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Hangover Open Thread


How are you doing?


105 Responses

  1. I’ve returned — had the computer off for a few hours.

    Randi Rhodes — that was my comment in the misogyny thread. How one woman can say what she said to another woman —

    We really do need to talk about the sexism in this culture that would allow this sort of behavior — on stage in front of an audience at an Obama fund raiser — and camp Obama said nothing.

    Violet has the start of a series — the New feminism — inclusive feminism. Find a common ground and work from there. Accept choice — ALL choice — etc. Her article is good and so are the remarks.

  2. having imbibed a tumbler of Auchentoshen Scotch to wash down the evening meds, I am well on my way out…. how are you myiq? btw, the mention of Occam’s razor warmed my heart 🙂

  3. I see someone named “Derek” was filling in for me as a clown

  4. I was about to tell you you missed you cue–and here you are!

  5. Seriously talks to trolls with the zeal of a missionary.

    Somone should tell her she’s wasting her time, they have no souls to save.

  6. I had a liquid lunch and afternoon, slept it off and when I woke up it was almost bed time.

    Now I’m sitting here feeling like I’m gonna die but afraid I won’t.

  7. Derek:

    Reading is a life skill – learn to do it right.

  8. MyIq,

    Did wayward kitty return?

  9. “Damn the downballot races!”

    Tell that to Al Franken – 18,000 Obama voters didn’t vote downticket in Mini-soda

    I’m guessing they were “millenials”

  10. I don’t have missionary zeal, myiq–I just think it’s funny that they think anyone cares.

    Besides–I didn’t talk to anyone! You’re having flashbacks again.

  11. Prolix:

    No, and at this point I don’t think she will be.

  12. Every generation thinks they’re smarter and more sophisticated than their parents were.

  13. Derek – FDR in the 30’s

  14. You’re talking to trolls while I’m resisting saying “we should have went” with the geniuses who can’t compose a sentence with more than two words in it, so there. 😛

  15. Prediction: The Democrats will lose seats in the House and Senate in 2010

  16. You’re talking to tro lls while I’m resisting saying “we should have went” with the geniuses who can’t compose a sentence with more than two words in it, so there.

  17. MyIq, sorry. I’m hopeful by nature always skirting logic, so I’ll just be hopeful she comes home after lots of catting around.

  18. Obama is no FDR

    He’s not even JFK

    He’s Jimmy Carter without principles

  19. 😛

  20. She was sick, I let her outside to potty and I think she hid somewhere. It’s been 2 days.

  21. She’s probably making the rounds of the neighbors. She’ll be back.

  22. Gotta ask why this “win” was so easy — Derek.

    Seems like an excellent Republican strategy to lose on purpose. They know that the economy is going down the toilet. So now is the wise time to pull back — put up a good effort — so the dumber Americans won’t notice.

    Then when the economy really tanks and it will — the Democrats will be blamed for EVERYTHING. LD has some good information at NQ — not too technical — but it does require good reading comprehension.

    So what if the dems won — they will lose again very soon.

    I’m an Independent and I think BOTH parties stink.

  23. Dakinikat Dakinikat!! also has really great information on the economy — I like her writing style — technical information but well written.

    Sorry I forgot our economic guru here!! Shame on me — sorry Dakinikat! I promise it won’t happen again.

  24. Carter won in 1976 because of Watergate.

    In 1980 Reagan (who, as a former governor was not connected to Nixon) sent Jimmy back to Georgia

  25. In fact, there has been a “snapback” two years after every significant seat change for the past 60 years. It will happen.

  26. myiq: would you like my drinking problem? I can’t use it any more.

  27. Clinton was the only President since FDR to have his party gain (not lose) seats in Congress in year 6 of his administration.

    Obama won’t get a year 6

  28. I don’t have a drinking problem.

    I have a hangover problem

  29. Nice of everyone to argue with the troll on the old thread instead of up here.

  30. As t*olls go, the lad does write more coherently than his brothers and sisters who crawl from under the bridge.

  31. “In fact, there has been a “snapback” two years after every significant seat change for the past 60 years. It will happen.”

