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And now, for something completely different

It was among the juicier post-election recriminations: Fox News Channel quoted an unnamed McCain campaign figure as saying that Sarah Palin did not know that Africa was a continent.

Who would say such a thing? On Monday the answer popped up on a blog and popped out of the mouth of David Shuster, an MSNBC anchor. “Turns out it was Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain policy adviser, who has come forward today to identify himself as the source of the leaks,” Mr. Shuster said.

Trouble is, Martin Eisenstadt doesn’t exist. His blog does, but it’s a put-on. The think tank where he is a senior fellow – the Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy – is just a Web site. The TV clips of him on YouTube are fakes.

So, shockingly, the story about Sarah Palin not knowing Africa was a continent was a hoax, as was its source. I wonder how many other of the nasty stories about Governor Palin supposedly coming from the McCain campaign were actually “sourced” to this fraud?

And it’s not like no one knew about this guy. But Fox News and MSNBC are just too darned kewl and fashion-forward to do old-fashioned things like, ya know, checking sources and stuff.

An MSNBC spokesman, Jeremy Gaines, explained the network’s misstep by saying someone in the newsroom received the Palin item in an e-mail message from a colleague and assumed it had been checked out. “It had not been vetted,” he said. “It should not have made air.”

But most of Eisenstadt’s victims have been bloggers, a reflection of the sloppy speed at which any tidbit, no matter how specious, can bounce around the Internet. And they fell for the fake material despite ample warnings online about Eisenstadt, including the work of one blogger who spent months chasing the illusion around cyberspace, trying to debunk it.


But the truth was out for all to see long before the big-name take-downs. For months sourcewatch.org has identified Martin Eisenstadt as a hoax. When Mr. Stein was the victim, he blogged that “there was enough info on the Web that I should have sussed this thing out.”

Ya think?

In the rise of the blogosphere and its growing influence on print and broadcast media, we have seen good and bad. The good? Due to the freedom of the Internet, bloggers are free to cover stories that are important to them; stories that would never make it past the filter of the corporate interests that run our media at this point in time. But the bad? Stories that were poorly sourced or made up entirely (like the story of Ashley Todd, who injured herself and claimed that an Obama supporter did it) have made it directly from the pages of The Drudge Report to CNN, with barely a pause for breath from IP to TV.

As heavily-trafficked bloggers gain more influence on the traditional media world, it is becoming incumbent upon them to thoroughly check any story they choose to spread. And the traditional media has to live up to its responsibilities as well; something which they have continuously failed to do, most egregiously during the run-up to the Iraq War, when the New York Times took the word of one unreliable source and turned it into front-page confirmations that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s and was an immediate threat to America. How’s that working out for us?

Perhaps the story of Eisenstadt, which exposes just how poorly the media are doing their jobs, will help shame them into better behavior. Who knows? But for now, I am applauding the two fellows who came up with this scam. It appears that their purpose was to show how utterly unprofessional the media and the blogosphere has become.

They say the blame lies not with them but with shoddiness in the traditional news media and especially the blogosphere.

“With the 24-hour news cycle they rush into anything they can find,” said Mr. Mirvish, 40.

Mr. Gorlin, 39, argued that Eisenstadt was no more of a joke than half the bloggers or political commentators on the Internet or television.


Well-played, sirs.

236 Responses

  1. “the newsroom received the Palin item in an e-mail message from a colleague and assumed it had been checked out.

    Oh, Jeremy Gaines — you magnificent twit — don’t you know what happens when you assume? You make an ASS out of U & ME. (well, not me, I wasn’t dumb enough to believe the story in the first place, but there were plenty of dummies out there who were).

  2. I am reposting this from the last thread and am willing to take the heat for being a contrarian:

    I won’t win points for saying this but Palin needs to get off the stage now. As far as I am concerned she is not helping the cause but merely prolonging the sexism that is rampant out there right now. So far this week she has appeared on more newscasts and cable shows than she did during the campaign.

    For as long as she stays the focus, she will only add to the undermining that has reared its ugly head. She needs to take a break, regroup, stop feeding the media with repeated statements that no longer help.

    If she wants to rid herself of the “Dan Quayle mystique” she needs to start from a place of strength. A continuous infomercial in an attempt to burnish her image is going to wear thin after awhile. She has a state to run. Let her make her “bones” in that arena.

    Speaking for myself only, I am getting a little weary of the constant explanations, the same repeat contradictions, and the war that is being waged within a defeated campaign.

    Offering the talking heads more reason to slam her is not the way forward in 2012 if this is her aim. She has made her case and there is no need for anymore appearances to say it over and over for it to have an effect.

  3. Tasha – We are not a Republican blog. Requests to donate to the Republican Party are not appropriate. For that reason, I am deleting your comment.

    Thank you.

  4. I have mommy issues.

  5. After reading this I think I’m going to PUKE! There is no “truthful MSM anymore. We are fucked. Quote Angienc “Fuck the Fucking Fuckers”.

  6. Pat, I think Palin is just taking the chance to explain herself. The McCain camp kept her away from the media.
    I figure she’s doing what she deems is best for her own image and career. As a governor and a pol, she does want at least some of the media on her side.

  7. pdgrey — thanks for the shout ot.

    Levi needs to be aborted himself.

    Thanks for spending lunch with me guys — great stuff. Will try to check in later!

  8. Pat Johnson .. You are just channeling Katie Couric .. that’s not contratian at all.

    I really do not think it wise for ANY woman to “Get off the STAGE ” .. further ..

    I have read & heard nothing about “Dan Quayle mystique” except from you …

  9. Pat I love you but I disagree…. and I think that Sarah and Hillary should do just the opposite….. be more visible !!! ( even if it makes the president select jealous ) People cannot get enough of her and she has a reason .. she is promoting her state and the use of energy from Alaska . She is thinking about this year, and 2009
    Her speech at the governors convention about moved me to tears. She has a great dealmore to offer .

  10. votermom: As I said, I am being a contrarian and you are a nicer person than I am. But from my stance, enough is enough. We have had to endure Obama 24/7 is if that wasn’t enough!

  11. Bye angie! XOXOXO

    PJ – I don’t know…in a way, I think it’s good that Palin is fighting the zombie lies. Who knows what would be best for her? You are certainly entitled to your opinion, however, and have done your usual magnificent job of elucidating it!

