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Sunday Late Night Open Thread


What’s on your mind?


223 Responses

  1. This is completely inappropriate on your part and makes my point.

  2. That because I regularly check into http://DailyPUMA.com I am the first to post here!


  3. lori pls read my comment on the last thread…If you like I will bring it over…

  4. posting from last post – it’s important

    National Protest for NO on Prop 8


    This is the link to tell you by state details.

  5. Resting my voice and arms after a day of sign-waving and shouting from deep inside Orange County (paid a little visit to Rick Warren’s church for a little anti-Prop 8 work).

    An awful lotta nervous cops showed up for the 500 of us… they used to like working the gay beat for overtime, but they know they got a problem now…

  6. It’s not what’s on my mind… It’s that my brains are running out of my ears.

    Oh, — never mind.

    (self edited)

  7. That the state of California charges a state income tax, and now wants to expand their sales tax to cover almost all activities and products, and raise it to 10%, this on top of a healthy 1% property tax paid twice a year on homes that are among the higher priced in the land.


    All of that taxing, and NONE OF IT involves the federal government and its taxation.


  8. I missed the venting thread earlier! It was freaking magnificent. I was in awe reading through it, truly in awe, heh.

  9. Who are Tommy and Christ*na?

  10. alice — go for it!

    What’s on my mind is getting my blog set up — anyone have any words of advice?

  11. look could we at least please just let Brad and Lori finish their Project before we comment on it. I dont know what happened threads back but could we please please try to get along….

    I cant stand this infighting. We are on the same side still arent we?

    Lets try to get along.

  12. Michael: XX00

  13. thanks myiq – brad was so weirdly rude last night. I thought we were having a friendly conversation because we had both seen Hendrix in concert, but suddenly….I dunno, the circumstances of him seeing him were so much cooler in his mind than my circumstances…..or something……I really don’t know, maybe brad’s actually nice but just has really bad manners…….he was so dismisive last night when I thought we were having a nice chat. I’ve observed him acting like that with others so my feelings aren’t hurt, I just thought we were connecting but obviously we were not

  14. Shopie-

    Tommy and Christ*na are the tr0lls from Yes to Democr@cy an obat sight they are really just flatuent bloviating gasbags!

    Christ*na lives in the same town as me and she refused my overtures to meet and discuss our differences on nuetral ground…

  15. Geniueses can be dismissive and not even know they are doing it ….

  16. fuzzy, what good is the movie going to do now?

  17. misspellings are out of hand now

  18. assholes can be dismissive and not even know it too…..not making a judgment, just sayin’

  19. Geez, I take a break and come back to a flame war.

    If I had known I woulda got drunk first.

  20. kiki –

    i dont know but somewhere their has to be a record of what happened here and brad and lori are the only ones who care….also it will be out there and then if it comes out when Obama makes his first big booboo people may listen.

    kiki as I look back the repugnant brand was so tarnished by bush that the dems could have nominated a tray of cheeses and won.

    It will document the beginnings of the PUMA Movement.

  21. hi

  22. myiq2xu where is the flame war?

  23. captian spaulding got a new pic I see

  24. Pat made Captain Spaulding cry so I called Rent-a-clown for a temporary replacement avatar

  25. Fuzzy….what kind of cheeses?

  26. This is a flame-free zone

  27. ok, I have to go to bed. I still think if this movie was to have any effect, it had to come out BEFORE the election. what good will it do at this point? sorry, just my opinion

  28. Thanks, MyIQ — I appreciate that.

  29. I already spoke my piece. As James Carville said:

    “I was quoted correctly and in context”

  30. I said nite nite but it was on the gaffe thread…. some of those are such priceless memories that I will be headed for bed with a smile..I really think some kind of gaffe watch , or daily gaffe of the predident select would be hillarious 🙂 and helpful 🙂 I would be happy to help with it 🙂

  31. The Kansas City Chiefs have lost 17 of their last 18 games. The last two have been terrific. Today they almost won in the last 30 seconds. Last week they lost in Over Time. It’s the sort of team I can identify with.

  32. Daily Puma – what a great find! It’s in my bookmarks now. Although I see a few names that would resent the PUMA association in there.

  33. {{{swanspirit}}} Good night!

