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Zero-Dark-Thirty Tuesday Morning Open Thread


The suns down, I’m up.  What’s your excuse?

41 Responses

  1. Easy – I’m on the other side of the world.

    How are the cats?

  2. Yea, me too, but I’ve also been in a little range war over at KPFT for Jennifer’s and Darraugh’s broadcast the other day. Think I fired my last shot though, before my head falls into the sand.

  3. Back to the SoS stuff: Texas Hill Country thinks it is the media who is actually behind here: that BO really does want HRC in his cabinet but the media hasn’t figured out that it is time to stop thrashing the Clintons.

    I don’t believe this. I think the opposite. The big media peeps know it isn’t a sincere offer and are offering up excuses for Barry to actually NOT choose Hillary for SoS.

    Not only that, BO wants the Senate on his side.

  4. Foo Foo is very sick, the other one is healthy enough now that he’s just annoying. If he doesn’t quit licking his sores I’m gonna put a Queen Elizabeth on him.

  5. scrubs, I agree. I think it would make sense for BO to want HRC, since he could use her as a scapegoat AND get her out of his way in the Senate, but if he really wanted her the MSM would sing her hosannahs. It’s not like they’re committed to intellectual consistency.

  6. Exactly, Seriously – unless our world has turned upside down yet another time.

    Sorry about Foo Foo, myiq mate. Going to the vet?

    Ummmm, I’m afraid to ask: what is a Queen Elizabeth in this sense?

  7. Intellectual consistency, what is this of which you speak?

    MyIq, I’m sorry leh kitties are ill. As a sister of sever kitties, I take their keeping and health very seriously.

  8. Regency – I think Seriously was being sarcastic about the msm actually having intellectual consistency. Yeah, right!

    Which is why I believe she wasn’t actually offered the job. As Seriously says, the headlines would actually be raving about her worldwide experience if this was truly going down.

  9. Is “always stupid” a form of intellectual consistency?

  10. Heh, heh. Yes indeedy.

  11. Scrubs: I was being sarcastic too.

    I also agree about her not yet being offered the job. The language I’m hearing is too reminiscent of the VP search. She would not comment on Obama’s transition team. She redirected the quesion to teh Obama campaign. She doesn’t know anything.

    I think it’s contradictory for one part of the media to claim BIll’s currently having his finances vetted while the other side claims she’s already accepted. Those two things don’t go together.

  12. scrubs:

    One of the cone-shaped collars you put on pets.

  13. I have no idea why I’m awake at 4:13 on a Tuesday morning.

  14. Something is off about this — why is the UK press reporting this?

    I believe that Obama’s Shadow Self is battling his public self.

    One message that came through very closely from Obama was that he does not like women — I really don’t think he even likes his wife. She is merely necessary to reach his goal. I’ve seen this before — there is a photo of the two of them — it appears that she probably adores him — but he was pulling away.

    He is awkward around women — so I’d really be surprised that he would have intelligent, talented women working for him. I’d be absolutely surprised if this offer Clinton was remotely real.

  15. Oh ok, myiq – now the Queen Elizabeth thing makes sense. I had a dog that had eye surgery once and had to wear one of those for a few days. She didn’t like it but her eye healed up well and she hasn’t had trouble since (she ended up with the ex so no thanks to me).

    Northwest rain – we are thinking alike.

    Actually, I think most PUMA’s are very suspicious about the whole thing. The way it hit the media cycle at the end of the week, allowing it to sort of fester for the weekend and now nothing except that Bill’s activities will keep her from getting the offer. All for suspect, IMHO.

  16. Scrubs: Ya hit the nail on the head. It came out of nowhere and now it’s apparently the only news there is. I don’t even know when BO will start naming his cabinet appointments so this rampant speculation could be months in the making. With the economy continuing to tank, BO needs a good news cycle to keep his positive momentum. When he needs good stuff he calls he only person who can give it to him–Hillary.

  17. ” it appears that she probably adores him”

    I mean, I doubt it. She’s a smart woman, she could do a hell of a lot better. I don’t see anything there to adore. He’s smarmy and dorky all at once.

    “so I’d really be surprised that he would have intelligent, talented women working for him.”

    With Obama, you have to look for the angle. He would gain a lot by having Clinton under his thumb. The chance to publicly and privately humiliate her on a regular basis. The chance to blame her for everything that he does. The chance to fire her and end her political career. The fact that without her in the Senate offering better proposals, he’ll have no opposition and be able to ram through whatever crap he wants. There are so many advantages for him that realistically, he should be able to overcome his visceral disgust for womankind.

  18. Okay my politically astute pals, what do you know about the National Center for Policy Analysis? I’m considering apply for a fellowship and/or scholarship with them and I want to know if they seem worthwhile.

  19. Regency-mate, I honestly don’t know anything about the Center. The day shift crew is likely to be able to help, though.

    Just from name alone, it sounds like a good scholarship.

    Sorry I can’t help more.

