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Zombie Liars

This is your brain on Kool-aid

This is your brain on Kool-aid

(graphic by Joseph Cannon)


Judging by the comments to my previous thread about zombie lies, a few of the things I thought didn’t need to be said needed to be said.  That’s okay, that’s why the blogosphere is superior to the traditional (old) forms of media: immediate feedback and the ability to interact with readers.

The first thing I left unsaid was an explanation as to why we should build and maintain a one-stop reference site debunking Obama propaganda and Axelrovian talking points.  The election is over, so why dwell in the past?  Shouldn’t we move on and find new battles to fight?

If one of PUMA’s goals is going to be reforming the primary/caucus system so that what happened this year never happens again, we need people to know the truth.  Now honestly, if Barack Obama ends global warming, cures cancer, brings peace to the entire world and ushers in the greatest period of prosperity in our nation’s history, few people will care a whole lot about how he became President.  But if (when) his popularity drops down to G-Dub/Nixonian levels, they will be asking “How the hell did this empty suit get elected?”

Once upon a time the “progressive blogosphere” was the only place dedicated to telling the truth about Iraq and the Bush (mal)administration.  They called themselves the “reality-based community” because they refused to drink Dick Cheney’s Kool-aid or repeat his zombie lies.  Eventually the American people realized the media was lying to them, due in part to truth-telling bloggers.

But the meltdown of the progressive blogosphere is the reason why WE should build our own anti-propaganda database.  This past year we have seen far too many examples of respected bloggers tossing aside years of hard-earned credibility to worship Teleprompter Jesus.  Some were guilty of sins of commission, others committed sins of omission, but either way we obviously can’t count on anyone else to do the job and do it right.

The last point I neglected to make is that our goal is not to convince Axelrove’s paid bloggers and trolls to put down their sippy-kups and recognize that the clothes have no emperor, our goal is to counteract the lies that those zombies are spreading.  We don’t need to argue with them, when we see one of them squat and pinch-out a zombie lie on the carpet, we can cut & paste a zombie truth over it.  But when we encounter a real person who has been deceived by the lies and propaganda spread by Obamanation, we won’t have to search for the antidote.


129 Responses

  1. You didn’t have me at hello, but this time you do have my attention.

  2. And no I am not a squealer that says first.

  3. Where on earth did yo find the cartoon?

  4. TRK:

    I don’t remember, maybe Cannonfire?

  5. I don’t think it is going to take very long for the voters to realize what a colossal f#$k up they have made.

  6. I am convinced that short of wagging his weenie in public, Obama will always be the messiah to some.

  7. The fact that The One is in so far over his head will never be broached. The MSM worked overtime to get him elected and to back off now would be to admit they were wrong. I doubt they will ever approach that level of integrity since so far they have clearly demonstrated otherwise.

    But to be blunt, I would feel the same way had this been McCain. We tied ourselves up into pretzel shape in order to find one thing about his policies that would make us feel a little better about casting our votes for him. Mine was based simply on sending the DNC a message and never for a minute did I consider he would be a better steward. Both, in my opinion, were seriously lacking.

    Had there been a Clinton/McCain match up it would have been laughable for us to ever have given the McCain/Palin ticket a considered look.

    This is the area the Obots could not understand. We were never in the McCain camp per se. We just outright rejected an Obama win.

    The only thing McCain offered was a divided government which I feel is healthy judging by what we are seeing so far. Pelosi and Co. leading us further into the abyss.

  8. Yes, I saw the cartoon on Cannonfire.

    TRK: wagging his weenie in public would make him more of a messiah to some.

    The wholesale adoption of Rovian tactics by seemingly intelligent people is what truly disillusioned me this season. To hear the Obot spouse wave away KO’s over-the-top spew as, ‘Oh, he’s just an entertainer,’ was eery since that’s the same line dittoheads use to minimize Rush. I saw him turn his Twitter account into an all-BO channel. I heard him repeat talking points which I’d read earlier that day and told him that I was way ahead of him there, exactly as with Republicans bleating Bush talking points before the Iraq War. It is freaky. How the hell does it happen?

  9. Hey, I heard IQ & Kim need a chaperone here.
    Have you two been behaving?

  10. I’m so glad you didn’t let this die with your previous thread, myiq. I was going to comment again with exactly your last point–it’s not the Obots we’re trying to convince, but those non-political-junkie voters who are positively pre-disposed to Obama and who tend to believe the lies unless we can immediately refute them–but by the time I came back to the thread last night, everyone had moved on to the next post up.

