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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Obama the money machine


Remember how they said we should vote for obama cuz he would raise lots of money for the entire Democratic Party?  From LAT:

Transition Alert: Obama’s change agenda on-hold until you pay DNC’s debts.

The Ticket reported, jokingly, the other day about the latest Barack Obama fundraising appeal.

He’s the fellow who raised way more than $605 million and, would you believe it, won the presidential election campaign to bring real change to Washington.

As an important part of changing the money culture of Washington he was asking for another $30 donation from everyone on the e-mail list.

It seems that in addition to his 6/10ths of a billion dollars to move into the White House, the Democratic National Committee spent way more than the $100 million in cash it had raised.

In fact, it took out “substantial loans.”


(h/t Joseph Cannon)

174 Responses

  1. First!

  2. Hahahahaha – first on your own thread!

    Thank goodness….

  3. bummer
    Do you think they can vote a bailout for themselves?
    how many jobs will be saved by the bailout?.
    how will it help the economy?
    Yeah, I can really trust this country to the fiscally responsible fools.
    Will Joe Biden get the credit card companies to forgive their debt like he did for the rest of the county?
    what a soap opera.
    Shall we all join hands and sing “CRY ME A RIVER”?



  4. Madamab:

    Ah figgered you needed a break

  5. watch how many stupid Obots cough up the 30 bucks. Suckers.

  6. Don’t forget we are still counting ballots in two senate races and SC is going into a runoff. Maybe we should each just send them an even $100. Michelle may need a gown for Jan 20th.

  7. You know, that $30 would go a long way to helping Starbucks.

    I guess once the obots stop donating, Starbucks will see an increase in sales. They’ve been hurting the past few months.

  8. I got this schill the other day offering me an Obama T-shirt if I Koffed up $$$ for the event….

    As you all know Ijust get tingles up my leg when ever the tought of helping OBAMA comes to my mind they got another tersely worded response from mwe yesterday!

    below is the text of my response provided for your enjoyment and comment:

    Not one penny do you hear me I hope this corrupt and morally bankrupt party goes belly up! Obama is not now nor will ever be my president! Good luck you are going to need it! If I wanted to vote for a 3rd bush term then I would have voted Obama!

    go to hell-

    M P Varvel

  9. Maybe the DNC could change its charter and become a bank thereby entitling it to part of the bailout fund. Amex did it.

  10. NOT. ONE. RED. CENT!

  11. Test, my comments not going through. Trying without the links.

    Madamab, on the last item ‘tasha’ listed a couple of comments by Palin without attribution. They were true. Rumproast has the first comment with video.

    Mark Halperin has the second. thepage.time.com/excerpts-from-sarah-palins-interview-with-fox-news/

  12. sorry what can I say the DNC just brings out the Mr Nice Guy in me!

  13. This was at the end of the last thread….. How do others feel about Clinton as Sec of State? I think she would be very appropriate. I have not been positive about Obama’s initial picks, but I think Clinton would be a good fit for the job.


  14. Walden:

    No no no NO

    Hillary leaves the Senate, and a year later (after undercutting her and publically embarrassing her a few times) Obama fires her.

    Then where would she be?

  15. waldenpond
    I would not like Senator Clinton anywhere near this bunch.
    They would work her like a slave, stab her in the back, and blame every mistake they make on her.
    She should sit back and let them drown in their own mess.



  16. No Hillary in the Obama administration! Dot! Period! The End!

  17. If Obama appoints her SoS it will only be because he wants to get her out of the U.S. Senate. I am sure she is too smart to take a short term appointment by an unstable boss.

    OT – Tom Daschle coordinating the health care agenda makes me nuts. Ted needs to stay permanently on his yatch. However, Dodd is second ranking on that Senate committee and everyone knows that Dodd is from the Insurance Capital of the World and he will be all about protecting his owners instead of the American people.

  18. Walden,

    I have to agree that BZero wants to have people of stature jumping at his command — it’s part of his psychological ravenous craving for the job, but a loud NO on Hillary taking any cabinet position especially Sec. of State.

    Every step she would take would be measured by Big Dawg’s policies as opposed to the Lightbringer and it would only end in leaks from the sieve known as Rahminator (he had plenty of practice during the primary) her being embarrassed by the Obanauts and fired.

