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Monday: No blank check for YOU

President Elect Obama, the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, gave an interview to 60 Minutes last night.  The New York Times watched it so we wouldn’t have to.  Senator Abstract Painting finally told us what he really represents.  In short, banks and financial institutions get all the money in the Treasury; little people losing their houses?  Ehhh, not so much:

President-elect Barack Obama said in an interview on the CBS program “60 Minutes” on Sunday that one of his top priorities will be to “restore a sense of balance” to the regulation of financial markets, but rejected the idea of a so-called “new New Deal” for America.

Mr. Obama acknowledged the parallels between the current economic crisis and the problems of the Great Depression, but said that he supported solutions that are “true to our times.”

“For us to simply recreate what existed back in the 30s in the 21st century — I think would be missing the boat,” Mr. Obama said in the interview. “I think the basic principle that government has a role to play in kick-starting an economy that has ground to a halt is sound. I think our basic principle that this is a free market system and that that has worked for us, that it creates innovation and risk taking, I think that’s a principle that we’ve got to hold to as well.”

Didja get that?  Mr. Smartest President EVAH does not believe in doing his research, finding out what worked in the past and updating those solutions for the benefit of average everyday Americans.  No, he believes in the “innovation and risk taking” of the “free market”.  Well, I’m glad we got that settled.  It only took us a year to figure out W.O.R.M. (What Obama Really Meant).

But wait!  There’s more:

In his first post-election interview, the president-elect also reiterated his support for providing additional assistance to Americans facing home foreclosure as well as government involvement in bailing out the troubled automobile industry.

“It can’t be a blank check,” Mr. Obama said of a plan to help automakers. “My hope is that over the course of the next week, between the White House and Congress, the discussions are shaped around providing assistance but making sure that that assistance is conditioned on labor, management, suppliers, lenders, all the stakeholders coming together with a plan — what does a sustainable U.S. auto industry look like?”

No blank check for you, says Lord of Fiscal Responsibility Who Was MORE Than Happy To Vote on the FIRST Paulsen Bailout Bill That Was Nothing But a Blank Check.  When that first bill came around that gave us taxpayers the unique opportunity to buy up all of the banks’ toxic assets but not get anything in return, Obama was totally onboard with that.  Someone in the Senate, we still don’t know who, snuck a provision in the second bill that gave the government the option of actually owning pieces of those banks.  We’re silent partners, pretty much, but at least if the money ever comes back, we’re entitled to a substantial chunk of it- theoretically.  But this was not a requirement for Obama.  He was content to write the banks a blank check.

Now, he could be singing a different tune in a couple of months.  Maybe someone like Paul Krugman can school him on what The New Deal really was all about.  That way, he won’t end up sounding like clueless laissez-faire free marketeer George Will.  We hope this happens behind closed doors would be far less embarrassing than doing it on national TV:

Stimulating the banks, er, economy with money may not be enough.  A NEW New Deal may indeed be what is called for, complete with restructuring of mortgages with HOLC, government projects that put people to work and affordable healthcare for all Americans so that companies like GM can dig themselves out of the hole they dug for themselves by designing nothing but gas guzzling asphalt boats.  It’s doable.  I mean, he’s only going to have a Democratic Congress to play with.  If things get tough in Appalachia, even the hardest hearted Blue Dog Democrat could be pressured to bend.  Heck, it worked so well with delegates at the convention, I can’t believe Obama’s already lost his touch in 4 months.

You can see where all of this is heading.  We now see Obama for what he is.  The presidency has solidified him out of his air of mystery.  He doesn’t have to play the game anymore.  He could have just said, “Screw it, I’m a Democrat and I cherish the principles of my party.  I’m going to restore the social safety net.  Take *that*, David Broder!”  But he did not.  Personally, I’m angry.  The money is saving the asses of the people who innovated and risk took us into this mess but when it comes to a solution for the rest of us, a New Deal is already off the table.  He must have learned that from Pelosi.  Well, his backers got what they wanted- the ability to to whatever the f^&* they want without consequence and absolutely no obligation to the rest of us.  What’s that you say, Obamaphiles?  That’s not what you wanted??

Tsk, tsk, $600,000,000 in small money donations just doesn’t buy what it used to.

Speaking of money, MABlue pointed me to this chilling article in Portfolio about The End of Wall Street.  Read it and you will want to go sharpen your pitchfork and hunt down the person who dreamt up 401K’s.  There isn’t a prison harsh enough for the people who did this to us.

