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Thank You, Sisters; and Wake Up, Sisters!

I have been wanting to write this post for a while. Since we are taking a breath to regroup and determine our goals for the PUMA movement going forward, I think it’s finally time to say:

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Thank you.

Thank you to all the women who braved the buzzsaw of sexism in order to run for President and Vice President. Since 1884, you have been trying to break that highest, hardest glass ceiling, and this year, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin came the closest anyone has come in 24 years. Because of their work, and all the sisters who have come before, American women are one step closer to having a sister in the White House for the very first time. Your courage and strength is mindboggling, and if we keep working to push women forward in all levels of government, one day we, too, will be saying, “Yes We Did!” on Election Night.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

But our work is not done. I shudder to read the mindless, uninformed drivel that comes out of the mouths of high-profile women these days. Melissa Etheridge, a gay woman who supported Barack Obama, was devastated when Proposition 8 passed in California. But she soon found comfort in her new Messiah of Unity and Rainbows:

…I tell myself to take a breath, okay take another one… Obama has been elected president. This crazy fearful insanity will end soon. This great state and this great country of ours will finally come to the understanding that there is no “them”. We are one. We are united. What you do to someone else you do to yourself. That “judge not, lest ye yourself be judged” are truthful words and not Christian rhetoric.

Melissa. Honey. Without the overwhelming support of Barack Obama’s oh-so-Christian, non-judgmental voters in California, Proposition 8 would never have passed. Moreover, your beloved Precious is on record saying he does not think you have the right to marry the woman you love, and his voice was used in robocalls on Election Day, saying that very thing, to encourage his supporters to vote for this “crazy fearful insanity.”

So, wake up, sister. The election of Barack Obama has actually made your rosy little scenario LESS LIKELY.

I am so tired of women standing patiently in line, allowing everyone to step to the front before us, thinking that surely NOW this group or that will acknowledge our efforts on their behalf. And somehow they think that this election will make the pitiful crumbs they get at the table of power a bit more plentiful, because the election of an African-American means that Americans have transcended their prejudices and this unity will soon spread to other second-class citizens in our country.

Let me ask you hope-notized females a couple of questions:

Why were both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton hated by the media and their own Parties? Their ideology, their experience, their “baggage” could not have been more different. What is the common thread uniting these two people?

Did you hear the words “just not THAT woman” coming from your lips with regard to either of these females?

My sisters, forgive me, but YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You are floating around in a never-never land where electing Barack Obama “proves” that our society has advanced. FYI, without the election fraud that gained him the nomination; $600 million from “small donors” (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL); the fawning support of, and frantic quashing of inquiry by, the corporate and fauxgressive media; the past eight years of George W. Bush; the tanking economy; and the fact that millions of GOP voters stayed home; Barack Obama would not have had a shot in hell of taking the Presidency. And it wouldn’t have been his skin color that was the problem; it would have been his paper-thin resume and Chicago Machine political background that would have turned voters off.

But the fix was in, and any questioning of the fix was decried as “racism.” Obama’s skin color was merely a screen that covered the agenda of a narcissist bent on gaining power for his own sake. It’s ironic that the first thing his followers did, besides vote for him, was to fuck over the gay community, and the first thing Obama himself did was to let Hillary know in no uncertain terms that a mere 70 campaign appearances were not enough to wipe away the horrifying sin of her opposition in the primaries. Senator Clinton will receive neither a Cabinet Position, nor a Senate Committee Leadership on Health Care for her valiant efforts on his behalf. Now THAT’s some kinda unity, folks.

So no, ever so sorry. Barack Obama’s election will not do anything to help womens’ chances of equality in this country. The only thing that will advance that cause is activism on your part. So, I would like you all to think about doing what Melissa Etheridge, once she brushes the rainbow dust out of her eyes, says she is going to do:

Today the gay citizenry of this state will pick themselves up and dust themselves off and do what we have been doing for years. We will get back into it. We love this state, we love this country and we are not going to leave it. Even though we could be married in Mass. or Conn, Canada, Holland, Spain and a handful of other countries, this is our home. This is where we work and play and raise our families. We will not rest until we have the full rights of any other citizen.

