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Sexism and Misogyny During this Election? — You Betcha!


Calling all Conflucians!  I thought it would be interesting to see if we could collectively weave a tragic quilt exposing the unfortunate sexism and misogyny experienced during this election.  By gathering of all of the outrageous acts of sexism and misogyny that have occurred this election cycle in a single mass collection it will help to point out, in a very public way, the pattern that WE know existed yet so many continue to deny.  Let us create a collage of disgrace, exposing those who attacked competent and committed candidates simply because of their gender.  We must fight from this day forward to ensure that this never happens again.  The only way to do this is to raise awareness and create a cultural mindset that abhors both sexism AND racism, and of course homophobia.  So, run to “The Google,” review your bookmarks, and check your files for video clips, photos, articles and blog posts demonstrating the egregious behavior towards women that occurred as part of the 2008 election.  Let’s expose the wretched truth that has been swept under the rug and hidden from the public eye.  Then maybe we can begin the process of opening eyes and changing attitudes.

I shall begin with the one that I despise the most…aptly titled,


And who can forget this horrendous display of misogyny.  The “artist” Chad Michael Morrisette reveals the unacceptable mindset that pervades our culture when he says “The image of a hanged black MAN is a LOT more intense than the image of a hanged white WOMAN.”  Note, it’s not about race – it’s about GENDER.

And worst of all… the most offensive, sexist, T-shirt.  Worn by Obama supporters of course.



And if there is anyone out there who still denies that there was an avalanche of sexist, misogynist garbage heaped upon the courageous Senator Clinton…this video should end that debate once and for all:

Start posting your comments and links below…

202 Responses

  1. All I want to know is when does the ride stop?

  2. sod — what a timely post! 🙂

  3. I see Obama in the Likeble video and respond out-load: You smarmy, smug, condescending SOB.

    As I’ve said before, instead of “You had me at ‘Hello’, you lost me at ‘likeable enough Hillary'”, if not earlier.

  4. angie – 😉

  5. SOD,

    In the last photo, I see the tiniest of male parts–if that. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  6. SOD, that ain’t nothin but a couple-a pennies.

  7. I do think that is that dick’s cell phone though — anyone who would wear a shirt like that has got to have a teeny tiny wee-wee.

  8. joaniebone – LOL!!

  9. SOD,

    What are your ideas on where to dump the piles of feces? I think it takes forever to get permits for toxic waste dumps.

  10. angie I see you were talking it up.

  11. Post links in your comments joaniebone

  12. sod — kiki I asked, so I told. Heck, I think myiq isn’t even talking to me anymore because of the dogged way I tracked him down!

  13. what links?

    I’m waiting for the invite to be a guest on your show. (foot tapping…)

  14. Can you believe they are still selling the Hillary Nutcracker?


    Those fucking fuckers!

    Boycott amazon.com people!

  15. angie — that’s great.

  16. can we start a rash of “yo pee-pee’s so small” jokes?
    (ala “yo mama”)

  17. Joanie!! 🙂 I’ll definitely put in a word in. 😉

  18. YO pee-pee’s so small you STILL buy Hillary nutcrackers!!

  19. This smug bastard calling himself “young turk” (must be a typo, I think he meant “young turd”) has clips of the Nailin Palin video up on his website under the banner headline: “Lieberman Must Go” (how progressive!)

    btw: the 60% of you women out there who voted for B0 — when you voted for him, this is what you were voting for:


    Fucking fuckers!

  20. SOD — come on — it is impossible for you, me & afrocity to EVER disappoint.

  21. joaniebone, on November 14th, 2008 at 10:07 pm Said:
    can we start a rash of “yo pee-pee’s so small” jokes?
    (ala “yo mama”)

    I already did

    now all we need are the tweezers and the magnifying glass 😉

  22. Ooh, what about that fucker who said Hillary sounded like “everyone’s first wife?”

    Rep. Cohen (D-TN) saying Hillary was like Alex in “Fatal Attraction” — “she should have stayed in the tub”

  23. 😯

  24. I remember being furious about the comment about Hillary “periodically” feeling “blue” and “the claws come out”

    aacckk! I still get pissed off when I think about it!

