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A Holiday Treat

For one of my favorite bloggers

171 Responses

  1. The girls are funnier.

  2. MMM…Alec Baldwin…

  3. Fredster – LOL! He sure comes off as a blowhard, doesn’t he?

    My hubby, every time he sees Matthews, starts yelling “Shut UP! Shut UP! Shut UP!” at the TeeVee. It’s a visceral reaction that he can’t prevent, and quite hilarious!

  4. Fredster
    Somehow, you managed to keep with the topic – just read the words in the link 😉
    me, I think of South park’s Chef and his salty balls

  5. Madamab: That was when he was still hot.

  6. Found the Chef video

    and a special British offer to raise the level of discourse: the Ballad of Barack and Joe based on A. A. Milne

  7. watching the clip again…HAHAHAHAHAHA – the women are just soooo hilarious!

  8. And now I am in moderation – possibly for offering two links (videos)

  9. If my husband turns on MSNBC (I NEVER turn it on, EVER) and tweety is on I just say “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO” incessantly until he turns the channel. We have his book in our house (No, it was not me who bought it) from a couple years back b/c he grew up in Philly. Tis the season for charitable contributions. I’m sure there are plenty of Obots in Philly who will pick it up for a quarter!

  10. SOD: LOL!

    TRK – I still think he is hot, older and chubbier as he is.

    I don’t agree with his Obamalove, of course…


  11. Chris Matthews is an @sswipe. I hope he **does** run for the Senate from PA and loses BIG TIME!!

  12. I’m back — all the talk in the last thread made me hungry — I went down to the deli and got myself a turkey club –that’s turkey, cheese and bacon!

  13. Fredster – Me too. He will be more gaffetastic than Biden!

  14. MB: My new celeb love is Rufus Sewell on the TV show 11th Hour.

  15. Heh. I had a hamburger. I am the ultimate in EEEEVVVVIIIILLLLL!

  16. TRK – Really? I like Jason O’Mara on Life On Mars.


  17. SOD: now you’re talking. That sounds terrific!

  18. Kim — as far as tv celebs, after John Hamm on Mad Men (of course) I’m liking that Jason O’Mara on “Life on Mars”

    As far as movie stars go — Viggo Mortensen, hands down.

  19. madamab! LOL — I just wrote the same thing — I’ve never even seen the show but I saw a clip of it last night & my eyes perked right up!

  20. Angie – LOL! The show is very cool, actually. But O’Mara is teh dreamy!

    And Viggo is great too.

  21. I’m not a big curry fan — I’ll eat it if I go to someone’s house & they serve it me, but I’d never order it in a restaurant. Kind of like sushi — if that is what everyone else wants I will not argue & I’ll go eat it, but it would never be my first choice of where to go eat.

  22. madamab — after I saw the clip (I guess I missed the show last night, I saw the preview for next week) I thought I’ve got to start watching! Good to know the show is good too — but I would have watched anyway! LOL

  23. BTW – did you guys get an email about the Sternly Worded Letter the House is going to send Bush so he doesn’t pardon himself and his cronies for their war crimes?

    Yeah, I’m sure that’ll work.

  24. madamab — was it as “stern” as the letter B0 signed (that Hillary wrote) to W re: the contraceptive executive order?

  25. OK, gotta go sing for my supper. Later, Conflucians! Don’t let those poor suffering turkeys spoil your afternoon.


  26. Oh, Myiq this is so great!

  27. And the people who check say that heads are exploding in the blogosphere over B0’s decisions

  28. Just reported on FOX and NYT: Hillary accepts nomination for SOS. Guess it’s official; well, actually she won’t appear and make her statement until after turkey day.

  29. On Tuesday afternoon the love of my life my doggy of 13 years began having seizures. I took him to the vet immediately. After two hours they were able to stop the seizure by putting him into a coma. He was then transported for overnight care to an emergency vetinary hospital. He remained in the coma until the next morning when they attempted to bring him out of it. He began seizing again. We were told that we should put him down. I agonized over the decision and by the time we went back to the vet to put him down, he stopped seizing onhis own. My vet then suggested that we give him a couple of hours to see how he reacts. He was seizure free the rest of the day and at the end of that second day he began to walk with assistance. He was kept overnight again and on Thursday, he continued to improve, so much that we were able to take him home Thursday night. He is now on medication and is able to walk without assistance. He is unsteady but is on his feet but is improving every hour. He lost most of his eyesight, but all the vet believe that he will regain some of it back. The only problem he has is that all the vets believe that he has a brain tumor that caused the seizures. They estimate that he has about a month left or so. My husband and I plan to make it the best month of his entire life. And who knows, he is a fighter and has already beaten the odds of survival once. I am cautiously optimistic for him. I consider him my little miracle.

