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Thursday: SOS

SOS.  Does it mean ‘Secretary of State’ or is it the international distress symbol?

Last night, on Lions Share, Sheri asked us to predict what is going on with Obama’s offer to Clinton of Secretary of State.  I think we can all assume now that a genuine offer was made.  I don’t know what’s going on with the media types immediately indulging in a feast of Clinton bashing but I think they should know by now that it only works with the stupid Obots.  The regular folks out there know the media has some kind of irrational hatred of the Clintons and they trust Bill and Hill much more than they trust the New York Times editorial page columnists.

So what is going on with the SOS position?  I can’t really say except that it is really a waste of time for the rag of record to be going on and on about Bill’s divestiture of his foreign contacts.  He would have done that if Hillary was elected as well.  I suspect that if Hillary is considering this seriously, she’s holding out for some measure of autonomy.  And if Obama is trying to make her say no by burdening her with too many conditions, I think it will backfire.  The longer it takes for him to settle it, the more time she is in the news and the more people are going to wonder why she’s getting the shaft in the Senate while Tom Daschle gets all of the credit as Secretary of HHS for writing a book last February on the healthcare crisis.  I’m searching my memory banks for evidence of his expertise from his Senate days and I am seriously drawing a blank.  More and more it looks to me that there is a concerted effort to keep Hillary as far away from healthcare as possible.  Yes, it is that obvious.

So, what’s in it for Hillary?  Well. the country’s reputation has suffered a significant blow under the Bushie administration.  I can imagine that a person of Clinton’s stature would be very welcome.  She would be America’s foreign president while Obama can stay at home and tackle domestic issues he knows nothing about.  I suspect that the post would make her stature rise and she would outshine him once more.  Even the hateful media would be forced to cover her and people would once again see right through the rotten, nasty, crap coverage she is bound to get.  Hey, she was still winning primaries up until the very last day even after the media told her it was over.  What does that tell us?

As for international distress symbols, we learn today that companies are asking to not have to contribute to our pension funds until the economic crisis is over.  Niiiiice!  Those pension funds have only lost $250 billion lately.  Couple that with the loss of 401k funds and I am really looking forward to spending my golden years with Brook.

I can remember telling my mother not to vote for Bush- both times,  I knew he was going to rob us blind but did she listen?  Did the entire country listen?  I share the Europeans shock that we re-elected him, knowing what kind of person he was.  It seems increidble that the country could be hoodwinked into voting for a person so obviously a kleptocrat and hostile to government.  I didn’t think we could ever make a mistake of that magnitude again.  But with “the New New Deal is off the table” Obama, we may have met Bush’s equal.

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  1. “But with “the New New Deal is off the table” Obama, we may have met Bush’s equal.”

    Waaahhh 😥

  2. Does this also mean that we not only elected Bush twice but thrice????

  3. They’re different. Bush was deliberately incompetent. His goal was to make government completely useless. He has succeeded beyond his wildest expectations.
    Obama is just over his head. I think we saw that in his debate performances.

  4. “Obama is just over his head.” As in a little knowledge is a dangerous thing?

    During the campaigns I heard people rushing to “protect “Obama from attacks esp by Hillary and then that bad, bad Sarah.

    After the GE, I heard repeated calls to “help” Obama.

    In my local small town Republican paper, the editorial (AP) was on what a hard job Obama had already as president-elect.

    This guy is a master of deflection. He manages to create high expectations and no accountability at the same time.

  5. Morning Riverdaughter — another wonderful product of your hypergraphia.

    Here are two theories:

    1. Obama wants to have as many well-known and respected souls on board as possible when the ship is state is floundering in order to deflect and defend his stolen turn at the helm.

    2. He was trying to put a knife in the back of Hillary and Bill by leaking the SoS in order to eventually leak they had “failed” his conflicts vetting. The CDS of the press would have accepted it without question and chewed on it for weeks thereby politically neutering them to some extent. He forgot Hillary and Bill wrote the manual on close-in knife fights.

  6. “He forgot Hillary and Bill wrote the manual on close-in knife fights.”

    Yes, it’s as much about her decision as it is about Barack now. Barack doesn’t want to share the spotlight, though.

  7. Prolix, I agree that Obama was trying to knife Hillary and Bill with the SOS leaks. I have no doubt that the stories supposedly leaked by Hillary about SOS were actually leaked by Obama’s people to allow the media to continue the Clinton bashing. While I think Hillary would be a magnificent SOS if allowed to do what she knows is right, I do not trust this Obama one bit.

    Headline as I signed into my email this a.m. —

    “Obama promised change, picking insiders”

    Was it Daki who was going to quickkey “I told you so” for entry around the web?

    F1: I TOLD YOU SO!

    Great Post RD.

  8. tpfka,

    With Daschle, the consummate pol as HHS secretary, my thought was, “Now there’s change we can bargain with.”

  9. I’m thinking that the Republicans deliberately threw the election — McCain wasn’t the choice of the ultra conservative and they stayed home (advice of ministers???)

    Whatever — we are now being treated to the spectacle of chaos.

    I am beginning to suspect that Obama’s style of “leadership” is really no leadership — he’s going to follow the Chaos model of governing. It’s been years since I’ve studied governing dynamics or leadership dynamics — but I clearly remember one style is the chaos model. The “leader” doesn’t give direction or guidance — this person just expects his subordinates to figure out what he wants. If the employees (or family members) can’t “guess” then the boss or parent can be very harsh. Plus the problem is that Obama’s has a Narcissistic personality. NQ has the second of a series of articles about the Narcissistic personality — worth reading, because this personality type is one you will run across at some point in your life.

    The other thing about Obama — he’s a sexist pig. I think he’s rather proud of that fact.

