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Zombie Lies


So I’m making a Wedneday morning hangover tour of Left Blogistan and I see this in a comment at TGW:

As for KO, telling Hillary that there was no mathmatical way for her to win without the superdelagates did not strike me as rhetoric but sense. She lost a long time before she conceded, to my point of view.

Well that just made the swollen cut above my right eye start throbbing like it had it’s own pulse.  How many times are we going to keep hearing the same zombie lie?  You can shoot it, stab it, chop off it’s head, burn it to a crisp and blow it to smithereens and then you turn around and here it comes again, shuffling along in search of brains to eat. 

I did what I always do when I see a zombie lie – I blasted it with truth and gave it both barrels:

Obama needed the SD’s to win just as much as Hillary did.

Hillary won the popular vote, and if the the RBC hadn’t given Obama all the undecided votes in Michigan (plus some of Hillary’s delegates) she would have had the pledged delegate lead too.

But as I was typing out my response I was thinking how sick and tired I am of zapping zombie lies.  I’ve also believed that most advances in human history were not the result of hard work, they were the result of lazy guys like me trying to avoid hard work.  Then it struck me that we need to fight zombie lies with zombie truths.

We’ve known for a long time that Obama trolls are incapable of thought in the Cartesian sense (“Cogito, ergo sum”) so they rely on Axelrovian talking points (aka zombie lies) to provide semi-coherent content to their inane postings.  But those same zombie lies form the Kool-aid katechism of the sippy-kup kingdom that all Obama cultists undergo during indoctrination (“coming to Obama”)

Many of us have been engaged in discussions online or in real life and seen the sippy-kup kidz recite the same rote zombie lie, word-for-word.  A few of the more creative Obamanationals change a word or two but usually it’s spoken or typed in a memorized cut & paste monotone.  What we need is a set of zombie truths that are easy to access and effective.  If you see a zombie lie, go to your bookmarks, click on the zombie truth page, copy the appropriate zombie truth and paste it into your reply.  A printable version would be handy for those of us who aren’t surgically grafted to a computer.

But like I said, I’m lazy.  So I want y’all to do the hard work for me.  Tell me what zombie lies you keep seeing and your standard response (if you have one.)  Then I can compile and edit (cut & paste) them into a single post that you can bookmark.  Depending on the zombie lie, we might want a short and long zombie truth response.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  If someone else has already come up with a good answer, we can use it (giving them proper cred) but let’s try to make this our thing.  If the zombie lie is something like these:

I didn’t see the misogyny. I still don’t see it from KO.


As for Obama , I don’t think there wasn’t sexism from many people in the process but the fact that Obama said Hillary was likeable enough was not a strike at her gender.

the appropriate response may include a link to a site like Shakesville where examples of misogyny by KO and BO are detailed. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wasted time trying to relocate stories or sources so I can cite them in a post.  Many times the search has ended in frustration because the info has been moved or scrubbed.  Teh Google is not always your friend, sometimes it provides too much information. a virtual haystack containing a single needle.

Although the campaign is over we will be seeing the same old zombie lies for years, as well as lots of new ones.  Let’s create and maintain a one-stop reference for countering the propaganda, lies and spin that will be fed to us by Obamanation.  As I write this in a stream of semi-conciousness it occurs to me that this should be a PUMA priority.  This is not a one-person, one-post project, it’s a project that will take time and dedication and will utilize a variety of skills.  Some of you may not enjoy writing but you have mad skills at cataloging or organizing databases. 

What do you think?

164 Responses

  1. That is why it is so prevalent – people just don’t see it or feel it. I see it everywhere now. It’s so ingrained and everyday that it just seems normal to most people.
    A feminist lesbian friend of mine was wearing a liptick on a pig tshirt to mock Palin. I told her I thought it was demeaning and beneath her to make such a joke. Her response, “It’s not saying that Palin is a pig…McCain distorted the comment!” My response, “No, the intended meaning is actually worse. It’s describing Palin on the ticket as nothing more than an empty decorative device. It’s describing Palin’s achievements and record as having no value. She is reduced to a smear of color… nothing more than a shallow, superficial sexual enticement.”
    Her response, “But she’s not qualified”.
    The misogyny is everywhere…even in the hearts of my dearest friends.

  2. On the earlier thread frankly0 was talking about the wild smears against Hillary & McCain & Palin. We definitley need some kind of min-snopes to debunk the propaganda and revision of history.

    Btw, TL is reporting the latest backtrack from BO — he WILL have l0bbyists in his transition team (but they have to work on an unrelated issue). Um, as long as they still have access to the guys in charge, do you think the l0bbyists will complain?
    And how many backtracks is that now?
    – Won’t close Git-mo just yet
    – Might use t0rture after all
    Anyone keeping track?

  3. Check out this link:
    It’s Paglia, you know, and she likes to be controversial, and yes she is in the tank for Barky, but dig what she says about Barky’s non-transperency. And especially dig what she says about Sarah! I love it.

  4. I have problems with my husband always citing the rape-kit bit about Palin. Can anyone tell me where I can find a good rebuttal to this point? I’d really like to fry his @ss on this one. He totally believes every lie that the mainstream media propagates about Palin, I’ll bet he’s sorry the election is over because he’s afraid the daily stream of dirt about Palin will eventually dry up (not that it has shown any sign of letting up so far). It sickens me that a man with a hardworking mother, four sisters, and a brilliant daughter can swallow this sexist cr@p.

  5. Hi myiq! I tried posting at Klownhaus, but my comments get sent straight to moderation. Why is that? All I tried to post was this:

    Great idea myiq. I’m going to think about this & contribute.

    Je souhaite que j’étais là d’embrasser votre coupure.

