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Early Friday Open Thread


Mommy, what's "patriarchy" mean?

Caption this photo

93 Responses

  1. I will grow up to be one of the most beloved woman in the world, mommy, right after you show me the way.

    Ok, so I’m a bit maudlin tonight. A previous thread inspired me to get my FoxFire books out, and I’m reading about the ‘good ole days’.

  2. YAY!!! Love you myiq, you put this one on your thread!!!

    Kay, here is one, sort of low cut.

    She looks skinny in this one:

  3. I got a lollipop to vote for Barack, what you got?


  4. That one is funny looking LI.

    myiq – yours is sweet.

  5. Damn, this one looks like Spaulding!

  6. Good grief, LI, she’s a knock-out in the pic.

  7. I can see why Bill Clinton loved both of them…

  8. So I have to learn welding. Any advice from anyone? I’m at a loss.

  9. LAURIE!!! Naughty girl!!!!

  10. Check this one out:

  11. Hang on, now, Sima. We are looking at hot Hillary Clinton pictures and you are making us think of welding?


  12. This one with Chelsea is so cute:

  13. Oh, LI, that last one was naughty.

  14. Mmmm… this one…

  15. LI-don’t be cheeky!!!!

    reposting this from end of last thread:

    Scrubs you should get Opera-that’s a Norwegian browser, nice and fast.


  16. Too cute for words:

  17. Put all the links in one comment – I’ll save it from moderation.

    Y’all pick two or three favorites and I’ll post them.

  18. Awww, LI, that one made me cry.

    On to next one.

    And then going to see what opera.com is about.

  19. Thumbs up nice.

  20. Wait till you see this one Scrubs:

    Big Dawg is not even trying to be discreet in this one.

  21. True, Scrubs. Welding is boring next to this :). Bring on the pics!

  22. opera.com is similar to the new IE. I love it at home but the hospital IT guys won’t get us the newest at work. I will try to load opera.com at work and see if I can get around the admin restrictions. If so, it sounds like it would be like the newest IE (the one that allows me to magnify each page so that I can actually SEE the gravatars.)

  23. This one is cute too:

  24. What I adore about the pics of both Hill and Bill is that no matter what the trials, the obscene way their marriage has been examined by so many, they still obviously, honestly, care for each other. Makes my heart go pitter patter.

  25. my fav is the sexy hammock one, and of course mother and child.

  26. Opera looks good. I think I will download it tomorrow morning.

    MMmmmmm…. jeez, the things Bill and Hill must get up to in private:

  27. LI – the first one looks like the Big Dawg is trying to get close to one of her breasts.

    The next one is adorable! Keep em comin’, love.

  28. Is that from the 80’s? It looks so 60’s.

  29. Ouch, hurt me, LI.

  30. Scrubs:

    Yeah… I think the fact that they have survived so much proves how crazy they really are about each other. Screw those haters. Love wins over all in the end…
    *eyes become shiny*

  31. And, back onto our previous topic: Hillary and Bill truly love our country and the world. The Bill Clinton Foundation is pretty amazing. Add Hill as an effective (notice that I put that in there: as an effective) SoS, their caring could potentially help all of mankind.

    (Man, just imagine the congratulatory sex happening once world peace is obtained! Woooohooooo.)

  32. Opera is better than ie because it’s faster and doesn’t hang up on long threads.
    It’s also better on security.
    But not everything will open on it. I have to use ie for PayPal.
    This morning opening Confluence I got an internet explorer error message, so I moved to Opera and everything was fine.

  33. Bill is looking angrily at someone in this one. Probably thinking loudly, “She’s MINE!!!! Mine only!!! Stop looking!!! Only I look!!!”


  34. (Man, just imagine the congratulatory sex happening once world peace is obtained! Woooohooooo.)

    Scrubs: You are officially my hero.

    Okay. There is one with a bird’s eye view of Hillary’s gams that I have to find.

  35. “Us girls must stick together or they’ll get us down”
    (at least it’s what I tell my daughter lately)
    and this karmic moment brought to you by Verizon

  36. This one is GORGEOUS:

  37. Good grief, I think there are a couple of my relatives in this FireFox book. sheez. never knew.

  38. What’s all this talk about “cankles”? I know women that would kill for legs like these:

  39. Bleh, make that FoxFire. Got the browser and the book mixed up.

  40. EOF – exactly!

    LI – find me the one with her gams. Must see that before I crash.

  41. I like this one:

  42. And my pics contribution

  43. Yeeehawww! Who is that in the picture with her, LI?

  44. I got caught in moderation with my 2 links for pics

  45. PHEW!!! Finding all of these amazing pictures… hard work!!!

  46. Okay, I am officially rooting for her to be SoS, so that I can see more of her in the media! Will this make Bill the deputy SoS? Might as well be.

  47. MMM. hot in green!

    EOF – wake Mikey up. He can get them out of moderation. It’s mikey, he can do ANYTHING!.

  48. From Marc Ambinder:

    “Brennan, Harding Slated For Top Intelligence Jobs”

    I hope he doesn’t mean Walter and Tonya

  49. No clue!!! One of her aids, I think.

    Hillary!!! Button up!!!


  50. Scrubs: She’d be the hottest SOS evah!!!

    This one is SO cute!!!


  51. Searching for images, I found this.

    I didn’t read the text and assume it is anti-Hill, but got to admit some of the pictures made me laugh. But only because I think she is also a goofball.