  19. can anyone tell me if Obama’s popularity has slipped since he opened the Office of the President Ellect?

  20. waldenpond, In the one comment (IIRC it was the first one) Palin is clearly saying that a governor is in a “the buck stops here” position. She is responsible for assessing and implementing policy. A senator votes with a group and doesn’t run anything (except his office which, most likely, his admin. staff runs). And in Obama’s case, he seems to have gone out of his way to avoid voting. I mean, it was pretty darn clear as I’m recalling this from memory. Which leaves me wondering if this isn’t part of a “say it enough and it becomes truth” campaign. Palin was the most straight talking candidate on either ticket. It was refreshing. Why on earth would anyone want to take that away from her? It makes me suspicious.

  21. myiq and fuzzy, I am with you both. Obama will use Hillary and then scapegoat her. She shouldn’t trust that man as far as she can throw him. He’ll stab her in the back the first (and second and third) chance he gets!

  22. waldenpond:

    The election ended over a week ago. Why do you and “Tasha” want to keep bashing Sarah?

  23. OK who let in the sock puppets Myiq2xu?

  24. it hinkk that term gets through moderation better than tr0ll!

  25. fuzzy, i wish! But the obots at work have already put in for January 20th so at least in my little universe the bots are still in hopey changey love love mode.

  26. So let me get this straight: Obama makes a deal with the DNC to eskew the 2,300 limit of donations in the GE. It is now 18,500 per individual and a fraction of it goes to the DNC. Towards the end of the campaign, an SOS call goes to B0bots: McCain has more money than us!
    But we heard that, through this deal, the DNC raised 100 million to Obama’s 600 mil. And now it seems this was not enough, and they are in debt. Anyone remembers that W got installed in 2000 after spending 100 mil? And in 2004, after spending 2000? Talk about inflation!

  27. waldenpond and tasha are probably sock puppets everyone!

  28. fuzzy
    That’s a damn good question. The answer is: if it did – you’ll never find out. I remember with W too – the bad polls simply were not being reported.

  29. I would like obama to eate about 1 lb of sugar free candy and a few bags of olestra potatochips before his big event on Jan 20th….I think it would make for an explosive and memorable speech!

  30. Prolix, on November 13th, 2008 at 5:40 pm Said:
    Maybe the DNC could change its charter and become a bank thereby entitling it to part of the bailout fund. Amex did it.

    HEY!! That is MY idea, just posted it on Heidi’s blog 🙂 I am sure this was what Nancy P had in mind all along……… oh the cleverness of those wily dems

  31. sorry all but I often equate Obama and anal leakage…

    yeah edgeoforever it is sad that we will be the last to know the country is no longer in love with Obama! I think we will know when the masses are storming the whitehouse!

  32. All I know is that the amount of money Obama and the DNC spent on this campaign is absolutely disgusting. In a time when our budget deficit is astronomical, when people are losing their jobs and their homes, when we’re at war and our soldiers need financial (as well as moral) support, well, this campaign spectacle has been sickening. In a strange way it reminds me of the over-the-top movies during the depression. Only this time it’s Obama and the DNC putting on the show. Hmmmm, maybe B&M should dress up like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire for the Inaugural Ball?

  33. The DNC will help balance the budget with similar fundraising letters.

    “Help retire America’s debt! It will only cost you $2000, AND you’ll get an awesum t-shirt, baseball cap, and commemorative CD with various artists’ interpretations of Jay-Z’s feminist masterpiece, ’99 Problems!”


  34. Oh good grief, why can’t there be any discussion on any issue. Let me say again…. I used to comment at TL, but left once Palin was selected. I voted for (did not support) McCain. I almost left the top blank as I would not support someone as far right as Palin no matter how charming.

    No one is bashing Palin. I agree with Pat Johnson that she needs to take some time off. She seems exhausted. Her statements are clumsy and the media is looking for any error.

    I happen to have respect for Clinton and think she is very qualified to be SoS. I know Clinton will hold her own against anyone in any position she chooses. Being in the coming Admin is a different issue. If McCain was Pres and offered Clinton SoS would you think McCain was making a good selection or that she would have more impact in the Senate?

