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Missiles, Schmissles – Obama will deflect Russian missles with his mega-watt smile!



Obama denies Poland missile vow

US President-elect Barack Obama has not given a commitment to go ahead with plans to build part of a US missile defence system in Poland, an aide says.

He was speaking after Polish President Lech Kaczynski’s office said a pledge had been made during a phone conversation between the two men.

But Mr Obama’s foreign policy adviser, Denis McDonough, denied this.

Russia opposes the US scheme and has announced plans to deploy missiles on Poland’s border as a counter-measure.

On Friday, EU leaders said the decision would not contribute to creating a climate of confidence or to the improvement of security.

‘No commitment’

In a statement published on his website on Saturday, Poland’s president said Mr Obama had “emphasised the importance of the strategic partnership of Poland and the United States and expressed hope in the continuation of political and military co-operation between our countries.”

“He also said that the missile defence project would continue,” the statement added.

When asked about the declaration, McDonough said that the US president-elect had had “a good conversation” with Mr Kaczynski about the American-Polish alliance and discussed missile defence, but “made no commitment on it”.

“His position is as it was throughout the campaign, that he supports deploying a missile defence system when the technology is proved to be workable,” Mr McDonough told the Associated Press.

In the past, Mr Obama has said he wants to review the plans for a missile defence system in central Europe to ensure it would be effective and not target Russia.

But the BBC’s Adam Easton in Warsaw says the Russian government believes the plan to locate 10 interceptor missiles in northern Poland and a tracking radar in the Czech Republic will do exactly that.

In his first state of the nation address on Wednesday, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev said Moscow would neutralise the system by deploying short-range missiles in its western enclave of Kaliningrad on Poland’s border.

The US military insists the shield is incapable of destroying Russian rockets and is designed solely to guard against missile attack by so-called “rogue states”, such as Iran.

Oh wait … so promising to protect a NATO ally, yet publicly denied the promise to help defend Poland against Russia through a foreign adviser is A-OK?  Let me remind everyone what happened not too long ago:

Although it may seem that the events of the seven days between October 22 and 28 unfolded at a blinding pace, the entire incident — which has come to be collectively known as the “Cuban missile crisis” — was the culmination of a longer process. In June of 1961, while still in the early months of his presidency, Kennedy attended a summit with Premier Khrushchev in Vienna to discuss cold war confrontations between the east and west, in particular the situation in Berlin. The failure of the two leaders to resolve any of their differences during the summit led Khrushchev to view Kennedy as a weak president who lacked the power or support to negotiate any meaningful concessions in the arms race. Fueled by concerns that the U.S. had more nuclear missiles than the Soviet arsenal, and, more importantly, that some of the American missiles were based a mere 150 miles from its boarders, in Turkey, the Soviet leadership grew increasingly desperate to somehow tip the balance of power in its favor. The showdown in Cuba may indeed have been the result of such accumulating anxiety among the Soviet political elite.

Cold War, Act 3 (the second act was during Reagan’s time).  Symbolic presidencies does not = major global clusterf_ks.

(Crossposted at LiberalCrat)

220 Responses

  1. And that’s just the warm-up Act. We still have the Middle East and China coming up!

  2. Russia will view Obama’s back-pedalling as weakness, which of course it is. And B0 of course just wants to bask in his narcisstic glory and eat his waffles in peace. There are going to be some problems his Chicago pols can’t just smooth over for him.

  3. Just what I was thinking, Battlecat. Poland/Russia may be the least of our worries.

  4. It’ll be Kerry and his Sec of Defense’s problem. Personally, these guys carried Obama across the finish line so I’m kinda looking forward to them having to deal with the consequences of pullling him over the finish line.

  5. No comment on this 🙄

    Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign provided the script, which included guilt by association, demonization of people Obama knew (or might have known), creepy questions about his background and dark hints about hidden secrets yet to be uncovered.

    Bill Ayers


  6. “Mark my words….” said Biden. Marked and bookmarked.

  7. First, I don’t think there should be built any missile defence systems in Poland especially by the US. Anyway I think Obama did make the pledge with the Polish President. This just reminds me of Nafta. Obama telling the Canadians that he supports Nafta while telling the people of Ohio that he is against NAFTA. The bastard even sent out mailers telling people how Hillary was for Nafta and he was against it.

