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      Younger readers may not remember the run-up to the Iraq war. It was a full court push, with constant lies about Iraq “weapons of mass destruction” and how Iraq was a threat to America. The media went along with it, with almost no exceptions, and those exceptions paid the price: they were fired or demoted or, at best, their careers stalled. Fred Hiatt, the Wa […]
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Late Night: This song does not endorse any organized religion

i heard this song many years ago on an album by Scott Miller and the Commonwealth.  It’s hard to find a good video for it but I found this one of a small venue appearance by Scott.

When I hear this song, I think about the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican.  Are there only a chosen few?  Or is the time come upon us when we have the power to include gay people, women, the poor and the old?

Whether you are a believer or not, you will find redemption in this song and in the support of the community you have helped to create.  May our gay members find triumph over Proposition H8.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

15 Responses

  1. Oh crap, busted by RD again! You didn’t read 2 threads ago, did you?

  2. And we WILL triumph over BS like prop 8. I have lived long enough to see how far we have come from Stonewall. This too shall pass. (No help from Obama voters.)

  3. RD: Thank you! We must continue our fight until all people are treated equally. I am glad to have you in my corner. It was a great day in SF and will post a video later. Big hug to you.

  4. Thanks Rd.

    My partner and I protested Prop 8 in downtown Los Angeles today.

    It was a great rally–peaceful, powerful, and as is apt to these types of affairs…also fabulous;)

    We shall overcome.

  5. The protest in NYC was crazy! Too many people, but also a lot of fun. Lots of gay-friendly NYC politicians spoke.

  6. OMG!! You all have to go over to Cannonfire to check it out!

    They have the official commemorative plates of Obie available!! Actually he has several ofishul plates available for sale. And with a couple of them you get a genuwine certificate of authenticity!!

    Imagine how wonderful these will look on display in your house and in your curio cabinet!


  7. First post didn’t go thru, apparently!

    go to cannonfire’s blogspot and check out the ofishul Obama commemorative plates! There are actually several ofishul plates! A couple even come with a certificate of authenticity.

    You know you’ll want several for friends and family and imagine how wonderful they’ll looking sitting in your living room or on display in your curio!

  8. OK, did youtube search of 1960’s music and ran across this one. Very strange: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVfNKz82EO4&feature=related

    Note one woman is very into it, the rest don’t appear as happy.

  9. Okay, not allowed to comment on the thread upstairs so I’ll just write it here: I love her.

  10. Scrubs:

    I closed comments because silence = reverence

  11. Agree, I am definitely reverent hearing her. Thanks.

    (Off I go to youtube for more.)

  12. Oh yeah, Seven Years! I forgot.

  13. “Seven Years”

    How did I love you?
    There was no measuring
    Far above this dirty world
    Far above everything
    In your tower over it
    You were clean

    So warm and insightful
    Were you in my eyes
    I was sure the rightful
    Guardian of my life
    Damn you betrayer
    How you lied

    But for seven years
    You were loved
    I laid golden orchid crowns
    Around you feet

    For seven years
    I bowed down
    To touch the ground
    So wholly your devotee

    You were
    All that I could see

    My last relationship – seven years. I still see her.

  14. Well, contempt loves the silence
    it thrives in the dark,
    the fine winding tendrils that strangle the heart
    They say that promises sweeten the blow
    but I don’t need them… no I don’t need them.

    (From: My Skin)

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