    My offer to help with the research stands. Can we prioritize that list of issues we need to concentrate on? Primary/caucus fraud would be at the top of mine followed by sexism/misogyny.

  11. WTH did I get moderated?
    I just said here I am to chaperone you two!

  12. TheRealKim: I said that about Bush and it took the idiots 6 years to figure it out….of course, the press was complicit, just as they are with “Teh Jesus”.

  13. Sorry for the double posting.

  14. “TRK: wagging his weenie in public would make him more of a messiah to some.”

    I dunno, MO sure don’t smile very much.

  15. Maybe MO is as sick to death as the rest of us for this over the top adulation. I mean she has to live with the fool. It must get tiring after awhile.

  16. I felt this way after the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush; if we didn’t reform the voting process it would come back to haunt us. Well, it has.

    When the 1965 Civil Rights commission turned over their report on the 2000 Florida election to Attorney General Ashcroft for prosecution and he refused to prosecute, I knew it would come back to haunt us. And it did. In the form of overt caucus fraud and delegate stealing, legitimized by the precedent setting 2000 election.

    And I realize that not impeaching George W. Bush for high crimes while he was in office will have a lasting detrimental effect upon the presidency. If the man of mystery known as Barack Obama actually is appointed by the electoral college no matter what he may do or how unqualified he may be, he will not be impeached.

    Forewarned is forearmed and we’ve been smacked in the face with deception for a decade now.

  17. If the man of mystery known as Barack Obama
    Barack Obama, international man of mystery.

    I agree with you about 2000 coming back to haunt us.

  18. The idea of an anti-propaganda database is terrific.
    Where to start?

  19. PJ: that has been my thought about MO. Can you even imagine what kind of hell it would be to live with somebody who has all these fools adoring him all day? They have been married long enough for her to know the “real” guy.

    Even if (not a big IF) she is in on the Chicago connection, having him be bigger than God acording to the fawning fan club, she would have to put up with quite an ego.

  20. Katiebird or Bostonboomer:

    I have to depart for a while, if Angry Loser Man or some other Obamanation troll shows up spewing zombie lies, please don’t delete their comments, I want them as examples.

    OTOH if they are just spewing insults and profanity kick ’em in the junk and flush ’em.


  21. Yes myiq and I were behaving, Angie would have my head for messing with her clown.

  22. Oh, and to add insult to injury, she has to profess all this adoring wife BS while they have barely seen eachother for the past year or two.

    MO has my sympathy. She will be stuck with his petulant, whining butt when his popularity drops.

  23. I don’t sympathize with MO at all.

  24. I just don’t like MO — can’t think of anything nice to say about her, so I say nothing.
    In the too bad she’s married to a jerk category and geeze what horrible in-laws, I think my sympathy goes to Laura Bush.

  25. This a very good idea.
    Can it be broken down into sections.
    Years in college= no records
    Years in Ill politics= no records
    election fraud= accorn
    media fraud= no vetting
    There are so many things that have to be published but kept in a safe place.
    Maybe different people could take one section and investigate and contribute to the whole.



  26. sympathy for MO? Sorry, nope.

    I hope the two fools beat each other senseless fighting over the mirror.

  27. Oh, for sure, Laura Bush wins the prize. I know the punditry always liked to tell us what a regular guy Bush is and how people liked voting for a guy they could imagine having a beer with.

    All I could picture was a “guy” who keeps the last 12 months of playboy on a table next to the toilet. I think it is his dumb smirk.

  28. According to Kitty Kelley, Laura and the Bushies loathe each other and she spends all her time during family vacations sitting on the porch, smoking and reading. (I’d rather watch grass grow than disturb my beautiful mind conversing with Babs Bush, so I don’t blame her for that.)

    But it annoys me to no living end that MO decided to model herself after Laura in terms of her role as First Lady. Laura, for all the sympathy I sometimes feel for her (sometimes she lets loose with a real nasty comment that marks her as just another Bushie) has really embodied the quiet little adoring wife with no goals, ambitions, or plans of her own. She doesn’t have a single initiative as First Lady…I’m not saying they all have to have the political smarts and drive as Hillary; after all, one of my favorite, most admired, First Ladies is Lady Bird Johnson, who beautified our country and whose legacy is still enjoyed by millions who drive our parkways every day, and gave her time and money to wildflower conservation. What a beautiful gift to all of us! (And everyone talks about Jackie and her glamour but I’ve always thought, meh, so what? A Hollywood celebrity achieves that.) It just bugs me that MO’s model is going to be the Xanax Queen.

  29. Both BO and MO have referred to the fact that she calls him out on his BS.

  30. Myiq,

    Joseph Cannon actually drew that cartoon. I think you should give him credit somewhere. He is a graphic artist.