  12. I am trying to compensate for my two-inch penis, but unfortunately for me, my brain is the same size.

  13. If I understand correctly, Palin is still on the stage because she attended the governor’s conference in FL.

  14. This kind of stuff will GUARANTEE a President Palin in 4 years. Wanna bet?


    hill buzz

  15. Alright, I’ll admit it, I’d love to gobble Obama’s manchowder.

  16. OK I think if we have to deal woth tr0lls we should have a kit for sale
    with a tweezers and magnifying glass and scalpel …we could probably raise a great deal of money

  17. This sexism needs to be addressed, though. And with Sarah continuing to be in the public eye we keep getting more prime examples of it.

    On the NOW website they’re encouraging their members to “Congratulate Obama & Biden and tell them your ideas for a feminist administration NOW!”

    F*cking DREAM ON, ladies! When the cabinet is named and it turns out we have even LESS women than we do now, will they get it?

    Here’s some info on how gender equity was achieved in Norway. And, yes, they used quotas. I know that’s not a popular thing these days, but Obama got his position on the Harvard Law Review because of their quota system (at the time) so, hey, maybe WE can get a woman president someday.

    Women in Norway have been largely successful in gaining political influence. Thirty years ago, only 15 per cent of the representatives on the Storting (Norwegian national assembly) were women, whereas in recent years this figure has fluctuated between 36 and 39 per cent. … Experience indicates that the proportion of women in political institutions will not increase unless targeted measures such as special campaigns and gender quotas are employed.


  18. So, so shocking. I like your “mediafreude” word, madamaB. In the link I sent yesterday with the GRAMMAR column that suggested that Sarah Palin have a forced hysterectomy to avoid spreading her “devil spawn,” that author stated that the best thing Palin delivered to the election cycle , aside from the election of BO, was the word “Palinfreude.” There are a lot of freudes going around, methinks.

  19. Briana – If only they had done this in 2006.

    Unlike Clinton, Bush and Cheney have committed treason against our country (outing Valerie Plame). They should be locked up in the Hague, along with C*lin P*well, Donald Rumsfeld and Condi Rice for lying us into war.

    I don’t believe this “oh, we don’t want partisanship” nonsense. We want accountability. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.


  20. F*uck the MSM. S’all I got to say.

  21. I agree Swanspirit .. Women “Getting off the Stage” must STOP.

  22. I told you I did not expect to score points but being compared to Katie Couric? That smarts!

    Of course she has the right to defend herself, that was not my issue. But the continual appearances on Greta, GMA, Larry King, The Today Show, to mention a few only adds fuel to the MSM fire. Right now they have an unforgiving eye cast upon her which just increases by these frequent attempts to dissuade.

    I will now take my place in the Time Out corner.

  23. Whew, I sure am working hard for my $7 an hour!

  24. The site monitor must be working overtime today with the tr0ll invasion.

  25. britgirls – Yes, a quota system has been quite successful.

    If we just do what works, then we will go forward. We have to approach the problem of misogyny and gender inequality from an unemotional standpoint.

  26. Briana … that is exactly what the point of the attacks are, to get them off the stage .
    I think that is precisely why Sarah is not exiting stage left.
    Besides , the news people are following HER around, she is not courting them……….

    ENOUGH OF THE STEP ASIDE and let the men do it cheeesh

  27. Pat LOL you dont need a time out dammit!!!!

    that is MY POINT get out here and say what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No more retiring to the corner , we NEED YOU


  28. Madamab…did you read where Conyers is again talking about having investigations into this 8 year regime …??

    I read it early this morning & can’t for the life of me , at this moment think of where .. Heck , maybe it was here .. !! .. lol

  29. Yeah, Pat! Don’t you dare go away!!!

    It’s not your day to vacuum, so don’t use that as an excuse…


  30. Briana – I have heard about it – it is ridiculous! What has Nancy been doing this whole time?!

    She basically admitted she would have impeached Bush/Cheney except that she was afraid the Dems would lose the election.

    Country before Party? Please!

  31. madamab: As a matter of fact it is. I am out of the house tomorrow with company coming on Sat so I chose today to “clean”.

    I do a little here and there and them come back to the blog. The “effort” is killing me! But so is the dust.

  32. LOLOLOLOL Pat…I should have known!!!

  33. Nancy has now been given the title: The Most Powerful Woman in Washington.

    And those whose necks and backs she stepped on to achieve that title have the scars to prove it.

  34. My reeding compreehenshun iz not so gud.

  35. OHMG
    “Obama’s manchowder??”


    who tf is moderating this thread???

  36. yo, you total assw!pe! That’s exactly what madamab wrote in the story. Get YOUR facts right.

  37. catarina – You like?


  38. From Nov. 7th

    Ninety-one percent (91%) of Republicans have a favorable view of Palin, including 65% who say their view is Very Favorable. Only eight percent (8%) have an unfavorable view of her, including three percent (3%) Very Unfavorable.

    When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year — Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

    Three other sitting governors – Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Charlie Crist of Florida and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota – all pull low single-digit support.


    It’s important the truth be kept available . it’s helps if we keep it transparent right here at TC ..

  39. aha! I knew it was you! 😉

  40. I believe anonymous sources that have been totally debunked because Obama tells me to. Yay, me!

  41. Poor madamab. Beating back the tr0lls with those comments makes her The Most Powerful Woman on the Confluence. And they have the scars to prove it!

  42. yo, quick quiz! How many states are there? 50 or 57?

  43. PJ – LOL!

  44. but why are the tr0l*s still around?
    isn’t it high time they got jobs or something?
    Oh, I get it-this is their “last hurrah” before they go off to the special
    3 month mandatory defense training.
    Didn’t that used to be called THE DRAFT?

  45. Oh. My. God. The Kool Aid is a helluva drug.

  46. My hand is down my pants when I think about Obama. Mmmmm, yeah, Barack.

  47. madamab, fabulous job interpreting the tr0lls BTW!

  48. Catarina – They don’t want us to hold President Obama’s feet to the fire. They want the media narrative to flow, uninterrupted, by the inconvenient truth.

    Needless to say, they will not get what they want. We aren’t going anywhere!

  49. I am a big fan of Gov. Palin, though I also understand what Pat is talking about with over-exposure on this same issue. It’s not that her treatment wasn’t worth commenting on, it’s that if her remarks become a one note samba, it’s all she’ll be recognized and remembered for.

  50. Yes, more support for MYIQ’s tr@ll manual. Every time they come at us, we can smack them down with truth kryptonite. They fight it, but it will destroy them eventually.

  51. madamab, carry on then!

