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Nitecap and Conflucians Say

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had a harrowing day.  It’s been very busy at work lately.  It’s like they expect me to find the cure for cancer or something.  And this week is when the onerous parent teacher conferences start.  Let’s just say that as much as I admire teachers’ organizational skills and willingness to spend their lives trapped in a classroom with 20+ tyrants, we differ on matters of pedagogy.  My Brook is definitely a rhombus to a round hole.  Her sister was sooooo much easier…

So, I am unwinding tonight at Joe’s.  He’s the one with the long bar, lovingly polished every night until it gleams.  There are dark little niches where you can collect your friends around round tables.  The entertainment tonight is eclectic.  It’s a little French, a little jazz, a soupçon of classical.   The singer’s range isn’t extraordinary but the tune is light and refreshing.  I don’t want to go to work.  I don’t want to eat.  I just want to sit in a dark little corner and melt into my chair.

Don’t forget Conflucians Say at 10PM EST where you can let your hair down and relax with friends.  Only on PUMA United Radio, PURrrrr.

213 Responses

  1. I am soooo ready to talk! The timing is perfect!

  2. do i even want to ask how you found that vid?

  3. oh, pink martini .. Never mind

  4. “I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had a harrowing day.”

    I couldn’t relate more…. My day began (4:45am) with the dreaded words, “Mom, I threw up!”

    After the “Oh honey!” I venture, “Where?”

    Turns out–everywhere… And that was before work that feels quite like RD’s description. I’m beat.

    and now I am on BARF-WATCH for the other kid and me. I figure it’ll hit me Thanksgiving morning.

    Katie! RD!

  5. katie–guess which kid is the barf-monger….

  6. Barf Watch — us too. Only it was our dog who threw up all over the couch!


  7. i’m sorry joanie … hope it was just something she ate

  8. I was just going to ask — Q?

  9. Here’s how I imagine the conversation between Obama and Hillary went on the SOS position:
    “Hill, this is Barry. I’ve been thinking, you’d be pretty good as SOS. You’ve got that whole former first lady thing going for you, armed services committee, snipers in Bosnia. Ha-ha! {{crickets}} C’mon, Hill, lighten up! So, whaddya say?”

    “Ok. It’s the best thing for the country really. Of course, I’m going to want some autonomy. I’m not doing a Condi.”

    “Sure, sure, whatever you want. Of course, this means that Bill will have to give up biz consulting with foreign entities.”


    “And have all of his speeches cleared”

    “No problem”

    “Divest in foreign assets and give up the directorship of the Clinton Foundation.”

    “All to be expected.”

    “Oh, and we want to know who donated to his library.”

    “We can send most of the names of the donors over by courier tonight. Give us 48 hours to get releases from the others.”


    “That quickly?”

    “Well, sure. I mean, I was going to have to do this if I had been elected. Bill and I have been planning this since Oct 10, 2002 at 9:30am. We’re all ready to go!


    “Well, that’s great! Great.”

    “Anything else, Barack? I’d really love to start assembling my team, updating my contacts and going over the policies from my campaign. There’s a lot to salvage there. When can I meet with your national security advisor? We should do tea or something and smooth over some of those misunderstandings from the campaign. I don’t think the confirmation process is going to be a problem. I campaigned for a lot of new senators this season. So, when’s a good time to meet? Normally, I’m booked solid, but I will clear my schedule for you.”


    “Listen, Hill, can I get back to you?? Michelle is giving me hell about the drapes and you know how it is. Busy, busy, busy. Talk to you soon”



    “Hey, Harry? It’s Barry. Gotta minute? It’s Hill. I offered her SOS to make nice and she accepted. What? Are you kidding? It’s going to be Hillary, Hillary, Hillary for four solid years. I can’t fire her. Those damn PUMAs are starting to organize. Don’t you have some bake sale you can let her organize? uh-huh. uh-huh. Look, I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but Kennedy’s going to, er, retire soon. He can give her star billing on something you can all block together. Okay? Work with me here, Harry. Look, I gotta go. Bill’s on the other line. Catch you later…”

  10. Well…my Christmas, or what is left of it was ruined this morning by the chimney sweep guy telling me that our tile lining in the fireplace flue is cracked and the whole damn thing needs replaced. ALL EFFING YEAR MY HUBBY AND I WAIT FOR OUR RELAXING WEEKENDS IN FRONT OF THE FIRE AND NOW THIS!!!! $4000.00 to fix. sonuvabitch!

    Is anything going to go right in 2008????

  11. katie, how’d ya guess? Q!

    It’s the kid that tends to eat more in general, because it gives me more to clean up!

  12. dak,

    Thinking it’s the flu–he’s feverish. sigh. I have to figure out work tomorrow. I can’t miss any days right now.

  13. SOD: you could move to Somalia and become a pirate, that seems to be lucrative …. they’re getting a million a ship

  14. You know I don’t care. She would be a great SOS, but I would rather she stay in the Senate and get us legislation that will withstand the test of time. But she will do what she will do. It is obvious that my ‘dreams’ never become reality. I just did a 17th bday party for my middle child. We had 3 of 4 grandparents, we had food, we had presents, we had heat and light. I feel incredibly blessed. (No one is throwing up at my house, right now.) The DNC did this, I have little power to control my world. I pledge to survive.

  15. I love that Hillary in power is the scariest thing facing the American government lately.

  16. yes dakini — after we got the estimate and started to wonder how to or if to finance, I read your post and started searching for the cyanide caps.

  17. i know … this guys usually spot on too … really is worrying

  18. SOD, is there something called a triple-wall-insert that could get you by for a while without having to rebuild the fireplace?

  19. stateofdisbelief, on November 20th, 2008 at 9:44 pm Said:
    Well…my Christmas, or what is left of it was ruined this morning by the chimney sweep guy telling me that our tile lining in the fireplace flue is cracked and the whole damn thing needs replaced. ALL EFFING YEAR MY HUBBY AND I WAIT FOR OUR RELAXING WEEKENDS IN FRONT OF THE FIRE AND NOW THIS!!!! $4000.00 to fix. sonuvabitch!

