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The Song of Our New ObamaNation: The Bitch Deserved It

Our New ObamaNation

Our New ObamaNation

Most people in this country do not know how explicitly misogynistic Barack Obama’s campaign was. They don’t have time to sit at the computer and read The Daily Kos, or Talking Points Memo, or The Huffington Post. They didn’t read the vile, endless hatred spewed at women by Obama’s supporters. They believe the lovely stories spun by the corporate media: that Obama was saintly and above all negativity and “unifying,” while his opponents rolled around in dirt. And even when Obama or his surrogates did or said something overtly misogynistic, the media either did not cover it, or excused it.

After all, the bitch deserved it. 

As for Obama’s followers, they refused to admit that his sexist language against Clinton and Palin was intentional. Oh really? Then why didn’t he apologize for it? That’s what a smart political operative does when his words are “misinterpreted” to be offensive to a particular group of people.

There is no logical answer to this question, except that yes, he did flip Hillary off, he did mean to call Sarah Palin a pig, he did intend to slam Hillary when he took the stage after a primary victory to the song “99 Problems (And a Bitch Ain’t One)”, and he did mean to use Clinton’s femaleness against her when he called her “likeable enough” and said she was “periodically down” with her “claws” coming out.

But logic has been in short supply when discussing this election. Over and over again, we women have been told not to believe our lying eyes and ears, to participate in our own marginalization “for the good of the country.” Well, some of us realized that the election of Barack Obama would legitimize the use of misogyny as a tactic against any woman who dared to challenge the entrenched patriarchy in America. And try as we might, we just couldn’t be excited about taking the country in that direction.

This year, many of us finally understood the deep, abiding and totally irrational hatred that our male-dominated culture holds against women. For me, nothing brought this home so much as the sudden proliferation of the attitude that violence against women is no longer automatically horrifying. It used to be unthinkable and shameful for a man to harm a woman.

Not anymore.

From Keith Olbermann’s comment that Hillary Clinton should be taken into a room with a superdelegate and only one of them should come out, to the “artist” who hung Sarah Palin in effigy, to the New York man who beat a woman in the face with her McCain/Palin sign, to this unhinged essay in the Philadelphia Weekly, in which, under the guise of speaking about grammar, the male author advocates giving Sarah Palin a forced hysterectomy (bolding is mine):

If you’re speaking, “an historic” is acceptable, but you can’t say the H: It’s gotta be “an ’istoric.” If you do pronounce the H, or if you’re writing it down, go with “a.” You wouldn’t say, for example, “Someone should give Sarah Palin an hysterectomy before she spreads her devil spawn any further.” You’d say “a hysterectomy.” Same with “a historic.”

In another shocker, the good governor herself wasn’t immune to linguistic foibles leading up to the big day. Just before votes were cast Sarah Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity she was “very excited and anxious for the 4th.”

I suspect Hannity was too busy drooling to notice, but the word she probably meant was “eager,” not “anxious.” Unless she was trying to tell Fox News viewers she had anxiety about losing—which she didn’t—she made the all too common mistake of confusing “anxious” and “eager.” It’s an important distinction: She was eager for Election Day; she’s anxious about the impending hysterectomy she doesn’t yet know we’ve scheduled for her.

Imagine this vomitous crap being written about Barack Obama or John McCain, and a woman advocating giving them a forced vasectomy. Did your brain explode? Of course, because such an article would NEVER BE PUBLISHED. It would rightfully be seen as sexist, violent and socially unacceptable.

But as the author says later in the article, Governor Palin is a “vindictive bitch.” So she deserves it.

And then, of course, there are stories like this. An eighth-grade young woman wearing a McCain t-shirt was repeatedly told she should die for wearing it. A woman in an upscale restaurant was dragged across the floor by her hair and punched in the face, and the cop at the scene told her it was her fault, because she had started the fight by pouring a glass of water on an incredibly obnoxious man who had called her a c*** and refused to allow her to sit in an empty seat he was “saving” for someone, despite her offer to get up as soon as the man’s friend arrived.  Yes, of course, she should not have poured the water on him, but don’t we think that the man’s response was just a tad over-the-top?

Of course not. The bitch deserved it.

I have a feeling that these assaults on women, verbal and physical, are going to proliferate under the Obama Administration. Why let go of a winning strategy? After all, he is President-Elect, and not that c*** Hillary Clinton, or that John McCain, who picked that bimbo sex-doll bitch Sarah Palin for Vice President, right?

Women of America, we do NOT deserve it. We do NOT deserve to be called c*** and bitch just because we want equal representation and rights in the society in which we represent 52% of the population. We must refuse to continue to participate in our own humiliation. We must stand up for all women everywhere, especially those who put themselves into the national spotlight, knowing that they will become a focus for the hatred that dare not speak its name.

We must take the emotion out of our movement and focus on concrete goals, my sistren and supportive brethren. We must not be distracted and divided by the tactics of men who are focused on holding on to power at any cost. My goal is achieving gender parity in government via the 30% Solution, and I will not be turned from it.

After all, equal representation, unlike misogyny, is something we do deserve. And we shouldn’t stop until we get it.

Cross-posted at Partizane

162 Responses

  1. Wow! Right on sistah!

    Compounding our struggle is the unbelievable fact that many women not only do not believe that this is an issue, but also actually contribute TO it.

    How can we reach men when it is so hard to even reach women?

  2. Here’s how you spot a misogynist:

    They say “I have no problem with a woman being President. Just not that one. Or that one, or that one . . .”

  3. This, for me, is THE fundamental issue this election cycle. From misogynism came all the other issues gaming the system trying to keep Hillary (or put in woman of your choice) out.

    This vile hatred gave birth to every negative thing that happened in this election.

  4. I posted this in another thread, but I will repeat it with this post. My last and only friend is now gone. Today at lunch, and sorry it was not a healthy lunch, he decided to tell me that women do not have the right to be clergy (because the bible told him so). Rather than get really pissed, I just said he was free to believe what he wanted, but since he believes I am only worthy of certain jobs, we should probably call our friendship OVER.

  5. They are all misogynistic! Obama, McCain, the media, the blogs, and even the Obama-loving “feminists!”

    Why does Hillary want this Obama to be her boss? Why do all these women politicians support him too? What dark powers does he have?

  6. TRK:

    I’ll be your friend. : )

  7. Here are some things I found interesting,. Could they have anything to do with PUMA? Perhaps this is why racism was the attack, even though there was no basis for the accusation.