Sisters, wake up. No one is going to hand us power. We are just going to have to take it; and in order to do so, we are going to have to acknowledge how hard it’s going to be, and thank the ones who tried to make it happen, whether we agree with them on abortion or not.

It is not sexist to vote based on gender. It’s survival. AND IT WORKS – in fact, it’s the only thing that does.

Get used to it.

110 Responses

  1. So, are you going to print this out and mail it to Melissa? ‘Cause she really needs a serious wake-up call.

  2. Julie – LOL!

    Can you believe her reaction? At least she isn’t going to give up. I just don’t think she realizes that the election of Barack Obama hurt her cause, and was not an amazing hopey-changey ushering in of a prejudice-free future.

  3. Hell, yeah, Mad!

    Vote for the pantsuit and red patent leather pumps. I am so game.

  4. Perfect timing! My comment from the previous thread is more applicable here. I’ll bump it up.

    britgirls, on November 12th, 2008 at 3:13 pm Said:

    This is OT and I apologize, but I always seem to get to the posts late.

    I’m sick of the two party system. They’re just copying whatever awful idea the winning side comes up with (smears, voter fraud, Rove/Axelrod, etc.). I bet in 2016 the right will put a token minority on the ticket and run on a message of “change.”

    I can’t wait until it gets so bad that they throw out all that crap and decide to clean up for real.

    Let’s look at what WORKS for women. I just saw a couple of stories on countries that are getting it right as far as gender equality. The Scandinavian countries are leading the way! I want to read up and find out how that came about. Maybe we can learn from them. Anyone here know anyone from this part of the world?


  5. I had really hoped that women were finally going to be treated with respect in this country.Over half the brains here are female, we handle most of the money and do more than our fair share of working for the good of this country.
    This election told me that my daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters if they choose to run for office will be vilified, and treated with less respect than if they ran in some third world countries.
    i wonder what would happen if all females pulled a one week strike on working,keeping house,raising children, shopping and really sat back and ate bon-bons all day for one week.
    Do you think the shock of women actually standing up for them selves would make a difference?



  6. helenk – WOW!!!

    i wonder what would happen if all females pulled a one week strike on working,keeping house,raising children, shopping and really sat back and ate bon-bons all day for one week.
    Do you think the shock of women actually standing up for them selves would make a difference?

    Um, HECK YEAH!!! I just love your comments, helen – so glad you have your Internet service back!

  7. Note to Melissa: YEAH, WHAT MADAMAB SAID! YOU are part of the PROBLEM!

    Great post. Have you gone over and read some of Gary’s stuff about this? I love his anger because I feel the exact same friggin’ thing.

  8. Regency – I hear you are fond of that picture of Hillary for some reason.


  9. scrubs57 – Yes, I go there every day. I’m so pissed at these sexist, homophobic Obamans – and the women who go along with them!!!

  10. Mad – *innocent face* What ever gave you that idea?

  11. This post is awesome, madamab! I’m reading that 50/50 download at the end. BRB.

  12. Regency – I don’t care what anyone says, I think she is an inspiration – and I should only look so good in 20 years!!!

  13. Now, how the heck is RWANDA doing it and we aren’t? ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH.

  14. scrubs57 … it took genocide before things changed in Rwanda.


  15. Mad – She’s certainly an inspiration to me. I wish I looked that good now and I’m only 18.

  16. scrubs57 – Sadly, it took a crisis to make it happen. The genocide killed huge numbers of men. The Rwandan leaders knew that women wouldn’t run for office unless they were encouraged and brought forward. So, they amended the Constitution to read that the government had to be comprised of at least 30% women.

  17. Maybe we are having our own sort of genocide here. We aren’t taking out the men but we are certainly stirring the women.

    I honestly believe we need to start talking to Republican women as well – many of their struggles are similar to ours on the very basic level.

    We need critical mass for influence.

  18. All the peaceniks will be getting a wakeup call. Obama has plans to increase the military by 65,000 and marines by 27,000. And since he hasn’t scrubbed his website I’m assuming this to be true.

    You can head over to cannonfire.blogspot.com to read all about it. However, his 52% figure is actually 20%.