  10. For those still hoping for some kind of change in government, this AP article definitely dashes it.


    Seems the mystery man known as Obama is “picking [Washinton] insiders” for administration posts after all. Kickbacks for giving him his latest “promotion”?

    If you do read this, please note the description of Senator Clinton as “a well-known Washington PERSONALITY”, not a two term Senator, not a presidential candidate who beat Obama in the popular vote, not a former First Lady and children’s right advocate…just a Washington “personality”!

    We all know that Obama, like GWB, doesn’t function well under pressure so how well do you think he will handle this


    I had never heard of Shariah-Compliant Finance until I saw this. This is as dangerous to our country’s autonomy as borrowing money from China.

  11. OT Just got Tipping Point yesterday. Am enjoying reading it starting with the Afterward.

  12. offering someone a job and adding impossible conditions is no job offer at all.

  13. Prolix: I think Daschle is “change we can roll all over” !!

  14. when GB senior was in office, did anyone question GB junior’s *foreign relations*? that wud be a be fat ***no***…

  15. or, when GB junior ran, did anyone question GB senior’s *foreign contacts*? which he has a plenty…

  16. o/t because I don’t really have an opinion on the SoS. I can see pros and cons for Hillary depending on which way the wind blows. I personally hope she stays off the Titanic, but it is her choice, and I continue to admire, love and respect her choices even though I do not agree with her support of Obama and wish she started a new Party.

    The main thing I logged in for today was just to say having heard Lions Share last night I can officially confirm that Riverdaughter is my hero! 🙂 I love all the PUMAs and I don’t want to take anything away from Betty Jean and Sheri who are also totally kick ass awesome but I really could relate to some of things you said last night especially Kim. As you were Conflucians, carry on! 🙂

  17. (waving) I’m on Hillary’s side if she wants to take it BUT — I’m hoping the story about her working with Sen. Kennedy as one of 3 Senators pulling a Health Care Plan together is true.

    Does anyone have fresh coffee?

  18. I think that Obama owes lots and lots of people and now is payback time. The DNC manipulated the process, so we should not be surprised that the DNC is now measuring for the drapes. I also believe that Obama does not and will not work very hard. I see a Reagan-type presidency , where Obama is in front of the camera and the worker bee types are controlling the policy. The new rule on Executive Summaries will be to ‘craft’ it to yes or no.

  19. In moderation and anyone who knows me knows that moderation is not my strong suit.

  20. The SOS business is just another way to trash the Clintons and apparently the Clintons are OK with this. They must be getting a lot in return…
    In the meantime, we’ve got Daschle and his lobbyist wife to deal with….UGH! And the petitions against Vilsack are already up and running!!!! Can’t we all get along???

    The Scanner-Politics 11/20/08 (CHANGE?? Daschle at HHS, His Wife and Lobbying; Organic Consumers Org. So Ticked at the Thought of Vilsack at Agriculture That the Petition is Already Going Strong; Froma Harrop on “Palin’s Next Career Move” Will Raise Your Blood Pressure


  21. it’s odd for sure… I guess this msm brainwash really works when no one else is asking…

  22. It was an accident. I never would’ve turned on MSNBC on purpose. The idjits at MoJo were talking about Larry Summers. All three of the regulars were defending Summers, mumbling and whining that “special interest groups” aka women, shouldn’t have that kind of influence.

    They sequed into bashing the Clintons because the NYT said that Bill said that he would do whatever he needed to do to clear the way for Hillary to be named SoS.

    It was the multi-car accident that I couldn’t not watch until I was saved by a Wal-Mart commercial.

  23. it pisses me off that loser daschle was chosen as health secretary.

  24. SOD there was a memorial service and neither Obama nor his sister went to it. It was attended by 150 people. Supposedly, they are going to join together as a family and mourn when Obama can fit it into his busy schedule (over Christmas). There were probably a few times that his grandmother fit his needs into her busy schedule, but my saying that is ra cist.

  25. Isn’t Mrs Daschle like Mrs Super Lobbyist and that was one of the angles used to defeat Sen Weinie-man. So is Mrs Super Lobbyist going to turn over all of her contacts? Yeah I thought so.

    I also think Pres and Sen Clinton have switched the vetting hoopla on Pres elect Obama. The leak was made to humiliate her because they thought they would refuse to turn over donor lists etc because they have something to hide and he could retract the offer. They don’t. So she is now vetting him. And where the heck is Biden? I thought he was the expert on foreign affairs and he is nowhere to be found.

  26. Excellent article from Marie Cocco re: glass ceiling.


  27. JeanLouise. Why should 51% of the population (ie women) be even seen as a special interest group!!?

    Have you heard about all the books and dvds the msm are releasing regarding the ascendency of “The 0ne”? I saw it on a blog earlier if I find it again I will post the link. Yes they can!

  28. seems to me Daschle was always anti abortion….so tell me again how I HAD to vote for Barry in order to preserve a woman’s right to choose?

    Daschle is the ultimate Dem hack. & How great was his Senate leadership?….now he’s in charge of our health?


  29. Now that Obama has gotten a lot of Hillary’s supporters’ hopes raised that she will be Secretary of State, he’d better not pull the rug out from under her. That’s all I have to say. As if anything Bill did could be as corrupt as Obama’s fundraising and his dealings in the Chicago combine.

    IMHO, Obama is going to be worse than Bush, and not just because he is over his head–because of the people behind him.

  30. Is it me or are we actually taking a nostalgic walk down “Memory Lane”? I mean, are we really back in the 90’s or what? Not that those years were all bad, just that The One promised “change” and so far, unless he is speaking of only his address come January, I am looking at the same folks whose names were synonymous with the Clinton years.