    Can’t believe they’re still lining up after the manchowder

  52. My life is so empty. Sooooo empty. Pity me and my micropenis, please.

  53. SOD: Nothing I like better than a walk down Memory Lane every now and then!

    By the way, if you did not see my comment, loved your post from yesterday. Excellent!

  54. madamab: are you changing the user names too? Those are as funny as the comments.

  55. I’m tired of female politicians being heckled off the stage. I’m glad that Palin is standing her ground. I like her even if I don’t always agree with her politics. I hope we see more of her, especially in 2012.

  56. Pat
    The great thing about this place is that we all do not have to agree to converse.
    To me more women need to talk loud and proud to stop the disinformation in this country.
    I have worked in male dominated industries newpaper and railroad and had to demand respect to get respect.
    Being the nice quiet lady who did not speak out against trash talk about women gets you no where.



  57. jjm – Yes, I am. Glad you like them!


  58. I think Palin’s visibility has a lot to do with her stepping into the role of spokesperson for her party.

    And if she goes away the networks will fill the time slots with stories about Michelle Obama’s hairstyle. And her off-the-rack outfits from J Crew.
    And her shrimp recipe, Barak’s fav…
    Anybody sick yet?

  59. Ms. Marple: Thanks. That is the only message I meant to convey.

  60. This is downright creepy:

    U.S. Interest in Shariah Finance Opens Dangerous Doors, Critics Say


  61. catarina – Plus, she is a hugely popular figure among the base of the party.

    Interesting statistic from the Patriot Room…the rightwing bloggers picked their top 25 most hated figures on their side of the aisle – the top one was John McCain!!!

    They love Sarah, though. She will be a huge factor in 2012, although Newt Gingrich was making noises about running then. Oh please. I’d vote for a water buffalo before voting for Newt Gingrich!

  62. helen: Exactly. This is merely a forum not a jury room. If we all agreed on everything we would be called Obots.

  63. madamab: If it is Newt Gingrich then I would have no other choice than to vote Obama in 2012! God spare me that choice. I could barely live with the thought of McCain but Gingrich? OMG!!!

  64. madamab
    I’ll vote for Newt the Grinch over Obama.

  65. PJ – No kidding!!!

    I’d stay home or vote third-party. No Newt, not EVER!

  66. Please, please, pay attention to me! I’m so lonely, since no woman will give me the time of day.

    Come on, ladies, pleeeeeeez?

  67. catarina – You are hard-core!


  68. ok if it’s Obama vs the Grinch maybe I’ll stay home and hide under the covers. Pretend I got my days mixed up, or fake the flu..

  69. catarina, I second that thought.

    Please, not Newt.

  70. I think we could safely write-in Hillary in 2012 and the rules be damned – if Gingrich runs, that is.

  71. Actually, this has become a hoax within a hoax. Although MSNBC identified the prankster as the source of the Africa leak, the prankster simply took credit for it.

    The actual anonymous GOP leaker behind the Palin/Africa story is apparently someone else:


    “Fox News won’t be retracting Carl Cameron’s original report about the Palin/Africa flap, because it did not come from Eisenstadt”


  72. Who knows, with the next four years of Obama we may see the end of any elections going forward. How long has the Queen sat on the throne in Britain? Something like over 50 years so far. He may wish to pattern his “reign” along the same lines.

  73. Gosh, the tr@lls are upset that the TRUTH is getting out and that the PEOPLE might loose the AWE SHOCK of MEDIA LOVE!

    2008 the year the press went missing.

    I am still wondering WHO paid Obama girl.

  74. The Grinch might be looking good if WW3 breaks out under Obama.
    Anyone know Ging-grinch’s position on Burkas?

  75. Pat on this I agree!
    I would hate it if i felt I could not comfortably disagree with anyone and have to hesitate to speak my mind here ..
    I have been on so many forums like that ( and been thrown off for speaking out LOL those and ancient pagan chat rooms 😉 .. where group think and a clique rule , it is pointless to be in those groups , where everyone is merely some form of echo of everyone else ………..
    I love it here 🙂
    where the people think for themselves and the obots have micro genitalia

  76. madamab is outdoing herself in the talent department today. I have laughed out loud at everyone of those pseudo tr0ll comments!

  77. PacificJohn – Then I think Fox News should come up with the name of their anonymous source. So far there has been no credible evidence to substantiate this idiotic rumor.

  78. It came from an anonymous source, though. I think they should have a source that’s willing to go on the record before they run a story like this.

    Is it too much to ask?

  79. Catarina, I’m all for Newt getting fitted and wearing one.

  80. I think Palin should speak however and whenever she wants. To suggest anything else is, IMHO, classical blaming of the victim.

    If she hadn’t worn that miniskirt she wouldn’t have been raped.

    If she’d just recede out of the limelight, they wouldn’t go after her. Nooo, if they’re smearing her still, the onus is on them, not her, to stop. She’d have more of a message if they weren’t shouting her down…

  81. Okay, I was channeling madamab there.


  82. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can make our displeasure known nationwide on the treatment of women in politics?
    Even the foolish ones like mccaskall need to be addressed.
    Would a one week flood of e-mails to the disinformation networks help?
    Would a boycott during the holiday purchasing time for products who finance the disinformation networks help?
    Would a one week boycott of shopping help?



  83. britgirls – I think that’s the point of this whole flap. They are smearing this woman on the basis of some anonymous person who doesn’t have the b*lls to come forward. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has denied it in person.

    In this country, the burden of proof is on the accuser, NOT THE ACCUSED.

  84. Prolix heee 😛

  85. swanspirit: You have to be a little thick skinned to go against the grain at times. I have seen so many other blogs where the person making the statement (and I am not including tr0lls) was banned or horribly ridiculed.

    An opinion is a an opinion after all. It should not be considered heresy for voicing it as long as it does not demean or insult.

    Before I post I usually know I may be taken to task but that is the risk. But I recognize this going forward so the risk is mine. I own it.

  86. Oh, and by the way, PacificJohn, from your link:

    The “anonymous sources” are still anonymous, and all they were doing was dumping blame on Palin to take the focus off the fact that those on McCain’s campaign were horribly, horribly inept.

    I agree!

  87. helenk, I say we wait until all the cabinet posts filled. THEN, when it’s obvious that women have no voice in his administration, we start to make noise. And your ideas are BRILLIANT! I think a one week shopping boycott in this economic climate would send a message.

    Regardless of political party we want respect and equal rights.