In the meantime, PUMAs, it’s time to work off those turkey dinners in advance.  We’ve been sedentary for a year now and we need to get up and boogie before the fat hardens.  So, make a commitment to yourselves to put in at least 30 minutes of heart pumping activity into your day this week.  I’m hitting the fitness center at work.  I have stepper today, chisel tomorrow, treading on Wednesday, Spin on Thursday and Zumba on Friday.  That will entitle me to a helping of stuffing with gravy.

Here’s some morning music from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings to get you started:

125 Responses

  1. Eveything Obama knows about the New Deal he learned from Ronnie Raygun

  2. It was there in black and white. The Reagan worship in his books said it all.

    I think I am going to compile these posts for a while, and send them to my idiot Obot sibs in one big fat punch.

    To think they dumped me for this guy.


  3. Myiq, fetching expression!
    See you guys tonight…………………..

  4. Joanie: Some people just don’t get abstract art.

  5. Yes, but they’re the most pompous pretenders at gallery openings.

  6. Oh noes! I come here to AVOID working out. You’re onto me. 😦

    I couldn’t avoid that 60 minutes of hell last night as hubby wanted to watch it. Quick recap: blah blah getting a dog, blah blah college football, blah blah “I find washing dishes soothing.” No, that wasn’t mom-in-chief, that was our dear leader! Yes, I’m speechless.

  7. Hi, Joanie – I just sent a bunch of links to my Obot sister. (She had sent out a mass emailing inviting everyone she knows to charter a bus to DC for the inauguration – I snarkily declined in a “reply all” and she is livid, especially since I revealed to her that I have gotten private replies agreeing with me.) She has now responded by calling me “bitter”. Now where do you think she memorized that? I have no hope of redeeming her, but will continue to send along specific posts just to get under her skin.

  8. RD, “the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers” kept me giggling thorugh out the whole post.

    11yo & me are doing weights — got to keep the old bones strong.

  9. Joanie: Check this out from Murphy Brown from years ago

  10. Votermom: That was myiq’s idea.

  11. Terrific post, Riverdaughter. It’s too bad that Krugman already told me there is something wrong with me because I didn’t want a shiny new black Ronald Reagan instead of a Democrat. Wealthy white liberals get to feel good for electing a black guy and the bottom 90% of Americans gets to hand our tax money over to Wall Street. Oh goody.


  12. In his first television interview since his historic election, Obama said he has spent the days since the election from doing “whatever it takes” to stabilize the economy, restore consumer confidence and create jobs to getting sound health care and energy policies through Congress.
    ummmmmmm when was that, i thought all he had been doing was hiring clinton’s folks and bringing
    “laughable change” to dc, oh that’s right, thinking of
    appointing Hillary Clinton as SOS is to win support from HIllary supporters, ummmmmm, would someone tell him the election is over and he is their President like it or not. He is the brer rabbit of the Uncle Remus tales, he runs around tricking everyone
    into believing everything he says, which amounts to
    20/20 vision of everyone else’s hardwork. Period.

  13. Joaniebone,

    You are so right. Of course I actually read “The Audacity of Hope,” unlike the Cheeto koolaid swillers. It sounds like you read it too.

  14. RD, MyIQ is what my mom would’ve called a Bad Influence. 🙂

  15. Bostonboomer says-
    ” Wealthy white liberals get to feel good for electing a black guy and the bottom 90% of Americans gets to hand our tax money over to Wall Street. Oh goody.”

    Including the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers who are busily trying to complete a deal wherin the older brother buys out the younger sibs so they can avoid the expected increase in the capital gains tax! Being funded by PNC, (PNC Park sound familiar??) PNC took a substantial chunk of the bail-out money to buy up National City.
    Yup, wealthy white RICH guys get bail-out money through the back door. Meanwhile, we, the people, get diddly squat!

  16. Great post RD. But what will open obot eyes? Seems to me health care reform was dropped awhile ago and where’s the out rage? It’s like Barry never said anything about it . I don’t believe gay obots expect him to fight for them either and that seems to be okay with many of them …he’s off the hook. I mean I don’t see many calls for him to say anything thing about it . Then again I remember that obots sollowed the FISA 180 turn around after a stunned 48 hours. So what will wake them up? Perhaps only time.

    Also IMO Krugman both looks and acts different since just before his Nobel…at least he got a prize .