    Is anything going to go right in 2008????

    SOD can you get a second opinion?? A chimney sweep told me that about my fireplace some years ago and turns out he was scaming me . when I hired the mason to fix it , not the same chimney sweep guy because he wanted an exorbitant amount of money , the mason said “there is nothing wrong with your fireplace , except the outside needs some small repairs and he had to take the chimney cap off to remove the overgrown ivy .”
    The mason even asked me” who told you your chimney needed repair”? and he knew who it was before I even answered him ….
    heck i didnt know about chimenys .. I almost got seriously scammed
    Get a second opinion … Just a suggestion……..

  20. i almost wish i wasn’t home today watching things go from bad to worse in the market … we’re way below what i considered the bottom threshhold … folks must really think things aren’t going to get better for some time

  21. i don’t think any of these appointments so far are inspiring confidence either … we need some of the econ team to get announced and they need real gravitas

  22. {{SOD}}}

  23. Once again, I think of RD’s visual of all of us here, with arms locked.

    Somehow we are going to ride this out. Because we pay attention. Because we anticipate. Because we are used to hardship, and we’ll share ideas on how to get through.

    We are a family. We’ll be in this together.

  24. thanks katie, swan and joanie — I’m going to check those things out.

  25. Dakinikat,

    That Celente guy is a little bit suspect to me, because he’s on Coast to Coast AM all the time. That’s a crackpot show where they talk about UFOs and Bigfoot and things like that. It’s my guilty pleasure to listen to it in the middle of the night.

    Also Joseph Cannon posted some of Celente’s previous predictions that were way off.

  26. Joaniebone
    There will come a time when you can look back and laugh. I promise you.
    Your children will have children that do the same things to them.
    You can blackmail your children with the threat ” do you want me to tell your kids what you did?”
    It is really fun. I do like being a grandparent much better than being a parent. I do not alway have to be the one to say no.



  27. bb: i ‘m hoping he is wrong ….

  28. I’m going to bed y’all — sorry to be such a wet mop tonight, but I’m exhausted!

    Good night everyone.

  29. Sorry about the plague hitting your house Joaniebone. I had a tiring day too. After meeting with a student I picked up my two nephews from school at 1PM (early release). I took them to the library (exhausting!). Then took them home and listened to them argue over who got to choose which computer game to play. I’m pooped! I think I’ll just listen to Conflucians Say tonight and hang out here.

  30. Me too, dakinikat! I really really hope he’s wrong about the food riots and job marches. Doesn’t sound too promising to me…

  31. Night, Angie!

  32. night, Angie.

  33. for Riverdaughter:

    Neurobabble is being used to promote teaching girls differently from boys–more disturbing because it’s being promoted by the president of the (British) Girls’ Schools Association:


    And someone has made up a new area of the brain and used it to shore up a weak argument about educating girls.

  34. I’m going to wet-mop too. The barf-less boy wants to watch a movie while the sickie is immersed in cartoon network.

    Nighty nite. Thank you, beloveds, for the kind thoughts and comfort .

    and nite sissy!

  35. I picked up my two nephews from school at 1PM (early release). I took them to the library (exhausting!). Then took them home and listened to them argue over who got to choose which computer game to play. I’m pooped!

    BB, you just described my daily life!! How old are the adorable hooligans?

  36. nite angie

  37. nite joaniebone

  38. BTW, I am a sappy mom over my gorgeous boys–even if they do fight over computer games.

  39. SOD–it’ll be okay. I second the second opinion concept. You could be amazed. There is always something you can do just to get by.

  40. I’m gonna do that whole wet-mop thing too. I’m exhausted.

  41. It sounds like it is time for a good soak in a bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine.
    When I had my bathroom redone back in PA, I got what they call a bubble tub. It had the jets and all the bells and whistles. I could not wait to take a bubble bath in this tub. I did not know that when you put bubble bath in these kinds of tubs it is like putting soap in a mixer.
    If anyone ever saw the movie Mr Roberts , my bathroom looked like when the laundry room exploded on the ship.
    There were bubbles everywhere. All I could do was sit in the tub and laugh.
    I hope that story makes everyone feel better.



  42. helen — I don’t want to laugh at your bubble story but what a visual LOLOLOL!

  43. Here is the link to an explanation of the part of the brain called The Crockus, named by, um, the legendary Dr. Alfred Crockus, who says that “a brain structure called ‘the crockus’ is four times larger in girls than in boys” with the result that “Girls see the details of experiences, while Boys Brains see the whole but not the details”. Hey, maybe they can be secretaries:


    Of course no one has been able to track down any licensing information for this Dr. Crockus, and his supposed hospital in Massachusetts is nonexistent.

  44. Joaniebone,

    My nephews are 3-1/2 and almost 6, and I adore taking care of them. But taking them both to the library is pretty wild.

  45. For a little bit of soul balm- I spent part of the evening listening to and singing along with “the young at heart chorus”- average age 82.
    They did a song that went something like this- enjoy your life, get out and have some fun, love and laugh,you can’t do it when you’re dead and gone.
    They have the right idea for bad days- sing, sing, and sing some more-even if you don’t know the words,high volume makes up for it.

  46. “Hey, maybe they can be secretaries”

    LOL Dr. Crockus’ “research” will underpin all the educational decisions in the new administration.

  47. My ex called me from DC. She works at Labor. She heard that Gov. Sebelius’s name is being floated for Labor. She didn’t understand why since Sebelius didn’t have a lot of experience with Labor. I said that it’s probably because the Obama transisiton team has gotten some flack due to the lack of females being nominated. I also wondered why they would take a Dem. Gov. from a Repub state. That just doesn’t sound very smart.