  8. I think if it had been one radical then his associations might not have been something to question. The thing is that Obama seems to be more than a passing acquaintance with lots of radicals. I’m glad that his associations were brought up.

  9. Robert, no one stole this election. After 2 terms of Bush, the majority of Americans want this hopey-changy guy, just like after 2 terms of Nixon, most Americans wanted that hopey-changy guy Carter, who turned out to be a good person, but a very, very bad leader. We survived.

    It’s a testimony to democracy, I think. Wasn’t it Churchill (who believed strongly in democracy) who said that the best argument against democracy was a 5 minute chat with the average voter?

    But still somehow, in the past, these things have had a way of evening out. It’s still the best form of government, and we certainly don’t want to follow you (or any other ideologue) over the will of the American people.

  10. Oh dear. I was hoping not to read macho bullshit here. America’s obsession with proving it is ready to nuke any other country to a car park does *not* go down well with the rest of the world, which would rather not face a future as a car park. Yet it seems engrained in US foreign policy, and expected by its electorate of its leaders – you must carry a big gun in your holster and flourish it a lot or people will suspect you are a pansy with a little -er, gun. Oddly enough rational people are capable of thinking beyond the size of a person’s – gun – and of negotiating from a position of mutual respect and concern for justice rather than strength. (An American historian’s account of what happened between the two Ks would be an interpretation based on familiar assumptions and nothing more.) Yes, folks, even outside the US there are people of good will who think! Even in Russia. As for the rest of us, we regard Bush’s missile defence screen as a weak man with a small – self image – compensating by flourishing a big gun. It is the worst of America, and those of us who think Obama is just another US warmonger, not a peace-lover, won’t be surprised when he too picks up the stick and starts making crazy noises as he flourishes it.

    Goodness, I thought this was The Confluence, not the nutty fascists at No Quarter pretending to be feminists.

  11. PumaInSeattle:


    JFK Cuban Missile Crisis x 2

  12. finely – Obama might not have stolen the election from McCain but he stole the Democratic nomination from Hillary.

  13. This is SO not good, SM. I am feeling a sense of dread and morbid anticipation. Again.

  14. Downticket, agreed completely. Well, maybe he stole the nomination from Hillary, or maybe it was given to him in a backroom deal with Reid and Pelosi (with Obama agreeing to being a puppet-president for 2 years to do their bidding – we’ll see) who in turn stole it from Hillary.

  15. Oh, it gets better. Obama and Medvedev are going to meet over a glass of Chardonnay.

  16. Karolina: I’m feeling the same way. BBC is reporting this, and yes, I take their word much more seriously than any MSM here in the USA.

  17. I have to go out – be back later!

  18. Briar, don’t talk down to us. We understand the distinction between sabre-rattling and strength. We need strong, shrewd leadership against the likes of Putin and Medvedev and none of us are convinced that President-Elect Let-me-eat-my-waffles-in-peace can display it. Hillary was far from displaying macho American swagger, but she appreciated the need to balance strength and dialogue.

  19. Briar:

    We’re the nutty feminists pretending to be fascists

  20. Briar, you are on my “Watch List”.

  21. Briar,

    I took the point of SM’s post to be that Obama is inept and has once again said one thing to one person and another thing to another person. That isn’t good among friends. It’s even worse when it happens with leaders of countries.

  22. Sheeeshus ..!!! … what is in the air this week..??

    it’s an infestation ..a plague … lol

  23. Myiq,

    Everyone’s critic today. We work our butts off and then we get told we aren’t the Confluence anymore. I don’t feel any different, do you?


    Thank you for the post! You know I love you.

  24. Downticket,

    I can’t wait to read it! Thank you.

  25. Robert had to leave suddenly. His “finely tuned satire” was too transparent.

  26. Oh dear. Briar is funny. It’s hilarious watching Obots try and spin every suspect thing Dear Leader does or say and the “macho posturing” part was particularly amusing.

    Notice how he/she pretends not to understand that promising Poland, a NATO ally, something in private but backing away from it in public after the Russians made their announcement makes Obama appear indecisive and uninformed? Uh huh.

  27. ks,

    I guess that’s why he/she supported Obama. He likes to pretend he’s qualified to be President.