  17. Wow, Michelle did it again. “……wow what a country we live in.”
    Because Barack was elected as the 44th president. She judges the country on the basis of how it treats her immediate family. Or is Barack just a symbol to her as well – the first president of African heritage. Had Barack not been elected? – geez what a country : (

    Had Hillary been elected, I would have thought. OK, there’s hope for our country. We have a president who cares about us!

  18. On NPR this morning I heard that Obama said in reference to learning from FDR that even if the solutions one tries don’t work, one needs to inspire confidence in the people. Somehow I didn’t find that inspiring.

  19. And in the real world Citigroup is eliminating another 53,000 jobs. Is that Obama saying “Let them eat waffles?”

  20. That’s Obama saying, “I never promised you a rose garden–er, uh, stable economy…cept I did,huh?”

    I want to smack 52% (?) of the country in the face.

    By the way, I don’t get why I have to see so much of this guy now. No one cared who he was before they elected him but not that we’re stuck with him, it’s supposed to matter?

  21. So if the Obots don’t care about healthcare, don’t care about lgbt, helping the middle class economic relief was it really all about r*ce? Hmmmm, Howie, it seems to me you have some s’plainin to do.

  22. When I saw the Onion like Time cover on the stands, I was sick. That this nothing is favourably compared with Roosevelt ??!! Not only that, but a descendant of FDR’s on the Dem rules committee helped to put this noting , in the White House , I feel even sicker.

  23. Regency said, “….I don’t get why I have to see so much of this guy now….”
    Until we get a new star that will bring ratings, we’re stuck with “The One.” : (

    SNL knew that after the election when they wouldn’t have Tina Fey as Palin, back to low ratings.

  24. ITA with you paper doll. The man has not done anything yet. To compare him to anyone is presumptuous to the extreme. Such arrogance before beginning the work at hand doesn’t bode well, IMO.

  25. SOD2 (what happen to the first you?): No. I’ve been incommunicado all b-day weekend. What did she need?

  26. sod2, whatever they’re ingesting must be a heavy narcotic laced with a hallucinogenic because these folks are completely out of it.

  27. Happy belated birthday Regency. November is such a great month for birthdays.

  28. Reminder of our upcoming book (The Tipping Point) discussion suggested by RD (yesterday morning’s post):

    “So, how do we get the unParty to go mainstream? That’s where the book comes in. I’m proposing a book club to discuss the concepts presented in The Tipping Point. As you read it, ask yourself whether you are a connector, maven or salesman. Think about what it is about PUMA that makes it “sticky”. Think about structure, organization and size. Think about the coolness factor.

    Then, next Sunday, come back with your ideas and we’ll get this unParty started.”

  29. Sod: Sure. I just checked that one.

    I don’t know if it’s a metaphor but I accidentally clicked the NYTimes link and my compuer went haywire. 8 windows of BO is never funny!

  30. Gxm: November is a fantastic (the most fantastic in my biased opinion) month to have a birthday, indeed.

  31. Regency, on November 17th, 2008 at 9:27 am Said:

    8 windows of BO is never funny!

    True, but your word images are! : ) Happy belated Birthday!

  32. Well, I watched the 60 minutes interview. It had my husband screaming at the TV “that’s not what he said on the compaign trail!”

    I said, “I tried to tell you.”

  33. I’ve always been a big Krugman fan. I wonder if Hillary would have made him Treasury Sec. in her administration. He saw what we saw in Hillary–a true Democrat who not only understood the principles of the party and history, but knew exactly how to apply them in “modern times.”

    I’m not the least bit surprised. I think BO’s much-vaunted intelligence, especially when it comes to creative solutions, has been completely overestimated. I’ve seen him borrow his speaking style, borrow ideas, borrow policies, borrow advisors. His praise of Reagan was a dead give away, and now that he doesn’t have to pander, he’s saying right out.

    I hope all the lefties are happy as can be.

  34. Isn’t it incredible that people were willing to wait until AFTER the election to find out what he really wants to do? I think next time, we should pick from people with bags over their heads, and guess who/what they are. After they’re elected, the bag comes off and those who picked correctly win the $700 billion.

  35. Sod: You’ve got it back!

    PurpFinn: I try. BO makes pulling a funny easy. *sigh* Damn, there goes our GW.

    Ga: I thankfully didn’t know he was on last night or I would have suffered a nutty. He makes me a worse person just for existing. I can’t stomach him.

