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Saturday Late Night Open Thread


Didja know the Mayan calendar ends in 2012?

53 Responses

  1. …washed my medication down with the last of the wine and now it is off to bed….

  2. First?

  3. Awww, jvsp, don’t go!

  4. What up, scubs? ..ya have a good day down there where life is still goooooood? 🙂

  5. Yes — what did they know that we “modern” ones don’t know.

    To think the European invaders thought that the “savages” of the new world didn’t have a written language. HA!

    The Incas had the zero place holder — before the Europeans. and the Incas has the language of the knots.

  6. I’m afraid to read the DU post “Obama is Smarter than We Are.” That is not a promising title.

  7. OK the spam filter gobbled my remark.

    Yes I know about the Mayan’s 2012 prediction.

  8. I didn’t write r@cist — I didn’t include a link.

    wordpress right now suc@s — it also eats comments at other wordpress blogs.

  9. its angie — and I’m rocking the casbah,

    How’s everyone — fun night?

  10. angienc! Go immediately to the preceding thread and read all the pee pee jokes

  11. Yeah, Northwest, I hate this spamfilter thingy.

    jvsp – life really is pretty good down here. Universal Health Care, friendly faces, low crime etc etc. Wanna come visit? I’m trying to get joanie to come down with her kids.

  12. angie – go read the last thread! You’ll die.

  13. ugsome, on November 16th, 2008 at 1:19 am Said:

    I’m afraid to read the DU post “Obama is Smarter than We Are.” That is not a promising title.

    What it tells me is that the i#iots at DU are at last admitting that they are very very dumb. It wouldn’t take much to be smarter than the sub-human life forms over at DU.

    The O isn’t particularly bright — he is an i#iot savant regarding politics — just like his twin — GWB.

  14. “I’m afraid to read the DU post “Obama is Smarter than We Are.” That is not a promising title.”

    LOl That takes me back to the days of “Pelosi and Reid are privy to information we don’t know! What looks likes idiotic capitulation is actually part of a grand master plan that we just don’t understand! They’re keeping their powder dry!”

  15. the pee pee jokes were funny — ugsome had the best one, imo — “your pee pee is so small you drive a hummer.” LMAO!

  16. For jvsp:

  17. shout out to sod if she’s still up — she missed me at least! You fucking fuckers were good on the pee pee jokes, but you don’t quite have my fucking flair with the rants. 🙂

  18. DU stinks these days. There was so much good discussion there before Skinner drank the kool-aid.

  19. Too true, angie. But, I did my duty as you asked last night.

    I WAS swearing at the start of the thread but then the pee pee jokes took hold of me. Sorry I didn’t represent you very well.

  20. O myiq, ¡Hazte payaso!

    Explanation and link is downstairs.

  21. Nah, scrubs you did great.

    I just got back in from a charity fundraiser thing — it was a lot of fun.

  22. My wordpress blog had problems earlier–my widget images got eaten, but they’re back now.

    the spam filter here is something else tonight.

  23. I’ve also had champagne — so I’m a little tipsy.

  24. I know about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 — at least that means B0 will only get one term. Unfortunately, he will be running for reelection starting 2010.

  25. going to bed, gotta get up early in the morning.

  26. night ugsome!

  27. Angie, if you are tipsy, you just about fit with the rest of us. They made me catch up in a hurry and now I find myself tipsy a bit too early in the scheme of things (though still working on chicken and dumplings while I am here).

  28. well it looks like you guys had fun tonight — I’m turning in now too — I’m playing golf in the morning and have a 7:00 tee time.

  29. Thanks bostonboomer about Firefox, I will resist the latest upgrade for a while longer.

    What ‘s this about the Mayan calendar? Is that real? Is there a link?

  30. Night ugsome – you were hilarious. Thanks for playing.

    Is joanie still downstairs?

  31. scrubs — when I’m tipsy I get a little too happy & start telling everyone how much I love them — so, it is best if I keep quite!

  32. Thanks for stopping in, angie. myiq is having some kind of get-together with his relatives and checks in now and then. I think they are having a kegger. Sweet dreams and happy strokes in the a.m.

  33. Just woke up from my after work nap, so I need to take my walk and get some exercise before I pour a glass of anything.