    I don’t have a link – do I need one?

  25. I’ll fill in the links later if you can’t find them.

  26. She was openly called a b*tch on CNN. No one on the panel said anything.

  27. kiki — I also hated the bs thing B0 said about her whole time being first wife “serving tea to diplomat’s wives”

  28. SOD! EWWW. (wait, I think I went out with that guy…)

  29. Iron My Shirt

  30. I’ll never get over giving the finger and brushing the “dirt” off the shoulders.

  31. ok, Obama didn’t say it, but Jesse Jackson Jr…….when he said she didn’t cry about Katrina……….

    the obvious question is of course how would he know?

    but absolutely maddening is that people let him get away with saying that and believed it

  32. K.O. — worried about Palin’s clothes, calling her an “actress” and a “colorform”

  33. SOD,

    Will you please check your e-mail? It’s urgent.

  34. Gretawire has a poll tonight on why Hillary may be tapped for SOS – check it out.

  35. Andrew Sullivan asking when Sarah Palin first came on the scene how could she be VP, shouldn’t she be taking care of her 5 children?

    And lets not forget Trig-gate — did Sarah or her daughter have her? Sullivan is still investigating it & demanding Sarah’s medical records!!

  36. When I was still banging my head against the wall at First Read at MSNBC, (if you didn’t get to experience Chuck Todd’s blog of stupid during the primaries you really missed out) there were people calling her a witch, whore, etc, and of course the HRC is a racist meme was in full force. I argued early on that it was pretty obvious that the media found sexism and misogyny perfectly acceptable, while racism was verboten. Naturally the reaction was, “Persecute! Kill the heretic!”

    I would just ask why it was okay to sell a Hillary nutcracker, but no one was marketing the Obama lawn jockey.

    No one had a snappy answer for that one. Imagine that.

  37. Moderation experiment…should I have called him Pampers?

  38. Okay, Pampers it is.

  39. Yo pee-pee’s so small, it got stuck in BO’s teeth.

  40. Boomer — check your mail..

  41. There is a terrific compilation of hideous moments on video. I have it in my g-mail–need to search. Mind-boggling.

  42. The “Iron My Shirt” link

  43. joanie — here is a great compilation already made (everyone should spare a few minutes to watch it):

  44. The “fatal attraction” comment

  45. the most egregious… Kieth Olberman advocating the murder of Hillary Clinton


    Keith Olbermann on Countdown said this Wednesday:

    “….somebody who can take her (Clinton) into a room, and only he comes out.”


  47. Maureen Dowd

  48. how about blogs or news articles??

  49. Sarah — anything specific you remember that she wrote?

  50. Everything between Nov 2007 and April 2008

  51. Angie, that was the video.

  52. {{sigh}} It’s disheartening for sure.

  53. What about that panel discussion where the men talk about closing their legs when around (or talking about? I can’t remember.) Hillary?

    The Tate video.

    John Edwards’ pretty jacket comment.

    BO’s moody comment regarding Hillary.

  54. (bleery eyed)

    I could easily get addicted to that couch.

    Have I missed anything today?

  55. SOD, we must be the most crude people here. Still playin, though.

  56. Yes.. the Tate video. That’s one of the biggies

  57. Hi Katiebird

  58. Yo pee-pee’s so small, you got a paper-cut while masterbating.

  59. SOD,

    That fatal attraction thing was horrible. I think it was said by several people too. One thing that really upset me was the 527 started by Roger Stone that had the same initials as that word on the Palin T-shirt. And MSNBC let Tucker Carlson host Stone on his show and talk about said disgusting organization.

    And David Shuster…don’t even get me started on him.

  60. Scrubs…when was the “pretty jacket” comment? is there a video?

  61. boomer — check your email.

