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Evil Clowns Open Thread

myiq2xu flirts with angienc
myiq2xu flirts with angienc

What favorite blogs did you have to stop visiting this year?

152 Responses

  1. Crooks & Liars, Mahablog, Hullaballoo

  2. TM, and all MSM news sites.

  3. talkleft

  4. The shorter list is the ones I STILL visit….this one, Allegre, and anything in your rec list.

  5. TalkLeft, Taylor Marsh, Corrente, Anglachel, Alegre’s Corner

    Some of those weren’t necessarily because of the main blogger as much as the atmosphere.

  6. myiq: did you see on the last thread that while you were away, a churlish shar-bot invaded your post. Keep your eye out for her–she warned she’d be back, and she needs a myiq spanking.

  7. Regency: A couple of those on your list got really uppity.

  8. I do visit DailyKOS once in awhile, but only to grin while they squirm in disillusionment at the behavior of TJ’s evil regim

    TJ == Teleprompter Jesus.

  9. RegimE.

  10. Buzzflash

  11. Dependablerenegade,Crooks&Liars, TM, MSNBC.
    I stopped watching KO, MSNBC, The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, and listening to AirAmericaRadio. I stopped reading The Nation, The Progressive, Vanity Fair.

  12. The Confluence.

    Haha. J/K

  13. TalkLeft and The Left Coaster. I sometimes went to Tom Watson, but don’t bother any more.

    I still visit Corrente and Anglachel, just a lot less.

    I’ve added Partizane lately.

  14. Ooooh Right.


    was the first I stopped.
    Thanks kiki.
    It was so long ago, I forgot it even existed.

  15. very funny, gqm!

  16. Taylor Marsh, TL, Think Progess, and Crooks and Liars. But it was worth it to find a home here.

  17. I do visit DailyKOS once in awhile, but only to grin while they squirm in disillusionment at the behavior of TJ’s evil regim

    Every click to DK is giving them money. Most internet advertising is on a site hit basis.

    If we can’t even boycott something as easy as DK, how do people expect to get a real boycott of the MSM?

  18. I’ve had to just minimize altogether. I basically go here, Gary’s place, SM’s place, and lurk at BP.

  19. Just as gqm arrives, I have to run to a meeting!

    See you later…

  20. hey, you know, I stopped visiting TN Guerilla Women, but it had nothing to do with the site ownership or attitude. it’s just that they did not seem to moderate comments and the trolls truly ruined all the discussion threads. it’s a cool place and there are cool threads posted there, the comment areas just get so tiresome.

  21. I’ve waited three weeks for that one, jjm.

  22. Hullaballoo, Bartcop, Firedoglake, Corrente.
    Bartcop really hurt.

  23. Corrente, Anglachel, Paul Krugman, several friends, Taylor Marsh, TalkLeft, and mainstream news. I also gave up on the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, and I canceled my subscription to the Nation (and told them exactly why, too).

  24. I ‘left’ a lot of blogs months and months ago. My favorites now are FIRST Darragh Murphy’s PumaPac then Riverdaughter, then Not Your Sweetie, then Cannonfire. That snot Anglachel (I find her lofty attitude just tooo much to bear, plus she dissed us) was left behind months ago.. Let her enjoy her perfection in solitude. One I HATE now is TalkLeft – oh and Salon.com – they can both go fuck themselves. .

  25. Oh yeah, Sandra S., the Daily Show, Colbert…they were wiped off my world months ago.

  26. I gave up on Crooks & Liars after the JFK fauxrage.

    C&L did 11 posts in 24 hours about the PA debate (where ABC asked tough questions of Obama too)
    but not a single story about the JFK fauxrage.

    They are supposed to be a site that focuses on bogus media stories and they ignored it because they didn’t want to criticize The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers.

    But they said the were “neutral”

  27. Oh. And FEMINISTING. Grr. I can’t even begin to explain how much they’ve pissed me off.

  28. Leslie, somebody here used to be a contributor at Buzzflash. SOD maybe? I’m not sure

    another group I dropped was moveon. oh, and change of color.

  29. Sigh.

    Enjoy the meeting, jen! I’m watching football online.

  30. They will be feeding me, so it’s all good! I guess I better go, I’m late.

  31. kiki `
    Buzzflash was my homepage for years.
    I wrote the “owner” several times about the nastiness re:Hillary. He denied there was anything but a neutral site. He said it with a straight face…
    So I left.
    Now I go to InsightAnalytical. It is run by the person who used to (for many years) did the world news reviews.

