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How Obama Stole It

He loves to smell his

He loves to smell his own farts

Newsweek has published the first chapter of “Barack Obama: How He Did It” which is a multi-part series explaining how an empty-suit got elected to the most powerful job in the world.  The article is long and full of nuggets to mine and blog about.  While I’m only covering part of Chapter 1 here, I recommend you read the entire thing. 

The article begins with:

Barack Obama had a gift, and he knew it. He had a way of making very smart, very accomplished people feel virtuous just by wanting to help Barack Obama.

If that doesn’t describe what happened to the lefty blogosphere I don’t know what does.  Many very smart, accomplished bloggers felt so virtuous about supporting Barack they thought that anything they did was justified; they believed they could do no wrong. 

The article is filled with inconsistencies like this:

On the eve of his speech to the Democratic convention in 2004, the speech that effectively launched him as the party’s hope of the future, he took a walk down a street in Boston with his friend Marty Nesbitt. A growing crowd followed them. “Man, you’re like a rock star,” Nesbitt said to Obama. “He looked at me,” Nesbitt recalled in a story he liked to tell reporters, “and said, ‘Marty, you think it’s bad today, wait until tomorrow.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean?’ And he said, ‘My speech is pretty good’.”

If the speech was Obama’s first big moment in the national spotlight, why were crowds in Boston already following a state senator from Illinois (and little-known author of one memoir) who was still just a candidate for the U.S. Senate?  Are the residents of Beantown extreme political junkies?  Or are they Oprah fans?

Now pay careful attention to the dates in the next passages (empahsis mine):

In November 2006, Craig sat next to George Stevens, an old friend of the Robert Kennedy clan, at another Obama speech. Stevens leaned over to Craig and said, “What do you think of this guy for president? I haven’t heard anybody like this since Bobby Kennedy.” Craig instantly replied, “Sign me up.” Stevens and Craig approached Obama coming out of the speech and asked, “What are you doing in 2008?” Obama gave them a big grin and said, “Oh, man, it wasn’t that good.” But before long Craig and Stevens were raising money for Obama’s political-action committee, the Hope Fund. Obama was amused by the devotion of the two old Kennedy hands. After a while, every time he saw the two men he would say, “Here come the Kool-Aid boys.”

That December of 2006, Obama told Craig and Stevens, “Lay off me for a while. I’ve got to talk to Michelle.” Obama went off to Hawaii with his wife and two girls for the holidays. “I thought, ‘We’re dead’,” recalled Craig. “He’s not going to be able to do it.”


Obama was growing accustomed to adulation. Greg Craig was not the only old Kennedy hand to fall in love. At Coretta Scott King’s funeral in early 2006, Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert Kennedy, leaned over to him and whispered, “The torch is being passed to you.” “A chill went up my spine,” Obama told an aide.


Obama had laid out his vision for the campaign on the day after the midterm elections in 2006.


He had met in a small, dimly lit conference room in the office of Axelrod’s consulting firm in Chicago with his inner circle: Michelle, his friend Marty Nesbitt, Axelrod, Plouffe, Robert Gibbs (who would handle communications), Steve Hildebrand (Plouffe’s deputy), Alyssa Mastromonaco (director of the advance teams) and Pete Rouse, Tom Daschle’s former chief of staff and a Capitol Hill insider. Valerie Jarrett, a close Obama family friend who was closely connected with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, joked about the decidedly unfancy setting.

 When exactly did Barack Obama decide to run for President?  One version has him mapping out strategy the day after the November 2006 midterms, but another has him still just thinking about it in December (he officially announced in March 2007.)

How long has Obama had the support of the Kennedy clan?  Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver all publically endorsed Obama just before Super Tuesday in February 2008, and there were rumors at that time that Teddy was motivated by anger over the statements Hillary made about MLK and LBJ because he felt she denigrated his late older brother.  But the widow of Teddy’s other slain brother seems to have given the official family endorsement to Obama two years earlier.   (BTW – Please note that the first reference linking Obama supporters to Kool-aid was made by the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers himself in November 2006.)

 Now there is a mother lode of interesting information in the article, but I think this is the money quote: 

Curiously, though Obama drove his rivals mad by receiving reams of mostly friendly publicity, he was not well liked by reporters, many of whom found him chilly and guarded. He was more popular with editors, who regarded him as a phenomenon.

I’ve said before that the media is controlled by the people that pay their salaries.  That passage confirms that it was not the reporters that drove the coverage of Teh Precious.  Now all I need is proof that the editors were given marching orders from above as well.

(This is the first in a series of posts analyzing the Newsweek article)


246 Responses

  1. First! So when are you taking me to heaven?

  2. I caught Glenn Beck who actually seemed SMART tonight talking with O’Reilly…on the subject of Palin, O’R said the “media would kill her” if she ran again.

    Well, I saw her tonight LIVE from Alaska with Greta…multi-tasking in the kitchen and talking policy…WOW…

    I dashed off a full report…

    Did You See Sarah Palin Live with Greta? WOW!! In the Kitchen, Meal Prep and Policy…


    She was brilliant…full report!!!

  3. Angie – As Milton (and Ricardo Montelban as Khan) said –

    “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.”

  4. myiq — that’s what I’m anticipating.

  5. I hesitate to read the article, but on your recommendation I will do so. Funny, I guess RFK, Jr. didn’t get the family memo.

  6. I’ll read your excerpts, MyIQ. But, I don’t think I can take the unfiltered version.

  7. Katiebird:

    It’s full of WTF? moments

  8. angienc – you said something in the post below about Dean picking Obama to give the keynote in 2004. No way. HoHo was on the outs with the party then. He was the darling of the grassroots, not the leadership. Remember, it was John Kerry’s convention and what ever he wanted would be what would have been done. HoHo wasn’t elected to DNC chair until January 2005. And he had to fight for the position. The party leaders (Harry Reid included) did not want him. The 50 State Strategy was his idea, but it went out the window with the 2008 primary season.

  9. I’ll wait & read myiq’s analysis — I will not give News”weak” a hit if I can help it.

  10. I say this as an early Howard Dean supporter in 2003 and a former 50 State Strategy field worker (yessiree, I worked for the DNC). To say my heart was broken over this election season would be an understatement.

  11. bluelyon — Dean & the Deaniacs focused on BO right after Dean was out — he might not have been the one to “sign off” on BO giving that speech, but he had a hand in it.

  12. Very nice post, myiq. I went and read some of it after you dropped the hint about the kool-aid boys. But where did Ayers say it?

    I think Obama only ran for the Senate so he could run for President. He was planning long before that with Howard Dean’s apparatus.