  62. Didn’t someone get into a tizzy over Hillary’s cleavage at some point?

  63. Hi, Stateofdisbelief

  64. Oh dear. Sissies here, and I better clean up my act…

    Hi Katie–you haven’t missed ANYTHING!

  65. squinting

    Oh, really…..?

  66. It’s not like you have an “outie” belly button to work with.

  67. Michelle saying something like ..”Well, if She (Hillary) can’t ‘run’ her own home – She can’t run the WH” ..

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! .. how utterly piggesh !!!!! .. .

  68. SOD Sometimes I cannot expose myself to some of the stuff, it was so bad , it is almost like re- entering an abusive relationship, because some of it is at the level of abuse . It is abuse on a cultural , social level, and many of the ” abusers” are not even conscious of it, as sexism or misogyny . Misogyny is how they function . They are madmen .

    But I think if Keith Olberman had said that about mo a whole lot of people would have “been aware”; even him, as dismally obtuse as he is .

  69. yo pee-pee’s so small, you use the button-hole instead of the fly.

  70. Chris Matthews…. Hillary is a US Senator, because she is a candidate for the POTUS, because she may be a front runner is because he husband messed around. She didn’t win on merit….

  71. her, not he

  72. “Caribou Barbie” — the nickname given to Sarah.

  73. The Halloween SNL show. It is a party at Bill and Hilary Clinton’s house. Hillary is dressed as princess and everyone comes in and comments on how much they like her witch costume. Included are numerous comments by Bill on how henpecked he is. At the end, Obama comes in w/o a costume and announces that he is so comfortable with who he is that he does not need a costume. http://www.tvsquad.com/2008/10/29/obamas-halloween-memory-on-saturday-night-live-video/

  74. Yo pee’s so small, you lost to Ken-doll in the wet-speedo contest.

  75. The Sarah Palin blow-up doll. Fuck them!

  76. Skip likeable. Let’s talk eligible — or rather ineligible, as in B Obama. This lawsuit is fascinating to read. It just needs to be filed in the other 49 states now:

    Click to access Final%20writ%20Keyes%20v%20Bowen.pdf

    – especially in states that Obama carried which may have Republican Secretaries of State.

    – do read it. It’s not just about birth certificate but also about other questionable citizenship status for Obama.

  77. How ’bout Stephanie Miller’s morning show where Hillary Clinotn is conveyed by the “gong” sound of a frying pan hitting Bill’s head?

  78. The Obama ‘periodically’ comment is herehttp://www.tvsquad.com/2008/10/29/obamas-halloween-memory-on-saturday-night-live-video/

  79. Here is the infamous “cleavage” article. The last paragraph is fantastic. Personally, I wish Hillary would have kept the low neckline.


  80. Sorry I am messing up my cut and paste. ignore the last two cites they are for the Halloween SNL. I have a cite for the ‘periodically’ comment but it is not coming up.

  81. This one is about Huffington Post and their treatment of Hillary Clinton. Not all the examples within are sexist, they all are about Hillary Clinton’s poor treatment from Huffington Post.


  82. “Like Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine.

    Chicago politics is moving into the White House. Any takers on how long once he’s in office until he pardons Rezko?

    Then again maybe Obama being president is a good thing. Less scum here in Chicago, now that we can have a bon voyage party for the crooks as they board the Good Ship Obamapop for DC

  83. It looks like a wart

  84. Hi scrubs!

  85. Angie, powerful video – thanks for posting it

  86. Actually, if you go to http://www.HILLARY-WINS.com and use the search function located at the top left of the blog and type in Media Bias, there are several articles that come up.

    You can also search under Sexism.

    Huffington Post is another useful search term to try.


  87. kiki — glad you liked it — I just watched it twice myself & I’m crying like a baby.

  88. Just looking at this brief list right here…how can people still deny the rampant sexism???

  89. Yo pee-pee’s so small, you use a shot glass as an athletic cup.

  90. SOD, but wait! There’s more!

    Did I scare my sister away?

  91. katie, I promise I’ll be good if you come back.