  48. If you are a player for Obama, he will give you a spot as long as your name is not Clinton.

  49. Cronyism 🙂 is alive and well… in the bo admin

  50. WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama is on track to nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state after Thanksgiving, an aide to his transition said Thursday.

    One week after the former primary rivals met secretly to discuss the idea of Clinton becoming the nation’s top diplomat, the two sides were moving quickly toward making it a reality, barring any unforeseen problems.

    The transition aide told The Associated Press that the two camps have worked out financial disclosure issues involving Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, and the complicated international funding of his foundation that operates in 27 countries. The aide said Obama and Hillary Clinton have had substantive conversations about the secretary of state job.

    Clinton has been mulling the post for several days, but the transition aide’s comments suggested that Obama’s team does not feel she is inclined to turn it down.

    Some Democrats and government insiders have questioned whether Clinton is too independent and politically ambitious to be an effective secretary of state. But Obama is said to admire her talents and experience, as do many other Democrats.

    Clinton would have to surrender her New York Senate seat, which she has held for eight years, to take the job.

    Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines would not comment Thursday night, except to say that anything about Cabinet appointments is for Obama’s transition team to address.


  51. God everyone is saying that Hillary is going to me SOS. I am so sad.

  52. In education, all that matters is a library and someone who can point the kid-O in a direction or too. However, America positively hates children, hence the public “education” (choke) “system”. Sardonic that the university that gave us the great books program has given us one of their lecturers. R. M. Hutchins would have been oh so very honored…. Of course, as is evident O never went through the great books program..

  53. lisadawn82, Sibelius name was floated briefly way back when as a substitute for the unacceptable Hillary as Obama running mate. Didn’t gain any traction. But maybe they found out that “a woman is okay but just not this woman” was just an excuse.

    Sibelius is Catholic and has been taking a lot of heat from the local Catholic establishment for her abortion stand.

  54. Dang, Mukasey collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

  55. Really? I live about 50 miles from Topeka and I haven’t heard about that…

  56. The country needs Hillary as SoS; maybe she doesn’t want to run for president again and wants this to be her legacy. It’s her funeral, so why shouldn’t she do what she wants. Besides, she’s a party loyalist.

    But what about that campaign debt? People turn down a lot of money when they take a cabinet position. They usually have someone else handle their business for them to avoid conflict of interest (except for Cheney). So Big Dawg won’t be able to give lots of speeches to pay down that debt.

    Where’s That One with the promised money to pay down Hillary’s debt?

  57. He was giving a speech at a Federalist Society dinner when he collapsed. No news on his condition.

  58. Mukasey collapsed

    I wish I had his health insurance.

  59. “I also wondered why they would take a Dem. Gov. from a Repub state. That just doesn’t sound very smart.”

    *shrugs* It’s not like party building is high up on the Bo agenda.

  60. about Sebelius from wikipedia:

    Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann has stated that Sebelius has a long record of supporting and advocating for legalized abortion and that her public stances have “grave spiritual and moral consequences.” Naumann also asked that she no longer receive Holy Communion.

    She can sure have communion at MY church.

    Her speech was pretty boring–when was that?–the response to state of the union?

  61. Har har! Obama’s cell phone records were “breached” by Verizon employees over the past few months. Good thing he voted to give them immunity.


  62. “Some Democrats and government insiders have questioned whether Clinton is too independent and politically ambitious to be an effective secretary of state”

    Excuuuuse me, but what the heck is that supposed to mean? Who are these Democrats and government insiders who are saying she’s too ambitious? What, she isn’t submissive enough to be SOS? Just like she was too ambitious when she ran for president, huh?? I think this statement is insulting, no matter what one’s opinion is about this matter.

  63. “Har har! Obama’s cell phone records were “breached” by Verizon employees over the past few months. Good thing he voted to give them immunity.”


  64. RD: That was freaking hysterical. You never cease to amaze me.

  65. DoraExplorer, I think it’s kind of funny myself. I’d like to be a fly on the wall–“C’mon, we all know Kerry has the perfect qualifications, he’s a brainless sheep! We need more dimwitted yes men!” LOL

  66. I am not the pheasant plucker,
    I’m the pheasant plucker’s mate.
    I am only plucking pheasants
    ’cause the pheasant plucker’s running late.

    I think I had better get some sleep I can type it but I cant say it ……… 😉 nitey nite all sending love and hugs and healing for the kiddies

  67. Obama’s cell phone records were “breached”
    Somebody wants to know if he called Larry Sinclair. Michelle’s private dick?

  68. Barry isn’t too swift if he thinks he can keep track of the tech world and its megalomaniac black hats…. Wait until the berry-kids set up their facebook accts….

  69. That is pretty funny about him voting to give them immunity.

  70. I was in a drugstore today, RD & Co. I walked over to the mags to get a Vogue and all I could see were covers of guess who.

    It occurs to me that ? This whole deal is sooooo………..
    and then I went to Uppity’s and she had this:


    Spare me. Please. I just wanted a Prez. That’s all. First Hillary, then McC. With those two? It would have been normal.

  71. Well, honestly, don’t they do stuff like that for everybody? I could swear I’ve seen GWB coins advertised on TV. They probably had plates for him too.

  72. Hillary Clinton pays down her debts, but millions remain

    Clinton raised more than $249 million for her unsuccessful presidential campaign, including $13.175 million she loaned herself. She is not repaying herself that money.

    But she is raising money to pay off vendors.

    In October, she gathered in $688,000 and paid down her debt by $448,000, leaving $7.47 million in unpaid bills to a variety of consultants, lawyers and others.

    Penn is by far her biggest creditor — 72% of what she owes.

    Maybe the Obama campaign could help raise some more money, as previously promised.

    That last sentence made me laugh. Obama’s word ain’t worth squat.

    Good grief, $13 million in losses, that has got to hurt.

  73. Eh, one more reason why Clinton shouldn’t take the SoS job—she has to raise money. She should just be completely selfish from now on and think only of herself. To hell with everyone else, she’s done her part.