    I believe fuzzy is the person who called me a tr0ll the last time I didn’t toe the line with the majority of the commenters here.

  35. remember when donna brazille told the democrats to stay home?
    Well we kept our money home too.
    My money will go to support people who care about the country and that lets the dems out.



  36. That’s the first ‘first’ I’ve liked.

  37. I remember waldenpond from TL. Not a tr0ll…contrarian perhaps.

    I think HRC would be a great SOS, but I wouldn’t want her in either McCain’s or Obama’s admin. She should stay in the Senate IMHO.

  38. Walden, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean there’s no discussion. We don’t have to agree. I would hate to see Hillary take Sec of State – she’s much more powerful and useful in the Senate.

  39. Hey, I have always been honest(ly sarcastic) 🙂

  40. Palin looks anything but exhausted. She has stamina to burn. I agree that the continuing effort to smear her and suggest (out of concern for her health? lol) that she be quiet is because as deluded as the bots are, they know a genuine candidate, a threat to their fantasy, when they see it.

  41. I hadn’t thought about Senator Clinton as Secretary of State, but those who say she’d be hamstrung and ditched are probably right.

  42. Pop – Yes, if we could trust Obama to support her as SOS, I’d be behind the idea 100%! I hate the fact that we have to be so wary of our new Preznit. Dammit!

  43. Hillary is too good to serve in the Obministration. I think that sums it up nicely. 🙂

  44. McCain Campaign to have finances audited, Obama probably not, even though there are problems with many of his donors’ info. I thought bambi was about transparency and change.


  45. “if we could trust Obama” I had a counselor remind me once that everything after the word if is a fantasy.

  46. Hello gang.
    First, I must verify that ainnj did put the DNC as bank comment on Potpourri, and put it in very funny terms. Her remark can seen at http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/11/the-strangest-thing-about-david-pflouffes-begging-for-the-dnc-is-that-he-writes-as-though-there-is-some-sort-of-difference-be.html (sorry for the long url). Actually the comments on that post and the one before it have been amusing, which is most welcome.

    Second, while I would LOVE to see Senator Clinton serve as Secretary of State, if for no other reason than that it would steam Kerry no end, I think that Obama is in general going to be wary about tapping Senators to serve in his cabinet for fear of opening seats that could go Republican.

    I may write about this later on Heidi Li’s Potpourri.

    Ok, I am rushing, but wanted to pop in.

    Catch the Conflucians later – H.

  47. OT — does anyone know how to disable that SnapShots popup box ?

  48. waldenpond, on November 13th, 2008 at 6:41 pm Said:
    If McCain was Pres and offered Clinton SoS would you think McCain was making a good selection or that she would have more impact in the Senate?

    McCain wouldn’t use and abuse her and then toss her away as irrelevant. I, too, believe she would be good as SOS, but Obama is never going to treat her right.

  49. Who gave us this the other day ..?? . .was it Angie or Myiq ..?? or .. ;)).. sorry .. I REFUSE to keep track of US . anyway , this is how I feel about Hillary & the sos position …

    “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” Ian Fleming

    How many times does the village get to publicly back stab her ..? It will never end .

  50. NY state would elect Robert Kennedy no problem so I am not worried about that. I do think Clinton would have to check her back every day for knife wounds however.

    ps…dkos….. bite me

  51. I trust McCain more than I trust Obamanation.

  52. Hillary should stay in the Senate, not be Obama’s scape when things go bad.

  53. Agree .. with both Pop & Celeste .. She would be perfect .. all ready connected .. knowledgeable, up to date .. actually .. She would be the Best SoS.

    Most respected & loved throughout the world . It wold be smart for the 0 man to do that … . will he ..??


  54. what i want someone from kos or huffington to explain to me is how is the obama administration showing “change”? I mean, that was the reason why, in their minds, he was a better pick than Hillary.

    So far, all I have seen, are a bunch of people from the Clinton administration floating around.

  55. Ana – this is Chage!

    We changed to a Harvard man from a Yalie.

  56. Yep, she would be a GREAT SoS but she would also be GREAT at any other thing she chooses to do. I doubt that she will choose this pathway.