  88. None other than GW Bush himself called Africa a “nation”:

    “We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as we should. Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease.” —President George W. Bush, at a news conference in Europe, June 14, 2001


  89. so, no shopping? 😦

  90. Pat: exactly. We are not Obots, we have not drunk the koolaid that’s why we’re here. So speak out. I do disagree with you about Palin, though. Politically, I think women have done enough ‘making nice’ and stepping off the stage. I think we need to be visible, and loud, and persistent. Of course that’s difficult for us to do because we have been trained from childhood not to ‘make a scene’. Personally, I think we should make as may scenes as possible.

    On a personal level, though, I love watching Sarah, and she can’t appear too often for me. I love hearing her speak — I’m fascinated with her. (I guess I’m in love…sigh.)

  91. ok, fine-no shopping.
    not even those bill ayers fresheners that john and sarah were selling on qvc, for when something “dunt quite smell right?”

  92. madamab, on November 13th, 2008 at 2:40 pm Said:…In this country, the burden of proof is on the accuser, NOT THE ACCUSED….

    Unfortunately that is not true in our pop culture society where all you have to do is say it for it to be true. My 5 sons who are aged 32 to 18 all have friends who believe that if it is in the news or on the cover of a magazine, then there must be some truth to it. None of their friends have ever done any critical thinking and really don’t know how. We don’t teach critical thinking in our schools anymore. My husband and I had to teach our sons to think that way.

  93. Plural – Thanks for bringing that up!!!

    And surprisingly enough, there is an actual record of him saying it…unlike the rumor about Sarah!

  94. I find it quite amazing that Sarah Palin has the energy to keep on going without a break.
    Her stamina is incredible-that’s a leader.

    Obama, on the other hand, is looking more and more like a hemorrhoid
    these days.

    Sarah can run rings around him.

  95. We have Bush to thoroughly thank for Obama. The harshest reminder of the hated Bush Legacy.

  96. celeste – kudos to you and your kids – I’m sure they are fine human beings!

    I was lucky enough to have been taught critical thinking in grammar school (and by my parents). It’s the only thing that has kept me sane in the Age of Fake News. Honestly, I haven’t believed the papers and TeeVee since the Clinton years.

  97. I’ll have to go with the disgruntled anti-Palin staffer theory — some rightwingers have been speculating that it’s a Romney supporter within the McCain campaign.

  98. Absolutely Pat, I want people to disagree, and I dont think expressing a different opinion is necessarily being taken to task , simply expressing another idea …


    I love Sarah too , and I think she will be the American version of Princess Di, people just love her ….

  99. catarina
    it will not be that long, I promise.
    Just make it effective during the holiday shopping time.
    That is when most companies go from red to black.
    Then the ad money won’t be there and the disinformation networks will feel it.



  100. Obama does look older and a lot tireder now that you mentioned it. Even Hillary who was years older appeared more refreshed in the end than the does.

    That gray hair on his thick head seems to be getting grayer. Maybe it just dawned on him that now he is expected to do something more beyond preening and speechifying. Oh well. Sometimes you get what you ask for and what you ask for may not be worth it.

    Tsk, tsk.

  101. Hi Pat!!!! 🙂

  102. Pretty please don’t boycott qvc — that’s what my family’s paycheck depends on. Just saying.

  103. Hi Madamab!!!! 🙂

  104. I truly admired the way Hillary responded to Sara .. classy . .. She never ‘joined’ the ‘village’…

  105. madamab:

    That’s part of the genius of this hoax:


    It took in everybody. Everyone had a bias they projected onto the story. It was such a great idea that almost no one is going to walk away from this knowing what happened.

    The hoax took down MSNBC, lib blogs, AND hopelessly neutralized the power of the real anonymous leak.

  106. Hi taggles! How are you? I listened in the other night.

  107. helen – you always have great ideas.

    I think the shopping boycott will be happening anyway, though. People have no money. They’re already trying to push us into doing our Christmas shopping with sappy little feel-good commercials.

    Sorry Macy’s, the cash register is closed.

  108. I love Macy’s and I see that they too are in trouble. However, I must receive at least one glossy flier each week inviting me to come in for the sales. A lot of money is spent on advertising.

  109. PacificJohn –

    I guess you think the story is true?

    What is your evidence for thinking that? An “anonymous source”?

    Wow. Haven’t you learned not to trust those by now? They gave us the Iraq War.

  110. Oh, hi taggles!


  111. Why is there an Obama Dollar Coin?

    Who the fuck is this guy? The King of Pop?

  112. Someone please urge me to get up off my rear end and finish the downstarirs vacuuming. Sometimes the comments are just too good to walk away.

    Give me a reason to end this now!

  113. catarina said: Obama, on the other hand, is looking more and more like a hemorrhoid
    these days.


  114. Regency – No, Michael Jackson has talent.

    PJ – Don’t look at me. I would have you here 24-7 if I could!

  115. PJ: If you vacuum, I have to seal grout and caulk. Save me!

  116. I have been baptized and immunized but I have yet to be Obamatized.

  117. What’s with the coin? I’ve seen some references to that before…

  118. I randomly spent 3 hours yesterday arranging NoBama GoSarah YoBillary pieces of flair on my facebook.. It is an embarrassment of riches.

  119. Did anyone see Sarah’s speech at the RGA? She exchanged emails with Charlie (Chuck!) who has Down’s Syndrome. She met him at a rally in Florida.

    I’ll say it again: I love this woman.

  120. Wouldn’t that be an Omorrhoid?

  121. PJ – Are you sure your vacuum has not been recruited by the Obama campaign? I think you should stay away from it, lest it indoctrinate you with its Obotic powers!

  122. JJ: I just got an email from BO himself about that coin. I didnt even look at it before I hit delete.I was squicked out.

  123. A good time to boycott would be the weekend after thanksgiving.
    The newspapers have their biggest issue of the year on Thanksgiving due to ads.
    The stores depend on sales that are lead ins to get people into the stores.
    The Friday after Thanksgiving is called “black Friday” from a bookkeeping term going from red ink to black ink.
    If we make the timing of the boycotts effective we could make a difference.
    I really believe that if you are going to do something make it effective and make people never forget you.



  124. By holding off it will soon be dark enough that you won’t be able to see the “kitties” that have gathered downstairs. Hunger may eventually overcome my hesitation and lets be honest, my downright laziness to complete the job.

  125. “the Harding Institute”

    That would be “Tonya” not “Warren G”

    The institute specializes in the study of kneecapping and mediocre homemade porn.