  28. Confused about the Comment Policies at The Confluence? It’s not that complicated.

  29. katiebird and others…I just think the Confluence is finding it’s way from one identity to the next. With the calibre of people I find here everyday, I’m sure everything will even out over time.

  30. As for me..–I still believe Bill Clinton was the greatest president of our generation and I’m working on how to change to cultural mindset that sexism and mysogyny are acceptable expressions of free speech.

  31. I’m sure you’re right. But, I do think that with all the turbulent emotions of this week, we need a reminder of our mission.

  32. myiq2xu, on November 8th, 2008 at 6:06 pm Said:
    We’re the nutty feminists pretending to be fascists
    Oh, you left out that we are very cute, even us Old Ones! We are undercover because well the ‘PROPER’ feminists haven’t been to effective. I am from the more aggressive bunch: THE GRANNIES

    But we are very loving and peaceful when we have our tea time. 🙂

  33. SOD,

    I think so too. We’re going through a period of adjustment and transition. Some people have even left–I hope temporarily. But I all for there being as many Obama-critic blogs as possible. I’m sure it will all shake out and I’ll be doing my best to catch the trolls early and often. Too bad I didn’t get rid of “rima” sooner.

  34. I once saw what they post and goodness me (shaking head) they are not very nice those tr@lls. Thanks Katiebird. 🙂

  35. I wonder what Pampers will do when Russia moves to take the Crimea and tries to control Ukraine by fiat? Make no mistake, former KGB head Vladimir Putin is running the show, and he has dreams of a renewed imperial Russia.

    Maybe Pampers can get a special chair installed in the Oval Office that will deposit him under his desk in the event of sudden crisis.

  36. How is that helpful?

  37. In moderation.. help!

  38. wow I leave for a few hours on my 5.5 mile walk and you ladies hold another 30% solution revolt…I hope kerry goes and then he can bore the russians to sleep and also the chinese when they wake up it will be to lake there will be a mcdonalds and KFC on every corner!

  39. Lenny Bruce once talked about our culture’s need for the “deviant voice.” Clearly, the Confluence could be regarded as such and I consider that to be a good thing. But within the Confluence itself, where is the space afforded the dissenting voice? Protecting one another from outside disruption and hatred is one thing. Creating an innocuous environment where only one form of self-expression is acceptable is quite another.

    At this very moment, I’m thinking to myself that this post I’m writing is fair and even-handed and friendly; not threatening in any way. But who knows? Someone in here might respond with something like “Thank-you, oh great and wise Brad, for instructing us helpless women”…etc.

    Not everyone who voices disagreement is on the attack.

    In another thread I referred to a play called Marat/Sade which, among being many other things, is a depiction of the death of Marat, the French revolutionary who, after the execution of the king and queen, spent four years writing essay after essay using the same rhetoric and ideas, apparently in an effort to sustain one or two glorious revolutionary moments and thus keep himself and his followers in exactly the same spot in time. It didn’t work, of course, and he was killed by one of his former devotes.

    If you love an idea, a movement, an ideal, then you want it to continue as a living thing, not preserve it under glass.

  40. I love the ladies that at the confluence they nuture my soul and have helped me deepen my feminist roots!

  41. I don’t know if I like coming here anymore 😦

  42. Brad discussion like yours is acceptable to me but most of the poop the obama tr0lls leave in the middle of the carpet here is nasty and personal. Most times they drop and go….kind of like a flock of pidgeons on one of those park statues they never come back.

    Often it is just another “get over it and get on the bus” comment or obama is the greatest thing in the world watch him walk on water.

    We have provided these tools with a link to wordpress where thay can open up their own room and run there mouths like flatuent gasbags.

    We never said we exsisted to be a freespeech zone for flying shit.

    by the way I am a guy 6’2′ 300 lbs and when I lean on someone they generally move-

    right fellow conflusians!

  43. what happened afrocity?

  44. what happened afrocity?

    ok who messed with my afrocity? do I need to lean on them?

  45. Brad,

    We’ve had a lot of bullies berating us here today. There is nothing wrong with what you are suggesting. However, we do allow differing opinions here. You would know that if you were a regular reader of our comment threads. The fact this that this blog has had a specific purpose: to be a haven for Hillary Clinton supporters and later for people who could not support Barack Obama.

    We are going through a period of transition now, but we will continue to make this a place where our regular commenters and writers are not attacked, called names, or lectured in hectoring tones by people who stop by occasionally to give us advice.

