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Obama and the SOS selection: What is he up to?

It should come as no surprise that I don’t trust Obama.  Not. One. Bit.

I don’t like the corrupt, “slash and burn” way he ran his campagin.  I don’t like the deal he made with the DNC (yes, Howard, we think you’re a liar).  I don’t like the way he rode his way to the nomination and presidency by using racism as a weapon and misogyny to ridicule and diminish his female rivals.  I don’t like his speaking style, his High Broderism or the fact that he is already a failed president in my book for failing to anticipate the financial mess and proatively doing something about it instead of prancing around Europe as the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers (H/T myiq2xu).  While Hillary was trying her best to actually *do* something about the bailout bill, Obama just couldn’t be bothered with suspending his campaign to take care of that important business.  He just expected that Congress would “get it done”.  Thank you Pre-failed President Elect Obama.

So, it should come as no surprise that I do not trust what is going on with the persistent rumors that Hillary Clinton is being considered for Secretary of State.  Actually, its more of a rumor, considering I just got a “push” email from Archad Hasan of DFA, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Obama must be pretty anxious about the upcoming Senate session if he is trying this hard to get Hillary out of there.  Either that or he has a woman problem.  Or both.  I’m going with both, since his campaign repeatledly belittled her foreign policy experience while she was First Lady, women’s accomplishments ebing inconsequential at best and a mere sideshow to a man’s at worst.  Let’s imagine what would happen if Hillary was allowed to make this decision without all of the pressure that the media is about to rain down on her to “guilt” her into taking this position:

  1. She has to work for Obama.  He would be her boss. Well, that right there is in the minus category.  I don’t care what stupid Lincoln narrative his campaign is pushing, suggesting Obama is doing the same as Honest Abe by hiring his rivals for his cabinet.  Obama is NOT anything like Lincoln, who from what I have read was an extremely principled man.
  2. If Obama asks her to do something stupid or counterproductive, she has three choices: do it and look as powerless as Condi Rice, not do it and get fired or resign.
  3. If she takes SOS, she is no longer a Senator and her chances of ever being elected to anything again approach the limit of minus infinity.  (The BFF is amazed I remember calculus given that I can’t do simple addition in my head)
  4. The issues that she was planning to champion in the Senate are officially DOA.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I think we have a winner in item 4.  If she is no longer in the Senate making noise and legislation, he has no competition for the limelight. If she is SOS, the minute she steps out of line, her ass is glass and he tosses her out.  The media is just waiting for her to screw up so they can stick her with the knives they are already sharpening in gleeful anticipation.

Women aren’t that stupid, Barack.  You think you can knock out two birds with one stone but even if I had no power in the Senate, I wouldn’t take SOS for anything if I were Hillary Clinton.  I’m betting she turned you down flat.  Otherwise, why would your personal army of droogs in the DFA start circulating this stupid email?

DFA Member –

The media has been filled with pundits and talking heads guessing who Barack will pick for his cabinet. I keep hearing one thing and then another about every position you can think of and that got me to thinking…

Why not make a game of it?

So, take a few minutes and tell us who you want our next President to pick for Secretary of State, Attorney General, Defense Secretary, or to head the Environmental Protection Agency.


You can pick who you think Obama will actually choose too. And, if you get all four of them right, you just might win a free “You Have the Power” T-shirt from DFA.

Who doesn’t want to win something free?

So, stop by the website this weekend and make your choices. If you submit your vote, we’ll send you an update once Obama makes his choices.


Arshad Hasan, Executive Director
Democracy for America

And here are the all-to-predictable results of the SOS question, where Hillary’s name is always at the top of the selection list:

Current Top Choices:

Will pick results:
Hillary Clinton
Bill Richardson
John Kerry
Tom Daschle
Richard Holbrooke
Chuck Hagel
Richard Lugar
Sam Nunn
Hilary Clinton
Anthony Zinni
Should pick results:
Hillary Clinton
Bill Richardson
John Kerry
Richard Holbrooke
Tom Daschle
Chuck Hagel
Richard Lugar
Sam Nunn
Anthony Zinni
Dennis Kucinich

Do people really fall for this crap? Well, given the current election results, yes. But it looks like NOW is finally coming out of its Kool-Aid induced stupor, probably because Amy Siskind of The New Agenda is actually in charge of a good portion of the women’s movement. From the Politico’s Will Men Dominate the Obama Administration? (as if the answer isn’t already obvious), NOW’s Kim Gandy says, “I agree with those who are concerned that it would have been nice to see more women”.