  36. fif, oh, the lefties are still thrilled. I just got beaten over the head yet again with Krugman’s assertion that if you’re not shedding a tear there’s something wrong with you. Thanks for handing a club to the emotional fascists, Krug.

    I swear, denial knows no bounds. I predict the rise of the Obama recovery movement, Obamaholics Anonymous. “Hello, my name is ___ and I’m an Obamaholic. It took four long years to admit I was powerless over Barack Obama….”

  37. SOD: the new Newsweek has a large picture of Lincoln, with a smaller pic of BO standing in his “shadow.” They are pushing the Lincoln narrative hard. Lincoln. You know why? Because BO is a lawyer from IL and said he really liked “Team of Rivals.” Well, they’re ya go.

    They’re practically twins.

  38. Regency, on November 17th, 2008 at 9:38 am Said:

    ……..He makes me a worse person just for existing…………


    There you go again. 🙂

    However, that’s a tad to much power you’re giving him. 😯

  39. Reagan? I’m starting to see more resemblances to Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover, myself. He doesn’t want to go back to the 30’s but the 20’s seem to suit him fine.

  40. emotional fascists…I like that.

    I heard someone on the radio talking about actual fascism, and they said that Hitler consciously used crowd psychology to create his own movement because “they don’t think, they feel.”

    And Krugman was right: I DID shed a tear–but not for the reasons he means.

  41. ugsome, you made me think of this video, which has made the rounds here:

    Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Lives Are

  42. It’s unbelievable how they keep trying to compare this empty shirt to some of our greatest historical leaders – AND HE’S NEVER DONE A G-DAMN THINK IN HIS WHOLE CAREER EXCEPT RUN FOR OFFICE!!!

    SOD: it’s all projection. People are so desperate, especially after Bush, for a savior, a true leader, that they are willfully trying to create one. BO said it himself: “I am a blank slate so people can project what they want onto me.” That’s why he has always given the deliberately vague answers, and his speeches lack substance and detail. Now that it’s decision and action time, he cannot avoid defining himself any longer. It’s frightening how willing people are to suspend analytical thought for the sake of a false high.

  43. PurpFinn: Mm, can’t be helped. He does not give me nice dreams. I do not have kind thought regarding him. I don’t like feeling that way.

    oh, by the way, what’s the Washington City Paper and why did it link to the “Open Season on Women” post. I’m afraid to click to find out.

  44. SOD: lol! Sorry to trigger morning sickness.

  45. Morning all – happy belated birthday, Regency!

    My hubby didn’t even try to get me to watch that wankfest on 60 Minutes. He knows better.


    I do hope everyone who lambasted us for not voting on “issues” will soon feel as gobsmacked as we did during the primaries, when we found out the fix was in.

    See, if ya know the candidate is lying, it doesn’t matter what he says he believes in or will do. You know it ain’t gonna happen.

    Our only chance for a new New Deal is HRC. That’s why I want her to stay in the Congress, where she may be able to whip those lazy, do-nothing Dems into actually doing something good for the country.

  46. Had Hillary been elected, I would have thought. OK, there’s hope for our country. We have a president who cares about us!

    purplefinn: I also would have felt: thank God, there’s someone in there who actually knows what the hell she’s doing. Talk about inspiring confidence. People are watching “60 Minutes” to find out NOW what he wants to really do?! What’s wrong with this picture?

  47. Well those obsessed supporters got what they wanted, a leader who is not going to help them at all. My question to them is: Whatcha gonna do now?

  48. You know what?

    I’m scared to watch. RD & Co. You just have to wonder who actually planned to bankrupt this country. I think it has to do with that New World Order deal. B’s dad. He started it.

    I wondered about those 401k deals. I had a chance to be in on that in the corp world o’ newspaper—they owned it? I didn’t think that was good. Jobs used to have insurance and pension plans, no? Decent jobs — but some bean counters decided to do away with all of that while fattening their own pockets. Creepy.

    I think we are headed for a very big fall, indeed — my friend uppity has “poverty recipes” up this am. Well?

    I think I’ll blog about how to make things from scratch.
    The last thing we needed was another arrogant corporate mofo.


    creepy times

    I’m going to go read that article above but?
    Ugh. I’m not sure I want to know.

  49. Regency, belated Happy Birthday to you!

    BO finds washing the dishes soothing? So do I — until the skin started chapping off my hands. Then I started using the dishwasher.