  57. There is no one better qualified to be POTUS than Hillary Clinton. There is no one better qualified to be SOS than Hillary Clinton. Sooooooo…. Mr. egO will not pick her. Only god can save us all if he picks kerry (and being that I am an atheist, basically what I am saying is we are screwed with a kerry pick).

  58. well, looks like the t*lls are back, see you later.

  59. Obama is appointing all of the DLC hacks dkos used to hate and IOKIYAO..

    it’s okay if you are Obama

  60. Obama has decided to “resign is seat” in the Senate as of Sunday. I fell off the chair laughing. How did he word it exactly: “I am resigning my seat of 200 days with deep regret. I was just beginning to find my way to the Men’s Room without a map and a GPS system attached to my ankle but it now time to move on. I should have issued this message sometime in late 2006 but I have been busy. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Alan Keyes who made a lot of this possible.”

    Barack H. Obama
    Monarch in Waiting

  61. waldendpond — I remember you from TL too; however, you aren’t going to get anywhere here trying to call fuzzy (fuzzy! of all people!) out for calling you a tr0ll — he may have been mistaken but everyone here has fuzzy’s back.
    Second of all, the Palin looks tired meme is nothing short of BS — she looks great. And I’m not worried about any over-exposure — it certainly hasn’t hurt B.O. any.
    Furthermore, I am sick and tired of people talking about how terrible McCain’s campaign was — the man spent $84 million & B.0. spent $700 million (and B0 still had to use voter fraud to win).

  62. Pat, I felt some relief when I heard that he was resigning. Get someone in there that might take it seriously.

  63. purplefinn: Don’t get your hopes up too high. So far they are considering Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Emil Jones to succeed him. Two nimrods.

  64. Since we are talking about the money issue — remember when all hell broke loose in Jan? Feb? re: the $ Hillary’s camp. had spent on donuts?
    B0 manages to piss away $700 million, needs $12 million more for his “transition” and the msm is still trying to find something about Palin to complain about.

  65. Pat — Emil Jones is the one who said he was going to make B0 into a U.S. Senator — he is also the guy who said “you call it pork, I call it steak.”
    I don’t know which one would be worse.

  66. angienc, you’ve just summed up the primary and the GE!

    OK, Pat. Hopes in moderation.

  67. Emil Jones is credited with allowing Obama to sign his name to legislation that was crafted by others in the Illinois legislature in order to give him gravitas when he went national. Little if anything was ever drafted by Obama when he sat with that body.

    Jones may be chosen so that he can continue working his charms on behalf of The One when he becomes the official president and not the make believe one. These people sip from the same trough. Apparently the current governor, who is under scrutiny in Illinois Blog something or other, will make the decision of which one he pass the torch too.

    Either one will be a disastrous choice.

  68. You have to hand it to that snake Obama though. He is resigning his Senate seat so that he will not be called upon to vote on any bail out legislation or stimulus package proposed by Pelosi. Once again he beats having to take a stand.

    God, I hate this guy.

  69. I have to do some more work (believe it or not) so I will try to check in later.
    have a good night all!

  70. OK, hopes dashed. 😦

  71. Pat Johnson, at 7:41 pm Said:
    Once again he beats having to take a stand.


    So Obama will be the Indecider in Chief as opposed to W’s fateful Decider in Chief.

    What country was afrocity looking to emigrate to?

  72. So is the MSM still complaining about Palin? Does anyone know?

    And when is Biden resigning his seat?

  73. I think he should pick Kerry as SOS, his seat is more secured than Hillary’s. He just won his seat, so they would just have to reapoint. Hillary’s seat is up in 2012, and the Republicans could run someone against whoever the Dems pick.

    Plus Obama doesn’t like Hillary. So I don’t think that would be wise, nor do I think it would be wise for her to accept.

  74. Plus I want to see Kerry go down in flames with the rest of them.

  75. How disappointing not to have gotten a letter from the DNC. If I get one I’ll tell them I sent the money but it was misdirected to Hillary’s pay-down-the-debt fund. BTW, I did send more there last week–just another small donor doing her bit. Hope some of the rest of you are still helping.
    As for SoS–I agree with those who say no job in that administration for Hillary. They will do their best to stifle her. The letter she wrote about the economic crisis is great–in your face/ I’m here holding your feet to the fire. She is speaking for the 18 million. We need her voice. She is beholden to no one now–except the people. (keep it that way–send your $30 to her.)