  34. KC was one of the Raiders two wins

  35. G’night Swannie!

  36. myiq
    it looks like the clown from “It” (Steven King)

  37. Thanks for the new thread myiq. I was just about to go to bed and then all hell broke loose. This has been one long “trip” as Bill A. would say. Pass the Vitamin C.

  38. kiki-

    lets see cheese -like real sharp aged 4 year cheddar and and smoked swiss and smoked cheddar baby swiss-wait if the dem party had nominated this tray of cheeses I would probably have voted for it then eaten it on whole grain triscuits!

  39. Swanspirit,

    I think that’s a great idea. We could collect links and you tubes for future reference.

  40. BB, if things don’t calm down in that thread, I might shut off the comments until morning.

  41. good night for real see ya in the moring have my toast buttered with honey butter and my fruit ray and coffee ready Ill be yup at 630 am!

  42. I wasn’t sure if anyone else was still awake to moderate.

  43. G’night Fuzzy!

  44. oh heck just bring me breakfast in bed!

  45. I’m not — I want to go to bed. But, I’m terrified that something else is going to happen. When will this weekend end?

  46. fuzzy, I love triscuits! I’m really not an angry person

    goodnight {{{Michael}}} we’ll laugh about all this some day at the p-house……….soon, I hope

  47. {{{Fuzzy}}}} Sweet Dreams


  48. Katiebird,

    Are people still commenting down there? If so we should close the comments.

  49. Fuzzy, Sorry you think all GOP hates you. I don’t. I support you. I know a lot of people who support you as well, just not enough. Sort of like the women’s right to vote, and the civil right’s amendment. There’s enough of us out there to support you, but without the Dems, it ain’t happening. BO won by a landslide in CA, 61%, 63%, not sure, but Prop 8 failed by only a few percentage points.

    Obviously, a lot of Republicans and Independents also voted in favor of Prop 8 or it too would have failed by a much larger margin than it did.

    I resent the GOP being blamed for gay rights not passing, particularly in extremely liberal states like California. Prop 8 did not pass by the same amount as those who voted for McCain, it passed by far, far more. There are some of us who are working really hard to change minds within our own party as well and it’s starting to gain some ground. I am not in California but know people who were GOP and working hard to make sure Prop 8 did not pass.

    Had everyone who voted for Obama also voted to pass gay rights, it would have been a landslide. They didn’t. So why is that the GOP’s fault?

  50. I mean voted against Prop 8.

  51. kiki –

    I’ve told Riverdaughter I wouldn’t come back in here but I’m breaking that promise to offer an apology for last night. Generally, when I post in places like this, I’m also editing. This was the case last night. Sometimes I get distracted, loose my train of thought, and blunder (sometimes, of course, I’m just a dick). So if I seemed ruse to you, I am sorry. I was enjoying the thread quite a bit, and was pleased to read about your having seen Hendrix in a most unlikely venue. I thought we were having fun and I guess I ruined that.

    I apologize. It was not intentional.

  52. If anyone gets out of line is this thread I won’t delete ’em, I’ll move the comment to the moderation queue for posterity

  53. BB, I think it’s stopped. One problem with WordPress is that if you close comments, you can’t read the ones that are there. So, I don’t really want to do that.

  54. Meh, depressed as hell. Cannot get passive-aggressive spouse to talk about terms of divorce. Long distance relationship not going well. Got health worries. Prop 8 bullshit got me down. I hate life.

  55. hi bradmaysfilmaker,

    I dated a filmmaker for six years. They are a odd breed of fish to be sure. I learned to overlook a lot 🙂

  56. OK, Katiebird. I need to go to sleep soon though. I know you do too.

  57. El Jazera broad casted footage of mass celebration in the Arab world in responce to Obama’s victory. I can’t wait until they find out that is Chief of Staff is an Isreali. It will take them I while to figure it out. But just wait until they do!

  58. Hey ugsome – the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

  59. {{BostonBoomer}} Please get some sleep. xxoo

  60. G’night BB!

  61. poplicola–that’s right, just depress me some more 🙂

  62. myiq
    Whatever happened to the clown from “It”? But welcome back Spaulding!

  63. I am going to bed. Let’s hope and pray that the beginning of this week promises to be a light brighter than the one we just traversed. A bummer to say the least.

    But I need someone to tell me when it is safe to turn on my tv again. Lucy reruns just aren’t doing it for me when I know the dialogue word for word!