  32. I don’t watch comedy central at night anymore. I have no use for Stephen and Jon. I counted on them to be the truthful jesters and they fell right in. No thanks. The thrill is gone.

  33. Yeah Sandra S! Feministing! And, Crooks and Liars, and Hullabuloo or whatever the hell it is…and Firedoglake – stupid name for a bunch of stupid people.

  34. Oh, everyone’s list is similar to mine. I used to go to Hecate’s site too, and Shakesville, but they lost their minds over Sarah Palin.

  35. leslie, Insight was who I was thinking of – thank you!

    I wrote to that owner at buzzflash too – some dude in chicago right? – who continually insisted he was neutral. it was truly laughable

  36. Shakesville -never got that site.

  37. yup. Firedoglake. I forgot that one too. And Josh Marshall—-yuckkkk.

  38. TM, Talk Left, Rosie O’Donnell’s Rblog, and just about all of MSM tv( especially MSNBC and CNN.). Also HuffPost. And I don’t miss them anymore .

    I wonder if anyone has that video from during the primaries with the heads of Sean Hannity, Rush, and O’Reilly photoshopped onto the bodies of some young studs?

  39. madamab:

    The trolls are still trying to take a crap in your last thread

  40. Josh Marshall is a self-centered loser. I can’t believe I once sent him money. A pox on him.

  41. Fun thread.

  42. kiki~

    I think the owners name is Mark or something with an “M”. He was delusional if he thought Buzzflash was neutral. At the same time he was saying that to me, the site was calling Hillary r*cist.

    I still ride the metra with one of the employees at Buzzflash. She is nice, but we never talk politics any more. (She actually supported Ewards for a while)

  43. I was never big on dkos or TPM – cheetoville was too big for discussions and WKJM seemed to focused on building his career.

    I liked Left Coaster until eriposte quit posting.

    Balloon Juice was my main hang-out until it turned into Freeperville -Left

  44. Shoot – I will let BB know. I’m not at a computer.

  45. I gave up C&L way back in August or Sept of 2007. The posted a picture of Hillary morphed into a man. The defeminization of women is a sexist tool used by the right for years and years. Bill Moyers had an interview with Kathleen Hall Jamieson that talks about the historical use of that frame (Google it if you’re interested).

    I gave up TPM way back in Sept. or Oct of 2007 when they posted a video that painted the Clintons as conspiring in a macabre manner against Obama and the video was put out about the time when the right-wing was bringing up Vince Foster.

    I gave up The Washington Monthly early this year *about Jan) when Drum said that Krugman’s criticisms of Obama’s policies were worse than the Hillary Hate from the left. He also blamed the Clintons for spreading racist smears.

    I got tired of The Washington Note when Clemons would wax falatial over Chuck Hagel without providing evidence for his praise. He started to do the same with Obama. I could handle the obnoxiousness of his constant name dropping, but during the election I couldn’t handle his shallow coverage. Oh yeah, and spreading refuted rumors about Bill Richardson was a turnoff.

  46. Bill Ayers will be interviewed on Good Morning America tomorrow. Is this the first step toward Obama appointing him Secretary of Education?

  47. it’s funny, I somehow fell into hanging out at a right wing site – they hated Bush, that’s how I got tangled up with them. anyway, I did not represent myself, I was known as the token bleeding heart liberal. now here’s the irony – I ended up feeling like I had to leave because I truly in my heart thought they were saying a lot of racist stuff. not about Obama, this was before he looked like he was in contention. just generally, about black people and muslims and middle eastern people. I just got really uncomfortable and felt icky, like I needed to shower after hanging out there.

    I’m trying but I can’t remember the name of the place. they were actually kinda nice people in other ways, but the racial stuff really bothered me.

  48. I don’t mind fixing the filtered words, but I’ll post my plea again to have a list of words that send you into moderation. Not sure what set off the filternator on my last comment.

  49. Shakesville always seemed kinda clubby and unfriendly to new faces, but I liked a lot of the posts.

    Toward the end of the primaries it seemed like they went through some logic pretzels to condemn misogyny but not the #1 woman hater.

  50. ok, above I meant I didn’t MISrepresent myself. the other thing is, reading what I wrote……..I’d like to emphasize that I left when they got all racist seeming. hanging out there is one reason I find it amazing that people would consider this place racist

  51. BB – ha ha ha – I laughed until I cried…..literally

  52. All the “feminist” (ha ha ha ha ha good one) blogs, Colbert, TDS

  53. Cheetopia was always an abusive place with cult-like behavior no better than the Right.

  54. Regarding DKOS, if you check Alexa.com KOS gets so many hits that it didn’t make a difference when we left. They’re like corporate America, too big for boycotts to work That is why I don’t mind visiting them rarely just to watch them get their skivvies in a twist.