    As you said, this guy is in way over his head but he is lapping up the press accounts of comparisons to FDR and Lincoln for God’s sake without one ounce of reason attached. This “hopey, changey” crap has run its course.

    We can attach any amount of nefarious perambulations to his current decision making with regard to SoS but my feeling is that he needs – make that imperitive – to surround himself with some means of competence as he himself is so lacking. His entire campaign rests with his handlers, not himself.

    He was sold as a package owed to brilliant marketing and now he must deliver. His complete lack of any substantive experience has now come center stage. Hillary as a possible SoS completes that characterization. If I remember correctly during the debates they were poles apart in their approach to foreign policy. The signals so far are mixed. Do we look upon this consideration of her as a display of his lack of know how or do we judge it as her acquiescence to carry out his muddled comments in that area?

    So far I have seen nothing in any of his “decisions” that would lead me to believe that this upcoming administration is going to differ very much from what we have endured for the past 8 years.

    He owes too many for so much and I do not as yet see his “stamp” on anything so far. Just more of the same with a retro cast of characters led by a neophyte who has yet to show signs of “change”. He is “leaning” on the past, i.e., the Clinton’s, which leaves me with a sense of bewilderment.

    Who is in charge?

  31. Just for clarity I mean women should not be described as “special interest” that is just another way of minimizing and dividing. This whole situation is about the old adage “divide and conquer” I am sure of it. We need to fight back harder than ever.

  32. Not that I believe it will make a difference–this election cycle has dashed most of my faith in politicians listening to ordinary people–but I wrote to Senator Clinton to urge her not to accept the SOS position. We little people need her to remain in the senate fighting for us. We have few champions there, as it is. In these times we cannot afford to lose another one.

  33. bostonboomer, on November 20th, 2008 at 8:36 am
    BB, I agree. And you know even if Barry hired Hill with the best intentions( lol) he has this personality tick that makes him treat women badly…he can’t help himself.

  34. Pat, if I was obot, I’d be pissed. The final blow for them will be Hill as the jewel of Barry’s Clinton 3.0 administration !

  35. purplefinn: “This guy is a master of deflection. He manages to create high expectations and no accountability at the same time.”

    Excellent description of B Zero!

  36. Rant on.

    The design studio I work at has put up a blog and one of the kids I work with posted glowingly about the “successful” Obama brand. His post was so over the top, practically Swiftian, that I found myself wondering if it was satire. Finally deciding he was serious I then asked the CEO if I could respond. (Yeah, that’s how much I fear retaliation. Pretty sad.) She said she liked my comment and to feel free to put it out there. It was short and sweet.

    The kid had written that “patriotism and blind loyalty” have gone the way of the dinosaur so I titled it “The New Dinosaur” (which looks a lot like the old dinosaur IMHO). And I asked: Is propaganda really “branding”? And, if so, is that a good thing?

    What I didn’t say is replacing “blind loyalty” with “brand loyalty” isn’t actually a step forward and spending $700 million to win the presidency is utterly obscene.

    Further, Obama is hardly the first man to take a logo and sell himself to a nation using an ambiguously uplifting message coupled with scapegoating certain segments of the citizenry. Do they not teach these kids history anymore?

    Rant off.

  37. To badly paraphrase Churchill: Never in the field of politics was so much owed by so little of a man to so many.

  38. paper doll: The Obots have to be asking themselves just what they got with this empty suit. If it was to obliterate the Clinton legacy it sure has not worked. Reaching back and bringing forth as those retros from the 90’s must be grating on their little sharpened teeth. Why not go whole hog and elect Hillary then if this is what he considers to be “hope and change”.

    He stands as a “symbol” and nothing more. This man has not had a creative thought in his head since he had to decide between pancakes or waffles.

    It just goes to show how little the average voter matters in these elections. It is still the backroom crowd who guides these decisions and to hell with the rest of us. We get ourselves all twisted up in moral indignation and decry the loss of fair play but in the end it matters not.

    We can cry foul play, the Obots can cry foul play, but the special interests win out. This was their guy and we have to live with it.

  39. purplefinn and gxm17,

    “This guy is a master of deflection. He manages to create high expectations and no accountability at the same time.”

    How do I sign up for that? I want to skate and get all the credit!

    But seriously,

    This whole thing is an acid flashback. I know from experience, that it is the abused people in a sick family system that tend to contort themselves to cover for the ultimate abuser. Not sure why the worst of people get that kind of effort on their behalf.

  40. PAT!!!

  41. Pat Johnson, on November 20th, 2008 at 8:55 am

    well said as always

  42. Its pretty simple–BO and his supporters were running against women, all women–not against the Clinton administration.

  43. pumalliance,
    I understood you. No problem. I think the problem is that they see feminists as mutants instead of as themselves or their sisters or mothers, wives or daughters.
    I’m trying my best to ignore the onslaught of made-in-China memorabilia. I refused to buy the newspaper on the 5th, too.

  44. great news!

  45. TakeBackGameNite, on November 20th, 2008 at 8:14 am Said:
    offering someone a job and adding impossible conditions is no job offer at all.

    The narcissist is the master (or mistress) of the no-win situation, the double-bind.

    Take my word for it, I was raised by one.

  46. I hope Hillary doesn’t become Sec’y of State. I see it as a loss for her, but I am not sure why she didn’t automatically reject it. Nixon’s sec’y of state #1–remember him? No? That’s b/c Nixon completely sidelined him by naming a more powerful National Security Advisor whose name we all remember. But we do remember Colin Powell, that Republican we all thought had honor until the Bush admin made him walk through the muck. Either way, I don’t see how Hillary can come out of this shining.