    I included the progressive definition because that’s the kind of progressive I feel I am comfortable to conscribe to. I do not feel the Democratic description of this necessarily describes my views. They are also very hostile to other ways of thinking that I find them to be disrespectful of other peoples thoughts.
    They feel they have a right to punish political opposition when it is in fact our right. We have also survived 9/11, the war in Iraq, Katrina, inflation on food that I blame on ethanol production and a president who has been apathetical to the peoples needs while catering to the whims of preferred business sectors.
    The Democrats want to seem like they are the only one who were victims. I also feel that as a woman I am being told that caring about different issues should take second place to protecting my right to choose. That I need to compromise and limit my political thinking.
    I supported Clinton for stances on issues, qualifications and because I felt confident in her leadership. That is why I supported McCain. I was and am still horrified at the hostility shown to the Clintons by the left. I am now watching what is happening and will not hesitate to oppose things that I choose to oppose or support things that I support. If I feel threatened in anyway I will be vocal and will work on creating group opposition. This is my right.




  8. Wait, wait, I thought the official song was “I got 99 problems but b1tch ain’t one?”


  9. Thanks mlhath! But will you come to Greenville and have lunch with me? There is literally no one left after this election. I shop alone, go to lunch alone. I don’t mind it most of the time, but occasionally it is nice to have someone around.

  10. If I am ever in Greenville (NC?) you will be my first stop. I’ll buy!

  11. Thanks for the hugs, but it really pisses me off.

    And as for the grammar deal, I don’t watch how I post here, anymore than I watch how I speak with friends (that I used to have). Why hasn’t anyone nailed teh One for his constant “umms” and “you knows”? I found that Sarah speaking to someone as though they were right there with her was refreshing.

  12. You know — I am not convinced about the 30% solution — where were the women in Gov’t? A lot stood with Obama. In fact NOW stood with him as well. I think we need to move the conversation to not who has an R or D behind their name but we MUST all stop the MEDIA / RADIO / TV / HOLLYWOOD from bashing women.

  13. It’s not about grammar. It’s not about clothes. It’s not about pantsuits. It’s not about hair.

    It’s about (say it with me, now,) WOMEN !

  14. TheRealKim: Jeez, I am so sorry. But good for you for standing up for yourself. We all have to be vigilent and not allow this type of behavior to permeate into our lives.

  15. mlhath – Amen!

    Simofish – the problem is, when women are dependent ONLY on men for their jobs and careers, they find it very difficult to stand up for other women.

    It’s diabolical.

    And the 30% Solution works. It’s scientifically proven to do so. That’s why I’m pushing it.

    Myiq – When the media and the Obamabots treated Palin and Clinton the same way, despite the fact that everything about them was completely different, I thought that was the dead giveaway.

  16. Oh, and TRK – gawd, that is awful.

    I often wonder who took the “Christ” out of Christianity. You know, the guy who said “love thy neighbor as thyself” and “judge not, lest ye be judged.”

  17. I was just over at the Bad Hampster’s place (Partizane) and I was commenting on his 32,000 Barbies post and I had a gestalt (or gas bubble) that I wanted to share. I was thinking about how alleged feminists attacked Hillary and Sarah and this squirted out:

    “Someone once said that stripping Barbies naked and leaving them on the floor is how girls learn to humiliate rivals.

    Until this year I would have said that was sexist and untrue.”

    If that isn’t a metaphor for what they did to Sarah and Hillary I don’t know what is.

  18. The LGBT and Jewish communities have a group to fight defamation in the media — LGBT’s is GLAAD

    We need something like that — their only focus is language / portrayal of women in MEDIA

  19. Thank you for posting again the violence and hatred women are up against.

    What makes me so tired, though, is that the sellout women, the opportunists, the sexbots, the Obama girls, will benefit just as much from the reprieves and protection your efforts and the efforts of all true feminists gain. Likely more, cause when the few favors the boys are willing to dole out to women come up, these craven POSs are the ones the boys will reward.

    I so wish there were some kind of way they’d have to actually live what they preach; I wish there were some way to make them first, not last like they are, in line for the shit that’s happening to women, more so than ever thanks to them.

  20. simofish – That is a great idea! The awful media treatment that women receive when running for office is a major turnoff for our future female leaders.

    I know I wouldn’t want to face it. I don’t have a titanium pantsuit like Hillary…

  21. Heh. I have a troll cyberstalker or seventeen at my little website.

    Thanks for the hits, guys. Your comments go straight into my spam filter.


  22. Simofish – How about WomenCount? I think that is part of their platform.

  23. Interesting post at Alegre’s about a petition for a Presidential commission on Women. WomenCount is also working on this campaign for Gender equality http://alegrescorner.soapblox.net/showDiary.do?diaryId=1643

  24. You know, I understand why people might think petitioning the Misogynist-In-Chief on behalf of women would be futile.

    But the thing is, the more noise we make, the harder we are to ignore. Just ask Amy Siskind of The New Agenda. They have been very successful so far in preventing Obama from appointing Larry Summers as Treasury Secretary.


  25. scrubs57 — I think that’s one part of what they want to do – however, they need to be really, really aggressive. I would like to see a group do this and that’s all they do.

  26. How do you change someone’s attitude toward women though? My sister is a former probation officer and now leads domestic violence and anger management workshops for men on probation. She says that she can see these men just going through the motions … saying the right things … until they’ve done their time and then they go right back to the same behavior. They’re not sorry for what they’ve done, just sorry they got caught.

  27. They say that women are not qualified enough. Well the competence shown by many of the dudes seems somewhat questionable. GM is in a big mess(Hummer you have to be f2^&*g joking), the banks are a big mess (derivatives based on so called secure assets), the Iraq war was a big mess ( far too many people hurt and dead), should I continue ?
    Yeah, I think accountability is the least we should be expected to expect.
    The Obama team was so quick to disregard Hillarys qualifications, I now expect we will see the same disregard towards other women from the transition team.

  28. britgirls – I think early education is one way, and men seeing a lot of women in powerful government positions is another.

    Once their pee-pee’s don’t fall off after a woman becomes President or Vice-President, they might start realizing women aren’t the enemy.

    Just a thought.

  29. Madam said: … violence against women is no longer automatically horrifying. It used to be unthinkable and shameful for a man to harm a woman.

    Indeed – a guy who would physically assault a woman was viewed as weak and embarrassing to all men – some men still view men in abusive relationships as such – but O has condoned it by his ignoring it.

    Somebody should let this guy feel what it’s like – he’s never really been shunned – he’s been pampered and cared for so he really doesn’t know what oppression is.

    Simo- yes, we need to name it and call them out when we see it. The media should not be allowed off the hook.
    Eeaughghghg – I’m am so angry. Madam your avatar is saying what I’m feeling!!! 👿

  30. petal – I wonder how Hillary can be seriously considered for Obama’s SOS, when she was not “qualified” to be Obama’s Vice President?

