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Saturday: The Beast Obama Unleashed

iran_air1Anyone who thinks that the misogynism and sexism that was unshackled this year will go back to its dungeon now that it has done it’s work should have his or her head examined.  The beast that has been unleashed can very easily lead to unintended consequences.  A cautionary tale comes to us from ikbis, where we find this account (and video on the site) of Mini Skirts in the Middle East:

The short skirt was not really worn by many women until 1966 [when Mary Quant introduced short mini dresses and skirts that were set 6 or 7 inches above the knee] and not nationwide until 1967. The mini skirts reached their hayday in the year 1970. At that time,they were worn worldwide by the vast majority of women ,even in many Islamic, Arab, and Middle Eastern countries.In the Middle East ,women wore mini skirts as their daily apparel. From Kabul in Afghanistan to Iran and Bahrain in the Persian Gulf,Egypt,the Levant,North Africa,etc, mini skirts were the trend and it was generally acceptable for many women to wear them, even in the most religious and conservative families and societies.Among women who wore the mini skirts,were most school and university students , teachers and university staff members ,house wives,working classes,employees in governmental institutions,doctors and nurses in hospitals ,etc.This might be surprising to newer generations who never expected mini skirts to have been, at one point in time [1966-1975], so common in the Middle East.Many of younger generations were really astonished,when I happened to show them old photos of their grandmothers,aunts and other older relatives [above 50 ] wearing mini skirts through out their youth .The quick decline of the mini skirt in the middle East began from late 1975,and was virtually non existent by 1977.

Some might argue that the reason for the demise of the mini skirt is quite clear and simple: In Islamic Middle Eastern societies, women are expected to dress modestly and conservatively. Even women, who choose not to cover up completely, do make the conscious choice of covering as much skin as possible by avoiding, among many other things, short skirts.But the question is still the same.[Why,in spite of the previously stated factor,were mini skirts so abundant between 1966-1975 among ordinary Middle Eastern and Arab women from conservative backgounds?]. Why were mini skirts generally tolerated by the society and most families at that time ? More scientific researches are still needed on this topic,[ mostly in the fields of sociology,psychology and other related aspects].

The sharp descent of the skirt in the middle east happened about 1977.  Now, what happened in the late 70’s in the middle east that would cause this?  Well, we know that that was about the time of the oil embargos, OPEC and the fall of the Shah of Iran, brought about by the rise of Ayatollah Komeini and his rabid band of young and naive followers who took over the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.

I had an Iranian roommate at one point in time.  She left Tehran right after the revolution to live near her brother who was a resident at a local hospital in Pittsburgh.  The image I got of Iran from her was that of a country caught between cultures even before the revolution.  The culture was still conservative but dress most certainly was not and few women wanted to go back to wearing the chador.  But the revolution was brought about by primarily young followers of the new Islamic revival in the middle east who were rejecting the growing autocracy and aristocratic corruption of their rulers.  Neither socialism nor capitalism was improving the lives of the average person.  The return to religion and conservatism seemed like resetting the clock and starting over.  And women were the first ones thrown under the bus.  Out came the heavy black coats and babushka style headscarves.  Now, 30 years later, women in Iran are still struggling to get back what they lost and the religious leaders have a similar autocratic deathgrip on the country.  In Afghanistan after decades of war with Communism and civil war, the results have been much worse.

Could it happen here? Well, probably not as dramatically as in Iran or Afghanistan.  But I could see us regressing back a couple of decades in the workplace. Let’s think about it a second.  We have a country where real wages haven’t really improved since the 70’s, after adjustment for inflation.  Women and men compete for jobs on a more or less equal footing, that is, unless you are in the elite level of politics and business.  And now the economy is taking a sharp dive brought on in part by the inability of wages to keep pace with the price of grown-up adult acquisitions, like houses for your current or future family.  There is pervasive corruption and a bleak future for the newest adults.  What better time for our new First Lady to become Mom-in-Chief and lead by example back into domesticity so that the guys can suck up the jobs and become breadwinners, decision makers and future autocrats?  If conpetition is going to get a lot tougher and meaner, women will become the first casualties.  It has ever been so.

In fact, it has already happened at least once in our nation’s history.