  30. Checked out O’Mara, so so, I like the dark, brooding type. Google Rufus Sewell, he is hot with that dark hair and blue eyes.

  31. Fl VOter, I am so sorry and hope your companion and bestest dog friend ever pulls through.

  32. “Sternly Worded Letter the House is going to send Bush so he doesn’t pardon himself and his cronies for their war crimes?”

    Are they threatening to hold their breath if he does it?

  33. I would be so upset if my Tammy Faye was ever sick.

  34. yes plural and refuse water too

  35. TheRealKim,

    Thank you. I know that whatever happens, I tried my very best with him. He gave and continues to give my family unconditional love.

  36. I think we should try (subject to real life developments) to keep Fridays funny

  37. FLVoter — aw, I hope he is ok — it really sucks when a pet gets sick or dies. When I was a little girl something similar happened to our dog (seizure, putting him in coma, etc) but he didn’t make it. So, enjoy the time you have left with the guy.

    My cat Monty has been with me since he was 6 weeks old & is now 15 — I don’t know what I’ll do without him.

  38. myiq — I’m doing my part — I haven’t done a lick of work all day!

  39. Sheri:

    It’s official when it’s official

  40. angie:

    Well come over here and li . . .nevermind

  41. myiq — don’t tease me!

  42. Tammy Faye has only been with me two years but I love her just the same.

  43. When Obama himself says he is nominating Hillary and she herself says she is accepting I will believe it.

  44. Hey hey hey get a room. (with large windows and leave the drapes open)

  45. FLV – sorry to hear about your dog..
    ::moment of silent and respectful reflection::

  46. Kim — I admit, I love my Monty more then my other pets (I have 2 other cats & 2 dogs) — (a) I’ve had him longer; (b) he is just plain smarter then the other ones; and (c) he was with me during some very hard times during my marriage — heck, I think taking care of him is what helped me retain the little sanity I have left.

  47. So, at least we know there will be one competent person in O’s cab
    I’m glad for HRC

  48. Richardson for Commerce Secretary. Ugh.

    New Mexico and Arizona both lose their governors.

  49. I adored the dog that got me through my divorce. He has since passed. 😦

    But Tammy Faye is pretty goofy and I always laugh when I call her name.

  50. I have a magnificent canine friend who worships the ground I walk on. He is my bulwark against loneliness. I love my crazy puppy.

  51. You’ve brought tears to my eyes, FLVoter. I know what you mean when you say “my animal love.”
    Good luck to you and your doggie.

  52. LOL — I was just thinking how great the name Tammy Faye was!

    And yeah, a pet that is with you through a divorce is “special”

  53. still can’t believe this
    just opened a letter from the local cat shelter thanking my husband for his donation of turkeys for thanksgiving dinner for the cats.

  54. Aw, Lissa closed the comments on “The Great Turkey Massacre”

    The tide was turning on Shakesville

  55. catarina! NO WAY!! LOL

  56. myiq — really? I’ve got to see that!

  57. Foo Foo is doing much better ($375 later)

  58. yes, angie, really
    and the crazy cat people at that shelter will make turkey dinner for the cats on thanksgiving-it’s a really good place.
    Nursing homes for the elderly aren’t this swanky.

  59. Yes, Angie, she is a lovely white faced pomeranian with black all around her eyes. We noticed the resemblance, hence Tammy Faye. People think we are crazy. We probably are.

  60. It is being reported everywhere that Hillary accepted the SOS position, not just from FOX.

  61. bullshit myiq you made that up!

  62. ugsome:

    Dogs have masters (or mistresses)

    Cats have staff

  63. cat:


  64. Where are katiebird and BB?

    We have 29 comments in the moderation queue that need to be dealt with.

  65. I meant the story about “Welfare”
    I was replying to that comment did it disappear?
    you made it up-right??
    if not that is one Rude SOB

  66. I haven’t worked much today either. This morning I accepted a settlement offer of 30k on a case I thought was a sure loser.