  92. Hey Joanie!

  93. HI JJM!! I keep missing you in the eve. (go to bed shockingly early these days…)

  94. Angie — you still there?

  95. I know how that goes… glad to be here now!

  96. I’m here Joanie — mostly lurking.

  97. I had never read the cleavage article. it makes me want to cry . CAN YOU MOTHERFUCKING IMAGINE these breast obsessed bastards elucidating .annotating , expounding upon ; and discoursing at lengh , about the length breadth tightness of , ra mans crotch in his pants ??

    I say lets bring back the codpiece …

  98. You may not be when you see how nasty I’ve been.

  99. Melissa McEwin @ Shakesville had a great running “Hillary Sexism Watch” How said is this:

    scroll to the bottom of this one — she got up to 89 before she stopped:


    Only got up to 12 for Palin though, and always with a “disclaimer”

  100. Alex Bennett, said some horrible things too.

  101. Yay Katie! Did you say Happy Birthday to the two sibs?

  102. My last comment is in moderation — I think because I’m linking to Shakesville? SOD — please release if you think it is worthy.

  103. Sexism and misogyny collection:


  104. Sorry for the typos , that stupid article upset me so ..

  105. No — I sent them something. I’m not up to actual conversations.

  106. Yeah, well, I don’t mind – I just can’t remember any of those jokes.

    I’ve repeated a couple to my husband…

  107. SOD — I’m here — just went to find the Hillary & Palin sexism watches @ Shakesville — my comment is in moderation though.

  108. My co-worker (voting for BO) admitted that Hillary had world’s more experience, but felt that it was “more appropriate” for her to stay in the senate.

  109. We’re making them up, JJM. That’s probably why they are so bad. You try! Yours will be funnier than mine.

  110. Joanie: nice.

  111. you’re out of moderation Angie.

  112. And to think — with all of this, B0 still had to cheat & steal the primary.

    To think of the President we COULD have had — nay, SHOULD have had — and why did they do this to her? Because she was smarter then all the men in the room & they just could not stand it.

    As my mom says: the best man for the job was Hillary.

  113. It’s almost unbelievable when you start to lay this stuff end to end.

  114. She still is Angie the best person for the job …
    and I think Hillary is the secret president , because bo is out of his depth and scared . he is following a “book ” outline on how to lead, but he has no real leadership skills

  115. SOD — actually, I don’t know — but I’m not begging him any more — I feel like I’ve been chasing him & I don’t like that. I left him a message last night @ Klownhaus with my email address & he has ignored it.
    If If you want to ask him again, that is fine.

  116. Also, if he does agree to do it we can still have the rotating “fifth” chair.

  117. Joanie: I can’t think of anything. man! We used to say some things about “microscopes and tweezers” in highschool… but not quite the same.

  118. Angie – If he wants to join…he knows where to find us!

  119. They will always have my respect. I could never have shown the courage they did. I have a fantasy about going up to Alaska to try to meet Sarah.

  120. The first thing I saw, the first “hint” of what was to come, was the “bros before hos” t-shirts. That would’ve been late last year, I guess. And it was all downhill from there.

  121. joanie & sod — those “your wee wee is so small” jokes are NOT bad — I think they are ‘effing hilarious — especially loved the one about the paper cut masterbating!!

  122. They could not let a woman win …I think bo had and still does have a real attitude about letting a woman beat him …
    so now that he has “won” he can be ok with himself, and if he had to cheat, well that is just part of the game is it not?

  123. well, hell…….so Newt kinda likes Hillary these days…..go figure

    weirder yet, I agree with the Newtster. her sure road to power to promote her agenda is much more likely in the senate, not the administration.

  124. I think MYIQ likes to be mostly anonymous. Maybe that’s too much exposure.

  125. The “ninety-nine problems” by Jay-Z; directed at Hillary after Iowa, and publically dedicated to Palin in Oct.

  126. SOD — my sentiments exactly — thank you.

  127. angie–It’s PEE-PEE. Now, get it straight!

