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Favorite Gaffes and Verbal Tics

Good evening, you lovely Conflucians. This is a participatory thread. Please share your favorite funny or irritating moments of the 2008 Campaign season. We can also discuss the irritating habits and horrible gaffes of previous Presidents. I’ll start by sharing a few of my very favorite Obama gaffes.

Here’s another one I really enjoyed.

Now it’s your turn. What were your favorite gaffetastic moments? You should also feel free to ridicule the verbal tics and odd behaviors of the candidates and other politicians alive and dead.

235 Responses

  1. We can also discuss the irritating habits…

    Let me be clear….
    (Means he’s about to lie)

    As I’ve always said…
    (Means he’s about to lie)

  2. Somehow you have the notion….
    (means he’s about to call you a liar)

  3. I just crapped my pants.

  4. It has to be Joe Biden saying “Stand up, Sir!” to the guy in the wheelchair.

    Reminds me of the time my mum was introduced to her brother’s daughter and said “Oh, this must be Stephen.”

    Uncle Jim: “Uh, no, that’s Diane.”

    Mum: (puzzled look)

    “But it can’t be a woman?”

  5. I personally love thumping the arrogant pimple faced trolls that live in mommy’s basement and blog all day for their messiah thinking somehow that’ll some day get them a date.

  6. Clean-up at 10:22

  7. I love this.. when HIS TELEPROMPTER BROKE he lost it , had NO IDEA what he was talking about this was ten times worse than the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric and here is yet another
    no teleprompter moment

    I promise you ther are many more to come LOL
    he will be worse than shrub

  8. Bostonboomer, I hear you can do a magic trick and make pumpkinpie disappear. Poof! Gone.

  9. Sorry about the troll. I was actually trying to do some work. LOL! This has been a lost weekend.

  10. Bostonboomer is the greatest magician in the world.

  11. “No one had done more for (insert whatever group BO is trying to pander to) then I have.” Yep, BO — no one has ever done more then anyone else in the history of the world for whatever group then you have.

    and, my all time favorite:

    “That isn’t the (insert name of person getting thrown under the bus) that I knew.”

  12. LOL the fake pumpkin pie is always what happens when you point out bos very REAL and DEEP flaws it gets them where they live LOL …

  13. Should I bring pumpkinpie back and put something really embarrassing in place of the comment?

  14. delete pumpkin pie-he is a sorry piece of excretement

    pumkinpie in advance for the first 1000 Obama fuck ups…

    “I told yu so!” get out!


  16. You’re very welcome, fuzzy. Where have you been all day?

  17. I kinda enjoyed when Biden said Hillary would have been a better choice than him. or threatened us with a catastrophe w/in 6 months that they’d screw up. or really, just about anything Biden said would qualify.

    but these Obama moments are priceless as well. thanks for the videos, my husband hadn’t seen them. he was like….oh jesus, another bush

  18. Do you have any suggestions?

  19. Hey, don’t mess with my pumpkinpie. She don’t know no better:-)

  20. I LOVE the edited-for-our-amusement tr0ll comments. Do us proud, BB!

  21. Bostonboomer, I love what you did with pumpkinpie!! Can you do the same with my ex-husband? Just kidding….not really.

  22. britgirls
    Edwards had a similar wheelchair moment in 2002
    To me the defining moment was when Kerry went to the media and asked them not to cover the Florida primaries “because they don’t count”
    Tweety’s tingle up his leg should also be memorialized. One thought he couldn’t top his on air orgasm for W’s Mishun Accomplished walk with the parachute paraphernalia strapped on

  23. Here’s the Biden gaffe (one of them)

  24. Veteran’s Day is approaching….any wagers on some major gaffes?

  25. On Punkinpie:

    I guess his doctor canceled his Viagra perscription and the Enzyte isnt working for him…He is mad because he still works at starbucks and lives in his parents basement…oh, he is pissed at mom and dad for not letting him have the keys to the car tonight!

  26. BB, I think when y’all delete someone you should say “that isn’t the pumpkinpie that I knew!”

  27. Anyone who supports Obama has the IQ of driftwood.

  28. how about we are losing in Afghanistan because we don’t have enough Arabic translators (they speak Pashto & Dari in Afghanistan, not Arabic — not something I expect Joe Shmoo to know, but something that should be required knowledge for the guy wanting to be my president). They are trying to say Palin didn’t know Africa was a continent — I bet it was BO who didn’t know.

    also, love how he said his uncle liberated Auschwitz — didn’t know your uncle was Russion, Barry.

  29. Has Palin responded yet to the Secret Service blaming her for Obama’s death threats? McCain should have something to say about that too. Apparently, the SS agents were confused, they thought they were joining the Missouri Intimidation Squad instead.

  30. PunkinPie
    Your eloquence astounds!

  31. My life sucks.

  32. here is one of the most recent the Nancy Reagan Seance one
    perhaps we have overlooked the humor aspect of this presidency ???

    OK maybe after I stop crying ………

  33. cleanup 10:31

  34. Bostonboomer they are out tonight… looks like no work for you.

  35. Fuzzy took the day with his two lovely nieces and my sister in law we shopped we organized the utility room and me and sis in law had a great malbec called Layered Cake…it taste like that 5 layer italian choclat cake that has shaving of dark chocolat on the frosting. Oh, it gives a good buzz had to wait for the buzz to fade.

  36. Don’t forget what The One said to George Steppanopolus, “My Muslim faith”

  37. Pumas and GOP: You so funny! You’re an Obamanation to Obots everywhere. At least be original. Geesh, you’re pathetic.

