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Bill Ayers Speaks

Good old Bill Ayers. Now that Barack Obama is President Elect, Ayers has decided to tell his sad story of victimization. Oh, he is so tortured and put upon. Poor Bill. Back in the 1960s, he and a bunch of his wealthy, entitled friends managed to destroy Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in no time at all by creating the Weatherman group and advocating the violent overthrow of the federal government. They ruined the reputation of the peace movement too with their bombs and threatening communiques. Lots of people back then assumed the Weathermen were CIA infiltrators. They certainly weren’t helping the cause of peace. Bill Ayers never spent a day in jail for the violence he perpetrated, and now he’s an author and a tenured professor of education. In fact lots of the ex-weathermen are professors, and they’re all pretty wealthy. They aren’t exactly living up to their socialist ideals, are they?

So Ayers has published a piece in In These Times.

Whew! What was all that mess? I’m still in a daze, sorting it all out, decompressing.

Pass the Vitamin C.

For the past few years, I have gone about my business, hanging out with my kids and, now, my grandchildren, taking care of our elders (they moved in as the kids moved out), going to work, teaching and writing. And every day, I participate in the never-ending effort to build a powerful and irresistible movement for peace and social justice.

The man is a regular saint.

During the primary, the blogosphere was full of chatter about my relationship with President-elect Barack Obama. We had served together on the board of the Woods Foundation and knew one another as neighbors in Chicago’s Hyde Park. In 1996, at a coffee gathering that my wife, Bernardine Dohrn, and I held for him, I made a donation to his campaign for the Illinois State Senate.

Oops! He left out how he got Barack the job as chairman of the Annenberg Challenge and how they spent several years passing out loads of money but not doing anything to help Chicago school children.

Obama’s political rivals and enemies thought they saw an opportunity to deepen a dishonest perception that he is somehow un-American, alien, linked to radical ideas, a closet terrorist who sympathizes with extremism—and they pounced.

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign provided the script, which included guilt by association, demonization of people Obama knew (or might have known), creepy questions about his background and dark hints about hidden secrets yet to be uncovered.

That Hillary Clinton! She sure is e-vil!

I’m going to skip over the long, philosophical reflections on the ’60s and the praise of Obama’s abilities to listen to all kinds of people. We know that only includes people who are among the elite–certainly not the grass roots of the Democratic party or people who have to work for a living instead of living high on the hog on foundation grants.

But the ending sounds kind of familiar. I wonder who thought of it first?

In this time of new beginnings and rising expectations, it is even more urgent that we figure out how to become the people we have been waiting to be.

And did you know Bill and Bernadine have a new book coming out? It’s all about white supremacy, something two privileged upper-middle-class white academics probably know all about.


This is an open thread.


152 Responses


    That so pisses me off.

  2. Bill Ayers: Lyin’ since the 60s.

    What is he talking about? Did Hillary ever even mention him, ever?

  3. I’ll be back. Going to get dinner on the table.

  4. How’s it, scrubs and the rest of ya? …just got back from another night of mingling with the brain dead or just about… *sigh* At least there was Scotch and Absinthe (never tried it before!)

  5. I wouldn’t buy his new book on a bet, but I’d love to know which peace and children’s education charity he’s donating all the profits to, since he sure doesn’t need the money.

    Poor Bill, bearing the burden of caring for the older generation! And what with them never doing anything for him, unless you count keeping him out of prison for conspiracy to commit murder.

  6. F*ck Bill Ayers!
    Blame it on Hillary, huh? Not on the fact that BO choose to associate with you and not on the awful, terrible things you choose to do.
    He has the typical criminal mindset — not at all sorry for what he’s done, but awfully sorry that he got caught.

  7. Valhalla,

    I thought it was the debate moderator who asked Obama about Bill Ayers–in the PA debate. Hillary never pushed any of that stuff. She responded to quesitons about Rev. Wright once and maybe about Ayers during the debate. I know she didn’t bring it up. She brought up Rezko in SC, but got booed for that.

  8. Valhalla — well, considering he advocates killing your parents, I hope the older generation he is caring for has some food tasters.