  128. http://www.cultclassicts.com/cgi-bin/shirt.cgi/valuetshirts.cultclassicts-196987634+bros-before-hos-value-t-shirt.html

    those t shits are still there, and he never said a word against them , still has not to this day

  129. The “papercut mastrubating” was the one I told my husband.

  130. SOD — 99 problems!! God what an ass B0 is.

  131. Swan — SILENCE, CRICKETs, and ENCOURAGEMENT was what we.

  132. joanie — sorry! “pee pee” LOL!!

  133. The cleavage article offers an analysis of what it means for a woman of Hillary’s age and stature to wear a low neckline. The author highlights what she perceives as a comfort Hillary has in her own body. She can wear whatever she wants without worrying about being objectified because her intelligence and competence are always in the foreground. Why would such a conclusion make a woman want to cry?

  134. Hello all. I skimmed this thread. Others may have noted these two episodes, but I haven’t spotted them – sorry if I am being repetitious.

    1. David Shuster’s disgusting comment about the Clintons “pimping out” Chelsea – which was hateful not only toward Senator Clinton but to Chelsea Clinton, an adult woman who CHOSE to campaign for her mother. (By contrast, no similar remarks were made when the Romney sons campaigned for their father.)

    2.After the first or second Dem debate during the primaries when the guys all went into a huddle off to one side just like little boys on a playground refusing to having anything to with girls who want to play their game.

  135. All of the “How can a woman with 5 children run for office and still be a good mother?” crap — NO ONE EVER ASKS THAT OF A MAN!!

  136. SOD — do me a favor, please — delete my comment @ 11:15 — I don’t want anyone to read it and get their feelings hurt or feel I’ve misrepresented anything.

    Go ahead & delete this one too, while you’re at it! LOL

  137. No Heidi — those are all new to the thread…thanks!

  138. Yo pee-pee is so small, the urologist examined your anus by mistake.

  139. Heidi Li — no such comments have been made about B0’s girls either — and their on the cover (again) of some magazine in the stores right now (People or US I think — one of those).

  140. SOD — I forgot to answer you — I’m super excited about our planning session.

  141. Hey all,

    We’ve “hit the bigtime.” Some moronic troll has written a “satire” of puma blogs and has graciously included us. Unfortunately said troll does not understand the meaning of the word “satire,” but trolls have never been known for their intelligence, have they?


  142. angie — done! 🙂

  143. kiki — trust me, lisp, high speaker, whatever, I’ll think myiq’s voice is manly and sexy. 🙂

  144. Joanie LOLOLOLOL!!

  145. SOD — thank you! thank you!! (man it is great to have that power, isn’t it? They better not ever let me be moderator!)

  146. That is the the reason Iwill never ever to my dying day respect bo or mo. they are lying hypocrites and used sexism and racism to advance themselves .

    this article is hard reading http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23650364-20261,00.html

  147. boomer — I saw that.

  148. We still could have Hillary as President in 2009 if this lawsuit plays out. It’s all about who the Electors decide to vote for in mid-December (doesn’t have to be someone who was on the ballot).

    In addition to questions about BO eligibility based on birth, there are numerous other citizenship (eligibility) questions:

    Click to access Final%20writ%20Keyes%20v%20Bowen.pdf

    It just needs to be filed in the other 49 states — especially those that Obama carried that have Republican Secretaries of State.

  149. “The cleavage article offers an analysis of what it means for a woman of Hillary’s age and stature to wear a low neckline… Why would such a conclusion make a woman want to cry?”
    It’s not the conclusion, it’s the fact that there was an article about her neckline in the first place.

    “And who can forget this horrendous display of mysogyny. The “artist” Chad Michael Morrisette reveals the unacceptable mindset that pervades our culture when he says “The image of a hanged black MAN is a LOT more intense than the image of a hanged white WOMAN.” Note, it’s not about race – it’s about GENDER.”

    That is just absurd.