  38. There must be a lull in the celebration of the historic win – they’d rather foam at the mouth here.

  39. clean — 10:33 & 10:31 — disgusting brain dead zombie

  40. It’s like night of the living obots…..

  41. wow I hopoe that pumas are the gop isnt a stalker for you fuzzy …is anyone saving the ips of these nutbags??

  42. Ok now Pumas are the Gop i say the same thing because the same story applies to all you sick Obat fucks!

    I am sorry but I dont have issues with my body my boy friend doesnt so why should you?

    I bet you are a GOP plant yourself

  43. I abhor the use of “Look,” at the beginning of a sentence. It is one of BO’s favorite tricks.
    People think you are about to say something really meaningful.

  44. Boston Boomer
    I love editting much better than deleting! makes our responses funnier too! 😉

  45. harumph…that’s not the PumasaretheGOP I knew!

  46. edge — they get off on the hate — they can’t get a woman IRL, so this helps with their jerking off.

  47. Obama likes pie. Remember him blabbering about pie?

  48. Please don’t respond to the troll.

  49. Puma SF
    I think it was a waffle!

  50. LOLOLOL see they just hate the truth abut the “one” roflmao …it is like peeing in their kool aid ….

  51. But Obama NEVER mentioned pumpkinpie. Poor thing.

  52. fuzzy — dumb Obots don’t realize that BO is more Republican then McCain. Can’t they put 2 & 2 together? Why do they think the fundies stayed home?

  53. I am selling White Folks certificates of Pardon from oppressing black people–$5.00, laminated $7.00,

    5 wallet sized “race cards” for $4.98

    Tee shirts saying “Reparations Paid in Full when I voted for Obama”

    Size XXXL $14

    Tee shirts saying “Race before gender and country” $16

    New Item:

    Just in Time for the Holidays. Special for your Obama loving honey pot

    Fleece hoodies that say

    “I’m under the bus”

    “I voted Yes for Obama and Proposition 8”

  54. Of course there’s always Barry’s classic: uuhh…ummm….uuhhhh…ummmm…uh..

  55. Is “the banking committee, which is my committee” a gaffe, or is that just The One’s pathological tendencies to lie coming out?

  56. Obama was annoyed when people interrupted his waffle breakfast, but there was a weird “pie” thing going on for a while as well

  57. how about “I agree with Hillary” and “What Hillary said” every effing debate — and they had the nerve to say he won them!

  58. and who can forget…

    ahh..ahhh.. I… I… ahhh… ahhhhh

    Good times!

  59. he knows my wieght because I post it I am a big boy and I could snap Pumas are the Gop like a twig…

    See know why I may have to go out an buy a gun again!

  60. afrocity

  61. afrocity: Great idea. You can sell them on Obama’s website, right next to the Yes We Did t-shirts.and the Obama calendars.

  62. I take all major credit cards, cash, the Amero dollar, and of course CHANGE.

  63. AFFRROOOCIITYY Woohhooo an all time GREAT POST

    and I am SO glad you are still here

  64. How about letting the Russia/Georgia conflict be decided by the NATO security council (on which Russia has veto power). God, he’s such a dumba$$ — I’m not going to say I can’t believe he won the election, because I know in my heart McCain won — BO (with a little help from Acorn) stole it; just like he stole the primary. The fix was in since he gave the 2004 convention address.

  65. angienc
    How about “I agree with McCain” at those debates?

  66. Yeah, I’m still glad you’re here, too. This has been a tough day. What about the radio show tonight?

  67. Afrocity, could we just promise you change?

  68. afrocity-your products will outsell LL Bean this Xmas

  69. Everyone should feel free to post you tube videos, or pictures. I was going to do it, but I’ve been busy. I should have know the Obots would freak out if we ridiculed their messiah. You know how these cultists are.

  70. clean up 10:41

    If they don’t stop picking on my wonderful, beautiful, sweet fuzzy I’m going to go medieval on their asses.

  71. Also… the idea that somehow they “won” is rather surreal

    when bo stole the election the entire country and ther world lost

  72. How about calling John McCain “Jim” & “Dave” Whatta loser.

  73. fatsdomino-ROFLMAO-

    you have to be a republcan you hate gays dems love us just not enough to let us get married!

  74. Do you have a video of him dancing? That always cracks me up.

  75. Fats — go fuck yourself (I know you are used to it by now).
    Clean up — 10:43.

  76. Hands down, it’s gotta be the famous Possum Seal. That one had me really laughing.

  77. Puma SF — Of course he agreed with McCain — they guy doesn’t have a thought in his head without a teleprompter.

  78. That top one took place here in Las Cruces…he then snuck over to the Bataan Memorial (no vets present) to atone for his crap remark about the primaries being like the Death March.

    I blogged about his for days as the preparations were made and changed….supposed to be a townhall for vets which turned into a rally on Memorial Day.

    I have no connection to the military, but I think Obama is a piece of crap…no respect for ANYONE!

  79. I know it’s tempting to respond to the freaks, but please don’t. They get sexual pleasure from it. They are very twisted.

  80. I don’t care if it rains or freezes
    ‘Long as I got my Telprompter Jesus
    Riding on the dashboard of my car
    Through my trials and tribulations
    And my travels through the nations
    With my Teleprompter Jesus I’ll go far

    Teleprompter Jesus, Teleprompter Jesus
    Riding on the dashboard of my car
    I’m afraid He’ll have to go
    His magnets ruin my radio
    And if I have a wreck He’ll leave a scar

    Riding down a thoroughfare
    With His nose up in the air
    A wreck may be ahead, but He don’t mind
    Trouble coming He don’t see
    He just keeps His eye on me
    And any other thing that lies behind

  81. Man, that B0bot celebration party must be boring as shit!

  82. well all on PUR No WE Wont they dedicated the first hour to thanking the LGBT community for its support of PUMA…I cried I was moved to know our sacrifice was recognized in this movement!

    thanks to RD for her lovely post on the matter too!