  9. BIll’s parents are filty rich and so are Bernadine’s. All of the weathermen were from wealthy families.

  10. bb — it was George Stephanopolis — another Greek this election cycle I have to apologize for.

  11. Fuck the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers!

  12. bb — isn’t it always the spoiled children of the wealthy who cause the most trouble? I think it is because they never have to face any consequences — daddy’s money makes sure of that.

  13. This is from the mission statement of In These Times

    opposed to the dominance of transnational corporations and the tyranny of marketplace values over human values…

    If Ayres associates with this site or magazine and this is their belief, then they sure got the wrong guy with Obama!

  14. Afrocity,


  15. I ran off for a kid-less dinner with my husband and ended up talking to myself a couple threads back.

    Glad you are all still here and Ayers is a goon. We all have our foolish youth stories, but gosh, how many involve bombing the pentagon?

  16. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Bill Ayers are soon to be collaborating on a book… Things that go boom! dedicated to Obama…. “You can’t choose who dedicates books to you”, says an indignant Obama

  17. Fredster,

    You’re right about that. I actually really like In These Times. I don’t think they’ll be too happy with Obama, unless he really is a socialist in disguise.

  18. Moral Superiority from Domestic Terrorists–he should start his own Hallmark card Line.

    What I wnat to know is, how delusional is this guy? I mean seriously, he hates the Democratic Party and he blames them for Vietnam, yet he’s always overflowing with praise for Obama–therefore, isn’t he the one trying to link Obama to radicalism and extremism by giving him the superselective Bill Ayres seal of approval?

  19. 52% of people were stupid enough to vote for Obama.

  20. It figures their book is about white supremacy–not that they ever benefited from it.

  21. Seriously,

    The only way to explain these people is that they are delusional and very very self-involved and self-satisfied.

  22. OK, I’d better get to bed. Have fun on the night shift!

  23. bb: How could Ayres, scion of the head of ? Con-Ed Chicago have similar beliefs as they do? Oh, oh! It’s okay because that was daddy’s money, not Bills. (s n a r k !)

  24. Seriously, they can place those cards right next to the “sexism sells” Hillary and Sarah Palin greeting cards.

  25. bb: Yep, I’m going back to watching Sweeney Todd!!

  26. night bb!

  27. “52% of people were stupid enough to vote for Obama.”

    More than 52% thought him a viable candidate… Obama a viable candidate?!?!?

  28. I am still in shock. How did bo get to be president? Is our moral fabric so ripped to shreds that we would be weak minded and choose a man that has such associates?

  29. afrocity — in short, yes.

  30. When Wright swears in backtrack is Ayers going to be there while axis sally pelosi, lord haha dean, and mo all join hands and sing ” God Damn America”.
    I do believe that the mills of God grind slowly but they grind fine. It will come back on them.



  31. I’m pretty far left, and I think Bill Ayers is a sack of excrement. Anyone who plans bombings with nails in pipes is a sack of excrement, who might be in jail if he wasn’t a white guy with a rich establishment father.

    Ayers should have gone to jail. I do believe the federal charges against him were dropped the same year his daddy became a CEO.

  32. I will not forget. The weathermens sister org in Germany was the Rote Armee Fraktion. During the time I lived in Germany the RAF was still actively murdering people and making bomb threats. We lived with daily fear – we were warned to stay away from garbage cans, lived with the army at airports and guarding parts of Berlin. Going to school every day meant taking the subway and walking in open places where things could happen. Shopping was another such exercise.

    These people are not benign, and their actions are destructive not productive.

  33. This is a great article from Dick Morris

    By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann
    What’s with Obama’s choice of old-time Clinton cronies and recycled Washington insiders to run the transition to his new politics of change?


  34. This is the man who is going to join the ranks of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & FDR? It is so sad to me that this could have come to pass — that we as a nation have gone so downhill that we could think a man like BO worthy to be our president.
    But the fact is, ever since the election of Richard Nixon, we have been headed down this path. Look who we admire in this society — celebs with little more to recommend them but the fact that they are famous. We have become a society of nothing but style over substance and BO is its inevitable leader.

  35. afrocity — yep, good article. Too bad no one but us care.