  55. Democratic Underground plus practically all of the above.Never was a DKos regular, but was at one time a Bartcop, Atrios, TPM, and Buzzflash reader. Now I say fuck ’em all.

  56. I never understood DK. it seemed complicated to just say something.

    Huffpo – there’s another I liked for a little while

  57. “T”? Don’t. Every hit counts.

  58. These are three words I would remove from Spammy the Auto-Moderator’s list: racist, troll, vagina

    They catch our comments 99% of the time, not the Obamanationals’

  59. Oh and the irony is, I was already a refugee to the “feminist” blogs because i couldn’t stand the racism and sexism at the big mainstream liberal blogs. D’oh!

  60. Kiki: I know what you mean. I rebounded from the idiots on the left over to places like RedState, then went…oh, whooooa, what am I doing? I agreed with nothing they said.

    So now I’ve formed my own country and I feel much better.

  61. I used to be a troll at Free Republic until they kicked me out. but hey, this was in 2001, there were very few outlets for people who weren’t drinking the Bush kool-aid

  62. Cate: Go to Alexa.com and look up DailyKOS.

  63. I was always willing to separate the comments sections from the content at most places. It wasn’t until the content providers turned that I lost interest.

  64. I do have to thank FDL for something, though.

    I was home sick one day and reading Firedoglake when I learned that TehPrecious was going to hold a “townhall meeting” at the north Loyola U. campus. I went there and saw his Highness dissing his constituents, refusing to answer reality based questions, and displaying his never-ending ignorance about the real world. He didn’t even know what a Gold Star Mother was, or what made her so special. That was when he “couldn’t” answer a question about getting out of the Iraq war because, “I’m just a freshman senator and no one will listen to anything I have to say.”
    So, for that opportunity to make up my mind about Teh Precious years ago, I am grateful to Firedoglake.

  65. T, hmmm, can I live in your country? or maybe I should just start my own and we can have diplomatic relations 🙂

  66. The Confluence was pro-Hillary from the beginning, but we never allowed certain attacks or discussions about Obama. The tin-foil hat and racist stuff.

    We still don’t.

  67. Cate,

    Did you hear that Josh Marshall moderated a panel last Sat. that included Bernadine Dohrn? They are coming out of the woodwork. I wonder what job she will get in the Obama administration. How about something in anti-terrorism?

  68. Taylor Marsh, once she announced she was going Obot. I left just before she drank the kool-aid.

    On the other hand I have started reading HumanEvents and Ace of Spades. What can I say.? I don’t trust anyone anymore and the more I learn about how each side operates the better the “filters” become.

  69. There are ways to “enhance” alexa ratings. D/L the toolbar to a spare machine with the alexa garbage on it running a refresh to boost your alexa ratings.

    Tada, enhanced alexa ratings.

    I know of no one who purposely d/l that crap to their machine so their traffic can be monitored.

  70. Re: dkos

    A whorehouse or crack den may get lots of business but that doesn’t make it respectable.

  71. Cate,

    Did you hear that Josh Marshall moderated a panel last Sat. that included Bernadine Dohrn? They are coming out of the woodwork. I wonder what job she will get in the Obama administration. How about something in anti-terrorism?

  72. probably the one thing I miss from right wing sites is the tin foil stuff. I can get into a good conspiracy theory. I know that’s not the done thing here

  73. dkos seemed pretentious to me. But then I have low tolerance for things I don’t understand.

  74. Don’t say r@cist tr0ll v@gina, say KKK disrupting cunt instead.

  75. Democratic Underground – I was there when it was born. Ironically, over the 2000 stolen election. Ironically, my last post was in may this year – responding to their making fun f those of us complaining f the stolen primary ( a picture of the DeLay’s team stopping the recount in Miami was added for effect). I said that this was the perfect turning of the place of itself – and that we wanted, in effect to count votes rather than stop counting them. It was the most poignant realization of the corruption of the left for me.

  76. Dammit. I’m on a diet, but I made some really tasty cookies for my niece and nephew sitting right on the counter, just waiting to be eaten. Sigh.

  77. TalkLeft and TM both found out that Obamanation doesn’t believe in “better late than never”

    They sold their souls for nothing.

    I bet Senor Pompous Ass isn’t a member of Obama’s privy council either. He was soooo worried about being on the winning side.