Rosie the Riveter got sent back to the kitchen after WWII (Check out those biceps)

Rosie the Riveter got sent back to the kitchen after WWII (Check out those biceps)

Bostonboomer reminds me that after World War II, many women who entered the workforce to take up the slack when men went off to fight were given the boot as soon as those men came home.

The c*nt T-shirts may have been aimed at the women who were bold enough to carry and pick up the banner this year but there will be a scattershot effect.  Misogyny may have started in the media, but don’t be surprised to see it in an office cubicle near you.  This week, I received an unusual email from human resources in my inbox that firmly reiterated the “Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harrassment Policy”.  They only run that baby out when there’s been an incident.

Lower those hems, ladies.

H/T to Nell for this article, Hating Hillary, now 6 months old, about sexism unleashed in the primary season.  Remember, only one person benefited from it.  Hey, if it was working for Obama, why say anything about it?  So, when the sexism $#@% hits the fan, you will know exactly who is at fault.

One more thing: Check out Swanspirit’s Goddess Radio today at 1:00PM EST for music to drylock your basement to.

Update: Our Pine Ridge Blizzard Fundraiser pulled in more than $1000!  On behalf of our friends at Pine Ridge, I would like to thank all of you for your incredible generosity.  Some of you went beyond the call and bought a significant number of Causmos.  Well done.  Give yourselves a pat on the back!


85 Responses

  1. I just posted this at the very end of the last thread (story of my Conflucian life!!), but I’d like to post it again here since I think it’s really worth a read:

    Here’s a link to a May article from the New Statesman outlining the misogyny of the primary campaign and the author’s thoughts on where it will lead. It’s interesting to read both the article itself and the 300+ comments from the perspective of six months out:


  2. Good morning, Riverdaughter! You speak the truth. We can easily lose the gains we have made over the past 40 years. It appears that the “old guard” like Gloria Steinem have become faux (or maybe never really were?) feminists. They got theirs and the heck with the rest of us. During WWII, women went to work and made plenty of progress, then were sent back to the kitchen in the 1950’s and early ’60s. It can happen again with misogynists like Obama, Summers, and Dean in charge.

  3. Thanks for the link, Nell. Reading now….

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    to name a few

  5. Great read RD, thanks. And BB – we made some gains again in the ’60’s and ’70’s only to have the Reagan era push us back. 😦

    Pine Ridge – I’ve reached out to our local Kiwanis Club and they are going to put Pine Ridge on the agenda for donations – should be able to get a few hundred there – perhaps all of us can reach out to our local Kiwanis & Rotary clubs for the same kind of support – $100 here and $100 there can add up pretty quickly.

  6. I think SENATOR Hillary Clinton should say no to the SOS because, in a way it will show that he WILL NEVER be held accountable for the misogyny/sexism unleashed during this election.

    We have been the hold outs and we have taken the brunt of the attacks and to quote someone from an era where women had less rights than we do today:Alice Paul: “No self-respecting woman should wish or work for a party that ignores her -Susan B. Anthony, 1872” (1920, L-R: Mrs. James Rector, Mary Dubrow, Alice Paul)

  7. Defiant Clinton Women Refuse To Support Obama
    High-Class Hillraisers Still Irate About Barack: ‘She Will Be Nominee’

  8. I want to share my theory about why the mini skirt went away in the Middle East in the mid to late 70’s.

    No amount of money in the world will quell the lusty heart from wanting what it cannot have.

    Imagine being heir to a billion dollar fortune but the woman you are physically attracted to is willing to settle for a mere millionaire. If women are covered up, the angst men felt at not gaining access to that which they lusted for is reduced.

    For what its worth, some women may like being covered up simply because it forces the man to recognize her for something other than how nice her legs look.

    However, the fact that it is a man deciding for the woman is ultimately what is wrong.

  9. Alessandro Machi, on November 15th, 2008 at 11:30 am Said:

    I want to share my theory about why the mini skirt went away in the Middle East in the mid to late 70’s.
    Here is mine: I think it was to have COMPLETE CONTROL POWER!

  10. Four reasons Gail Collins (NYTimes) thinks Hillary should be SOS:

    1. She would not let the vice president run our foreign policy. Joe Biden is no Dick Cheney, but we just do not want to go there again. We have scars.

    2. Obama could live out his fantasy of following the Abraham Lincoln model and filling his cabinet with a team of rivals without having to make Sarah Palin secretary of commerce.