  150. Meanwhile, I continue to believe that the single best way in the short term to make a statement against the misogyny and sexism that riddled the Democratic Party this year is for every single person still eligible to donate to Senator Clinton’s effort to retire her primary debt to contribute whatever they can as soon as they can. Not for Senator Clinton’s sake – but because as I have written – http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/11/lets-pull-off-a-real-upset.html – the one thing that will get the DNC to understand that many of us are NOT ok with what one is to beat them to the punch on getting rid of debt. You may not get a T-shirt but if you can give anything you will get the satisfaction of proving that we care more about those the DNC treats with disrespect than ever we care about the DNC.

  151. Thank you for your tireless efforts, Heidi.

  152. Yo pee-pee is so small, the sheep said, “Are you in yet?”

  153. bb — well, I read the intro on that tr0ll’s “satire blog” but didn’t continue — because, really when you have to “explain” that you are doing satire, it can’t be that good of a satire.

  154. OK Joanie, I was trying like crazy to come up with an ‘are you in yet’ version, but not in a million years would I have thought of that!

  155. Oh, forgot, You are really, really creative.

  156. I agree Heidi Li and if i had it I would retire it myself 🙂 but i also think we need to respond and turn these things around as quicly and as often as possible . I cannot believe i am bringing back a phrase from the sixties, but evidently there is still a great need for ” consiousness raising “.
    Maybe we need to go back to guerilla art …burkha burnings and such …
    dont you wish Sarah had said I didnt ban books I banned Burkhas LOL

  157. Randi Rhodes on tape calling Sen. Clinton & Gerry Ferraro — bitches.

    Point being that the females have been very sexist during this election. Reminds me of the servant or slave mentality — doing whatever it takes not to be treated as like someone on out side. Girls slamming other girls to maintain their position with the boys.


    Video at link below


    Randi Rhodes Suspended

    | posted by Melissa McEwan | Thursday, April 03, 2008

    Why? “[F]or making inappropriate statements about prominent figures, including Senator Hillary Clinton, at a recent public appearance on behalf of Air America in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station.”

    Those “inappropriate statements” would be repeatedly calling Hillary Clinton “a big fucking whore” as well as a “bitch.”

    Randi Rhodes must not be allowed to ever live down her sexist remarks. Unforgivable!

    Damned good thead!!!

  158. Bostonboomer — check your email!

  159. Well that’s just crappy — you ask for links — I include links and references and the damned comment disappear.

    I don’t have time for this crap — suspend the damned filter if you want damned fucking links.

  160. You’re right swan…there are still many people who never even heard or saw one of these things and have no idea how acceptable sexism is in our society.

  161. your pee pee is so small

    the urologist couldnt find it ……..

  162. northwest rain — there’s nothing in moderation….I’m not sure where your post is?

  163. BostonBoomer has a new post up!

  164. Northwest rain — some links totally disappear — they bypass the filter & go straight into the mysterious black hole intertubz. It has happened to me before too — please post what it is about.

  165. Yo pee-pee is so small, your girlfriend dumped you for a gluestick.

  166. I found the missing comment in the spam file along with a few others. Sometimes that happens. The viccissitudes of WordPress…..

  167. There’s Northwest rain’s post — and it’s a good one. I forgot about Randi Rhoads.

  168. joanie — OMFG! LOL

  169. That reminds me of the Sandra Bernhardt one too…gotta find that video (the one where she fantasizes about Palin being assaulted sexually)

  170. bobob: I think a woman in her late 50’s who has political power, coupled with sexual prowess, activates something in the American psyche that is deeply unnerving. Robin Givens, the author of the “cleavage” article, is inadvertently commenting on that anxiety. She reminds us that wearing a low neckline is an act of redemption. It’s about the comfort an older woman has with her body. That is a wonderful image, especially for young woman plagued with a poor body image.

    Hillary, being who she is, making the decision to put it out there? This is about power. No wonder the pundits were obsessed with this.

  171. Northwest,

    I’m doing my best to keep up. We can’t suspend the filter.

  172. Thats’ it Angie, will NOT poison BB’s thread.

    Now, SOD–that’s another story!