  126. I am a 40-year-old virgin. Maybe I should stop eating so many Cheetos, but darn it, they taste so gooood…

  127. Regency – I think every President gets a commemorative dollar coin…this is the impression I’m getting.

  128. If Obama has a coin it’s counterfeit.

  129. This is a question to the men on the blog. If Pat is tired of seeing Sarah after such a relatively short time on the major media screens — very short compared to the endlessness of Obama — I wonder how you feel about either one? I hear women (including myself) expressing our weariness about the overstuffed presence of Obama and others, but are you affected in the same way about anyone? I note that my husband can watch certain people drone on whereas I have to leave the room. How do you handle too much saturation?

  130. Elvis has a commemorative coin, but he was the king

  131. Great idea helenk. Let’s post boycott info on Team Sarah and reach out to her conservative supporters. The smear campaigns against Palin and Hillary (and allegedly McKinney too) are something that women and men of all political persuasions can take a stand against.

  132. Is there a tr0ll meeting that was scheduled to take place today on this blog? If so, we should have been informed. Talk about infestation! madamab deserves a round of applause and a tall drink for her outstanding performance as goalie.

  133. “How do you handle too much saturation?”


  134. You know Teh Precious is PISSED that a WOMAN (with scary lady-parts) is stealing some of his spotlight.

  135. PJ – You can always tell when a story is impacting their narrative. They are very invested in the idea that Sarah Palin can be smeared with impunity and anonymity. They know she will very likely be Obama’s opponent in 2012, and the “bimbo” rumor is how they plan to destroy her.

    The fact that Shuster quoted a known fake as the source of the rumor, cast doubt on the original “anonymous source.” If the Obots have to actually back up their negative stories about Sarah Palin, their strategy will have to be different in 2012.

  136. Does Bill have a coin? Where can I find Le Grande Hawt Dawg on money?

    I love Sarah Palin. Not tired of her at all but then again I really like her. I don’t like Barack so never seeing him again is already too much of him for me.

  137. something to boycott

    ‘GMA’ Exclusive Interview With William Ayers
    Tune In to ‘GMA’ Friday to Catch This Can’t-Miss Interview
    Nov. 13, 2008
    In his first television interview since he became the center of controversy in the presidential race, Chicago activist Williams Ayers breaks his silence in an exclusive interview with Chris Cuomo on Friday’s “Good Morning America.”
    Ayers, a leader of the ’60s radical group the Weathermen, became a political lightning rod because of past associations with President-elect Obama.
    In his first exclusive interview, Ayers talks about the reissue of his 2001 memoir, “Fugitive Days,” and his journey from privileged youth to ’60s radical.

    I guess they left out the mass murderer part .

    I am sorry I find this sickening .

  138. Who’s going to round up a list of companies to boycott? (I’m just hoping that Nordstrom isn’t on it!)

  139. myiq – If you can block the idiots, I’d be most appreciative. I’ve had some fun altering their comments, but I think it’s time to let them scream into the spam filter.

  140. I think it’s interesting that all of Barack’s interesting friends are coming out to play. wonder how America will like its new Executive inner circle?

  141. swannie – Wow. That’s freaking disgusting.

    Regency – Here ya go.

  142. madamab:

    From the dashboard “view all comments” use “spam” rather than delete.

  143. I just posted on this, proving great minds… well ok. So what’s the solution to this problem? I’m advocating legal changes here (if you’re interested): http://madinthemiddle.blogspot.com/2008/11/misusing-news.html

    This sort of “news” behavior is undermining our democracy; it must be curtailed somehow.

  144. If we can afford air time for the likes of an OJ interview and others whose shame is validated and excused, bringing on Ayers is no surprise. We continue to have no sense of proportion or moral outrage.

    Our moral compass has been forever lost. Allowing a murderer to state his case is beyond disgusting. Journalism has vanished along with any modicum of justice. This program alone needs to have serious boycotting or we will find ourselves with Ayers in a top cabinet post before long.

    Where are we going as a nation?

  145. Regency I am sure , and have had no doubt that they will ALL come out to play and bring their own spinning stories and apologists …
    I cant wait for that film the LA Times is hiding to surface

  146. I really don’t think it’s a good idea to trot Ayers out. Now, he’s someone who should be laying low. Foisting him on the public can’t do anyone any good. Is this the beginning of the Rovian take down portion of the Obama straw man strategy? Build him up just to tear him down.

  147. Pat Johnson, on November 13th, 2008 at 2:49 pm Said:
    We have Bush to thoroughly thank for Obama. The harshest reminder of the hated Bush Legacy.
    One of the editors at our local paper constantly tries to defend Bush – even using the ridiculous example that Truman went out of office with low ratings and now is judged differently by historians.

    I SO O O O, so badly wanted to write and say: Bush’s legacy: Madam President.
    But it’s not to be.

  148. T:

    I agree. You just got there first. I am all for Sarah doing what she needs to do. How hard it must be to keep your mouth shut when you hear all these !@#@! pundits swilling garbage. Some are upset with Sarah because she is defending herself, some are upset with Hillary because she isn’t.

    I support both in doing what they need to do for themselves. Either way, women cannot blame women for the existence of misogyny.

  149. I love you all! you have made me laugh on an afternoon when i really needed it.

    and, yeah that coin. saw it advertised on TV this morning when getting ready for work. it pissed me off. i’m sick of looking at him, too.

  150. Mad, they’re trying to get me to buy 42 other coins I hae no interest in. Okay, I’d be happy to have LBJ, Harry Truman, FDR, JFK, Andrew Jackson, and Washington but anymore is pushing it.

  151. GE should be first on the list
    Since I stopped watching the disinformation channels I don’t know all who advertise on them.



  152. Myiq – that’s not how you block them permanently. You can put their IP addresses in the Settings of the blog under “Discussion.” Unfortunately, I don’t have that power. RD is meeeeaaaan!


  153. What’s next, a “welcoming home parade” if Manson manages parole? A potluck supper for Scooter Libby when he gets officially pardoned this year? How about a birthday party for Osama bin Laden should we ever get our hands on him?

    I am beginning to think that J.D. Salinger has the right idea. Opting out of this mess altogether.

  154. We should definitely find out who advertises on GMA and get that boycott started.

  155. PJ – Don’t you dare! Who would be my muse and inspire my little playlets? And who would play Nancy Pelosi when I take them to Broadway?

    I agree about Ayers, though. How anyone could sympathize with this poseur is completely beyond me.

  156. myiq — tried that too! (guess it wasn’t strong enough!)