    I wonder if we should start a new wordpress blog for the purpose of posting facts to counteract the propaganda?

    One excellent source of facts on the caucuses as well as Obama’s campaign tactics is Lynette Long. She has gathered tons of news articles and other information at her various sites.

  31. It just bugs me that MO’s model is going to be the Xanax Queen.

    Can you imagine living with BO? Xanax’s wouldn’t work, I’d have to be hooked up to a quaalude drip to live with that egomaniac.

  32. purplefin:

    From the last thread:

    As for bonuses, I cannot speak for all industries, or even for the automotive industry. The automotive industry is made up of hundreds of suppliers. However, there are some companies that pay out bonuses regardless of profitability. Which is bad on the face of it. And there are some that use it as part of your market value pay.

    I have always been in the latter. But at this point, I’m just hoping to keep my job.

  33. BTW, I read your previous post on this yesterday while I was in my office and thought it was great.

    Yay!!! The grad students offices got new computers installed! The old ones were so slow they were unusable. Now when I’m at work I can check in here sometimes.

  34. Jackie Kennedy did a lot of work redecorating the White House. I don’t think she falls into the do-nothing category. She traveled a lot too.

  35. Laura and the Bushies loathe each other
    I knew we had at least ONE thing in common.
    (Actually two — a love of books)

  36. PJ –

    Had there been a Clinton/McCain match up it would have been laughable for us to ever have given the McCain/Palin ticket a considered look.

    This is the area the Obots could not understand. We were never in the McCain camp per se. We just outright rejected an Obama win.

    The only thing McCain offered was a divided government which I feel is healthy judging by what we are seeing so far. Pelosi and Co. leading us further into the abyss.

    Amen, sister!

    Here is a great zombie lie that has been debunked: Palin’s supposed ignorance of the fact that Africa was a continent – turns out the story was spread by a fake blogger named Martin Eisenstadt, whom everyone knew was a fraud!


  37. On the same topic: Rachel Maddow is so eager to identify with these zombies, she wore pajamas and slippers on the air

  38. madamab, unfortunately the list of frauds in this election is so long, Martin Eisenstadt will hardly get a second look.

  39. MadamaB,

    Did you notice which “anchor” was responsible for “reporting” that story on MSNBC?

    David Shuster, an anchor for the cable news network, said on air Monday that Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain policy adviser, had come forth and identified himself as the source of a Fox News Channel story saying Palin had mistakenly believed Africa was a country instead of a continent.

    I wonder if he is going to get a shiny new contract too?

  40. Just begin with the biggest lie that Obama “qualified” and work your way down from there. Everything about this campaign was a lie from the beginning.

    Now the corrupt DNC is begging for money since they find themselves 15 million in debt. This is the party that we expect to lead us out of the present financial crisis? Much of the non essential money spent on buying up tv time, faux pillars, stupid trips abroad, Grant Park celebrations, money thrown away to make this idiot look like a Prince, Hawaiian vacations, ACORN contributions, could have acted to serve a better purpose.

    Squandering the money of donors then begging to be reimbursed is the height of hypocrisy and hubris. Many of us chose to turn off the DNC spigot but that does not account for the waste attributed to The One who essentially bought his way into the WH. Let him fund the very agency who brought him to power.

    Not one more dime from me. Nasty Nancy can starve to death for all I care. And that goes for her little dog Toto too.

  41. TRK – this story is spreading throughout the traditional media and cable news. I think it’s going to get a lot o attention, personally, because it’s partially about Sarah Palin.

    BB – of course I did!

    He is always first to jump on any “women are bimbos” story.

    Will he be fired like Dan Rather was, for pursuing the story of W’s AWOL status and quoting a questionable source on air?

    Of course not. That’s what they pay him for…to catapult the propaganda!

  42. myiq2xu,

    No problemo. I have to go out in a bit anyway. I hope we get some useful ones.

  43. The fact that The One is in so far over his head will never be broached. The MSM worked overtime to get him elected and to back off now would be to admit they were wrong.

    Amen, sister Pat, amen. I said basically the same thing to my husband last night, that we’re in for a protracted Adoration Of Obama promulgated by our lying media, which have backed themselves into a dark, dangerous, dead end alley. For whatever reason, the average American (whoever that is) doesn’t begin to comprehend the danger of the MSM having abandoned any pretense of being fair and impartial. Democracy can’t survive without a viable Fourth Estate, pure and simple. So far, it’s just a self righteous, fool’s game for a majority of voters. We’re truly in the crapper now for many reasons. I don’t know which one to mourn most deeply.