  76. No Hillary for S.O.S. Barrack is enough s.o.s. (same ole shit).

    And they need some money honey? Let Michelle go out there and earn it the old fashioned way. No angie, talk about a tranny mess, that’s it!

    Also, I read somewhere that they (the Obamas) were asking for handouts to help with their move to the White House and I got the impression they were talking about moving their household goods!

  77. angienc, on November 13th, 2008 at 7:41 pm Said:

    I have to do some more work (believe it or not) so I will try to check in later.
    have a good night all!

    I thought you were always on billable hours when you were on here! 😛

  78. totally off subject, but if you are angry about the passing of prop 8 there will be a nationwide protest on 11/15. I am sorry that so many of my sisters and brothers got suckered by this con man. However, McCain was no option either. I don’t beleive for one minute that Obama was not aware and did not support the robocalls in California using his voice to allude to support prop 8 and vote for him too.

    Go the link below and find the city nearest you.

  79. Pat J–I needed a couple of laughs. Thanks. Just beginning to find his way to the men’s room? Getting out before he has to take a stand? Very, very funny.

  80. Angienc said:

    remember when all hell broke loose in Jan? Feb? re: the $ Hillary’s camp. had spent on donuts? B0 manages to piss away $700 million, needs $12 million more for his “transition” and the msm is still trying to find something about Palin to complain about

    Hard to believe – But I saw a great bumpersticker today, it said:

    Quite bitching and start a revolution

    Priceless! 👿

  81. ooops- supposed to be

    Quit bitching and start a revolution

    Too quick on the trigger!

  82. HRC as SoS was discussed on CNN (Dobbs & Gloria (bleck) Borger)

    That would be so disappointing-but may explain HRC campaigning for BO.
    Please don’t let it be true.

  83. Ana said: Plus Obama doesn’t like Hillary. So I don’t think that would be wise, nor do I think it would be wise for her to accept.

    It’s not that he doesn’t like her – he just has difficulty dealing with exceptionally bright women.

  84. This is off topic, too, but oh, my god. I think I’m going to kill myself. I just heard this mentioned on Democracy Now. Here is the descripton of the new book: “Michelle Obama: First Lady of Hope.” Check out the last sentence.

    Product Description

    There is no one quite like her. Michelle Obama. This is the first book to tell the astonishing story of a woman whose intellect, verbal flair, and poise are certain to make her one of the most influential First Ladies in history. A woman whose remark, “For the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country,” did her husband’s campaign no good. A woman whose impassioned speech to the Democratic National Convention may have helped win him the Oval Office. A woman touted as a future presidential candidate herself.

  85. thanks Micki
    goodbye, cruel world!

  86. Catarina, we’ll do it together on three . . .

  87. The first sentence says it all:

    Product Description

  88. Pat — thanks for the kind words on the prior threads. I was on and off the blog all day and we just crossed paths!

  89. our “blog buds” aren’t even trying to talk us down, Mick.
    Guess they must have taken the pipe too

  90. You can’t legally quid pro quo in campaigns.

    BO won and unless he is a massive f-up we will never know why she campaigned as she did other than that she gave her word. It’s one of those questions that will not be answered until somebody dies.

  91. Seriously. The light is bright and warm. I feel ok about going to the light.

  92. Did anyone see Andrea Mitchell joe scarbough this morning? Wille G asked her what Sara P needed to do and naughty Andrea said” she needs to go back and study geography. What a BITCH! Sorry but the heels are on and Andrea is going down!!!

  93. Michelle Obama is not Presidential material. So help me God, if the same idiots who elected her husband and threw out 3 worthy White House candidates to do so elect this woman, I’m moving to England like I’ve wanted to since I was 12.

  94. I think this was apt:

    There is no one quite like her. Michelle Obama

    And thank God/Goddess or whatever sez I !!