    I really encourage you to start your own wordpress blog. Then you can run it any way you want. We feel we can make our own decisions about what to write about, how to do it, and how to keep our comments threads congenial.

    Thank you for your concern. You can also write to Riverdaughter directly to register your complaints if you feel they are urgent.

  46. Why is everyone fighting? This is not the place I knew. There are people coming here who don’t give a damn about us who are yapping at the mouth. I like Sarah Palin and I am sick of this liberal v. conservative bullshit. How many abortions are you planning on getting this year?

  47. Brad Mays,

    “Creating an innocuous environment where only one form of self-expression is acceptable is quite another.”

    To be honest, I left Talkleft (wasn’t permitted to object…got the boot) and left Salon because of the anti-Hillary (NOW I realize it was anti-ANY WOMAN) hate. We have all been chased out from some where and forgive us if we DON’T WANT to be called H*, B**** and C***. I did get a glimpse once of the naughty posts and goodness me, they bordered on something I would call the police for if told in person.

    Finding a safe harbor here has provided a good way to communicate with other women and to form alliances and it created the off shoots to pro-women’s rights groups like The New Agenda and the CA one too. Over at GWT they the defense is for the LBG community too and even for Michelle at times and BO.

    I now send my money to groups that REALLY are working to protect ALL women, as strong women make for a better community for everyone, especially the children.

    Just my thoughts.

    p.s. Have you been to the new forum for action?
    Yes, like I said these sites help us organize and pass on the message that will hopefully bring greater opportunities to women that come after us, as I may well not see a woman POTUS in my life time, but do hope my grandchild may.

  48. Brad,

    To expand on what Boston Booomer said above, I might mention that you are actually an author here. So how about writing a post of your own whenever you like. Then you can manage the tone of the thread to please yourself.

    You can do it right here. No need to start a blog of your own.

  49. Afrocity,

    This will pass. We always get a lot of trolls whenever something big happens that is either good or bad for Obama. Brad Mays is a very nice man who doesn’t seem to know how to write in a relaxed, nonthreatening tone. He is making a movie about pumas, so we try to cut him a little slack.

    Any other trolls who show up tonight will be mercilessly deleted, I assure you. We are generally a liberal site though.

    How are things going with you in Chicago? Is it still crazy there?

  50. afrocity-

    we expected a tr0ll infestation dont worry I am not fighting anyone I am here to only protect nuture and support my friends….I hope you continue here to be my good friend….

  51. what Brad said: “Protecting one another from outside disruption and hatred is one thing. Creating an innocuous environment where only one form of self-expression is acceptable is quite another.”

  52. Prediction: Iranian missiles in Venezuela, pointed at the U.S.

  53. bostonboomer.

    1. I’m not complain. I’m making an observation.
    2. I’m not a blogger, I’m a filmmaker. The film I’m making about PUMA will soon be available and you and everyone else in here will be free to say whatever you want to say about it. You know, free and open society and all that.
    3. I read everything written in this place. Once in a blue moon, I make a comment.

    I don’t think I’ve done any name-calling in here. Sounds to me, however, like you’re trying to get rid of me (“I really encourage you to start your own wordpress blog…etc”). Which saddens me. I thought you were deeper than that.

  54. afrocity, I like and respect Sarah too. I’m not planning on having an abortion this year. I do want that choice available in the U.S. for those who need it.

    I’m not sure what affect Sarah Palin will have on abortion or other issues. I do know that she’s a force to reckon with who is on the other side of most of my views. So I’m taking her seriously.

  55. Brad…I think that this blog has been fairly open to dissenting opinions — as long as they are not done in an insulting manner.

  56. shtuey,

    It’s starting to get a little nerve-wracking, isn’t it? Obama is used to being able to lie at will. He’s going to have to start keeping his lies straight now. He won’t get the same pass from the foreign press and foreign politicians that he has been getting here in the U.S. I’m starting to think Biden might have been onto something when he said in 6 months something terrible was going to happen. It might be a lot sooner.

  57. {{{{{afrocity}}}}

    please stay with us we need your prospective as an “exile in obamaland” !