  36. Goodnite everyone. Cooking that stew made this Puma sleepy.

  37. Night afrocity!

  38. America needs fixing and Obama knows what to do! Ayers and Wright could tell you that America is fundamentally broken, that those white patriarchs gave us a a flawed government…. Come on, Obama and Ayers are brighter than Jefferson and Madison, Franklin, Adams, Hamilton…

  39. Afrocity

    You know, if he was going to take over Clinton’s entire staff (just about) he might as well have backed out graciously and given us the real thing: Hillary.

  40. g’night, afrocity!

  41. nite all!

  42. night LOI!

  43. I’m baaaaack!

  44. Shit, went away to start dinner and came back to a thread that was actually STILL serious!

    Hey jvsp, Fredster, jjmtacoma! – is that the West Coast checking in?

    Is Rev. WRong really going to be the one who swears Barack in? I think I will puke.

    As angie would say: FUCK THAT!

  45. …gosh, it seemed like everyone was checking out… Where is scrubs and Seriously, Brit…

  46. Obama won’t swear in on the Bible – or the Koran

    He’ll place his hand on “The Audacity of Hope” when he takes the oath.

  47. present!

    Hey myiq – short nap?

  48. Scrubs:

    Naw, dirty movie

  49. Ever since FDR’s fireside chats, appearances have gradually outstripping substance in politics esp. at the presidential level. However, I really think this year’s election was a big leap down, not just a step or two worse.

    Well, actually, maybe it’s Bush and Obama together. Combined with the utter abandonment by the media of any news-gathering, principle or attempts at objectivity, it’s definitely several factors worse than the 80s and 90s.

  50. I think it would be funny if obama was sworn in by Wright and Ayers can promote his book tour by saying what great buddies they are. He can appoint the jerk from Harvard to be treasury sec…

    Meanwhile, teh koolaid club can tell us how awesome it is that obama is so inclusive!

  51. Hi Scrubs!

  52. Hey, scrubs!!! How’s it? …was wondering whether you were still around? Insomnia sucks!

  53. I heard some suggest that Tom Ayers (Bill’s daddy) & Frank
    Marshall Davis knew each other in Chicago?
    That would be a Ayers/Obama link that has teeth!

  54. myiq – you owe me a new keyboard! (How do you get white wine out from under the keys?)

    “Ever since FDR’s fireside chats, appearances have gradually outstripping substance in politics esp. at the presidential level. However, I really think this year’s election was a big leap down, not just a step or two worse.
    Well, actually, maybe it’s Bush and Obama together. Combined with the utter abandonment by the media of any news-gathering, principle or attempts at objectivity, it’s definitely several factors worse than the 80s and 90s.”

    Agree completely, Valhalla.

  55. jvsp: you aren’t on the west coast?

  56. myiq — I missed you so!

  57. jvsp – did you see my link to youtube the other night? The one with the laughing quads?

    You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling.

    Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwriOyQf1EA

  58. jjm -nah, I’m in NY, but it is still early here as of yet …. hee hee

  59. Aye, pobrecita!

    Besame mucho

  60. jjm, I’ve been saying for days that Ayres should replace Obama. You put up someone else’s sign, you whole family dies in a fiery conflagration, we finally found a hopium candidate nobody can refuse.

  61. Oh, just wait — I’ll kiss you lots & lots! 😉

  62. Seriously: I kind of wonder if that is what we got.

  63. scrubs, the clip is great! But, wow, that has got to be a lot of work!!!

  64. What a douche. If his Daddykins weren’t CEO of Commonwealth Edison, he’d be rotting in jail alongside Peltier and Mumia.

  65. It’s like being part of a congregation. Everything is fine until someone somewhere somehow decides to do something. It’s the doing that really gets to people. Once you make the choice to act, you’re heading down a path. Oftentimes you don’t know what path that is, you just know that you’re now on it. And now that you’re on a path and doing something without some observer’s permission, it’s time to pay the price.

    Ayers found that out, didn’t he? Murphy found it out too. All of us find out pretty quickly that it’s easier to not do than to do. It’s sort of like writing. I don’t know about you all but when I write I sometimes find myself expressing an idea or an opinion with a vehemence I never knew I had in me. One moment I’m writing a meditation, the next moment I’m a zealot. One moment I’m writing a blog, the next moment I’m leading a movement of thousands.