    If you look inside an Obamabot’s head, will its brain be twisted into a pretzel shape? I don’t know how else they endlessly justify everything Dear Leader does as good and right and wise…

  31. Madamab,

    I share your outrage at the treatment of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin during this last election cycle. It simply amazes me that the majority of women tolerate this kind of treatment. I’m not talking about the PUMAs here.

    I do not understand why a group that constitutes 51% of the electorate and makes 80%-90% of all purchasing decisions chooses to stand back while record companies brainwash our children with millions of vile hip-hop records that make women out to be nothing more than sexual spittoons. I do not understand why much of the most sexist election reporting came from female reporters. I do not understand why NOW has become nothing more than a DNC PAC. And I really, really do not understand why any thinking woman would have voted for Barack Obama.

    The majority of the vulgarity, name calling and outright thuggery has come from the far left side of the political spectrum. That was never demonstrated more clearly than it was last summer. For years, conservatives have been called r@cists, fascists, Nazis, rednecks, etc. etc. Then when Hillary became the obstacle the hate speech was directed at you. Why are you surprised? This is who these people are.

    The Republican party has destroyed itself by trying to placate the left. Tell me, now that Obama has been elected will we see Obama toilet paper? Bumper stickers that say that somewhere in Illinois a village is missing its idiot? Will we see Republicans hoping for Obama to fail at his every effort? How about the little countdown clocks counting down to the end of the Obama administration? No, somehow I doubt we will see any of this.

    The Democratic party of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Humphrey, Scoop Jackson and Sam Nunn has ceased to exist. In its place we now have political hacks and Chicago thugs. I feel for you liberals, I really do. You have nowhere to go unless you bow down to your new “ruler.” As for us Republicans, we will start to put our party back together and get back to the small government, free market principles in which we believe. When this great socialist experiment (inexplicably started by George Bush) fails–which is inevitable–we will be back. But I don’t see that happening on the Democratic side. I’d be curious to hear how you plan to wrest power from the Obama goon squad.

  32. One of the biggest problems with combating hate speech against women is the lack of a good unambiguous word for it.

    If you say “racism”, everyone can start salivating like Pavlov’s dog because the word is simple and conveys something despicable, or at least something that should be done while wearing a hood.

    But “misogyny”? Sound like something you find in an anthro department of the local university or maybe under a microscope. And “sexism” sounds a bit like copulation, maybe it’s really fun and naughty. A boys-will-be-boys thing that doesn’t get you into real trouble except with humorless prudes.

    Once with a drinking buddy who made a crotch joke I didn’t like, I suggested he really didn’t like women’s crotches. I never heard another joke like that again–poor baby, he didn’t want to wear the “fag” label–but it worked.

    If we want to fight hate speech against women, we need to start with the language. Something you can say to a New York taxi driver that he will understand immediately.

  33. madamab … mind meld again 😀

    I was just thinking that early education is key. I really wanted either a female President or VP in 2009 for my kids sake.

    BTW – when I had my first boy my sister sent me a very interesting book on bringing up boys by none other than Dr. Dobson! Summary: beat the gay out of ’em. I was like, do you even know what you just mailed me? She was mortified.

  34. It’s very frustrating. I hate to say this as a conservative but I wish Sarah Palin would go back to AK and get back to being a Governer and stay out of the lime light.

    Peoples hatred of Sarah is beyond reason and it’s not going to stop until she takes herself out of the MSM. I want her to be happy and not subject to such vile hatred. And honetly its not good for the party. People think she’s stupid and that’s not going to change. Sarah is just not a plausable president and I’d like to see her go back to being the Gov. of AK and not seem open to running in 2012. She’s no Hillary Clinton.

  35. Dave – We are in the same position as you, but you somehow think we’re powerless.


    Nijma – I know what you mean. Any ideas? Language is very important, I agree.

  36. Britgirls:

    I’m gonna go non-pc here and say that we are handling domestic violence all wrong.

    I worked in family and criminal law and they overlap in DV. Most of what we hear about it is WRONG.

    Most of what we hear is the guy is bad and the woman is an innocent victim. (He abuses her now matter how hard she tries to please him)

    The vast majority of the cases I was involved with were not like that. Most of the cases involved two dysfunctional people, and many of the cases I worked on the woman initiated the violence.

    I AM NOT JUSTIFYING VIOLENCE but the criminal justice system is not the place to treat DV.

  37. Carolynn – Good luck with that. Sarah Palin is just as plausible as Obama as President, if not more so.

    I think she has no choice about whether she stays in the limelight or not. She’s a star. I fully expect to see a wiser, more experienced Palin in 2012 running for President, and our nation will be better for it IMHO.

  38. britgirls,

    It doesn’t matter if you change their beliefs or not.

    All you have to do is change their actions.

    Eventually the beliefs will follow the actions, maybe not for those individuals, but for the culture as a whole.

  39. myiq – I hope Kim is reading your comment. She has a lot of experience working with DV victims. I would like to hear her take on how to deal with this issue.

  40. NQ is reporting that McCain and Obie will be discussing the Secretary of Defense position in Chicago tomorrow.


  41. wdupray, if that doesn’t make cheetoheads explode nothing will.

  42. TRK

    Your friend sounds like a real charmer. I think we girls should get together and write a book that defines what men can and can’t do. Then hawk it as God’s word.

  43. madamab,
    the “you must be a fag” innuendo was incredibly effective with my friend, a former frat guy who still plays team sports, but has the disadvantage of not being fair to gays.

    “Hate speech” is a start, but too many syllables.
    Something that connotes immaturity?–nah, that makes ’em proud… failure with women? penis size insecurity?

  44. Um, tell me again why the fuk we had an election????

    “NQ is reporting that McCain and Obie will be discussing the Secretary of Defense position in Chicago tomorrow.”

  45. Nijma & Madam – it’s much like raising kids – when they do something naughty you have to call them on it the first time – if you let them get away with it once they’ll try it again – in addition, they need to know why it’s wrong – and to your point – they often think – “oh, boys will be boys” get over it – that’s why we need to get the word around whenever there is actual physical violence and verbal abuse – most people don’t really know what’s been going on – we need to communicate and educate them.

    It is the job for each and everyone of us not to let it go by the way – sometimes it’s hard, much as it was for Kim today – oh, {{{{Kim}}}} but Kim realized that enough was enough and pulled up her big girl panties and did the right thing – I had a similar experience over the weekend and may have also lost a friend – but it’s time the world wakes up to the fact that we bring the next generation into being, we are smart, get things done well, we are more than tired of it and


  46. The two worst insults men make towards other men are “fag” and “p*ssy” (or some variation thereof)

    “Limpdick” is a distant third.