    Yeah, but they were mere mortals. The fact that Democrats could win the WH hwile having a 16% approval rating for their tenure in control of Congress has nothing to do with Bush–it means that America has drunk the kool-ade and will never again hold them accountable for any failure, no matter how abysmal.

    Or, maybe not.

  32. Not usually, Prolix. 🙂

  33. Republicans love to impeach Democrats — in two years don’t be surprised if the Republicans roar backing into DC and show the Democrats what impeachment proceedings look like.

    Obama is shifty with the truth — so the Republicans will have lots to choose from in 2 years. And as the economy gets worse — voters will want a sacrifice. In the old days it would be off with the King’s head (or Queen) — now we will settle for impeachment. Just so that great orator (snicker) is gone!!

    In 2 years people are going to be sick of the ONE’s sermons and lectures and indecision.

    I know I’m sick of his face and voice already.

  34. I’m trying to be nice to the deluded — I volunteer with those who are truly demented so catastrophic meltdowns are to be avoided at all costs.

  35. Personally, I think it will be very hard to dislodge Obama once he’s in, if for no other reason than he has no scruples. It’s easier to commit fraud from a place of consolidated power. And if that happens, Republicans are going to have no one but themselves to blame for sitting on their hands this time around.

  36. North:

    The GOP will scandalmonger whether there is dirt to find or not.

    If the Dems in Congress try to cover for Obama they will look as corrupt as he is – either way they lose in 2010 the question is how big.

  37. Prolix:

    I thought you looked familiar

  38. MyIq — good one.

  39. Right — the Clintons lost money in that Whitewater deal — and the Republicans still spent millions investigating them. To this day some people believe that the Clinton’s are guilty.

    When Clinton started her campaign for the nomination she had to deal with the preconceived notion that she was guilty of something. The GOP did a number on the Clintons — so yes they can manufacture suspicion out of thin air.

    With Obama they won’t have to manufacture anything — they can just use one of the many skeletons his mansion is hiding. Or the GOP may surprise us and tag Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors still to come.

    It depends on how much buyers remorse the voters have in 2 years.

  40. Yeah, but the Democratic Establishment and media hated the Clintons. If the Republicans try to bring attention to any of Obama’s scandals, they’ll push back.

  41. We are facing some serious problems that are not going away anytime soon. It took years to get in this mess and it will take years to get out.

    Even if Hillary or McCain won they would be struggling in the opinion polls in 2010 too.

  42. By 2010, Rahmbo’s middle finger will be worked down to a nub and the BZero’s suit shoulders will be threadbare.

  43. Somebody want to tell JSVP to quit feeding the troll and come up here with the grown-ups?

  44. myiq2xu
    Have you tried drinking bitters, lemon juice and selzer for your hangover?
    My husband was a bartender for many years and served a lot of this to help hangovers.

    after backtrack get finished throwing all the democrats who helped him get elected under the bus I don’t think they will stand up for him
    Picture the shock on their faces when they realise they were expendable



  45. Even if Hillary or McCain won they would be struggling in the opinion polls in 2010 too.

    This is why I believe that the GOP lost on purpose. By 2010 the voters are going to be p*ssed and they will be out to punish politicians who promised so much but who cannot realistically deliver much at all.

    Obama will not be decisive — and his advisers will be fighting among each other. We already know that Obama cannot run a meeting — it takes skill and a lot of practice to run a meeting filled with people with huge egos and very different opinions.

  46. myiq2xu, on November 15th, 2008 at 5:38 am Said:
    Somebody want to tell JSVP to quit feeding the troll and come up here with the grown-ups?

    Mea culpa! …too much scotch….:-(

  47. There is no such thing as “too much scotch”

  48. Oh that can’t be true….. I’ve been enjoying a low land scotch, Auchentoshan… what poisons have you been knocking back? … my poor head…… rrrrrrrrrrrr

  49. I was taking the Coors Cure for sobriety yesterday

  50. Coors sounds like a much kinder palliative than the bourbon cure friends will be foisting on me …today…….. on such a pace can one’s liver last 4 years….? I need advice!