  83. Fuzzy, you might want to be a little more careful, baby. people really are crazy these days.

  84. T — LMAO!

  85. angienc: no shit and I can’t wait to see and hear him make a bigger fool out of himself everyday. It’s going to be priceless but we better put up bigger fire walls.

  86. “edgeoforever, on November 9th, 2008 at 10:45 pm Said:
    Man, that B0bot celebration party must be boring as shit!”

    They are in for a hellish hangover.

  87. Kat5, that was a good one.

    The Obama gold coins… minted well before the election!

  88. Here is a photo I like – because I imagine he does this a lot these days

  89. Obama is like the wizard of Oz, at the end of the story when Toto goes behind the curtain and sees that it is this stupid old man who is a total fraud.

    Then Hillary the Good Witch of the DNC comes out and tells all of the black people.. You see you didn’t need that silly man Oz-bama to tell you that are are special. The brains, heart, and courage was always inside of you black people 😉

  90. A rough night for gay Obama supporters
    I was elated over Obama’s historic win. Then I got the news that Proposition 8 was passing — banning my right to marry a woman.
    Article by Salon

  91. how about saying his grandmother (who he just said the day before was a r@cist) was a “typical white person”

    See, that is how I know he stole the election. No way did he win PA, OH, NC or VA. NO WAY on God’s green earth did he win those states.

  92. this troll is actually entertaining to me if he is attacking me at least he is leaving you ladies alone at least let me read his tripe before you delete it Pleeze!

  93. Also, someone got in Tweety’s head and came up with this fantasy

  94. sorry am in moderation spelled the word tr0ll! oops

  95. You know what I think is funny? These wierd, pathetic Obot freaks who are sitting around in their underwear reading this blog. What a bunch of losers.

  96. Afrocity – does the “under the bus” hoodie have tire marks on the back?

  97. I’m still kind of reeling from the podium made especially for the president-elect. has anyone ever done that before?

    makes me think he might have just as much fun playing with the box it came in

  98. Radio interview with Piper Palin http://www.bobandmark.com/node/2449

  99. oh on wednesday some one threw a rock at my window…my hillary signs are still up!

  100. I’d love to have one of those madamab. Tire tracks would be great! Someday we’ll talk about being under the bus the way Paul Newman was proud of being on Nixon’s enemy’s list.

  101. I’ve been thinking of making JOIN ME UNDER THE BUS stickers.

  102. Keep Going Forward…Never Look Back….Keep Going Forward…

    words to live by

  103. Afrocity and madamab — If i wasnt realyl concerned about safety I’d suggest setting up shop on cafepress or similar — those are hilarious

  104. fuzzy,

    That’s terrible!

  105. PUMA-SF — the only pleasure I’m going to get these next 4 years is watching him continue to make a fool of himself & seeing the slow realization by the Obots that they are idiots. I keep saying: a year from now (if not sooner) you will not be able to find one person who will admit they voted for BO.

  106. My list

    “you’re likeable enough Hillary” — aaraarrrrrggghghg!
    the stryofoam columns
    the Obamanation presidential faux seal.

  107. angienc — will he throw himself under the bus?

  108. for our Obot readers:

  109. I miss Hillary….

  110. kiki — no, no one has ever done that stupid podium thing before — because even though the press calls them the “president elect” the fact is, they are not the president elect until the EC votes in December.

  111. Oh boy… 😯

  112. I will not bow to pressure those signs stay up untill she runs again!

  113. pop — he will throw everyone under the bus, including MO & the kids, EXCEPT for himself.

  114. Katiebird,

    I e-mailed you.

  115. Uh….uh…uh…uh…there are so many it is hard to pick just one.

    I love how the Bots think they “won” because Obama is president elect. Nuts, I tell ya.

  116. my fav obama saying….

    errr umm errr ummm -or my second fav is

    ummmm errr ummm errr

  117. 48 — yep, as a wise clown said earlier today: Obama won. America lost.

  118. http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/electoral-college/faq.html

    What impact does a candidate’s concession speech have on the Electoral College process?

    None. A candidate’s concession speech does not impact the States’ duties and responsibilities related to the Electoral College system. On December 15, 2008, the electors will meet in each State to cast their ballots.

  119. poplicola
    I think just about now he might welcome the relief. He was very scared at the press conference.

  120. Did you get my reply?

  121. Those temples and fake symbols are like mental penis enlargers for Oz-bama. That is why he does not want a doggie, because Toto will pull the curtain back and expose him in his long johns with his puny legs.

  122. 48 you ar psychic!

  123. I really hated the way BO touched people after shakinig hands. His hand at the small of Hillary’s back, at one of the debates, really got me. The man has no clue about persnoal space, he’s just always too close. Also seemed like he was patting Mac’s shoulder in an “it’s ok, old man” kind of way.

    myiq: Can’t drink. May I participate in drunk blogging on narcotics instead?

  124. Most irritating: Obama during the debate saying, “You’re likable enough, Hillary”, followed by his snubbing her on the Senate floor after the State of the Union address.

  125. ugsome
    Love that kitty!

  126. Obviously with my spelling, I’m doing narcotic blogging tonight. Please excuse me.

  127. Those temples and fake symbols are like mental penis enlargers for Oz-bama. That is why he does not want a doggie, because Toto will pull the curtain back and expose him in his long johns with his puny legs.