    The worst insults to men attack their “manhood”

  47. I have an up close and personal opinion on domestic violence. My father beat the crap out of my mother for the first 12 years of my life. Yes, MyIQ both people are dysfunctional. That said, there is NEVER any excuse for a man or woman to put their hands on another no matter what they do. It isn’t like the person committing the act of violence doesn’t have the option of walking away. Likewise the person being beat(although more often then not the dysfunction that keeps them in a unhealthy relationship is unhealthy self esteem).

    I disagree with you on DV being treated in the criminal justice system. I often wish the CJ system had intervened, it would have been healthier for everyone. As it was, I was 13 before my father was arrested for shooting someone(after he threaatened someone at a bar with a gun , the police were called and he fled and shot at the officer when cornered.

  48. Nijma – Interesting approach…I’d hate to use hate speech to stop hate speech, though.


    I do like the saying, “Sorry about your teeny weenie.”

    Owenaphrys – What, you don’t believe in Obama’s change?


  49. I, for one, would love nothing better than to watch exploding cheetoheads.

  50. madamab

    I don’t think they know what to think, they keep speaking about the so called ‘Bosnia lie’. They completely disregard that the Clinton administration was partnering on efforts towards a peaceful resolution, and that she was visiting our brave troops in a dangerous location. Their shallowness is astounding.
    They are now totally confused as to how he could assume she could actually be a valuble addition to his team. Now it is the Republicans who are mostly supporting this choice. Bizarre !

  51. the woman initiated the violence

    A friend of mine was like that.

    She initiated the violence against herself by not bringing the beer fast enough, by asking her boyfriend questions like ‘are you going to pay me for working in your shop 12 hours a day’, and by having her own friends. Actually I was the only friend her boyfriend knew about, the only person who had been inside their place in the last 11 years. Oh yes, there was another friend from al-anon she moved in with when she left him once, a friend with guns. Usually he didn’t need to use violence though, he controlled her by the FEAR of violence–yes, when it got right down to it, she really DID know how to keep from provoking him. Keep those beers coming and hope he passes out.

  52. petal –

    They are now totally confused as to how he could assume she could actually be a valuble addition to his team.

    Hahahahahaha! Yes, after all, she was just serving tea and cookies in those 80 countries she visited as First Lady.


  53. why am I in moderation?
    Are there any alkie/violence words that are in the filter?

  54. Some of the earliest indoctrinations little boys and young boys have start with these:

    1. only girls cry
    2. you throw like a girl
    3. Coach to boy team: “let’s go, girls”
    4. that work is only for mommies
    5. he’s a girlie man

    Education has to stop these first. These are way powerful to young male minds.

    Know any more?

  55. the woman initiated the violence

    A friend of mine was like that.

    She initiated the violence against herself by not bringing the beer fast enough, by asking her boyfriend questions like ‘are you going to pay me for working in your shop 12 hours a day’, and by having her own friends.

  56. so far so good with the filter, here’s part two:

    My friend with the violent boyfriend:
    Actually I was the only friend her boyfriend knew about, the only person who had been inside their place in the last 11 years. Oh yes, there was another friend from al-anon she moved in with when she left him once, a friend with guns.

  57. Madamab & myiq: Yes there are women who abuse the system. SOmetimes there are advocates who refuse to believe that women occasionally lie.

    However, I will vehemently disagree with myiq’s thoughts that it does not belong in the court system. Violence is violence. If a woman is beaten, do you suggest she see her pastor?

    Is it a cycle, absolutely and both usually come from homes where violence was prevalent. This is why I am a HUGE advocate of starting in the schools with education for both males and females, not in just high school, but starting in middle school.

    The women who are abused need to be confident that they will have housing, food, the means to counsel and the knowledge that they will not lose their children.

    I almost always agree with you , myiq, but when a woman who has been raped with her policeman husband’s mag lite or drug behind a car with he children watching, or handcuffed to a sink so she doesn’t leave while her husband works doesn’t belong in the criminal justice system, who does?

  58. madamab, on November 17th, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    They are angry and blaming Hillary. They think she is forcing Obama to pick her. Go to huffington post.

    Dave – Cafe Press has shirts with countdown to Obama’s last day as POTUS

    Carolynn – if Obama can become president with no experience so can Palin.

  59. Please take Najima out of moderation

    I knew someone would say something like that. I am well versed in the subject of DV, including the idea that women who initiate violence do so to trigger what’s already coming.

    I’m talking about a woman who. unprovoked, verbally and phyically assaults her partner. I’m talking about mutual arguments that esclalate and she is the first to use violence.

    BTW – I have been in an abusive relationship, and I was not the abuser. (and it happened after my opinion on DV was formed, so my opinion isn’t biased.)

  60. Oh My Gawd. The Obamabot circle is now complete.

    Obama doesn’t want Lieberman to lose his position in the Senate. But Firedoglake can’t admit that’s why he will most likely stay exactly where he is.

    No, their liberal, progressive hero could not POSSIBLY be putting his foot down regarding Joe Lieberman.

    Guess whose fault it is?

    From their latest email:

    It’s coming down to the line. The decision on whether or not Joe Lieberman will retain his committee chairmanship will be made this week by the 19 members of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee – one of whom is Senator Hillary Clinton.

    This is our chance to take the gavel out of the hands of a man who hasn’t used his power of subpoena once to investigate Bush and his cronies’ abuses of power, actively campaigned for McCain, and – if left has Homeland Security Committee Chair – would have subpoena power over Barack Obama.

    Please call right now and ask that he be removed from this dangerous position before the next congress.

    OH MY FUCKING GAWD!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Senator McCain worked on normalizing relations with Vietnam. Now the relationship is even friendly as far as I know. McCain has the support of many in the military and I find it hard to believe he will escalate tensions. Many have also directly given him credit for security improvements in Iraq.

  62. BTW, those were actual cases I worked on and by no means the most egregious. Those are just the ones that came to mind as I was typing. The worst may have been a 64-year old woman who had been beaten for 45 years, but found being beaten and raped after open heart surgery was enough. She is now an advocate who does workshops for young women, the best hire I ever made.

  63. This domestic violence conversation is difficult. Every time I come up with something to say, it includes to complete breach of someone’s privacy. Or stripping all the interesting details.

    But, I have to say that I’ve known 2 very violent women. Women who were capable of both extreme verbal and physical abuse against men and children. I’ve seen the bruises and the puncture wounds.

  64. TRK – thanks for weighing in.

    I did not believe there was any way Myiq could be right about this. Sorry, people beating up other people is against the law. If women do it, they should be put in jail. If men do it, so should they.

    Nijma is not in moderation AFAIK.

  65. Madamab,

    I do not think you are powerless. As I pointed out, women are the majority of the electorate and wield huge economic power. But they do not use it.