  67. Kim — OMG! I like the name even before I heard the description — PERFECT name for her (most of my animals are named for famous people they resemble too — Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Bridget Bardot, etc — so I totally dig it).

    myiq — glad to hear about Foo Foo.

    cat — what welfare comment?

  68. Kim — don’t you love money for nothing? LOL

  69. FLVoter – my heart goes out to you. I lost my best friend 25 years ago – blue merle sheltie – and swore I would never get another dog again. Well, a dog – a puppy, found me(just like my cats “find” me) right before I had a series of major losses in a six month period. My Jack is the only close being who realized and accommodated my becoming profoundly deaf. He is a natural hearing dog as he alerts me to everything I need to know. He will paw me til I pay attention. Now he is 9 years old and he has lost most of his sight. He has traveled with me, he has saved/protected my twin grandsons, he has toured Monticello, flown with me. While he makes me laugh and gives me comfort when I am down – he is so civilized and socialized while in the company of others. People remark how well behaved he is. So I consider him my miracle – they are such wonderful beings. I know the food angle but I have no other explanation for the empathy except that they do love you. I hope your miracle stays as long as he can.

  70. It makes me feel much better that Hillary is in his Cabinet. I’m feeling something strange…I think it’s “hope?”

  71. myiq — I went and saw the thread at Shakesville — poor babies, don’t like being called out on their bull do they?
    (I also saw a pretty insulting comment about you — something about “myiq & his PUMA something are coming over here to teach us about feminism” blah, blah, blah) I LOVE how they pretend that they can totally be a$$hats toward Palin just because they had a sexism watch about her — they still voted for the a$$hole who ok’d all that sexism didn’t they?

  72. amber — doesn’t make me feel ok at all because if in fact Hillary is SoS that means (1) things are worse then they appear – enough so that even an egomaniac like B0 realizes he needs someone as qualified as Hillary as SoS (2) when B0 fails (and he will) everyone will blame it all on Hillary instead of on B0 and (3) if Hillary is going to end up doing all the work, she should have been the president in the first damn place.

  73. So are we supposed to like Obama now that he’s named Hill as his SOS? ‘Cause it’s just not happening for me.

    You’d think with all of these Clinton people being brought in that I would feel better about his presidency, but I don’t. Funny that.

  74. Boo — all my cats have found me too — (plus more, whom I find homes for) — I don’t understand people who actually go out & “buy” a cat.

  75. Angie when I was 11 I had a pet praying mantis, named him Billy Graham.

  76. Boo:

    Our dear friend Skip had a hearing assistant dog named “Rocky”, he loved that doggie to death. He would let him know when someone was at the door etc. He spend Skip’s last days w/him on his hospital bed at the VA in FL.

    My little Alfie, a wire haired Jack Russell suddenly couldn’t walk last week, we thought we were going to have to have him put down. He went on steroids, and got a little better, we took him for acupuncture on Wed., and now he’s a LOT better. He was a rescue, and is very fearful of everything, but he has been so good through all this. I recommend acupuncture for anyone’s animals, if you can find a vet than can do it. Works great on all animals.

  77. Kim:

    I LOVE PRAYING MANTIDS!! I had a bunch of great pictures of them from this summer, they were all over our gardens. Fascinating creatures.

  78. OMGODDESS I thought i was the only one in the world with a pet preying mantis …we fed her grasshoppers …


  79. Yep, money for nothing is pretty good. This was a motorcycle wreck caused by an oil leak. I figured it would be poo-pood as road hazard, but we located the car. It had been towed the next day and the oil pan had ruptured.

  80. Piper,
    The problem as far as I’m concerned is that George W. Bush had his father’s foreign policy team and how’d that turn out? I’m not feeling better because in the end Obama is going to have to make the decisions just like Bush did and we all know how that turned out.

  81. Yeah, but Clinton’s administration was way better than Bush the 1st.

  82. I don’t feel better at all if in fact HRC has accepted this post. Makes me nervous. I know things are bad. I live in this country after all. I know Hillary was the only one who could have made it better–as President. I just don’t want this to fall on her head as SoS.

  83. I don’t want Clinton as SoS… it just sets her up to take the heat for Obambi’s stupid decisions

  84. Kim! OMG — perfect preying mantis named Billy Graham! I love it.

  85. angie:

    They don’t hate women, they just hate “that woman”

  86. I don’t want Clinton as SoS… it just sets her up to take the heat for Obambi’s stupid decisions. Look at what happened to Powell’s credibility when he was Bush’s SoS. It is a terrible thing

  87. myiq — lol — yeah, it seems I’ve heard that before somewhere, hmmm, let me think! LOL

  88. I just have a terrible feeling that Hillary will become Obama’s scapegoat just like she became the Dems scapegoat on Iraq.