  74. I feel you on that one, Brit. Unfortunately, Hillary is well loved by us just BECAUSE of her unselfishness.

    She would be good at anything she did and I cannot argue against her being a good Secretary of State. In fact, likely a GREAT one. But, it pisses me off that it will all just make Barack look good.

    In my heart of hearts I am not angry about her being SoS. I think she is absolutely perfect for it.

    What bothers me is the notion that she loses her Senate seat and can be fired at any old moment by Barack.

  75. I don’t trust him at all. The SoS has no independant power. She’s Colin Powell, he’s W. Great gig. 😉

  76. Aw Scrubs. She’d be great at anything she does. Besides, you never know what will be happening in four years. It could be a blessing in disguise.

  77. Yeah, scrubs, she’s gonna be great whatever job she has, because that’s just how she is. To go through what the dem party did to her has got to be unbearable (God, I remember how my jaw dropped when I watched her on the convention floor move to nominate Obama by proclamation), but she keeps plugging on even though her own party threw her under the bus. I feel the same as you about Obama being her “boss.”

  78. I don’t tru st him at all. The SoS has no indepe ndant power. She’s Col in Po well, he’s W. Great gig.

  79. Hey LI! On the night shift again?

    Without looking threads back, did you guys comment on the Janet N. as Homeland Security chief? What is your opinion? Good move on Barack’s part?

  80. I know, Seriously, I feel the same. It makes me ill inside thinking about it too much. If anyone else had offered it to her (say John McCain), I wouldn’t worry and would be proud. Because the offer comes from Barack, I fear it.

  81. Besides, I am so sick of second guessing everything. Why not do what we can to take the party back, do our part, and leave the rest to unfold on it’s own? We did the right thing, and there is nothing we can do to prevent Obie’s eventual fail anyway. 😉

  82. Oh Seriously! The thought that Hillary would be “loyal” to Obama and his wishes if she’s SoS gives me the heebie-jeebies. Being “loyal” could be the end of her.

  83. Maybe Hillary’s loyalty is to her country. Put it into a different perspective – she has the power to make us look good again. Condi and Colin couldn’t do it – everyone seemed to know they were lying for their master. I don’t think Hillary will lie for anyone.

    I know I sound like I’m defending the decision. Trust me, I want her MOST to stay in the Senate and have independent power. I’m just trying to rationalize this as a good thing if it happens.

  84. Well, scrubs, I give Obama kudos for picking a woman for Homeland Security. Napolitano is certainly very capable. I heard she’s considered one of the top 5 governors. But then again, Napolitano was an early Obama supporter, so there’s that quid pro quo aspect there. Would Obama have chosen her if she wasn’t a supporter?

  85. I know nothing of this Janet N, but am so far unimpressed. No hope or change. The only other woman he’s considering is Hillary, and at this point he basically has to choose her because if he doesn’t, than he’ll be pissing too many people off.
    Personally, I would rather she accept the SOS job than stay in the senate, and that’s the honest truth. They will not let her get anything done in the senate. They are making sure she can’t do anything about UHC, which was her baby, and we all know that there is no chance we are getting UHC this term anyway. In the senate, the other Dems treat her like a joke. I want her to be able to achieve things on an international level. And as for her would be “boss”, pah. What could he possibly do? Hillary is too good to make any mistakes, and if his administration is not doing well, and he tries to force her out, the American people will know he is scapegoating.
    Hillary will be a great SOS, I am happy about the position. She will have the personal freedom to advance Women’s rights around the world, and that is what I want to see. I want to see her around for the next few years too. There’s a very strong possibility that Anti-Hillary forces would try to take away her Senate seat in 2012 anyway. That is not something I want to see. If you think about it, it’s not the end of the world if she becomes SOS. In fact, it would be amazing.
    That’s my opinion, anyway.

  86. Scratch that, I want to see Hillary around all of the time. For the next twenty years or as long as she lives. She deserves it. She is unselfish enough.

  87. I don’t think she’ll act as dishonorably as CP, but it’s just the case that she can’t do anything at all without his say so, and it’s not like he gives a damn. I just don’t think he wnats her there for any reason but to take the fall.

  88. Scrubs: Hillary WILL make us look good again. Women all over the world love her to pieces.
    Besides, think of it this way. Obama knows he’s in over her head. He’ll have her around all of the time for advice. It gives me comfort to know that he will be on Hillary’s leash. And anyway, it forces him to admit that her foreign policy experience goes beyond having tea with foreign leaders.

  89. And why is Obama dragging his foot in nominating Hillary for SoS? Why is he waiting till after Thanksgiving?

  90. Seriously:
    I don’t think Hillary would lie. I think if Obama did something dishonorable, she would resign on her own terms. And it would make her look good in the end and him look like a fool.
    She puts her country first. Even if you don’t agree that campaigning for Obama was the right thing to do, she obviously thought it was, even if she had doubts about it, which I’m sure she did. And she had the foresight to call out the mysoginy on Sarah Palin.
    Hillary is in a great position right now. She can do anything she wants.

  91. This is only my opinion, by the way. And I hate that Barry is dragging us through the mud with this.

  92. I really don’t think that Obama knows or cares he’s on over his head, though. All he seems to care about is self promotion.

  93. scrubs said:

    What bothers me is the notion that she loses her Senate seat and can be fired at any old moment by Barack.

    That’s what has the sh!t scared outta me.

    She is more than competent enough to do the job, but if she is a sacrificial goat and then gets fired by him then she has no presence on the national stage.

  94. Seriously:
    Exactly. Just like GWB. And if it’s true, it’ll be his downfall. I believe in Karma. If Obama is who we think he is, he’ll get his in the end.

  95. Likely true, Seriously.

    BUT, say he has finally figured out that he is in over his head? Hillary would be a fantastic way for him to save face on the international level.

    He damned sure ain’t goin’ to fix things domestically, I can assure you of that. He can’t appoint enough people to do that.