    We might as well be rebels, they’re gonna treat us like traitors anyway.

  78. kiki ~
    Can I join your country? I love conspiracy theories – some of them at least.

    Did anyone read RawStory?
    It took me a long, long time to disengage from there. Some of the comments were great. But basically it turned sour imo.

  79. I left firedoglake, taylor marsh, msm, jon stewart, steven colbert.
    I feel that people really have something to say here and not all have to agree with everything said.
    I can laugh, cry. think, and learn on this site.
    Thank you all for this.



  80. New thread up!

  81. “Senor Pompous Ass”.? I think you need to be more specific.

    I lost all respect for the progressive Obamasphere after they lambasted Lieberman for talking about “bipartisan compromise” but got all hot and bothered with Obama’s “post-partisanship”. Also, how Deaniacs who loved his “screw bipartisanship” campaign in ’03-’04 turned to Obama is beyond my comprehension. Complete opposite philosophical messages and both preached as the answer to all our political problems. Unbelievable.

  82. Naturally, they didnt support anyone who actually had a record of bipartisanship because real bipartisanship is teh scary.

  83. Leslie – I used to read them…they drank the kool-aid too!

  84. gqmartinez, on November 13th, 2008 at 9:56 pm Said:
    Dammit. I’m on a diet, but I made some really tasty cookies for my niece and nephew sitting right on the counter, just waiting to be eaten. Sigh.


    You know what diet stands for don’t you?


  85. I used to love SmirkingChimp.com. That was the first political site I visited. I can’t even remember how I got there. Then I just clicked on links until I got here.

  86. I’ve left FDL, Taylor Marsh, Talk Left and Atrios.

    Right now I really miss Media Whores Online aka The Horse.

  87. GQM:

    SPA is the pompous ass pollster that called me a “petulant clown”

  88. hi myiq! Love the captions on the picture mon amour 😉

  89. HuffPoop, Dem Underground (silly place, and I have to sign something saying
    I won’t criticize The Messiah again before I am allowed to post–cannot do that), Daily Show, Colbert, Daily Kook (used to visit multiple times a day). Crooks and Liars. The saddest turncoat was Taylor Marsh. She could’ve been a contender. Her Hillary for SoS post has 31 comments now, and underneath, she has a Palin hit piece with 14 comments.

    I check out Drudge now. I just found this link: “Polls: Hillary Would’ve Steamrolled McCain:


    “As voters left the polls on Election Day, many were asked how they would have voted if the election match-up were between Hillary Clinton and John McCain rather than Barack Obama and McCain. 52 percent said they would have backed the former Democratic candidate; 41 percent would have voted for McCain, wider than Obama’s 7-point margin over McCain.

    Interestingly, 16 percent of McCain voters said they would have voted for Clinton, the Democrat, if she had been her party’s nominee. “

  90. I used to visit TL & TM all the time — posted semi-regularly @ TL but didn’t post much at TM.

  91. Too many to list really but, I left DailyKos, Atrios, TalkLeft, HuffPo, Josh Marshall. Taylor Marsh lost me too. Stopped subscriptions to The Nation and Mother Jones. Stopped watching Jon Stewart, Colbert and Olbermann. Quit listening to Air America, Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz.

    I’m sure there are others, but I’ve tried to cleanse my beautiful mind.

  92. Isn’t it funny about TM? She used to get 400+ comments on some posts. In fact, I stopped going there becaue it was too crowded to comment without being 35 comments behind.
    I went there the other day just to see what was going on. On one threadlet, she had only 1 comment. others varied from 3 comments to 30 at the most.

  93. The way TM switched on a dime was horrible. And to think I gave her money to help support her site.

  94. If we are talking subscriptions too — During the primary because of the Hillary bashing, I stopped my subscriptions to The New Yorker & Vanity Fair & stopped my monthly donation to NPR — when I called to cancel it they tried to give me some bs about “honoring my pledge” and I told them when they started honoring their pledge to do unbiased reporting I would honor mine too. That shut her up.
    I swear to you, if I find out WWF, ASPCA or Women for Women International supported B0, I will stop my monthly donations to them as well.

  95. bluelyon — think of all the money Heidi Li donated to TM’s site!

  96. Now you show up!

  97. angienc ~
    I said darn near the same thing to NPR.
    The person I spoke with “didn’t know what I was talking about:” So I educated her.

  98. Yes, no more Air America (and I was listening them way too much), I’m wary of
    Public Radio, Ina Jaffe distorted what I said on one of her election reports.