  89. oops… I’m in moderation… I said Pow3ll

  90. Piper — I think that exact thing will happen — its the opposite of “not having her to kick around” — I actually can’t believe she would be so stupid to walk into an obvious trap. That’s why I’m waiting confirmation from her before I believe it.

  91. Thank you all so much for all of your stories and positive thoughts. I know that when my precious little dog passes he will take with him a piece of my heart. My husband and I over the years have rescused numerous dogs, but my little one is the only one we have had since he was a puppy. He is very special to me. I really will be lost without him, but in the meantime I will cherish every moment I have with him. His presence in my life has been a blessing.

  92. Hey Bob: stick it! You’re right–no one DOES

  93. Coincidentally, I learned about the biblical originsof the term scapegoat today. It is a goat the figuratvely speaking carries off the sins of a given people. So, who’s the messiah again?

    I don’t even trust the media after how they fouled up Stephanie Tubbs-Jones’ final day of life. They’re just not good people.

  94. oops–no one DOES control HRC. Deal with it dude.
    (meant to post the quote):

    Woodward Knocks Clinton SoS Choice
    Now that it’s considered a foregone conclusion that Sen. Hillary Clinton will be the next secretary of State, the chattering class is weighing in, including legendary reporter Bob Woodward. FishbowlDC has obtained an advanced transcript of this weekend’s “The Chris Matthews Show”, in which the famed Washington Post reporter had this to say about Clinton’s nomination as SoS:

    Being president is about control, and tell me who ever controlled Bill or Hillary Clinton. They can’t control each other. … I think it’s because Warren Buffett and Paul Volcker and others have convinced Obama, ‘You’re going to have to focus like a laser on the economy. That’s issue Number One. And give Hillary and Bill the world.’ … I think people are fantasizing or smoking something if they think Joe Biden’s going to call Hillary Clinton up and say, ‘This is what we want you to do.’

  95. FLVoter — and remember, dogs life in the moment — he had a good life & that is all he knows — you are the one that knows he doesn’t have much time, not him — so enjoy every second of it & you all be happy.

  96. Let’s see what happens after Thanksgiving. Until then, I shall delve into these many books I bought today. I just got Boom by Tom Brokaw. I’m fascinated by the 60s. And Hillary is on the cover so of course I bought it.

  97. fif — who are you talking to? Who is “Bob”?

  98. Angie said “You all” She is southern and if she is like me proud as hell of it.

  99. Bob Woodward thinks life is all about “control.” Tells us more about him than about Hillary.

  100. “Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat and accept the position of secretary of state, making her the public face around the world for the administration of the man who beat her for the Democratic presidential nomination, two confidants said Friday. ” – NYT

    What ever will you do now?

  101. Support her, of course. And Bill. As usual.

  102. Blind quote?


  103. Wouldn’t someone have made a statement by now if the appointment wasn’t true?

    Has anyone waded over to Cheetoland to see the carnage?

  104. Unless those two confidants are Chelsea and Bill, bite me.

  105. There are NO statments right now. No one’s saying anyhing till after Thanksgiving.

  106. — as usually just lurking –

    FLVoter, — I pray your dog surprises everyone and lives another 13 years !!! My cat is the love of my life. We will keep your dog in our thoughts !! I was looking in the thread for his name and don’t see it.

  107. Not you, Piper. Ta-da.

  108. Next week the econ team will be announced, which is apparently why the stock market went crazy today.

    It’s about time. Somebody needed to look like he was taking this seriously.

  109. He should have done Econ first.

  110. Gee, the Clinton bashing continues as now they are saying she has done nothing as a senator. This is how they defend her? Why don’t they compare Obama’s record to Clinton’s in the senate to high light the point…cuz they want to protect him.


  111. simofish,

    His name is Mister B. The B doesn’t stand for anything. He just looked like a Mister, and my niece added the B.

  112. Yes, he should have done econ first, to show seriousness. It’s not a good sign IMO that he didn’t realize that. Geithner’s name has been out there all along.