    LI is right – Hillary can do a lot for women internationally. I just wish she had been given the power to do more for American women.

  96. Li, I don’t think she would lie, and I agree that she did what she thought was right. That’s not what I’m saying. I mean she’s in teh same position as CP because Obama is an arrogant idiot, doesn’t listen to anyone, and blames everybody else for his mistakes. She could do a great job if he would let her–but I don’t think he will, because if he cared about doing a good job, he wouldn’t have run in the first place. He can’t possibly not know that he doesn’t have the expertise or skill set for the job.

  97. I wasn’t able to post on the tin-foil hat thread because of work but maybe Obama’s backers want him to look good to the rest of the world for some reason. Hillary alone can accomplish that. Barack himself, as himself, will not be able to do that.

    Maybe this is the deal that Hillary made with him in order for him to have her support.

  98. Napolitano for Homeland Security…mmmmmmm…

    She would certainly be familiar with the Immigration aspects of the job, but I’m not sure she’s got the knowledge or background for the national security aspects of the job.

    That is such a cobbled together agency; customs, border patrol, immigration, the Coast Guard! Just a jumble there.

  99. Good grief, what this lady has to go through. Obama becomes preznit while she’s still a junior senator. Interesting article.

    An Option for Clinton: Enhanced Senate Role

    Mrs. Clinton asked to join the Senate Democratic leadership after the Nov. 4 election, and party leaders began trying to figure out a way to accommodate her without dislodging any of the current leaders, Democratic officials said.

    Although advisers to Mr. Obama have said he has not made a formal offer, most Democrats believe the decision is hers to make, and friends said Thursday that she was wavering.

    One friend said Mrs. Clinton decided late Wednesday to say no, reasoning that she would have more freedom in the Senate. By midday Thursday, the friend said, she was “back in the indecisive column again.” By the end of the day, another associate said she could accept by Friday.

    But driving her consideration, friends said, is a sense of disenchantment with the Senate, where despite her stature she remains low in the ranks of seniority that governs the body. She was particularly upset, they said, at the reception she felt she received when she returned from the campaign after collecting 18 million votes and almost becoming the first woman nominated for president by a major party.

    “Her experience in the Senate with some of her colleagues has not been the easiest time for her,” said one longtime friend who insisted on anonymity in exchange for sharing Mrs. Clinton’s sentiments. “She’s still a very junior senator. She doesn’t have a committee. And she’s had some disappointing times with her colleagues.”

    Mr. Reines scoffed at the notion that his boss was disaffected. “As her colleagues on both sides of the aisle will tell you,” he said, “Senator Clinton doesn’t get disappointed. She gets to work.”

  100. Yeesh, Brit, you had to go and throw THAT into the mix.

    I want to give my Hillary a hug right now. Regency, GIVE HER UP RIGHT NOW!! (Or is it you, Little Isis, who has her these days?)

  101. scrubs, Obama already looks good to the rest of the world. I was listening to public radio the other day, and they had reactions from ordinary people from other parts of the world, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The world is in love with this guy. The world does not know the true character of this guy. The world is not aware of what happened in the primaries and in the general campaign. I think that right now, I can safely say that Obama is more well known and well liked than Hillary by the rest of the world.

  102. I mean, I hope so scrubs, but the world seems to go crazy over him regardless of how much he sucks, so I really doubt that’s a concern. I hope I’m wrong–but you ever read David Hare’s play, “Stuff Happens”? It’s about CP dealing with GWB, and I just can’t get it out of my head.

    I mean, like Brit’s article–I can’t blame her fr not wanting to deal with the He Men Women Haterz Club, but Obama’s cabinet will probably be very similar, and at least some of our a——– Senators will be gone next election.

  103. Well look at Powell. He up and endorsed Obama. We all know that Hillary would have been the best President ever, and she could have done so much for American women. But she can’t now. I really think they will freeze her up in the Senate. Pelosi and Reid treat her like a joke, and if they could kill her off, they would. Nothing she can do. I just think she can do more good as SOS, and, like I said, I think if Obama does something dishonorable, we should just count on her resigning.
    If he tries to kick her out, Americans will probably see it as scapegoating. Americans are dumb sometimes, but we have learned enough from Bush.
    Anyway, like I said, that is only my opinion.

  104. The only problem I see with the quoted article is who yields any ground to Hillary?

    If they create some kind of leadership position, they’ll be taking something away from someone else and who will that be and how much power (staff, etc.) will they give?

  105. Eh? Why is my comment in moderation? Regency has been too busy to fit the Pantsuit lover’s needs these days, so I have pulled the rug out from under her. Hillary is all mine, mine, miney.

  106. Fredster, that’s exactly the excuse that Reid is using.

  107. Damn, you guys – this is all very confusing. I told myself I wouldn’t concern myself until something was a done deal but now I find myself worried all over again about Hillary being SoS.

    Why couldn’t she have just been Pres?

  108. LI – please can I have some?


  109. Switching computers so the son-kid can play Runescape. Catch up with you guys in a few minutes.

  110. Britannia:
    The rest of the world can be excused, they haven’t seen what we have seen. And while they may in some kind of honeymoon phase with him, Hillary has a history, especially with the downtrodden. It’s women all over the world that simply adore her to death. She is one of the most famous women in the world, because of what she has done as a Senator and First Lady.
    And Britannia, that article only convinces me even more that I am correct in saying that Hillary can do more good as SOS. Again, only my opinion.
    Besides, look at Al Gore. After he lost the Presidency, he won the nobel peace prize.
    Imagine what she can do.

  111. Scrubs:
    NO!!! She is all MINE!!!
    *snuggles pantsuited wonder*

  112. Ack we don’t want to make you guys depressed! There’s nothing we can do about it anyway!

    Hey, at least Kerry, Judas, and all the Bots will be royally pissed!

  113. Brit said:

    Fredster, that’s exactly the excuse that Reid is using.