    3. Clinton already has a supply of pantsuits sufficient to get her through six months of peace negotiations in the Middle East without coming home for a change of clothes.

    4. She might do a terrific job.

  11. Even today we are described as “Defiant Clinton Women Refuse To Support Obama ” by standing by our principles. Lordi, imagine that! If we were men it would have been: “Principled Bill Clinton men Refuse To Support Obama”.

  12. Gail Collins should have realized that Hillary was the best candidate for President. As part of Obama’s cabinet, she wouldn’t be permitted to be independent. All of these female’s in the media need to just accept that they helped make the empty suit President and now he is going have to do it without Hillary to hold his hand. We could have had the best, but now we’re stuck with Obama. Let him figure out what to do next.

  13. Jmac, on November 15th, 2008 at 11:36 am Said:

    Four reasons Gail Collins (NYTimes) thinks Hillary should be SOS:

    4. She might do a terrific job.

    You had me until number 4. MIGHT?!?

  14. In the WW11 there were women ferrying planes to Europe and taking the same chances as the men.
    It took over 30 years fo them to get the same recognition as the men did.

    History shows a lot about the men expanding westward but very little about the wives who raised children and helped settle towns along the way.
    Look at the westerns in movies and on tv most women were portrayed as the whores of the barroom.

    Think about the immigration of the 1800s very little is taught about the contibutions of the women to the family, working in sweat factories and keeping homes.

    How long did it take for women to get the vote? How many suffered to do so.

    How many times when a women is given a management job do your here “she slept her way into that job”

    It is pretty damn sad when third world countries are ahead of the US in equal respect for both men and women

    This election has shown that this country is still backward when it comes to women.



  15. And to think…there was a time before those chadors and Texas sects that keep women in prairie outfits.

    Mary Quant! one o’ my first lip glosses. I think I was about Brook’s age in the era of mini-midi-maxi we used to roll the waistbands of our skirts — LOL –RD. Cubicle culture and its grim realities. I think cubicle culture is responsible for most things wrong with this mundo. If you can get out, do.

    There are too many of us RD. To let that happen here — what we just witnessed though? Towards Hillary and Palin? Those things are very irritating and frankly Hillary should distance herself. Apologies are too late now.

    If government is anything like corporate culture — a person who has acted in like ways gets abandoned very fast. Very fast indeed. The fall from perceived grace isn’t pleasant at all.

    My sense is that the world leaders are ready with big fat fangs. They wouldn’t have been with Hillary or McC. Think Imelda or Evita in this case.

    Right. The joke is on us.

  16. I agree with HelenK,

    “A measure of women’s status is a culture’s knowledge of and respect for women’s history. Women are 2 percent of persons mentioned in U.S. history books.”

  17. The thing about the SOS position, is that no matter who gets it the other two are going to be rolled under the bus. In reality, I hope Hillary doesnt’ take it simply because Obama is so indecisive. There’s no way she won’t be under cut constanly simply because he can’t make a decision.

  18. I didn’t like the “might” either. This is what Andrew (the snake) Sullivan thinks of Hill as SOS:

    “Left to fester in the Senate, Clinton will plot against the president if he doesn’t actively seek her support and engagement and ‘spread the political wealth’ of his mandate.” Gushes Sullivan, “[i]t’s an elegant and shrewd move; both public spirited and yet coldly calculating at the same time. Pure Obama.”
    Obama’s “coldly calculating” all right. I don’t trust him.

  19. Ga6th, on November 15th, 2008 at 11:44 am Said:

    The thing about the SOS position, is that no matter who gets it the other two are going to be rolled under the bus.

    Good point…the trouble of making too many promises, is that eventually people get your number, albeit a bit late.

  20. OT again (story of my life) but if anyone’s interesting Schwarzenegger will be on This Week (George Stephanopoulos) tomorrow to discuss prop 8.

  21. Wow! I think I’ve finally arrived! First to comment AND a h/t from RD (even if she did spell my name wrong). 🙂

    Will you guys teach me the secret handshake now??

    All joking aside, thanks for the acknowledgment. I read that article back at the end of the primaries and saved it to my favorites, knowing I’d want to revisit it later. I’m glad I could share it with all of you.