  44. home for lunch….diversity training was ok but hey what did I expect.

  45. mlhath, Thanks again for responding.

    I would love to see our automotive industry competitive in the world market. My last American car purchase was a Plymouth Horizon. Great little car. I now own a 1995 Subaru Legacy station wagon, my first foreign car purchase. It is doing well at 150,000 mi.

    I held out as long as I could from purchasing a foreign car. But I value dependability so much, in 1998 I had to switch (I bought it used.)

    I am so hoping that we can use our creativity and know how to create products that are energy efficient and dependable.

  46. PJ – you are firing on all cylinders today! LOL

    Yes, the DNC needs that $12 million for the most Important Inauguration Evah. I wish there were a way I could actually REMOVE money from their coffers so he’d have to have his party at Chuck E. Cheese!

  47. Obama talk was a big part of our diversity training….I feel it was a wasted 4 hours!

  48. […] More on the bloggers that make Maddow so proud Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)(old)Newsweek 2/12/07Journalists should explain anonymous sourcesOff to Never-Never-Land with Rachel Maddow […]

  49. madamab: He could have it here at my house. I can mix up a big batch of Kool Aid and you can bring the waffles! I have hosted plenty of parties over the years. I wan to do my party. I owe so much to the DNC that payback would be my pleasure.

    And I will even vacuum the rugs for the occasion if they agree to a Friday night bash.

  50. Michael: Diversity training is nothing more than showing “respect” toward the group that hates your guts. It works both ways.

  51. PJ – You’re on!!

    Although I wouldn’t eat those waffles if I were you. I might “accidentally” switch the sugar and the salt.


  52. “Madama Butterfly” is coming to the Bushnell next month. I am trying to score tickets for my daughter and I.

  53. TRK: “I am convinced that short of wagging his weenie in public, Obama will always be the messiah to some.”

    LOL. But unfortunately that wouldn’t even deter his most ardent followers. sigh.

  54. The gay community needs to mobilize and make their presence known in Washington on January 20th.

  55. Here’s somebody real who isn’t promising unicorns, who is one hard-working individual…

    This was a statement and release from the office of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton:

    Senator Clinton Calls for New Stimulus to Boost Economy and Help Those Hardest Hit by Recession, Calls for Investments in Infrastructure, Green Jobs, Mortgage Relief, Aid to Cities and States, and Extending Unemployment Insurance

    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today called for a comprehensive new stimulus package to jump start the ailing economy. In a letter to President Bush and Senate leaders, Senator Clinton outlined a series of measures that would protect those Americans hit hardest by the recession and put the nation on the road to recovery.

    The text of her letter to the President follows:

    November 11, 2008

    The Honorable George W. Bush
    The White House
    Washington, D.C. 20500

    Dear Mr. President:

    Our economy has lost more than one million jobs this year alone. The scope and scale of the economic challenges facing the American people are vast. Businesses, large and small, are struggling to secure financing to survive. Families cannot find affordable mortgages and consumer loans. The housing crisis, which has already wiped out hundreds of billions of dollars in home equity and even more in investment losses, grows deeper every day, with another wave of foreclosures looming.

    The State of New York is the epicenter of this crisis. New York projects that more than 160,000 New Yorkers will lose their jobs as a result of the economic downturn. A recent analysis estimates that New York City will lose almost 30,000 construction jobs by 2010, in addition to the tens of thousands of jobs already lost to turmoil on Wall Street.

    We are in a recession which demands decisive action. I believe that in order to stimulate this economy, we need to get people working, earning, and building – not just spending. We have borrowed hundreds of billions that have gone to banks and financial institutions and borrowed tens of billions more to energize the economy, yet the economic downturn has continued and the financial turmoil has worsened. What is clear is that any action we take – especially as we borrow more money to do so – must pay off in the near and long term. That is what America does best: we can address this crisis while preparing for our future.

    However, we do have immediate needs that cannot wait between now and when the next Congress and the next President takes office. And although your Administration has voiced skepticism about the need for a stimulus bill, I believe that the current conditions call for a coordinated response now.

    The most recent jobs report, indicating another 240,000 jobs lost last month and the worst unemployment rate in 14 years, shows that steps need to be taken to shore up the safety net as millions of Americans continue the search for work. Expanding Unemployment Insurance and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) would not only provide relief to those hit hardest by our economic downturn, it would also spur economic activity as this money is immediately spent. New York alone has hundreds of thousands of people who will face the unemployment line and the loss of their food assistance during this economic downturn.