    Yeah, I read the whole article. That’s the problem. Seniority is the game in the Senate and you don’t bump someone off as committee chairman unless they’ve done something reallllly bad.

    If they create a leadership position it won’t be as a committee chairman but she wants something that has some, for lack of a better word, power.

    From what I read in the article I don’t think it’s so much she’s unhappy there but rather feels she can’t do anything on her own because of her lack of seniority.

    If that’s the case then S.O.S. may be the better position for her, but I hate the idea of her being subservient to Obama.

    On the other hand (and aren’t there several?) if she gets S.O.S. it’s gonna drive the Obots C R A Z Y !!!

  114. Seriously: TEE HEE!!!! Actually, that is one thing that really cheers me up. The dumbstruck whines of all the creepy obots.

  115. Listen to LI don’t believe NPR, Brit. A lot of this reaction isn’t about BO but anti-Bush, and people who live elesewhere have said that HRC is adored in other countries despite teh usual media projection about Bo. Don’t believe the MSM spin/hype.

    Do you guys remeber teh article about how when HRC first go to teh Senate, they shunned her because they assumed she’s be cold or something, and only warmed up when she started brining them coffee? Pathetic troglodyte a——-, it’s like no girls allowed, hookers and scullery maids through teh back door only. Ugh!

  116. Fredster: Don’t think of it as her being subservient to Obama. Think of it as her advancing the causes of Big Dawg’s foundation. 😉

  117. Would you want to hang around with kerry, reid, daschel , kennedy and all those other traitors in the senate after ‘all most’ each & everyone of them betrayed you ..? all year long …? minus breaks .

    I sure wouldn’t .. I would go shine all around the world.

    Hi all … 😉 .. and Good nite ALL .. big Hugs .. !

  118. “Seriously: TEE HEE!!!! Actually, that is one thing that really cheers me up. The dumbstruck whines of all the creepy obots.”

    Me too!

  119. “Seniority is the game in the Senate and you don’t bump someone off as committee chairman unless they’ve done something reallllly bad.”

    Paging Mr. Lieberman, Mr. Joe Lieberman, your table is ready.

  120. littleisis, you have a point there.

    Would you want to hang around with kerry, reid, daschel , kennedy and all those other traitors in the senate

    Well would have been worth it if Obie screws up. 😉

    Sometimes it’s good to be a pain-in-the-ass reminder to folks! HAR!

  121. Yeah, Fredster, I read it the same way you did. What else does she have to do? She should just quit politics altogether and end world poverty with Bill. That would be an accomplishment of biblical proportion and would really earn her a lasting place in the history books, while Barack will just be a blip.

  122. Funny looking at our transition over the past week – we didn’t want this when it was first announced. Now we are finding good things about it.

    I wonder if the rest of the 18 million feels the same way?

    I agree that she will be a shining beacon for women around the world. And I honestly believe, with all my heart, that she will do her best to pressure Barack into doing something about the awful human rights abuses that are being done to women in some of the third-world countries.

  123. seriously, you gotta point there and the Dems don’t need Liebermann so much now that Stevens is gone. But who is next in line in that committee?

  124. LOL, Seriously!

  125. Seriously:
    The funny thing is, most of them learned to really respect Hillary. They thought she would be a cold showhorse, but she worked really hard and didn’t show off and she was really nice and warm and funny.
    On the other hand, it was Obama that ended up being the cold showhorse. 😉
    Even the media journalists singing the praises of Obambi under servitude from their editors thought Obama was cold and distant, and while they wrote ridiculous, false editorials about her in their weekly columns, they joked around with her in the back of her campaign plane while she brought them beer. She’s a very nice person. It’s funny, because I don’t believe anything I read in the media.
    As for the Senate Warthogs, they shunned her because she wouldn’t give them BJ’s.

  126. (Saying to self: “could this possibly have a silver lining?”)

  127. Scrubs:
    Go to TGW. 🙂 eight in ten Dems want Hillary to be SOS and Repubs view it as their worse nightmare.

  128. And the day shift things we only talk smut late at night. They should be here right now. Great discussion, gang.

  129. Oh well, gotta call it a night. Time for a little reading and then bed. It’s cold here in AL. Supposed to go into the twenties. I think I’ll read for a bit and the snuggle (alone) in the covers.

    Nite all!

  130. Smut? Oy scrubs! 🙂

  131. Nite Fredster, bundle up.

  132. LI – I have to confess I would be in that 80%.

    She is just such an incredible woman who cares deeply about others. As SoS, that concern would go out to others besides us.

    And she would ALSO be the one answering that 3 a.m. phone call.

  133. Scrubs, me and Angie had a great conversation about the Kennedy’s last night.
    Come on Scrubs, now you KNOW you agree with me that Hillary as SOS would be the best!!! 😀
    *is proud of self for being great debater*

  134. LI, I’m sure they respect her as much as they’re capable of, but if there’s one thing this cycle taught me it’s that they’re pretty much mostly serious arrested development cases who live in a different century from ours. Because when the time came, bros over hos for the empty suit. They think he’s a dilettante, but who cares.

  135. Fredster – you need a good quilt, mate! 🙂

    Sweet dreams.

  136. *is proud of self for being great debater*

    *send copious amounts of love to LI*

  137. LI – what thread was that in?

    They were all shutting down on me at work. For some reason, the IE at work doesn’t like Confluence long threads so I couldn’t follow along today.

  138. The day shift thinks we only talk about smut?

  139. Scrubs:
    The 3 a.m. phone call will be from me, wanting some Hillary lovin’ in the cold, lonely hours of the evening. She will tell the Big Dawg Candy that it is only me, and only then will he allow her to disentangle herself from him.
    Just you wait, Hillary will be the best SOS ever.

  140. Seriously: Of course. Remember that loving reception she got when she came back early from her vacation after suspending her campaign? Yup, in the end, bros before hos.