  128. georgecat – that touching thing is a means of expressing dominance. subordinates are not permitted to touch superiors usually.

  129. afrocity: Ozbama may be the best name I’ve heard. So glad you’re back.

  130. How about “when she’s feeling down . . .” OR that pro-choicers “don’t understand the wrenching moral decision” OR that the mental health exception for late-term abortions can’t be for “when she’s feeling blue.” God, there are so many.

  131. ok obama is a total tool and boob-I still want to see him fail…do I care about the country?….of course I do but you get the goverment you vote for so they voted for failure…they thought they were voting for hopey changey but they voted for failure!

  132. “It’s above my paygrade”

  133. A memorable one for me – and it’s not a very pleasant one – was…picture it! Sicily! 1925! Oh, wait, nevermind. Picture it! Super Tuesday. MSNBC. Chris Matthews is hosting a panel featuring DeeDee Myers, Pat Buchanan, and Eugene Robinson. Robinson starts talking about Bill Clinton ruining Hillary’s campaign with his race-baiting in North Carolina! “Bill Clinton did not help Hillary by inserting himself into her campaign.” Matthews responds: “Bill always gets in trouble when he inserts himself.” You could hear a pin drop in that studio. Myers, Buchanan, and even Oblahblahbot Robinson just stared at him. I forget who changed the subject. Then as they were about to go to a commercial break Matthews said that he couldn’t believe Robinson would say something so vulgar about Bill Clinton! All three panelists protested, insisting Matthews was the vulgar one. Commercial break. I never saw this discussed. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who witnessed this exchange.

  134. OMG — “its above my pay grade” Whaddanasshole!

  135. fuzzbear: I’m sorry that you were attacked for having Hillary signs. I think anyone where I live in NYC who has anything other than Obama stuff on their car or clothing is very brave. Though I have worn my t-shirt from Chelsea’s t-shirt design contest without any comment. But it’s not very clear it’s pro-Hillary since it doesn’t mention her name but only has a quote.

  136. imustprotest — lol — jinx!

  137. popicloa: I worked for fema for 10 years. So I know exactly what you’re sayinig about the touching. Some of the ex-military guys were the worst. Felt like I had a “please grope me” sign on. Of course the ones that drifted into fema were not the best of the best.

  138. Hee! Can you imagine if afrocity and I teamed up together?

    Angie – just heard that the folks at my old haunt are freaking out over RahmBo. The kool-aid is already wearing off…

  139. gang — I’m going to bed. Off to work tomorrow.
    Good night.

    And tell myiq I’ll see him in his dreams (so he better bring a knife).

  140. madamab — good — however many down, 60 million to go! LOL

  141. I want to see Obama go down in flames….

    I want a television address on Laborday monday that starts with:

    “I will not seek nor accept the nomination for a second term as president…..”

    I will refer to it as Obama’s LBJ moment I look forward to it!

  142. I thought it was pretty funny when Biden told a crowd in Scranton that he was a Green Bay Packers fan. That would have been a good day to lie.

  143. HMMM. I just made apple pie, I wish I could have you guys over to my place. I would cut you a slice and give you a dollop of Cinnamon/Maple Ice cream.

  144. fuzzy: tell everyone what you talked about on the radio about Florida and the vote you had there.

  145. The worst one, for me, was needing to consult everyone, including the pastor and the family dog, if you were thinking of an abortion.

  146. That sounds really good Afrocity. The Cinnamon/Maple ice cream especially.

  147. 48 you ar psychic!

    Ha! Better that than psycho, eh? The streets are littered with repentant Bushies 8 years after they thought they “won”. Same will happen with the bots, only worse. They won nothing, they lost, American lost.

  148. I ment to say:
    want to see Obama go down in flames….

    I want a television address on Labor Day monday 2001 that starts with:

    “I will not seek nor accept the nomination for a second term as president…..”

    I will refer to it as Obama’s LBJ moment I look forward to it!

  149. Irksome – In addition to the Possum Seal, this latest damned “Office of the President-Elect” seal. Still in Obama colors.

    When the hell did the media ever address the winner as “President-Elect” so-and-so, like it was a title? I’m hearing it too often, like on NPR (in the tank, too). Sounds like fawning over Barry to me.

  150. didn’t his lordship say Hillary felt down PERIODICALLY?

    and yeah, Georgecat, women should be allowed choice after consulting with every male they’ve ever met

  151. You guys pretty much covered the Obama/Biden gaffes so I will throw in the McCain, “the economy is strong” message one week before we sent 7 billion to bail out Wall Street. That’s when I knew that no matter who got in we were pretty much off the Land of Screwdom. Neither one had a clue as to what was going on.

  152. Did you hear Piper’s whistle when she spoke? All those missing front teeth–so adorable.

  153. Michael: Do you know what was being typed that upset taggles so much? I was bopping in and out of the site but I knew she was pretty angry toward the end.

  154. Puma SF- I was explaining that amendment 2 passing was as big a travesty as prop 8 because the higher threshold for amending the Florida constitution.

    In California a simple majority + 1 puts an a proposition in the CA constitution…

    In Florida it takes 60% + 1 to pass the same amendement to the state constitution.

    So in florida where Obama recieved 50.1% of the vote we could not get 40% + 1 to defeat # 2.

  155. I just put on Fox News for an update and the crawl is running with outtakes of today’s sermons in the black churches hailing Obama’s win. Farrakhan has also called his win a “gift from God”. I hurriedly turned off the set and rushed back here for safety.