  13. I still can’t believe that egomaniac, misogynist & r@cist is going to be President of the USA — I keep praying that he will get indicted (not likely) or grow a conscience (yeah, right) before Dec. 15 & step down.
    God — I never ask you for anything!! How can you be so unreasonable!?!?!

  14. myiq,

    I think we need a series of posts from you in which you cruelly mock all the WTF moments.

  15. Actually, no, the Deaniacs, leastways the ones I knew, were all for getting him elected DNC chair. For the presidential, they for the most part went with Edwards until he dropped out. Then, their utter hatred for all things Clinton, pushed them to Obama. YMMV.

    The fact that there seems to be a major Massachesetts connection here, makes me think Dean was out of the loop in the early days, but was brought on board later on.

  16. Massachusetts. Yikes.

  17. BB:

    Obama = The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers

  18. Joseph Cannon has an interesting new post up.

  19. I get enough WTF moments right here.


  20. Oh, how silly of me. I completely missed the point. I’m so embarrassed!

  21. (whispering) I missed it too, BB.

  22. Obama has some bad astrological aspects coming up.

  23. bluelyon,

    I’m so tired, I didn’t even notice it. I’ve gone beyond exhausted to punchy.

  24. It’s one thing when different articles by different authors disagree or give inconsistent accounts of events.

    But when those inconsistencies are in the same article you have to wonder why the editor is still employed.

  25. Do tell Afrocity.

  26. The Obama organization was so NOT like what the 50 State Strategy was – which focused on local, home grown organizers which let the locals decide how to organize their communities. The Obama organizers were NOT locals, already had a pre-determined method and were out of state organizers who moved out as soon as the caucus or primary in that state was finished.

  27. If all those people were available for a meeting the day after the 2006 general election then it was scheduled BEFORE the election.

  28. Just checking quickly – won’t have time to stay. I’ve been nursing mom and working from home. She’s a little better.

  29. I am only saying this because in Nevada, I saw the hard work of local central committees get wiped out by the Obama folks. There was no work on behalf of the Democratic Party (from lowest local office to highest) which was the goal of the 50 State Strategy, and instead became solely focused on The One, to the detriment of down-ticket Dems.

  30. Over the years, I’ve noticed that both Time and Newsweek are very inaccurate and their fact-checking is not good.

    In 1967 I lived with an older roomate (she was 26 and I was 19). She worked as an editor for a publishing company. A friend of hers came to visit one time and she was going on and on about working on a story about Bob Dylan for Time Magazine. She said he was complete phony, because he was from NYC and was faking his accent and singing fake folk music.

    I was shocked. I told her that Bob Dylan is from a small town in Minnesota. She had no clue, and she was a fact-checker.

  31. Transiting saturn is conjunct his mars in the 8th house

    When Saturn transits conjunct Mars:

    Restraint of energies is required. There may be Illness, especially if you try to do too much. Exercise discipline of physical and temperamental forces; your dynamics externalize badly; you may feel that your personality fails to assert itself and should not try to force your will or your ways on others. Avoid strife and excess effort; you’ll feel blocked and frustrated if you don’t. “Ride loose in the saddle of fate,” for this is no time to fight destiny by trying to alter the normal course of events. Will power won’t work effectively. Need for complete rest and withdrawal follows any serious effort to break down the resistance of things as they are. Guard health, nerves, human relations.

    Hard work and concentrated effort are the key issues for this time period. You are faced with tasks that are tedious and difficult, but which must be completed at this time.

  32. looking for integrity,

    I’m so glad your mom is feeling better. Take care.

  33. myiq2xu – Yes, agree. Note, the meeting did not include any DNC people, but did include Daschle. In Nevada, Daschle’s former campaign manager, David Cohen, became the Executive Director for Barack Obama.

    Also, what November 2006 Obama speech? Anyone know which one this is referring to?

  34. bluelyon:

    One of the reasons Hillary was blindsided by Obama is that the caucus sytem usually favors the establishment and/or better known candidates because they have connections with the state organizations..

    No one has ever built an independent organization before.

    That’s where that $99 million Obama raised last year went

  35. Afrocity,

    I hope he gets really blocked and frustrated and throws a tantrum in public.

  36. {{looking for interity}}

    Thank you for the update. I’m glad you’re mom is doing a little better. Please take care of yourself (if you can) too.

  37. He also has Neptune transiting his first house and that transit will happen for a long time. He is deceiving people in some way. Or deceiving himself.

  38. I’d like to know how anyone knew who he was the day before his speech. Do you think maybe the walk took place after the speech. That would be a normal memory error.

  39. Wait…I think this may be the speech: A Way Forward in Iraq

    Yes, he was being primed then.

  40. myiq2xu, And 99 million can buy a lot of power at a caucus. Our caucus has never had more than around 100 people. Last spring it was over a 1000. And we lost loads of people ’cause of the disorganization.

    I’m convinced that people from Missouri (2 miles away) voted there and then came over to our caucus in the evening.

  41. Well we already know he is deceiving people. Are you a professional astrologer? I find it fascinating.

  42. Here’s a clip of Howard Dean and Obama from August ’03.

    Obama was one of Dean’s Dozen very soon after Dean for America became Democracy for America, in May, 04. Dean bragged about campaigning for Obie for Senate at that time on his website. The whole “Obamenon” is weird though, Donna Brazile was talking him up in Slate Magazine by Nov. 04, saying the Dem party needed to tap into the “Obama factor”. He hadn’t done anything at that point, but the convention speech and thug his way into running unopposed.

  43. I suspect that Obama had lots of covert establishment support that was told to keep quiet and pretend they were neutral.

    There simply is no rational explanation for the high level of support Obama had early on.

    He raised money like a popular incumbent – He beat Edwards Dodd and Biden combined.

  44. Chicago Council on Global Affairs. How do all these organization get funded? There are millions of them. Imagine if some of that money went to actually help people or rebuild infrastructure instead of paying for a bunch of wealthy people to sit around and pontificate?

  45. thanx for the informative post, myiq. i look forward to your further installments.

    here’s some not-so-surprising news via politico, fellow pumas:

    Dean to step down?

    HuffPo notes that Howard Dean’s term as DNC chairman expires in January, and that Obama — whose chief of staff famously clashed with Dean during the 2006 cycle — will want to handpick his successor.

    The speculation begins with the floating of Claire McCaskill and Steve Hildebrand’s names:

    In sheer political terms, the choice really wasn’t Dean’s to make. Indeed, any decision on who will serve as the next DNC chair will come with directives from Obama and his aides. And a name being floated around as a possible Dean replacement is one of the president-elect’s closest allies: Claire McCaskill, the junior Senator from Missouri and a national co-chair of the Obama campaign.