    Obamaman on You-Tube. Had already unplugged the cable because of Chris Matthews’ love for Bush over Gore. More tingles, I suppose.

    KQED’s Michael Krasny’s program called ” Forum ” (full-of-himself San Francisco State professor of English), he never missed a chance to ding Hillary, he is a royal piggy!

    Stopped subscribing to the New Yorker, reading news magazines (they had already gone to seed). Would boycott Ophrah had I ever watched her.

  99. Myiq — are you still interested in doing the radio show with me, afrocity & sod?

  100. Oh — I’ve been working.

  101. CB– “would boycott Oprah if I ever watched her” LOL — I feel the same way!
    My mom is boycottting Oprah though (she did used to watch her), so at least we have that.

  102. myiq — I show up & you leave?

  103. Don’t feel bad Bluelyon, I gave TM money too. It makes me ill.

  104. myiq — you seem to have left again. I have some more work to do, so I will try to be back later — hope I can catch you then. 😉

  105. the last one i left was talk left. it was a holdout for a long time. btd though an obama supporter actually had some good discussions. this went on until the of the primaries. at that point jeralyn turned tl into an obama site. time to go! i left kos last year. i feel i have lost nothing.

  106. FDL
    Crooks and Liars
    Talk Left
    Drinking Liberally

    All banned me. Hey, I must be doing something right.

    These are all Web 1.0 sites and will be dissappearing along with, yes Virginia, OpenLeft and dKos.


    Because they’ve succumbed to ‘Big Man’ syndrome where the operators actually believe they have something to say worth hearing. This is what happens at the beginning of every new paradigm. Some folks get lucky and they get big or influential because they…

    …were first, OpenLeft, if Chris Bowers can write I’ve yet to see it….

    dKos where Republican Kos used his massive pre-existing infrastructure from his sports blogs to go big….he can’t write either…

    And so on to pathetic clowns like Jeralyn and Josh Marshall who mistake hysteria for passion. Lousy writer also.

    The so called ‘progressive blogosphere’ made the same mistake the New Left did in the late 60s and early 70s they thought that what they had to say was so important that they needed to suppress others views.

    And look what you get.

    More sexism, more authoritarianism, more economic fascism.

    The solution.

    Diversity and respect for others views. And oh yeah….

    Kick Bowers, Marshall, and Kos in the nuts every day.

  107. Rolling Stone magazine. They started writing attack pieces on Hillary in November 2007- some creep compared Hillary to freaking Nixon! and started writing Obama messiah garbage. The magazine got a lot more sexist overall about that time. I can’t believe this is the same magazine that published the interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono with that beautiful picture of them on the cover where a naked John is embracing a clothed Yoko. (I’ve met Yoko and she really is a beautiful woman both body and soul) That picture of them was kind of a solace right after the horrific assassination of John Lennon. My first experience of a shocking death of someone I cared about- I had just turned 14 about a month and half earlier.

    To see a magazine that treated Yoko and other feminist women in rock with respect in the 80’s and 90’s turn into something as misogynist as that repulsive Creem magazine, that I hated with a passion in my youth….. makes me sick.

  108. No more Mother Jones – wrote them and told them why. They were nauseating during the primaries; disparaging remarks and rhetoric about Hillary. I canceled our print subscription as well due to this.

  109. Taylor Marsh was the first to go for me. TalkLeft went bonkers when Sarah Palin entered the fray, although that was all Jeralyn’s doing. I still check out BTD’s posts occasionally. He has been taking a thrashing from what he calls “the Cult” for daring to question possible Obama administration appointees. A lot of TL folks fled to Alegre’s Corner.

    Not sure why some here are so hard on Anglachel – maybe it is that “scary smart” description. But I find her writing to be well reasoned and I appreciate her recent Hillary-centric posts.

    Corrente is still an interesting read. I never post there but Lambert is one of my favorite bloggers.