    I disagree with the person who said Sarah Palin should go back to Alaska. Yes, she is a bit green but she is obviously intelligent. And we need more women in national politics–of all political persuasions.

    I like the “media watch” idea, but the problem is that the media is part of the conspiracy. Fortunately the Internet is the great equalizer, as this blog so nobly demonstrates.

    I believe the feminist movement has lost its way. A generation of young girls chose Madonna and Brittney over Betty Friedan and Germaine Greer. They would rather be (and I realize I am skating on thin ice but I will say it anyway) attractive to men than risk the eye-rolling and snide remarks that the “militant” feminists received. (And they never really did anything militant other than burn their underwear, did they?) The old feminism failed because it was threatening to men and also irrelevant to men’s daily experience. Contrary to much of the old feminist propaganda, men do not spend their time worrying about the size of their genitals or their failures with women. Mostly what they think about is “How am I going to make my next mortgage payment? Why does my kid want to be a rapper instead of a dentist? What if I lose my job?” Etc. A successful feminist movement has to hit men (and women) where they live and be supportive, not threatening. We have mothers, wives and daughters after all.

  66. nijma

    When my mother no longer cared about my father beating the crap out of her, he turned to doing it in front of my brother and I. She actually left him once after he put his fist through a hamster cage and threatened to kill my brother’s pet. She loaded everything up she could in two garbage bags and left with us. It lasted about 3 days before he convinced her by alternating between it will never happen again and telling her there was no way she could manage to care for herself and us on her own financially(she was a housewife with no income).

    I grew up knowing my father was sick (alcoholic with a tough childhood). It wasn’t until I was older though that I understood that my mother was equally sick(grew up with two functional alcoholics) and made the decisions she made because of that. The sad thing is that my sibling inherited my father’s alcoholism and he also has repeated the violent tendencies he saw as a child. It is sad. He alternates between self loathing and lashing out at others.

  67. I’ve seen cases where the woman attacked the man and he went to jail.


    You didn’t ask me what I thought the solution was, you just assumed

  68. myiq: My grant from VOCA required that I represent women as well as men. I am very aware that men are abused, but they won’t admit to it. I had a case with a 120 lb. man in a wheelchair and a 300 lb girlfriend, she beat him regularly, but you know as well as I do, if he will not admit in front of a judge that he is in fear, it ain’t gonna happen. He would not admit it, case dismissed.

    I can go on with just as many cases, where women did lie. They wanted a bigger settlement, they wanted soul custody, they wanted the car, or the house. It happens, you just have to be trained and trained well enough to get to the truth. The problem is UNEDUCATION and LACK OF MONEY!

    There is not enough money to train advocates and they won’t pay them squat. I was actually offered a postion here. I only have my BA and they were willing to forego that I didn’t have my master’s. Then they told me the pay was $9 an hour and only 20 hours a week. WTF? IF you can’t apy an advocate a decent wage, where the hell is the money gonna come from to teach them how to spot a woman with an ulterior motive?

  69. KB: I was in another state when these incidents happened and I am okay as Iong as no names, or states are mentioned.

  70. No, I didn’t assume myiq, but I know that abuser classes just did not work.

  71. Kim, I was talking about my experience in trying to talk about this. Not yours.

  72. myiq – And?

    There is injustice in the justice system. We all know that. Innocent people are put to death in some states because of it.

    Why single out DV for unfairness?

  73. It is horrible that we have a system that makes asking for help a weakness. Personally, I think it takes a strong person to know that they can not handle something on their own and ask for that help. I also dislike that we tend to tell victims that somehow they “asked” for it. No one “asks” to be beaten or raped. It just doesn’t happen.

  74. madamab:

    Do you have kids? Plural?

  75. When your kids fight (and they will) do you pick one and give them 100% of the punishment and treat the other as the victim?

  76. I’ve seen those “classic” DV cases where the guy just beats the f*ck out of his SO because, well he felt like it. Those guys are scum that should be locked up forever.

    But 90% of the cases aren’t like that.

  77. I am sorry KB, I just didn’t want you to think I was divulging info that I shouldn’t.

    myiq: The system is abused and if we had the money to train workers to get to the women and the men. It is easily spotted at an early age. There is just no money, because it isn’t emportant to many people, they just go by the assumption that she can “just leave.” But anyone who knows DV, knows that when a woman leaves, that is the MOST dangerous time of all and usually when the violence escalates. We actually had to get funding for the women’s pets to build walks at the shelters, because the abuser would kill their pets when they left.

    The pastor remark came from soooo many women saying they were going home because their significant other had “found the lord.” I had to respond, “when did the lord get lost?”

  78. myiq – My parents did that all the time. Didn’t yours?

    And what in Gawd’s name does that have to do with the justice system and DV?

  79. madamab:

    If your daughter slaps your son and he hits her back, which one deserves to be punished?

  80. 90% is a little high.

  81. BTW – The criminal justice system only has “perpetrators” and “victims”

  82. MyIq

    It would depend on the circumstance. I have 4 kids that can and do fight. They know that hitting is a no no. No matter what. I don’t care if your brother did “ask” for it by going on your side of the room or by calling you a name. They have been taught to come to me if they need assistance in establishing or maintaining personal boundaries and treating each other with respect.

  83. TRK:

    No it’s not. 90% of the cases don’t involve 100% innocent victims and 100% guilty perpetrators.

  84. If my daughter slaps my son then my son better come to me. He better not hit her back.

  85. Cwaltz:

    Your daughter slaps your son, and he hits her back. Who is guilty of a crime?

  86. myiq: I was a fair advocate. I asked the women many questions and I asked them many ways, usually, if they were lying, I caught them in it. But you have to be careful, not to vicitimize them again. It is a very fine line and it takes training.

    Now, I would agree if you were talking about victimless crimes, drug and alcohol related crimes. They do not deserve to be in the criminal justice system.

  87. Great post madamab — one point re: this paragraph:

    Imagine this vomitous crap being written about Barack Obama or John McCain, and a woman advocating giving them a forced vasectomy. Did your brain explode? Of course, because such an article would NEVER BE PUBLISHED. It would rightfully be seen as sexist, violent and socially unacceptable.

    Sadly, up until about the 1960s women were in fact routinely forced to have hysterectomies (you know, those women who just wouldn’t sit down & shut up — hence the word “hysteria” — just remove those female parts & they would calm down), which makes the threat against Palin that much worse, imo. Men have never been routinely forced to have vasectomies to my knowledge.

  88. myiq – I understand this is a hot-button topic for you. I’m really sorry if you’ve endured abuse. It must be horrible to be blamed for something you didn’t do.

    But I really don’t think you’re drawing convincing parallels here. Punishing children by grounding or sending them to their rooms is not the same as putting someone into jail.