    “My sense is that the Obama folks are pretty insular and don’t want somebody else building the party and haven’t even decided what building the party means for them,” explained one aide. “I bet they go with a split chair again … McCaskill at Chair, and somebody like Steve Hildebrand [Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager] at Operational Chair.”

    By Avi Zenilman 02:02 PM


  46. afrocity — another thing is that BO’s chart is not at all presidential — Hillary’s is, as is, to a lesser extent, McCain’s. More proof of man’s will interfering with destiny.

    bluelyon — I’m not going to argue at what exact point Dean became involved — it is, frankly, unprovable. But I see too many similarities between the Obots & the Deaniacs to think Dean wasn’t involved from the get-go. Honestly though I don’t give a fig.

  47. KB:

    Of course nobody is investigating any of that, at least not anyone with authority.

  48. Cinie–speechifying is enough, apparently.

  49. Oops – correction, the meeting didn’t include Daschle…just his right hand man.

    Daschle was excoriated by the left for being a milquetoast and rolling over for everything the Rs wanted. That he was an early endorser of B0 told me everything I wanted to know.

    Unfortunately, I learned a whole lot more than I wanted to learn.

  50. NJPuma,

    We had a front page post about that earlier. But thanks. Obama gets to choose the Chairman since he won the election.

  51. BB, I have been reading charts since I was a kid. Since I don’t feel like writing it, here is a description Neptune transiting BO’s first house.

    Neptune Transits the First House

    This influence sensitizes your mind, body, and soul to a higher energy. It can act to soften your disposition as you become more attuned to the subtleties in your environment and in everyday activities. You absorb the mood of those around you quite easily now, and your disposition is somewhat changeable as a result. This transit can add a mysterious aura to the way you project yourself to others. You tend to be less practical than you are idealistic, dreamy, and sensitive. Some of you may find the mundane concerns of life too boring, too drab to grab your attention! Some may feel less confident, as their direction in life is uncertain; others may attune themselves to a stronger spiritual purpose.

  52. angie,

    What in his chart makes him unpresidential (not that I disagree with that, of course)? This is so interesting.

  53. NJ Puma:

    Thanks for the info.

    Personally, I’m not gonna get into speculating who will be nominated for what jobs.

    It’s part of the Obama haka

  54. Angie,

    I agree that Obama’s chart is not presidential. The chart does show that he is good with the public and exploits it to his advantage. He has natal Neptune in the 9th house, his highest elevated planet. I don’t like that at all. He also has natal Saturn in the 12th which I believe shows mental illness and paranoia.

  55. blue lyon:

    Obama was elected the same time Daschle was voted out. Obama hired Daschle’s former chief of staff.

    How does a junior Senator score a veteran COS that worked for the former Majority Leader?

  56. Doesn’t Donna want it? Not that it wouldn’t be great to see her under the bus, but the other choices are almost as bad.

  57. So Ethel Kennedy decided to pass the torch in 06 at Coretta King’s funeral? I don’t even recall him speaking. I remember Bill getting wound up and the not-so-nice comparisons made between Bill’s and Hillary’s speeches but don’t recall Obama being there.

    So it does seem as though the fix was in and no way was Hillary going to be allowed to be the nominee. Sad.

  58. But I see too many similarities between the Obots & the Deaniacs to think Dean wasn’t involved from the get-go.

    Having worked closely with Deaniacs, I just want to let you know that there were some within the ranks who were ripe to become Obots, and they did. They never saw Dean for what he was, a fiscally conservative, moderately liberal governor who happened to oppose the Iraq War and told them all that THEY had the power. Like Obots, that strain of Deaniac found no error in their Messiah. They were insufferable then, and were insufferable this time around as well.

    Along comes Obama, with the same message (basically) but the power of the Democratic Party elite and an adoring media and we get their hand-picked guy.

    Rahm Emmanuel hated the 50-State Strategy and gave no credit to Dean for the 2006 flip of the House and Senate, even though his Red-to-Blue candidates fared worse than the grassroots Dems in those out of the way, previously neglected states.

    As far as I can tell, Howard Dean became the Democratic Party’s useful idiot. Once he got the chairmanship, he changed. I remember sitting on a conference call for DNC field staff in 2006 where he basically told us that the Dem party would not go after Bush (impeachment) because it would be a distraction. My disillusionment began then, and grew through 2006 and this election cycle finishes me off.

  59. bluelyon, I call Howard Dean, “Dagwood Bumstead,” kind of a lucky bungler.

  60. I refuse to allow Donna B to be under the bus with me!!!!

    Let her be thrown under some other bus, but not this one!!!

  61. bb — I’m not an expert at reading charts, but I’ve read a lot of articles this year that explained Bill’s sun was in his 11th house & the placement of 3 of his plantes showed he was destined for the presidency, how much stronger Hillary’s chart was then BO’s etc (a lot of them talked about how negative the Neptune aspect of BO’s chart was as afrocity mentions) and how McCain’s chart is so much stronger then BO’s as well — McCain has a planet that is very well placed (although not as strong as Bill’s) that makes his chart more “presidential” then BO’s.

  62. afrocity:

    I agree that Obama’s chart is not presidential. The chart does show that he is good with the public and exploits it to his advantage. He has natal Neptune in the 9th house, his highest elevated planet. I don’t like that at all. He also has natal Saturn in the 12th which I believe shows mental illness and paranoia.

    Sounds like you’ve hit the nail on the head to me! 🙂

  63. How does a junior Senator score a veteran COS that worked for the former Majority Leader?


    This is <a href=”http://www.prospect.org/cs/articles?article=the_obama_15″interesting.

  64. Well…maybe she can hang on to the tailpipe instead of being under the bus, and she can pass the time yelling bizarre unprofessional things to passersby.

  65. Thanks Angie and Afrocity. We’ll have to see what happens.

    I guess I’d better hit the sack. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Take care.

  66. well gang, I’m going to bed.
    Night all — I’m off to dream about myiq taking me to heaven (or something like it).

  67. Afrocity – funny you should mention teh Precious’ astrological aspects. Someone at Cannonfoire posted a response under an article entitled, “CIAyers” saying that, as an “astrologer & low-grade psychic”, Obama is on borrowed time & set to have the bottom fall out of his fraudulent career by mid-Dec, & Biden too… we can only hope!

  68. BTW, any updates on Obama’s aunt? Is she also coming under the bus because that stooge is constituionally incapable of doing the right thing?