    I didn’t say anything bad. But even my posts sans French telling you I was in moderation were sent to moderation too. ;-(

  6. There’s that change again.

    Yeah a mini-snopes – that sounds like a good format to think of as an example of how to organize.

    Sarah – Yes my pregnant working sister boarded the misogyny train, so blind to the fact that she herself is about to be implicated in the working mother target group. But then our dad always used a divide & conquer sexism on us growing up, so sadly she is just following the way she was raised. And that’s hard for me to combat. And I think similar cultural and biographical issues may have a lot to do with that female misogyny. No ideas on how to reach through those blinders at the moment.

  7. myiq, I would love to zap every lie, but one of your statements says it all. The bots must think through their statements and they don’t.

    These people are brainwashed and the only thing that is going to bring them around is the realization that the one just ain’t who they thought he was. Funny Obama’s own line – that is just not the person I knew – may end up being his downfall.

    Like votermom said, the backtracks are starting and they wioll catch up with him. I think that is when we swoop down on the bots.

    SInce the Obamabots so desperately needed a messiah to lead them, I say when the koolaid starts to wear off, we come in like the doting uncle and give them some real hope and change. This time it might be something they can believe in.

  8. cat lady, here’ s a conservative blog on th erape-kit

    Basically, no victim was EVER charged for a rape-kit and, in an interview, Governor Palin said this

    The entire notion of making a victim of a crime pay for anything is crazy. I do not believe, nor have I ever believed, that rape victims should have to pay for an evidence-gathering test. As governor, I worked in a variety of ways to tackle the problem of sexual assault and rape, including making domestic violence a priority of my administration.

  9. Here’s the link to “Sarah Palin’s a Brainiac”
    by Elaine Lafferty


  10. Here’s the link to the fact check on Sarah Palin rumors:


  11. happy tr0lls come here to complete their happiness by bashing other da wimenz.
    I wasn’t on the MI ballot either, where are my damned delegates?

  12. I tell you one thing, it’s a damned relief not to hear those Obama speeches, that is one blessing

  13. Another thing that pisses me off, is that I have combatted the rumor mill on Obama.

  14. This sounds like a good idea. I’m thinking those promoting the revisionist history won’t be moved, but anyone reading that crap and thinking it is true because it is all they hear.. We might be able to move them.

  15. I can only cite what happens in our county with rape kits. When someone goes to the hospital after a rape, or any other crime with injuries, their insurance information is taken. The hospital then bills the insurance company for whatever treatment was done, including all tests (rape kits included). Whatever the insurance doesn’t cover is then billed to the victim by the hospital because they aren’t distinguishing between crime victims and other people. We have crime victim advocates who then help these people submit the bills to the county, who then covers the difference. So I guess you could say that we are billing the victim for their rape kit, but although it is literally true, no rape victim ever has to pay for their own rape kit. Their insurance company usually covers it, so the county doesn’t want to pay it if they don’t have to, but will if the insurance doesn’t. I assume that is the way Wasilla does it, too.

  16. I know you asked that we not feed the underbridge animals, but can’t we in unison just tell him to either go f#ck himself or go somewhere and be happy.

  17. Happy is an example of the fact that this truth technique probably won’t help with some people. However, there are other people who read comments and are willing to consider the information. So while a truthful retort may have no impact on some, it may be helpful to others.

  18. I think this is an excellent idea but didn’t they just win because there were more of them? They were meaner, more willing to lie and deny, lie again and lie some more even when confronted with the links, quotes, videos, etc?

    Every Obot on the MSNBC message board denied the truth of of Obama’s reversal on lobbyists yesterday even when confronted with his campaign statement that he wouldn’t hire lobbyists and his backtrack yesterday. Two supporters who aren’t bots acknowledged it but are giving him the benefit of the doubt…again.

    Sorry, but I’m feeling beaten down today. Why isn’t that complete reversal of position what everyone’s talking about incessantly?

  19. Celeste, what you are referring to is the Victims Assistance Fund. I was a victim’s advocate for many years.

  20. jjmtacoma, well said, and first.

  21. Happy Black Guy — a perfect example of the kool aid kidz myiq wrote about.


  22. But the obots will not start to consider the info now. We will need to wait until the shine wears off. They are so busy basking in his majesty’s glory, that they would never hear us.

  23. Don’t forget Angie, he tired to do it in Florida as well. Fortunately, Florida has a law against it, because it is seen as gaming the system there.

  24. Yesyesyesyes, we need a database of pdf’s. Otherwise, the only things you’ll find are what others have directed. Happy up there, either knows he’s providing a splintered argument and enjoys it, or he’s missing context. Either way, if we care, it’s up to us to keep the context alive.


    It is not fair that Hillary just gets all of those delegates by default. That just wasn’t going to happen. What’s frustrating about this post is the ridiculous position that giving her all of those delegates was somehow fair.

    this is too hilarious the obots are showing up with their own idiotic arguments doing the work for you

    HE REMOVED HIMSELF FROM THE BALLOT no one removed him that was an outcome of HIS OWN JUDGEMENT!
    He and Edwards ( who has since proved himself far superior to most in embarrassing himself and I expect bo to follow in his footsteps post haste ) removed themselves for the specific reason of embarassing Hillary ; and when they ended up being the ones embarrassed shouted unfair .
    She was countless times misquoted by an extremely biased media with an incomplete soundbite about why she stayed on the ballot as well..

    stick that in your pipe and smoke it along with your bo crack.

  26. The other thing I do is put the links in a filemaker database, with a cut and paste of the top lines.

  27. Right, TheRealKim. We call it the Crime Victims Support Fund, but it is the same thing. I would imagine that most municipalities have the same type of thing. And personally I have no problem with billing the individual’s insurance company. And 99% of the time they cover all of the treatment and tests.