    How long to they realize they have been lied to?
    Welcome to the upside down cafe ladies and gentlemen.

  19. Here’s Melissa’s contact info:


  20. scrubs57 – Of course we do! There is nothing partisan in the 30% solution. Women are women. We all know and recognize each other. It’s the men that always try to divide us with BS wedge issues.

    We are a threat to their hegemony.

  21. It’s frightening how deep these negative views go though. It’s everywhere. I had dinner with a neighbor. She’s a really good person, but when talk got around to the election she started telling me about a hilarious video her dad had sent her. She was talking about the Terry Tate video when he knocks out Palin. I said “Lynda, no I don’t find violence against women amusing.” That was a real conversation killer.

  22. britgirls – my brilliant, accomplished female friends were discussing how Palin was a bimbo at a party last weekend. Luckily I overheard, but was not a part of, the conversation. They just assume that I think she is stupid and not worth considering.

    It’s very sad.

  23. britgirls – I cannot believe another woman would find anything funny in that video. Ick.

    madamab – regarding hegemony: Orson Scott Card writes a lot about it in his books, though he has very strong female characters. This year has reminded me a lot of what he has written about in his science fiction. In his future, the internet becomes increasingly important – wars are avoided or begun based on the internet propaganda. I love his writing but it has been creepy seeing things happen the way they have.

    I also think he is a PUMA.

  24. Gotta go get ready for work.

    Good discussion – keep it going.

  25. There cannot be true democracy unless women’s voices are heard. There cannot be true democracy unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives. There cannot be true democracy unless all citizens are able to participate fully in the lives of their country.


  26. scrubs57 – I love Orson Scott Card, although his Mormonism does pervade his work to a somewhat off-putting degree…I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a PUMA, indeed!!!

  27. I saw a show about this on PBS a few years back.

    Not only was there genocide in Rwanda, but a huge number of men are detained indefinitely awaiting trial in the genocide. Essentially, men discredited themselves so completely that women were required to step in.

    They interviewed some college students. Some sexist attitudes remain but on the whole it is working well.

    My fear is that in 30 years the next generation will say to the women, Thanks for your help, but go back to the kitchen, we’ll take it from here.

  28. Excellent post. This rousing wake up call needs to be heard across the nation!

  29. Amen, TRK!!!

  30. Have you seen the potential Obama cabinet transition flow chart? There’s no source so it could be bull. There are only a few women even under consideration! Somehow I’m not surprised.


  31. Have you seen the potential Obama cabinet transition flow chart? (Google transition flow chart 08). There’s no source so it could be bull. There are only a few women even under consideration! Somehow I’m not surprised.

  32. I’m reprinting this. I think we have to look at 2010. I read somewhere that women would control 60% of the wealth by then.( I don’t know how that applies now.) We must use it. We must work to put any kind of qualified women in office. My preference is leftist, but I see the need.

    See, it looks to me like in the legislature, except for Native Americans, minority males are OVER represented, proportionally speaking. It’s women in all categories that are underrepresented. So Lynette’s comments the other night about getting started, even as a precinct captain, are right on. We can’t separate human rights concerns, but we must look at numbers with our own eyes.


  33. ugsome – If your point is that we will always have to fight these battles, I totally and completely agree. The 30% Solution isn’t a magic wand. It’s just something that works to begin combatting societal misogyny.

    If it’s neglected and gender representation is allowed to fall back into inequity, no doubt sexism will reappear.

    Eternal vigilance…

  34. […] Acknowledge the efforts others have made on your behalf and the behalf of your cause: I shudder to read the mindless, […]

  35. Hey, madamab and others:

    I am putting together a blog called The New Feminine Mystique. A big part of the problem is that we are not battling one glaring injustice, but rather suffocating in an atmosphere of neglect, belittlement, insult, and indifference. The best way to fight that is to draw attention to the evidence of it every day.

    Would you ladies be willing to help me document the Mystique wherever you see it–in labor statistics, on YouTube, overheard in conversation, in fashion trends?

  36. Maybe women are our solution. Maybe we should have a woman a day project. That way we can start to get to know the different women in politics, what their priorities are and how they manage to be effective at focusing government on improving life for their constituents. Efforts to improve womens leadership skills could also be helpful.