    A friend of mine just sent me an Obama post of promises for his LGBT friends: passing the Matthew Shepard Act, ENDA; getting rid of DOMA, and “don’t ask, don’t tell.” I would like to believe these promises, but since they come from Obama, I don’t. Getting rid of DOMA, which under any other prez would be a good thing, just opens the door for Obama to throw the issue of marriage back on the states and we know where that leads: his supporters all vote to make gay marriage unconstitutional.

    I don’t know which end is up. I feel like I am in political hell and it’s neverending.

  47. JeanLouise, that’s one of the biggest problems facing any feminist movement. It’s a dirty word to so many women. And it shouldn’t be. We really need to work to change that.

    I’m heading to work all. Catch you at lunch time!

  48. Sounds great!!

  49. I suspect that the post would make her stature rise and she would outshine him once more. Even the hateful media would be forced to cover her and people would once again see right through the rotten, nasty, crap coverage she is bound to get.

    I agree with you here Riverdaughter. The media would have to cover Hillary in the news and it would have to be positive as how could they say anything negative about Obama’s administration?

  50. {{{{{{{Pat}}}}}}}}

    All I am hearing from Obots, including my former friend, are statements like, can you at least lay off complaining about him until he is sworn in or he isn’t even the pres yet, give him a break.

    I try to tell them that is the point, this is not change, but the Clinton cabinet.

  51. The powers that be were intent on forcing the square peg into a round hole and nothing was to about to get in their way. If they had to use ra*ce, misogyny, fear, they did it and trumped the opposition.

    What was clearly on their side was Bush and a GOP ticket headed by a lackluster candidate whose own party was disenchanted.

    We are now stuck with this idiot for the next four years, possibly 8 if he gets his way, and I see nothing so far to firm up my original resolve that this is the wrong candidate for this job.

    Why the Clinton’s wish to continue another game of slap and tickle is beyond me. But then again, I am not too bright.

  52. For gxm17 – hope it helps u feel better.

  53. The thing with Obama’s grandmother’s funeral still strikes me as just bizarre and abnormal.

    I still can’t figure out from what I’ve read whether the poor woman’s body has yet been buried or cremated, or what. Can it really be the case that she’s been put on ice until her family decides it’s convenient for them to bury her? Or was she buried without any ceremony at all?

    I don’t really believe much in any of the conspiracy theories about her, and certainly not about her death itself, though I have to suspect there was some bad blood between her and at least Michelle.

    But I just don’t even know of a case in which a family that was not very seriously dysfunctional didn’t arrange to have a funeral service within a few days of a loved one’s death. The only exceptions are when there are extraordinary circumstances of the death or in the family — perhaps the person died as a soldier in a war, for example.

    And I find it pretty remarkable too that no one anywhere seems to find this whole affair at least weird enough to comment on, and puzzle over. It’s like there’s a cone of silence over it — maybe because Obama has to be granted a ritual honeymoon period entirely free of any criticism.

    Maybe my own reactions to this is too much based on my own experiences in what families do when a loved one dies, but, really, I just can’t think of a case like it.

  54. granny was MIA during the 2 year long campaign as well. I frankly have no idea when she actually died. Seems she was poorly , but okay and then “died” very advantageously for Barry the day of the election….odd

  55. I think I read somewhere within the last 2 weeks that Granny was laid to rest and that a memorial service was held in Hawaii.

    If memory serves, Obama and MO will attend a “memorial service” for her when they vacation next month during the Christmas season.

    Something is wrong with this whole family dynamic. Who knows what really happened with this family and his place in it? Perhaps it was not as rosy a picture as he sought to portray. The same applies to those Kenyan relatives whom I seriously doubt he ever knew. But something is definitely missing here. The love and respect for a woman who supposedly he owes so much too is not visible. Something went wrong in this family as he did not bother to take the time to lay her to rest.

  56. From Foxnews:

    Service to Country, Personal Ambition Plague Clinton Decision on Cabinet Post

    Hillary Clinton’s “agonizing” decision over whether to accept Barack Obama’s offer of the secretary of state position could be the result of her weighing whether she has a better option staying put in the Senate or just no taste for the workload.
    I’m not posting a link. It gets worse. “No taste for the workload”???
    Those fuckers.

    Meanwhile, I just got another email from HRC asking for $$ to pay off her debt.
    I was hoping maybe Obama would spare her a few bucks. Is that just delusional?

  57. Just one other point about Obama’s grandmother’s funeral.

    I raised the point elsewhere once, and was told by an Obot that, in effect, it was presumptuous to dictate how another family chooses to deal with its grief.

    But the issue isn’t how a family chooses to handle its grief. Burying a loved one and performing the ceremonies we do is at least as much about paying respect to the loved one as it is about one’s own grief. We can choose to grieve in any number of ways (not that all of them are equally good or show equal compassion in any case), but paying respect to a loved one has far more limited options. Among the ways one generally pays that respect is by breaking all engagements in one’s life and coming to the funeral.

  58. catarina, on November 20th, 2008 at 9:22 am Said:

    “No taste for the workload”???

    That’s a laugh!!! LOLOLOL!

  59. If Obama, “The One”, could turn his back on his Chicago constituents and let them freeze, why would we be surprised that his attention to Granny would fade?

    It shows his lack of empathy and sympathy and paves the way on how he easily he will be able to turn away from us.

  60. A story that illustrates what a wuss Daschle is…

    When Hillary first arrived in the U.S. Senate the Dems were getting pounded in the media by the well organized opposition. Hillary went to Tom and asked him to let her organize a media War Room so the senate Dems could respond strongly and quickly. Daschle told Hillary-

    “This is the U.S. Senate, not hand to hand combat”.

    Daschle went on to prove his point by helping write the IWR (not understanding the language of the resolution even as it was pointed out to him that it was too broad) and losing his seat.