  58. I don’t want to lose you either, Afrocity. Your voice has become important to us!

  59. on topic:
    I have a big poster with “I fucking told you so” above my PC. I am about to send pictures of it to everyone who has been badgering me about how Obambi will bring world peace.

    in the words of my friend Mikolaj ” wow, Obama sure didn’t take long to show the whole world he is a lying piece of scum”

    Oh well, change: the world laughed at Bush because he was stupid. It will be afraid of Obama because he’s a lying jerk. Progress?

  60. Chicago has been a mess. Now that BO is resident elect the helicopters and black hummer CIA types are all over the place. I live near downtown, where the big party was. BO has most of his meeting there. I want him to get out of here and take his traffic with him.

  61. Actually the reason I closed the comments on the policy thread is that it’s not really open for discussion.

  62. SOD,

    There are a couple of other things that we agree on too: No misogyny, no sexism, no homophobia. We are a pro-woman, pro-gay blog.

  63. afrocity — was that intentional? 😉

  64. Afrocity,

    That sounds kind of scary. Is it true that people were shooting off guns at Obama’s celebration the other night?

  65. Someone needs more fiber in their diet.

  66. BB — that’s the insulting part I was referring to. It captures most offensive attacks.

  67. brad no one is asking you to leave I think the point was that we expect civil behavior from all commenters here. I am not suer if you understand that we dont want anyone here pussing Obamaism on us.

    We are a well read and bunch of womyn and men here. Someone dropping an obama talking point is just not welcome.

    I think you miss-understand….

  68. oooops…Freudian slip

  69. Brad. You completely misunderstood what I said or you are deliberately pretending to. I suggested you write your own blog post. Now I know you are an author here and can do that at will. So write your thoughts and share them with us. I’m not trying to get rid of you. I’m trying to get you to be a little more relaxed, friendly, and courteous.

  70. afrocity –

    I was in Chicago this summer and did a lot of filming in Obama’s district. Actually managed to get right up to his house (a week or so before security really kicked into gear). It was obvious to me at the time how full of it BO was about his district, and the Chicago section of my film is something I’m particularly proud of. If you like, I can get a cameraperson over to you and let you talk about it.

  71. SOD, I meant what I said. That phony AA man child is not my president

    Boston yes it was true. Understand that in Chicago anytime you get a group of more than 10 together in an open space you have a pretty good chance of getting shot.

  72. I don’t think I’ve done any name-calling in here. Sounds to me, however, like you’re trying to get rid of me (”I really encourage you to start your own wordpress blog…etc”). Which saddens me. I thought you were deeper than that.

    Brad Mays,

    It has just been one of those big tr@ll days and I will be honest with you…when I saw what they write here and over GWT (which are deleted) it freaked me out and I didn’t posts for a couple of days. They are pretty hard and personal. Nothing you have written is any where near close to what I have seen.

    I think we all agreed on November 6th, that it was a mile stone for the African American community to have a POTUS elect, and that we wished him well. At the same time, since you have seen in person some of the people from the primaries (filmed their stories), we are not all going to pretend these events didn’t happen (the shocking primaries). We have to be true to what we saw/experienced, what went on and to do otherwise would betray the truth and betray ourselves too.

    Thanks for dropping by I always read your posts, and don’t reply because I figure you are very busy. Take care.

  73. afrocity, on November 8th, 2008 at 7:19 pm Said:

    Chicago has been a mess. Now that BO is resident elect the helicopters and black hummer CIA types are all over the place.
    afocity, I sympathize with you. I live near Camp David. Bush has spent many weekends there. After 9/11/2000 we had loud fast jets flying over every time Bush visited for months! Nothing like feeling like you’re in a war zone. It didn’t help that it reminded me of Bush as I know you don’t want to be reminded of ……………..

  74. Afrocity — I like that. Do you mind if I steal it? It certainly is easier to say when it comes to him.

  75. I heard it on right wing radio, so I wasn’t sure if it was true. I heard there was some guy who was shooting 22 into the air and another was shooting a pistol into the ground. One guy supposedly told a policeman he was only complaining about it because a black man was elected president.

  76. Remember when President Carter had hemroids and SNL did a whole series of spoof speeches and a state of the union of Carter addresses the nation and talking about his hemorids….

    wonder what they will spoof of Obama’s occupation of the oval office? I hope it isnt his Irratable Bowel Syndrome!