  28. I have that info somewhere, not sure if it was factcheck – but as I recall there were no rapes in Wasilla while Palin was mayor, and only one after she left… If I find a link – too much on the harddrive to find it easily – I’ll post it.

  29. Why not take it a step further and deal with the media that perpetuates the myths? Every time they state something that is not true, we go on an immediate email campaign demanding a retraction.

  30. Happy Black Guy, – which part of your brain justifies stealing delegates from one candidate and giving them to another? How is that fair? Hillary deserved to get the delegates that she earned when voters voted for her not have them stolen. No matter what he does Obama will always be a fraud, a liar and corrupt. Get used to it.

  31. Angry Black Man refuses to see the manipulation of the delegate count – South Carolina handed how many extra delegates (24?) for moving it’s state up, a red caucus state like Idaho gathering huge numbers of delegates while major NW states giving out few delegates for large wins – the list goes on and on and on. It was rigged from the beginning.

    BUT if Obama had taken California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, the popular vote and major battleground states – HE WOULD STILL HAVE BEEN OUR NOMINEE. Hillary was doomed from the minute Obama took the caucus state of Iowa.

  32. Most courts demand restitution from the perpetrators. It is paid with the court fees.

  33. I’m tellin’ ya — we need a Pumapedia! Zombie Lies can have a whole page of its own. Or several pages.

  34. valhalla good idea!

  35. Another thing we must not forget … There was a definite way to vote for Obama in Michigan .. there were ads , emails sent .. radio & tv stuff .. telling the population how to do this .. I repeat .. How to vote for Obama when his name was not on the ballot . .

    I think RD and many others here covered this .. I will try to find .. with the link…

  36. It was uncommitted Briana

  37. Thanks Kim .. …

  38. FOR Angienc: You are from NOLA. What are the cakes called that have the plastic baby inside? I got the baby last year and I think the tradition say I am supposed to buy the cake this year. I want to put it on my calendar.

  39. car lady,

    slate.com debunked the rape kit allegation and then the “feminist” Obots attacked them. The controversy related to celeste’s explanation. The state and the local authorities were arguing over who should pay for the kits. The locals thought that insurance companies and state victim compensation funds should pay. The state thought that the local authorities should pay.

    I agree with the state’s pov but , as an administrator, I would look for funding wherever I could find it. Much of the cost involved in “the rape kit” is standard medical care for a victim. The police don’t pay when the ER treats a shooting victim and they don’t pay for the copy of the medical report/description of the injury that’s generated by the treating physician. They don’t pay for the collection of the bullet by the surgeon. Hospitals created this controversy by demanding that they be excessively compensated for being a responsible member of the communtiy, imo.

    The actual kit’s cost is negligible, perhaps a few dollars, at most. It’s evidence envelopes and swabs and other disposable items. The twelve hundred dollars or so that hospitals charge for a rape kit are really, imo, is to offset the cost of special training for nurses who assist in the collection of the evidence.

    The police department has to pay separately to have the evidence processed over and above the cost of the rape kit.

    This is one of the ugliest and most successful Obot smears against Palin, imo.

  40. Oops, my post at 1:05 was directed to cat lady, not car lady.

  41. Kim — King Cake

  42. the obots cannot hear us , we are invisible again … but give bo time to embarass himself in office , which he has already begun doing by leaking the conversation with bush ..unless that was mo and staff … I tell you this is going to be fun .. they both have Hillary on emergency speed dial and she is secretly really the president AND the first mom ( cause mo is no lady) ROFLMAO

  43. And yes, you are right — whoever gets the baby buys the next cake — May I recommend you try one from Haydel’s Bakery:


    They make the best King Cakes imo.

  44. Didn’t I hear that illinois did the same dance around rape kits?

  45. Tonight (Wednesday) from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Mormon Temple at 65th St. on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Come protest the Mormon bigotry which raised millions of dollars to pass Prop 8 in California. Protest with love against hate.

  46. Jean Louise is absolutely right. If you are shot, your insurance kicks in, if you have none, the victim’s fund kicks in, which is usually reimbursed later by the fees imposed on the perpetrator by the courts. This whole rape smear thing isn’t even worthy of mention.

    VOCA and VAWA was awarding grants to hospitals for training nurses in rape evidence collection.

  47. Clean up for Lying Black Guy at 12:29, please.

  48. How about not referring to “he is qualified”. He isn’t.

  49. Thanks angie! A dear friend got his llm in admiralty from Tulane and he would shoot me if I messed up.

  50. It’s so frustrating. I can talk to an obot, convince that person while I’m there in front of them, but the information I’ve shared just melts away as soon as that person gets back in “real” life.

    I don’t see a quick end to this mess. The media is so persuasive. People so want someone to make everything all better for them. I’m betting on an easy two terms for this paperdoll.

    Who was it who carried around a folder with talking points? She’d pull out the appropriate page for whoever she happened to be talking to. That was a really good idea.

    By the way, there are a couple of other Sandras who post here. I’m the humorless one.

  51. My response to Obots is a genuine, unsnarky “WHY?” See if they can give you a reason. They can’t, never met one who could give me a valid reason, other than the hopey changey shit.

  52. My computer will probably burst into flames when I type this, but I agree with Schitzo Black Guy. Barry’s cheating is water under the bridge, everyone knows the guy is a cheat and liar so lets move on. Our goal needs to be that we never again allow anyone as despicable and dishonest as Obama win another election. We must prepare ourselves for the future, but not forget the injustice of the past.

  53. found this one elsewhere on the net and thought I’d share:


    1. Open a new file in your computer.

    2. Name it ‘Barack Obama’.

    3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.

    4. Empty the Recycle Bin.

    5. Your PC will ask you: ‘Do you really want to get rid of ‘Barack Obama?’

    6. Firmly Click ‘Yes.’

    7. Feel better?

    GOOD – Tomorrow we’ll do ‘Nancy Pelosi!’