  20. Another interesting perspective on how women have been treated this year: this time gay women grumbling about Out magazine. Check this page by Dorothy Snarker out:


  21. Getting close to the witching hour for me, folks. If I don’t answer you back, see you in about 9 hours.

  22. Here’s my take on Hillary as SoS:

    I’ll believe it when I see an official announcement, and I trust Hillary’s judgment on whether to accept it.

    That’s it – Obama loves to play mind games getting people speculating, and I’m not playing.

  23. I woke up pondering whether the generational fight would mean an all out war on boomers, a leap from there to envisioning what’s it’s like when “they come for you”- a la ” first they come for”……………..so I decided to check out the net to see if Hillary took the SOS job and how everyone would feel about that.
    Glad to see it hasn’t been decided yet.

  24. See ya scrubs

  25. Check out this site for another video on uniformed voters and media misinformation/manipulation:

  26. I woke up at 4:13 am too regency….

    I dont want obama to be a success and if anyone can pull this off , and I dont believe anyone can teach this dog to hunt, it is HRC.

    I hope she grows a backbone and says “No thank you Mr “Office of” the president ellect.

    I dont want the last words on my lips to be “Obama Lives…”

  27. I actually dont want her to be snarky I want her to be her radiant gracious self. hen she turns down barky!

  28. On Hillary as Sos – Here’s the 3 likely scenarios I see …

    1. Obama decided to follow the rule “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

    2. Obama sees it as a way of taking Bill down a few notches. He wants Bill to have to show all his business dealings and Clinton Foundation contributions in order for Hillary to become Sos.

    3. He sees that she’s qualified and it would go a long way to heal the Dem party.

  29. The Guardian reports Hillary will accept.

  30. Fuzzy:

    I understand your feelings about Obama – I share them. Unfortunately, for at least four years Obama will be the only President we have.

    If he fails, we all suffer. So I hope he hires competent, experienced people to run our government. If not Hillary, who?

    God forbid guys like Markos Moulitsas having any responsibility or authority.

  31. myiq2xu-I wish I had your fortitude!

  32. “What can’t be cured must be endured”

  33. Yeah but I believe that you get the goverment you vote for or in the case of the republicans stay home and not vote for.

    I want those folks to suffer….I want them to suffer as I have suffered I want to wake up each morning and say I told you so!

    I guess I am just bitter….and in two years when the republicans take back the house and senate i want to say:

    “See Jackasses thats just a taste of worse that is to come!”

    I will give hime 100 days I posted back a few threads what I expect from this bozo! sorry no offence to clowns, jacckass then…

    its a high bar and it takes alot to earn my respect so if he fails its on him and the feeble brains that now control the house and senate.

  34. and if hillary is SOS its on her to….as a senator she can do alot for the LGBT community as SOS she can do nothing!

    Since the election its all about what can you do for me and to hell with anyone else I guess…

  35. Interesting post on The New Agenda. About Rush calling out Mark Cuban and women on being surprised at Obama’s choices for his administration.


    Blustery Loon Talks Up The New Agenda
    November 18, 2008
    by Dawn C

  36. This Dick Morris column was in my local (4-page) newspaper yesterday, HILLARY FOR SECRETARY OF STATE – IS HE KIDDING?: http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/2008/11/14/hillary-for-secretary-of-state-%E2%80%93-is-he-kidding/#more-492

    Who is Morris writing for? Who is his constituency?

    Is he trying to rewrite history with “The Democratic Party’s top brass wanted Hillary, not Obama. When Obama began winning primaries and caucuses, they fell in line and refused to make a super-delegate goal line stand for Clinton, but that does not disguise the fact that most of them backed Clinton from the outset…”?

    “…Oddly, their lack of loyalty to Obama puts him in much the same position as Bill Clinton was in when he became president in 1993. He was not his party’s first choice either…”

    “…Those who embrace the comforting fantasy that Obama will govern from the center and leave the left frustrated are in for a shock….The issue is not what he will want to do but what Congress will make him do.”

    He cites example from Clinton Administration of the 1994 anti-crime bill (I never agreed that funding midnight basketball was silly).

    “Obama will face just such a situation and will be forced to the left – if he needs any forcing – just as Clinton was. And selecting Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State will just cede more of his authority.”

    The last is a nice thought, anyway.


  37. I don’t get it. One publication says Hillary will accept v. everyone else saying Bill is still being vetted and we just assume it’s a done deal? I don’t see the done deal aspect of things.

  38. blue morning @601a
    Thank you for that link.
    I can believe the lack of knowledge of backtrack’s voters.
    My next door neighbor thought he was raised in the midwest of the USA.



  39. Do you guys ever sleep?

  40. Peg,

    Dick Morris is still hurt that he was let go by the Clintons (primarily Bill, but Hillary must pay), for his ‘TOE’ fetish habits and more I think. So, he writes, but has never said one kind thing about Hillary ever during his consulting on FOX who allows him to push his book.

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