  173. Also ot….

    I think bo offering Hillary SOS is condescending .. he did not offer the VP and share making history , but now he “offers/ discusses ” SOS.. I hope she turns him down

  174. joanie — brava! magnificent job! LOL

  175. Didn’t Lynette Long have some correspondence where BO’s team said something about being unable to guarantee that they could find 10 qualified women for something?

  176. SOD — I remember a “I want to punch Sarah Palin in the face” cartoon depicting a male fist punching Sarah in the face & knocking a tooth out of her mouth.

  177. Joaniebone,

    Please feel free to poison my thread. It seems to be going over like a lead balloon. I need some laughs. I’m getting flop sweat up here!

  178. angie,

    That cartoon was horrible! I had forgotten all about it. And what about that video with the football player tackling Palin and then her lying there motionless?

  179. bb — oh yeah, that video too! hideous.
    There was so much violence against Hillary & Sarah it was really disturbing.

  180. SARAH F , the idea that a half inch to an inch of neckline revealing the chest cleft of a woman is an expression of “power” and that it activates something deep within the American psyche is a matter of downreaching and fathomless speculation.
    How would it be an expression of power or topic of discussion at all if a womans body were not over sexualised as an object in this culture ?

    Even using the term ” chest cleft ” removes the sexual tinge and nuance that the word cleavage carries and nullifies the entire argument .
    If wearing a low neckline is an act of ‘redemption”
    from what damnation is being redeemed ? Being considered a non sexual being ?? Because being considered a non sexual being is surely hell in this mans world??

    Dont make me cry again …

  181. Heidi: Remember the “pile on” ad, the day after the debate? I think that was a big mistake and I blame Patti Solis Doyle. Maureen Dowd had a field day with that one. My first taste of Sarah Palin was her comments on that and I agreed with everything Palin said. I didn’t interpret her comments as a criticism of Hillary but rather a declaration of the double standard women in the public arena in the US face.

  182. Seeing Hillary put it out there lightened my load. It was redemptive for me. That is my truth.

  183. Seeing Hillary in a beautiful dress is always uplifing ( pun intended) for me 😉

    … having her fashions sexualised and every change of centimeter of neckline analysed by the media as an event , is a very heavy load for any one to carry , I think……… just my opinion ……….

  184. Is that Sarah without pantyhose? Not good if so.

  185. Sexism & Misogyny are not acceptable .
    This is the topic of this diary . Thank YOU SOD .. !

    I am posting this from Lynette Longs site .. . by Janis Strope. This was in response to an sexist post in the Boston Globe – ref. Sara . There was a good point in the globe article BUT the woman who wrote it had to attack Gov. Palin – from my memory I believe 3 paragraphs is what Janis Strope stated .. anyway – here is Janets response . NO , I didn’t read the orig. piece in the Globe . I am SICK of Women attacking other Women … !

    Goodman’s op-ed is a classic example of how women tear down other
    women, even when there is no need and it serves no purpose.

    I left the following comments on the Globe website:

    “I came across your piece and was interested by the title. Yet when I
    started reading it, I had to look up again to be sure I’d followed
    the correct link. I studied journalism and know that a well
    constructed story has as its lead its most powerful piece of
    information. If your story is about agenda, not gender, you missed
    the mark.

    Instead we are treated to yet another round of Palin-bashing that
    rambles on for four paragraphs, in case, I guess, we didn’t “get it”
    that you voted for Obama and don’t like Palin.

    But when you FINALLY made your point, buried in the middle of the
    piece, it was a very interesting one. I find it terrible
    disappointing to see that so many women are still throwing their
    votes away, on candidates who aren’t going to do a thing to help us,
    unless there is a gun to their head of some metaphorical kind. Obama
    remained silent when the two women running against his ticket were
    bashed and slashed by the media, and in Senator Clinton’s case, by
    her own Party. He knew he could do that because he knew women were
    more inclined to tear down another woman than expect a man to stand
    up for sexism. And you who voted for him proved that right.