  37. madamab: I agree. Here in the US we are going backwards at a terrifying pace. I hope Rwandan women get entrenched in power enough to push back effectively, but I don’t assume that power once achieved will stay in their hands.

  38. That sounds like a great idea, ugsome. I’d be happy to help.

  39. Great post madamab! Thanks!

    The latent sexism reared certainly reared it’s ugly head this election season. It was just under the surface you knew it was there, but it didn’t seem to bad. Now it’s out in the open, in your face for all who have eyes open and can see.

    It feels impossible to get past the total denial of some and enlighten them. This is going to take some real work.

  40. Madamab,

    You’re right. I am in total agreement. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Any LGBT person and any woman that voted for Obamanation is part of the problem. I have no patience for that type. They do not signify and need to be discarded. If they do not gracefully step aside, they will be shoved aside by the PUMAs and like minded people. African Americans have been the target of discrimination for a very long time. However, they do not hold a monopoly on discrimination. How hypocritical that African Americans are part of the people that are doing the discrimination.

  41. Well said. And without Obma’s tacit approval on 8, fundies may have not stayed home, and McCain might have won. Gays were bargained away.
    Also, I have been wondering what’s the reason for the media’s Alka Seltzer moment?

  42. Ugsome – YES!!! Count me in, sister!

  43. madamab–thanks for the post and especially for the link to the flow chart showing potential cabinet picks. Of the 56 names in the chart, only eight (8!!!) are women. Assuming the names are in order of likelihood to be chosen, the only one in a top spot is Janet Nepolitano for Atty. General.

    I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m speechless.

  44. Did you see how you just got linked by the Hippo? It’s a perfect example of mythology building.
    I note by the way that he linked the comments, not the blog.

  45. Roofingbird – I went over there and commented already. My quote was deliberately and totally misrepresented, and that idiot has the nerve to say he is being a “good blogger” by doing so!

  46. Petal@4:09p
    I like your idea very much.
    It should also include those women who helped hold back other women.
    We need to know who we can depend on to represent us and who are just in office to take up space.



  47. Petal, I like that idea. If someone puts up a bio, I’ll link to it!

  48. Nell – remember, John McCain was the one who promised gender equity in his cabinet. Barack Obama said hell no.

  49. Nell
    I also made that observation. Sad.

  50. I wrote a piece in my blog not long ago, that we have to start thinking along the lines of no matter where we are, we are women first. This election season, I have heard slogans like “Country First” and women saying “just not that woman”. There is not one of us who has not had to deal with gender inequality. We have to stick together and remember what Margaret Thatcher said: ” In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman. .”

  51. Women first!

  52. And the men who support them!

  53. roofingbird,

    Women first!
    And the men who support them!

    Good slogan of purpose or intent.

  54. I am hoping obama will show his stripes with cabinet appointments. It will become harder to deny, like prop 8. Even the most faithful deniers of reality have to open their eyes at some point.

    I expect to see very few women and they will be tokens in the least influential positions. Just a guess, but I won’t be surprised to be right.

  55. I like that, roofingbird and petal!

    Let’s not forget the men that support us. We need them too and we love them!

  56. Ironically, there were NO women in Thatcher’s cabinet … other than the Iron Lady herself.

    So what she really meant was “if you want anything done, ask me.”

  57. YAHOO!!!! Awesome post MADAMAB!

    & FL Voter you are so right!

    2 wks ago I was in the grocery store and Two AA’s wearing Obama shirts walked by me and said with to me with disgust “DYKE!” I was like WTF!



  58. britgirls – LOL!

    I’m sure she did!

  59. brtl12,

    I blame Obamanation for the lack of civility that has permeated society recently. They feel that they can do and say the most horrendous things with no repercussions. They must think that the MSM got away with it and Obama did too, so they can also. They seem to forget that respect is a two way street. I am so sorry for what happened to you.

  60. In order for there to be a reason to promote this unenlightened, unprepared, inexeperienced man to the office of president, they had to slash and burn the two female candidates who stood in his way.