  157. Okay I am pissed. On myiq’s last thread there is a poster using TheRealKim, that is not me. I don’t know if you recall, but the reason I now use TheRealKim is because someone kept posting as Kim and they were a troll. Wasn’t there someone who could look up IP addresses from comments? I must have a cyber stalker or something that is a bot.

  158. madamab: I know, my dream of playing Nancy lost. However the mention of Ayers has succeeded in propelling my off this chair to finish what I started hours ago.

  159. Okay I am pissed. On myiq’s last thread there is a poster using TheRealKim, that is not me. I don’t know if you recall, but the reason I now use TheRealKim is because someone kept posting as Kim and they were a tr0ll. Wasn’t there someone who could look up IP addresses from comments? I must have a cyber stalker or something that is a bot.

  160. “This is a question to the men on the blog. If Pat is tired of seeing Sarah after such a relatively short time on the major media screens — very short compared to the endlessness of Obama — I wonder how you feel about either one?”

    I was fed up with Obama in Feb. Anytime his face appears or his voice grates, the tube is flipped to the Weather Channel and the radio flipped to elevator music. I will not watch Tina Fey anymore, nor will I watch SNL again. In fact, I have just quit a 40 year long addiction to the Tonight Show because Leno will not tell any Obama jokes– it still the Clenis and the Hillary Bitch and the Palin Idiot and Old Man John but not “how many states are there?” jokes. So I’ve quit him along with all network news and news talk– tho I might give McLaughlin a try again. I am fed up beyond the pale with the trashing of good people, mainly because they have vaginas. I will not fucking tolerate it. Excuse my language, please. I don’t usually do that but you’ve got me ranting now.

    What Palin needs to do– what all women need to do– is to borrow a line from the Big AssO– “get in their faces!” If I were Palin, I’d be crawling up MSNBC’s backside demanding on air apologies from every bobbing head on the channel. Sen.Clinton should do the same thing. And any woman who sides against Palin or Clinton in their endeavors to set the record straight– well, ladies, you know what to with gender traitors! (The men just laugh at this gender-traitor; ha, ha. He’s crazy for supporting women… etc.)

    So I respectfully disagree with PJ. I get more Obama than I ever wanted. Give me something else, please.

  161. What a very weak Press we have in this country. They wholly capitulated under Bush; and now shamelessly pander to the One, who they steadfastly refused any proper vetting.

    David Shuster epitomizes this extraordinary and shameful weakness. The lot of them should be run out.

  162. They might as well interview Terry Nichols, maybe he could give Ayers some tips on how to be more successful in bombing buildings. Ugh.

  163. Aaaacccckkkk!

    Sorry TRK!!!


  164. Poop! Fart! Hahahaha, I’m so clever!!!

  165. THE FBI can not even get permission to interview Terry Nichols ….

  166. I have to agree with Pat. Obama is a moron, but Sarah is no Hillary either.

    Two examples from the last couple of days:

    “Gah! Nothing specific right now. Sitting here in these chairs that I’m going to be proposing but in working with these governors who again on the front lines are forced to and it’s our privileged obligation to find solutions to the challenges facing our own states every day being held accountable, not being just one of many just casting votes or voting present every once in a while, we don’t get away with that. We have to balance budgets and we’re dealing with multibillion dollar budgets and tens of thousands of employees in our organizations.”

    And from Maureen Dowd’s column today:

    “My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska’s investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars.”

    Can someone translate these into English for me?

  167. So What do I do?

  168. The fact that we are still telling the truth , and refuse to just succumb to to the kool aid they keep trying to spray our way must really be upsetting to the obots ……. today OL

  169. Stumbled on this article published in the Tapei Times

    Barbara Obama would not have stood a chance:
    The true outsider in the US presidential race was not president-elect Barack Obama, but a woman with no Ivy League credentials

    Then there is the matter of class and connections. The myth that virtually everyone in the US is middle class was much rehearsed in these elections. In reality, the US possesses a powerful upper class and one of the narrow gateways to it is still an Ivy League education (or alternatively, passage through a top army or naval college, as in McCain’s case). Obama and Bush have little in common, but each went not just to one, but two Ivy League universities. Michelle Obama is also Ivy League (Princeton), Hillary and former president Bill Clinton met when they were both at Yale.

    It might be argued that this illustrates American meritocracy, except it is not quite as simple as that. Both Obamas probably benefited to a degree from affirmative action, but the competition to get into Ivy League schools is so intense that success is always something of a lottery. Had Barack Obama been obliged to take his degree at the University of Akron, say, it is doubtful that his progress would have been remotely as stellar. As it was, he won early admission to the company and leverage of the influential and now has the pleasure of deciding whether to appoint to his Cabinet Lawrence Summers — who was president of one of Barack’s alma maters, Harvard University.

  170. See that is not me

  171. Tasha – Do you have a link for those quotes?

    Thanks ever so.

    TRK – Can you pinpoint the posts that are not you? Put in a time. I will email RD.

  172. The possibility that we might have a filibuster-proof senate is getting closer. Dems now lead in Minn and Alaska, and Obama has sent his troops to Georgia to help defeat Saxby Chambliss in the run-off.

    Not so sure that’s a good thing for the Democratic party or the nation.

  173. Okay that last one was TheRea1Kim, but the one on myiq’s Zombie Liars at 1:08 p.m. is TheRealKim and it is not me. I was at lunch. The one who used to post as me was a bot that posted in the middle of the night and that was a few months ago.

  174. Madamab:

    Sit down while you’re waiting on “Tasha”

    Tasha means “tro!!” in serbo-slobovian

  175. Myiq – I thought so.

    The first comment by Tasha was a plea to contribute to the Republican Party. That’s usually a tr0ll trying to “prove” we’re all Republican operatives.

    Thanks Kim – I’ll check it out!

  176. The bots cannot spoof the ips of regular posters, especially if they have to resort to substituting numerals for letters …what silly children
    They do not even come up to the level of script kiddies …. report their ips to wordpress and if necessary you can use this to look them up
    and find their isp

  177. swannie – of course not. They really think Hillary supporters don’t know how to use computers.

    What a bunch of idiots.

  178. no, swanspirit on myiq’s post it was my name. TheRealKim. It wasn’t underlined so that you can click and go to my wordpress page and the avatar was different.

  179. Just gotta say that as far as Miss PeLousy is concerned she is a perfect bookend for ‘The Worst President Ever’ as she is clearly ‘The Worst Speaker Ever’ and demonstrated conclusively that gender is no guarantee of performance.

    Shorter form: She really sucks at ‘representing’ the people which is what she is supposed to be doing.