    The big difference between Ayers and Obama is that Ayers at least DID something. At some point in time he must have felt like MacBeth, caught up in a nightmare of his own making. “Pass the vitamin C,” indeed. I know an LSD joke when I see one. It all stills seems like a trip to him.

    Ayers SHOULD have gone to jail. He should have completed that cycle, the one he put himself on. He could have spent a lot of time in his cell, re-reading his Homer.

    It’ll be interesting to see where PUMA goes next in its journey. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of geometry is eventually revealed. It’ll be interesting to see what new heros are adopted, and who the next enemy will be.

    As for Obama, I’d like to think that the Democratic Party is so heavily invested in him that they won’t allow him to become another George Bush. Time will tell.

  66. jvsp – for sure. I have twins (nearly 11 years old now) and THEY were hard work. I can’t imagine quads. But, times like that, when they are all laughing – shit, that’s priceless.

    Okay, I guess it is getting close enough to 3:00. Let’s sit back and enjoy the nightly angie-myiq entertainment.

    Although, if you were paying attention, angie may not be such a good kisser. Now, it seems, that doesn’t matter as she is going to be doing lots of that any darned way.

  67. Brad, I’m not so sure the party can “allow” anything at this point. It’s a little late.

    Oh, but the spin…

  68. wait a cotton pickin’ minute! I didn’t say I wasn’t a good kisser!!

  69. where are you scrubs?

  70. Brad,
    I’m not certain that the Democratic Party is going to hold Barack’s feet to the fire like we will.
    I, myself, am roaming about, finding places to spend my time in DOING something from now on. My money went to Hillary and then it went to Heidi and/or Pumapac. None to McCain. None to Obama. I may be like lots of PUMAs right now – just watching and waiting. But, I promise you I will be DOING a lot before the next election.

  71. Went to the No on H8 demonstration in Silverlake. HUGE crowds. At one point a few people chanted “Barack speak out!” *me smacks self on forehead* Don’t hold your breath, people. We have to clean up this goddamned political mess ourselves.

  72. scrubs –

    OMG – I hope I didn’t inadvertently suggest that people in here aren’t doers. That’s all I need. 🙂

  73. angie – you kiss better than you cook. You say you can’t cook.

    myiq, when you find out will you please do us a favor and let us know?

    jjm – I’m in Cairns. It’s a town in the Far North of Queensland, Australia. It has tropical weather – right now quite humid and about 88-92 degrees F.

  74. I can cook – Angie has other skills

  75. Good on you, ugsome! I used to live in Silverlake. The gay population was pretty big back then (early 80’s). If the gays in CA are even CLOSE to feeling the way I do about Prop 8, I’m sure it was a big rally.

    Brad, I didn’t think you were implying that. Just sayin’ that some of us PUMAs are probably waiting to see how things shake out before we act. I don’t think any of us will ever be the same again.

  76. ugsome — you see how dumb these people are: the man has said, more then once, that he thinks marriage is between a man & a woman Hell, they even use his voice about marriage being only between a man & a woman in Prop. 8 ads — and still these people are calling on him? Who are the low information voters again? I don’t suppose they know he said that the question of gay marriage is one for the individual states so they shouldn’t be asking for him to speak out now. Stupid Obots.

  77. Scrubs, is that true that angie isn’t a good kisser? Well, I guess that makes the romantic narrative more interesting and with Bill Ayers lurking in the background…. the klown and all…. [pass the popcorn]

  78. scrubs — au countraire — you’ve read too much into that — I can cook, I just don’t like to cook. When I do cook I do very, very well.

    And I do kiss better then I cook — and I like to kiss.

  79. Oh, Austrailia sounds nice. I am one of those people who feels cold most of the time, so I love hot weather.

    It has been rainy here. We have a “pineapple express” (wind from the south) so it is warm for November, but I still think it is in the 50s.

  80. ooh — a man who cooks — you’re looking even better myiq (and you were already pretty adorable).