  50. Yes, SOD…I replied. I’m very excited!


  51. What is everyone so excited about?

  52. I must have missed something big over the weekend, now I am squirming. I hate secrets when I don’t know what they are and am told, hang on, its a doozey and we will tell you later.

  53. SOD,

    I think I should change my screen name to “bug-eyed and screaming in horror.”

  54. I want out from under this damn bus too. I have been under here longer than anyone, former obots were the first to go. I have been sitting under here since I left his campaign in August of 2007.

  55. Kim,

    What do you mean? Who is excited? I guess I got left out of the secret too.

  56. I don’t know BB, have been put on hold. Guess it is need to know.

  57. Radio show? I thought we were taking it to the streets.

  58. gxm17, on November 17th, 2008 at 9:22 am Said:
    whatever they’re ingesting must be a heavy narcotic laced with a hallucinogenic because these folks are completely out of it.

    It really is strange – some of the brightest people I know just couldn’t vote the Repub and voted for him and now they argue to justify their action.

    One of them said “Neither of them were a good choice – we made it through GW, we’ll survive him as well
    But at what cost? GW dismantled the constitution.

  59. Joanelle, on November 17th, 2008 at 10:17 am Said:
    But at what cost? GW dismantled the constitution.

    Yeah and his party brand couldn’t win the next election. What’s gonna happen to the Dems? Deja. Vu. Anyone?

  60. Happy Birthday Regency! Nov is a good month! You Scorpio girls are amazing

    Hey I’m all for learning how to freak can food at this point . Learning to weave and make candles also sound like reality based endeavors to me . Hubby may lose his job, of course they won’t tell him anything . They either will say nothing and he is still working , or they give him a half hour to empty his desk and escort him out … Shock and Awe is the new order of the day .

    Oh and the bean counters LOVE firing people just before the holidays. This cherished, yuletide tradition was started under Poppy Bush , went dormant during Bill’s terms and returned under Baby Bush…..Barry’s term will bring it to another level. IMO

  61. While in this interview Obama certainly did essentially say that he’s not going to do anything really new or bold economically, and I certainly believe that he will in fact never do anything bold, I hardly expect that this will be the last word on what he says he’s going to do. What he says one day, he takes back the next. Today, it’s no new New Deal, tomorrow, quite possibly, not so much.

    It’s going to be impossible to know what President Hamlet really intends to do in concrete detail until it actually gets done, and so can no longer be taken back. Even then, though, I expect spin out of both sides of his mouth about the “meaning” of what he’s done.

  62. PUMAs are going to give people something to hang onto and get excited about – we are going to create a new direction that people can follow and in which that can actively participate while not being mindless hordes of fanatics.

    PUMAs will give them a means to support the life they want to live.

    I’m not sure what that will look like at this point Reg but we have the capacity within this community to develop a worthwhile initiative

  63. Agreed, Joanelle. A change is gonna come that doesn’t involve Secret Police. Positive at least.

  64. It looks like the SOS appointment is on track. Lawyers spent the weekend combing Bill’s financial records and foreign dealings.

    WASHINGTON: President-elect Barack Obama’s advisers have begun reviewing former President Bill Clinton’s finances and activities to see whether they would preclude the appointment of his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as secretary of state, Democrats close to the situation said.


  65. Fif: Don’t believe the hype. They will use this as their very reasoning for not picking her.

  66. OT, my mom advised me that dressing is cooked outside the bird while stuffing is not. Is mom correct?

  67. frankly: President Hamlet! Perfect.

  68. frankly0, on November 17th, 2008 at 10:20 am Said:
    ….. President Hamlet

    really good! lol!

  69. Regency, on November 17th, 2008 at 10:26 am Said:
    Fif: Don’t believe the hype. They will use this as their very reasoning for not picking her.

    Exactly. It ‘s all about humiliating Hill , clipping her wings…

  70. I don’t think so Regency. Read the article. If he pulled the offer after investing this much publicity in it, it will make them look inept. There might be something re: Bill that derails it, but otherwise, it looks credible. As I said before, HRC knows what she’s doing and can see all the angles. If she stays in Senate, great. If she is offered SOS and takes it, she’ll know how to protect herself and use it to do exceptional things.

  71. Nope, it’s all about hurting Bill now. If she doesn’t get it, it’s gonna become his fault and that will hurt HIM in everyone’s eyes. Hasn’t he be scapegoated enough?

  72. Regency – I agree with that. Ultimately, they will use whatever they find to smear Bill and Hill.

    They just can’t stand anyone with accomplishments and a real political philosophy showing up their naked emperor.