    Yep, he will do a great job as tough guy on UHC – NOT.

  61. Media–

    Jurniliztik Entegritee: Ur Doin It Rong

  62. My understanding of his grandmother was that she suffered from extreme osteoporosis and was disfigured from it and travel was difficult for her due to her condition.

  63. paper doll, on November 20th, 2008 at 8:34 am Said:

    seems to me Daschle was always anti abortion….so tell me again how I HAD to vote for Barry in order to preserve a woman’s right to choose?

    Daschle is the ultimate Dem hack. & How great was his Senate leadership?….now he’s in charge of our health?

    They claim to ‘protect’ a women’s right when ‘they’ tell you, and only when they tell you. It’s a boyz club and Daschle is a special one and therefore he can have what EVAH position he wants. Palin on the other hand was a ’50 foot woman threat’…they had to protect us ‘wimin folk’ from her.

  64. I too find the treatment of his grandmother bizarre, but only if I forget for a minute that is Obama we are talking about. Has he ever shown any kind of feeling? He has ever spoken about his family with any kind of affection? He clearly hated his mother (see autobios which have a very flat hippy-chick portrayal of her). He doesn’t pay a bit of attention to his relatives who are living in poverty in Cambridge except to say they should be deported! He is a heartless man.

    I read one article this morning posted by AP on Yahoo in which Hillary was described as a powerful Washington insider, a well-known person, etc. all as if she had not run for President and we might not know who she is. HUH?

    We are living in strange times. We cannot trust this man. No matter what, stay vigilant.

  65. Daschle has flip-flopped on choice so many times he’ll be growing an extra head any day now. He really stabbed NARAL in the back at one point.
    Obama will continue to surround himself with anti-choice people so he can deflect blame as women’s reproductive rights are eroded.
    I’m sure the church folks the dems have been courting are just thrilled.

  66. I was so happy when Daschle was not re-elected. I think he always bent over for the Bush admin. Now he is the Bush admin (Bush/Cheney III aka Obama).

  67. Paper doll

    contact pcmck she have some information for you

  68. I can’t remember cabinet appointment time being so dramatic.
    Was I just not paying attention?
    This seems downright chaotic to me.
    It’s scary.
    The world is watching.
    Terrorists are watching.
    Our government is in a shambles and so is our economy.
    The affirmative action president “needs our help”
    could America possibly be any more vulnerable?

  69. good morning Regency

    I hope you feel well

  70. Even NPR last night had a whole special report about how Obama is going to disappoint progressives and liberals in a major way. The reporter (I think it was Mara Liasson but I don’t recall) even mentioned the growing anger of the blogosphere. Hehehehe….I guess she was treated to the spectacle of feces-flinging that I endured yesterday when I waded over into the Great Cheeto Swamp.

    Someone at Talk Left noted that the best part of Hillary as SOS solely for the sheer joy of watching Olbermann, Matthews, and the prog-bloggers writhe and twist and go into major mental meltdown. Well, and that she would kick ass as SOS. But I can’t deny I’m enjoying all of this I TOLD YOU SO stuff.

  71. RD: “I suspect that the post would make her stature rise and she would outshine him once more. Even the hateful media would be forced to cover her and people would once again see right through the rotten, nasty, crap coverage she is bound to get.”

    I wish, I wish, I wish I could agree with you. She could easily outshine him. But you are assuming the media is fair and balanced. She will NEVER be credited with anything worthwhile. All kudos will go to O for his brilliant leadership. She will continue to get crap. And even more crap when some things go south, as they inevitably will.

    We have all been in that place, as a woman, when a male boss or colleague takes credit for our accomplishments. And O is that boss x 10.

    Do you honestly think O will allow her some grace? Or the media?


  72. “Personal ambition”? “No taste for the workload?”

    This has gone beyond bizarre.

  73. Morning, footsoldier. I feel all right. Hope you feel well too.

  74. I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  75. “I can’t remember cabinet appointment time being so dramatic.”

    catarina, that’s what everyone is saying. At first I thought, “OK the MSM is telling me what to think, ignore it even if it reflects badly on Teh Precious…” But from what I’ve been able to research, you are correct. Most other preznits in transition remained silent about their appointments–some until well after the inauguration, even.

    There was never this much drama. My boyfriend Joe Scarborough has been going after Obama relentlessly for this “sloppy” and “overwrought” drama. Oh and he actually used OUR TERM for Obie this morning–when Mika tried to defend him, Joe said sarcastically “Oh, I know we aren’t allowed to criticize The Precious.” JOE IS A PUMA I KNEW IT!!!

  76. Hi dee

    Are you my dee??

  77. News reports this a.m. suggest the face-to-face meetings are over BO’s advisers are going through some “final vetting.” The ball is now in HRC’s court. I wonder how the reported appointment of Kerry to Chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will affect her decision.

    Also, Napolitano is being tapped for Homeland Security. She would be surrounded by Bots–what a nightmare.

    RD: You said they’re pushing her far away from health care, but Kennedy just offered her a key position working with him right? And who knows what kind of condition he is in.

    If she does take SOS, it will give her a powerful international profile of her own, and she will look more presidential than he does, as usua. She will be stellar. If she doesn’t, she’ll keep churning out legislation and raising her voice in the Senate. Whatever she chooses to do is fine by me–I just love that she has emerged from the ashes of the primary season with more power, not less. It makes the Bots and the MSM insaaaane! Gotta love that.

  78. You might need to wear a tin foil hat before wearing this, but this may explain Obama’s strained/strange relationship with Granny Dunham. Sounds plausible to me.