    Scrubs: Methinks it was in the thread right after teh Tin foil hat, but I’m not sure. It was one of the best late-night conversations I’ve ever had. I happen to know a lot about the Kennedy’s and how they operate.

  141. I think Condi should get more credit. She’s done some really good things. Of course none of the Dem jackasses care, but somebody should give her some love for it,

  142. Cool, LI, will have to go back and check out.

    Yes, Seriously, we have a reputation.

    And, LI, some of those 3 a.m. phone calls will be from Regency and me, too.

    Either that or I go find Sarah.

  143. Seriously:
    Condi was a loyal servant. I have always been pretty non opinionated about her. Now she is going to the UN to work on issues involving violence against women, and I know that she is very smart.

  144. scrubs:
    Well, fine but I get Sarah on the weekends. 😉

  145. A couple people at work recently asked me what ever had happened to Condi. I didn’t know. She hasn’t said or done much recently, huh?

  146. scrubs:
    No focus on Condi lately, but I think she hasn’t done much. Not much to do in the cabinet of the lamest of lame ducks.

  147. Is Condi really off to do that next?

    Wow, if true, it makes me very happy.

    See – SoS probably exposes one to that violence all the time.

  148. Li–they suck so much!!!! They’re like three year olds. Remember the State of the Union when Bo dissed her? God. And when Rangel and Frank and whoever went to her house and told her to drop out because she hadn’t grovelled enough to the mighty BO and whatever fake milestone he invented?

  149. See, the thing is, we women who frequent this blog think as we do about Hillary because we are—dare I say it—ourselves thoughtful, open-minded, critical thinking, intelligent creatures. Sad to say, I think there are many out there in this country and the rest of the world, many women included, who have this impression of Hillary as a cold, aloof, calculating person, a politician who does not have significant accomplishments in her roles as a public official. They do not really know her. Just yesterday, an officemate of mine (a woman) said she didn’t like Hillary and called her a witch. Gasp. I could hardly contain myself. Of course, this person was obviously speaking out of ignorance. But many people are ignorant. Many people hate Hllary kinda like the way they hate Martha Stewart.

  150. Yeah, Brit, it saddens me also.

    You should know, however, that Hillary’s reputation here in Oz is very good. Many were rooting for her during the primaries. The media just got to be too much, just like there in the States.

  151. My sister was telling me that Condi has done a lot of really impressive work on rape as a war crime and intenational women’s issues.

    So let’s review, CP, does nothing but grovel to Bush–he’s a hero.

    Condi–grovels to Bush but also does really good things–blamed for everything, innuendo about her and Bush, emphasis on her clothes, mocked for not being married…

  152. scrubs, it’s good to know that about the land of Oz. Good to know.

  153. Brit:
    (Me if I had been Hillary and someone called me a “Witch”):
    Really? Oh! Thank you! *Bats eyelashes*

    I think that attitude has changed a lot since her campaign ended. People got a chance to see her for who she really is. There are still those anti-Clinton remnants but I think it is mostly Media heads that try to push that on people.

    I was talking to a very Republican, very religious good family friend of both mine and my mother’s and we were talking about Hillary and my love of the Clintons and he said (this is a relatively smart man, mind you):
    “You know, I used to dislike Hillary, back when she was First Lady and you had all of those people trying to tell you what she was really like. But then, I saw her when she was running for President, and now, you know, I sort of like her. I voted for her in the primaries and I probably would have voted for her in the General. She’s just a very smart, sharp, nice lady.”

  154. Scrubs: Lol, ever read Wicked?

    Such a good, telling story.

    Seriously: Tis the double standard. I am trying to be optimistic though. I must believe that the Patriarchy will fall.

  155. Oh god, do they talk about us? Now I’m getting paranoid! 🙂

    Yeah, but Brit, NPR is totally in the tank for BO. Lots of people from Europe and elsewhere have talked about how much HRC is respected and liked in their regions. In fact a lot of people said teh American media is full of it, Europeans wanted HRC and while they liked Bo were a little alarmed by him. And as LI said, she’s a hero to millions of women all over the world. Little girls grow up lerning that speech by heart. There are people like your officemate everywhere, but teh media even here couldn’t make the voters hate HRC or love Bo though they tried their damndest.

  156. Seriously, I agree. I think the media spotlight has not really been on Condi and her accomplishments. Media. Woman (even though black). Media. Woman. Ohhhhhh…. *goes into a state of nirvana for a truth revealed*

  157. LI – I saw the same thing. My entire family supported Hillary in the primaries. There truly was a lot of love for her, party loyalty aside. She just got robbed and here we find ourselves, trying to make the absolute most of it.

  158. LI, that’s a great story!

  159. alarmed beacuse he’s so inexperienced

  160. Nice to hear that Condi has actually done some good things as SoS. Makes me hate the media even more for not telling her story. Bastards.

  161. Seriously: You said it!!! From your lips to the Goddess’s ears. And also completely true. Methinks they especially loved Hill in France. 🙂 My favorite country.

    Plus, for a sixty one year old chick, Hillary is hawt. And Chelsea is getting married to her sexy boyfriend soon, so she’ll have grandkids to dote on, since Chelsea looks fertile enough to start popping ’em out quick like. (That Chelsea is so gorgeous, and she and Hillary look almost exactly alike. I never understand it when people make fun of how Hill looks. She is so darn pretty!!! Back in law school, she was too, but she wore geeky glasses and no make up so all the creepy sexist menz would take her seriously instead of asking her to go down on them.)

  162. but teh media even here couldn’t make the voters hate HRC or love Bo though they tried their damndest.

    Thank you. That puts things into perspective. The Europeans wanted HRC? Really? Didn’t know that.

  163. Okay, where is Regency when we need her with her “hawt” pictures of Hillary? Now would be a good time to see them.

    (Okay, gang, LI and I just have to express our smutty sides for a moment, okay? Sorry.)

    Fist pumpin’ in the rain! Yes!!!!!