  73. About stuffing — most newer cookbooks & cooking shows say it is not safe to cook it inside the bird — cook it separately instead.

  74. Regency, on November 17th, 2008 at 10:29 am Said:
    …… Hasn’t he be scapegoated enough?

    never it seems

  75. Mad: Can we please not be going on with the nudity. I have an overactive imagination and it is not a happy place to be.

    Fif: I hope you’re right, but my gut doesn’t say so.

  76. Oh Kim,

    Some of the more wild and crazy Conflucians are starting a new radio show that will be a take-off on The View. It sounds like it will be very funny. I hope so, because I need the laughs. I hope we get to call in sometimes too.

  77. Then again, I have a Pavlovian reaction to Barack Obama which is essentially to scream.

  78. Don’t get me wrong, I think the radio show is great, I just worry that we are the only ones who listen to it.

  79. It won’t matter if he tries to smear Bill & Hill. They will keep on doing what it is they do. People who believe the smears will hate them, as they do. Others will watch them continue to serve in their stellar way, and love them, as they do. Bill & Hillary have never been stopped by the forces that want to diminish them, and BO will not dim their light either. That’s why they infuriate people. I saw a headline by Dickie Morris this weekend that said: “SOS? Is He Kidding?!” I didn’t bother to read his stupid, toxic opinion, knowing that his CDS must be off the charts with the possibility of her being honored in some way. He probably had a toe-sucking bonanza this weekend, just to relieve the stress.

  80. I could never get logged on to the old one, kept requesting that I register and I would register and then never get a password.

  81. off to make the doughnuts…great day all.

  82. Wow, TRK. Way to give up before we even start.


    Have a little hope, my friend. We survived Bush, we can survive Obama.

    Regency – Sorry dear! I have an active imagination too, but I am able to stop it from going where I don’t want it to go. If you start thinking about Obama, just switch on HRC or Bill instead.

    Ahh, much better.


  83. Kim,

    I think we are going to need some humor to keep us going. I have sometimes had trouble getting Murphy’s show, but with Conflucians say and Sheri’s I haven’t had a problem. I sometimes call the call in number and listen on the phone. I can hear better that way.

    But you’re right, we do need to start doing real world things too.

  84. Mad: See, that’s way better. Kind of humorous actually. TheBig Dawg has no clothes.

  85. Madamab,

    After I saw that about the new New Deal being off the table, I called my mother and ranted for about 30 minutes. She told me to just ignore it all and live my life. I did that during a good part of the Nixon administration, the Ford administration, the Carter administration, the Reagan administration, and both Bush administrations. Now I’m supposed to hunker down and deal with this? I’ll be retirement age by 2012. I’ve had it.

  86. That article in Portfolio sums up all that has gone wrong, everywhere, in every corporation. It’s an ethics thing.

    They have none. None.

    Tragic RD.

  87. I can’t wait, SOD!

  88. I’m sorry madama, but my son re-enlisted this weekend. He heard from his girlfriend about the economy and decided he had better stay right where he is for the time being.

    The humor may get more people interested. There are some extremely intelligent, snarky people here.

    I am just ready to get off my ass, and go to work. I usually give every spare moment I have to a campaign. HRC knew she wouldn’t win South Carolina and never really worked on it, so there was no campaign here. I feel I have done little or nothing, except to talk and bitch. I am ready to roll my sleeves up, dive in and get some real change going, and the hopey shit.

  89. sorry – “not the hopey shit”.

  90. ok, what’s going on here?
    Obama is taking over the goddamned world and we’re talking about naked people and stuffing?


    President Hamlet, hehehe

    My gut is going the other way, Reg-I think HRC may be the next SOS.
    Not that I’m happy..

  91. BB – I hear ya. The New Deal was never on the table with Obama – everyone was just pretending he and HRC were the same on issues, but we all knew differently.

    TRK – I know, there is not much action going on right now. We are all figuring out how to combine into one giant PUMA bloc, I think. I am very sorry about your son, indeed – I can’t believe we are still stuck with all of Bush’s fuckups after two years of Democratic Congressional majority.


  92. Voter Mom:

    My mom calls me a bad influence too.

  93. New post in 10 minutes

  94. MyIQ, well, she would know, wouldn’t she?

    Love your humor1

  95. But myiq, your new portfolio of pics is great.

    So, I am forgiven for being not off the charts with enthusiasm today?