  81. Angie: too funny! That is exactly what I said to my husband today.

    I also notice they are all about protesting the Mormon church… I guess they didn’t read the exit polls either!

  82. I’m pretty good at Mexican and Redneck food

  83. “I don’t suppose they know he said that the question of gay marriage is one for the individual states so they shouldn’t be asking for him to speak out now”

    Nice. Ever heard of Loving v. Virginia, which went on at great length about marriage as a civil right, Barack?

    It warms my heart that we’re the party of states’ rights.

  84. jjm — exactly — I assume they are all under the impression that McCain won CA — it is the only way to explain their reasoning.

  85. Angie: I should clarify – my last comment was in reference to your ‘low information voter’ comment, not myiq’s cooking.

  86. Redneck food? Is that mayo sandwiches on Wonder Bread?

  87. myiq: what is redneck food?

  88. Okay, angie, I stand corrected. I should know better than to argue with a lawyer.

    myiq – I have the book, “White Trash Cooking” – have you ever used it?

    Seriously – Barack isn’t learned enough to have heard about (or cared about) Loving v. Virginia.

  89. Redneck food = BBQ’d, griiled or deep fried

  90. scrubs57: Oh people were plenty pissed and there were plenty of them–between 10,000 and 12,500. I have been nearly uncontrollably livid all week about this.

  91. I wouldn’t mind leaving the question of gay marriage to the states as long as I could be assured that all the states would allow it. But heck, if CA votes it down, then LA, MS, AR et al are never going to allow it.

  92. Leaving gay marriage to the states makes no f’in sense. What, you’re married in one state and when you cross state lines you’re not married any more? crazy.

  93. Here you go: (from the book)

    Combination salad:
    1 head iceburg lettuce
    3 ripe tomatoes

    Rinse lettuce and chop into 2 inch pieces. Clean tomatoes and cut into 1 inch pieces. Combine with enough mayo to coat everything then add sald and pepper. Add vinegar if you need more moisture (not usually what I recommend to my patients).

    “It’s so good with fried chicken and is enough to feed a whole family, ” says Betty Sue, “and ther ain’t no secret to makin’ it.”

    THAT is redneck cooking.

  94. BBQ, grilled or deep fried — my 3 favorite food groups!

  95. I gotta go make me a salad

  96. ugsome: I agree, I think it would be better at federal level. Joint tax returns and SS survivors benefits… There’s probably other stuff.

  97. Angie:

    You’re from south of the Mason-Dixon so you should know this:

    What’s the difference between grilling and BBQing?

  98. White Trash Cooking is a great book. I gave a copy to a boss many years ago.

  99. scrubs: my mother used to make salad like that when I was a kid.

  100. OH, one review of White Trash Cooking says, “Everyone needs a recipe for roast possum. ” ESPECIALLY Conflucians!

  101. Agree about the states thing. I believe that is a cop-out and that the Federal Government needs to take a stand!

    (I know. I have given up for the next 4 years.)

  102. Possum and squirrel are better in stews

  103. Gopher kabobs are pretty good though

  104. ugsome — traditionally, if you are married in a state where your marriage is legal then if you go to another state, that state is supposed to recognize your marriage even if you could not have been married in that state under their laws. The rule is: “A marriage valid where it occurs is valid everywhere.” Hence, if you are 15 & marry in a state that allows 15 year olds to marry & you move to a state where you have to be 16 to marry, you are still married. The problem with the gay marriage thing is that a caveat to the marriage “rule” is that if the marriage is one that is against public policy the state doesn’t have to recognize it. Public policy is supposed to mean that there is something so “wrong” about the marriage that its non-recognizing trumps the rule. So, if you marry in a country that allows incestuous marriages, when you move to the US, the state you live in doesn’t have to recognize the marriage. As to gay marriage, given how gays are treated under our current laws, I am sure the states will not recognize the marriage — pretending that such marriage violate public policy.

  105. “What, you’re married in one state and when you cross state lines you’re not married any more?”

    Like that couple who had a kid in Vermont where their civil union was recognized, then the birth mother moves somewheer down South, takes the kid, the other mother has no access to her own child, no legal claim on her own child.