  156. Amendment 2 doesnt just invalidate gay and lesbian couples joined in marriage but restricts in florida recognitions of any family str8 or LGBT that is not created or exsists as a hetro-sexual marriage.

    I could be used to against single parents and also hetrosexuals living in a domestic partner relationship.

  157. 48, on November 9th, 2008 at 11:07 pm Said:
    48 you ar psychic!

    Ha! Better that than psycho, eh? The streets are littered with repentant Bushies 8 years after they thought they “won”. Same will happen with the bots, only worse. They won nothing, they lost, American lost.

    YOU are so spot on !!!!!! repentant obots are already starting …. that is even faster than bushies !!!

  158. Thanks, fuzz. I need it for fuel for my Obot gay friend at work. He was at the rally Friday night but I can tell by the look in his eye that he’s even more pissed about this then FISA.

  159. hey Fuzzy, I want you to stay safe in part because the next time I go to Orlando, which I hope will be soon, we’re having a drink at the P-House together. I also want you to stay safe because I like you and care about you. I don’t want to be bossy but I would urge you to be a little careful about personal information posted online. people are crazy……

  160. Does anyone here read the Darwin awards?? Why couldn’t bo have been a zookeeper ???

    Zookeeper Friedrich Riesfeldt ( Paderborn , Germany ) fed his constipated elephant 22 doses of animal laxative and more tha n a bushel of berries, figs and prunes before the plugged-up pachyderm finally got relief.
    Investigators say ill-fated Friedrich, 46, was attempting to give the ailing elephant an olive oil enema when the relieved beast unloaded. The sheer force of the elephant’s unexpected defecation knocked Mr. Riesfeldt to the ground where he struck his head on a rock as the elephant continued to evacuate 200 pounds of dung on top of him.
    It seems to be just one of those freak accidents that proves.. ‘Shit happens’.

  161. Did someone mention the price of arugula?

  162. afrocity that smells great — I just made fresh pot of coffee.

  163. Californis does prohibit ballot initiatives that change the basic structure of the constitution with out approval of the legislature….florida doesnot have this.

    California LGBT’s will have a day in court over this mark my words! in the end Puma SF you will prevail!

    PatJohnson- I dont know I think it was the tone of aDances with Puma’s blog comments….I dont think she realized how hwhat she said could be misconstrued by sherri…I told her to cool it

  164. I like this thread!

    How about that irritating “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..?”

  165. fuzzy,

    I think a lot of groups have already filed suit in CA. I’m glad I live in a state that has equal marriage rights.

  166. kiki I live about 2 blocks from the police station and my the shit would hit the fan if the GPD let me get hurt because my brother is a highly compensated munisipal employee!

  167. Found some historic footage from an Obot rally. The action starts at around 4:30 –

  168. Swanspirit-ROFLMAO- unfair eating heavenly hash icecream and I almost choked on it….

    what next :

    “surgeon general warning:

    Eating while reading the blogs at the confluence could be hazardous to your health.”

  169. fuzzy, I just worry about you, and actually about all of us. I keep kind of a low profile, politically, or have this year anyway. I’ve found that a lot of people assume things about me this year that aren’t the case. sometimes I correct misconceptions, and sometimes I just let them ride.

  170. Styrofoam columns… that ridiculous possum seal… and the youtube off-teleprompter video upstream is pretty hilarious, too.

    But my all time “I’m laughing, I’m crying, who can tell the diff anymore?” moment was the “can’t I just eat my waffle?” You couldn’t have scripted anything more foolish.

    I see BO as carried along by his Legend Of Awfully Brilliant Brilliance. Plus, teleprompters and speechwriters. I don’t know, maybe if he had ever published anything scholarly, I’d have some basis to judge…

  171. Pat glad to see you gotta get over to gary s sight

  172. Michael: Thanks. This election has taken quite a toll on a lot of people.

    Lots of times what we write can be misconstrued because of tonal lack and quite often be taken for something it was never meant to convey.

    I hope Sheri is okay. She has worked her heart out for PUMAs.

  173. Is that Bobby Rydell?

  174. Oops! This is better –

  175. Fuzzy I think that one is an urban legend , but it is the best one I could think of for the plastic teleprompter Jeezuz .

    The Darwin Awards are real …. 😉
    go there at your own risk
    heavenly hash ice cream LOLOLOL

  176. kiki – it is a delicate balance, isnt it. How do we maintain our liberty and exercise our rights without being attacked

    That for me is actually one of the things I dislike most about that gang

  177. bb: Yes, that’s Bobby with Ann Margaret.

  178. When I was in the eighth grade I thought he was really cool. What happened to him?

  179. How about 57 states, Great Lake in Oregon, one bomb on Pearl Harbor, 10,000 died in storm, primary in Kentucky went to Hill because she’s from Arkansas next door.

  180. bb: I think he still performs in those Golden Oldie shows that make the rounds. Along with Fabian and Frankie Avalon I think they still make appearances around the country.

  181. OK, I have to get some sleep. Maybe myiq will be around for the late shift. Nighty-night.

  182. How about the uncle who came home from the war and stayed in the attic for 6 months. Oh wait, maybe that is where Granny is.

  183. angienc @11:00pm! Great minds think alike! 😉

  184. atypical: it reached an all time high today. you have to go to the farmer’s market or you just can’t afford it.

  185. So many gaffs, so little time. The most disgusting things about the Democratic selected nominee for president was his flip off of both Senator Clinton and Senator McCain. Is that going to be the new presidential salute? Like the possum seal, the big O painted over the U. S. flag on his private plane, and the fake Greek temple to worship him?