  64. {{Katiebird}} {{Myiq}}

  65. I never tire of Lucy reruns. I have the complete DVD set!

  66. lmao

  67. Which Lucy?

    Lucy & Desi, Lucy solo or Lucy and kids?

  68. I heart Lucy.

  69. Lucy and Desi only.

  70. God Help Us

    This week will be the first full week post-election and who knows what it will bring, so on this Sunday eve I leave you with one of my favorite hymns of all time. A song that was like a warm salve on the hearts and minds of those battling against oppression during the post-slavery, Jim Crow era.

    Charles A. Tindley’s Beams of Heaven, performed by Oleta Adams–one of many renditions of this song, but one of my favorites. –SUGAR


  71. Katiebird:

    Don’t go to bed just yet

  72. I like the guy who looks like Mr. Whipple, when Lucy worked at the bank.

  73. That was Mr. Mooney

  74. We must never forget this evening either .. Nov. 9, 1938

    “On the night of 9 to 10 November 1938, a coordinated series of pogroms were perpetrated by the Nazis in the Germany and Austria against Jews, their synagogues, their businesses and their homes.

    The anti-Jewish riots came to be known as ‘Kristallnacht’ or Night of Broken Glass, a reference to the great numbers of broken windows of synagogues, Jewish-owned stores, community centres and homes plundered and destroyed during the pogroms. Tens of thousands Jews were attacked, killed or deported to the concentration camps.

    That night marked the beginning of the atrocities that were to progressively intensify and become the full horror of the Holocaust.”


  75. Mr. Mooney?

  76. Briana:

    I used to work for a survivor of Kristallnacht.

  77. Mr Mooney! I love that guy!

  78. BTW, simofish @ 12:00 am: Thanks for the info. Maybe this will lead to something big.

  79. My sick cat is now recovered enough that he is annoying rather than worrying me.

  80. Alright, well, tonight I’ve learned that myiq saying “fuck you” to me is totally acceptable – no one here, save myself, has seen fit to call him out on that. He behaves like a total troll, and no one calls him out anything. He’s a bully. Nothing more. Nothing less. And you guys are tolerating it for reasons I can’t begin to fathom.

    I’ve never been anything but polite to everyone on this forum but that is not being returned by at least one prominent member. And all of you are keeping your mouths shut.

    This is disgraceful. Saying “f*ck you” to me is way out of line.

  81. Myiq, how old is your kitty? Good to know he’s doing better. Yep, annoying is normal.

  82. I’m in moderation. Can someone please pull me out?

  83. There will be no flame wars here

  84. Oh, so you aren’t going to say “fuck you” to me again and then delete it before others see it? is that what that means?

  85. Britannia:

    He’s about 13 or 14. My son got him as a kitten while he was in HS but I can’t remember exactly which year.

  86. Myiq, oh wow, you’ve had him a long time then.

  87. As I said before, if anyone gets out of line I won’t delete them I’ll move them to the moderation queue.

  88. Yeah, he’s old and cranky when he feels good.

  89. Myiq2xu… I don’t know if you got a chance to look at those photos .. but they ‘touched’ me . In some weird way … it took ‘this’ stuff away . Then Sugar’s hymn …

    Did He/She, your boss tell you stories ..???

    …sure am glad Cat is giving you a hard time ….;))) – LoL ……

  90. Briana:

    My boss was a teenage boy when it happened and his family moved here right afterwards.

    He didn’t see much of it because he and his family hid in the cellar. His home wasn’t attacked but he knew many people whose homes and businesses were.

    He never found out what happened to many of the people he left behind when they fled, but lots of them did not survive the Holocaust.

  91. I found this on an Obot site, so watch with caution, however I found it strangely cathartic:

  92. Hi gang, popping in to say goodnight. Sounds like a rough day around here. I’m not surprised, we have so much grief to work through.

    Hi Myiq, glad kitty’s feeling better.

    Long day–my dogs are barking.

    If you see scrubs, tell him I said hello 🙂

  93. Just another crappy day in paradise!

    G’night Joaniebone!

  94. goodnight myiq–kisses. See you tomorrow, and . please sleep! You need it—I am starting to worry.

  95. I slept most of the day! Now I’m wide awake.

  96. I’m fixing up my long-neglected blog. Can anyone tell me how to add this site and others to my blogroll?

  97. joanie, I think scrubs is a she.