  95. Regency, I lived in London for three years. After I’m done killing myself, I will go with you.

  96. Oh, someone left a turd at 8:18

  97. moron at 8:18
    is barky still paying u 7 bucks an hour?

  98. Regency, on November 13th, 2008 at 8:17 pm Said:

    Michelle Obama is not Presidential material. So help me God, if the same idiots who elected her husband and threw out 3 worthy White House candidates to do so elect this woman, I’m moving to England like I’ve wanted to since I was 12.

    Germany for me. They have a strong woman leader who didn’t take any shit from Bush when he tried a touchy-feely.

  99. Micki, maybe we can find the Hogwarts Express together. I’m beyond being totally rational about it anymore.

    (Actually, tr0ll, I fund the RNC now. Substaining member, kid! Not on purpose, but becaues I believed in the honor, integrity, and patriotism of the McPalin ticket. Still do. The only thing I regret about Nov. 4th is that the man who’s earned it, who’s paid his dues, did not become President-Elect. Barack Obama will never be my President.)

  100. shar, on November 13th, 2008 at 8:18 pm Said:

    is the RNC still funding this site now that the election is over?

    No, but your Ma is giving free blow jobs right down the corner. It wasn’t bad actually since she’s missing her teeth.

  101. I’m going to Switzerland.

  102. shar, on November 13th, 2008 at 8:21 pm Said:

    yes, well you have to hurry since “negative” comments are censored in PUMA land…

    Whether you’re male or female perhaps you should join her?

  103. Fredster: was that the infamous vid clip when he tried to rub her shoulders and she got all “wtf, nagahappen, Bushy!”?

    (I speak in my own language. Try to keep up!)

  104. shar, on November 13th, 2008 at 8:22 pm Said:

    huh, such a classy group of folks! no racism implied at anytime of course….

    who mentioned that word?

  105. wake the homicidal clown or we tear the fool to shreds

  106. Can we please name a debate law after this technique. What racism?

    And Shar, Kevin’s calling you again. He needs you to wash his hair. Picked up lice from the strip club again.

  107. Regency, have you visited the UK? I wanted to go all my life too. I went for my junior year abroad in college and didn’t come home. True story.

  108. Shar, maybe you should have a bake sale, because Obama is broke and begging for more money to transform the world. Hurry, hurry, Dear Leader is calling.

  109. regency yep! wish she’d punched him in the b@lls!!

  110. How about Junior’s Law, in honor of the laudable JJ Jr. who gladly accused HRC (the person) of not crying after Katrina? Or Lewis’ Law, in which, after I have thrown out every tenet of my personally held belief, I start lashing out at people who held fast to theirs with accusations of rac*sm.

  111. From what I have read the backtracks have been leaches all their lives.
    When if ever did they pay their own way?
    In the Ill senate backtrack sold his vote when he did not vote present and mo got a raise and sick people got screwed.
    In the US senate he was not around enough to earn a pay check.
    If the dnc is broke too bad, they got what the wanted, now let them take a pay cut and pay their own bills.



  112. What is shar’s problem? Michelle Obama is not presidential material because she has done nothing but be a lawyer . . . oh, wait. Was she President of the Super Awesome Law Review, too? I forgot. Obama talking point one: He is qualified to be president b/c he saved Harvard Law School from sure death by healing division on the SUPER AWESOME law review.

  113. Fif: Ya can’t bake shit and that’s all that one has to offer.

  114. michelle obama must be related to Bubba from forrest gump, in fact you don’t even have to look closely, she has the same lower lip!

  115. Well, I guess it’s obvious all the little Obots are idle now that their Lord & Savior has stolen and bought the election. They obviously don’t have lives, so they tr0ll sites, revealing their boredom and deprivation. Are there any Obot orphanages we can recommend?

  116. I was on the SUPER AWESOME LAW REVIEW. Can I be president now?

  117. Micki: I haven’t left the country eery but I’d love to go to the UK. I still haven’t given up on attending Oxford for Grad School.

    Right Wing=The Devil I’m Used To

    I went to the dark side, they had shiny certificates and calligraphy. What cani I say? I’m a sucker for my name in callligraphy.

  118. I would like to see Shar’s democratic credentials. Let’s compare her many years of party activism to say, Bostonboomer’s and see who has served the party faithfully for decades.