    And frankly, I highly doubt that 90% of domestic violence cases are in such a grey area. But if they were, how would you deal with them?

  89. EEK — that post by “angie” @ 4:39 is me y’all! I was just popping in & forgot to log in! Sorry! 🙂

    Back to work — see y’all later!

  90. TRK:

    If your kids got in a fight, would you send one to jail and treat the other as a victim?

    BTW – I wasn’t falsely accused, I was ABUSED

  91. If my daughter instigated then she will probably bear the brunt of my ire. Once my son decides to slap back then he will also get punished. The criminal justice system does the same from what I understand. If blows are exchanged by both parties then both get charged and the courts are supposed to sort it out.

  92. myiq: You are talking about the one-time incident, that comes from a huge fight and it gets out of hand. However, do you feel same if two guys, one small, the other a big guy, get into an argument? Small one pushes his way past the big guy and the big guys pummels his ass into the ground. Are they both guilty?

    Probably not one woman here hasn’t experienced the huge blowout argument, where someone gets pushed. That is a different scenario entirely.

    Most of the DV victims I dealt with were too damned afraid to speak up or push back.

  93. {{{myiq}}}

  94. No, Cwaltz, that was found unconstitutional. Both have to bring charges in order to face the courts. The dual restraining orders that the courts were using are no longer available.

    The cases myiq is talking about should be in mediation.

    myiq, were you willing to go to court and tell the judge?

  95. For the record,
    I think that both parties should be required to undergo court mandated counseling.

  96. I wanted to help the men, they just wouldn’t let me. They didn’t want to admit a woman hurt them.

  97. There is absolutely no excuse for hitting someone in an argument. Returning physical for verbal attack is inexcusable.

    That said, if some lilliputian women flails on a big strong man with her puny fists and he turns around and wipes the floor with her, how do you THINK that’s going to look? Physical violence can be ended at any time, by either party, by simply walking away and refusing to engage.

  98. TRK:

    Oh hell yeah, let’s get fact specific instead of stereotyping!

  99. Nijima:

    I have been there. You try it then let’s talk

  100. If the woman hits first, should she go to jail?

  101. I didn’t send the cases you are talking about to a judge myiq. I spotted the difference right away. I only had one occasion where the woman made it to court and she was lying. I spotted it in her testimony, all of a sudden right there in court, her story changed. It was slight, but it changed enough for me to know she was lying. We immediately asked for a recess, she was given a restraining order and the criminal charge dismissed against the husband. If anything, I was fair.

  102. Nijima:

    What if he doesn’t “wipe the floor with her?”

  103. TRK

    Don’t different states have different laws?

    Personally, I think that waiting on someone who is a “victim” to press charges is absurd. The whole entire object of the excersize in DV is to manipulate using fear. Once people are afraid they don’t make rational decisions.

  104. Myiq – what is your solution to this problem?

  105. TRK:

    Many of the case I dealt with were already in front of a judge.

  106. Madamab:

    Quit treating most cases as “either/or” (either he’s guilty or she is)

  107. Why wouldn’t both bring charges for assault if blows were exchanged from both sides?

  108. A while back I had a problem with another tenant. When I called the police she claimed I had hit her, then called her buddies at the district office in front of the officers who answered the complaint. When I went downtown to get a copy of the complaint, there was absolutely NO record, not even the 911 call. Pretty good trick, if you ask me.

    She’s gone now, but she didn’t try that again. so yes, I have tried it and it’s difficult but it does work.

  109. myiq is right, when it comes to the man being abused the courts just make him look whiny. DV cases, where the man is abused, making it to court are extremely rare. One of the main things a judge requires is stating on the stand that you are in fear. Now, how many men will state for the record, that they are afraid of a woman? ANd how do you think that goes over? The men are ridiculed. It is awful, but myiq is right, men are abused; not as frequently as women, but it happens much more than we know.

  110. myiq – So, wouldn’t that still be in the criminal justice system? Or would it end up being a civil matter?

  111. Cwaltz:

    Haven’t you heard of “primary aggressor” laws?

    When they passed laws saying if there was physical injury the cops had to arrest the other party, too many women got arrested.

    So they passed laws that said cops had to determine who the “primary aggressor” was and arrest that person only.

    Once you are arrested, the process takes over.

  112. The DV topic is a little triggering, peeps, personally.

    I’d like to add that sometimes abuse is present and horrible without one single blow being struck, and that kind rarely gets any help at all.

  113. MYIQ

    Both “victim” and “aggressor” need to be treated in my opinion. There is an underlying problem when someone stays with someone who treats them badly.

    Of course, my way would require extensive amounts of money to be spent so it’ll never happen.

  114. Just popping back in to clarify that the threat to give Palin a hysterectomy is worse then the threat to give B0 a vasectomy because of the history of forcing women to have hysterectomies — like the justification that hanging B0 an effigy is worse then hanging Palin one because of the history of lynching black men.

    I’ve skimmed some of the posts though & myiq is right that not all DV cases have the man as the abuser — the fact is that there probably isn’t very good numbers on how many DV situations involve the woman as the abuser because as shameful as it is for a woman to admit she is/was abused, it is more shameful for men to admit they have been abused by women. Thus, there are probably thousands of cases of men being abused by women that simply go unreported. Nonetheless, in answer to myiq’s question — regardless of who hits first, if both parties hit each other both should go to jail. However, in my view, abusive situations are those where one person is doing the hitting & the other person is being hit, not hitting back.

  115. My father’s wife routinely initiates fights with him. They are the stuff of Jerry Springer’s nightmares. He told me of one time she flew at him in a rage and tried to scratch his eyes out (he has scars on his cheeks).

    He broke her jaw. :-O

    She’s an alcoholic and has mental health issues. I want nothing to do with the pair of them, but he should’ve walked away. He was even laughing when he told me about it. He was arrested but he says the police were sympathetic with him as she was so crazed. This is his side of the story, mind you.

    I’m really sad to hear all these horrible experiences that so many have gone through.

  116. Oh, and when I called around a bit I found out I was supposed to have received a copy of some brochure about victim’s rights that I never received, so I ended up, I think, making some telephone complaint against the police too. At least I received a form letter from the district office that had handled it.

  117. Well

    That totally is wrong MyIQ and it should be changed. I’d be more than happy to sign on to laws that recognize that it is equally wrong to hit regardless of gender.

  118. Cwaltz: The cases that myiq is talking about refers to the judge discovering during the course of the proceedings that it might have been a mutual fight. They are pissed at each other, maybe drinking or someone has cheated. The get into a fight, blows are exchanged and the woman takes out DV charges. Jusges used to give mutual orders in these cases. However, one very smart attorney discovered that these judges were granting relief that had not been asked for. IN any case, you have to ask for relief, like a counterclaim, if you don’t ask, you can’t get. So no more mutual restraining orders.