  98. Aw crap, now one of the other cats is acting sick

  99. poplicola:

    If I knew how to make a blogroll my site would have one.

  100. bradmaysfilmmaker, on November 10th, 2008 at 12:40 am Said:

    I didn’t notice any rudeness…but it wasn’t my conversation. It’s sad when people have these dust ups out of such casual remarks where the slights are hard to see. Seems to be a rather common thing in blogging. Best wishes to you.

  101. ah, found it…

  102. dashboard, manage, manage links

  103. Myiq,

    How many cats allow you to live with them?

  104. Three, plus the two freeloaders who show up outside the back door twice a day expecting food.

  105. myiq2xu, what do cats do when they are sick? sleep more? 🙂

  106. Wow, three plus two freeloaders! Good thing Capt. Spalding isn’t a cat fan.

  107. Any man that cares for cats like you do is a good man,myiq. My George cat had to go to the no kill shelter about 2 months ago. I’m still heartbroken. He was the last one in a long line of beloved kitties in my life and I’ll never be able to have one again. Would you please give yours a little extra love tonight from me?

    Thanks – Nanc

  108. Hey, joanie – scrubs is a gay female!


  109. myiq – I hate that Spaulding gravatar! He scares me.

  110. {{{{ georgecat }}}}

  111. They ignore food, lose their usual indifference, meow strangely, sleep in weird places, forget where the litter box is and, birthday before last, croak on your kitchen floor.

  112. Thanks Britannia.

  113. They ignore food, lose their usual indifference, meow strangely, sleep in weird places, forget where the litter box is and, birthday before last, croak on your kitchen floor.

  114. Oh, I forgot: they bleed and ooze fluids on your new comforter too.

  115. I agree scrubs, that one’s not scary to me but it’s crazy ugly.

  116. edge of forever. Thanks for the feedback.

    DailyPUMA has only been around four days, and you may be right that a couple of the non PUMA blogs don’t fit. The majority of Blogs will always be PUMA blogs, but I have added a couple others, just because.

    To quote the TV show Entourage, “He was like a mad scientist sprinkling all of these ingredients together”.


    I am hoping for DailyPUMA will go so high in the rankings that it becomes an alternative news and opinion site to the mainstream media, and the result is all the hardy PUMA bloggers find bigger and bigger audiences for their PUMA blogs.

  117. I’m working on a post about trolls, and one of the things they like to do is use sockpuppets to “win” discussions.

    It works like this: The troll says something, then two or three other commenters who have never been seen before chime in to agree with the the troll.

  118. Sorry about birthday before last!!! Bummer.

    I can’t seem to go to bed before 2 am. Though I’d really prefer 3 am. And wake at noon.

    Most of the world is on this crazy morning person schedule but I know there are some of my kind around.

  119. Did any of you watch the Giants -Eagles game?


    “The Giants and Eagles played in front of a special guest. Vice President-elect Joe Biden watched the game in a luxury suite with Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. Biden was booed when he was showed on the video screen.”

  120. myiq2xu — you should make a sockpuppet to post the thread, then praise it

  121. Poplicola:

    I have nightmares where I am being chased by angry sockpuppets

  122. msindy:

    That particular cat was “gifted” to me by one of my kids when she flew the nest.

    It didn’t like me and shed like crazy. I think it died on my birthday just to spite me.

  123. Those tube sock kind with the stripes? Those are scary.

  124. Yeah, I like pop’s idea about praising the sockpuppet. WE will all get it but not sure the bots will.

  125. Bots never get it…

  126. Some people think they are so devious and clever they don’t realize that not everyone is fooled.

    I spent years doing investigations and family law and criminal defense, sorting through conflicting stories, spotting lies and inconsitencies.

    After a while you get a feel for it.

    When separated witnesses use the same unusual phrase or term, you know they cooked their stories.

    Trolls and their sockpuppets do something similar.

  127. “I spent years doing investigations and family law and criminal defense, sorting through conflicting stories, spotting lies and inconsitencies.”

    It shows – not just the way you deal with tr0lls but also how you deal with the disrupters (especially the ones who claim they aren’t).

  128. scrubs:

    When you ask a simple question and get a long non-responsive answer, keep digging at that spot.

    If someone doesn’t understand what you said, do you give them a harder or an easier explanation?