    And who taught him that this was an acceptable method to settle differences of opinion? The Dunham family? His Indonesian family? His Kenyan family? Or did he learn it from his Chicago cronies?

  186. Oh that arkansas next to Kentucky one was really embarrassing. LOL! He’s not too good at geography.

  187. BB- yes it’s Bobby Rydell. Did you notice the buttons the fans were wearing?

  188. betuscha,

    No, I didn’t notice. What did they say?

  189. PUMA-SF
    Good thing I don’t need arugula and BO doesn’t hav e to worry about the price of anything, at least for awhile.

  190. Hey – I just heard that this Saturday – Nov 15th there is going to be a National Protest for NO on 8 — I am trying to get details. Has anyone heard this?

  191. I want to say a few things unrelated to this thread about The Audacity of Democracy. It is aesthetic rather than didactic because it seeks to tell the history of the PUMA movement rather than have as it’s purpose the education of the American public on the voter fraud and the misogyny of the 2008 Democratic primary. However, because the movement sprung from those aspects of obama’s campaign, along with his utter inferiority as a candidate, all of those things are covered generously. It’s the only way this movement makes sense.

    As for this idea that is should have been out before the election, there was a great deal that was made public. Both CNN and Fox News used our footage and covered the movie. We had a forty minute version which we presented to the press in Denver that the viewers found moving. Several newspapers wrote us up. But we do not own a network or a newspaper and cannot demand coverage of a certain type. Even if it were possible to shoot and edit it before the election, it would have required renting a theatre in New York and LA and mounting a huge publicity campaign to get any attention whatsoever – and does anyone really think that with the love affair the media has going with Obama, that they were going to cover us honestly? You’re looking at a minimum of $30k – $50k to do so. No one had the money for that, and there was no guaranteed pay off if we did it. So, yes, there was a forty minute version made available before the election. We delivered on that.

    I read through the threads where Brad is accused of being aggressive. I got on Brad about the tone of his comment to Boston Boomer the other day. But while the tone was not appropriate to this blog, the substance of the comment was fairly mild. The shit he’s received in here is a lot more abusive than anything I’ve seen him say to you guys.

    myiq – you’re out of line repeatedly.You behave like an absolute troll. You used the world bullshit when he gave you a very good answer that you apparently couldn’t deal with. You owe him an apology. I have no idea what your problem is with him, but he is one hellluva lot more respectful of you than you are of him.

    Boston Boomer and Katie Bird – I know he likes both of you quite a bit, though I know it can be tough to tell from his tone from time to time.

    I can’t see how the level of cynicism being dished out here towards our project is edifying. I’ll stick around for a bit if anyone has something to say, but as much as I adore RD, I will not be reading or posting here anymore. If this kind of bullying is sanctioned, then I need to be elsewhere. This is shameful. You guys sound exactly like Tommy and Christ*na – exactly like them. How the fuck did that happen?

  192. BB: The buttons just had Birdie’s face on them – nothing else. Look familiar?

  193. I’m in moderation. Can someone pull me out?

  194. OMG, how could we forget …

    “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,” he also said.

  195. not sure where my last post went —

    I forgot to add the times –

    10:30AM WEST COAST

  196. And Nancy Pelosi’s description of Obama as “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.”

    Someone’s behind him … but it ain’t God. Will have to wait for the tinfoil hat post, I guess.

  197. Yesterday I was sitting at McDonald’s on Chicago South Side and a group of black guys was saying to one of their friends, “You shoulda voted for Obama, you’d have a check comin'”.

    Today in church, a white pastor, the usual historic, historic, historic, then “It also means that now there won’t be any more excuses.”


  198. please simo let me know…national protest on prop 8? will there be an honest discussion about how BO let us down?

  199. My favorite Obama moment was when he posed for female reporters on the plane.

  200. New thread up!

  201. fuzzy — see the link – http://www.jointheimpact.com/?page_id=32

    It will tell you by state where or who your contacts are.

    Anyone in the BAY AREA of San Francisco — Friday night — meeting / sign making at my house. Food and drink will be provided by Carolina and I —

    email me at sd1939@gmail.com if you want to hang out with us.

  202. thank you Lori I appreciate yourpost yvery much I just hope that when this documentary is released it gets the attention it deserves.

    I understand that it takes time and money to get a documentary produced. I am sorry if it seemed we were critical just we have had so much disappointment..

    I cannot wiat for Brads magnum opus to be released I would love for you to show it in gville sometime….

  203. […] Lori, on November 9th, 2008 at 11:45 pm Said: […]

  204. is it rude of me to say that Brad and Lori are so rude???


  205. You used the world bullshit when he gave you a very good answer that you apparently couldn’t deal with.

    I read that exchange. Brad gave an arcane answer to a simple question which could have been answered in plain and straightforward English. We are not all artists and filmmakers like Brad. His answer could not have been easily understood by the regular readers of this blog, myself included. It was not a very effective way for him to communicate.

  206. Lori,

    I’m very sorry that this has happened. It has been hurtful and disturbing for all concerned, apparently. I don’t know Brad at all, and I can’t figure out how he could “like” me. But you really should e-mail riverdaughter directly. That would be the best way to handle your concerns.

  207. The newest gaffe!!

    “It’s not going to be quick, and it’s not going to be easy to dig ourselves out of the hole that we’re in ,” Mr. Obama said, declaring that he wants to see “a rescue plan for the middle class” and a further extension of unemployment-insurance benefits.

  208. Brittania,

    Then you ask him to clarify but you don’t classify it as bullshit.

    Kiki – I have never been rude to anyone here.

    Fuzzybear – thank you for the kind words.