    I guess she missed the “unity” training at Camp Obama. She only attended “Chicago thug tactics and intimidation” training. Unfortunately, she’s pretty lame at that too. Nothing sadder than an Obot flunkie.

  119. where’s the link to that clip suggesting the used and confused Obots be euthanized? anyone have that?
    that might entertain for a while..

  120. *shrug* I like entertaining Shar. Whn she (he/it?) is here, she isn’t forcing herself on the rest of the world. That’s where my public service begins in this Brave New World.

  121. Micki: that’s ok, because Obama hasn’t done anything either. You see, petty issue like qualifications aren’t actually required anymore. Just tons of corporate money, a sycophantic media, and stupid kids with a lot of time on their hands. So inspiring!

  122. huh, such a classy group of folks! no racism implied at anytime of course….

    they always counter attack with racism! That strategy is sooo old. Hell, even if you fart it’s racism.

  123. Regency: London is 100x more awesome than you imagine. And the English countryside if beautiful. The peak district and the lake country. Its just amazing. If you saw the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice, when she goes to the peak district–it looks just like that. And you can get all Healthcliffe and Kathy on the moors. Sigh. I bet this is all over Shar’s head. I’m can assume it read literature.

  124. Why go to China to be poisoned when I can just stay here and wait for Barack to incorporate their poisonous products and practices into my daily life.

    Hasw anyone investigated the FDA yet?

  125. Ok, my computer just burped. I CAN’T assume IT READS literature.

  126. http://tinyurl.com/6afprw

    shar-this out to keep you busy for awhile.

  127. myiq: I think your particular brand of “revision” is needed. Show shar how welcome she really is, myiq style.

  128. Catarina — I didn’t want to tell you and micki that I had a stunt-person’s landing pad positioned directly below the window you were planning to jump out. 🙂

  129. Heathcliffe. Sheesh.

  130. Micki: Don’t make me want it so much. I can’t go for another 3 1/2 years!

  131. Ladies…I love this site. Thank you for helping me keep my sanity through this nightmare.

  132. shar
    y’all be sure and come back now-we’ll be here!
    bye bye!

  133. dammit SOD you hadta go and ruin it 😉

  134. That must have been what broke my fall, SOD. I felt the light. I was going to the light. Then, I hurt my a$$ on your landing pad.

  135. We should have a Ho-Down. A hootenanny. Moonshine! Bubbas and Maudes.

    Bill can bring his sax.

  136. but geezus, MO for president?
    there aren’t enough fucking drugs in the world to survive THAT campaign.
    I’d be all done.

  137. Is there someone here moderating? Where have these little gnats come from again all of a sudden. I think they are really lost now, and have nothing else to do.

  138. Well, Regency, just know that, like just about everything else worth having, it is completely and utterly, in every way, worth every minute you wait for it. And Cambridge and Oxford are awesome. I hope you will go to one of those schools. 🙂

  139. *shrugh* with President-Elect Where the DINO Things Are spinning and flipping on campaign promises left and right, they’re having crises of confidence and they need to be sure that there’s one thing that remains constant: their opposition to us.

  140. I can’t moderate comments unless they’re my own post. I’m guessing it’s the same for others.

  141. I’d be drunk for the duration. I’ll throw up in Myiq’s clown shoes for entertainment. Target practice.

  142. I know what you’ve all been dying to know is: what did Linda Tripp think of the election this year? We were all waiting, with bated breath for her endorsement, so here goes:

    Tripp relayed the following thoughts: “I am so very proud that as a nation we might finally be getting it right. I believe Sen. McCain is an American hero and a deeply honorable public servant, something one seldom sees in Washington. I also believe he could have been a strong president. That said, I believe President-elect Obama possesses an instantly recognizable purity of soul that, coupled with his brilliance, and, of course, his eloquence, brought quite unimaginable and long-awaited magic to the country, transforming red and blue states, quite literally, into ‘The Color Purple.’ I believe the entire country will stand behind him.”