  113. Ta Da misses the whole point. OF COURSE BO had to choose Hillary. He certainly doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, so he picked the person he claimed had no judgment OR foreign policy experience to interface with the world. I’ll feel much safer knowing someone with ACTUAL experience is keeping us safe, not some flashy Teleprompter Jesus.

  114. Geithner? Good reputation or questionable? I’m getting used to crooks.

  115. Thanks Regency.

    What ever will the Obots do if in fact the Empress of All Things Evil has been ushered into the land of Hope, Change and Rainbows?

  116. I feel bad for all the Obots out there…….(not really)……….but come on — the evil woman they bashed, mocked and who is HORRIBLE…..has said OK to being SoS — the Obots must be besides themselves.


  117. Mass kool-aid chugging contest.

  118. FL Voter:

    My vet did her acupuncture training somewhere in FL. I have really seen remarkable things with it used on my animals. They don’t have preconceived notions of what will work with them, that’s why I think acupuncture and herbs work well on animals. You should see if you have a holistic vet in your area. It couldn’t hurt, really.

  119. I stepped away for a second & am a little lost here.

    Kim — who are you responding to with this:

    TheRealKim, on November 21st, 2008 at 4:05 pm Said:

    Angie said “You all” She is southern and if she is like me proud as hell of it.

    You are right though — I’m American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God!

  120. Hey, let’s complete the picture: BIG DAWG FOR TREASURY SECRETARY!

  121. Jonestown style.

  122. Fif: That’s what I want!

  123. griffithinc,

    My mom and you are on the same wave length. She ‘s already doing the research for me. I agree. I don’t have anything to lose.

  124. Let’s look at the good side: all the Clinton dismissers can now officially kiss her a*s. As Maya said:

    Rise Hillary Rise.

    You cannot keep brilliance and light hidden. She always prevails, and they hate her for it.

  125. I am a man with a small penis, pretending to be a woman

  126. I’m sneaking at work–got to get back.

    love you guys!

  127. fif — on addition:

    She always prevails, and they hate her for it — that, and the fact that she does it without a penis.

  128. When Bush came into office, he did everything 180 degrees different from Bill, on purpose.

    So people from the Clinton admin are change, by definition. IMO.

  129. Her, I trust; him, I despise. She’ll be brilliant at any and all things. He’ll be a disaster she’s stuck with. So are we.

    Hmm, can we have a SoS sleepover? Condi, Hillary, makeup and mani-pedis?

  130. Ange: Her brain is more penis than they’ve ever seen.

  131. That’s great FL, I hope you find someone. My corgi went paralyzed in her back end, and acupuncture worked miracles with her, she’ll be nine in Jan, and this happened 3 years ago. And my little Alfie, was so much better after his treatment on Wed. He’s going back on Monday for a follow up. He’s about 7, and his paralysis came on w/no warning. I’ve seen it do great things w/horse and cats too.

  132. Regency — I still love Carville’s quote during the primary: If you took one of her balls & gave it to B0 he’d have one & she’d have two.

  133. Ange: Ah, my ragin’ cajun. When he was on, he was on!

  134. Regency,

    Is it wrong to say that SOS is the Lifetime TV of cabinet appointment?

    Plural–He used ‘Change you can believe in’ during the primaries and trashed the Clinton Administration every chance he could get until he secured the nomination. Hiring Clinton people is not change; it’s hypocrisy.

  135. Piper: Not wrong at all. True. Some of the programming is good, some of it’s bad. Maybe Condi can give Hillary some friendly advice about how to avoid being hated around the world. After all, what better way is there to learn what not to do than to have already done it? In fact, Condi should have taken lessons from Hillary the first time.

    Is it true that Condi’s gonna go work at a women’s college? Wellesley I thought I heard.

  136. griff — I have a friend who had a little Pekingese who developed really bad arthritis — accupuncture worked miracles for her.

  137. a president with initials that denote smelly underarms or “TJ” (for Telepromtor Jesus)? you be the judge!

  138. Regency — the judge I used to work for married Carville & Matlin — she is from the same town in LA as Carville is & their families go way back.
    They had the wedding in NOLA and a second reception back in DC for the DC crowd — my judge was invited to it & to a dinner at the WH –she turned it down because she had promised her grandson a fishing trip! She is probably the only person in the world who has turned down an invitation to the WH! LOL

  139. I’ve used acupuncture for a bad rotator cuff injury, it’s the only thing that gave me any relief.

  140. The jokes overseas will commence in two months times.

  141. Piper, I know he did that.

    And it is hypocrisy, because Clinton isn’t in office now, Bush is. And he did everything different on purpose.