  22. Either way they are trying to KILL HILL: She ‘MIGHT’, She will ‘PLOT’!

    Goodness, it would be SHE IS A FORCE ONTO HERSELF! Plotting, Mighting, and of course she has a RECORD OF DOING…35 years loooooong too! The latter being the most dangerous one.

  23. Who ever the 0 places into the SoS position will have to give up a current position, but who ever is put into the position can be removed just as easily. Senator Clinton should keep her seat in the Senate…it is how best to serve her state. With the 0’s ability to change his mind, I would hate to see Hillary give up her seat for the SoS…and then be removed from that position.

  24. “Could it happen here?”

    It’s already happening, slowly. The “War on Terror” (aka “jihad”) is just a distraction. The real war is happening right at home beneath our noses in courtrooms, the workplace, and schools. Fundamentalist Islam is making inroads in America, and most people are oblivious – “I know Muslims, and they’re not like that.” The problem is not Muslims. The problem is *fundamentalist* Muslims, and they are funneling billions of dollars into the United States to destroy it from within the way they are in Europe.

    Women, gays, and Jews are going to suffer horrible civil rights setbacks in this country in the near future. Take note now, and fight back while you still can.

  25. Will you guys teach me the secret handshake now??-Nell

    You shake hands while repeating: “Men and Women are EQUAL”! 🙂

  26. Excellent comment, HelenK! My grandmother was sent to the North Dakota territory in the early 1900s to help set up a new insurance office. I can’t even imagine how difficult that must have been. Fortunately, there are some books about women settling the West, but that information probably doesn’t get into history textbooks.



  27. Women, gays, and Jews are going to suffer horrible civil rights setbacks in this country in the near future. Take note now, and fight back while you still can.-Battlecat


  28. Dolores Huerta on Equality in Marriage, Human Rights and Choice

  29. Do you think there will every be a time when women’s history will be taught in schools like black history is taught now?
    They have dumbed down the schools when it comes to history and geography.
    Maybe the president after backtrack will do something to fix this.
    Watching the election and the number of vacations he took, GWB jr is going to look like a workacholic compared to backtrack
    Alot of the young women are no longer taught respect for themselves and do not expect respect from others.
    that has to change.



  30. We best run to the march that already started.

  31. BB,

    You are so resourceful! 🙂

  32. I have some bad news for you. The current rumors are that HC is likely to be SOS because she might not win re-election anyway. This has nothing to do with her electability, mind you, but she never did retire that 24mil dollar debt and it takes a lot of money to run a senate campaign. Plus you know the obots will vote against her just to ‘teach her a lesson’.

    Now if she does take the job, her chances of running against obama in 2012 are nil. His chances of not getting the nomination are also nil. Think Im kidding? Look at all the stupid things GB did in his first term and he still got the nomination. obama would have to screw up worse than GB to not get the nomination.

    So what does this add up to? If you want to see obama out of office in 4 years instead of 8, youre going to have to become republicans. N.O.T. was a foolish mistake and you will pay for it for 4 years. Don’t repeat that mistake and 4 years is all you will have to suffer.

  33. rbezold,
    You’re kidding right? She doesn’t have 24 million in debt because part of that was her own money she loaned the campaign. There aren’t enough Obots in NY for her to lose reelection. If the Obots were a problem, she wouldn’t have won the NY primary.

    No one doubts that Obama will be the nominee in 2012. After all, Jimmy Carter was the nominee in 1980 despite a primary challenge and so was George H. W. Bush. It’s extremely rare that the nominee is challenged and the challenger wins.

    What is N.O.T?

  34. Sisters of discontenf I GET YOU. This is my last post on the subject.


  35. N.O.T stands for Nothing On Top. It was your rallying cry: Nothing on top (neither obama nor mccain) and dem down ticket. This was foolish because it helped obama win and with less than 40 senators the republicans wont be able to fillibuster against anything obama proposes no matter how looney.

    And no I am not kidding. You think she will win a general election because she won a primary? She will have all the republicans voting against her PLUS all the dems who worship obama. A house divided cannot stand, and she may rightly feel that her future career may well be better served as SOS than as senator. Remember how hard she campaigned for obama? This might just be the payoff.

    You want an end to this? Become republicans.

  36. I just read on Heidi Li that Hill’s debt is more like 8 million, not 25. Go here for more info…


    (Tip of the hat to Alessandro and DailyPuma.com, which is now making it easier to find these sites/articles with ease)

  37. I don’t want to end Obama’s presidency if he does a good job. Just because I don’t like him doesn’t mean I want him to fail. If I wanted to become a Republican with the platform they now endorse I’d have to have a lobotomy.

