biker chaps a vest and harness-homophobia is so distracting I sometimes forget about animal rights-but aI realize they are only a fringe…

    My point is alot these offended Obots are going to sit down to turkey dinner next thursday and forget that they are blatant Hypocrites….

  166. fuzzybeargville, it’s important that you do what is best for you. Best wishes to your BF.

    You hit the nail on the head – extremists. But there can be extremists in any group. The majority is just regular people who just have made some different choices.

    For instance, there’s the extremist Christians who think it’s OK to bomb abortion clinics. Are they typical of all Christians? Heck no.

    Same thing with animal rights extremists. Like the religious extremists, their behavior makes one wonder if indeed they even really believe in their supposed cause.

  167. One of the problems I have with the attacks on Sarah is that they’d not be attacking her if she had a D next to her name.

    I’m so sick of party identification hypocrisy.

  168. Like Fresh Air Kids visiting a dairy farm never drink milk again.

  169. “One of the problems I have with the attacks on Sarah is that they’d not be attacking her if she had a D next to her name.” It depends which D is in question. I remember just the same avalanche of attacks on Bill Clinton almost from the first day of his presidency. And Gore and Kerry couldn’t open their mouths of fear of being swooped on for the most harmless of remarks. The media is way out of control – writing their own narratives of success and failure which they then impose on real-life campaigns, and which they report so as to bring about the endings they have willed. Obama is their Hero, Sarah Palin is their favourite villain – whether it is some slighting remark worked into some totally unconnected matter or a mobbing like this, it reflects their determination to dramatise and polarise and generally paint in black and white a real life they shouldn’t be allowed to control.

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