  54. But if we just walk away from voter fraud as a done deal aren’t we just giving our blessing for this to continue unabated? If so, then in years to come we may only be looking at about 10% of the population voting and only by those who have a relative on the ballot.

  55. I just read an article that is listing Colin P as a possible Secy of Defense. I am speechless to say the least. Sure, let’s reward all those in the past who got us to where we are today. Unf*ckingbelievable!

    This is the “hope” and “change” shit we have been listening to coming to fruition? Hypocrites!

  56. for instance, the shooting of wolves from a helicopter…………..

    IN Alaska importing beef is extremely expensive and starting a cattle industry is not a viable option ..so hunting is actually putting meat inthe freezer
    moose and caribou are healthier , keeping the predators at a controllable level ; NOT shooting them to extinction is the purpose of predator control .
    If the lower 48 had not exterminated the buffalo to almost extinction , and we had herd of indigenous animals from which to obtain our meat supply , we wuold most likely have a healthier population and environement .
    Sarah Palin and Alaskans are ahead of the curve as far as environment and overall health of the human population is concerned. She probably thinks the people who don’t understand that…. ARE STUPID

  57. Kim, I’ve heard “He’ll get rid of the lobbyists.” That’s working out, isn’t it? /snark

    Btw, I used to spend a lot of time defending Obama, too. (Smacking myself on the forehead for being a real Democrat when Obama couldn’t be bothered.)

  58. hey i am in moderation and havent a clew ???

  59. Kim — I got my LL.M. in Admiralty from Tulane too!

  60. Me, too, swan. What’s up???

  61. I’ve quit responding to Zombie lies because it’s like talking to an answering device, it is incapable of response or reason. And that’s what these folks are, recitation machines, what many years ago we referred to as, code-a-phones.

    Yes it’s them, they’re code-a-phones
    and the truth in fact is they’re dumbed-down drones.
    They get plugged in at the dawn of day.
    so you can hear what they have to say
    But I’ve told you once, now I’ll tell you twice
    you cannot talk to an answering device.
    So don’t even try, because no one’s home
    They’re a bunch of dumbed-down code-a-phones.

    Leave em’ alone baby and soon they’ll all dry up like the wicked witch of the west.

  62. I managed to avoid the den of silly politics by telecommuting last week and I was right to do so. This week they are on how Biden’s son is “owed” his daddy’s seat.

    That is if it were not for the “others” (read anyone who did not drink kool-aid. The son could just get a pass on his active duty and return home and be handed the seat. But he already got a couple special favors regarding duty and finally had to leave and now the non-kool-aid drinkers are likely to kick up a fuss if he gets another pass. Poor O’s team has to go to all the trouble of finding someone who will willing step aside when son returns. Then son can run in the next even year election and get his daddy’s. How awful that he has to wait two years. And death to the person who does the job for two years and then decides he/she wants a chance to run for the office fair and square.

    Not to mention they are actually bemoaning the “what if’s” that can now never even exist. Example: if McCain had won Arizona’s governor would have had to appoint a Republican to replace a Republican – and they would not have gotten an extra Dem seat. They find this unacceptable.

    I heard that weird idea again about Caroline taking away Hilary’s seat. This one goes – Ted steps aside, Caroline uses the family compound address and get’s appointed to his seat. She can then claim experience and goes for the NY seat leaving the Mass seat open for yet another family member. Hillary would be a persona non grata – and the NY seat ripe for picking.

    Yes – its just so much fun here at O Central.

  63. I agree with everyone that a snopes- or factcheck-like site is a good idea. We need to debunk the smears as well as set the record straight regard BO flip-flops and oratorical “whimsy” (aka lies).

    When people bring up the “landmark” racial profiling and videotape confessions bill that Obama took credit for I tell them it wasn’t his bill. It was Rickey Hendon’s bill. It was taken from Hendon by Emil Jones and GIVEN to Obama.

    Here’s the link.

    Barack ObamaAndMe

  64. I really don’t know JeanLouise, my post was about wolves and caribou and moose …

  65. It’s scary to me because unless we have our truth to combat what will happen next, PUMA’s will go down the tubes. Having won, the mythology commences based on the winner’s view. Obats will work to move complete control of wikipedia, and other media sources, just like the right wing rabid bats did. Topix is attached to all the small town papers, and easily influenced. MSM will continue to be bad.

    ABC has I think, the most chance to develop an alternate viewpoint, because it is attached to Disney. Look at what the media did to that one time Disney protege, Brittney Spears. Of course, she didn’t help, but that is really my point. She got there in part because of them. Disney is vulnerable. ABC is vulnerable.

  66. “Strong Woman” Sara Palin

    This one was put on youtube Nov. 1 .. if posted before forgive me , sorta hokie .. but I still like it ..

  67. An O-zombie professor in the midwestern university in which I work just burst into the lunch room drooling about “since Obama’s been elected, activism will be easier from now on!” He proceeded to talk about artistic activism, intellectual activism and social activism.

    He then looked down at my brown-bag lunch and made a completely classist slur about it.


  68. WE MUST have and preserve the TRUTH
    .. other wise we might as well as sign up as holocaust deniars………….
    the alternative is too frightening ……..