  209. who are Tommy and Christ*na ?

  210. BB – he likes your posts. You’re one of his favorite writers and thinkers here. I did write RD, but because of the public abuse, namecalling and insinuations about my film, this needed to be dealt publicly. Had

    myiq has simply proved my point with his two word response (which he has since deleted) and his opening to a new thread. For the record, his first response to me was to simply say “fuck you”. Totally inappropriate and the level at which he functions all too often. I liked his writing initially as well, but he’s behaving like a bully here and someone needs to call him out.

  211. Lori

    I don’t know what this is about really, but I have enjoyed reading your comments here.

  212. Actually, myiq usually keeps his mouth shut, and when discussions get tense he just says something really funny. I guess with Brad it was hard to do that.

  213. Lori Please if you or Brad feel bullied contact RD….

    I dont like anyone to feel abused on this sight it is my mental refuge.

  214. Lori,

    I don’t believe I was rude to Brad. I didn’t even ask him to stop until it got to the point where he had highjacked the whole thread. He criticised our entire purpose for being at this point–to get more women elected to office–and said we needed to listen to arguments that we’ve already heard and answered a million times.

    None of us here is involved in your film or had and say in your making it. I thought that you were working with Murphy. So you can see that you need to talk to riverdaugher. This is her blog. If she wants to turn it into a forum for the ideas that Brad wants to talk about, that’s up to her. It would probably be a very quiet blog then.

    I really think you need to contact riverdaughter. I know you have her e-mail address and probably phone number.

  215. Brad gave a bullshit answer, period.

    He has repeatedly been rude and bullying to regulars and to me.

    Lori is beeing dishonest when she says:

    “It is aesthetic rather than didactic because it seeks to tell the history of the PUMA movement rather than have as it’s purpose the education of the American public on the voter fraud and the misogyny of the 2008 Democratic primary.”

    Didactic means “instructional or informative” which a history of PUMA would naturally be.

    Aesthetic means it appeals to the senses or emotions.

    Read the exchage yourself at:


    BTW – Brad links to this statement in that thread:

    “Since agreeing to make a documentary film around the PUMA PAC movement, I’ve learned one thing above all else: everyone seems to have their own particular view about just what a feature-length documentary film is or should be. Some feel that docs are, by their very nature, all about investigative journalism. Others feel that a documentary film should not express an intrinsic point of view, but seek to depict a variety of outlooks. Some feel that vocal narration is a must, others that it is a vulgarization of pure cinematic truth. If over thirty years of professional work in the arts has taught me anything useful, it is the following:
    First, that quality is relative to purpose; secondly, that art is largely aesthetic, not didactic, in purpose.
    It is these two principles that make is possible for me to move from one project to another, without getting hung up on being consistent in terms of theme or ideology. Paddy Chaevsky once wrote, in his brilliant screenplay for the film NETWORK, of “truth . . . not ultimate truth, but simple, imperfect, transient human truth.” I am not in agreement with those who make the claim that the ancient Greeks and Shakespeare could frame human affairs within the gadgetry of divine purpose, where all moral actions are revealed and understood – personally, I think that the great tragedians functioned as their cultures’ precursors to modern psychology. What in modern drama would normally provide psychological subtext was clearly articulated, by the characters of Euripides and Shakespeare, in asides made directly to the audience. The more sophisticated audiences become in terms of narrative, the less rigid storytellers have to be in spinning their tales. Not all cinema is narrative or dramatic – some of it is dialectical. And some of it is none of the above. Which is all by way of saying that I don’t believe myself obligated to any predefined approach to making my film THE AUDACITY OF DEMOCRACY.
    My favorite documentary filmmaker is Frederick Wiseman, the creator of BASIC TRAINING, HIGH SCHOOL, WELFARE and PRIMATE. What Wiseman did was simply shoot lots of film, without any apparent sense of thematic or political purpose. He just shot until he has ran out of stock. Afterwards, he began the long process of editing, and allowed the juxtapositioning of various cinematic moments to speak for itself. Wiseman’s films have no narration, nor is a linear narrative plot fashioned from his many hours of footage. A Wiseman film moves forward, in its own peculiar fashion, without saying anything specific but suggesting a great deal about the nature of human existence.
    Because of the nature of my relationship with PUMA PAC, I’ve had to create a total of three “trailers,” or “previews” fashioned from the footage shot at various points in production. And while these clip assemblages (my preferred term) may seem potent at times, they bear no relationship to a finished piece of work. Regardless of how many times I’ve pointed this out, it seems to resist being taken into account by project friend and foe alike. Anti-Puma bloggers have their own particular set of complaints, while Puma members seem to have theirs as well. What both sides need to understand is that their grievances are being made in complete absence of having seen the film itself. I’ve been accused by anti-PUMA bloggers of lacking the integrity necessary to portray the PUMA movement with a critical eye, just as I’ve been barked at by several within the pro-Clinton coalition for not showing their actions in a sufficiently glowing manner.
    THE AUDACITY OF DEMOCRACY will be finished at around the first of the year, and it will be as truthful an expression of what I have seen and heard as is possible. While I am a friend to the PUMA movement, I am not a PUMA propagandist. Nor, obviously, am I an anti-PUMA attack dog. At this particular juncture, I think that what I am creating is a narrative centered around one woman’s decision to respond to perceived political evils with action, both personal and organizational. Everything that follows, both good and ill, is part and parcel of that narrative.”

  216. I deleted the comment, Lori, but you also used the F word in your initial comment too. I really feel pretty helpless here, because I don’t have anything to do with the film. I’ve seen some of your previous work and admired it very much.