  69. I am so delusional and bitter it’s pathetic.

  70. Isn’t it just dandy having a president elect whose only real “qualification” is he talks real good?

    Mountain Sage

  71. Didn’t Joe Trippi turn over all the ‘net’ stuff from Deans campaign to move on or something … . ? .. I don’t remember it all .. but something .. Trippi & move on ..?? .. just passed it to ‘that one’ ..

    something like that ?? ..

  72. Awww, and I just put up a post at Klownhaus for Angie

  73. Nite BB .. Nite Angie .. sweet dreams ..

  74. I just went there Myiq2xu .. & for me it says ‘ no longer available ‘ … ..???

  75. Wow .. it must have been _________fill in the blank .. ;))

  76. myiq — I’m going to look — it better be there!

  77. no longer available! just what I thought. 😉

  78. Random epistles (most written on the 6th) that seem to apply now, reason for sending it–sorry for the lenght!

    Even though I had no idea of where I was going to end up during the 4th as I headed to my base to report to duty (was on reserve status that day), the bad news for me of BO’s election came as I’d finished a grueling 14-hour flight that took me to Narita, Japan. Can say that I needed such hard to stomach news as much as one needs a hole in the head.

    I returned today, and when I arrived and called my mom it seemed that the news that had her more upset than anything was that, apparently, RD had written a post in which she seemed to have “done a Hillary” with her “way over the top rejoicing crap”. And, according to mom, upset to the point that after reading what RD had written she’d hardly been able to read the Confluence fearing to find that the over-drinking (indulgence?) of the kool-aid was in full—or that it had also managed to become the preferred quaff for this wonderful group of folks.

    After reading a few post by now that have clarified enough things to make me realize that indulging in kool-aid is still thought by most folks here as a very sh*tty way of getting high; after pondering a lot on what has transpired; after still feeling like we ought to deserve better, and even after putting into its proper historical context the, what should have been, a huge step forward (had misogyny and other equally rotten crapoleo not been infused into this latest race for the WH), the one thing that stands most in my mind is: That a thief of sorts (the political sort) cannot be a cause for rejoicing. But, hey, we got the man that money could best buy; so, I guess that most everything should be OK with the cosmos. Shouldn’t it?

    At any rate, apparently with now the wise words of Ayers not being “off limits” any longer and, with I suppose, a long string of the BTFUSS (Before The Flip-flop Unifier Silent Sh*theads) now ready to open their big gaps at the drop of a hat, one thing is clear: the PUMA Movement is needed now more than ever or, to repeat, as Dr. MLK, Jr. said, “Nothing will be done until people of good will put their bodies and their souls in motion.”

    Well, my soul has been in motion for a long time already, it is my body that I have a hard time pulling along—too many things to worry about besides our crummy political state—but I’ll be damned if I don’t stay true to the ideals that this wonderful site has sponsored from the start. Yeah, Country First! What a not so unusual thought which, apparently, beings like the Ayer’s, the MO’s, and the Rev Wrong’s among us, find hard to stomach.

    Go PUMAs!

    BTW, trying to perk me up (I guess) my mom’s buying a few Puma bracelets. One to give me and the rest to give to some of my equally strapped for cash and quiet in their own way, but strong PUMAs at heart.

  79. You guys got punk’d

  80. PUMA Power!

  81. Only self-loathing women who will do anything for a pat on the ass by a man voted for Obama — you will not find any of those here — we are the 40% who have enough self-respect to NOT vote for the lying, stealing misogynist.

  82. cleanup at 12:52

  83. “lying, stealing misogynist.”

    What about a guy who’s 2 out of 3?

  84. Why do I get the feeling everybody just went to YouTube?

  85. myiq — I know you aren’t a misogynist, so I’m perfectly ok with the lying & stealing part. I’d even take you if you worked at the pizza pit.

    saw the video — thanks, I guess — not sure how to take it.

  86. btw — I know you never ignore me, silly clown.

  87. You’re supposed to laugh at it

  88. If Michigsn and Florida would have voted, he wouldnt have won. I just couldnt get happy over the election for any reason other than I was glad that Af-Am people had their first president.

    We — as people supporting the female candidate and as women — were expendable. I blame Howard Dean almost more than I blame Obama himself.

    I dont think they sabotaged Hillary because she was a woman, but because she was a Clinton. Nevertheless, they pulled out every dirty stop — including catalyzing sexism in the media — to swing the pendulum in their direction.


  89. The pizza pit? Is that some kind of dungeon with snacks?

  90. Anon – we as a people could have had a double first – First woman and first Black VP, with an almost sure bet for fist Black pres in 8 years… oh well

  91. Oh, I laughed alright.

    Good night for real this time!

    Bon soir mon amour.

  92. He won’t be any more moral in 8 years than now.

  93. Elderj .. that was my vision .. My God they were dynamic ..! ..

  94. No, but he would have had 8 years to become better versed in policy, take some stands, write some bills, go some good and try to become the politician his supporters want him to be.

  95. Violet Socks has Pt. 1 of the Greta-Sarah interview

  96. its re-running on fox rightnow too

  97. elderj:

    You would make Teh Precious WAIT?



  98. Why would Claire McCaskill be considered for the DNC? I thought no more senators could be spared. They do not have a 60 vote majority. I read somewhere that that was the reason Hillary would probably not get a post, and that this was why it would be Richardson instead of Kerry.

  99. myiq, are you still here? I can’t sleep now.

  100. I’m watching Sara now … Absolutely something Else ..!!

    I like her .

  101. obviously not.

  102. Get some sleep querida!

  103. Juanita Jerkins, the rumor is that Richardson’s probably out because he has some associates who may be indicted or something. And it’s not like Kerry wouldn’t be replaced by a Dem, though I hope devoutly he gets shoved under the bus too.

    What’s in the video?t

  104. Seriously — you are sworn to secrecy about what you read — yes, it is against your will but I’m holding you to it.

  105. I don’t think you’re a demented loser or pretending to be someone you’re not. You always have tons of helpful legal knowledge. 🙂

  106. I love you Seriously — you’re still sworn to secrecy.

  107. are you here myiq?

  108. What posts?

  109. the posts where I’m being a lunatic. d’oh!

  110. yep

  111. oh, ok — you deleted them. Thank you.

  112. I mostly read comic books, but okay. (I kid!)

  113. was the “yep” that you are here or that I was being a lunatic? LOL
    maybe you shouldn’t answer that.

  114. myiq — wanna make up now?

  115. Relax, get some sleep and dream sweet dreams.

    Or hot sweaty ones.