  106. I kind of draw the line at rodents, myiq.

  107. So if your state doesn’t recognize your incestuous marriage you will just have to live in sin with your sister

  108. myiq — grilling is cooking over a direct flame; BBQ uses an indirect heat or low heat.

  109. JJM:

    What about BBQ’d bunny?

  110. From rodents to incest.

    The witching hour has arrived!


  111. Traditional BBQ uses charcoal.

  112. and if that wasn’t enough of an answer — grilling is fast (15 minutes); real BBQ should take all day.

  113. I can’t remember ever eating bunny, although my dad always treatened to trap the Easter bunny so we could have him for Easter dinner.

  114. Angie:

    You were right, you just left out the charcoal part (I know you meant to put it in)

  115. scrubs: I was wondering what sisters or brothers who wanted to be gay-married (as Ohio says) would do.

  116. myiq — I thought charcoal was a given in BBQ — smoldering coals, not fire to cook. Grilling takes fire (or at least, a high heat source)

  117. angie + myiq = grilling.

    scrubs + future girlfriend = BBQing (slow and tender)

    Sorry, couldn’t resist the mathematics of the evening.

    jjm – are you serious about Ohio?

  118. I know a lot about the SDS and the Weather Underground. In 1971 my cousin was arrested for hiding contraband for them under her floor boards. Those were volatile times for sure. I was a senior in high school when RFK and MLK were assasinated. My sister’s fiance was killed in Viet Nam. We took to the streets and protested and that is what we need to do now.

    Regarding Prop 8 we “had a feeling” that it would pass due to the high turn out of AA voters and we were right. At the rally Friday night I saw two people carrying signs saying “why do Obama supporters condone hate”. I was nauseated by the “yes we can” chant and all the BO t-shirt wearing, holier then thou folks.

    Sorry I need to vent.

  119. Angie:

    You should get some sleep and come back in a couple hours – I’ll be here then.

    I need to take a nap now

  120. Ohio the person, not the state. She says “gay-married” not just “married”.

  121. my grandfather would do real barbeque, but my mom would do a “cheat” — cook the pork in the oven for a while then put it over charcoal to “finish” — that way we could have what was almost as good as my grandfather’s ribs without it have to take all day.

  122. myiq — bon soir mon amour.

    And I am going to sleep now too.

    Night all.

  123. I like slow and tender.

    So slooooooow it becomes torture

  124. nothing beats slow & tender, mon amour. 😉

  125. ‘nite Angie!

  126. Ooh, myiq picks napping over you.

  127. Shit, I got them both going. Sleep dreams, twins.

  128. Ah, that would be SWEET dreams, twins.

  129. jjm- explain about Ohio the person.

  130. {{{Puma-SF}}}

  131. jjmtacoma; right back at ya and thanks so much.

  132. Ohio has a blog at Corrente. One time she was talking about how she and her girlfriend think it is funny to say they are ‘gay married’. I thought it was funny too – so I honor her funny by repeating it – with proper attribution. She is a wonderful character.

  133. Ohio used to comment here too. The threads are longer now, so she might still lurk.

  134. I’m going to crash now… So, all the best to all of you still lurking here! 🙂

  135. goodnight jvsp.

  136. I’m going to bed too. “See” you tomorrow!

  137. No late night for anyone tonight, eh?

  138. I’m in moderation because my comment was too long. Kindly release if appropriate. Thanks.

  139. New thread up!

  140. Brit, no one’s around. Just copy it and put breaks in the words you think are the problem.

  141. I can’t moderate this thread – join me in the new one

  142. Seriously, I don’t think it was the words but the length of my comment (there were so much interesting stuff). Anyway, here is the link I used:

    No Regrets for a Love Of Explosives; In a Memoir of Sorts, a War Protester Talks of Life With the Weathermen

  143. I know this is late, but Afrocity’s “Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers” is awesome.

    Now, this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped-turned upside down
    And I’d like to take a minute
    Just sit right there
    I’ll tell you how I became the Prince of a dude named Bill Ayers

    In Hawai-indo-kenya born and raised
    On the playground where I spent most of my days
    Smokin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool
    And all lightin’ up some 8-balls outside of the school…