  79. Joe doesn’t like teh villification of his mistress.

  80. “kleptocrats” LOL

    Once source says Obama wants to vet every single speech Big Dawg gives before he gives it..

    Maybe the SoS is not a serious offer? Just scratching his nose again?

  81. BTW

    That guy in the video (Andy Martin) kind of reminds me of Ed Rendell. He’s cuddly!

  82. Dancing

    I keep thinking all those European countries and other foreign nations
    that were so in love with Obama must be saying, wow, this guy is a fucking asshole! The PUMA’s were right all along!

    Is this going to get better, or is this what he have to look forward to the the next four years?
    Secret negotiations, media hype, unburied bodies in HI…

  83. What does Napolitano know about homeland security?

  84. At first I supported Clinton becoming Sec/State. I’ve since changed my mind. I think it will be a disaster for her; she should remain in the Senate. It would be nice for her to become the Senate Majority Leader, but whether or not Reid steps aside, I still think Clinton should remain where she is; keep her distance from Obama’s administration.

  85. Once source says Obama wants to vet every single speech Big Dawg gives before he gives it..

    I don’t like this at all.

  86. Big Dawg already said not so much to that. BO can look but he’s not willing to submit every single speech for veto before he gives it.

    Like someone said upthread, a job offer with impossible pre-conditions is no job offer.

  87. Hillary Clinton’s “agonizing” decision over whether to accept Barack Obama’s offer of the secretary of state position could be the result of her weighing whether she has a better option staying put in the Senate or just no taste for the workload.

    LOL! Yea, I’ve suspected, watching Hillary for years, that she is just a slacker in disguise. She hides it well behind those 20 hour workdays and prodigious legislative output. She’s really just yearning to play Nintendo and sit on the beach. Her cover has been blown.

  88. Fif: Nintendo is so 90s! She’s playing wii!

  89. plural, on November 20th, 2008 at 9:57 am Said:

    What does Napolitano know about homeland security?

    ha! would does Daschle know about HHS?!

    we are so screwed

  90. It is evident that Obama is hiding something.

  91. what? no one remembers nanny gate? Bill couldn’t get anyone for AG who the press didn’t hound about their nannies until he found Janet Reno….who had no kids . Also it seems to me Baby’s Bush 1st term took forever to announce people, since it didn’t matter who was supposedly in each Dept, since Cheney would be actually running them.

  92. Ohhh the irony! BO, who has been carried to the presidency on the shoulders of many sycophants, is a virtual unknown. Bill, who has been grilled over the coals for years and years is expected to submit to an oral cavities check for the Prince’s pleasure. I would love to hear the conversations between Hill & Bill about this twit.

  93. Why have we had two of the wimpiest men to serve as Senate Majority leader in Daschle and Reid? It would seem we could have done better than these two cyphers.

  94. Reg: you’re dating me sweetie 🙂

  95. He wants to “vet” Bill’s speeches. Uh, is that like copying his homework?

  96. Pelosi has taken full advantage of Reid’s “wimpiness”, pat. I think she
    beats him

  97. Fif: Bill has revived the tradition of breaking expensive vases against the wood-panelled walls.

    Obama is hiding that he knows nothing about Government. He’s doing a bad job of it akshually.

  98. He is probably afraid that Bill will say: “Look, don’t blame me, I tried warning you that this guy was unsuitable but thank God for Hillary who will save his skinny ass”.

    I can see Obama wanting to get ahold of that script!

  99. Fif: Sorry! I can’t talk, I grew up playing Ninetendo, Playstation, Sega Genesis, the like.

  100. Pat: wimpy appointments for wimpy president. Seems right to me. We’re all just going to hold hands and the world is going to magically align. Tell it to Iran who the IAEA just reported has accumulated enough uranium for an atom bomb. They just need to refine it and it’s unclear if they have the expertise.

    Meanwhile, the toughest player is a woman–but that just makes her a b*tch.

  101. It looks like Obama is jealous that Bill can give a great speech without reading from a teleprompter.

  102. When Pelosi or Reid face the cameras I have to control my urge to gag. Two of the most unproductive members of the establishment outside of Alberto Gonzalez. Dumbkopfs!!

  103. No worries Reg. We need your fresh eyes!

  104. Pat J: LIke Bill has to write that down! Bill doesn’t need a teleprompter to say what he means which is why they’re wary of him giving speeches at all. Big D goes off script and all hell breaks loose.

  105. These fresh eyes need glasses but these bones hurt so I ain’t getting up to get them.

  106. Pat: did you see that documentary clip produced by Zogby of Bot comprehension? Every single one of them thought that Congress is controlled by the Republicans. Wait until they realize that the abysmally rated Congress they just voted for is still controlled by the same inept faces. Then again…they probably won’t, since they don’t pay attention.

  107. Sure Bill’s each speech can be vetted ahead of time, because he can just speak off the cuff anyway. Does he have to agree to read straight from the teleprompter with no asides as well?

    I guess those innocent sounding zingers Bill put out there this year have rankled.

    DancingOpossum – very interesting to hear a talking head use the term ‘the precious.’ hmm!

  108. Bill does have a hard time controlling his thoughts. This is a man who can speak extemporaneously on any given subject but I would love to be privy to his thoughts regarding The One. As a man whose DNA is peppered with politics, Obama must be the craw that sticks in his throat.

    Bill ain’t never been accused of possessing the “stupid” gene.
    Something tells me that a lot of what Clinton says about Obama goes something like, “*&*&^%^&$$# )($#@#^^!!!

  109. Suppose Bill gives a speech and there are questions afterward. Will he have to have a bot along with him to write the answers for him?

  110. They can’t exactly enforce “stay on the script or else” we’ll…cut off your mic? Take away your barbecue sandwich? Throw cupcakes at you?