  116. Make up what?

  117. I love you too angie. I am superdiscreet. 🙂

    So what do you guys think is up wth reg? I remember reading that post about what she went through in teh caucuses. She’s really brave. I hope she’s not too upset.

  118. For anyone who is reading along at home, angie wasn’t being a lunatic. Believe me, I know from lunacy (Obots insert your own jokes here–well not here but in what’s loosely described as your brains)

  119. Overnight: HAPPINESS…

    Feel it, live it, blog it.


  120. but Briana — thank you for making me feel better. I mean that.

  121. Seriously — I haven’t seen Regency in a long time & am actually starting to worry about her. Little Isis too.

  122. Wow, that jumping thing could not have been easy. He was jumping in time to the music, too!

    Regency is probably trying to write her novel. That takes focus, and this blog is very distracting.

  123. am I the only one here?

  124. Angie .. . Doesn’t Little Isis have a blog ..??

    I think I read it once . . but I don’t remember the name of it ..

  125. Briana — she does now that you mention it — she linked to it before, but I don’t remember the name either. I’m going to try and google.

  126. I’m scanning “DailyPuma” .. and Myiq2xu .. your piece is right on top .. third column .. way to Go .. !!


  127. I found her. She says she is taking a break from politics. Her blog is here:


  128. Yeah I haven’t seen LI in a long time. I know Reg loves HRC and I hope she hasn’t been put off because some people are upset with her–we still love her, Reg!

  129. oh … I wasn’t paying any attention to that .. guessing due to your reaction .. possibly didn’t want to
    cause attention to it .. & cause You any further ……. don’t know the word here , something like …. hurt, distress, etc.. .. maybe..but , for sure .. for YOU .

    Thanks for tracking Little Isis down .. now we know.

  130. for real, for real, good night.
    I’m going to take a break for a while — see y’all later.

  131. angie, you haven’t made a fool of yourself. Everything’s cool. myiq has weird insomnia and drifts in and out of sleep and here. You didn’t do anything and nobody’s upset or anything, I’m sure he’s not.

  132. Night Angie .. and NO.. that’s just not true.. no one thinks that ..

    Also .. the whole thing can be deleted .. any of my .. ‘unwanted, presumptuous ‘ comments also ..

    It was simply a total misunderstanding .. happens so easily on line …

    .. . anyway , sleep ..! have a great Day at work .. & PLEASE check in when You can .. ;))

    a BIG HUG …!

  133. Okay, what’s going on here? Is Angie upset for real? Why does she think she made a fool of herself?

  134. Okay I want to buy a CD but it’s out of print and costs $25. I can get a cassette for $5, however I don’t know if I have access to any cassette players. What should I do?

  135. Aw, for REAL goodnight, angie! I’ll miss you.

  136. I am sworn to secrecy, but all I can say is, nothing happened. If you were here, you probably wouldn’t have even noticd, I don’t know why angie is being hard on herself.

  137. Seriously, can we know what CD and where you found it for $25? Maybe we can help you find some bargains. You might not be satisfied with the sound quality of the cassette.

  138. Seriously – I just found out that the PedEgg costs $75.00 here in Australia!

    As for your dilemma – there are actually places that can convert cassette to CD and they probably won’t charge you as much.

    Britannia – I think angie and myiq understand each other’s ways and don’t truly get upset.

  139. hey pop!

  140. Well, I only got here a little while ago, so I didn’t see what was deleted. Your sticking to your word is my gossip’s loss.

  141. LOL Sorry Brit, but there’s nothing to tell anyway.

    But if I don’t know if anyone I know has a cassette player, won’t I end up spending more money if I have to buy one?

    Aw thanks Brit, it’s Christmas with patti page. I was just listening to the digital holiday channel and heard the perkiest song ever.

  142. Christmas with Patti Page. You mean this album?

    1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    2. Silver Bells
    3. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
    4. Jingle Bells
    5. T’Was the Night Before Christmas
    6. Little Drummer Boy
    7. Happy Birthday, Jesus (A Child’s Prayer)
    8. Pretty Snowflakes
    9. Christmas Bells
    10. Santo Natale
    11.We Wish You A Merry Christmas

  143. Oh and I found it on amazon

  144. Can’t you get it off Limewire?

  145. Yes! I love the Christmas Bells song!!!! I have never heard it before and it’s so catchy.

  146. Seriously, amazon also has the mp3 album download for $4.99. You can download a song for 0.99:


  147. Limewire? (Who can tell I never internet shop lol)

  148. Limewire = free.

  149. I have superslow dialup. I don’t think that would work, I can hardly go from one screen to another without it taking 20 minutes.

  150. I will gladly download the album for you and burn it to CD and mail it to you. But I suspect that you will reject me and I will feel crushed.

  151. Yeah, Seriously, that WOULD put a damper on things. How about at your local library? Most of them are broadband, although access to Limewire is probably limited.

    You may have to have a friend download the amazon version for you, as Britannia suggested.

    Interesting new post over at DailyPUMA about one of the vice presidential candidates filing a lawsuit against BO and asking for him to be decertified as Pres. More to do with proving his citizenship. Some of the Electoral College members are actually getting involved as well.

    (I’ll try the link in a separate post as we don’t seem to have a moderator around who can fix things.)

  152. ok – it worked.

    See, there you go Seriously – you already found a friend who will download it for you!!!! 🙂

  153. Brit really? That is so sweet of you. You could just download teh song though, forget teh whole album. 🙂

  154. Hmmm, I’m a little confused with the whole natural citizenship thing. Don’t the candidates get vetted for this by the FEC even before they run for office?

  155. I don’t think so. I mean, Cheney pretended he lives at his mom’s to avoid the whole ‘no ticket from the same state’ thing and nobody cared.

  156. I don’t think so. I mean, Cheney pretended he lives at his mom’s to avoid the whole ‘no ticket from the same state’ thing and nobody cared.

    Yes, but natural citizenship is far beyond that. This is so frustrating.

  157. I don’t think so. I mean, Cheney pretended he lives at his mom’s to avoid the whole ‘no ticket from the same state’ thing and nobody cared.

    Yes, but natural citizenship is far beyond that. This is so frustrating.

  158. Isn’t it the catchiest song ever? Thanks so much Brit. I can’t get into my email from this computer but I’ll email you tomorrow if my crappy connection permits. However–don’t feel obligated because that is really crazy generous.

  159. Yeah, I wonder what would happen if someone ran who wasn’t 35. What agency is the prevailing authority there? What would they do?