  110. I think A.Citizen has it right when he says the solution is diversity and respect for other points of view and that beliving your message is so important that you ignore or supress others that you dont agree with. You go to have a big gene pool and good circulation of nutrients to build a strong system. If nothing else this year shows that you must have a lot of caution with information you get on the net. most discerning readers are going to smell out the bias of a site and then you will just be left with bots who agree with what ever you say

    The right side of the blogosphere is all in trashing John and Sarah mode, not acknowledging that right now the Dems could have run a plate of cheese and won. They are all saying we got to get back to the fundamentals of conservatism. which they proceed to give a list of. most of them cant recognize the things on their individual list that dont belong. one of the posters on the cuban american blog Babalu was particularily bad about that today. I just want to know did Ronald Regan leave them the Republican party in his will

  111. TalkLeft, Taylor Marsh, By the Fault

  112. TalkLeft, Taylor Marsh, BTF

  113. I never visited , read or blogged regularly anywhere until I got here…
    just lucky I guess 🙂
    of course I have had to stop reading and or listening to CNN MSNBC NBC if that counts .
    Dont weep for me… send in the clowns 🙂

  114. You almost have to laugh at their brazeness. So, Bill Ayers add a new jacket comment to his book in which he states the following:

    “We had served together on the board of a foundation, knew one another as neighbors and family friends, held an initial fund-raiser at my house, where I’d made a small donation to his earliest political campaign”

    So, Obama’s claim that “Ayers was just some guy he knew from the neighborhood” is a lie as well as the claim that the event at Ayers house wasn’t a fundraiser. Surprise, surprise…. NOT.

    Amazingly, Ayers is going to be interviewed on GMA this morning.

  115. Many of the sites listed above (DKos, talkleft, etc.), but most sadly, Pandagon, Jezebel, and Shakesville.

  116. Btw, so I guess this vindicates Palin on the whole “palling around with terrorists” thing, right? I wonder when the MSM will correct themselves. I won’t hold my breath.

  117. Mydd, Dailykos, Open Left, Taylor Marsh, Talk Left, Atrios, TPM, The Left Coaster, Tom Watson, Alegre’s Corner.

    Hell, the only things I still read are Tennessee Guerilla Women, Anglachel, Arthur Silber, Corrente, and you guys.

  118. I have many of those on my list too. However I have to add Amy Goodman and Democracy Now .
    It was crushing when she threw a Barry kool-aid kegger early this year. That was a great news show. I feel the forces behind Barry simply bought up progressive media. These are bight people. ANY homework would have brought Barry’s handlers into view. IMO They were bought off. … I don’t think it was hard or expensive .

  119. Deleted HuffPuff,TPM, FDL,Digby, Atrios, Buzzflash, KOS, TL, and finally Shakesville (over Palin)….can’t believe how much time I have wasted trying to debate Palin-Haters….a real exercise in futility.

    Now I enjoy Confluence, Not Your Sweetie, REclusive Leftist . Muckety, and Joe Bageant…plus Corrente is still interesting even if a few posters have CDS.

  120. Democracy Now! is interviewing Ayers and Dohrn tomorrow/today (Friday the 14th). just in case there is any doubt where Amy Goodman stands.

    I wonder what flavor the Kool-aid is and how it tastes.

  121. I’m late but I left ’em all too. Mostly those namechecked by others – Kos back in 2006 after I was chastised for supporting my own Dem Senate nominee, but also TL, Buzzflash, TPM, etc.

    Most recently I discontinued my paid subscription to Salon.com. I’m just sick of having pro-bama literature dumped into my inbox every morning.

  122. Why do you think they write what they write? And all the same echo-chamber talking points. I think they are getting paid. I think they have to sign non-disclosure agreements.

    Is there anything that says the public has to know who contributes money to a political blog?

  123. NoQuarter-a bit screechy in the comments, articles usually fact laden, you gotta check for yourself anyway, right?

    UppityWoman-love the cats, and the sass.

    TexasDarlin-not big at all, like to support the effort

    TexasHIllCountry blogspot-nor big like to support the effort

    Makethemaccountable-from way back, small but still fighting

    SugarandSpice-reminds of my sister

    Missed some. They know who they are. The rest don’t get my clicks.

  124. and the Daily Howler

  125. My saddest departure was from Democratic Underground, even though they had a forum dedicated to Hillary. I discovered TM early in the primary season, but quickly left after she guzzled the Kool-Aid. I was a huge progressive talk radio fan – especially Randi Rhodes, but we all know how that turned out.

  126. Some feedback: Oprah is closing down her magazine, due to subscription cancellations. Newsweek had thousands of cancellations. MSNBC management announced $500 million reduction in staffing for the coming year.

    Lotta “readjustments” going on in the American left media-sphere.

    Might mention….a link , actually, from Corrente, since I never go to Talk Left anymore:

    Jeralynn had a home invasion (euphemism for burglary), lotta expensive electronics gone, broken glass, etc—-writes a post expressing a feeling of “violation.”

    Well, yeah. Not to sound unsympathetic, but it’s not until the way-leftist defense lawyers who rail against the criminal justice department actually GET robbed or violated, that those same defense lawyers begin to change into citizens who see things from the victim’s point of view, and begin to value—even in their own pathetic way—the risk and stress of under-paid policemen.