    In the midst of one of the greatest fiscal crises to hit our states, an increase in the Medicaid FMAP rate would help prevent further and deeper cuts to health care and other essential services like education, child care and public safety. Rising demand for health insurance coverage through Medicaid due to increasing job loss is straining state budgets, and the federal government should act to help ease this growing burden on our states.

    It is also increasingly clear that we need to take steps now that not only mitigate the fallout, but also begin putting the nation on the path towards recovery. That is why I believe the stimulus we pursue should focus on rebuilding our infrastructure and building a new, clean energy economy. Stimulus should focus on putting people back to work by investing in infrastructure and green jobs. That is how we can restore our prosperity today and ensure it in the future.

    So I am proposing, among other steps, that we speed investments in infrastructure, including $410 million in New York roads, bridges, and transit systems, as well as training for new jobs in the clean energy economy, or “green collar jobs.” A federal investment in our infrastructure serves the dual purpose of modernizing our country’s deteriorating roads, bridges, and transit systems while stimulating the economy. Investing in these projects will create tens of thousands of good paying jobs. More than 40 highway, transit and rail projects are “shovel-ready” in New York alone.

    I am also proposing an investment in training programs to prepare a new green workforce for the clean energy jobs of the future. I believe we can create at least five million green collar jobs – and we can speed the creation of those jobs while also training displaced workers to fill them in the very short term.

    The next wave of foreclosures looms, and we should address it immediately. It is critical that we modify unworkable mortgages into clear and stable terms if we are to prevent the bottom of the housing market from falling even further. I have proposed HOME, the Home Owners Mortgage Enterprise, based on the successful program enacted during the New Deal which not only saved one million homes but also turned a profit for the Treasury. We should continue focusing on initiatives large and bold enough to meet the scale of the challenges presented by the faltering housing market.

    The road to recovery will be difficult. But it is imperative that we take these urgent and important steps to kick-start the economy and hasten a return to prosperity that is shared and strengthens the middle class. I ask that you work with congressional leaders in developing a comprehensive stimulus package that the Congress can pass next week to reach your desk immediately thereafter.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton

    cc: Majority Leader Harry Reid
    Senator Robert C. Byrd
    Senator Daniel Inouye

  56. Obama could claim a “relationship” with Michael Jackson and his followers would be in awe. Just as there exists idiot holdouts who still think Bush was a Boy Genius, there will always be those who will insist that Obama was another gift from the Almighty regardless of what he does or does not do.

    People who refuse to consider the facts and hold these ordinary human beings up as iconic will always be with us. How else to account for the love affair with Ronald Reagan, one of the dimmest of the dim?

    Never let the facts get in the way. They might spoil your supper. Logic, another casualty on the road to the Obama Express to Nowhere.

  57. I think it is obscene to ask dems to pay for Obama’s half billion dollar campaign. He shouldn’t have bought the infomercial that only 20% of Americans watched or the greek temple.

    As far as the Inaugural ball and extravaganza, with the economic crisis going on, most Americans think it should be toned down.

    Slightly OT, but did anyone hear the report that economists expect that one-third of all homes for sale may be owned by a bank by the end of next year ?

  58. Grrrr, do you think that Hillary will be able to lead from the Senate, thus bypassing all the gray hair and other inconveniences induced by the office of president?

  59. Kim: Don’t know about you but I have no intentions of watching this pile of manure on January 20th. Not interested in validating this sham election nor the chance to see “history in the making”.

    I will be crying a different tune but it will be one of despair since I do not accept what has been shoved down my throat and in my face for the past almost two years.

  60. Pat Johnson, on November 13th, 2008 at 12:23 pm Said:

    Squandering the money of donors then begging to be reimbursed is the height of hypocrisy and hubris. Many of us chose to turn off the DNC spigot but that does not account for the waste attributed to The One who essentially bought his way into the WH.

    A fun fact that has gotten NO play in any of the media that proves this point beyond any shadow of the doubt is this:

    By the admission of his pollster, in June BZero led McCain 49-44%. For a total of $700 million he bought himself 3.8% or about $180 million a percentage point.

    A couple of observations — first, this should be added to the definition of hubris in the dictionary; and two, a dull-witted chihuahua could have just as well taken advantage of the anti-W vote. This was not a mandate, this was not the “tides receding,” this was running from the abyss of the Bush years, I just hope our sense of direction is right.

  61. puprlefinn: Truthfully? No, I do not.

  62. Pat: I consider the inauguration of Barack Obama to be one of those trashy reality shows where people eat bugs and vermin. The sad part is the reality is ours to bear.