Well, there’s your problem right there, Kim. Women with real power do not settle for “nice”. Nice is what we want when we go shopping for clothes or boyfriends. But let this be a lesson to you. Next time a man running against a woman asks for your support, hold his feet to the fire before you give it to him. You know, “Don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself”? Or better yet, give it to the woman because she will be more likely to be responsive to the concerns of women. Jeez! I mean, it seems so obvious it’s amazing that Gandy couldn’t see it, what with all the misogyny in the way. Thank God for Amy or I’d completely lose it with the idiots from NOW and NARAL. But I digress.

It’s time we pushed back against this SOS thing. I could be wrong but I don’t think there’s anything in it for Clinton, not that she wouldn’t bring her usual standard of excellence, intelligence and dedication to the job. Besides, she’s given enough to the failed presidency of Barack Obama. Let someone else step up to the plate and be the perpetual scapegoat. Hillary’s got health care and equal pay to worry about.

Let Obama do the work for a change.

80 Responses

  1. Nope, no Hillary. Saw something on yahoo newz that Bill’s foreign something-or-other might be a problem.

    No, no Hill. Stay in the Senate! After the mid-term elections you may be more important than they think you’d be or more important than they want you to be!

  2. And who the hell is Arshad Hasan?

  3. Fred: Arshad is one of the masterminds behind DFA. I believe he is gay as well so I wonder how Proposition H8 went over with him, now that he’s spent most of the last two years shilling for Obama? Does he send out his email in the morning so he can get to the protest site by afternoon?

  4. I just googled him R.D. Yes, he’s supposed to be gay and yeah I’d wonder about his prop 8 thoughts too!

    BTW, I’m reading book 4 of the Sookie books and ordered the rest of them! They have been a hoot!! 🙂

  5. Fredster: Book 4 went a little off the rails for me. Once they started adding fairies, well, it just became a bit unlikely. Witches, Vampires and werewolves, sure. But fairies???

  6. I pray that Hillary will turn down the SOS if offered. Her voice of reason and strong presence is so needed in the Senate. Please draw the line, Hillary. You are certainly qualified, no question, but we need you here with an “independent” voice.

  7. RD – how do we push back?

    For me, that has been the most frustrating part: how do we get our voices actually HEARD? Do we need to send our own tr0lls out onto the net to try to change opinion?

  8. “Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers (H/T myiq2xu)”

    I’m loving it!

  9. YES GREAT POST ….absolutely great post …

    and yes to faeries…….
    just because …..

  10. swanspirit – I’m listening to one of your podcasts – one of the Eva Cassidy ones. Good stuff.

  11. What in the hell is DFA?

    Does it stand for “Dumb – something or other – of America??????

  12. I couldn’t agree more with this post. Although this looks like a plum for Hillary Clinton, it’s actually a prune that she should avoid.

  13. In my view – HIllary’s name for anything in His Oliness administration is just a way to distract media attention. She is a name pawn to get the focus off of other things.

  14. In my view – HIllary’s name for anything in His Oliness administration is just a way to distract media attention. She is a name pawn to get the focus off of other things.

  15. scrubs57- If you want to reverse troll, here’s how to do it: Get yourself an account on DailyKos. Make some comments of agreement. Really work it, baby. Drive that mojo right through the roof. Get yourself onto the Trusted User list. Stop gagging. This is quite easy. All you have to do is watch who gets on the recommended list and glom on to them. Say things like, “I never thought about things like that. Thank you.” Then rate people highly. Give out lots of high ratings. Get some in return. You’ll get the knack.
    Now, here’s the part that’s tricky because you have to wait awhile. You have to get your friends to sigh up for accounts too. If you have a facebook account, get all of them to do it. Several hundred of your biggest fans should be involved. Also, make yourself several sock puppet accounts but make sure they are using different IP addresses.
    When the time is right, start introducing subversive material. Write a diary or have one of your more talented snarky friends do it for you. Go to your “DK friends email list” and send out a message that you have just posted and that they should recommend immediately. Make sure your sockpuppets do too. Stage a difference of opinion dialogue where you win over someone to your side on the threads.
    This step is important: when someone *not* in your email list comes by and agrees with you, reward them lavishly with praise and mojo. Do this over and over again until that person starts defending you on other threads. When the time is right, you will need to start writing conversion diaries along the lines of “I have finally come to see that Obama isn’t a lightbringer after all”. Have your friends recommend. Then have another friend do it. Then another. Do this repeatedly until you have a hostage situation on the rec list.
    Voile! You will be heard.
    This is how both John Edwards, one of the slimiest politicians alive, and Barack Obama did it.
    Oh, and they probably greased Markos’ palms.