    Home invasions are often about “stuff” resold for drug addictions.

    Perhaps Jeralynn will begin to see her defendants with home invasions/drug addictions from a different point of view from this point on, and understand that the laws enforced are not written by the cops doing the follow-through, but by the politicians/legislators responding to a public who WANTS those laws in place.

    Should be interesting to see her move a little further right (maybe at least to the middle), given that those of us who had already been mugged, robbed, raped, or damaged by what she has now experienced, found her to be a tad naive in her sweeping generalizations.

    Perhaps now, Jeralynn can understand that Bill Ayers’s bombings and shootings were not some grand political statement, but that real people , and their families, got damaged or killed.

    And that the very expensive defense lawyer his rich Daddy hired to keep him out of prison , while the middle class people Ayers recruited went to prison for life, or died, was actually a renouncing of his creed.

    Free facials from Arianna Huffington or associations with Hunter Thompson’s wife, which Jeralynn made sure to name-drop to her readers, didn’t protect her from the real-life experiences the rest of us deal with, daily.

    All I can hope is that NOW, she understands why Sarah Palin’s sister may have felt threatened by the husband who tazered her son and threatened her parents, and why the silly gossipy crap Jeralynn became obsessed with, is really quite irrelevant, in the long run.

    Welcome aboard, Ms. Ivory Tower.

  127. […] out, we didn’t start our blogging experience in the House Riverdaughter Built.  In my Evil Clowns Open Thread I asked people what favorite blogs they had to stop visiting this year, and the responses show that […]

  128. There are several LiveJournals I had to stop reading, because their constant worshiping of the now president-elect made me ill.

  129. Huffpost, TM, Crooks & Liars, I also cancelled my subscription to Vanity Fair, The Nation and Mother Jones. I don’t watch Maher, Colbert, or Jon Stewart and forget the news. I have been reduced to occasionally watching Fox (blech).

  130. Blogs: stopped reading Dkos, OpenLeft, HuffPo, TL, and banned from mydd for declaring PUMA beliefs.

    Cancelled: The New Yorker

    Stopped listening to: NPR & Air America

    Now listen to: Sugar & Patsy, No We Won’t

  131. TalkLeft, Taylor Marsh, The Left Coaster, and LJ Democrats (a community at Live Journal). And it also became painful for me to read the comment sections on articles from all of the major networks and newspapers, and the comments on videos related to Hillary at Youtube.

  132. Evil Clowns!!! 🙂

    I’ve had a The Nation subscription for years and I tear it in half every time it comes (when will the damned thing run out?) Had a Salon subscription and didn’t renew. Stopped listening to Air America even though I initially got satellite radio for that reason. Stopped watching The Daily Show & The Colbert Report (although I really miss The Word and Little Steven). A bunch of blogs I no longer go to y’all have named…

  133. Buzzflash was a daily fix until they got CDS. And yeah, to echo an earlier poster, when bartcop started in on the sexist Palin attacks I had to stop visiting there too. And TL was good until Jeralyn came back from the convention. I don’t know what they did to her there.

  134. PS – I too cancelled my Nation subscription and for a time I even paid them more to be one of their “associates.” They seemed to have no problem with Biden’s war vote, just Hillary’s.

  135. @ Angie, FWIW several of the Envrio orgs that I donate too were all aboard the O Plane. WWF and Defenders of Wildlife had daily emails about Sarah Plain personally shooting wolf pups then pissing on them. I had to ask them to stop emailing me.

    As far as what sites have I left? The sites I still visit is shorter. Confluence, Nuance, Reclusive Leftist and TGW.

    Some of the more Prominent deletions are TL, TPM, and Cheeto, mostly due to them banning me over Palin/Hillary. I even got a ban from a local blog that I had helped defend in my state. Then the Koolaid started being passed around and I refused to drink it and was banned.

  136. Altercation, Eschaton, DailyKos, Digby, DemocraticUnderground, Open Left, TPM, the PoorMan (who I used to LOVELOVELOVE), Taylor Marsh, and now NoQuarter (which has been taken over by rightwing whackjobs and racists).

    Still go to Corrente, where there is a good anti-Obama element plus lots of good stuff on single-payer healthcare, Alegre’s, Cannonfire, Reclusive Leftist, Tom In Paine, here of course.