    The first lesson to be learned from this election is that sexism became a handy instrument to badger and control and the second lesson is that AAs are as bigoted and as biased as those they accuse of being the same.

    And it was all done for the sake of electing a black man to the White House. If anyone can find the justification for playing by those unholy rules they are as culpable as the players who made it happen.

    Great post once again, madamab!!

  61. brtl12 – I’m so sorry to hear that. I agree with what FLVoter said.

  62. Some of us do not have a supporting male (nor do we want one).

  63. Thanks, PJ! So glad you’ve returned…:-)

  64. TRK – Bloggers like myiq and RedDragon and Joseph Cannon and New Hampster support us. They are men who are totally in favor of the 30% Solution.

    So you have them, whether you want them or not!!


  65. ugsome – done!

  66. britgirls, on November 12th, 2008 at 3:28 pm Said:

    Thank you, that’s the link I wanted. I suggested at New Agenda that we do a conference for women whose countries are more receptive, and less vicious, when it comes to women in positions of leadership. The theory behind Maslow’s hierarchy is “study the psychologically healthy” people to find out about mental health. We have to study politically healthy societies to find out why the U.S. still suffers the sickness of sexism.

  67. Senate Finance Chief Calls for Mandatory Insurance


  68. Senate Finance Chief Calls for Mandatory Insurance


  69. My experience has been that only men who are self assured and secure in their masculinity have the maturity to recognize and support women and LGBTs. They know that gender equality and all around equality for all people does not lessen who they are. Unfortunately, there are alot of scared littled boys out there.

    So the question is not why equality, but why not equality for all. What is “your” problem that “you” cannot support equality for all people?

  70. Petal – Good for him. He agrees with Hillary.

    I see more and more of her ideas trickling out to the public. At least she got credit for it in this article…I think Mike Bloomberg is a fan of Hillary’s!

  71. Humunuh, humunuh…where’d ya get THAT picture of Hillary??

  72. My comment disappeared!

    I was saying that I was happy for Max Baucus and that I was thrilled he took Hillary’s side in the debate. Bloomberg gave her credit, too. I think Mike Bloomberg is a fan of Hillary’s!

  73. fif – Check out SM’s blog, LiberalCrat!


  74. helenk says:

    i wonder what would happen if all females pulled a one week strike on working,keeping house,raising children, shopping and really sat back and ate bon-bons all day for one week.
    Do you think the shock of women actually standing up for them selves would make a difference?

    and that should include no sex to all those men who expect it from their partners and wives.

    ever heard of the play Lysistrata?

  75. I saw the interview of Palin by Matt Lauer this week, and did you notice when Matt asked Piper a question re: if she wanted to hit the campaign trail again in 2012, Sarah said to Piper: “Well sister, would you want to do that again?” I loved that she called her “sister.”

    That’s why I have instinctively defended Palin to men and “liberal” women alike–she is my sister, and I’m proud of her. What courage it took for her to be thrown into that buzz saw and persevere with such dignity and cheer. I’d like to see all of these critics uproot their families at a moment’s notice and meet that challenge with a smile.

    And Hillary…well, we’ve been singing her praises for a long time. It’s easy to criticize from a distance, but I can’t fathom the pressure, intensity, and hostility they faced with such strength and grace. I am very grateful to both of them, and all of the women who have blazed the trail.

  76. madamab: thanks. My first thought was, “it must be one of Regency’s pix,” but I see that SM’s post was dedicated to Regency!

  77. My kids friends parents buy their kids shoes for over $100, live in larger homes and drive more expensive cars and then boast of not affording health insurance.
    I pay health insurance first and then spend. Maybe if everybody shares the burden it will be easier for everybody. There could even be a token minimum eg.$80 (single) or $180 (family) that would add up and make sure everybody pays something (just threw out some numbers).

  78. I’m proud of Sarah Palin because she has been an excellent governor. Obama wanted points for playing cards with the big boys.

  79. petal – Amazing how Sarah’s fans can list her accomplishments, but Obama’s cannot. Getting elected to office is about it for him.