  160. You’re welcome, Seriously. It’s not crazy generous—you haven’t heard yet what I want in return.


  161. Okay, I can go to sleep now because Seriously said yes. And yes it was quite a catchy tune. Night all.

  162. LOL

  163. Night Brit

  164. Awww, more love on the zombie shift!

    Just kidding, guys.

  165. Here’s the Electoral College FAQ — interesting reading.

  166. LOl How many babies today scrubs?

  167. I just woke up, checked the thread, cleaned it up at little and now I’m going back to sleep.

    I can SLEEP!

    At night even!

    Give Angie a kiss for me if she returns before I do and tell her not to worry or she’ll get a spanking.

    On second thought, don’t mention the spanking, she’d probably like that.

  168. Sweet dreams of angie, myiq

  169. School is busy. The election is over. I have nothing to unique to contribute to the conversation anymore so I don’t.

    I’m not worried about who is or isn’t angry with Hillary. I can only worry about how I feel and I’m doing fine where she’s concerned.

    My birthday is coming in a few days and I’m looking forward to celebrating it with some old friends from high school. Can’t tell you how much I’ve missed them.

  170. Anyhow, when the time comes I’m ready to stand up for the next woman with the audacity of experience, just like I stood up for the last one.

  171. Hey Reg. Happy Birthday. 🙂

    If having something unique to contribute is a criteria, I am so getting voted off the island. 🙂

  172. “audacity of experience”


  173. Sorry, Seriously, should’ve said “the audacity of breathing”

  174. *sigh* I’m pulling my second all-nighter in a row. I had to turn in a 4 page paper yesterday, then trudge out into the rain to take a blasted math test. Today I have turn in a 3 page paper and a music journal. I’m wiped out.

  175. You my friend, have a way with words.

    Yeah, angie said before she used to be able to get an hour of sleep and feel fresh as a daisy. I feel like, not getting sleep sucks on an epic level. I don’t feel fresh, I feel angry. lol

  176. I always feel angry. That’s why I haven’t been here. I can’t feel this angry all the time and function. I have to get a handle on my negative emotions.

  177. Brit–I just checked my library’s website and they have ‘a patti page christmas’ plus her ‘kooky christmas’ (no idea about that one but my hopes are sky high). I put them on hold so you don’t have to download it, but in honor of you being nice enough to offer to go to all that trouble, I’m taking the money I’m saving on the CD and donating it to Rosie’s Place (in honor of Rosie being awesome and living by her principles in re Sandra Bernhardt). You rock baby. 🙂

  178. Yeah, it’s been kind of a crazy week here. But I hope things are starting to calm down.

  179. lol check out the picture on http://ace.mu.nu/

  180. Sorry. On top of the 24 hour shift, I had a bunch of shit to do today, got 1 hour of sleep and then had a teleconference this evening. I’m delirious.

    But not too out there to say “HEY REGENCY!” Missed ya, doll. You should have taken part in the vent thread.

  181. Interesting, that website has something about Jindal telling McCain to take a flying leap because he didn’t want to be blamed for the poorly run campaign. So he wussed out and Sarah ran into the line o’fire knowing she’d get it 1000 times harder than he.

  182. myiq sleeping at night. What a concept. This means we will DEFINITELY need Regency around to moderate.

    In case I don’t run across you again, Reg, have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  183. Seriously, I saw an interview with Jindal at about the time the VP speculation was going on, and it seemed he was more interested in finishing his term as Governor, than anything else.

  184. Hey, if any of you zombie crew guys see Brit before I do, can you please tell her to not download the CD? I don’t know if she’ll check back in here and I’ll feel horrible if she spends money on it when I can get it for free.

  185. pop, that site said he told them don’t even bother to vet him because he wasn’t going down with the ship. It seems pretty likely he has Presidential aspirations and took the easy way out for himself.

    “This means we will DEFINITELY need Regency around to moderate.”

    Good point! Editing trolls is very soothing.

  186. pop, that site said he told them don’t even bother to vet him because he wasn’t going down with the ship. It seems pretty likely he has Presidential aspirations and took the easy way out for himself.

    “This means we will DEFINITELY need Regency around to moderate.”

    Good point! Editing tro lls is very soothing.

  187. I dont believe that he would say to anyone that he wasn’t going down with the ship; it sounds weird. Maybe that was his sentiment, but to say it? He’s smarter than that. I have no evidence one way or the other but anything in print or broadcast lately is suspect in my eyes, and this doesnt pass the test.

  188. That wasn’t what he said, I’m paraphrasing. And if someone’s leaking this, it’s probably not someone who was there anyway but someone who heard from him or someone else who was there after the fact.

    Frankly, I don’t care whether it’s true or not; it’s the Republicans’ problem. I just hope enough of them believe it that he looks bad and they stick with Sarah, not dump her for him.

  189. If Jindal actually said that, then he’s an idiot without a lick of political good sense.

  190. I thought you were paraphrasing; I understand you. I meant that the even if that sentiment might exist I cannot imagine him to have expressed it.

  191. Wow, great thread, myiq2xu, et al. I was caught by the very first point: “Barack Obama had a gift, and he knew it. He had a way of making very smart, very accomplished people feel virtuous just by wanting to help Barack Obama.”

    That “we need to help Barack” is getting a lot of play now. I’ve heard it here re moveon.org, on NPR and in my tiny local newspaper.

    It reminds me of the “poor Obama” technique of getting other wise “very smart, very accomplished people” to defend Barack from that nasty Clinton woman and then Palin. “Poor Obama” has morphed into “help Obama.”

    Can you imagine the MSM putting a call out to help Hillary (or Reagan, Clinton, Bush)?

  192. Regency, didn’t know you were still here. Good to see you. You are wise to not let your anger bring you down.

  193. myq2xu
    Fantastic entry – which confirms some of my prior findings
    At the 2004 convention when he spoke, there were people with OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT signs – they already had the logo. Donna Brazille had an article with his name in the title the next day after Kerry threw his win away.
    And here’s Mark Penn confirming the changing of the demparty: poor out, affluent professionals in

  194. edge, Yes, this is a shift to not really even mentioning the haves and have-nots, the widening gap. While women’s interests are passe so are the interests of most Americans.

  195. Obama = fragile male syndrome

    This remark is somewhat of a snark — except that I googled Fragile male syndrome — and there is something about BIG EARS. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    Physical features such as enlarged ears, long face with prominent chin, and large testicles (in post pubertal males) are common. Connective tissue problems may include ear infections, mitral valve prolapse, flat feet, double-jointed fingers, hyperflexible joints and a variety of skeletal problems.