  142. Ange: I bet she is. I’d go. Even to see George. I’d want to see if he’s really that clueless in person.

    Y’know, this whole cabinet thing suddenly “amuses” me. Everytime I think I have no reason to keep caring about this thing, they pull in Hillary and me with her. From when she suspended. To the Convention. To the Election. Now until after Thanksgiving.

  143. Since Tuesday not much has changed. The great O is still a being an enormous pen!s head. If Hillary becomes his SOS does that mean the great O will be a “castrato” as Tweety identified some men during the primary?

  144. GAH — I just ventured over to TL to see how they are handling the SoS thing — not much except a post by BTDickhead celebrating the fact that B0 has “rejected CDS” — oooh, how wonderful! He used & abused it during the primary (not to mention inventing PDS during the GE) but isn’t he wonderful now? BLECH.

    Also, is it terrible of me to feel a twinge of joy @ finding out that Jeralyn was robbed? I mean, they stole her laptop, flat screen tv & “Tumi” briefcase (btw, for anyone who doesn’t know, Tumi briefcases are around $500). I find it pretty hypocritical for someone who carries a Tumi briefcase to give another woman grief about the $ her wardrobe costs like she did to Palin & have to think this was some kind of karmic payback.

  145. Regency — Oh, I’d go too, even for W (I might not do it for B0 — I don’t like who he hangs out with).

    The “dragging Hillary” back in thing is why I still will not believe it until it is official — it still reminds me of all the VP talk, etc.

  146. Ange: That’s part of what makes me skeptical. She is the news cycle maker. Always has been.

    I wouldn’t go for BO because I’m not sure I’d come back.

  147. Alright — I don’t even have the will to pretend like I’m working anymore — I’m going home now.

    See y’all later!

  148. Later, Ange. I’m off to listen to Golden Girls while I nap. Love them!

  149. Bye gang. FL: hope your baby is better.

  150. HRC will be great.

  151. A friend of mine was watching Fox when they announced Hillary would accept the SoS — the stock market shot up 500 points after the announcement.

  152. simofish dammit I was supposed to meet you for dinner tonight-
    I was so psyched!

  153. If only they’d been this confident in her when she was still running.

    *has visceral hate for everyone who made this happen*

  154. catarina — I know, bummer. I am trying to find a decent flight to Hawaii from Jan 17th – 23rd — so I don’t have to read a paper or see the news. Looking for 1st class but it’s too expensive for what I want to pay.

    Anyone want to meet us in Hawaii ??? We’re going to Lihue, Kauai

  155. simo that sounds divine, maybe you can find a biz class seat.
    Did you look at kayak.com?
    I could never take a substantial amount of time off in January-it’s my ugly busy time.
    I will get to SF for a weekend, tho 😉

  156. I just heard the news about Hillary for SoS on driving on the way back from a conference on NPR radio. Not sure how to describe how I felt, but not a tingle up my leg. More like a rush up from the neck to cranium – unusual, not sure how to interpret, and I usually know what those morphic reactions mean.

    Perhaps it won’t be all bad, but I really wonder what the heck is going on with the Clintons and Obama(s). I’ve not had Internet access for the last several days, so grateful to come here as soon as I landed home to see how you all are reacting. Recalled what Hillary said about appreciating that we “had her back” (covered her back) during the primaries. Wonder if she could benefit from people doing that for her on the inside.

    Of course, it begs the question: All the Obama supporters, MSM alleged journalists, and pundits who have trashed Hillary and Bill – what are they going to do now that she’s on his “team”?

    Still trash them, or hypocrites, all?

  157. Isn’t this the anniversary week of the mass kool-aid drinking in Jonestown?

    There probably isn’t enough koolaid in obamabot land to suppress the howling going on about BO’s cabinet.

    FLvoter – if you are still around: my heart goes out to you regarding your dog. Thanks for sharing the story with us.

  158. Guess it goes to show you can’t keep a good woman down.

    Though they sure try hard.

  159. I found a first class for $1171 — but the times where shitty. Plus – I could buy 2 tickets in coach for around the same price — so I just booked coach. Not a big deal.