  80. madamab, could you delete my post at 4:50 please

  81. Yes, mamamab, I immediately remembered McCain’s promise of gender equity in his administration when I looked at that flow chart (and BO’s unequivocal repudiation of same).

    Thanks for reminding us all.

  82. Moreover, your beloved Precious is on record saying he does not think you have the right to marry the woman you love, and his voice was used in robocalls on Election Day, saying that very thing,

    Is that true? I didn’t hear about that–wouldn’t it have turned off his more liberal voters in CA? I can’t stand the dueling realities of who they think he is/his media image, and what is true. The hypocrisy makes me grind my teeth.

    Excellent post madamab. Seemingly rational people have been seduced by this fantasy Axelrod sold them. Today I heard a commentator saying, “The media/powers that be will NOT let him fail, because they pride themselves on getting him elected. They are in love. They will not report on his mistakes or contradictions, and they will shield him, because they have too much invested.” We’ve already seen that to be true for months (eg: FISA, public financing, NAFTA, gun control etc.) so it will be very interesting to see when/if people wake up as he breaks his promises. How long will it take for the Kool Aid high to wear off?

  83. Nell – sorry I had to.

    ugsome – done!

  84. If it weren’t so pathetic it would be funny but Obama ran on a pledge to “change” Washington. Now he is busy vetting and appointing members of the old Clinton administration, many of whom were instrumental in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Where is the promised change? Probably sitting somewhere with Granny who has yet to be laid to rest. However, according to reports this will happen when he flies to Hawaii for his Christmas break. After all, first things first.

    What a flaming, indifferent Choochhead!!! The poor thing is sitting in freezer somewhere for 8 weeks while he basks in his own glory.

    God, I despise this man.

  85. Women hold 16% of the Governors mansions, 16% of the House seats and 17% of the Senate seats. It is funny that the three are so close.

  86. hi madamab: got your note, it’s fine, I was driving home and going to post it then … gave me some more editing time, i’ll put it up in a few.

    this is a great post and it really is true that some times we are our own worst enemies

  87. petal, health insurance for the family comes first. I don’t much care about my clothes anyway.

  88. all his accomplishments have to do with moving from office to office… the only thing he appears to do well, is move out and up

  89. ” I blame Obamanation for the lack of civility that has permeated society recently. They feel that they can do and say the most horrendous things with no repercussions. They must think that the MSM got away with it and Obama did too, so they can also.”

    I totally agree. This brief column is an ugly example:

    The guy is laughing about giving Sarah Palin a hysterectomy .

    PLEASE go to this page and make comments.

  90. I’d like to throw in on Madamab’s post and say thank you to all the women and men who ever stood up, spoke up, or refused to shut up. Progress toward equality for all is made up of breaking the big barriers, but it also made up of a million lesser moments, of a million smaller but no less important acts of bravery. It is not made just by the superstars on the national stage, but every day people in their everyday lives.

    It happens over years and years, it’s hard work, and esp. in years like 2008 it sometimes seems dispiritingly pointless. But it’s not.

    So thank you, PUMAs, and all the people who came before me and all the people who will come after me, for fighting all the battles, big and small.

  91. petal: in that article it says Ted Kennedy “vows to return to the Senate to lead the charge on health care.” I understand that he is determined, but does he fully grasp that it’s not in his control–he has brain cancer for heaven’s sake.

  92. dakinikat: Or pack.


    You’ll have to deal with things you DON’T like and DON’T understand, just stand in unity and TRUST the man who is our president.

    I believe it was something like that in his acceptance speech and DEFINITELY JOE,

    YA think PROP 8, is possibly a SMALL PART of it.

    I’m sorry———our friends didn’t want to hear it,
    Now they have to fight it out AGAIN.

    More to come, I have NO DOUBT>

  94. Is there an antidote for all of this?

  95. dakinikat, on November 12th, 2008 at 5:24 pm Said:

    all his accomplishments have to do with moving from office to office… the only thing he appears to do well, is move out and up

    I can’t stand people who fail upwards.

  96. kjmontana
    People who hate are reflective of themselves.
    I wonder if the writer handles an $80 billion annual budget. He proberbly has a small d!ck and has been rejected once too often.
    Real men support strong women. They know how much we contribute and are grateful.