    They’re scared of him because there’s very little they can do about what he says.

  111. I am in moderation with Roland Martin!!!

  112. And what if the teleprompter breaks?

    *diabolically plans to break every prompter in Big Dawg’s vicinity for 4 years.*


  113. He is the twice elected president of the US!! How dare anyone tell him that his speeches must be vetted. Who the hell are these yokels anyway! This guy is respected universally and they dare suggest his speeches be vetted?

    Give me a freaken break! Bill should just tell them, if he has not done so already, to stick up their butts. I have never been bored by a Bill Clinton speech on anything. The man is brilliant.

  114. Regency – “Big D goes off script and all hell breaks loose.”

    I’m hoping for a lot more of that!

  115. I for one would not wish to be on the bad side of Bill Clinton. Those Chicago thugs better watch their step.

  116. The “vetting Bill’s speeches” tells me that BO must still be mad about when Bill reported that at the height of the Wall Street panic BO said to his advisers “Tell me what to do and I’ll sell it.”

  117. If Obama is serious about Hillary for SoS he knows, he is not that stupid, that Bill is somewhere in the mix. I think he is most reliant on that fact even if he won’t admit it. Bill may have his flaws but stupid is not one of them. This is a guy who worked overtime for a peace initiative that Bush through back in his face.

    I would rather rely on Clinton’s expertise and contacts than I would Kerry or Richardson. Obama has to know the consequences of his choice. Well calculated if you ask me.

  118. I just thought of another cool thing if Hillary takes the SoS job — Bill can then tell Richardson — “so, Judas, was it worth it? You could have been in Hill’s cabinet, you know, instead of Hillary getting the job BO promised you.”

  119. I was so hoping to be rid of Kerry here in MA. Deval may still get a nod for some position but it was Kerry being gone that made me happy.

  120. What are you all hearing about Tom Vilsack for Sec. of Agriculture? I got an e-newsletter from the Organic Consumers’ Assoc., and they mentioned the possible appointment. They had asked people to sign a petition asking Obama “to take a clear position in support of organic agriculture.” (Funny how you could substitute the last two words with so many other issues!)

    Anyway, reports of Vilsack has them pretty worked up: “Vilsack is a notorious cheerleader for genetically engineered crops and chemical and energy-intensive industrial agriculture–certainly no friend of organic food and farming. Tom Vilsack’s appointment would represent a major disappointment for the Organic Consumers Association and its members.”

    More disappoint for Obama supporters, and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

  121. (“disappoint” should read “disappointment”)

  122. I heard Penny Pritzker is going to be Sec of Commerce. A woman, good, but wasn’t she part of a subprime mess that caused Superior Bank to fail in the 80s?

  123. votermom: Yep, a Chicago player.

  124. Oh, and last night on Lou Dobbs a reporter was asked where Obama was on the debate re: auto industry bailout and the reply was “nowhere.”

  125. Can he be called something than a Democratic President now? He’s clearly not that.

  126. Best line about Kerry from some hyena head, “I’ve never met anyone who said, I really like John Kerry now that I’ve met him.”

  127. I also believe that Obama does not and will not work very hard. I see a Reagan-type presidency , where Obama is in front of the camera and the worker bee types are controlling the policy.

    honora: but he will do what (they think) he does best: give the BEST SPEECHES EVAH! That’s basically why people voted for him–he gives a good speech. I personally have never appreciate the blatantly derivative content and style, but I won’t be listening to them anyway.

    The other thing he does best: take credit for other people’s work. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of that too. The whole thing is such a joke. Mr. Change is now surrounded by the “old politics” he decried, and the strong, brilliant, experienced and savvy choice has to listen to this man-child who will be completely dependent on his advisers. I guess it’s all that mythical “judgment” that will carry him through.

  128. I heard Penny Pritzker is going to be Sec of Commerce. A woman, good, but wasn’t she part of a subprime mess that caused Superior Bank to fail in the 80s?

    votermom: there was a heartbreaking report on a Chicago radio program about Pritzker’s reckless management of Superior Bank, and how she walked away with a huge deal, and the “little people” were left with nothing. Of course this has not been “vetted” either. NOQ did several stories on her if you want to check the archives.

  129. Prolix: But I bet many have said, “His wife, now her I like.”

  130. Another Penny Pritzker fun fact to know and tell, she was the person who asked BZero to be the substitute speaker at the infamous anti-war rally in 2002.

  131. jules, I don’t know much about Vilsack except that he supported Hillary in the primary. But after googling, I’ve read some opinions that it’s a reward to Vilsack for dropping out of teh primaries early (I didn’t even remember he was running)?
    His qualification seems to be having been governor of Iowa…

    I wonder if we are getting someone with ties to Exelon for the Dept of Energy

  132. IMCPO, I think this whole Hillary as SOS story is a dog and pony show (I know! I’m so damn cynical these days..wonder why?). I think the DNC/BO knows she won’t pass the Bill Clinton donor list test and are out to embarrass Bill and Hill…..OR scenario #2…… he will hire her to get her out of the Senate so he can silence her on the Health Care issue which he has NO INTENTIONS of EVER doing anything about, THEN find something on Bill’s donors lists and have to fire her…they then can wash their hands of Bill and Hill. Honestly, I see this as the final nail in the Clinton legacy….in Axelrove’s eyes.

    It’s a dog and pony show. He hates Hillary and Michelle, I hate America, Obama, hates her even more.

  133. In what universe does Bill Clinton (who after all is not being appointed) have business-related conflicts of interest, but Penny Pritzker does not?

    This getting ridiculous.

  134. No audit on Obama donations but Bill being vetted is just another example of the hypocrisy that has run rampant throughout this election cycle.