  16. This is just another way for Pres O to show who is boss. He will not select her to show her (and the rest of us) that she is second rate. It is all a mind game to him. Just another way to intimidate and humiliate. O cannot let either Clinton near his administration or they would show him up as the light weight that he is. Everything is about perception. Which he will start loosing soon enough.

    OT but some of the meanest Republicans that I know are thrilled with our new president. They are all money and legal professionals and know the bottom is about to fall out.

  17. RD – a group of us tried that at DU and it worked for a while but the bots got to be bigger than us. When the moderators drank the kool-aid, we were powerless because they kept closing any pro-Hillary threads. It was painful.

  18. Some of this is Obama trying to emulate Abraham Lincoln, as described in Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book, Team of Rivals – how Lincoln included others who run against him for the nomination in his cabinet — Seward and others.

    However, to paraphrase Lloyd Benson in his VP debate against Dan Quayle, “I’ve studied Lincoln, I admire Lincoln, and Senator (Obama), you are no Abraham Lincoln!”

  19. RD, your “how to be a troll” instructions demonstrate why Hillary supporters don’t dominate the lefty blogoshere. We lack the necessary slime factor!

  20. Thanks, RD – this is excellent – I think that sending our opinions to Hill will also let her know that there is support for her pushing him away. He is slime and she shouldn’t be anywhere near him.

  21. scrubs57, on November 15th, 2008 at 3:44 pm Said:

    swanspirit – I’m listening to one of your podcasts – one of the Eva Cassidy ones. Good stuff.

    I am sending all my ‘PROGRESSIVE’ orgs back their mail with ‘OBAMA IS GONNA CHANGE IT’. Don’t need my money, since they claim they can’t find any qualified women! What the F@@@ message is that to young women!

    OBAMA GIRLS yeah baby!. Any qualified women….nope none here. How about over there, nope none there either. Cut the money off NOW! Maybe then they (orgs) will push for some GLASSES so they can see WOMEN TOO!

    Senator Clinton needs to serve in the SENATE…we need someone there with good eye sight and OVER SIGHT TOO!

  22. Obama is a waffler. He simply cannot make a decision. Thus, float the balloons, let the media, the public, the DFA, anybody else decide. He won a popularity contest, he has no idea how to actually use the prize.

  23. If Hillary was/is actually considered for the job (as opposed to “Hillary would be on anyone’s short list for VP” lie), I hope she does not take it. I can not imagine what’s in it for her, long or short term.

    As far as a gay man, any gay man or woman for that matter, being upset with Obama over Proposition 8 – don’t hold your breaths. If they’ve been Obama supporters, they’re blaming the Mormons for Prop 8.

  24. I blame him for the wink wink… Hillary Supporter was on Message.
    Dolores Huerta on Equality in Marriage, Human Rights and Choice

  25. Senator Hillary Clinton has always understood Human Rights. The Senate needs her, she is the best light they have on the issues, and we know she is not a flip flopper.

  26. Heh, heh – let it out WV!

    And dyb101 – I haven’t talked to any of my bot friends about prop8 yet but I bet you are right: they are blaming it on the Mormons. Wonder who Al Franken supporters are going to blame?

  27. I had a conversation today with an OBAMA follower…who informed me the cause of gays wasn’t for them, they were not gay, they hadn’t been informed about the marches??????? Excuse me! I am not either, but I know HUMAN RIGHTS!

    Gosh, I tell ya…some days I could jump and scream.

  28. scrubs: That’s because we failed to do our homework. What we needed to do was figure out what the trigger words were. We kept being defensive whenever anyone would say Hillary is a lobbyist loving corporatist. What we *should* have done is assign some *other* equally egregious trigger words to Obama.