  38. rbezold:

    You obviously weren’t around here much if you think N.O.T. was our rallying cry.

    Hillary won’t be running again until 2012, and she and her husband are worth in excess of $100 million dollars.

    right back atcha next break

    and now …. back to our regular posting



    Gimbutas gained unexpected fame — and notoriety — with her last three books: The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe (1974); The Language of the Goddess (1989), which inspired an exhibition in Wiesbaden, 1993/94; and her final book, The Civilization of the Goddess (1991), which presented an overview of her speculations about Neolithic cultures across Europe: housing patterns, social structure, art, religion, and the nature of literacy.

    The Civilization of the Goddess articulated what Gimbutas saw as the differences between the Old European system, which she considered goddess- and woman-centered (“matristic”), and the Bronze Age Indo-European patriarchal (“androcratic”) culture which supplanted it. According to her interpretations, gynocentric and gylanic societies were peaceful, they honored homosexuals, and they espoused economic equality

    Marija was considered a pillar of the archaeology world until she dared put forth the ideas of those matriarchal cultures; then her critics decided her work was not ‘valid” among other things.
    She is one of my personal heroines, and if any of you are not familiar with her I am very proud to make the introduction.

  40. Don’t make me stop this car, rbezold. If the Republicans who crossed over and voted for Obama in the primaries had not done so, Hillary would have been the nominee. If the Republican base had not stayed home because they didn’t like McCain’s centrism, Obama would not be President-elect. Don’t try to point fingers at us, when it was disunity in your own party which helped foster this mess.

    And by the way, if the Republicans had led with half and ounce of integrity during the past eight Bush years, McCain would have been elected.

  41. ” Fundamentalist Islam is making inroads in America, and most people are oblivious – “I know Muslims, and they’re not like that.” The problem is not Muslims. The problem is *fundamentalist* Muslims, and they are funneling billions of dollars into the United States to destroy it from within the way they are in Europe.”

    Three ideas to look up:
    1) teqiyya
    2) “soft jihad”
    3) Liberl Tourism

    For 3) you can check out the following link:

    The idea that it is only “radical” Islam and NOT Islam proper that is a threat is naive. here is my little story with no so radical Islam.

    While in Europe I was engaged to a woman who was raised in the M.East in one of the most “liberal” countries there; and after her graduation we would have moved there. It didn’t work out. Try maintaining a relationship with someone who has been so damaged that with too much stress their body attacks itself and they end up in hospital for a month. That is what being beaten your entire childhood with whatever is available and watching your mother endure the same does. And God forbid if mom doesn’t produce a son. And oh my, if you’re a woman and you aren’t married by age 25 there must be something truly wrong with you. Oh the shame, the shame for the family! Wasn’t there anybody with whom your father could arrange a marriage for you? And no, that isn’t some story from the far edges of society, some peasant girl, an anomaly. That’s the story of the daughter of distinguished Dr. And yes, that is only the beginning… We have other stories of other people we can tell. But I digress. Back to the main nightmare… if you should be raped, whatever you do, do NOT report it! Oh the shame!!! EVEN if you are in another country, because a police record is evidence of the shame, a shame that one doesn’t want their father or uncles to know. Hell, they will confiscate your passport for which you spent so much time persuading them to give you so you can study abroad. You wonder how that father, that uncle from way over thar would find out about how you shamed your family by getting raped in another country? Why thruough the community that is so close both at home and abroad. Things spread like wildfire.

    Yes, “moderate” Islam………. ROTFL The M.East is backwards precisely because it stifles the intellectual prowess of half its population, treats that population like possessions, deprives them of fully developing, etc, etc. etc. etc.

  42. Nell: We have a secret handshake?
    This site has developed some rules of operation completely independent of me. Seriously. There are unwritten rules that I had no idea even existed. That’s as it should be, I think. The site developed with the input of the people who use it. I love it.

  43. The best weapon we have is economic power.
    Boycott the advertisers on the disinformation networks.
    Start this holiday season.
    Shop a small businesses that do not advertise on tv.
    For a lot of people money is going to be tight anyway, so give to chartites that help women and children instead .of buying gifts
    Many of you with all your brain power can share ideas on how to make a statement that is loud and proud on our dissatisfaction and refusal to tolerate bad behavior towards women any longer.