    They tried to oust him with the Whitewater scandal yet the Rezko mortgage deal goes unexamined. Unbelievable.

  135. Also, I forgot to remind the useless U.S. Pravda that William Jefferson Clinton left office with an approval rating at 65%, the highest end of office rating of any President since World War II.


  136. Pat, the Chicago connection is a good point.So far that makes two in his admin:
    Rahm Emanuel
    Penny Pritzker

  137. votermom: And Axelrod is to be a WH adviser. They are just going to bus them all in from the Windy City. Rev. Wright will be on the next wave, wait and see. That is unless Bill Ayers gets to be Secy of Education. Stay tuned.

  138. pat
    maybe they’ll just move the WH to Chicago like they did with the DNC

  139. Here’s an interesting column on the “Team of Rivals” that Obama wants to implement.

    Looks like Obama should have been a little less shallow in his reading of history.

    But, I’ll tell you, for all his vaunted “intellect”, ‘shallow’ is the word that always comes to mind when I think of he has actually written or said.

  140. Well, it seems as though Rove has achieved his goal of having only one party.

  141. BO will certainly keep Axelrove — he owes everything to him, after all. I wonder what his official title will be?
    And what will Mayor Daley will get?

  142. Thanks TakeBackGameNite. I needed a good chuckle. 🙂

  143. Not to seem ignorant, but…….Did Obama say that a New Deal was off the table? or did you just say that based on his actions and his choices?

  144. Hi RD & Co.

    Well, great piece and I’m so sorry your company is doing that RD. I don’t trust those 401k deals. At all. Anymore.
    When I was first working companies had pension funds and retirement plans they offered to people. Gradually, companies started changing all that. Remember when HMO’s came in and you got three choices?

    My friend went back to school to finish her degree and is now a Special Needs teacher. She took out 90 grand in student loans for that. Each summer, she faces the State of CA sending a pink slip now. It’s insane, because they have undermined their own system — but not for the CEO’s.

    I read an article on that health insurance plan last night that said it would never work. Why would government make more of a welfare state on this? They need to address what the companies have done! How they got away with what they have in the last 20 years or so.

    As for Hillary, I feel so sorry for her. This deal is really a rock and a hard place — the whole thing has been. If I were them — I’d stay far away from this deal. There is something fishy about needing all that stuff of Bill Clintons and like everyone here has said not disclosing his own deals.

    Fishy. I feel that (after reading the news) yesterday it’s going to be grimmer than we think as the other world leaders deal with all of this.

    It’s like McC and Hillary represent the last era of decency in politics?

    What the press did to them, and the media is indecent — all down the line.

    and gxm77 —- good for you! it is so not about a logo isn’t it?
    it’s supposed to be about the DEEDS! — or so I always thought.
    Some company, RD. To change the rules — after they have profited on those 401’s. —

    Ugh. That kind of company needs a review by Government!
    I think that’s what is wrong.

  145. vbonnaire, I can’t adequately describe how sick I am of hearing designers go on and on about that dumb a$$ reworked Roy Rogers logo and “parsing” the Obama brand as if it’s something grander than blatant propaganda. I’d love to record a warning announcement: Step Away From The Logo. Unfortunately in my line of work it would be going off all day long.

  146. gxm77 —

    that “branding” trend really took off in the late 80’s with all the logos lining up like landscape —

    he just used it as a self-concept — once somebody here had a pic of Kerry up on a bike! Plastered in corporate sponsorship logos. I just laughed.

    I did a little research and now they are using “neuro” programming in here to drive it all. Guess who used that. With the animations.


    I’m glad I’m doing fine art for fun…..

    an artist will always be an artist, no?

    you too!

  147. perries, Joe Scar has long referred to Hillary as his “girlfriend.” He really admires her and as Regency noted, “Joe doesn’t like teh villification of his mistress.” Just another good reason to keep watching him!

    “William Jefferson Clinton left office with an approval rating at 65%, the highest end of office rating of any President since World War II.”

    Vickie, I loooooooove remind Republicans and CDS-infected Obots of this little fact, always adding, “Yes, Clinton was THE most popular president and that includes St. Ronnie”!!

    The idea of Obie’s team of pimply-faced Cheeto-stuffers vetting BILL CLINTON’S speeches….OMG. Hillary should tell them to shove their SOS on those grounds alone. She’d be much better off working with Kennedy on health care.

    Prolix, great line about John Kerry…LOL.

  148. Great writing, RD.

    I look at it this way: we were right about Bill Clinton (that he would be good), we were right about Dubya (that he would be bad) and we are right about Obama.

  149. The big story here is the leak – why was that done? Karl Rove – it takes one to know one

    : “Another early decision was to leak that Sen. Hillary Clinton was being vetted for secretary of state. The examination better find her acceptable. Any other selection now would embitter her supporters, even if she publicly declines the appointment.”


  150. On Facebook, I’ve noticed that many of my PUMA friends have now drifted toward GOP candidates. I find this very ironic. True, we were angry at the DNC for its treatment of HRC and BO’s fraud/cheating, etc. And many voted for McPalin as a protest vote or perhaps even as a gesture of “country first.” But to swing toward the Republicans/GOP candidates like Jindal, etc.? Heck, I’ve even heard some PUMAs want to support Huckabee! I am not sure if some of these PUMAs are seriously aware of what some of these Republicans truly stand for. They have never been for some of the values that I hear these same PUMAs say they’re for – LBGT rights, universal health care, women’s rights, social liberalism, etc. etc. Lately, I have even heard of PUMAs praise Ann Coulter! OMG! I think that many of these “PUMAs” who seem to be lost in their anger are doing a disservice to the PUMA “movement.” They seem like a bunch of lost sheep trying to latch onto anything.

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