  63. Oh, sorry Pat, did that let you know that I will not be tuning in to watch?

  64. Let’s get our votes in here, at least …..


  65. Prolix: As with what fuzzy indicated: the Dems this year could have offered a tray of cheese in place of a candidate and the result would have been the same. The DNC was assured of this outcome and their intent to nominate and elect Obama was based on that alone.

    Had Bush done a decent job and the economy in better shape, Hillary would have prevailed. But they wanted “historical” in place of competence since they knew going forward a Repub would face monumental odds. And when you look at who those candidates they threw out there from the Right I cannot argue their logic.

    Giuliani, Huckabee, Romney, Tancredo, Brownback, McCain? Get serious! The GOP shot its wad with Bush and the DNC knew it. It would have taken an act of God to have had this been any different.

  66. Dead on.

    Anyway I don’t know about you, but before this July I had never posted comments, blogged or read any blog.. That has become a part of my life now and I am not going back.

  67. Isn”t the dems and the media that yelled so loudly about the cost of Governor Palin’s wardrobe?
    Now they can not fund the inaugural extraavaganza,
    gee ain’t payback a bitch.
    Every thing that happens to the new democratic party they brought on themselves.
    No one should help them in any way.



  68. That is what REAL leadership looks like… remember that Michael Douglas line when he starred in *The American President* as President Andrew Shepard?

    Lewis Rothschild:
    People want leadership. And in the absence of genuine leadership, they will listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership, Mr. President. They’re so thirsty for it, they’ll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there’s no water, they’ll drink the sand.

    President Andrew Shepherd:
    Lewis, we’ve had Presidents who were beloved who couldn’t find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight.
    People don’t drink the sand ’cause they’re thirsty. They drink the sand ’cause they don’t know the difference.

  69. Kim: We can keep each other company. I am not wasting precious hours on that extravaganza.

  70. Pat: Keeping company with you is time well spent.

    I am off to lunch.

  71. Excellent proposal, myiq2xu. It is a worthy cause. Having a central source of information would be a tremendous asset and archive. With the collective knowledge (and talents) within the PUMAsphere, a central “knowledge base” of sorts would be easy enough to create and maintain. To get started, I’d consider creating an organizing committee right here at The Confluence (the birthplace of PUMA), identify owner(s), information medium, and get the word out. The PUMAsphere will answer. I know that I would be happy to assist an anyway I can.

  72. Now I see bloggers saying that well, it;s just the supposed source that was a hoax, but probably the Africa is a country story is still true.
    I’m ready to tear my hair out.

  73. Okay that is demeaning to women somone cut the troll off at the knees.

  74. Grrrr;

    Reading that letter from Hillary is enough to make me cry.

  75. Okay that is demeaning to women somone cut the tr0ll off at the knees.

  76. Hmmm…looks like CBS didn’t get the memo on “Thou shalt love BZero above all others.” This is from CBS News:

    As voters left the polls on Election Day, many were asked how they would have voted if the election match-up were between Hillary Clinton and John McCain rather than Barack Obama and McCain. 52 percent said they would have backed the former Democratic candidate; 41 percent would have voted for McCain, wider than Obama’s 7-point margin over McCain.

    Interestingly, 16 percent of McCain voters said they would have voted for Clinton, the Democrat, if she had been her party’s nominee.

  77. Don’t stop going to Hillbuzz … 3 posts dated today ..


  78. I’ll vote vagina, even if she’s a moron.

  79. TRK:

    I cut him off somewhere else

  80. Sarah just needs to get out of the spotlight, take some time off, relax with her family which will call off the press hounds for awhile. As long as she tries to hold on to her 15 minutes of fame right now any chances of her reclaiming a shot in 2012 only evaporate.

    Explaining and defending will only continue to bleat and possibly help to endorse the theme of her unreadiness to lead.

    That would be my advice but then who am I tell anyone what to do. But we have reached the saturation point of coverage. Go home. Regroup. Study up. But let it go for now. Constancy will not improve what the MSM is determined to portray. In four words: give it a rest.

  81. Prolix – so, Hillary WAS more electable.

    And PUMAs were 16% of McCain voters.

    Guess we made our presence felt after all…

  82. Hi all just checking in at lunch time.
    myiq — feeling any better?
    I really like this idea & totally see the point of it. Seriously just last night posted about some people she spoke to IRL who had no idea that BO reneged on his promise to take public financing nor that BO had spent $700 million on the election. I bet they knew how much Palin’s wardrobe cost though.

  83. I think we should have a separate blog for the PUMA Misinformation Resistance. And it should have its own email so that people can send in their fact-checking contributions.