    Behavioral characteristics in males include attention deficit disorders, speech disturbances, hand biting, hand flapping, autistic behaviors, poor eye contact, and unusual responses to various touch, auditory or visual stimuli.

    Obama is “just” a male — so he’s going to need a whole lot of help to cope with this new job that’s just been dumped in his lap. He’ll need several hundred aides to play the W.O.R.M.* role.

    * What Obama Really Means

    After Obama, the fragile male, craps up every thing he touches it is going to take a women to clean up the MESS.

  196. Fragile male syndrome, huh? How so very appropriate!
    I recall him snapping at someone on the subject of big ears – can anyone recall the incident? The most fragile part of all is the ego…

  197. Yes, it does seem to make Obama seem weak that he needs so much help and defending.

  198. Northwest rain, at 7:21 am Said:

    Obama = fragile male syndrome

    After Obama, the fragile male, craps up every thing he touches it is going to take a women to clean up the MESS.

    You have a point. But might it be time for the men to clean up after themselves?

  199. purplefinn
    I actually don’t need to imagine the scenario of “help Reagan” or ” Help Bush” – as I lived both of those. The only unusual thing about the media helping Obama is the side of the isle. THAT hasn’t been done since JFK

  200. oops! I meant “side of the aisle”

  201. edgeoforever, I don’t mean the media helping the candidate. Yes, it has to my dismay. I mean the call to all of us to “help Obama.” – in those words! MoveOn.org. NPR my newspaper have all suggested this. It is time to “help Obama”.

    I never heard it put in so many words for any other president.

  202. You’re right about Obama taking offense to someone making fun of Obama’s ears.

    Big ears is what jumped out at me when I googled Fragile Male Syndrome.

    When the WORM folks emerged — it seemed like they were trying to protect someone who is very fragile.

    The British Medical Journal also has some information about the fragile male.

    Some researchers (bio-behavioral) have been investigating testosterone poisoning — as in males who have too much — this research has focused on several species — including the roosters and other individual males of various species who exhibit way too much aggression.

  203. […] that the mission is acomplished, Obama’s media fesses up. Confirmation of previous theories in Newsweek, analised here Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The Plot to overthrow the Clintons – linksELECTION […]

  204. Why do we need to “help” Obama — he wanted the job.

    The president is supposed to HELP we the citizens.

    Biden is going around telling people to not expect too much of O and then he might not make the correct decisions. WELL we know that — we’ve seen his decisions making skills (none) when he choose Biden. The voters never did like Biden (as Prez candidate material).

    My mind was saying “fragile males syndrome” — because I’ve sat though several seminars on this topic at conferences.

    I cannot remember another Prez or Prez elect that we have been asked to help — none before the O have been so weak and inexperienced.

    Although O has a penis — so I guess he has lots of “experience.

    Several of us decoded the use of “experience” = women lack a penis. The critics of both Hillary and Sarah were claiming that these women didn’t have “experience” (compared to Obama). Yet the loudest complainers aren’t making the same claim against O.

    One individual had to nerve to say that next time the GOP should choose someone like Palin — but with more “experience” and someone who went to a “better” college. If Palin doesn’t have experience then certainly Obama as next to zero compared to both Hillary and Sarah Palin.

    Fragile male syndrome — has big ears.

    Obama has big ears. Google: Obama & big ears.

    Mo Dowd has mentioned O’s big ears.

  205. myiq
    I had put together a few links on how this was planned – back in June. If chronolog is your thing, check those links out

  206. “chronology”

  207. One individual had to nerve to say that next time the GOP should choose someone like Palin — but with more “experience” and someone who went to a “better” college.

    They said that? You know, better college means”one of ours”. Palin is not onlty a vagina* American, but a commoner to boot! David Brooks who was fine with W screamed against Palin’s “anti-intellectualism”

  208. Yaiks! I tripped the world press moderator – even though I put the * in v*agina!

  209. OOPS….did I miss the obama train?

  210. Northwest rain, well said. This made me laugh: “One individual had to nerve to say that next time the GOP should choose someone like Palin — but with more “experience” and someone who went to a “better” college.”

    Perhaps we can amend the constitution to add to the qualifications for president: Having one or more degrees from one of the top 5 most prestigious universities in the U.S. Preferably those with secret all male clubs.

  211. OMFG!

    I feel 5 years younger!

    I SLEPT!

  212. Congrats, myiq! You deserve it.

  213. I think the credit belongs to me for exhausting you.

    I’ll take me spanking now. 😉

    Hi & bye!

  214. Besame y adios corazon!

  215. 😉

  216. I missed this last night but I just want to make one comment about who makes the decisions for media corporations. Whereas reporters may be good or bad reporters, they are not the decisionmakers. One learns that quickly at the cub reporter level. Power comes top down and the editors are the gatekeepers. Authors also often find this out quickly when they submit material for publication. A turn of phrase here, a deletion, and, before you know it, any important fact can be modified dramatically. Of course, a good editor has often saved the skin of a fact-challenged reporter, but if the powers that be in a organization begin pushing a certain philosophical position or point, the editor and the reporter are subject to the chain of command. They, after all, are merely employees. In a media world owned by a handful of corporate giants, we all are subject to major manipulation.

  217. darn. In “an” organization. ughh….

  218. Always:

    Blaming media coverage on reporters is like blaming war on soldiers.

    It’s the politicians and generals that make the decisions.

  219. Yes. Yes. and Yes.

  220. Goodmorning guys–

    I’m glad that you got a few winks, myiq.

    I wish I was able to have fun at night with the rest of you guys!

    I’m finding that my only interest in politics right now is hearing about any tidbits that support our longstanding suspicions about BO. The tearful crap about the “historic moment” is making me sick.

    I’m so grateful that you all can digest for me. Can’t read anything of what’s out there.

    I have been able to identify all of my truly EX friends by who has sent that gloating crap to my e-mail over the last week. Two so far…..BUH-BYE!

    I am missing scrubs’ shift–please tell the fabulous gay female that I said hello!!

  221. Good Morning Joanie! I guess I’m pretty lucky. I’ve only had silence from that end of my life — I don’t think there’s been any gloating (maybe I go into a trance and delete it)

    PS — check your email

  222. New post by RD upstairs.

    Now, to nap.

  223. Alwaysthinking, amen!

  224. Hi Katie!! Scurrying off now 🙂

    They don’t call me thread-killer for nuttin!

  225. MYIQ: THANK YOU for writing this article.

    This has been in the works for a long time. And come hell or high water they stole votes to get it.