  69. Just FYI — Good news on the “the whole world loves BO” front (which, btw, I never bought — I put it down to the msm hyping up bs events like the Berlin rally — sure people went, but it was for the free concert, beer & food, not for BO. Having access to the Greek tv channels helped me figure that out). Anywho — the criticism in a lot of quarters in Europe has gotten so bad that even CNN reported it this a.m. — in as nice a possible way as they could, of course — and the anchors just could NOT understand why the people in Germany were being so hard on BO when so many came out to the rally (again, no mention of the free concert, beer & food). I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again — most people in Europe didn’t have anything against BO, per se, because the only things coming out of the US msm they heard were positive. But, his “World Tour” over the summer rubbed a lot of people there the wrong way, as in “who does he think he is? what is he doing here?” etc. This criticism was not reported here (of course, over here, they’re not even reporting his fraudulent fundraising, so what do you expect).
    Some of the criticism is a little over the top — the Greek media for example is firmly convinced BO is a “friend of Dorothy” and the Italian Prime Minister has been making an a$$ out of himself with his comments (which is nothing new, the Italian Prime Minister basically makes an a$$ out of himself every time he opens his mouth).

  70. Angry Black Guy,

    Maybe you should spend less time here, and more time at the site What Would Obama Do?

    I’m sure the zombies there will gladly offer you the respect you can’t seem to get here with your mindless repetition of Obama talking points.

  71. Oh, my mistake, Angry Black Guy is now Happy Black Guy!

    I’m so glad for you that your mood has changed, even if your ability to get beyond zombie thinking skills has not.

  72. The idea of a resource for countering the lies the obots propagate is superb! It gets tiresome looking up sources etc.

    I might note though, that when it comes to arguing with people who haven’t a basic grasp of what constitutes a valid argument, i.e. you have to consistently complain about straw man “arg” and red herrings …. blah blah blah…etc., it sort of strikes one as futile to bother to even engage.

    I am not computer savy, so there isn’t much I could offer. However, if there is someone out there who has time and could put it to good use, I might be able to secure free access to software/service that allows one to search the blogosphere and analyze search results in a multitude of ways with a whole slew of features.

    Also, regarding documenting things and preserving them, the same company provides a service where blog owners can back up their blogs online (no worries about losing your data because of hackers or services shutting the blog down, etc.). Check out blogbackuponline (dot) com

    If anyone thinks they could put the aforementioned search service to good use, you can write me at ijanzizka@hotmail.com

    [I do NOT work for the company. …just very good friends with one of the fellows there]

  73. Forget the web for a minute and look at Gannet’s list of publications:


    We all know that newspapers are struggling. One way the are surviving is to cut down on reporters. They are relying more on AP; and we all know AP wasn’t exactly neutral this election. They might consider volunteer writers, must take opinions and are open to ads, some even free, like lost and found.

    Something should go in every one of these papers every day, or at least once a week.

  74. Just saw this post on Corrent praising Obama for hugging a woman who lost her legs. Didn’t Obama once refuse to invite Max Cleland to one of his fundraising events because he is a lobbyists and Obama “doesn’t” take money from lobbyists? It did happen, didn’t it?

  75. Hey chuckleheads, bussing in folks from out of state isn’t fair either. And intimidating old ladies trying to vote isn’t fair AND it’s despicable. We are here to keep the truth alive: Obama is a morally bankrupt con artist who has never won an election without the use of smear campaigns and/or voter fraud. We are here to make sure that this truth is never disappeared. Hopefully one day it will be widely known.

  76. Completely OT. I am making bread pudding.

  77. I hope it is OK to go really OT here, but I am a volunteer for an organization seeking to stop workplace bullying. I just found out big news about New Jersey. Linda Seiler is sponsoring legislation that is coming up for a hearing tomorrow!

    Bill A 1551 is having its public hearing Thurs. Nov. 13 in the Assembly Labor Committee. The committee has 6 Dems and 3 Repubs.

    They need testimony BADLY from anyone who has been bullied in the workplace, witnessed it, or been affected by it in some way.

    If you want to know more go to http://workplacebullyinglaw.org/stateaffiliates.html.

    Given all the bullying we have seen in this election, I hope it’s OK to post this here. If not, I apologize for violating any protocols.

  78. I with ya Pat. We can’t walk away from the voter fraud. It’s too important an issue.

    And, yeah, looks like all we got was a shiny new wrapper for the same old sh!t. But we knew that. I just wish we’d been wrong.

  79. I suggest newspapers as one tool. One reason I stayed on dial-up, and without cable or dish, through the election season was because I wanted to see the election, the way I thought 30-40% of the US population saw it. Those people never saw a uTube, or went to a slow loading news station with videos. Do you know I only saw one primary debate?

  80. Hey, Happy Man, Come down to Fl. and tell me about votes. I spent 2 months and alot of money “getting my vote out of a dumpster in Volusia Co. after the Bush Gore Crap. Where were you then? And as for votes stolen in this priamary, MY VOTE WAS STOLEN THREE TIMES this year. Come down here and vote then tell me some more shit! As Angienc says “FUCK THE FUCKING FUCKERS” who will now lie out their ass.

  81. gxm17, I like your fire!

  82. pdgrey — right on — I love to see myself cited! LMAO 🙂

  83. I agree that the rape kit story is nothing but a tempest in teapot. The simple answer is that the way it’s done in Wasilla is standard operating procedure. Insurance company is billed, if denied or no insurance, then victims’ assistance programs kick in. End of story.

    But getting back to myiq’s original post, I would love to have a single (preferably one-page) reference of rebuttals to the Obot talking points. I think we need to make a list of issues to be included with specific examples to back up our arguments. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

    -Primary irregularities (this one may need some sub-topics)
    -Primary vote/delegate counts
    -Caucus fraud/intimidation
    -R@ce-baiting/playing the r@ce card
    -False accusations of r@cism (against both Clintons)
    -Convention mischief (both on the floor and behind the scenes)

    On second thought, the reference guide may need to be a couple or three pages, but I think the idea is to keep it short. It can of course contain links/sources to more detailed information.