    Your op-ed, perhaps unintentionally, was the perfect example of your
    story’s theme – agenda over gender. You embody in your own words
    exactly why women are underrepresented in every area of life. It is
    that need to tear down another woman unnecessarily, to ridicule and
    diminish someone, while trying to elevate yourself.

    I do commend you for closing with an important point about the
    historic nature of Palin’s run – how she has transformed the
    landscape for the Republican party. It’s just unfortunate that you
    had to bring up the clothes again as an ending since, as everyone
    knows who has been paying attention this week, she didn’t ask for
    them and does not possess them.

    Perhaps the day will come when all women, you included, Ms. Goodman,
    will realize that while we snipe at each other, and hold each other
    back, men continue to dominate politics and run our country. And it
    may be another 24 years before any major Party puts another woman on
    its ticket. That is nothing for women to be proud of, in my opinion.”


  186. Violent cartoon against Sarah Palin punches her in the face.
    http://tinyurl.com/3z9mf2 It’s still up on this website.

  187. And we want this woman to leave the security of the Senate where only the people can fire her by elections every 6 years and go work For Obama and be under his power and his scapegoat for all his mistakes?
    I don’t get it! hasn’t she been totured enough? I say let her stay in the Senate and God forbid they get a Veto proof majority!

  188. Sarah Palin is a C word T-Shirts

  189. Sisters of discontent, we are on the same wavelenght.

    I wrote a post yesterday on the same subject on europumas,over-blog.com about sexism and I dedicated it to my little cousin.


  190. How about this nasty example of Palin-bashing from the Philadelphia Weekly in, of all things, a column on ‘grammar”:

    “If you’re speaking, “an historic” is acceptable, but you can’t say the H: It’s gotta be “an ’istoric.” If you do pronounce the H, or if you’re writing it down, go with “a.” You wouldn’t say, for example, “Someone should give Sarah Palin an hysterectomy before she spreads her devil spawn any further.” You’d say “a hysterectomy.” Same with “a historic….

    Just before votes were cast Sarah Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity she was “very excited and anxious for the 4th. I suspect Hannity was too busy drooling to notice, but the word she probably meant was “eager,” not “anxious.” … she made the all too common mistake of confusing “anxious” and “eager.” It’s an important distinction: She was eager for Election Day; she’s anxious about the impending hysterectomy she doesn’t yet know we’ve scheduled for her. ”

    Here’s the link, PLEASE comment; this guy deserves to be fired:

  191. Thank you for a great post.

    We must never ever forget!

  192. IMO, the worst things were the grudging roll call vote at the convention-
    everyone else was allowed one without a fight, EXCEPT for the woman.
    And the non stop calls to drop out during the primaries, even though she won many times, the race was far from over, and yet over and over, it was drop out Hillary.

  193. The David Shuster remark, claiming the Clinton Campaign was “pimping out (or was it “up”) Chelsea Clinton for the campaign trail, which resulted in his suspension. Subsequently, he was totally beligerent when interviewing PUMA leaders before the convention.

    Shuster should have been fired.

  194. After being reminded of how very sexist this election was and how they got away with it, I thought you might enjoy this. Just read that the Army has made Ann E. Dunwoody a four star general and after describing her 33 year career they quoted this:

    When asked, `Ann, did you ever think you were going to be a general officer, to say nothing about a four-star?’ I say, `Not in my wildest dreams.’

    “There is no one more surprised than I — except, of course, my husband. You know what they say, `Behind every successful woman there is an astonished man.’ ”

    Loved that line even if I don’t think President Clinton or Todd Palin were too surprised.

  195. […] and patriarchy are alive and well and stomping on women everywhere.  Just mosey on over to “Sexism and Mysogyny in this Election –You Betcha!” and see just a few of the examples of this year’s wimmens haters club activities.  I present […]

  196. SOD: “The “C” word should be as taboo as the “N” word. PERIOD.”

    Amen Sister! (and a hallelujah chorus)

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