  51. Why, what happens in 4 years? We run out of grain to make spirits?

  52. 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar

    Obama will be a one term President

  53. Seriously, I just don’t want to kill my liver self medicating with a steady round of poison to dull the pain…. but, if Ichabod should win another term, it might be better to expire anyway, especially if grains become scarce…. wonder if myiq has a back up supply for the desperate times ahead….

    part of any presidential campaign is a session at a bar to see how the prospective candidates handle their liquor… What would Obama have imbibed? What about Hillary? What about McCain?

  54. I’m getting sick of conservative gasbags making more sense than lefty gasbags.

    Michelle Malkin:

    “Since blacks and Latinos voted overwhelmingly for Prop. 8, I fully expect to see gay zealots marching onto South Central and East L.A. and threatening to burn down houses and businesses there.”

    I dislike the idea of singling out and trying to punish people for their political views, especially when done selectively.

  55. Well, Obama did mock HRC for drinking that boilermaker–while of course engaging in similar photo ops himself, but he’s special, being the King of A——–.

  56. My favorite drink is beer, my favorite spirit is tequila.

    I speak some spanish and I like sunny & warm climates.

    My back-up plan is Mexico

  57. Seriously:

    With a true “boilermaker” you drop the shot (glass and all) into the beer and chug it.

  58. Mexico would be nice! I do not see Europe as the promised land except maybe Holland or Denmark…. South Africa or Australia would be nice… As long as there is wine and bourbon I will be ok LOL!

    I gotta snoooooze! So, all the best to you all. Oh, HRC and Mc might be able to drink O under the table, but who could keep up with O’s glass pipe……..?

  59. myiq2xu, on November 15th, 2008 at 6:35 am Said:
    2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar

    Obama will be a one term President

    Early cultures had creation myths and apocalyptic myths, it was more a function of their thinking than reality .
    I think his one termness will come directly from his own incompetence 🙂 I really hope Hillary does not take SOS , because she will be nothing more than a scapegoat for him .

  60. myiq — thank you!

  61. Yes I do have a hangover, why do you ask? 🙂

  62. Northwest rain, at 5:41 am Said:

    Obama will not be decisive — and his advisers will be fighting among each other. We already know that Obama cannot run a meeting………………


    I missed the instances where “Obama cannot run a meeting.” Any examples? The only thing I’ve heard about is his letting everyone talk and he remains remote not letting anyone know what he’s thinking. And then he decides later.

  63. Good morning PUMA’S:

    Worked all day and night and just catching UP>




    THEY WOULD have NEVER WON THIS ELECTION WITHOUT her and they KNEW IT, but she didn’t

    SHe believed them, and she still may (I’d find that hard to believe that she was the pawn to the BIGGEST HOAX of an ELECTION in HISTORY)


    God I hope before I DIE, they get every ugly, manipulating maneuver they did against HER and this Country, right where the SUN don’t shine,

    I promise you, I’LL BE DANCING IN THE STREETS.

    I”m so ashamed to have been taken in with them and their CRAP———NO MORE, not in my lifetime.

  64. PS: I believe she ran to WIN, she just didn’t know she was being used, because OBAMA was/is a NOTHING,

    and they needed her, and USED AND USED AND USED HER again.


  65. Correction on above:

    I FIND it hard to believe that she doesn’t REALIZE at this POINT:


    She’s just not that DUMB ———

  66. Last night started hearing the stories about Hillary and the secretary of state cabinet position. Do we believe this? I can’t stand to have my heart broken again. There are lots of reasons not to: 1. Obama obviously holds a grudge 2. He has offered positions only to men 3.The media is full of sh*t and often says things are “definite” when they are not even close (remember the media waiting outside of Hillary’s house for hours and hours because supposedly the VP discussion was going to take place there? And it ended up taking place at Feinstein’s house — and there was no chance for HRC to get the VP spot anyway).
    So do we believe this and have some hope? Or discount it as more 24-hour cable news blather?