    I just feel like I need to get off my ass and start doing something, or I may start screaming and never stop. It’s either that or start drinking heavily.

  96. Assuming our various intuition have all been right at one time or another, I think that means it’s still in the air.

    They may be looking into Bill’s dealings because they know there is something objectionable there. They may just be genuinely looking.

    Hillary may in the end say no for whatever personal reasons she has. She may say yes for whatever personal reasons she has.

    This may be bullshit elevated to the news cycle by the same anonymous sources who said they knew what was going on when Bill was surrounded by groupies though they couldn’t name what “what” was.

  97. Either the Hill as SOS story is just another way to harm her and Bill again …..or she is the next SOS and the plan is for Hill to take the heat for the Barry moves Biden told everyone they will not like…

    either way …oy

    oh and let’s not forget the Kennedy’s want her Senate There is a Dem NY governor….so no Dem loss for that filibuster-proof majority for four years . But Hill out of the Senate is not so great. Then we have no one there
    that gives a damn.

  98. All I can say is that if Hillary takes the job, I’ll be behind her all the way.

  99. TRK:

    If you’re gonna drink heavily you meed to show up for our next drunken rant open thread

  100. We were talking about naked emperors – really small ones

  101. You guys know I’m behind Hildawg 100% every which way, but I just don’t think a position in his Admin is good for her or anyone.

  102. RD’s post makes me wonder if somewhere online there is a continuously updated scorecard of BO’s shifting positions on various issues.

    Because people forget.

  103. The way I see it is that O got so much guff for not even vetting her for VP that he has to go through this process or he’ll really get grief.

    And yes, Bill is once again the scapegoat – but I’ve met the man – he’s got broad, strong shoulders. 😉

  104. Oops, I guess it was noticed that I don’t attend on weekends. My notebook is fried, all I have is my desktop and I can’t stand the thought of sitting at a desk on the weekends.

  105. New thread up

  106. Kim, under the “doing something” category, have you signed up at The New Agenda?

  107. SOD,

    Sadly, Obama is apparently too dense to understand that the 1980s were in the 20th century too. So maybe he’d better skip trying to be Reagan and settle for being George W. Bush. His qualifications are certainly closer to Bush’s.

  108. *lays head on “broad, strong shoulders”*

  109. Regency, on November 17th, 2008 at 11:00 am Said:

    You guys know I’m behind Hildawg 100% every which way, but I just don’t think a position in his Admin is good for her or anyone.

    Reg – have you told her that? We all need to call or email our opinion to her and tell her why we feel that way – she has considerable value to the average American right where she is at this moment and unless she and Bill have said “The heck with it” and want to just go their own way then she/her staff will be looking for input.

  110. I’m going with a No on the Hillary SOS – if only for the strategic blunder it would be. They are seeking a filibuster-proof majority, why risk one Dem in the Senate?

    Obama wants a compliant majority in the Senatw. Hillary’s presence is no guarantee that she will always vote with the majority, much like Lieberan; plus she will be more credible in arguing her objections in public. So this offer of SOS could just be a ploy to get her out of the senate and since all cabinet members “serve at the pleasure of the president,” any contrived issue can be made as an excuse to force her resignation at some point in time.

    I’m sure Hillary is aware of all the pluses and minuses.

  111. fif, don’t even get me started. The lauding of BO’s supposedly high intelligence has pi$$ed me off for a while now. Pair it with the way Palin’s intelligence was attacked and it looked to me like a convenient cover for sexists to spew their hate and bias.

  112. Joanelle, I’m sending her a message as we speak.

  113. Thanks for making this accessible for me to read. Not only am I allergic to watch him on TV, but I am also squeamish about venturing in the N Times these days. So I appreciate the access – and good points. Obama makes me think of that Billy Crystal character on SNL, Fernando, with a twist: “It’s not important to be(do) good, it’s important to look good.”
    So what if he won’t give us a New Deal? He will inspire us with his very existance – and the color of his skin! Hooray! (and if you aren’t inspired, there’s something wrong with you)

  114. I really hope that Hillary doesn’t get/take the SOS position. IMO she will be used as a scapegoat by both Obama and the MSM. I don’t trust either and after they way they both treated her she should view them with a very skeptical eye.

  115. My note to Hillary:

    I’ve been hearing about these rumors that Hillary might be up for SoS and I just wanted to weigh in on that.

    I support her wholeheartedly. She’s my champion and I believe deeply my friend. I think she’ll go where she believes she can do the most good and I support that.