  97. I’ll TELL you this much PUMA’S:


    MSNBC, CNN, CBS, can all kiss my BIG BUTT!!

    I’ll never look to them again, and if we’re smart,


    Unrealistic, perhaps, but not impossible.

    Sorry, DOESN’T CUT IT, what’s the matter,

    Obama not giving them anymore MONEY>

    LGBT, YOU ALSO————-Fox I can handle, until they get out of hand (like on electionl night)———–

  98. After the Nov. elections, another historic milestone was reached (even though hardly anyone is reporting on it) in NH: The New Hampshire Senate has become the first state legislative body in the country with a majority-female membership. Hooray!
    Nashua Telegraph

  99. I left a comment. I am sick of that kind of b.s.

    It’s even harder to take from women. A female university prof at my church was telling me that the selection of such a dumb, unqualified woman as Palin was evidence of McCain’s sexism! It was all I could do not to blurt out, “now I’ve heard everthing!!!!” Unbelievable. I had already shared to the congregation my thoughts about the unleashing of misogyny that we have witnessed this election. For a second, I thought she was actually going to commiserate with me, but no.

    Thank-you for the post, madamab.

    And thanks to everyone for all the good work and good cheer you’ve given during this process. These are dark days, and we’ll need to keep each other going.

  100. […] 12, 2008 by roofingbird oceancitygirl reported over at the Confluence today, the following herstoric accomplishment as noted in the Nashua Telegraph: After the Nov. […]

  101. Don’t forget Cynthia McKinney, who was also smeared by the Obots and called the c word. A number of PUMAs like me voted for her. And speaking of a third party I think the Green Party would welcome us. That party has women’s rights as part of it’s core platform. Our best bet, if we want to push for our values would be to back the Green party. They have a base already that can be built on. I certainly plan on helping them.

  102. It is not sexist to vote based on gender. It’s survival. AND IT WORKS – in fact, it’s the only thing that does.


    MadamaB – you rocked it!

  103. Back to Melissa for a minute. Wasn’t it just this past Sunday’s Parade magazine where she was quoted as saying that during the primaries EVERYBODY wanted her to make a campaign appearance, but AFTER Obama (and McCain) were selected NOBODY wanted anything to do with her????

    At least in that article, it was clear that she was saying that Obama was not wanting to share any stage with her after he became the nominee!!!! I don’t think she has totally swallowed the koolaid.

  104. One of the things we need to tackle, and win at, because I think it is imperative, is to somehow move beyond the Roe v Wade issue. I had this argument today with someone on the NYT web site. As long as we are being bludgeoned to death every election cycle with Roe v Wade, as long as as women are allowing ourselves to be defined by Roe v Wade, as long as we are allowing ourselves to be used and seen as nothing but a uterus, we are never going to be equal. We need to bury that as an issue. we need to rise above it, and we need to stop allowing ourselves to be defined and divided by that. The New Agenda is making some strides in that area, we need to keep on fighting that, and throw some support behind them.

  105. Great post , Madamab! So true.

  106. Cynthia McKinney was smeared by the Obamatrons and called the c word, too? Can I have links? I didn’t see/hear of any of this (but then again, I was too busy trying to defend Sarah from the remarks, since she was on my candidate’s ticket)…

  107. Its so wierd. I have commented on Obama’s and Biden’s recurring statements of their opposition to gay marriage on several glbt blogs and sites. Its as if I have been dreaming and they never said those things. Protesting the Mormon church, the Republicans, etc, when it was their own candidate that stated his views about homosexuals marrying is wrong. I’ve pointed out Obama’s refusal to be photographed with the mayor of SF, his never appearing at a gay rights rally, his initial refusal to be interviewed by gay publications, his tours through churches with antigay zealots and his public statements. Yet, the gay blogs all turn the other way and pretend none of those things happened. I won’t hold my breath waiting for some big gay proclamation from the President Elect but I hope they do.


  109. I’d like to see the sources on the Cynthia McKinney smears too. If that’s true then we have three completely different female politicians all being degraded with sexist and misogynistic smears. And no one will be able to argue that these three women were attacked for reasons other than their gender.

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