  119. votermom – I have a very good friend who married an emotional abuser. He kept telling her she was fat and ugly all the time. Then, he had an affair with someone who was, I guess, more to his liking. She never got any help to get over it, and ended up marrying another guy who was just as bad.

    It’s a very sad situation.

  120. votermom & madamab — I was married to an emotional abuser & I can tell you with 100% confidence that I was not the guilty party in the situation nor did I do anything to deserve it nor did I retaliate in anyway — until I finally picked up & left for real.

  121. Myiq: You have to admit that victimless prosecution is still very rare. If she cahnges her mind and there are no visible marks, the case is dropped.

  122. Dave
    Contrary to much of the old feminist propaganda, men do not spend their time worrying about the size of their genitals or their failures with women. Mostly what they think about is “How am I going to make my next mortgage payment? Why does my kid want to be a rapper instead of a dentist? What if I lose my job?” Etc. A successful feminist movement has to hit men (and women) where they live and be supportive, not threatening. We have mothers, wives and daughters after all.

    I agree 100%.
    I have a great husband and two adorable sons.
    I believe feminism should be focused on uplifting women and not about tearing down men.

    Can we have permission though to occasionally use the small genital thing for men who are obviously denigrating a woman ?
    I’m kidding.

  123. angienc – I am so glad you were able to get out. Not everyone needs counseling in order to leave an abusive situation.

    My friend really did, and I wish she had done so, so she could recognize emotional abusers and stay away from them. Instead, she just rebounded to another guy who was the same way.

  124. If the argument here is that 90% of DV cases are both the parties fault, then I better take leave of the discussion. Women are overwhelmingly the victims in DV cases. The discussion on punishing children is misguided. A better analogy would be if your ten year old said I hate you and punched you in the arm, does the parent have the right to starve the child and lock him in a closet. I can see it now, but officer the kid started it.

  125. Thats the biggest problem and again EDUCATION! Out of all the cases I have mentioned, the 64 year old is the only one who got out and stayed out. The flashlight rape victim got out and was in my office a year later married to yet another abuser.

  126. madamab — Oh, I went to counseling — I had to go pay $150 an hour for a therapist to tell me that I wasn’t crazy — my husband was a drunk & an abuser. I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out on my own! LOL 🙂
    Heck, he actually diagnosed me with Battered Wife Syndrome — the a$$ is lucky I didn’t burn him in his bed.

  127. petal – yes, you’re kidding.

    If a man is describing us in terms of genitalia, then we certainly have the right to do the same to him.

    No permission necessary.

    But I liked Dave’s comments too. A lot of men are very supportive of feminist goals. If we elucidate them in a non-threatening way, I believe it could only help our movement.

  128. I think our future is unimaginably horrid –when it seems they–the Obots and the media got away with the vile.

    No censorships, Nothing. They can only get worse–sorry to say.

  129. TRK:

    Not where I live.

    Men who abuse women are scum who deserve no sympathy. But most DV is not “abuse” it is “dysfunction”

    I am done with this subject

  130. {{{angie}}}

    The important thing is, you did it. Good for you, girl!

  131. myiq2xu, on November 17th, 2008 at 4:51 pm Said:

    If the woman hits first, should she go to jail?
    It would depend on if it was a small small, responded with a full boxers punch. If she threw a sponge and you threw a punch…

    At any rate if you were abused, my hope is you walked away, or walked out…as that is how many situations get out of hand and they would look at size and of the amount of force used, if you were defending yourself.

    If my son, hit my daughter and they are of equal size in response I would still expect that the other would not recipricate with violence.

    Any hoo, I wouldn’t take us gals to testify on your behalf:

    WV: He frequently wanted to give a spanking and asked for a spanking.

    Judge: NEXT

    Any hoo, I am sorry that someone mistook your witty answers for an opening to abuse you. 😦 Cheer up, life is too short, and there are more fish in the ocean. Just sober up so you don’t fall in again. :shock; Helps to look before you dive in.

    OK…I fully expect to blocked NOW!

  132. I think myiq (btw, nice avatar) is talking about something more subtle though, a destructive dance that goes on that may or may not (usually not) involve physical violence. Like one woman said , ‘I wish he would hit me because then it would be easy to decide to leave.’

    The whole situation changes both people and their coping skills, and not for the better. Usually it’s framed in terms of “codependency” but the drinking probably just makes it worse.

    The way I heard it described by a speaker was, supposing there is a stairway and every day you go down this stairway. Then one day a step breaks. It doesn’t get fixed. So you learn to go down the stairs a different way so you don’t fall. Then one day the stairway at long last gets repaired, but you have learned to go down a different way, so now you hurt yourself going down the stairs.

  133. Anyone ready to talk solutions to this sexism stuff?

  134. You would be surprised at the number of women who think jealousy and abuse are an integral part of love. It is what they grew up with, they saw it in mom and dad. A lot of women do instigate it, only because they think that means he cares enough to hit you. It is a cycle that has to be broken. That is another reason, women are so quick to take the blame. If she had dinner ready on time or the house clean enough.

    The men saw their fathers hit their mothers and they lose respect for women.

    There is no easy solution.

  135. My father was a violent acholic and beat my mother and me.
    When my mother died I was put in foster homes.
    I made a decision that no man would be allowed to hit me again.
    When I married I told my husband you might hit me once but do not go to sleep because you will never know when or how i will get even.
    I know that is not politically correct but it was how I felt.

    Somewhere females have lost self respect.
    Buying the current music that trashes women it part of the problem. They would not produce it if it did not sell.
    Dressing like half a dollar hookers does not help.
    If those clothes did not sell they would not make them.
    Make role models of Paris Hilton and the like does not help.
    Very little history taught about the input of women in the world. does not help.
    They have black history month and black history studies but no female history or study. how do we change that?

    Today morals and self respect are lost in teaching the young about themselves.
    During the 60s and 70s some power for disciplining was taken away from parents with nothing to replace it.
    Think about can you really imagine prior generations saying ” I vote for so and so because my children told me to”

    Children need limits to understand what is and what is not acceptable behavior.
    I told my daughters when they had children ” what is cute at two is not cute at four”

    No one calls foul when women are trashed by men and also by other women who are afraid not to be part of the “in crowd”.

    Someone spoke of a way to speak out with a word that triggers outrage like racism, how about anti-feminism?



  136. When I lived in the Seattle area, if one partner accused the other of DV and reports it to the police, the person accused of the violence spent the night in jail. It’s automatic. Male or female.