  67. StauchWoman, I don’t want her to work in his administration. Therefore, my hope lies in it’s not being true. Or the unlikeliness of her saying, “No.”

  68. Obama weighs Clinton, Richardson as sec. of state

    By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer Nedra Pickler, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 15 mins ago


    WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama is interviewing some of his one-time political opponents as he ponders building his own “team of rivals” to help him run the country.

    Primary election foes Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Richardson both have been interviewed for secretary of state, according to several Democratic officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the secret meetings.

    Obama met with Richardson late Friday afternoon, a day after conferring one-on-one with Clinton at his Chicago office, the officials said. He plans to meet there Monday with his Republican opponent, John McCain, but advisers to both of the general election candidates say they don’t expect Obama to consider McCain for an administration job…….

  69. I feel fine (in my best Spock voice)
    Meanwhile those women who ironed Obama’s shirts during the election, are shocked that’s all they’re gonna do from now on

  70. thanks, purplefinn. So it is media hype and bullshit. when will i ever learn not to listen to them?

    I just thought that if this had been in the works, it might explain why HRC sold her soul to campaign so diligently for That One.

    But, no, that’s still a mystery.

    IT makes me laugh to hear Obamanation say that he wants a “team of rivals”. That’s what every narcissistic self-centered boss I’ve ever had has said. What they really mean is: they want to buy off the rivals so there will be no dissenting voices left.

  71. edgeoforever: the first buyer’s remorse?
    and, sorry, gotta say this: fuck NOW. where the hell was NOW when Hillary was being crucified during the primaries? Where the hell have they been during open season on Sarah? Fuck NOW, and Fuck Emily’s List, too.

  72. StauchWoman, NOW was with us during the primary, and did call out the sexism. http://www.now.org/issues/media/hall_of_shame/index.html

    But after the primary? Their support for Obama is on their conscience. We will hold them accountable.

    It is great to see how many other blogs and groups are taking up the banner against sexism in their own way. We have a much broader view of and coalition for working for women’s rights.

  73. “Agreed-StauchWoman”
    I saw a “clip” of the Bill Ayers interview on GMA:
    I could be wrong; but I think he got away with, “Flat-out-Lying”!
    He said he “NEVER” met Obama until the night of that fundraiser @ his house. I’m not good @ research; but doesn’t
    the video CNN have on Alice Palmer contradict that??
    Or how is that possible when his & Obama’s wives(then his boss turned/girlfriend) worked together. Also would someone PLEASE clear up if Ayer’s daddy Tom knew Obama’s 1st mentor:
    Frank M. Davis??
    Too many questions STILL!

  74. Hi, purplefinn, So what happened is, NOW was ignored and buried by the media until they came out supporting the Anointed One. Then all of a sudden their opinion mattered.
    ‘Got it. I should have known.

  75. I keep reading that Hillary Clinton is being considered for SOS. I can’t help but wonder how the frat boys and their shirt ironers can reconcile this choice? Throughout the primary they dismissed Clinton’s experience and gravitas by saying that the only foreign policy experience she had was that she travelled around as First Lady, and now they think she is qualified to be SOS? How can that be? How can she be qualified to represent the U.S. as SOS, but she is not qualified to be POTUS?

    It seems to come right back to that penis issue, doesn’t it?

  76. StauchWoman said, “NOW was ignored and buried by the media until they came out supporting the Anointed One.”

    That’s nailing it!

    tpt/ny, I don’t knowif this addresses you r question, but there’s a lot of information here:


    “The Lives of Barack ObamaAn interactive timeline by Slate.
    By Christopher Beam and Chris WilsonPosted Monday, Aug. 11, 2008, at 5:22 PM ET

    There are at least two versions of Barack Obama’s life: There’s his version—the story he tells in his speeches, op-eds, and books. Then there’s the media’s version—news articles, columns, and investigative pieces about him as he rose to prominence and since his presidential campaign began. We can learn a lot by comparing the two. “