    However, I don’t believe that Senator Obama’s cabinet is that place. I believe she can best speak truth to power by remaining separate from it. There remain many issues for her to lead on within that Senate that would be lost to her if she removed herself to the role of Secretary of State. Healthcare needs her, the economy needs her, children need her. Foreign Affairs shall simply have to do without.

    I know that Hillary can bloom in any soil, but I believe in my heart of hearts that she’ll see the most sun in the Senate–and there she will grow.



  116. TRK: “I want out from under this damn bus too.”

    I really think we should produce a “Greetings From Under the Bus” t-shirt. Anyone here good at illustration?

  117. Felizarte, on November 17th, 2008 at 11:07 am Said: …… any contrived issue can be made as an excuse to force her resignation at some point in time.

    Lordy yes. Even if that wasn’t part of the plan, don’t expect POTUS Jello to stand behind anyone when things get tough …LOL!

  118. […] is right to focus on exercise but, it’s nearly impossible to control weight just with exercise. Walking a mile burns about […]

  119. Many people ripping the great 0 seem to have forgotten he was brought to us by the freaks of the DNC who rigged the primaries – and the repubs who fielded the worst pair of candidates in history. We didn’t get what we deserve – we got what was rammed down our throats by those who wanted it this way – the democratic party “leadership” that was afraid they would be forced to take their greedy mitts out of the cookie jar.

  120. paper doll – POTUS Jello

    where do you all get these great names for him 🙂

  121. “One of them said “Neither of them were a good choice – we made it through GW, we’ll survive him as well”

    OMG, that’s exactly what my friend told me the other night. Are they programmed, or what?

  122. Just food for thought…I had donated quite a bit to MoveOn. Borg (prior to what was done to Hillary and the total corruption of the democratic electoral process); and so I still get lots and lots of e-mails from MoveOn.Borg (as many of you all probably do as well).

    While we PUMAs are fingering out what our next steps are (which I do agree with doing); these folks are definitely focused and ready to go…(see below, the MoveOn.Borg email that I received today concerning some of the ACTIONs MoveOn.Borg is taking).

    Just food for thought…maybe along with taking the time to analyze what the PUMA Movement is becoming…and doing; we also need to communicate with our NEW unIMPROVED GOVERMENT what it is WE, the millions of PUMAs also want to see done….the first hundred days of PE Obama’s administration will be crucial; so TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!

    Here is the MoveOn.Borg e-mail:

    “[This is a note for you from Connie F., another MoveOn member in Collingswood:

    Dear MoveOn member,

    Hi! I’m one of your neighbors in Collingswood. Like so many others, I’ve been savoring Obama’s historic victory — and I want to make sure we keep the momentum going!

    So on Thursday, 11/20, I’m hosting a “Fired Up and Ready to Go” gathering for everyone in the area who wants to keep this campaign going–and you’re invited!

    MoveOn is organizing these all around the country. The plan is to kick off a big campaign to help Obama pass bold, progressive changes. We’re going to get started organizing locally to make sure Congress feels pressure to work with Obama on his key initiatives. And we’re going to brainstorm about what else we can do.

    I’m hopeful that Obama’s going to push for real change on the economy, the climate crisis, health care, and the war. But there’s no way he can do it without millions of us by his side.

    And that starts right here in Collinsgwood. So please come to my gathering and bring a friend — we’re fired up and ready to go!

    Here are the details:

    “Fired Up and Ready to Go” Gathering
    Host: Connie F—fellow MoveOn member
    Where: Our House (in Collingswood)
    When: Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008, at 7:30 PM
    Can you come? Click here to RSVP:


    Hope to see you there!

    –Connie F., fellow MoveOn member

    This email was sent through the MoveOn system, so your personal info is still private].”

    Of course after reading the MoveOn.Borg e-mail (which I sometimes do to find out what they are up to now); I felt that the CONCEPT behind this e-mail can be put to good use.

    There are MILLIONS of PUMAs that can also impact PE Obama and the new Congress too; we need to organize our voices…and tell them what we think….and remember; simple actions (taken consistently) CAN create big results!!!

  123. Carly – is Connie delusional? Does she really believe he’s going to deliver on all those promises – poor dear, go hold her hand – she’ll need someone to hand her the tissues

  124. […] then there was the economy – via Riverdaughter Senator Abstract Painting finally told us what he really represents.  In short, banks and […]

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