    Suggested topics so far:

    – Sexism/Misogyny
    – Voter Fraud
    – The Obama Myth

    Let me know if I’ve missed any.

    Should Hillary and Palin be separate topics or would they go under the Sexism/Misogyny category?

    I suppose we also need someone to run this thing. I’d offer but I have a full-time job so I’d only be able to pitch in on evenings and weekends. Also, I’m pretty blog/html ignorant. (Not that I’m unwilling to learn.)

  84. Of course Hillary was more electable. She was mopping up at the end. However, the fix was in and nothing short of Obama exchanging e-mails with Mark Foley would have altered the end result.

    But even at that his supporters would have found an adequate reason to dismiss that revelation.

  85. madamab — not only was Hillary the one that was more electable, she wouldn’t have had to spend $700 million to win nor would she have had to use ACORN to do it.

  86. Madamab, definitely more electable. I can’t say all the 16% were dyed-in-the-fur Pumas, but it looks like Hillary would have had an easier time and a greater electoral vote margin than BZero and done it for far less money.

  87. Oh, look, an Obama tr0ll is making fun of a disabled child and his mother.

    What a bunch of hateful sh*theads these people are. Ah, the hope and change. Feeeel it!

  88. Amen, sister!

    Here is a great zombie lie that has been debunked: Palin’s supposed ignorance of the fact that Africa was a continent – turns out the story was spread by a fake blogger named Martin Eisenstadt, whom everyone knew was a fraud!


    Funny how that isn’t a big headline and to think of how many other women told me she was ‘dumb’…misogyny gets a pass once again. Double standard of its OK to do it to the women, but don’t touch O! Gosh, I wonder if they will ever look in the mirror and wonder if they would have partaken in the misogyny/sexism if it were their daughters?!?

  89. I find the post at 1:13 by “Trig Palin” to be very offensive — it is trying to be a slam against Palin’s intelligence & it is insulting people with Down’s syndrome to do it.

  90. What I am noticing .. is that the tr0lls seem to have one thing in common very small genitalia ..

    and me without a tweezer , a magnifying glass and a scalpel …


  91. Setting up a WordPress blog that documents the atrocities and Zombie lies is a very good idea. I approve!!!

  92. Can somebody please banish the trolls!

  93. I’m in moderation for using tr0lls, but the trolls are not?

  94. !@#$#@ sorry, tr0lls!

  95. Insulting a baby. Who the f*ck insults a baby? Geez, that’s some low sh!t.

  96. Tr0lls spend too much time in the darkened basements. They bloom like mushrooms and with as much brain power. To think these represent the intelligence of those who bought into the Obama “hopeychangey” crap is not surprising.

    Making fun of less fortunates is just another notch in their otherwise empty lives. To think that some parent raised this “genius” tells us more about them then it does about their little “tr0ll”.

    Water seeks its own level.

  97. It’s a personal vendetta I have, but if the “O’zone Liar” is created, can we have a section on lies perpetrated by MessNBC?

  98. Woman Voter:

    What’s the point of me deleting troll comments if you’re gonna paste them into yours???

  99. madamab, on November 13th, 2008 at 1:17 pm Said:

    Setting up a WordPress blog that documents the atrocities and Zombie lies is a very good idea. I approve!!!
    I agree with the other poster from last night, a wiki is better and a way to sort it out easier.

  100. As a parent, I would die of shame if one of my kids had ever uttered something as vile as this tr0ll has. Bet he is just another one of those pampered darlings who I hear in public telling their parents to “shut up!”.

    Somebody forgot to push his/her little “control buttons” a long time ago.

  101. madamab, on November 13th, 2008 at 1:17 pm Said:

    Setting up a WordPress blog that documents the atrocities and Zombie lies is a very good idea. I approve!!!
    Fine, delete my comment too! I approve.

  102. Gosh I meant to copy and past myiq2xu’s post and blew it.

    Myiq2xu, delete my post with the tr@ll comment.

  103. Speaking of seeking their own level, how about Larry King asking Sarah if she was not naive ; not expecting the media to make fun of her children


    and hey LAR.. That look of surprise on her face was not you “getting to her” it was shock that you wuold stoop so low yourself to even bring it up or present it the way you did .

  104. Regarding the information blog, we’ll need to fact check any contributions ourselves. One reason that these hoaxes are pulled off is that the MSM “journalists” aren’t doing any freakin’ research!

  105. gxm17 – I know! I believed that Ashley Todd story because CNN ran it! D’oh!!!

    Never again!