    Trolls try to use word fogs filled with jargon and big words to bluff and intimidate.

  129. If I said “double jeopardy” and someone didn’t know what I meant I wouldn’t say it’s similar to res judicata and collateral estoppel.

    I would say that it means you can’t be put on trial twice for the same crime.

  130. Yeah, I get your point. Now that you put it that way, myiq, it sure does fit the obot pattern.

    The long non-responsive answer has actually been used by supposed “friends” around here. Sometimes, at the end of reading it, I go, “WTF?”

  131. This is a meaningless word fog:

    “Why? Because it’s turned out that meta matters. The American public is by and large in favour of a social-democratic policy consensus. But that doesn’t necessarily effect how things go at the ballot box. How things go at the ballot box is related to all kinds of meta issues. And the meta that matters now is that, regardless of the truth of the matter, it is widely held that Obama is winning on a populist platform. That perception is the 0.0001% margin you get out of the elections, even if it is very likely that you’ll get nothing else.”

    “Meta” is a prefix or an adjective that modifies a noun.

  132. I’m not leaving but I’ll be working on a post so if I don’t respond please be patient.

  133. Yeah, that was one of the “WTF?” comments for me.

  134. Goodness, how come I’ve never heard of this before?


    It’s free!

  135. metacarpals matter: the pen is mightier than the sword.

  136. Hey, guys, maybe poking people with sharp sticks isn’t a very good idea. Let’s not pick on Brad. The paragraph you highlighted, myiq, kinda makes sense to me, er, except for the last sentence. Do me a favor and move on from Brad.

  137. metamucil is important to those who answer like the above — it helps with the quantity of their answers.

  138. Damn, can’t access hulu from a foreign country.

  139. Sorry about that scrubs. 😦

  140. didn’t know the author of the quote, just talking about writing in general

    I just ran across a neat site: the Library Company of Philadelphia, founded by Ben Franklin 1731.


  141. didn’t know the author of the quote, just talking about writing in general

    I ran across a neat site: the Library Company of Philadelphia, founded by Ben Franklin 1731.


  142. Damn again.

    Let’s go back to the sex talk. Where is angie?

  143. please delete the first of my double posts and this notice

  144. Ah, pop – Silence Dogood. Great trivia question.

  145. metamucil LOL! That’s a meta you can count on!

  146. RD:

    Brad didn’t write that

  147. I am fixing up my blog and wanted this for it:

    …suspecting that my Brother would object to printing any Thing of mine in his Paper if he knew it to be mine, I contriv’d to disguise my Hand, and writing an anonymous Paper I put it in at Night under the Door of the Printing-House. It was found in the Morning and communicated to his Writing Friends when they call’d in as usual.

    His Autobiography has always been one of my favorites.

  148. myiq: nevermind then.

  149. That one went further back, RD.

  150. pop – maybe that is how we will have to get any bad news about BO to the media – by slipping it under the door and acting like it is actually from someone else. Say, Putin, for example.

  151. Have you seen Sticks and Stones? It’s a page of examples of bad writing submitted by users. Hysterical! This one is my favorite:

    Quite why P. D. James – the English crime writer – has attained such a reputation, I shall never know. Every page of every novel presents examples of ill-considered, pompous and tortuous prose. Let us open A Taste for Death at random:

    Whatever the time of year, except in the worst of winter weather, this was her nightly routine. She would pour herself a whisky, Bell’s, and take out the glass for these minutes of contemplation, rather, she thought, like a caged prisoner reassuring herself that the city was still there. But her small flat was no prison . . .

    Let us consider this for a few moments.

    Why should she fail to pour herself a whisky ‘in the worst of the winter weather’? Would not adverse climatic conditions be exactly those under which any sensible person would adhere most eagerly to this routine?

    Why should she ‘pour herself a whisky’ and then ‘take out the glass’? Where has she poured the whisky? Down the kitchen sink? Over her shoes? Most of us, I daresay, would take out the glass before pouring the whisky.

    How many caged prisoners – as opposed, I guess, to uncaged and wholly at liberty prisoners – pour themselves a short at bedtime? Given that the ‘she’ here is a police officer, the reader ought to expect a slightly greater degree of awareness in respect of the conditions of incarceration.