  34. sweet dreams scrubs!

    Have a good night all!!

  35. Well, I, for one, don’t mind you saying you love me. The way I figure, we will likely never meet in real life and it sure does feel good.

  36. scrubs,
    I’ve heard that S.A. is much like Australia. If so, you are a lucky duck!!! The wine is superb!!! Australia produce good wine? I’ve been having barollos tonight… ugh… ill!

  37. MMMMM, the wine is MOST excellent here, jvsp!

    New thread, by the way. By RD herself.

  38. Angie, cool, although I’m having a hard time picturing what a Sacred Tree astronomical configuration looks like. I’ve already lived through the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and wasn’t terribly impressed with that.

    It was the Aztec Calendar that predicted the end of the world on the same day Cortez arrived–now THAT was a good trick..

  39. I’m just now here (football overload) and was reading previous thread.

    Here’s my comment from the last post:

    My God! After reading this thread I’m…intimidated! 😮

    And it doesn’t help that it’s cold here tonight and I have :

    SHRINKAGE!!!!!! 😯

    I haven’t started drinking yet either!!

  40. There are other more ancient calendars … 😉

    Begin your “Great Leap Backward in Time” by pressing the watch stem button at top the rugged alloy watchcase and witness the mystery of Stonehenge revealed. Inside you will see the exact scale replica of the major components of the 5,000 year-old megalithic monument we know as Stonehenge.



    I bought this for someone as a gift 🙂

  41. Arg!!! I’ve run out of all my S.A. wine! *wimper* Do you have any recommendations for Aussie wine?

    Here’s some smiles for ya, Scrubs! hee hee hee!

  42. I have a nice Argentinian Merlot and only $5. It’s quite decent. But first my walk. brb

  43. Even the cheap stuff is good here, jvsp.

  44. And Fredster, I tried to defend the male honor, but was overwhelmed with female blowback. Understandable; you just gotta ride the storm out. Remember the old cigarette commercial, “it’s not how long you make it, it’s how you make it long.”

  45. Very good, jvsp! You rule.

  46. OK, gang – go upstairs to the new thread. It’s lonely up there.

  47. LOL! Ya just have to love the ladybug! …anyway, I will pick up so some Aussie wine soon as recommended by scrubs! …need to get to bed, so all the best to you kind people! 🙂

    Here’s the last clip…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyhu9zGPM5g

  48. Nijma, on November 16th, 2008 at 1:54 am Said:

    And Fredster, I tried to defend the male honor, but was overwhelmed with female blowback. Understandable; you just gotta ride the storm out. Remember the old cigarette commercial, “it’s not how long you make it, it’s how you make it long.”

    True enough and it will warm up! LOL!

  49. Nijima:

    Wow, all this time I thought when my favorite ex-girlfriend called me a “payaso” I thought it meant “sweetheart”

    Next you’ll tell me that “chingate” doesn’t mean “you’re the best.”

  50. myiq,

    By pure chance I asked my students about that very word today.
    We were looking at this piece, and they first laughed and then blushed:

    It turns out that chinga now just means “a lot”. For instance, you can have “a chinga of computers”. “But isn’t chinga something bad,” I asked, with the best innocent expression I could muster. “Like in chingate?” Apparently no big deal, they said. Of course it’s only when going around with your friends and not with someone you don’t know very well and certainly not with a teacher or in the classroom. But that last expression with “madre” in it (shaking head)…well, my mother is not bad (shakes head again, a nasty and unspeakable word, to be sure). Ah, so that was the blush.

    So I guess you could have a chinga of clowns too and it wouldn’t be any big deal. Language changes; generations change. So chingate, baby. We should all be so lucky.

  51. Yes. Isn’t it December 20, 2012 ( 12/20/2012 )? It was on the X-Files, LOL.

  52. No, the Mayan calendar does not end in 2012. It merely moves to another era, an Hyper-epoch above years or centuries. Similar to TIbetan “Kalpas.”

    Anyway, the Maya died out ages ago, after destroying their environment, dissipating themselves with incestuous fighting, and finally pinning their last, desperate hopes on 18 Rabbit, a charismatic king with no prior experience.

    Oops. We’re frakked!

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