    I even suggested that Brad write a post to explain his complaints about our blog. He is an author here and could do that. I honestly didn’t understand what his criticism was except that he didn’t like our focus on electing women. I would have appreciated it if he had written the post.

  217. Lori,

    The few comments you’ve left here have been great. And I’ve always thought Brad’s posts received a strange amount of hostility from many regulars. I could never quite figure out why. People talk and write a certain way – I assume his prose does not change when he writes somewhere other than here. We’re not in kindergarten – if somebody doesn’t like what someone has written (assuming it’s not abusive or untrue) – then move on to the next post.

    In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing your film!

  218. Lori, it seems really strange to me that you make this post in what is for me the middle of the night.

    I’m in agreement with BostonBoomer who said you should contact Riverdaughter.

  219. The way I interpreted that long comment above was that the film would probably show pumas in a negative light. But it really doesn’t matter to me either way. I’ve gotten used to it.

  220. I was just headed to bed for a peaceful nights sleep .
    Lori – I have to say the other night I was just asking questions and Brad decided to to use the f word on me . It was not pleasant and it was undeserved. I do not like the feel of what he said or the conclusions to which he jumped about what I said or what I was asking.
    I am not a “blogger” so I might not know all the rules . , I was on the net doing internet radio before “blogs” emerged. I participated in the old mp3.com artists forums before that , and have lived thru flame wars that make some of the stuff on blogs look like victorian badminton., but I do not in any way shape or form want to go back to that .
    I am not trying to be hostile, or offensive, but factual and informative .
    That is what happened to me . I was very uncomfortable here for a bit but am better now . I really don’t like the air of superiority that seems to arise from the process of making this film . Perhaps I am mistaking that for defensiveness , but it still was an unpleasant interaction.

    Not as unpleasant as say……..
    arguing for months with an entire forum of people about whether or not S & M was a valid spiritual path , which I do not think it is … and should be ‘taught” at workshops, at which I do not think it should; because that was one tough and heated long term discussion …
    I am just sayin ..

    ps I love the gaffe thread, perhaps one of the puma goals can be keeping a daily track of the president- select gaffes

    sweet dreams PUMAS

  221. Good night, Swanspirit. Thanks for sharing your experience. I didn’t like what was said to you either. The whole thing was very upsetting. I guess we are used to being laid back and friendly here. We are still recovering from the abuse we got at the old blogs. I don’t even feel I need to know the mechanics of how this film is being made. This is Murphy’s project. I know nothing about it.

  222. Lori, you are great, but Brad is severely lacking in communication skills. If you can’t see why the tone he takes is offputting, maybe you just know him too well to be objective. I don’t know anything about him or your project, but the first thing I ever saw of him was a month or more ago when he and bb disagreed and he of course reached into his back pocket for the ever popular I guess I’m not allowed to talk because I’m a man cliche, beloved by conservatives and liberals alike. Almost everything he says comes off as condescending sooner or later, including yesterday when he and kiki were talking about music and he seemed to get exasperated because she was sharing her own anecdotes and came back with something like “the point is….” He needs to learn to play well with other imo.

  223. “That’s not true” = You’ve just said something true.

  224. “Stand up, Chuck!”

    “Three letter word… J-O-B-S… Jobs.”

  225. When I started disliking Obama: The Republican/insurance/Harry and Louise ad that slammed Hillary’s health care plan – ohhh, she’s going to mandate your health care.

    At the same time he was passing out flyers slamming Bill Clintons record. He slammed Bill Clinton on the economy – I hope that one comes back to haunt him.

    He slammed Bill Clinton on losing seats in Congress during the Newt revolution.

    But nothing tops having Bill and Hillary Clinton called racists. Shameful.

  226. I have no idea why any of you think the film would show PUMA”s in a negative light – I don’t get that.

    myiq – by your standards, all films based on an historical event are didactic. If this is lost on you, I don’t know how else to explain it. You have repeatedly been far more abusive to Brad than he is to you. Your “f*ck you” answer to me pretty much summed up how you operate – especially the fact that you deleted it. You put it up there so I would see it and then pulled it before others could. You aren”t willing to own your shit, though you are willing to dish it out. If you thought that was clever, then it’s quite clear why you have issues with Brad.

    Again, I have written RD, but I thought some of the issues about the movie needed to be cleared up – the bit about aesthetic rather than didactic and about us getting out before the election.

    No, the movie does not portray PUMAs in a negative light. PUMAs were the sane people in this election and I am proud of what we accomplished and expect to do a lot more.

    I’m going to cruise through and see if there is anything more I need to respond to, and then I’m outta here.

  227. Lori:

    I cannot moderate comments on this thread, so I could not delete my comments or anyone else’s.

  228. bostonboome rWhat do you mean he didn’t like the focus being on the election of a woman. Wasn’t that the point? I’m just asking.

  229. I thought a big part of being PUMA was protesting the way the far superior female candidate was treated by the Obamacrats.

    Maybe I’m missing something but I skip past the posts by the guy who talks about the film he’s making. I just don’t like the tone of them.

    I like myiq2xu and his sense of humor!

  230. Ummmm, for what it’s worth, I did see the “Fuck you” comment at one point and then it got deleted…

  231. I guess someone else deleted it?

    Anyway, good night.

  232. Puma-SF,

    I didn’t say that. I said that he didn’t like our new focus on the 30% solution and getting more women elected in the future. He thought we should just continue to focus on getting the best PERSON elected regardless of gender. But most of us are focused on the gender issue. You would have to go back and read the thread to understand, I guess. It is on my post about misogyny from a couple of days ago.

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