  137. Forgot to add, I still like Talk Left except I skip over anything written by Jeralyn. You might wander back there, BTD is engaged in an ongoing war with what he calls The Cult, and I think we can all guess who that is, LOL…

  138. […] Lonely Way Forward?Thursday: Who could have predicted?Zombie LiarsFriday: The Way Forward- ImitationEvil Clowns Open ThreadSlowing the Downward SlideConflucian Cocktail Party: Fundraiser for Pine RidgeZombie Open […]

  139. Daily KOS
    Jeralyn’s diaries at TalkLeft
    Crooks and Liars
    Bob Harris
    FireDogLake but their Libby coverage was great
    My Left Wing
    Taylor Marsh
    Digby – that made me sad when she drank it too

    And last, after they started misogynist attacks on Palin:
    Alegre’s (you let your friend do it)

    There were more too which became overrun by Obots but I don’t have them in my bookmarks anymore.

  140. Amen, Mary! It’s really nauseating to have to accidentally read anything by Jeralyn while scrolling by to get to BTD. You’ve nailed her need for attitude adjustment precisely.

    My thought was – who has all that computer equipment, big screen TVs, ‘old furs’, etc. without renter’s insurance? Sorry she got robbed but maybe it helps to be prepared for emergencies.

  141. Geez, I forgot about Raw Story, Talking Points Memo, HuffPo – I used to read those every morning. And watch Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and KO at night.

    That Colbert speech to Bush at the WH Correspondents’ Dinner is still one of the finest things I’ve ever seen on TV.

    I miss those guys, too bad.

  142. Wow, I can’t believe no one’s even mentioned Americablog. I actually had left that place several times prior to this year’s Clinton-bashing. I couldn’t stand Aravosis’ intolerance. And boasting. And whining. But I always went back for the gay advocacy. And stopped returning for good once he embraced Obama completely. I’m also a refugee from Dailykos, Atrios, Digby, Fdl, Talkleft, Rawstory, Huffingtonpost. I’m glad to have discovered this site, as well as Cannonfire and Liberalrapture.

  143. Blogs: Dkos, MyDD, TPM, Huffington Post & Shakesville (after the Palin bashing and gushing over TJ* began).

    Stopped involvement with moveon.org.

    No more KO or Mr. Tiggles.

    No more contributions to NPR due to their crap political coverage these past 2 years.

    And there are now people for whom I have a negative visceral reaction when I catch an unfortunate glimpse: Roland Martin, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Gloria Borger, Robert Wexler…and there are probably a few more.

    And, no more Democratic Party. I resigned as a CA State Party delegate and re-registered as a declined to state (independent).

    * Teleprompter Jesus – great designation from someone upstream.

  144. All of the above.

    And these hurt:
    Slate (I was ADDICTED to this one for about three years, and it was surprisingly easy to quit this year after they became deranged. Except for kausfiles)
    The New Yorker
    India Uncut (blog)
    The Origin of Brands (blog)
    and yes: Susie Bright’s Journal 🙂

  145. Stopped reading: Mahablog, Crooks N Liars, TPM, Atrios, Buzzflash, Salon, and Washington Monthly.

    Special Mention: The Nation

    I could have ignored the “boys” but Babs Ehrenreich went insane and drove off a cliff while Pollit whistled and stared at her shoes.

  146. With shock and sadness, I permanently left my favorites – DailyKos, AmericaBlog & TPM – all which I had belonged to from their very beginning – in January. Clinton Derangement Syndrome overtook them and destroyed everything they had worked so hard to accomplish. They revealed – in a very ugly way – that they were quite willing to do a complete flip and betray everything they had claimed to stand for – as long as it destroyed the Clintons. It was shocking and shameful and I haven’t so much as peeked at any of those sites since back in January.

    Since then, due to continued CDS and then Palin Derangement Syndrome, so many other favorites have sent me packing that it’s hard to even keep track any more: HuffingtonPost, TalkLeft, Taylor Marsh, the DNC, ActBlue, MSNBC, CNN, Bill Maher, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, evening news broadcasts, weekly news magazines, and that’s just the biggies.

    On the plus side – I do have plenty of time for discovering new things. 😛

  147. Taylor Marsh. Quit going there after the primary was stolen from Hillary.

  148. Only one mention for Raw Story? When their page-top headlines transitioned from news to almost daily CDS rants, I decided they were dead to me.

  149. Dailykos, corrente and americablog.

  150. My husband asked I inculde on the drop off list :

    Common Dreams and Anit-War.org

  151. The Noise Board in Massachusetts. It is a Boston Music messageboard. Overcome with “in your face” politics. You can probably figure out who they were in my face about.

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