  226. myiq2xu

    Obama did NOT build a grassroots organization…he pulled a coup detat with DFA, Grassroots for America, PDA etc with HEAVY HEAVY assists from the people in charge of those organizations.

    Further, in the case of DFA, even though membership wanted to endorse Kucinich… It was announced the membership by Jim Dean that DFA was endorsing the Precious. It was at that time I resigned from the organization.

  227. Linda:

    He built an astroturf organization

  228. Wow. That is really creepy. He reeks of entitlement. I still don’t seem to understand: is giving good speeches the fundamental requirement of the presidency? I thought ACTUAL EXPERIENCE and in-depth knowledge would factor in there somewhere, but apparently not. People heard him give one of his deliberately crafted speeches (that I find derivative, hollow and boring), and they immediately wanted to sign up? If he was a white man who gave ‘good speech’ would that have opened the coffers and lined up the power players too?

    And in their midst was another political star, a woman who had given her entire life to the party, but she was lacking one critical element: a penis.

  229. People wonder why America is in the mess it is in, when after Obama’s convention speech of 2004 people began filling his bank accounts based upon a single speech.

    A speech that was full of lies and misleading accounts of Obama’s life! Words do matter except for those who are ignorant and seems many top Democrats are just that. Hope Ethel Kennedy is now happy that she supported the man who is friends with someone who glorifies her husbands murderer!

    A bit of vetting would have destroyed this con man from Chicago, and no vetting placed him in the nations most powerful position.

    America has been conned into idolizing a useless infomercial into its highest office, will QVC stocks rise on this incredible action of gullible people?

  230. Love you guys.

    Keep it up.

    Ignore the haters. Everyone needs a place to vent, and the haters have the nerve to come over here to try to censor a discussion they werent invited to in the first place, which is kind of fascist.

  231. Is it fascist or racist? Remember..racist is the only word they can identify with.

  232. OMG!!!! Priceless! So perfect and so true…”he loves to smell his own farts”… that was great!

  233. Oh my god. I forgot my anti-psychotic meds. I swear those aliens did things to me when they took me up in their flying saucer.

  234. when people worship BS….it is easy to vote it into office

  235. Do you think he could make a speech at the NYSE so our stock portfolios can go back up?

  236. purplefinn says: “That “we need to help Barack” is getting a lot of play now. I’ve heard it here re moveon.org, on NPR and in my tiny local newspaper.

    It reminds me of the “poor Obama” technique of getting other wise “very smart, very accomplished people” to defend Barack from that nasty Clinton woman and then Palin. “Poor Obama” has morphed into “help Obama.””

    And, of course, don’t forget that his surrogates expected Hillary, after the primaries, to ‘help obama’ and complained constantly even though she did more for him than anyone else in her position had ever done. This burns me up the most. I don’t understand it. I can try to rationalize it by telling myself she did what she had to do to save her position in the party, but I am SO F*CKING TIRED of seeing a good strong capable woman prop up a second-runner just because he’s a man. I guess Hilary was between barack and a hard place, but this is one woman, one proud PUMA who will not prop up a straw man.

  237. I think he is the biggest fake ever, don’t understand any of it just glad I’m not on that crazy train people are riding with the Obama crowd they need to stay away from me, I will not talk to any of my family and ex- friends who have voted for him, as far as I am concerned they are dead to me and I hope they see me as dead also, I cannot forgive them for their stupidity, I had one ex-friend ask me today when are you going to talk to me, I miss chatting, guess what your going to miss it forever, I told her go chat with your Obama koolaid gang, my neice asked me what I was doing for Christmas, I said staying home and saving all the money I can in case we have a depression, and I also told her to stay home your not welcome at my house anymore, find some Obama soup kitchen to eat in, no more free dinners at my house and no more present’s, I feel so strongly that I don’t even want to see their faces, because of their action’s our country is going to be in more trouble than the past 8 years and beyond, I told them someday your going to realize their mistakes and I hope it comes back to bite them on the a–.

  238. I think you drank the koolaid and if 50% voted for him that is their belief, I just think idiots like you are going to be in for a surprise, and yes I love America probably more than you do my father, grandfather, husband all served in the military and they gave up alot for their country, I would like to know one thing Obama has done except give speech’s what else has he accomplished , and as far as my ex-friend’s and family there were plenty of nasty things said between all of us, so I don’t fell like putting up with the nonsense, and I do understand that everyone has different belief’s, but just because they have different belief’s from mine doesn’t mean I have to forget what was said and done, also why don’t you tell me what is he going to do for the middle class and what evidence do you have that he is going to do anything, you sound exactly like the Obama people, right away your unpatriotic because of what you say and do , I would like to talk to you a year from now and see where you are and how much has happened for the middle class that is going to be so great, I can hardly wait to see it happen. I will never support Obama, and that is my belief, so I guess maybe I will be unpatriotic for the next 4 years.

  239. dude, over 50% of Americans voted for Bush in 2004. So muchfor incompetent and unpatriotic.
    You want evidence that Obama is a fake? On which fucking planet have you been living on? The guy went back on most of what he campaigned on in the primaries. That is all the evidence anyone with a shred of critical thinking needs in order to debunk the myth of his honesty.

    So tell me, what is it that he feels is right? His history and behaviour this year tells us that the only right thing for Obama is saying and doing anything to advance Obama. Show me any evidence of him having any principles. Show me any eidence of him having ever risked anything. Show me evidence that he has ever done anything for anyone but himself. His constituents in Chiago South Side are significantly worse off after being represented by Obama than before.

    The evidence shows that he is a liar, a cheat and a piece of womanhating scum. Each and every one of these facts are amply documented.
    I dare you to prove me that he isn’t. I dare you to show me one fucking person he ever helped out of selfless concern.

    The asshole couldn’t even help his own fucking family members.

  240. […] How Obama Stole It Newsweek has published the first chapter of “Barack Obama: How He Did It“ which is a multi-part series […] […]

  241. When CSPAN aired, this past weekend, a 2005 roast of Rahm Emmanuel for the benefit of David Axelrod’s epilepsy charity, I could have sworn that one of Emmanuel’s own digs at Obama (both Hillary and Obama were present at this event!!) was something about Obama vowing he’d serve in the Senate awhile before running for PResident…and this was November of 2005! They panned to Obama, who was in half shadow, not laughing too much. Hmmmm

  242. I try to compensate for my inadequacies by bullying women over the internet.

    (edited to reveal the inner truth)

  243. Hellow i think that obama is the best of the world oh yes he is black but that is nothing if we think waht he can do

  244. Those are some excellent points. As I said before. Obama won the election because he had an awesome funding campaign. Not because of the message he bore.

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