  44. Husband’s foreign deals may pose issue for Clinton:


    It’s just the VP story all over again…

  45. I just love the way people like rbezold show up here to lecture us about things we never did. {{{sigh!}}} They don’t seem to realize they are just proving RD’s point. Women will be blamed no matter what happens, no matter what we do or say. I’m still not going to be silenced!

  46. Laurie, on November 15th, 2008 at 12:43 pm Said:
    Husband’s foreign deals may pose issue for Clinton:


    It’s just the VP story all over again…

    GOOD it gives her a GRACEFUL way out hell she probably cant fillout the 63 page application i am sure she has said SOMETHING that would be embarrassing to bo LOLOLOLOL

  47. rbezoid: Were you actually paying attention?? Most of the PUMAs I know registered a protest vote for McCain, including myself. But we always encouraged people to vote their conscience and many did- for OBAMA.
    Obama won because people hate, hate, HATE Republicans and anyone who is even tangentially connected with Bush. How did you miss that? The PUMAs turned out for McCain.
    Don’t think that there is a long time love affair with Obama or that people were completely fooled into voting for him. Many of them, like Paul Krugman, knew *exactly* what Obama was up to but supported him anyway because the prospect of a Republican running the country during a possible Depression was just too grim to imagine. So they took the only alternative.
    Don’t blame the PUMAs. Blame the parties. They gave us two equally unacceptable options and screwed the country in the process.
    So much for change too. Obama is hiring the Clinton gang like it’s going out of style. Why? Because they are the only ones with the institutional knowledge needed to put the government back together. So, we ended up with a Clinton administration with an empty suit at the helm. If I were Hillary, I’d avoid it like the plague. You can bet your sweet ass they are looking for a way to tie her to it so they can transfer some of the blame if something goes wrong.
    Get with the program, rbezoid. Stop trying to hang Obama’s win around our necks. The election was over when the economy tanked.

  48. Look for angie and afrocity and I to keep these fires burning when we unveil our radio show. This election has given us great cause to pick up this banner and swear – “NEVER AGAIN”



  49. riverdaughtersaid, “Don’t blame the PUMAs. Blame the parties. They gave us two equally unacceptable options and screwed the country in the process.”



  50. Swanny said: …“GOOD it gives her a GRACEFUL way out hell she probably cant fillout the 63 page application i am sure she has said SOMETHING that would be embarrassing to bo”

    Good grief – his life is an embarrassment – he just doesn’t recognize it.

  51. Morning BB!

  52. SOD: I think McCain was also punished by the center/independents because all they heard in the news was how stooopid Sarah Palin is.

    There were only a couple MSM types who didn’t push the Sarah is stupid meme – the rest were almost gleeful to share any rumored mistake.

  53. What can the press kabuki be about these positions in the O world for Hill? VP and now SOS? ….does the Barry camp simply want to raise the idea, to just smack Hill down again? What? Hell it could easily be about dragging her and Bill though the press manufactured mud again …and only that. Seems to me Barry springs the real deals onto the awaiting hoards. There is little of speculation when its real ….funny how it happened the same time the Bill Ayers TV project was on . Someone who proudly bombed the Pentagon is on Good Morning America.
    What was the next segment? Holiday greetings for our troops?


  54. Rd, excellent post. There are some real similarities here between Iran in the late 70’s and where we are now here. Worth a sober look.

    I was just making this point to my friend and neighbor (Obama supporter) that is Iranian/Persian and has been here since the late 70’s.

    In the past, she has described the horrors of that time–when she was a college professor (in mini-skirts) and one by one, the students started showing up in head scarves.

    Her description of the cult that happened there feels so similar to what we have been witnessing now. I have tried to make this point to her, but she is one that, like Krugman, the idea of going against the “Democrat” is unthinkable.

    I tried in vain to make the point that Obama is not a Democrat.

  55. BB, still here?

  56. Oh Goodie!!!

    I am dreaming up a few more myself!

  57. We should compile them as quick retorts to the worst of trolls that show up here–or in our actual worlds

  58. Wow I have never been in moderation. I can’t see any trigger words wither. Not sure what happened.

  59. Oh. tr*lls. I get it.

  60. What time should I post the “Drunken Rant Open Thread” tonight?

    is 11pm est okay with everyone on both coasts?