  160. I hear Regency saying she won’t believe the news until Hillary has spoken. I don’t know what to think. Kinda sad. Still don’t want her anywhere near that creep! Feel that he’s setting her up as so many others feel. Wish she had decided to maintain her independence for a run again in 2012 when his ratings are way down. Now, does she have a chance at all? Is there anything good that can come of this other than she will be working hard to protect us, that is, unless the Zero gags her.

  161. Hi all – Just checking in. I’ve been dealing with work politics for the past couple of weeks – ugh. Greatly prefer hanging out with you PUMAs.

    Very bummed about Hillary. Why would she give up her autonomy? Is she doing all this for Chelsea’s future in the party?

  162. Ok — bitter laughter moment: my least offensive obot friend (still an obot) voted for Obama in the primaries because she thought Obama would be sooooooooo much better interacting with foreign powers, she’s so abrasive and he’s so suave, and his foreign policy would be so much better accepted by other countries. But now he’s appointed Clinton! Ahhh, it’s killing me. Lol, be careful what you wish for, obots!

    I’m still not so thrilled about Clinton as SoS though. It is probably the most prestigious cabinet position, and gives her some super stature, but it still means losing her voice on important domestic policy issues (esp. health care and HOLC), and it’s not like any other Alleged Democrats will do sh*t for us. I can’t fault her, though, for prefering to have her own cabinet post over watching the 99 losers in Congress around her f*ck things up.

    Also, I think it’s a huge signal that Obama’s definitely going to do a big nothing on healthcare (why else make Daschle! Sec HHS and NOT her?). I wasn’t really expecting him to, but at least he could have strung out the hope a little bit.

  163. Continue to trash them. They cannot help themselves. As Somerby said, these “bimbos” (his word) cannot open their mouths without sexism and anti-Clintonism spewing out. They will attempt to belittle, mock, and minimize her role. I say, let them spew–and stew.

    “Boo — all my cats have found me too — (plus more, whom I find homes for) — I don’t understand people who actually go out & “buy” a cat.”

    Yeah, how does that happen??? The cats who haven’t found me, I’ve gotten from the shelter–and that’s only in the extremely rare cases where I was down to one kitty and no strays or unwanted pets were available for the asking…There are always cats around!

    At this point I’m also the neighborhood-appointed Crazy Cat Lady whose job it is to round up the strays and take them to the shelter…Most recently, I am totally relieved I managed to get two of my crackhead-soon-to-be-evicted neighbor’s cats to the SPCA before this horrible cold weather hit. She still has one more I’m trying to wheedle away, and a bird…

    FLvoter, the prayers of my whole assorted fur-bearing household are with you and your doggied. Best wishes.

  164. Look, maybe Barack finally realized he had to actually do the WORK of being President and he got scared about it. If you knew your own reputation was on the line in the world, wouldn’t YOU choose Hillary to be your Secretary of State? I damn sure would.

    We just have to hope that he is doing it for that reason and not to take her down.

  165. simofish — the one time I went to Hawaii, the flight was overbooked in coach so they were letting people upgrade to bus. class for $50. If your flight looks really booked you should ask about an upgrade at the airport.

    I have few helpful hints for living, but that is one of them.

  166. funny but on so many levels so wrong!

  167. I must step back and think …….. wasn’t Richardson on his knees in Oregon …. while blowing Barry he kept repeating “secretary of state, secretary of state” I heard the same thought was going through Kerry’s head. John Edward’s was saying “attorney general”

    I am so disappointed in HRC for campaigning for this guy that frankly I don’t give a shit anymore what she does. Still love her ….. but I think our affair is over. Sarah is still looking good. Wink, wink.

  168. We swear by acupuncture -the whole family and now all of our friends use it. It’s overcome sleep apnea, MS, allergies, arthritic pain, etc. etc. and helped our kitty.

  169. New thread up!

  170. Well, actually, imo, SoS does give her a platform to run for Prez. Frankly, if Obama screws up she won’t have a record of supporting him with her votes in the Senate. Look, the Clintons play chess while Obama plays checkers. Look at Obama’s picks so far: Napolitano, Daschle etc. What on earth was he thinking with those picks? She’ll be out of Washington and I hope she negotiated a lot of freedom in her job. An Obot friend of mine is certain that any criticism of Obama is either switfboating or racism. She constantly says that any criticism of Obama is the same as the swifboaters did to Kerry. Now, what is she going to say now that Obama has swiftboated Kerry?

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