  106. Palin said earlier this week that she didn’t know where that Africa story came from and also talked about Alaska’s efforts regarding Darfur and “other” countries on the continent. It was clear she already knew a lot about the geography. Most American Christians know quite a bit about Africa because they historically have sent missionaries there and still support many efforts to help the people in various countries. Not everyone is like the Jay Leno crowd.

  107. I think Larry King has been buried standing up. For a guy who has been married 7 times to be in a position to ask anyone to explain themselves show how far we have come in demeaning the public discourse.

    Another one who should just take his millions and get off the air. A total waste of 60 minutes looking at a guy as unattractive as Larry is pushing the credibility envelope farther than it need go.

  108. You know these tr0lls are the same 14 year olds that already have parole officers they have to report to LOL

  109. Sarah Palin on “Larry King Live” Part 1

  110. PJ – LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    I will never understand the appeal of Larry King!

  111. I guess the question re Palin/Africa is is there really someone (a Romney supporter?) within the Mccain campaign who is spreading lies about her?
    And weren’t there Clinton lies that cam out after the primary also supposedly within her campaign? I don’t quite remember, but I thought there were.

    On the blog vs wiki I think a wiki would be a cool idea but either way I’d be glad to help edit or contribute.

  112. Sarah Palin on “Larry King Live” Part 2

  113. Larry King is awful pat and madamab
    he looks like he crawls out a bottle of formaldehyde to do his show and is so very difficult to look at .. but Joy Behar seems to like him a lot 😉

  114. On the blog vs wiki I think a wiki would be a cool idea but either way I’d be glad to help edit or contribute.
    Yea, votermom!

  115. I won’t win points for saying this but Palin needs to get off the stage now. As far as I am concerned she is not helping the cause but merely prolonging the sexism that is rampant out there right now. So far this week she has appeared on more newscasts and cable shows than she did during the campaign.

    For as long as she stays the focus, she will only add to the undermining that has reared its ugly head. She needs to take a break, regroup, stop feeding the media with repeated statements that no longer help.

    If she wants to rid herself of the “Dan Quayle mystique” she needs to start from a place of strength. A continuous infomercial in an attempt to burnish her image is going to wear thin after awhile. She has a state to run. Let her make her “bones” in that arena.

    Speaking for myself only, I am getting a little weary of the constant explanations, the same repeat contradictions, and the war that is being waged within a defeated campaign.

    Offering the talking heads more reason to slam her is not the way forward in 2012 if this is her aim. She has made her case and there is no need for anymore appearances to say it over and over for it to have an effect.

  116. New post up!!!

  117. Greta said she grilled a McCain staffer who said that the Africa incident didn’t happen, at least in that person’s hearing.

    Moles do seem to be crawling everywhere but it amazes me that people who claim to have high integrity see no problem with allowing someone else to do their dirty work inside someone else’s campaign. It would be nice if we could find out for sure and call them out.

  118. Woman Voter, thanks!
    And thanks for that link — Sarah offers great answer, imo.

  119. OT
    Some info on how gender equity was achieved in Norway:

    Women in Norway have been largely successful in gaining political influence. Thirty years ago, only 15 per cent of the representatives on the Storting (Norwegian national assembly) were women, whereas in recent years this figure has fluctuated between 36 and 39 per cent. … Experience indicates that the proportion of women in political institutions will not increase unless targeted measures such as special campaigns and gender quotas are employed.


  120. angienc: ” I bet they knew how much Palin’s wardrobe cost though.”

    Yes, and this crap filters down to the kids. My son brought it up on the way home from school once. I told him, “It costs Barack Obama $20,000/hour to operate his plane, $6 million to give a speech, and his family is well-dressed too. There is a lot of money going in and a lot of money going out in both campaigns. Either they both stop spending or we all shut up.” I got the okay-mom response.

  121. “By the admission of his pollster, in June BZero led McCain 49-44%. For a total of $700 million he bought himself 3.8% or about $180 million a percentage point.”

    Prolix, that does lay it out there in stark terms, doesn’t it? I suppose it’s good to know exactly how much it does take to buy the White House.

  122. myiq2xu — “The suit has no emperor.” Nice.

  123. By the way, anyone can use any of those panels. No need to credit me. Just don’t ascribe credit to someone else.

  124. Huffington, Kos, Schultz, Miller, Rhodes, Maddow, Jackson Jr,
    Pelosi, Clyburn, Chappaquidick Ted…feel free to add to the list of treasonous bastards.

  125. ROFL, I love it.

  126. “teleprompter Jesus”… I mean. What a snarkily delicious diary

  127. ERECTED!


  128. Teleprompter Jesus!


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