  180. votermom – that is so true!

    A. Citizen – Who ever said gender was a guarantee of performance?

    After all, men have been fucking up the worlds’ governments for thousands of years.

  181. helen

    I got this email a few days ago-is it BS?

    Subject: Sears – Christmas shopping has already started

    I know I needed this reminder since Sears isn’t always my first choice. Amazing when you think of how long the war has lasted and they haven’t withdrawn from their commitment. Could we each buy at least one thing at Sears this year?

    How does Sears treat its employees who are called up for military duty? By law, they are required to hold their jobs open and available, but nothing more. Usually, people take a big pay cut and lose benefits as a result of being called up.

    Sears is voluntarily paying the difference in salaries and maintaining all benefits, including medical insurance and bonus programs, for all called up reservist employees for up to two years.

    I submit that Sears is an exemplary corporate citizen and should be recognized for its contribution. I suggest we all shop at Sears, and be sure to find a manager to tell them why we are there so the company gets the positive reinforcement it well deserves…

    Pass it on.

    Decided to check this before I sent it forward. So I sent the following e- mail to the Sears Customer Service Department:

    I received this e-mail and I would like to know if it is true. If it is, the Internet may have just become one very good source of advertisement for your company. I know I would go out of my way to buy products from Sears instead of another store for a like item, even if it’s cheaper at the other store.

    This is their answer to my e-mail:

    Dear Customer:

    Thank you for contacting Sears.The information is factual. We appreciate your positive feedback.

    Sears regards service to our country as one of greatest sacrifices our young men and women can make. We are happy to do our part to lessen the burden they bear at this time.

    Bill Thorn
    Sears Customer Care

    Please pass this on to all your friends. Sears needs to be recognized for this outstanding contribution and we need to show the m as Americans, we do appreciate what they are doing for our military!!!

    It’s verified !


  182. Catarina – that is really cool. Thanks for passing it on!

  183. Sorry got distracted, thanks Pat!

  184. madamab
    after it posted i was horrified at how long it was-sorry!
    please feel free to nuke it

  185. catarina.
    I was wrong about Sears and thank you for letting everyone know there are some companies that have class.
    My thinking was that they were Chicago based.



  186. Nonsense, catarina – it was good information!

  187. Thanks for posting about this. For us It doesn’t come as a surprise that the media (especially Schuster and MSNBC) doesn’t vet their articles.

    Thank you also for the entertaining rewriting of tr0ll comments.

  188. A ‘discussion’ over at Gretawire:


    “First, do you agree with this: some women have an extremely (almost violent) dislike of Senator Clinton and Governor Palin.

    If you agree with the foregoing, can you tell me why? I can understand not agreeing with a politician’s policies…but I have seen such extreme reactions to both these women unrelated to their policies….”

  189. Madamab, btw, great job on the tr0ll rewrites. They crack me up!

  190. scrubs57 – My pleasure! For some reason the tr0lls were really, really upset about this story. Wonder why?


    Grace – that is a good discussion. Will I have to start watching a pundit again? I declared a talking head moratorium a long time ago…

  191. madamab I laughed out loud at some of your edits. Very nice job. 🙂

  192. Daily PUMA debunked this several days ago in an LA times Internet Political Blog Article, Daily PUMA scooped everybody.

    Joe Biden was Sarah Palin’s equal, but you would never know it from the MSNBC led Media Bias.

    As I recall, CNN leaked a story from unnamed sources, then the next day, the rest of the biased media started quoting CNN, and it’s unnamed source.

    Doesn’t that strike anybody as devoid of ethics?


    Posted by: Alessandro Machi | November 09, 2008 at 09:18 PM

  193. Thanks, folks! I aim to please.


  194. The press needs to develop a healthy fear of the American people. They are destroying our country. Something must be done about the just-following-orders press korp.

  195. JVSP – The corporations that run our media have become too humongous to be held accountable by anyone but other corporations and the government.

    Sorry, but with Obama in power, they will continue their ridiculous shenanigans. We need to break up the media the way AT&T was broken up, using an offshoot of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

  196. I love Greta. She always asks the right questions.

  197. Just when it looked like the Lightbringer would have to cast a vote on something of substance and have to make a decision in a Congressional lame duck session, he is resigning from the Senate effective Sunday.

  198. Prolix – OMG! Are you freaking SERIOUS?!

    My hubby was making apologies for Obama’s lack of leadership on the economy. I said, “But he’s still in the Senate! He can make the Senators do what he wants them to!”

    Guess he thought of that.

  199. Madamab, I know it sounds like one of your one acts, but both Ben Smith and Jon Martin have it on their blogs at Politico. Can you freakin’ believe it?

  200. I was thinking [ not always a good thing] why not patronize the little businesses this year.
    Shop where they don’t advertise on the disinformation networks.
    Small business is the backbone of the country and where more jobs are created.
    Could be another step in making our point.



  201. “We need to break up the media the way AT&T was broken up, using an offshoot of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.”


    How about protests? Protests at their head quarters? Protests at their homes? On their front lawns? Publish the employees phone numbers, email addresses, personal info, ….everything. They shred lives with impunity… just following orders… Harass these fuckers the same way they do others. They are treasonous in their conduct. No 4th estate, no democracy. Maybe I have it all wrong, but this election has driven home the fact that this is NOT business as usual. …just my 2 cents 😉

  202. Helen – great idea!

    Prolix – Wow. Just WOW. Do you think it’s real? I’m so skeptical of everything these days…

  203. jvsp – See, my impression is that they are just switching their adoration from Bush to Obama. It seems like the only different thing is the blatant, overt misogyny.

    But the misogyny could be exactly what you’re talking about!

  204. catarina, on November 13th, 2008 at 4:02 pm Said:

    I got this email a few days ago-is it BS?

    Subject: Sears – Christmas shopping has already started

    I got this as well. I guess I am getting old as it’s the kind of info that makes me teary eyed. Yes, it’s good, sound business practice, especially in these times, but more importantly, it’s just the right thing to do. The fact that it moves me is sad in a way as this should be what all big American corps do.

  205. Madamab, I think it is, from the Chicago Tribune:

    President-elect Barack Obama said today he will step down from his Senate seat effective this Sunday.

    The decision adds to the pressure on Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a fellow Democrat, who under state law has the sole responsibility for naming a successor to Obama, the only African-American in the Senate.

    “It has been one of the highest honors and privileges of my life to have served the people of Illinois in the United States Senate,” Obama said in a statement today.