  61. I would say the beast bo unleashed is mo 😈 but I know its worse than that , if that is possible 🙄

    💡 I want to start a lets get the first mom an apron campaign… 😯

    c’mon.. lets……..:cool:

  62. I’m seeing speculation that Uh-bama might nominate Hillary as SoS so he can avoid appointed more women to his administration (under the theory that 1 Hillary = 3-4 other Vagin@mericans

  63. I type worse hungover than I do drunk!

  64. paperdoll said:

    “….funny how it happened the same time the Bill Ayers TV project was on . Someone who proudly bombed the Pentagon is on Good Morning America.”

    Sure, SOS speculation to take the heat off Bill Ayers….

  65. Obama has taken over the DNC so entirely. It’s the Obama party now. With the DNC move to Chicago, it’s likely Obama will fill these positions with Kool Aid drinking loyalist.

    I can’t imagine too many democrats will dare criticize or oppose the Obama administration openly if they want to continue having a political career.

    Hillary is one of the few who could make that dissent known and still remain standing.I see that as her path- speaking truth to power- whether he likes it or not.

  66. MYIQ,
    I don’t need to be hungover-or drunk. I just stink at typing. I’m always grateful to see other’s typos.

  67. A mall but important way we can start to end the stupidity is in the home and workplace and with friends, point out every comment made the sterotypes women as dumb, angry, sexual objects.

    Sadly both women and men make these comments.
    If more people spoke out and made it unacceptable maybe we could make a start.

    Many people do not realise they are making insulting comments thinking they are jokes.

    Start teaching the young and not so young respect for each other and themselves.
    What is that old saying
    ” each journey starts with a small step”
    Many people already do this but a lot do not.

    Self respect is a great weapon and should be used wisely and more often.

    What I see in a lot of religions is that women are taught not to respect themselves, they are taught to beleive they are second class citizens.



  68. BB:
    If you look closely at my avatar you will see that it’s an 1845-50 illustration of a woman leading the march of covered wagons across the prairies.

    (Can’t remember where I found it though,it’s been in my computer for some time…)

  69. rbezoid — get your facts straight. Hillary already has more in her Senate re-election campaign than she has debt from her primary campaign. She was able to roll over most of her GE funds to her Senate campaign, but by FEC rules she could not use her GE/Senate funds to pay off her primary campaign debt.

    Not to mention, most PUMAs can’t vote in the NY Senate election anyway, so we could all become Martians for all it would matter. And NY Republicans like her (not all of them, but she won the last election by some extraordinary percentage — 65? 70?). The only politicians alive who could beat her in NY all have a last name of Kennedy, and becoming Republicans in NY wouldn’t help that. (and I’m not even sure a Kennedy could beat her).

    Hillary has her Senate seat for life, if she wishes, much to the Democrats’ chagrin.

    Begone, rbezoid, you have no power here.

  70. If you are an empty suit POTUS, having Hillary Clinton as your VP or SOS ( or anything ) is an excellent idea….but perhaps when it comes time to actually make the decision, Barry can’t do it. She would out shine him too much without even trying . I mean this guy choose Biden for VP…that’s how scared he is of competition. My sister says perhaps all this press talk about Hill as SOS is to force her to take the job. But it might also to force Barry to pick her …Lordy he has signed up every other Clinton person, but Bill.

    However RD is right. Hill would be the Obama scape goat for every Barry bone head move . And I can’t forget Biden said there would be decisions no one would like. Who better to take the heat than Hill? Obots are on 24/7 alert to trash Hillary to protect the boy king and there fore their all important kool-aid. high

  71. Valhalla:

    rbzoid/hemmorhoid does bring up a valid strategy idea:

    We could do like the kos crowd and attempt a hostile takeover of the other party. They are former GOPers who got pissed who abandoned a sinking ship and took over ours

  72. New thread up!

  73. Helen – a group of us have been doing that with friends, colleagues and family for some time – it works!

    They have become more aware and pick up on other’s comments and have stopped their “jokes” about women and self-deprecating remarks. 🙂

  74. If Hillary were to be SOS, I’d like to see McCain as Secretary of Defense. With Hillary and McCain working together to neutralize Obama’s appalling lack of experience, the US might actually be safe during Obama’s 4 years.