    The travesty of what took place at the RBC meeting on May 31st is probably the least-told story of the entire election. No one who is not a hard-core political junkie is even remotely aware of it. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve attempted to explain it. Usually when I do, my listeners’ eyes just glaze over. Maybe my delivery is not compelling enough.

    My list concentrates on the primary battle (as opposed to the general election) and is by no means exhaustive. Would anyone like to add, subtract, or otherwise comment?

    I love this idea, myiq. My time is somewhat limited, but I am willing to help with the research.

  84. Looking for lost black puppy. Responds to FISA.

  85. I thought Factcheck was supposed to be bi-partisan. Oh, I forgot we are now a center left nation. Finally.
    I always thought there were truths and there were lies.
    Now I realize there are truths and there are truths.
    All the information was out there, people chose what they wanted to believe. Or maybe the media did really win it for Obama.
    The Republicans lost credibility with their incompetence and detachment anyway.
    What a mess. I’m just glad I’m a puma and saw what went on as an outsider and not as an active participant.

  86. I want to thank Happy Zombie Lie with providing us with an example of a zombie lie to debunk.


    We must keep exposing Obama’s cheating in order to build public opinion to so that changes can be enacted. Otherwise it will appear we are trying to fix a problem that does not exist,

  87. Hysterical! I’ve got plenty of Zombie truths! But is there any point? I mean, we are soon to be besieged with a whole new set of Obi problems… and they’ll require different responses.

    One thing I can offer immediately: my Nobama playlist! In the beginning I stuck to real factual evidence…during the latter part of my collection there are some a bit more off the wall type of vids.
    NOTE: I leave the “unavailables” posted just so I can see how successful the bots are at removing all negative truth…

    But all in all nearly 200 vids you can grab to link as responses to zombie lies!


  88. oh – almost forgot – pelosi playlist:


    and unity my ass playlist:


  89. acorn playlist:


    and if you get struck with a wave of longing, Hillary playlist:


    and of course, our new fave, Palin playlist:


  90. I like your idea Nell. It should be documented, nobody else will do it. It will disappear as if it never happened.
    How could so many of us have imagined it. People are going to write books about it, maybe that will help.

  91. Angienc, You are great to quote, but that one is now qouted in three states my my sisters! Thanks.

  92. Let me add:

    Sore Loser Guy knows he’s spreading debunked lies, he’s been doing it for months.

    Our goal is not to convert the paid employees of Axelrove.

    Our goal is to confront lies with truth EVERYTIME

    Axelrove is trying to create a new reality (where have we heard that before?) but the reality-based community (that’s us PUMAs and some GOPers) cannot allow him to get away with it.

    It’s our patriotic duty to set the record straight.

  93. Happy Black Guy, on November 12th, 2008 at 12:29 pm Said:

    Just popping in during a break at work…

    Why did BO then oppose a revote in MI and FL? Did he know the RBC would fix it so he would do better under their decision than a revote? Surely he could have done better in MI in a revote than in the original primary.

    A fair and democratic process is paramount to me, not whether or not HRC is president.

  94. I requested that Factcheck investigate the discrepancy between the FEC website of Obama contributors and the campaign claims. Nothing, nada. Even if their responses are somewhat neutral, their choices of topic are determined by their own mechanism.

  95. myiq — are you ignoring me?

    How come when I try to post comments at Klownhaus I’m automatically sent to moderation? Not all my comments are dirty.

  96. I finally got my internet back. I had to go from verzon to wildblue satellite.
    It will take awhile but when to obots finally realize that this election has set back race relations at least 50 years and the female obots understand that women get better treated in some third world countries than any women running for office in this country they will be shocked and sickened by the whole thing.

    There is an old saying “the truth will come out”.
    It took me 48 years to understand that the democratic party is not always in the best interest of America.



  97. beethovenqueen,

    Wow, quite a trabajo.

  98. Bob Somerby has waged a one-man campaign for nearly a decade trying to set the record straight about Al Gore

    As new lies pop up and are debunked, we add them to our list.

    Lies about Hillary, lies about Obama, Palin, McCain, the campign, younameit.

  99. Just got back from lunch and need to respond.

    Jean Louise, I didn’t actually defend him, but when others would say things like, “he is muslim” or some other rumor, my response was usually in the tone of, I don’t support him, nor do I trust him, however the muslim thing is not true.

    Angie, I worked in a boutique practice for about 5 years and all we did was Jones Act, LSHW and admiralty cases.

  100. Just got back from lunch and need to respond.

    Jean Louise, I didn’t actually defend him, but when others would say things like, “he is muslim” or some other rumor, my response was usually in the tone of, I don’t support him, nor do I trust him, however the muslim thing is not true.

    Angie, I worked in a boutique practice for about 5 years and all we did was Jones Act, LSHW and admiralty cases.

  101. Angie:

    I just returned from begging for dinero, querida!

    ALL comments at Klownhaus are moderated.

    I have to leave soon to go dumpster diving.

  102. Truth about MI:
    Barack Obama chose to remove his name from the ballot. He had surrogates advertise for Obama supporters to cast an Uncommitted vote. Uncommitted is a valid vote in the primary. When the RBC reassigned all Uncommitted delegates plus 4 Clinton delegates to Barack Obama, they arbitrarily overturned the will of the voters in the MI primary. The RBC decision disenfranchised voters who cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton, and also disenfranchised voters who cast a ballot for Uncommitted because they supported John Edwards.

  103. myiq — thanks for answering — I was just wondering if maybe it was just moi.

    Read about your boo boo — Je souhaite que j’étais là d’embrasser votre coupure.

    (wish I was there to kiss it).

  104. Myiq, how did you hurt yourself?

  105. Okay. This is slightly off-topic, but is in the spirit of myiq’s post and roofingbird’s ideas, which I agree with. Since I actually read just about everything I find that is printed. Read:

    this , which is just one of many examples of sexist crap from this particular rag. What is insidious about it is that its free and has a lot of readership in the city. The link was published today.