  77. myiq… I always liked that despair site.. a little something for everyone there …

    This is what bo is asking


    I still like what the woman on NPR said about bo asking for sacrifice

    “The last president that asked for sacrifice was Jimmy Carter and they sacrificed him “

  78. Bill Ayers is a bald face liar … the weathermen made bombs to do injury and kill people his own girlfriend ,,, but his wiki has been prettied up as has that of his wife

    Controversial statement about Tate-LaBianca murders
    Dohrn was criticized for a comment she made about the Charles Manson led Tate-LaBianca murders in a speech during the December 1969 “War Council” meeting organized by the Weathermen and attended by about 400 people in Flint, Michigan: “Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in their bellies. Wild!” Dohrn also charged that her fellow left-wingers showed themselves to be scared “honkies” for not burning down Chicago when Black Panther leader Fred Hampton was killed, and urged her audience to arm themselves and be “a fighting force alongside the blacks”.[9] Dohrn’s husband Bill Ayers has written that Dohrn was being ironic when she made the statement:[10]

    I didn’t hear that exactly, but words that were close enough I guess. Her speech was focused on the murder just days earlier of our friend Fred Hampton, the Black Panther leader […] She linked Fred’s murder to the murders of other Panthers around the country, to the assassinations of Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba, the CIA attempts on Fidel’s life, and then to the ongoing terror in Viet Nam. “This is the state of the world,” she cried. “This is what screams out for our attention and our response. And what do we find in our newspapers? A sick fascination with a story that has it all: a racist psycho, a killer cult, and a chorus line of Hollywood bodies. Dig it! …”
    Ayers wrote in 2008 that he always thought Dohrn’s controversial statement was uttered to make a political point, “agitated and inflamed and full of rhetorical overkill, and partly as a joke, stupid perhaps, tasteless, but a joke nonetheless”, and similar he said to jokes about Charles Manson that were being made by Hunter S Thompson and Richard Pryor. Ayers said he had been present at interviews with reporters in which Dohrn had tried to put her statement in context but the reporters had dismissed her explanation.[10]

    In 2001 David Horowitz contested Dohrn’s and Ayers’ contention that she was not serious. She at least appeared that way to others, he wrote: “In 1980 I taped interviews with thirty members of the Weather Underground who were present at the Flint War Council, including most of its leadership. Not one of them thought Dohrn was anything but deadly serious”.[11]

  79. “Daren”, glasses fitter to the stars, was just on the CBS Early Show, just claimed the Sarah Palin style glasses were “the buzz” but “not fashionable”. The model, Chelsea, was asked by Chris, the anchor, “Can you see Russia from there”. Chelsea said with a forced smile, “It’s right out my back door”. CBS had the photo of Sarah Palin in her glasses ready to show. What a put down!

    Q. Was the segment about glasses fitting or an opportunity to dis Sarah Palin, and her glasses?

    Also, I’d like to ask “Darren”, if Sarah Palin’s glasses are so damned unfashionable, how come they’re selling like hot cakes?

  80. This coming year should be called, “The Day Chicago Moved to Washington, DC

  81. for some wonderful music with your politics

    GODDESS RADIO 10 Am – 1 PM EST click here to listen or copy paste the link into your player where it says play url 🙂 http://audio.cygnusradio.com:8000/cyg1_hi.m3u

    Eva Cassidy set starts at 10AM 🙂

    or go to http://www.cygnusradio.com and click the big listen button

  82. “PurpleFinn”
    Thanks for the reference!

  83. tpt/ny, you’re welcome!

  84. Jeez, this post is still at the top ofr the page?

    Wake up east coast!

  85. The only way to get rid of a nasty hangover is to take the hangover to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Ask in the meeting how to fix a hangover. They will know the answer. Guaranteed to work.

  86. Morning myiq! Its 7:30am here… Must have been a big party for the east coasters to not be here.

    How are you doing this lovely morning?