    I’m all for doing what we can to avoid the Biden prediction of a international test of Obama.

    If I were a rogue nation, I’d think this was a great time to go all out against an international novice like Obama.

    Factor in the weak US economy and our military resources stretched scary thin with two wars already in progress, we just don’t get much weaker than we currently are.

    The formidable pairing of Hillary and McCain sitting by the 3AM phone would be a nice deterrent to any government looking for a fight with the US. Obama might be all hopey-changey ‘let’s talk to any wackado out there’, but Hillary and McCain dwell in reality.

    By the way, Biden’s “gird your loins” moment is by far my favorite goofy Biden quote from this election. Who says ‘gird your loins?!’ He’s ridiculous. I wish the media had reported on more of his gaffes. They are so much better than any alleged Palin stumbles.

  75. This whole thing has been tragic. The Democrats may have won, but we did witnesses and it will not go away. At a time we should celebrate our triumph we have instead lost total faith in the party we thought represented us. We will not forget.
    As women we need to protect our interests and to stand together to say no.

  76. BB:
    I find that story about your grandmother being sent to the North Dakota territory in the early 1900s to help set up a new insurance office.

    I mentioned my avatar because women as symbols were far stronger in Western expansion during the mid 19th century, than we believe now.

    Perceptions of the West changed to the cowboy around 1902 with the publication of “The Virginian”, and the O’Henry Texas stories in New York mags. ( not to mention TR’s Winning of the West 1889-96).

  77. oceancitygirl

    Very well said.
    It would make me feel much safer. I have a hard time living in an imagined far left la la land.

  78. I used to be among those with the simplistic view that D is good and R is evil. I’m awake now and am more open to reading blogs of all political stripes. Because of this I’ve noticed that it seems that conservative blogs (especially those headed by women) are among the few that are addressing the murder of girls and women in Isalmic countries. It is obvious to me that the Left which prides itself in upholding Human Rights does not think women are deserving of these rights.

  79. The Left does not like Feminists, and it does not care for Women’s rights.

    I see it here in Italy, the Communist and Socialist (now no longer in existence) Parties never really favored women, there are women in the leadership but these are generally tough women who have risen thru the Union ranks, along with a very few wives.

    The far left (which has recently been voted out of Parliament, would occasionally take up women’s rights in foreign countries.

    The saddest thing was to watch the discussion of “pink-rosa” Quota systems being introduced, along the lines of Scandinavian countries. Women would appear on teevee saying that that sort of thing (favoring women candidates) really wasn’t necessary in Italy…

    Italy along with the USA has one of the worst records in terms of female representation in the world.

  80. got here late, but I have some interesting news for yall to ponder. Women far outnumber men in many graduate school departments these days. especially some science and liberal arts fields. All the grad students in the forensic anthropology program working at the new “body farm” at Texas State are women. Most of the “bug folks” from Texas A &M who are comming over to do work there are also females. I know far more women grad students in the Geography department at TxStU than men. I had not noticed this untill Dr Bass from Tennesee pointed it out during a talk he gave here. There are far too many technically accomplished American women out there working in their fields to ever go back. I work with tons of women engineers, geologists, petrophysicists, land use planners. They are every bit as bright and competent as the males in those fields

  81. We must not be silent, we must be vigilant, and we must strike when necessary.


  82. Hey JJ and Joanie,

    I got distracted shopping on line for birthday presents for me. Nice to see you guys.

  83. Very nice avatar, Laurie. I need to figure out how to do one of those for myself. Everyone else has.

  84. I do not believe that Hillary will ever have the opportunity to run again for President. Unless Obama is defeated by a Republican candidate in 2012, he will serve a second term. The DNC will not allow a sitting President to be defeated in the primaries. Hillary will be 69 when there will be an opening for the Presidency. She might and I say might try, but I doubt she will. She is going to surprise many of you. Her political career is coming to an end. She may accept and offer to be Secretary of State in an effort to try to contribrute something to world peace and to raise our nation again to a respective leader of the world.Following that I believe that she will become a dean of some prestigious university.

  85. rbezold,
    When the GOP dumps the fundamentalists come back and talk to me. When they can run a Scwartenegger type candidate who is socially libertarian with an ability to balance budgets then we can talk.

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