  144. […] this with a great summary from Boston Boomer at the Confluence Good old Bill Ayers. Now that Barack Obama is President Elect, Ayers has decided to tell his sad […]

  145. I read and comment on quite a few gay blogs. Its so surprising that they absolutely refuse to listen to the exact words said by Obama and Biden that they are against gay marriage and it should be between 1 man and 1 woman. How many times did we all hear that? Yet, they act as if Obama stood for gay rights all along and said so time and time again. I have to remind them and do constantly of Obama’s Gospel Tour. his Faith Tour and his promise to expand Bush’s Faith Based Initiative. Its almost as if they have had ear plugs in. He refused to be interviewed by The Philadelphia Gay News or to have his picture taken with the mayor of San Francisco. I keep this tirade to copy and paste because I have to remind these blogs of it so often. Now, CNN says it was the Hispanic vote that made Prop 8 pass. Gays are mad at the Mormons. But no mention at all that the African American community has historically condemned gays through their churches for a long time. We’ve had a heck of a time getting them to help us with HIV education outreach although that community is being ravaged by the disease. All because they associate it with gays.

  146. Good morning PUMA’S:

    I haven’t caught up on this thread yet, and i don’t know if anyone is awake: it’s 8:00 am, sunday morning.

    Caught something I think we need to research for guidance on our FUTURE,

    PBS: is doing a complete documentary of all the Presidents in the country. It’s on late, starts about 1:00 a.m. eastern time, It’s very very educational and informative.

    Saw RICHARD NIXONS election and political career last night. Halderman, Erlichman, Dean, they were all there (in the present)——–talking about Nixon in the WHITEHOUSE. Wow, those kids were great (I think that’s US by the way —-alot of us)——–

    Not the weatherground————–the peace movement against the vietnam war.————-They never QUIT—

    Early PUMA’S———-I think we should really check this out, and possibly post.

    Like I said, it’s early, I’ll repost on a new thread today.

    What do you think, anyone else see it???

  147. PS I think it would great as I said for researching PAST history and then DISCUSSION on it for GOOD IDEAS.

  148. The big difference between Ayers and Obama is that Ayers at least DID something. At some point in time he must have felt like [ THE PLAY ] caught up in a nightmare of his own making. “Pass the vitamin C,” indeed. I know an LSD joke when I see one. It all stills seems like a trip to him.

    You have to be kidding here, he describes those days as exhilarating in his article . he describes killing people and ruining the peace movement as an exhilarating adventure .
    The man is a mass murderer .
    They found only a part of a finger of his girlfriend with which to identify her when the nail bomb they were building for a military dance went off in her hands as she was building it . He was part of that conspiracy . But because his daddy is a rich white man and is well connected in Chicago he not only does not go to jail ; he gets to have a career and write books about white supremacy .
    People are dead because he did something , and people may die from bo not doing something .
    They are birds of a feather as far as I am concerned , narcissists ; and apologists for themselves , Other people carry blame and suffer consequences, but not them .

  149. Response to angienc, – You’ve got it right. I didn’t realize that until your post. Ayers has the typical criminal mindset: Immature, envisions grandiose impractical schemes, lacks empathy, perceives himself as a victim, and is unwilling to accept responsibility for his actions. I’m not a student of criminal psych, but from what I’ve read, Ayers personality is textbook.

    I think both Ayers and Obama have personality disorders and that’s why they are drawn to each other–birds of a feather. And now they have both risen to their level of incompetence in our beloved country, the land of opportunity. Obama is going to have to have stars and hearts coming out of a$$ before I will ever accept him as prezident. As far as I’m concerned, he is as legitimate as Bush was in 2000.

  150. Sunday: Check out Cannonfire’s post today. Summary: Government provocateur.

  151. Glennmcgahee, I know, frustrating isn’t it? We have a first class political mess on our hands and tons of people in denial.

  152. I think I’ll rob a bank, do some drugs, bomb a building, and in a few years run for the senate. Are all of you going to vote for me? Doesn’t matter where you live…cross the state lines…stay in my house for a few weeks and everything will be fine. Come on…let me be proud of my country for the first time.

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