  87. carolflowery, on November 15th, 2008 at 10:01 am Said:
    This coming year should be called, “The Day Chicago Moved to Washington, DC

    I know you meant The YEAR Chicago moved to DC … but hey we are still waiting for those new fresh faces of um change ….

  88. Swannie:

    Nixon had his plumbers looking for leaks and Obama has his cleaning crew scrubbing the intertoobz.

  89. jjm:

    The title of this thread is how I are doing

  90. queen of hearts:

    AA is for quitters

  91. I even went back to bed for a few hours and it didn’t help.

    I’m gonna try HOTD if I don’t feel better soon.

  92. myiq2xu, funny at any speed!

  93. Ah yes, I did notice that. I thought maybe the hours would have helped by now.

    I get hangovers really easily so I don’t drink more than one or two drinks (as a rule). I hate feeling sick.

    When I do get a hangover, I drink a ton of water and take tylenol – oh, and I try not to move very fast.

  94. myiq2xu, on November 15th, 2008 at 10:33 am Said:
    Nixon had his plumbers looking for leaks and Obama has his cleaning crew scrubbing the intertoobz.

    That is so odd ..bo reminds me of Nixon
    maybe it is the shifty eyes … and yes they are scrubbing the net but I do think in reality its too big a task for even them ………

    but the Ayers thing is just sickening . I worked so hard for the civil rights and womens movements , and they destroyed so much of our credibility and created fear where we tried to create understanding

    I hated them then .. those fucking weathermen , and I still do to this day ..when I see what mealy mouth weasels they have become

    All that was left of Ayers girlfriend to identify her with was a piece of her finger …. Jefferson Airplane wrote a song about her
    He should be in jail for her death alone … they blinded some people throwing acid at them at an airport years later , guess that was cool too ….
    and who eles throws acid?? the TALIBAN

  95. It helped a little – my headache isn’t throbbing anymore, it’s a dull ache now.

  96. This probably belongs a couple of threads back, but here’s a link to a May article from the New Statesman outlining the misogyny of the primary campaign and where the author believes it will lead.


    It’s interesting to read both the article itself and the 300+ comments from the perspective of six months out. It’s long but worth the time.

    Happy weekend, all!

  97. I’m disappointed. The “quilting show” has turned out to be more of a crafts with some quilters show. I got this info from the woman I was going to go along with. She had a friend who’s already been there.

    I am not interested in “crafts”. One’s person’s craft is another person’s “crap”. I wanted quilts esp. with it being 49 F with winds of 15-25 mph! It sorta had me in the mood for a quilt.

    Therefore, since I had all of at most 4 hrs of sleep I shall return to the bed. So Fredster shall return to the bed under the generic blanket and spread and get some zzzzs.

    Myiq: Ihope the kitty shows up soon.

  98. myiq2xu, on November 15th, 2008 at 10:42 am Said:

    It helped a little – my headache isn’t throbbing anymore, it’s a dull ache now.

    DON’T DRINK SO MUCH! OK, I said it now I won’t ever say it again! OK, FREE AGENCY and all that…since I know, you know what that means.

    You are too bright to go out numbed!

    OK, MOM is off duty and off to another thread.

  99. Woman voter:

    Tell it to MY mom – she bought the keg

  100. Well, no point in offering you an invite to my house…all I serve is WATER, MILK, COFFEE and TEA!

  101. Seriously, it is good to have fun, but when the FUN begins to have YOU, its time to re-assess, but once again, we get back to FREE WILL and FREE AGENCY! So, CHEERS! Its your life and how you dance it, is up to you!

  102. Being that today is Saturday…that will be the end of the sermon. AMEN!

  103. Howard Stern busts on Harlem Blacks who are voting for Obama. It is sad and hilarious.

    ///Uses McCain’s positions as Obama’s – ALL agree if that is what Obama thinks – then they agree with him.

    ///Says Sarah Palin is his VP choice and will she do a good job?…all say “yes” she WILL do a good job.

  104. lol – A little Dennsion’s chile and some shredded cheese with a sprinkle of chopped onion. Put back some of that blood sugar you lost.

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