  137. Helenk – You are AWESOME.

    SOD – Definitely. Put it up!!!

  138. I tried to always be fair. I never wanted to be accused of ruining someone’s life for something they did not do or something that happened once and would never happen again.

  139. myiq: I think you are an honorable man and I have the highest respect for you.

    everybody now – group aaahhhhh!!!

  140. TRK — I’m sure you were always fair. The problem with this discussion is that people who have been in abusive situations themselves can never view any abusive situation objectively.

  141. Here’s how you spot a misogynist:
    They say “I have no problem with a woman being President. Just not that one. Or that one, or that one . . .”

    One of my best friends who has always been more outwardly feminist than I actually said this to me about Sarah Palin. I was just stunned.

  142. Angie that is the problem. SOme of the advocates just refused to see that this was a domestic dispute and not Domestic violence. Big difference.

  143. {{{Helenk}}}
    }} (yea, a hug 4u2 too…)


    Heck of a post, looking forward to the follow-up by SOD any second now.

  144. New Post Up!

  145. Want to know what it’s like t grow up with an abusive parent? Here’s a look at my childhood:



  146. {{{ myiq2xu }}} hug disappeared? 😯

  147. I don’t see no new post!

  148. Ok, for real — I have to get back to work. See y’all later.

    myiq — if you are still here: Je vous aime toujours bien que vous ne m’aimez pas

  149. I’d like to get back to madamab’s question about framing the misogyny/sexism thing.

    The framing of a question is is sometimes its own answer.
    Maybe first is to figure out what is the problem with those who use hate speech.

    I think it was myiq posted an Obot picture that looked somewhat terrifying, but more likely they’re more like that kid in the basement who broke into Palin’s email. Someone who doesn’t quite fit in and wants to make friends by identifying a common enemy. I picture the Obaots as something like Alfred E. Newman.

  150. OK…post is really up now!! Nijma – your question is ripe for my post.

  151. IMO the Democratic Party lost the high ground on equality a long time (Why we have no ERA, why women are always on the verge of losing reproductive rights, why we do not have a female candidate for the executive branch since Ferraro, why women get paid less than men, and a host of other issues that effect women more) It did not start with Obamanation. We have been on a downward spiral for years. I do think that this downward spiral created an atmosphere that allowed Obamanation to prosper by using sexism and misogyny. Good examples were seen during the Primary and the GE. Since the downward spiral did not happen overnight, the remedy will take years. Equality for women has been set back decades. That is why I will probably not see a woman as President in my lifetime. The first step is to refuse to accept sexism and misogyny. Time to stop supporting the Dems because they are Dems. Let the male and female elected leaders know that if they do not openly and vocally support women, they do not get our vote. And no contributions to anyone unless they support women. This is war!

  152. Personally, my take on it is this: Whoever does the most damage gets charged. It’s one thing for a woman to slap a man. It’s another thing when the response is to beat her senseless. Similar to the incident that Lynette Long describes, there is such a thing as a reaction that goes way beyond the original offense.

  153. FLVoter, you are absolutely right. I’m through being held hostage by reproductive rights that should have been guaranteed years ago. The Democratic Party has allowed this issue to remain a carrot on a stick for women voters and it’s time to say enough is enough. And bring back the ERA. Now that Dems have a majority lets insist that we see some real progress made on women’s and LGBT issues!

  154. When they passed laws saying if there was physical injury the cops had to arrest the other party, too many women got arrested.

    So they passed laws that said cops had to determine who the “primary aggressor” was and arrest that person only.

    Once you are arrested, the process takes over.


    This is obviously a hot button issue for a lot of people here, including me but this is not true. The issue was not that “too many women got arrested”. It was that the mostly male police officers arrested both parties for a variety of reasons some of which were procedural but mostly, imo, because of their cultural or psychological bent.
    DV is a crime and needs to be treated as such. While there are people who remain in unhealthy relationships, the person who hits the other person needs to go to jail-every time.

  155. Owenaprhys,

    What Obama is doing is silencing his critics with appointments. If Hillary and McCain accept positions in his administration, I wonder who will be left to lend an air of legitimacy to the questioning of Obama’s actions? Just the blogworld?


    I really don’t have any suggestions at this point. All I know is something must be done. NOW has become a joke. It suffered female castration by the New Dem Party; it has no vitality left to it anymore. It certainly has lost my suppport.

    It does look like The New Agenda is trying to address some of these issues though. did you read the spot about Chris Matthews? The man doesn’t seem capable of making a comment to a woman unless it involves something about a woman’s looks. It is absolutely shocking.

  156. “There is no logical answer to this question, except that yes, he did flip Hillary off, he did mean to call Sarah Palin a pig, he did intend to slam Hillary when he took the stage after a primary victory to the song “99 Problems (And a Bitch Ain’t One)”, and he did mean to use Clinton’s femaleness against her when he called her “likeable enough” and said she was “periodically down” with her “claws” coming out…”

    Yes, that is why I am convinced because of that and the fact that Chairman Deaner waited until the Sunday before the last 2 primaries to speak up about the sexism in the elex season – says that though women are 56% of the voting population – we are still shit in their eyes. Oh, and BrazileNut announcing “we know who the winner is” when the last 2 states hadn’t voted and yet she wouldn’t say who she was giving her SD vote to.

    What a bunch of backstabbing, conniving liars!

  157. I agree with Dave. What is up with women? In my career as an engineer, the people in the work place who most often tried to stop my advancement were the other women in my section.

    I have decided that women are their own worst enemy when it comes to women’s rights. What makes this group aware enough to be totally disgusted by the MSM treatment of Hillary and Sarah?

    Why are we different? Age? Education? Careers?

    The MSM got away with it. They completely, and falsely, smeared both Hillary and Sarah repeatedly and have not suffered for it.

    What now? I honestly think some kind of record needs to be made about this election and the blatant sexism. Comparisons to how Obama was treated by each MSM outlet, and how Sarah was treated by each MSM outlet. At least we PUMAs can try to develop an historical record of the crap done to Hillary and Sarah.

  158. It is creepy watching the MSM pile on onto of piling on just to make sure their revisionist view of history sticks.


  159. […] The Song of Our New ObamaNation: The Bitch Deserved It (by madamab at The Confluence) […]

  160. […] The Song of Our New ObamaNation: The Bitch Deserved It (by madamab at The Confluence) […]

  161. Well for one thing – we might start by looking back at passing the ERA.
    My Guest on Monday night for the full hour is founder and Executive Officer of a national, single-issue, non-partisan organization whose mission is to finish ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. This amendment would guarantee legal equality to men and women and should it be ratified it would become only the second constitutional guarantee for women. The only other right that women are explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution is the right to vote.

    Tune in Monday night at 8 PM eastern

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