    Why should a ‘caged prisoner’ wish to reassure herself/himself ‘that the city was still there’? Where else would it be? Gone to Miami for a fortnight’s break? Would ‘a caged prisoner’ be distressed or elated at the sudden and unexplained absence of a city? I only ask.

    Then, lo, we discover that her ‘small flat’ is not in the least like a prison; so the point of the elaborate simile is lost. She is having a pleasant drink in a dwelling that does not resemble a cell. One might as well write, ‘It was as though he had returned home and glanced in the mirror and discovered that his face had turned green, except that he had not glanced in the mirror – and his face had remained its normal colour.’ Or, perhaps, he was a ‘caged prisoner’ who had not returned home at all . . .

    [Contributor: Steve Prasher, Stockport, Cheshire, U.K.]

  152. Okay, RD – WTF?


  153. By the way, we are tame tonight on the zombie shift. You should come check us out on your Friday nights (my Saturday afternoon/evening).

  154. I like P. D. James. I think she’s a very good writer.

  155. scrubs57 – you are correct.

    RD, your post reminded me of the best page on the internet:

    “If you work in an office with lots of people, chances are that you work with a person who hangs pictures up that their kids have drawn. The pictures are always of some stupid flower or a tree with wheels. These pictures suck; I could draw pictures much better. In fact, I can spell, do math and run faster than your kids. So being that my skills are obviously superior to those of children, I’ve taken the liberty to judge art work done by other kids on the internet. I’ll be assigning a grade A through F for each piece: ”


  156. Things are perkier when angie is here, everybody else drifts in and out, she keeps us all in here chatting. lol

  157. wake her up

  158. Ryan Lizza, the renowned and preeminent fluffer, has an article in the New Yorker, relating the inside workings of the Obama campaign. I held my nose to read, but in June, O’s pollster made a presentation:

    There was good news and bad in Benenson’s presentation. Obama led John McCain, forty-nine per cent to forty-four per cent, among the voters most likely to go to the polls in November.

    About a billion dollars to move Obama 3.6% and McCain 2.6% — simply amazing. Next time I hear what brilliant strategists Plouffe, Axelrod and company are, I’ll remember those numbers.

  159. why aren’t my posts showing?

  160. They are showing on my screen unless they aren’t.

  161. It’s why the whole “Obama can raise money!” argument was so stupid. He gets so little bang for his buck.

  162. So naturally we should entrust him with the Federal budget.

  163. The point is made in the article that they had so much money they didn’t know what to do with it all — so they resorted to buying the video game ads. The adapaloosa the week before the election was even an afterthought they had so much.

  164. It never occurred to them that they could feed and clothe thousands of people with that excess.

  165. Morality or the ethic of human kindness wasn’t in the campaign plan.

  166. Well, good–that’s a skill set that will serve him well in his future job.


  167. OK, here’s a question for anybody still here. If there were 2 candidates running for the same office and their campaign managers were Karl Rove and David Axelrod, all things being equal (money, airtime, candidate’s resume and “baggage”, etc.) whose candidate would win and why?

  168. kjmontana, I have no idea, but on general principles I would Hope not Axelrod. I don’t want any part of a candidate who would hire him.

  169. All things being equal, I don’t know. Other than that, I’d lean towards Rove because Axlerod seems like he likes to pick the worst candidate possible and use the most cynical means possible, just to see how low he can go and still get away with it. It’s a big game to him, while Rove probably has some ideology and would be less likely to deliberately pick the world’s most horrible candidate just to prove he can.

  170. Does Axelrod have the MSM doing half his work in this scenario? Rove did his thing without that advantage.

  171. Interesting. What if the candidate were a woman?

    I ask because I have heard that Axelrod was actually approached to run Hillary’s campaign and he turned her down. He then got all excited about O and was the one who convinced him “the time was now or never.” Supposedly one of O’s “positive attributes” was his lack of a Senate record that would have to be defended on the campaign trail.

    I too think Rove has an ideology. But he’s become known as a dirty fighter and I think he himself would now be a negative for any campaign.

  172. I go with Rove.

    I only say that because I ended up watching him a lot on Fox this season and I actually found myself agreeing with him a lot.

    Sorry I went away – we just delivered 4 babies in a row.

  173. kjm:

    I don’t know who would win but I do know who would lose – the whole country.

  174. Scrubs:

    How is the mother doing?