    I wrote (another) letter to the d*ckwad editor, Tim Whitaker. I can post it if anyone cares to read it.

  106. Kim — he stepped on a garden implement in his garage & it popped up and hit him in the face.

    No worries — scars just make him cooler.

  107. Jesus guys, get a room (can I watch).

  108. Bless his heart.

  109. If we let someone else do it (like FactCheck or Media Matters) then THEY CONTROL THE TRUTH

    How many times these past months did we see someone or some organization throw years of hard-earned credibility out the window?

  110. myiq- I think that a puma truth site is a great idea. I was merely saying that arguing with Schitzo Black Guy is a huge waste of time and energy. He knows that he is lying and we know that he is lying.

  111. The whole primary was a scam. The media sat on the Edward story and the Wright tapes and let Obama get an edge. Total SCAM !!!

  112. ot
    can I please have my old avitar back.
    I liked it .the new one is too calm.
    Thank you



  113. TRK:

    I’m trying to arrange pay-per-view

  114. Honora:

    That’s my point!

    Don’t argue, cut & paste a response and keep going.

    Zombie lie meets zombie truth

    We could even build resumes on the more infamous zombie LIARS like Andy Sullivan so we can discredit any new lies he spreads immediately

    (ABG is one of the less infamous)

  115. Finally, Saturday night entertainment.

  116. helenk:

    Your avatar eloped with a gravatar

  117. TRK:

    This Saturday night will be “Drunken Rant Open Thread” night

  118. myiq2xu, on November 12th, 2008 at 2:40 pm Said:


    I’m trying to arrange pay-per-view

    People would not be able to afford it — I’m something special. 😉

  119. myiq2xu
    Well I hope they are having fun and created mischief somewhere together.

    I do try to combat the lies when I talk to people and hear the things they say that I know are wrong.
    I am not sure if it is too soon but they are not listening yet.
    When he backtracks on every promise and both he and MO embarrass this country to the world maybe just maybe they will understand



  120. Angie:

    It will be a PUMA fundraiser so you’ll be doing it for a good cause.

  121. People were so desperate for a messiah and Obama just walked into the role. The hunger and yerning after all that we have survived, the humiliation of being American and the need to live in our times gave us Obama. Hillary would of been better but she was vetoed by the Kennediys, Sarandon, Michael Moore, Arianna Huffington and all the new democrats (disgruntled republicans) et al, so instead we got Obama.

  122. myiq — having pity on you is a “good enough cause” as it is.

    I kid my love! I kid! 😉

  123. Just saw this post on Corrent praising Obama for hugging a woman who lost her legs.

    Well, that’s the only way I’d let him hug me. Right now I have two bad knees, but I have a cane I could beat him off with. (Okay, I’m bad, I know.)

    BTW, as little as I want to claim him, I find it plausible that Obama is a Friend of Dorothy. Many of the biggest public gay-haters are. It’s how they keep that closet door firmly shut, or even deny that they’re in one.

  124. Didja ever notice that no Obama supporter has ever heard anything negative about him?

    They always ask for proof (but disappear before you can get back with it) no matter how many times the truth has been told.

  125. Oh no, not a pity f&*k, never.

    We keep talking about Palin and Hillary, the media did a number on Cindy McCain and Ferraro as well.

  126. I’d love a dime for every Obama supporter lie I’ve had to debunk. It’s amazing how many people just take things at face value and never do any research themselves.

    Mountain Sage

  127. I’m going now — I’m feeling a little under the weather & am leaving work early.

    See y’all tonight I hope.

    myiq — jusqu’à ce que nous rencontrons encore mon amour

  128. Kim — I was making a lame joke with myiq — he knows I adore him (actually, I think it creeps him out a little)

    Ok, I’m going home now.

  129. Obama supporters don’t care. Even if we debunk every lie, they will come back with their old standard, that he is better than the alternative. I think a puma posting debunking the lies is wonderful, but Obots will never buy into it. No, I truly believe that the only person capable of bringing Obama down is Obama himself. He will do it to himself – 100% guaranteed.

  130. factcheck.org is run by Annenburg. I can’t actually find who the major funders are for media matters, but that is a large organization with employees. I don’t think either organization will be doing the job.

    I personally wouldn’t look for anything associated with Annenburg to be helping nail down the any narrative that doesn’t ultimately support obama.

  131. myiq2xu – Zombie liars resumes, that’s good too! Did you ever see the City Edition’s list?


    Micki- you link is exactly the kind of stuff that needs a counter punch in the same place. Good for you for writing them!

  132. I think you guys are cute. Be well Angie.

  133. Just saw this post on Corrent praising Obama for hugging a woman who lost her legs.

    WHAT?? she couldn’t run away ???

  134. I agree with the poster upthread who said that we should gather our data, but wait until the Kool-Aid wears off in order to beat them over the head with the truth.

    We know some people are beyond hope, but friends and family should be able to be reached…especially when they see that C*lin P*well is up for several different Cabinet Positions in Mr. Anti-War’s cabinet.

  135. {{{{madamab}}}}}

    I was the poster upthread.

  136. We will be the Obots rebound love.

  137. roofingbird,
    Thanks, what an amazing compilation of the guilty.

  138. {{{Kim}}}

    Great idea.

    The Obots will rebound to us. We can sit down with them, but there WILL be preconditions.


  139. madamab, yep timing is important. We need it as well to put this together. People are exhausted with this subject, they voted him in, they just want it to be all better now. But we need to take whatever small consistant action we can. I don’t have your writing skills and political knowledge, but I have time and the ability to separate things into piles.