  29. scrubs57,

    In real life I don’t swear…just upset today over Obama experts claiming they can’t find ANY qualified women. SHEESH, they show their misogyny/sexism as there are some qualified women flying in space NO LESS!

  30. Isolde 3.58 said
    “OT but some of the meanest Republicans that I know are thrilled with our new president. They are all money and legal professionals and know the bottom is about to fall out.”

    He won’t be successful in getting rid of the Clintons if he doesn’t bring them down with him- that is, Hill has to become a visible part of his govt.

  31. scrubs57,

    In real life I don’t swear…just upset today over Obama experts claiming they can’t find ANY qualified women. SHEESH, they show their misogyny/sexism as there are some qualified women flying in space NO LESS!

  32. Obama experts claiming they can’t find ANY qualified women

    That’s because the qualifications for men are almost nil.

  33. RD 4:38
    “What we *should* have done is assign some *other* equally egregious trigger words to Obama.”

    such as???

    ps fascinating topic

  34. Hello PUMA’S:

    I LIve in NYS and the LGBT are very unaware of the Prop 8 situation:, They are YOUNG–they’re my friends.

    Can you give me Gary’s address, so I can give it to them to get caught up on what’s going on.


  35. Agree, RD. Maybe we can start now.

    One of the problems with assigning egregious trigger words to Obama is the way his campaign twists it into r@cism. And the media goes along with it.

    We tried “inexperienced” – didn’t stick.

    We tried to tie him to lobbyists – didn’t stick.

    We tried to tie him to bad people – didn’t stick.

    Maybe we should try “narcissist” but use other phrases: “full of himself”, “selfish”, “trying to get filthy rich by way of the Presidency”.

    What do you think?

  36. RD – I responded but can’t figure out which word got me into moderation (I even fixed the r word, I thought). Could you get me out, pleeeeease?

  37. michelina> I don’t know that many people will listen. After all, they haven’t been listening all along. I’ve told several times to a good friend (gay man in his mid-60s) about Obama campaigning with McClurkin and Meeks, his refusing to give interviews to gay magazines, his refusal to be photographed with San Fran mayor Gavin Newsom (who isn’t even gay himself), his association with Douglas Kmiec and just who voted for Prop 8 in CA – and he responds with something like “But you hate Obama, why would I start listening to you now?”

  38. Yeah, EXACTLY, dyb! That’s what I get also. Like nobody listens to reason when it comes to Barack.

  39. michelina – see the blog roll to the right. Gary is Electric Blues.

  40. I really hope Hillary does not take the SOS position as you argue.

    I’m very curious to see how Hillary is going to be in the Senate come January. She has seemed almost robotic since the end of the primaries.

    I watch her and I can’t figure out if she is just holding her breath until she can speak or if she really feels pressured to be silent and march with Obama. I hope she is just holding her breath and “waiting to exhale.”

  41. RD: this is one of your best.
    I agree with your analysis. But I want to register one note of concern. Supporting Senator Clinton out of feminist camaraderie means respecting her autonomy. IF she accepts the Sec of State position IF it is offered to her (two enormous IF’s) it will be because she believes based on the best information available to her that this is a prudent choice for her career. I fully believe that Senator Clinton is like all politicians: interested in maintaining their own political power. So she won’t take a cabinet position unless she believes doing so will enhance her power. I agree with RD that I do not see how doing so would, but I also know there’s a lot going on in DC right now with regard to jockeying for power. The Senate comes back on Tuesday for its lame duck session and there are all sorts of internecine battles being fought. So we may not know all the variables involved in any choice Senator Clinton makes.

    Just saying.

    In the meantime, I am continuing to advocate that we use retiring Senator Clinton’s debt as a way of registering OUR political power – not just with Senator Clinton but with all the professional politicians.
    I’m getting more concrete in my approach. If you have any interest, take a look – http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/11/on-the-current-crucial-importance-of-retiring-senator-clintons-debt-and-how-maxxed-out-donors-can-help.html

    And RD: thank you again for the powerful post. All: hang in there. These are rough times but we just have to ride out the storms.

  42. The smartest Washington “insider” I know says the floating of HRC’s name as SOC was to distract from the pressure from the Hispanic community to put Bill Richardson in that spot.

  43. PUMA’S:; We would have known by now, if she wanted the SOS:
    ——I’ll put myself out on a limb here, from being around all the BS with this campaign:

    SHE’S NoT INTERESTED, as she wasn’t for VP: she REALLY REALLY WASN’T at the start.