  175. Ha!

    Four different moms, mate. One is bleeding a bit too much. The rest are fine. All babies good.

  176. What if the candidate were a woman? He’d probably still try to find a way to use misogyny (what if the other candidate were also a woman?) and homophobia, and ageism, and attacking spouses, and acting liek he’s selling a bar of soap to a bunch of dupes, disrespecting everybody’s intelligence. Screw him. I don’t know wht he did before, but he came out as the world’s most contemptible slimeball with this sleazefest of projection.

    “positive attributes” was his lack of a Senate record that would have to be defended on the campaign trail.”

    That’s just wonderful. The more empty the suit, the better. Did I mention, screw him?

    I’d still put my money on the person with conviction versus the punk who’s focus group testing how much he can get people to swallow as an academic exercise.

  177. I think the media was in the tank for GWB the first time around. CDS and all. Rove was able to get Cheney’s sockpuppet elected. Twice. I wonder if Axelrod can do the same?

  178. Wow! You’re hanging out with us in between deliveries?

    I’m, like, eating cereal…

  179. Interesting essay by Victor Davis Hanson:


    California what was the ‘No on Prop 8′ gay lobby thinking, when the Obama registration drives in California brought in thousands of new voters–that they were really all UC Santa Cruz undergrads or absent-minded professors who forgot to register? Did they really think all those evil white Mormons and Church of Christ throngs in California would overwhelm them at the polls? In truth, each new Obama minority voter registered was a de facto vote against gay marriage.

    There is a strange phenomenon that occurs when someone damns the abstract Right by ignoring the far more concrete Right in his own midst. I saw that in the 1970s when pampered leftists in college would damn Nixon’s Middle America, and then go back home to enjoy the largess of their wealthy conservative parents. If Bill Ayers were really a revolutionary, would he not have burned down his father’s estate rather than have bombed a public facility for the general use? Or might he have given all his inheritance to Chicago community organizers?

  180. You guys keep me sane, Seriously.

    The vent thread earlier really helped me out, too. This is a 24 hour shift for me and all heck was braking loose around the time of me being able to say “FUCK” on the vent thread.

  181. So scrubs, what is the count? How many girls and how many boys?

  182. 3 boys, 1 girl – in honor of BO, of course.

  183. That must be a thrill. I have never witnessed a birth. Not even of my own kids. One hospital had a mirror, but then they took my glasses and I’m blind as a bat so the mirror was pointless.

    I did watch a foal being born though. Very cool.

  184. LOL scrubs

    24 hours???? God, poor you.

    kj I bet he can. The Republicans proved on Tues they are too dumb to come in out of the rain, Romney will probably take a page out of Obama’s playbook and run a disgusting sexist campaign against sarah, causing a rit in their party, gays and women will contnue to support Obama no matter how much he screw us, and now that he’s in there he’s capable of anything, it’s a lo easier to commit fraud when you’re in control. And teh media won’t turn on him if theer are female candidates on the R side.

  185. Seriously – myiq does 24 hour shifts all the time!

  186. Well, I think maybe blogging is a little less taxing than doctoring. 🙂

  187. Better not read that last one, its damned depressing.

  188. Re: PD James quote. I suspect she may have taken the glass out onto the flat’s balcony – but PD may have forgotten to tell us about its existance. Alternatively she may have intended the character to live in a small house initially and then changed her mind and failed to remove the reference when editing. I suspect PD would not know much about living in small flats or small houses anyway! But it would make sense of the weather reference. Not my favourite writer, not my favourite genre – just a suggestion.

  189. I sleep a few hours, blog a few, sleep a few, beg for money, sleep, blog, eat, blog, sleep, beg, blog, sleep etc.

  190. Hmmm, it is a toss up as to which Hitchens brother I dislike more….

  191. who is the other one? I have heard of Christopher but this is the first I’ve read from him.

  192. are they both writers?

  193. Here is a phrase I just heard that Angie would appreciate:

    “Hornier than a funeral in New Orleans”

  194. morning all-fuzzy had to make own breakfast

  195. Yeah, they’re both writers. Peter was the conservative and Christopher was the leftist up until he admitted he’s also conservative and loves Bush and loves all wars etc. Of course, even when C was supposedly a leftist, he was still a sexist cretin. It’s annoying when Peter acts like he’s such an expert on America and Americans when I think he only lived here a short while as the Daily Express’ American correspondant. (That piece is by Peter, btw).