    “In a state that represents the crossroads of a nation, I have met so many men and women who’ve taken different journeys, but hold common hopes for their children’s future,” Obama said. “It is these Illinois families and their stories that will stay with me as I leave the United States Senate and begin the hard task of fulfilling the simple hopes and common dreams of all Americans as our nation’s next President.”

    Aides to Obama already had said he would not be returning to Washington to vote on Senate matters this fall, in advance of his being sworn in as the nation’s 44th president Jan. 20.

  206. Tasha Pardue, on November 13th, 2008 at 3:36 pm Said:
    I have to agree with Pat. Obama is a moron, but Sarah is no Hillary either.
    Two examples from the last couple of days:
    I am doing the same thing with Pallin that I did with Obama… I keep asking what did they say????

    With McCain I counted ‘my friends’ with Obama ‘uh’ (until I began reaching for the remote) with Palin I counted ‘but ummm’ now I quickly reach for the remote.

  207. looks like take a troll to a blog day. catch you all later

  208. waldenpond – FYI, Tasha has not provided a link for her quotes. She is a tr0ll.

    Prolix – that is absolutely amazing. No wonder he wouldn’t commit to any further economic packages passing before His Divine Inauguration.

  209. helen

    re shopping the small businesses
    This website sells only handmade goods.

    You can search by location-their UI isn’t the best (a little slow and clunky) but worth the patience.
    I had no idea how many artisans were in my town.


  210. Let’s just hope there aren’t any decisions in the next 4 years that can’t be studied to death by a task force.

  211. “See, my impression is that they are just switching their adoration from Bush to Obama.”

    I see it as continuation, but one where they are more impetuous in their disregard for the truth. They used to care a little bit. Then they just pretended. Now they don’t even bother to pretend.

    The issue of misogyny is more troubling in that the press is ironically accurately reflecting our society at large. The press isn’t leading. Obama has shown that hatred is palatable, mainstream, just so long as it is the “right” sort of hatred.

  212. uh oh, I guess you cannot say tr*ll?

  213. Prolix – LOL!

    300 “national security” experts; 450 “transition team” experts…such leadership!

    ainnj – no, Spammy doesn’t like the word “tr0ll.”

  214. In the primary there was a story that got buried because it was tagged with the “r” meme. It was about BZero having gone through the Pentagon war game scenario. According to a congressman, BZero just could not make a decision. This is the new CIC.

  215. Prolix – AAAAAACCCCKKKK!

    I just hope Hillary is ready to answer a lot of phone calls at 3 am. Should we send her packets of No-Doz?

  216. Before No-Doz to Hillary, how about sending BZero instructions on how to hold MO down while he’s speed dialing. I even doubt he can multi-task that.

  217. David Shuster (THE PIMP).is becoming famous for his bias gutter politics of reporting. I hope someone is keeping track of him.

  218. catrina
    that is a pretty cool website. Thank you.
    I just forwarded the address to a couple of people I know.
    You know if we really work together to make a point to the disinformation networks by boycotting during the busiest weekend of shopping and only shop at small businesses that don’t advertise on their networks maybe just maybe the stupidity will stop.
    To the disinformation networks it is money before country.



  219. Helen – That’s the kind of stuff Moveon.org used to be good at, before they sold their soul to Obama.

  220. Here’s a cute article… she didn’t say ‘no’

    Clinton for Sec of State…


  221. New thread up

  222. Oh, man, waldenpond. If only he’d put her in that position…I just don’t believe it, though.

    This part was great:

    The pick of the former presidential contender and Senate Armed Services Committee member would go a long way toward healing any remaining divisions within the Democratic Party after the divisive primaries. Also, Clinton has long been known for her work on international women’s issues and human rights. The former first lady could also enhance Obama’s efforts to restore U.S. standing amongst allies worldwide.

    And Obama could put her in his speed-dial for a 3 a.m. phone call every morning.

    Even they know Obama won’t get far without Hillary…and sure, NOW they like her and recognize her achievements. I thought she was just a former First Lady who served tea and cookies?!


  223. helen
    Count me in in-
    no retail therapy on Black Friday!

  224. New thread up, finally….

  225. madamab
    You’ve had one hell of an afternoon-
    you get a troll-vanquishing medal!

  226. So let’s get Hillary health care plan introduced, with Bush calling for bi-partisan support, and it can sail through Congress with George W signing. George will actually have a positive accomplishment to his name, and we’ll have Hillary to thank — especially if Obama isn’t even in the senate anymore!!

  227. BAJ, I LOVE that idea!

  228. I don’t think it’s a good idea for Palin to go away. The problem is that her critics won’t. They are going to keep spreading rumors about her – and if she, or someone else, does not defend her they’ll seep into the public consciousness as truth. If someone comes out with another fake story about her – she needs to address it. Going away (in shame?!) will simply let the lies about her become truth. She needs to fight back, but not on her own. I was glad to see McCain stand up for her. She needs to get more surrogates!

  229. Why isn’t there a journalistic professional organization to keep them in line? It seems like there should be.

  230. If you were able to see Palin at the Republican Governor’s meeting and her statements and speeches, you would be mighty impressed. This woman will be the change that the Republicans have been waiting for. As a politician, she is a breath of fresh air and the American people are recognizing that. If the Republicans are to survive and our country, for that matter, we should embrace those changes. They will come into power again, only with a better, moral compass.

  231. And Glenn, I am happy for the republicans and I admire Palin’s career. I also think she will likely be the first woman POTUS and THAT disappoints me greatly. I wanted someone that had carried the torch for women and children’s rights and things women have fought for, for a lot longer than Palin has.

    Hillary fit that bill all the way for me…because of Obama and his ridiculous misogynistic grab at the age of 46 that won’t likely happen now. Oh and the cheating, because he had to have it ALL and have it NOW.

    *sigh* I will be glad for whatever Sarah Palin does but, to me she is not now, nor will she ever be an equal to Hillary in politics. I hope I am proved dead wrong about that.

  232. […] at The Confluence Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)PALIN BASHING LEAKER IS A FAKEBlogger Truths, […]

  233. It appears that Hillary may be become the Secretary of State for Obama. Is this good for her? I think it would be degrading.

    I’m confused about whether to support Hillary or Palin now.

  234. I disagree that any rumor at all will be picked up by the corporate media.

    Only those rumors that disparage people the Village Idiots have determined must be disparaged make it into the big media.

    Anyone the Idiots have deemed a saint will not have unfavorable items published about them, even if the items are true.

    Carolyn Kay

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