    I believe she may regret that—HOWEVER< she wasn’t asked and DNC had no intentions to ASK her.

    I BELIEVE, SHE’S not going there.

  44. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hillary taking SOS would be a disaster for her.

    Hillary’s best position to continue to be an advocate and public servant is right where she is, in the Senate. I’m sure she knows that. If she were to accept the position I would immediately start to wonder what leverage they used.

  45. Thank you scrubs: GOT IT:

    I like GARY, he was always a GOOD PUMA !!!

  46. The most definitive, consistent thing Senator Clinton has said for months is that she believes in blooming where you are planted and that she wants to be the best Senator for New York she can be.

  47. Heidi Li, on November 15th, 2008 at 5:02 pm Said:

    The smartest Washington “insider” I know says the floating of HRC’s name as SOC was to distract from the pressure from the Hispanic community to put Bill Richardson in that spot.
    What pressure? In the primary he got close to 1500 votes in comparison to Hillary?!? Unless he wants it to go to Kerry, even though he promised it to Richardson. NOW that would be very like the BO we know…play two sides against the middle.

    OK…make room under the bus…we need to fit BILL RICHARDSON. And to think he gave up a good friendship with BUBBA…no more football watching days for ya Bill and no SOS either. See, the lesson is stick with the REAL friends, the ones that have a RECORD!

  48. I disagree, HEIDI LI: (comment moderated because this site has a fondness for Heidi Li and her diplomatic way of ecpressing herself –One of the Proprietresses)

    TELL OBAMANOTHING to do it————–We will NOT BAIL THAT SOB————

    if that’s what it takes for Senator Clinton to realize, she’s BEEEN HAD from DAY ONE with her party,

    SO BE IT.

    PS:: THEY BEGGED HER TO RUN, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

    THey couldn’t do it without her——–Fuck them,
    unfortunately, she has to pay the consequenses of her choices NOT US;

    PUMA LAND needs THeir own money to make us STRONG and HEARD, in the media, not just on the BLOGS,


    not this sham of a PARTY——-if and when she walks away, I’ll agree.

  49. Yes, Gandy’s “nice” comment made me puke. This is why NOW is gutless and we still have males in the executive branch.


    I can’t believe anyone who has followed this election this year would be in favor of seeing Hillary throw herself willingly onto the chopping block and awaiting the ax to fall.

    Most of the PUMA sites I check out have said no, but I was shocked and angered by the post Larry Johnson did on NQR, so much that I wrote a reply directed at him. To which he reminded me banning was always an option. I didn’t say anything too negative, just that for someone who spent the last year investigating Obama and knowing the type of person he is, how could he possible think it’s in Hillary’s best interests to put her fate into the hands of someone who wishes to hurt her in any way he can.

    Anyway, I know the choice is Hillary’s but I hope to God she doesn’t go this way. If she does, I think it’ll be the end of her political career, her reputation, and I personally will lose the respect I have for her.
    Ambition aside, she’s smart enough to know where this will lead.

  51. I don’t trust Obama either.
    I’m scared he will try to use Hillary to pull a Colin Powell on us. (A credible person to sell us a plan with no credibility.)
    Really, I think it’s just media manipulation to divert attention from his naming Jarret.




  53. I gave the max to Senator Hillary Clinton and I don’t regret it one bit. I also gave money to run the ads and don’t regret it either.

  54. WV: who in the hell in PUMA land DIDN’T:



    WHY Does she still have DEBT!!!

    Give me a FIRKEEN FIREKEN BREAK !!!!!

    THEY don’t want you SENATOR (are you getting my vibes here)))))) THEY NEED YOU !!!!!

  55. Something TOTALLY blew me away someone told me:

    I’m asking if this is TRUE:


    Is this true, and that is the reason for all the immigration and border problems???

    I live on the East coast, not too much in tune with the WEST ???

    Is it TRUE????

  56. Yes use her AND hurt her. It’s no secret just about everyone who sided with Obama want the Clintons out of the party and DC for good. Getting her to take that position puts her squarely in the line of fire to take blame for any failed foreign policies and leaves her to be sacked at a moments notice. Which I think would happen within a year or 2.