  140. This is OT and I apologize, but I always seem to get to the posts late.

    I’m sick of the two party system. They’re just copying whatever awful idea the winning side comes up with (smears, voter fraud, Rove/Axelrod, etc.). I bet in 2016 the right will put a token minority on the ticket and run on a message of “change.”

    I can’t wait until it gets so bad that they throw out all that crap and decide to clean up for real.

    Let’s look at what WORKS for women. I just saw a couple of stories on countries that are getting it right as far as gender equality. The Scandinavian countries are leading the way! I want to read up and find out how that came about. Maybe we can learn from them. Anyone here know anyone from this part of the world?



  141. This is OT and I apologize, but I always seem to get to the posts late.

    I’m sick of the two party system. They’re just copying whatever awful idea the winning side comes up with (smears, voter fraud, Rove/Axelrod, etc.). I bet in 2016 the right will put a token minority on the ticket and run on a message of “change.”

    I can’t wait until it gets so bad that they throw out all that crap and decide to clean up for real.

    Let’s look at what WORKS for women. I just saw a couple of stories on countries that are getting it right as far as gender equality. The Scandinavian countries are leading the way! I want to read up and find out how that came about. Maybe we can learn from them. Anyone here know anyone from this part of the world?


  142. Great idea!

    I use Violet’s site to debunk zombie lies, because Violet’s brilliant that way.

    Pretty dire round-up of some misogyny highlights:


    Anything zombie fearmongering about John Roberts and SCOTUS:


    BO ran a clean campaign? Debunk zombie lies by showing the lowest moment of the primaries, BO accusing his opponent wanting his assassination, *knowing* the media was completely in the tank for him and would spread this despicable lie:


    Alert: if you’ve blocked it out of your memory, your head will explode re-living how the BO campaign distributed fanboy KO’s special comment on the RFK smear to his adoring press.

  143. I hang out with a homicidal clown and do posts about zombies and a naughty hottie is supposed to creep me out?

  144. britgirls – That is really great news – I’ve been hearing about it for a little while now.

    I guess my question is, did they know about the 30% critical mass of women in government and consciously strive to achieve it?

    I know that Rwanda put the 30% figure into their constiution, and they now have more than 50% female representation in their government.

  145. TRK:

    If it weren’t for pity sex I’d be on my own

  146. NEW POST UP!!!

  147. madamab, I need real hope this days and this is the closest thing to it. I must find out more … or move to Scandinavia.

    Meanwhile the trashing of the Clintons continues. I hate the U.S. media.


  148. See, it looks to me like in the legislature, except for Native Americans, minority males are OVER represented, proportionally speaking. It’s women in all categories that are underrepresented. So Lynette’s comments the other night about getting started, even as a precinct captain, are right on. We can’t separate human rights concerns, but we must look at numbers with our own eyes.

  149. Heh, I think I had too many zombie fighting links, so I’m in moderation. Help!

  150. TheRealKim, on November 12th, 2008 at 12:45 pm Said:

    Why not take it a step further and deal with the media that perpetuates the myths? Every time they state something that is not true, we go on an immediate email campaign demanding a retraction.

    Great idea – my mom used to have little plaque that said “love your enemies – it drives them nuts” – So let us be as helpful as possible by “correcting” them whenever they print a “mistake”, “myth” – LIE

  151. britgirls, great link. I think the whole gender equality/pay equality/ political representation goes hand in hand. Still an uphill battle here in the States. I have a friend from Sweden who’s here working after getting his degree at a large university here, and have had some interesting discussions with him on health care, politics, vacation time. Everything seems better there; I’d be tempted to emigrate except for my language problem.

  152. New thread above!!

  153. That’s a great idea, myiq!
    I’ve always wanted to make a list of the Obot cut-and-paste memes and deconstruct them for misogyny. Then give them numbers, like “Oh, that’s woman-hating slogan #23 and has already been disproven like, two centuries ago”.

  154. I’m loving this ‘zombie’ meme. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

  155. Please PUMAS go to this site and read the article, them PLEASE comment:


  156. Yes, yes, yes! A nicely cited, well-reasoned, and articulate site to reply to and debunk the oft repeated memes that won the election despite being total and utter bullshit. I fully support this project. Maybe when I have time over my winter break I’ll help contribute to it.

  157. I got two zombie lies for the price of one at lunch today from a very nice, smart-seeming person: “Sarah Palin isn’t one of the ‘folks,’ she’s a lying millionaire”; and “PUMA is a Republican front. The founder [Darragh Murphy] of the PUMA site has only donated to one candidate ever: John McCain.”

    I zapped the second with zombie truth, but didn’t have the energy to argue about the first.

  158. joanelle@337p
    Maybe PUMAS from all over the country when correcting the media could borrow the southern way and say “bless your heart”
    It seems to be effective.



  159. Downticket –

    Cleland was disinvited from an Obama fundraiser in Atlanta last July. The Hopey Dope campaign explained that it was because Cleland was a registered lobbyist. The kicker was that Cleland was/is a lobbyist for a company called Tissue Regeneration Technologies. From a statement by TRT:

    “Based on our research on diabetic foot ulcers and other wounds, we believe our technology will prevent numerous amputations on veterans and greatly speed the recovery time for certain combat injuries, including those sustained from Improvised Explosive Devices, (IED’s),” Warlick continued. “In many cases, our technology has been shown to not only greatly reduce scar tissue but also generate new, healthy tissue, especially in burn patients.”


    I’m posting this late but I just got around to reading this thread.

  160. […] by the comments to my previous thread about zombie lies, a few of the things I thought didn’t need to be said needed to be said.  That’s […]

  161. Sore Loser Guy:

    Nobody deleted your responses.

    Tell another lie, Pinocchio

  162. Hi webmaster!

  163. Zombie Zapper Macros

    are what we need.

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