  52. Those are adorable EoF. Now I don’t have to do this alone.

    This one is amazing:


  53. LOL It’s a lot more likely to be Warren G., always room for one more Republican living or dead.

    Walter, he should be so lucky.

  54. Good ones, EOF, but you made me cry all over again. Thanks, myiq, for getting them out of moderation.

  55. LOLZ!!!! Yah, she is a big goof scrubs.

    And, according to California Psychics, she is a dominatrix too.


  56. Aw, LI dude, the pantsuits! (Big sigh)

  57. Aaaaawww…. love me some more Hill and Bill:


  58. Ha! So a spitting image! That’s brilliant, LI!

  59. Mama mia! Check THIS one out!

  60. scrubs!!!!
    Lol, those don’t even look real.

  61. I love this one. Someone did it on LJ:

  62. I know. I thought they were suspicious. Just wanted to send you a laugh before I went off to bed.

    Catch you later, gang. It was great – good serious conversation that lightened when we needed it to. You guys are the best.

  63. Night scrubs!

  64. Ouch, LI. Now I’m going to cry in my sleep again.

    (I was very surprised the first time it happened – I didn’t realize how much I had invested in Hillary becoming President. Now I’m used to the crying dreams.)

  65. Another awesome one from LJ:

  66. Good night scrubs.

    My dreams are usually too horrible to remember when I wake up. 😦

  67. Goodnight, my favorite peeps.

  68. I dreamed that I was in church and I had to keep ducking teh church people because they wnated me to meet Bo, their Messiah. lol Even though I hadn’t slept in a really long time, I wasn’t even annoyed when somebody woke me up instead of just letting me sleep.

  69. Seriously, Gods, I wouldn’t be annoyed after a dream like that either.

  70. LOL No more BO dreams! I’ll give up deep REM forever!

  71. Sigh…
    Well, I guess I’d better turn in too.

  72. Me too. I have to get up in a few hours to go to Old Man’s Breakfast. Homemade muffins, yum!

  73. Why are you sighing LI?

    Sweet dreams. I wish I could view your photos, but my internet connection sucks. *sigh*

  74. Wow! It was nice to wake up to all these great photos! Thanks guys!

  75. Wow, lovely pics. She will be a smashing hit on the international circuit for these 4 yrs. Loved that pantsuit collage. She has so many that she doesn’t have to come home for laundry. Bill will meet her overseas anyways.

    Hillary – solve that israeli-palestinian prob and the Nobel will be waiting for you. Now the race is on betn Hill and Bill. Who gets the Nobel first? She for her SOS work or Bill for his Africa work?

  76. Love the pictures, what a great way to start the day. Thanks

  77. Wonderful picture, ya’ll. Perfect thing to wake up to.

  78. What an inspiration, mothers everywhere should make a collage for their dayghters.

  79. What a sweet pic.

  80. Now I am looking at the others that folks have linked and I am tearing up.

  81. OMG these pictures are so wonderful. I especially love the old ones of young Hill and Bill, but even pictures from their most rocky moments are filled with an amazing chemistry, passion, and tenderness. They are something.

    Here’s a cute one: http://forthardknox.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/billl-hillary.jpg

    And check out these dirty longhaired hippies:

    Another cutie: http://www.autographinglive.com/Bill_Hillary8x10a-1.jpg

  82. Wonderful photos, all. Thank you so much!

  83. I just wanted to add, a couple of years ago I saw an interview with HRC where she was asked about being married to Bill and she said that even after so many years, and so many things they’d been through, that she was still just crazy in love with him and she knew some people would call it foolish but that she couldn’t imagine a single other man she could feel that way about. She was just glowing when she talked about him.

    I’m reminded of that lovely movie “Once Around” where Holly Hunter is standing up for her husband, who everyone in her family thinks is a jerk, and at one point she starts crying but then she stops and yells at her family, “So he’s arrogant. Why shouldn’t he be? He’s remarkable!!” That’s who Hillary reminded me of in that interview.

    OMG I love this one: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/143/388148772_a8757d0fb9.jpg

  84. I absolutely love that you love HIllary … whadda guy !!!!
    I am firmly convinced that the greatest men in the world were great because they appreciated women as people , with all their strengths weaknesses and and feminitiy . Men who recognise the humanity in women beyond their sexuality have a more highly evolved component to their personality and character than men who do not.
    Men who say they love women as an exuse to serially hit on them not only have no clue , they dont love women , they love their own penis 😉

  85. Just catching up, and thank you for those pix. Sigh…I’m all verklempt.

  86. *sniff* that photo soo makes me long for the days when she was all ours in Little Rock. waaaay back then is when I started to hope she’d be POTUS one day. And yes she was a knock out in every way then just as she is now. Before I started to investigate Hillary’s career and saw what a great woman she was I don’t think I ever seriously thought about who I’d love to have as the first woman POTUS. If she is not in that office one day America will have missed a great opportunity.

  87. “No. I’m sorry honey. It is not ‘Yes WE can. It is yes HE can.”

  88. Patriarchy means BROs b4 HOs.

    Someone suggested elsewhere that it should be CHICKS br PRICS! I’m all for that.

  89. Thanks for all the memories, and smiles along with tears…
    it was a time of passion..a time of thought..it was a time… of maybe.. can we take her to the top…
    can we? ..
    so sad..so low..maybe tomorrow…not today…

  90. Great photo! Wow…

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