    I think that is the ultimate goal here. Ruin her standing as much as possible THEN fire her.

    Someone also suggested they want her out of the senate so one of the Kennedy’s can fill her spot. payment for siding with Obam. And we know how the Kennedy’s feel about the Clintons.

    This is just a no win for Hillary.

  57. I wish, like many others that we would have realized it was a KILL HILL misogyny/sexism tactic by our very own ‘PROGRESSIVES’ that delayed the response. I hadn’t thought it possible, that we would EAT OUR OWN, much less use such hate. When prop 8 happened as well as the other laws that passed in the other states, I was saddened but not shocked as I saw first hand in D.C. how they were willing to declare VOTERS HALF A PERSON TO WIN!


  58. I think Hillary would be such a scapegoat for him in the role of SoS , i think it would be a HUGE mistake for her to take it …. I think he is perverse in offering it , but then I think he is perverse anyway .

    omgoddess you guys Scrub57 and Woman Voter and anyone else THANK YOU so much 🙂 for finding the GODDESS RADIO podcasts !!! Here is the link for anyone else interested 🙂 http://goddessradio.podomatic.com/

  59. Heidi: I’m not sure how that strategy of distraction works. It seems to me that the Hispanic community would be *more* agitated that Richardson is being passed over.

  60. PUMA must GROW, bigger than RADIO,

    It’s our only CHANCE: I know we can, I just don’t know How,

    I don’t have COLLEGE ELITE 101, JUST STREET 101

    The confusion is GONE: It’s driven me crazy for MONTHS: NOTHING made SENSE:

    WV:; EATING THEIR OWN: so BASIC and so simple and that’s EXACTLY what they DID:

    I said it earlier: REPUBS, you’ve been out EVILED (out smarted)

    Their STRATEGY WAS BRILLIANT: I had to see DEAN in action and that’s how I knew:——–Unfucking believable————–eat her up and spit her out,
    street 101————no college here.

    She’s so kind hearted, she didn’t see it right away.

    I actually believe only RECENTLY, she has—she’s too goddamn busy, helping US.—just like WE ARE:


    Shoot the TUBE:————it’s the only way we can HURT THEM, then GET ON IT, ALONG WITH THEM.

    EVERYONE is behind CLOSED DOORS, except Obamanothing and HILLARY:

  61. I am with you. We need her i the Senate, she needs to keep her elected position.

  62. There is already a new thread up and I just want to point this out (so if someone else already did, sorry):

    There is only one woman on either of those lists.


  63. myiq2xu

    Great segue to my new post which is now up.

  64. myiq2xu: It’s hard to believe that they think even Hillary is qualified to be Sec. O’State but they put her name on the list to humor us.

  65. How sad the no one believes that the democratic party selected president would want what is best for the country.
    He has shown that the country is secondary to his need to be vindictive and mean spirited.
    We will all suffer thru the next 4 years.
    Senator Clinton does not need to sacrifice any mone for the dem party.
    She needs to stay in the Senate as she will be one of the very few dems really giving a damn about the country.



  66. BTW – Since Samantha “Hillary is a monster” will be National Security Advisor does Hillary want to have her as a de facto boss (ala P0well vs. Rice)?

  67. Perhaps Barry doesn’t want a replay of the” he didn’t even vet HRC for VP” complaint ? ..he also gets to have her “fail” to make the grade again when she doesn’t get SOS. How can Barry allow Hillary any lime light? She would out shine him…she does now. Plus they have always said all Hillary did in foreign policy was serve tea??
    Actually my confusion is my own fault because I’m expecting consistantcy from Barry and Co in their reasons for doing stuff . That is like shifting sands

  68. being a “survivor” follower, i think hillary is in a really hard place and in a dangerous dance. why a dance, becuase she had to go to chicago to meet with teh precious one.

    it is frightening to think that as her boss, she could be eased out if she accepts and that would reallly finish off her career and abilities to make this a better country.