    My favorite part: “purity of soul”

  143. Micki: Here’s to hoping!

  144. Shar: you’re Homer.

  145. gnight all
    taking my life-sized johnny mac cutout and going to bed 🙂

  146. SOD: It is. You have to be an administrator to have widespread mod privileges.

  147. Let’s go Jets!!!!

  148. LOL. Looks like the Republican Boy’s Club is starting to jockey for position, annoyed that the girl is getting all the attention.

    Some Republican governors told CNN they were not particularly happy with the way the RGA press conference was executed Thursday, saying they agreed to go as a show of GOP governors’ unity, but they ended up feeling like silent Palin supporters, because it was clearly a press conference called for her.

    The GOP governors spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity.

    One called it awkward: “I’m sure you could see it on some of our faces.”

    Another Republican governor eyeing a presidential run in 2012 told CNN the event was “odd” and “weird,” and said it “unfortunately sent a message that she was the de facto leader of the party.”In an interview with CNN, it was suggested to Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour that there has been a feeling among some GOP governors gathered in Miami that Palin has been sucking up all the media oxygen.

    Barbour shrugged off that suggestion.”That’s just somebody running down a rabbit trail. There’s plenty of oxygen here,” he said.

    In another shift, Palin, who had been slated to take questions for 20 minutes or so, took just four reporter queries before Texas Gov. Rick Perry ended the news conference.

    “We were running behind schedule,” Perry said.

  149. Catrina .. When you going ..?? for how long ? .. .

    sounds wonderful !

  150. Somewhere, Bill is wondering how so many nutjobs ended up in his administration while he wasn’t looking.

  151. goodnight catarina!

  152. fif: is that for real?

    Regency: I will be pulling for you.

    I miss Shar. Sniff. They come, they go.

  153. Catarina………….forgive me .

  154. De wee boys don’t like it when the smart girl with glasses talks first. They’re idiots since they should have had the media image in mind.

    No, boyses, you cannot be President–ever. Johnny was as close as you’re coming with Sarah running second.

  155. Micki: you mean Tripp? Yes, it was on Drudge–there’s a longer article. She owns some kind of “Christmas sleigh” store in VA now. Purity of soul–gack!

  156. Briana
    my husband is swiss, im italian-so we figure we’ll bail to ticino if, or should i say when, things get too ugly here.

    i told him about MO for pres-he said lets go NOW.. hehe
    yard sale!

    im not a “good camper” like martha stewart. I wouldn’t do well in one of the O camps.

  157. Oh, good night, Catarina!

  158. OMG, Linda Tripp?

    Yet another meaningful endorsement for The One!

  159. Well, if MO beings a political career, I will either be sharing a flat with Regency in London or I’m going to be a light house keeper (is that what they’re called?) on Prince Edward Island. That place rocks. I figure I can probably get to Canada on the PUMA Underground Subway.

  160. what amazes me about the gants is that they have criminally won the election and they are still not happy!!

  161. nite, reg, fif, everyone-hold the fort!

  162. Cat – *holds the fort in*

  163. Nite Catarina & thanks .. lol .. btw . .. here’s the youtube you were looking for ..

  164. Brian, that video is the bomb. “he was so annoying I wanted to kill him”. Yeah, that about sums it up. 🙂

  165. Dude, where’s my post?

  166. Battlecat: The same place the country went 11/4/08.

  167. I meant Briana. No offense, Briana. 🙂

  168. I was trying to post a link to an exit poll that said Clinton would have beaten McCain by a larger margin than Obama did. Duh!

  169. Grey’s Anatomy is on and Mary McDonnell is guest starring. That is of amazing performance to my life.

    *toddles off*

  170. I see the telescreen is telling me that its time for The Physical Jerks to begin. Since I’m in the 30 to 40 group, I must away. (h/t Orwell)

  171. Come on now, I though my comment was funny. I wasn’t calling for anything, just pointing out reality……

  172. waldenpond, it’s not about toeing the line, it’s about dragging a comment from another post over to this one so you could engage in Palin bashing. Get over it. There are plenty of sites you can go to and have at her AND they’ll welcome you with open arms. But here you’re gonna be called on the sexist BS.

  173. Linda Tripp? Purity of soul? OMG, I could make a very rude comment but I’m going to behave myself and just say that the words “Linda Tripp” and “purity of soul” do not belong in the same paragraph.

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