  164. (French Peoplez): “We want zeh Hillary as our American Prez…”

    The media will atone for their sins. What goes around comes around, and as I said, I believe in Karma.

    The media will get theirs.

  165. LI – you ever watch “My Name is Earl”?

    Karma baby!

  166. Brittania: Of course they did!!! Hillary was more progressive than BO, and we and they all knew it. (But try telling that to the cheeto dicks.)

    Fear not scrubs, I will provide with the hawt Hillary pictures.

  167. (French Peoplez): “We want zeh Hillary as our American Prez…”

    Please tell me the French actually said this.

  168. Yeah, according to many Europeans. LOL–can you imagine the MSM reporting a story on how Europe prefers that dirty girl to their superhip messiah?

    LI–it’s so cute how much Chelsea loves her mom.

  169. Cool LI. Bring them on!

  170. Seriously: Chelsea’s mothers day video made me blub.

    Of course the Frenchies said that!!! Teh media only reported it when a slightly larger margin of international voters supported Obama over Mccain.

  171. And also, unlike teh MSM, Europeans love Bill Clinton. They have a lot of affection and respect for both Clintons. And when BO went offscript on his big European tour, he looked like a complete moron.

  172. Gah!!!! My hawt Hillary pictures are going into moderation!!!!

  173. littleisis, on November 21st, 2008 at 4:23 am Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hawt Hillary:

  174. I love Frenchies!

    Seriously, offscript? Are you just referring to the whole tour idea? Or did I miss something (again)?

  175. Here is a really cute one with Chelsea back from the Arkansas days:

  176. No Brit, I mean when he took questions, when he couldn’t just read canned statements off the teleprompter.

    Hey what do you guys think would happen if Condi and Sarah ran against each other in a primary?

  177. Hillary drinks beer with Big Dawg (wonder what happened after? Teehee!):

  178. Seriously: I’m sure Sarah would win. I am just worried about a primary with Romney vs Sarah. I am afraid of all the sexist things Romney would do to her. 😦

    I love this one of Hill and Chelsea:

  179. Oh my goodness, Obama opened his boring mouth to answer questions for Europe to witness.

    Yep, Hillary sure was pretty then, still is.

  180. EH!!! All my Hillary pictures are going into moderation!!!

  181. Awww, I love the Bill on Hill’s lap one.

  182. AW!!! This one is so cute!!!

  183. Damn, LI, and nobody around to get them out! Where is Mikey when we totally need him? (MYIQ – you there?)


    Let’s see if I can find any good ones to link to.

    Sorrry, Seriously, I know you are trying to stay serious. I’m giving up, mate. Too many white wines on board now (and FYI, it’s Friday night for me here and I’m off tomorrow so it’s allowed.)

  184. I just got here

  185. Shit, that arouses me and makes me cry at the same time. Wonder what Freud would say about that?!

  186. myiq, how do you do that?

  187. Hey myiq!!!!!

  188. I’m not trying to stay serious, I’m just pondering…

  189. myiq, can you take all of my hawt Hillary pics out of moderation pwweeeaaaasssseee??? ;D

    Here is a good one. Methinks Bill and Hill need some aloney time :):

  190. Shit, that arouses me and makes me cry at the same time. Wonder what Freud would say about that?!

    The zombie crew smut reputation might not be unfounded after all. 🙂

  191. Ok – will try to be serious. Condi versus Sarah. So, this would be the Republican (or third party) primaries? I go with Condi – she is one bright woman. But, then again, so is Sarah.

    Hmmmm, Seriously, I would have to think more about that match up.

  192. Here’s a good one:

  193. Waaaaa! Good one LI! Kiss me in the rain…

  194. Let me put up a new thread – gimme 5 minutes

  195. Gorgeous, LI! I gotta stop looking at these pics. Just gonna fall more in love with this lady.

  196. I usually lurk, but gotta say, I’m loving these pics of Hill. I miss seeing her SO much. Maybe that’ll be another good thing about SOS I can see my hero again.

  197. How about Condi and Sarah on the same ticket??? How awesome would that be :)???

    Another good one:

  198. Damn, LI, the previous one (where they need alone time) is really hawt! (And that is coming from a gay woman so it must be pretty hot.)

    Okay, myiq. Will keep checking. If I was at work right now, I’d be going crazy not getting to read the thread because of stupid Internet Explorer. This didn’t start happening until we all got our gravatars so I think it is someone on the day shift and their gravatar. (Never happens at night.)

  199. Seriously, Condi does not have the “it” factor of a charismatic politician.

  200. Mmmmm, the smoldering, thinking look. Help me, Jesus!

    (In a way, I’m glad Regency isn’t here or we would be getting double the pictures. The reminders really do hurt.)

  201. This one is cute!!!:

    Nice to see you Sima 😉

    So now there will be more SOS lovely picatures of our heroine.

  202. Who talks about us? Are we, like, shunned among the day shift? lol

    I don’t know what Condi’s views are. She might not be personally conservative enough, but some of them seem to love her.

  203. Hi Sima!

  204. Yes, scrubs, the reminders do hurt. Still, I’m enjoying the pics.

  205. Hi Britannia! *waves*

    I have grown to respect Condi. I didn’t once, just saw a Republican. But I learned. She’s done her best.

    Now GWB I can’t respect him at all, ever.

  206. Careful Scrubs, you will set the smoke detectors in your house off 🙂

    Yes, Regency and I would be competing with all of the *sexah* Pantsuit poses.

    She looks skinny in this one:

  207. Careful Scrubs, you will set the smoke detectors in your house off 🙂

    Yes, Regency and I would be competing with all of the *sexah* Pantsuit poses.

  208. Repost whatever you have in the new thread and I’ll keep them out of moderation

  209. Scrubs you should get Opera-that’s a Norwegian browser, nice and fast.


  210. Yeh, I posted a bunch of great Hillary pics and they got put in mod. I’ll do as you say.

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