  196. thanks, lol.

  197. where does Myiq2xu get all these neat posters thay are so funny~!

  198. There has been much speculation about Hillary’s role going forward. This is from ALEGRE’S CORNER,

    A Meeting with Ann Lewis
    by: Alegre
    Sun Nov 09, 2008 at 22:32:59 PM EST

    “………………..Another person asked about party leadership positions and wondered of a certain top post might open up any time soon. Ann assured us that call was Sen. Reid’s and that Hillary’s goal is to get as much done as she can as a Senator. She also reminded us that Majority Leader is heavy on the administrative tasks and it would leave less time to push the issues she wants to fight for. Then people asked about a Cabinet post and the discussion turned to how Hillary would rather be her own person as a Senator – able to do what she needed to do. Someone else asked about a position on the Supreme Court and we were reminded that Hillary’s an advocate and that she wouldn’t be able to fight for the causes she believes in from the Court. I think she’ll get the best results as a Senator really.”

    That’s what I’m hoping as well. I think she’ll be most effective as a Senator not having to work to closely with Obama.

  199. fuzzy, my brother, a Republican, would love to have that poster. that’s there whole schtick – government is awful. Of course, the department of defense is never considered to be a part of government or awful.

  200. Does anyone have a site I could go to that has a list of Obama’s sexist comments and voting record all in one?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. I’m having an email debate with an Obot.

  201. Fuzzy:


  202. off to work have a great day!

  203. morning everyone! I’m off to work! see you later.

  204. The History Channel just botched a story about Mussel Slough.

    Mussel Slough was the bloodiest gunfight in the old west (7 dead) but THC got it all wrong!

    I did my senior thesis on the incident.

  205. Hi and bye!

  206. Obama’s permanent, secretive, tax-exempt transition organization…

    Lost amid all of the jubilation of the Obama victory was the announcement by the Obama transition team that it had set up a separate transition program beyond the one that is paid for by the American taxpayer. Called the “Obama/Biden Transition Project,” it is a 501(c)4 tax-exempt organization, with no limits on the contributions it can receive and no requirements to divulge the names of individuals or organizations that give it money.

    Traditionally, the victorious campaign has set up inaugural funds, as well as funds to deal with legal costs and other expenses to close down the campaign. Others have set up quasi-corporate offices to deal with transition issues, such as in 2000, when, with the election in doubt, the Bush-Cheney team set up a private transition office in McLean, Virginia, covering the costs from campaign contributions and other fundraising. Ultimately, the federal government, headed by the Government Services Administration, covers the cost of the transition staff, providing it with office space and all equipment.

    No one is certain that any political organization has ever set up a tax-exempt entity that would be shrouded in such secrecy, particularly when Obama claimed he would be more transparent about the way things were done.

    “To my knowledge, it’s never been done, and people should be asking why the Obama people chose to do it this way,” says a longtime Washington Republican, who has been involved in transitions for the Reagan and Bush campaign teams.


  207. SEALs Rescue American Hostage, Send Kidnappers to Allah

    Cost of training a team of SEALs: Millions of dollars.

    Ammunition for their weapons: Thousands of dollars.

    Saving an American citizen and killing the bad guys?



  208. Thanks to the earlier post for the Dily Puma site. I didn’t know anything about it. It will be a regular from now on.

  209. hey scrubs–gay female is fine! i still say hello !

  210. myiq2xu,
    Why are my posts not appearing?

  211. Daily
    silly me

  212. Hi Joanie! Good Morning!

  213. Find you protest by state or blog and start gathering people in your area

  214. good morning all–off to work!! sound like a fun night

  215. That graphic is downright hilarious, especially in light of the past two administrations and the one that is to come.

  216. tpt/ny, thanks for calling attention to this. It has myiq2xu’s post on tr0lls featured too.


  217. HI Katie!!! You are getting up earlier these days! 🙂

    Last peek on my way out the door… See you all probably later tonight

  218. Woman Voter:

    Dunno, they aren’t in the moderation queue

  219. Michele Obama has decided to take an office in the West Wing. Barack has said that he will be putting her in charge of reworking Healthcare and taking care of ‘bimbo eruptions’.

  220. you better be joking or else i will scream

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