    i live in central coastal communtiy and can listen to the radio station kgo out of s.f. it has some of the most liberal talk show hosts on it, especially the late at night/all nighters. last week a fill in woman host (fill in because the late night guy, bernie ward who was an ex barbara boxer employee, is now in prison in texas for receiving and distributing child porn and also the most recent gay fill in was fired for mistakenly saying on the air when he didn’t know the mic was on, comments about wanting joe the plumber dead) had a rather dumb imho topic of should bo choose hillary as sos. the misogynist hillary haters that called in was stunning. i can’t believe the hatred for her that continues. but then again, when the radio hosts talk about palin, the hatred is off the charts. and i mean, both men and women and the hosts. i am so sickened by this. there are some obvious pumas that call in, black lesbians included if you are reading this, who try to set the story straight re the stolen nomination and media mysogyny. it truly is frightening in a supposed liberal state and area.

    if hillary doesn’t play the game, she’s screwed. why is this like a job interview and process. why is this being leaked…so bo can gauge the hatred and negativity he might incur…or to smear her through the mud. she plays the game and she’s still screwed.

    frightening times we live in, folks.

  69. cbn, on November 15th, 2008 at 4:43 pm Said:

    Obama experts claiming they can’t find ANY qualified women

    That’s because the qualifications for men are almost nil.
    either that or the qualifications include having a penis.

  70. i just want to add that two women in california, tauscher (sp?) and harmon have both been threatened and punished by not playing the dem party line and trying to be mor nonpartisan. this goes back 3 or 4 years. beginning of a pattern.

  71. NOW and NARAL are a bunch of idiots. I mean WOW! who could see this lack of women in the BO administration thing coming? Wow I know I am surprised, BO is really not very NICE.

  72. I agree that Hillary should say ‘Thanks, but no thanks” if it is offered to her. She would become marginalized and would become O;s scapegoat just as she became the Dems scapegoat for her supposed war vote.

  73. No, Hillary. JUST SAY NO.

    Don’t risk your Senatorship and career.

    Let Richardson fail and get fired.

  74. Hillary can/should turn down any offer by pointing out that after her long campaign and then “supporting” the party ticket, she needs to focus on her role for the people of NY as Senator.

    She can be a thorn in O’s side while reminding others that he has never bothered to consider his constituents. O is always far to busy working on the getting the next square to bother much about any responsibilities or sense of duty.

    Maybe O is looking so bad in recent photo ops becuase it is finally sinking in there was a reason for Truman and “the buck stops here” perspective.

  75. The Kennedys DO want Hill’s NY seat by the way …for Robert jr. or Joe III. They say it’s RFK’s and there fore belongs to them like the NY voter has no say in the matter. Perhaps they know something we are just realizing ? That we are in a fiefdom now ….also Barry needs a scape goat that his followers loath already

    But Hill! just say NO

  76. This whole thing reminds me of a story in Hill’s bio when the boys wouldn’t let her be class president. But later voted Hillar in as treasurer and then had her do all the work of course.

    However is Barry smart enough to actually let Hill really have a say in matters and save his ( and our ) ass??

    Time will tell

  77. No Way, No SOS! Hillary is much to smart to put herself under Obama’s thumb.
    Her power is in the senate, that is why Obama wants her out, somewhere he can control her.
    I pray that Hillary will stay right where she is, and continue to help the people of this country.
    We know Hillary cares about people, she does all she can for us to provide a better quality of life.
    Her place is in the senate, until 2012 when she finally gets the job she was meant to have POTUS!
    Obama wants to keep her down, keep her out of the running and if Hillary is SOS, she wont be able to run against her president, Obama knows that otherwise he would rather fill his cabinet with men, Hillary is his biggest threat and Obama is trying to keep his enemy close.
    Forget it Hillary, you know how this man works, you know how ruthless and dishonest he is, why would you ever wish to be part of this scandalous administration?
    My answer: she wouldn’t.

  78. […] The latest rumors about Hillary’s offer to be SOS are started to shape the same way, proving Riverdaughter right […]

  79. Arshad Hasan, Democracy for America, is moslem. 90% of American moslems voted for hussien obama. That is why he is in the tank for him. he is stupid.

  80. Here’s another reason why Hillary Clinton should avoid an offer for SOS like the plague: Because when sh!t hits the fan once the world realizes that their chosen messiah is NOT the harbinger of peace he claims to be, Hillary’s head will be the first to role.

    (For some interesting–and scary–insight into the coming pseudo peace in the Middle East, read Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs.) Presuming this is not the actual “End of Days,” women’s advances will set ALL the way–now they’re only about half way there–back to the Stone Age.

    I hope Hillary stepped aside last June because she knows when “to play her hand close” and that she will show the same restraint now.

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