  77. Brad,

    I don’t live in Hyde Park, Obama neighborhood. I live in a luxury high rise downtown with a black doorman, and a dry cleaner on every floor. I don’t live inner city enough to speak of BO. I grew up here but never heard of the guy until I lived in Boston in 2004.

    You should check out the Woodlawn District as well as Engelwood where Jennifer Hudson’s family was killed. Or go undercover in Trinity Church.

  78. Woman Voter …I’m just being honest.

  79. SOD you have my permission to use it. Just give me my 40 acres and DNC Mule back!!! 😉

  80. fuzzy,

    I’m pretty sure that what gets spoofed most about Obama is his arrogant, entitled attitude and the way he looks down his nose at people he considers to be his inferiors (anyone who works for a living).

  81. afrocity LOL!

  82. the last comment was totally off topic but something made me think of it!

    I guess I sould be insulted Brad seems to ignore the comments of the resident gay man here since Gary and Mawm Left.

  83. afrocity –

    I’ll pass on going undercover at Trinity. I got much too much hate and threatening e-mail when I went to Chicago to want to go and do something like that. But hey, thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  84. Afrocity I may be comming to Chicago next memorial day weekend there is a big gay thing there….would love to meet have lunch I bet you know some good restraunts….fuzzy never misses a meal!

  85. fuzzybearqville –

    Ah, I didn’t realize that I was ignoring you. Or that you are gay. Goodness, I really AM a brute!

  86. I could go undercover I have been practicing making the sign of the “O” they would never expect little ol’gay me as a spy!

  87. Fuzzy,

    You ever been to Boystown?

    I am actually trying to leave America and applied to some overseas jobs today. BO scares the shit out of me so I am trying to get out.

  88. I have nothing against Trinity church. I have nothing against Rev. Wright, save for his obvious sexism. I mean, Black nationalism is something I understand – its language and mores make sense to me. But I’m a product of the late 60s, and Rev. Wright’s rhetoric is very familiar to me (I used to pass out the Panther Paper on Nassau Street in Princeton.

  89. I have been depressed ever since the Tuesday evening reality set in. It has been hard to think clearly about the choice our country has made. I have yet to find a person who has supported me in my protest vote against Barack other than on this blog site . . . and this support has been simply seeing that others are dealing with similar shock and depression too.

    We all have out own ways of coping. Some get angry and let their frustrations out. Others, like me, tend to personalize the pain and shrink up just a little more. I thank you, Katiebird, for your post above. It helps to put things back on track a little for me after the unsupportive attitudes express on this blog today. I have been coming to the Confluence in the last few days to help with my own personal grieving. Many of you have helped with your presence.

    After so much energy and attention to the saga of Senator Clinton, the revelation of the true nature of the DNC and the Democratic Party, and the unbelievable selection of Senator Obama as candidate and finally as president I am emotionally and physically exhausted. The path ahead seems dark and steep for me and for our country. I pray we will all recover and thrive once again. In the mean time, please let me own my feelings of sadness as I will encourage each of you to own your own feelings.

  90. I think we all agreed on November 6th, that it was a mile stone for the African American community to have a POTUS elect, and that we wished him well.

    The theft of an elective office and exploitation of sexism and homophobia is no milestone for anyone. I do not congratulate him or his minions or wish them anything. Sorry…I’m just being honest.
    I hear ya. I meant in that he will be the first AA POTUS, but how he got there, well we saw it/experienced it. One thing that I hope is not lost is that this nation was built by many (Native Americans and multitude of cultures since) and it is in the acknowledgment of the many that builds the community and acceptance…that melting pot, that makes it AMERICA.

  91. I have heard of it but never beent here…I hope you get somewhere nice I loved Norway great country…I pesonally would go to the south coast of spain

  92. Brad,

    I lived on Vanderventer St. in Princeton. Is Brad you real name? You look like this medieval history professor that I know.

  93. brad –

    I have been trying to encourage you because I respect your endeavor and I believe it will do some good in restoring some democracy to our nomination process.

    Dont feel bad I have made some innocent remarks here thet were taken the wrong way….

    They were very sexist about Ms Brazile I spent days repenting….

    I still think Donna wanted the DNC in Chicago so she could get close to Oprah!

  94. Obama is not African American. When I tried to tell you guys about the difference between house and field negros, my post got deleted. Obama is not a descendant of slaves. Yesterday he called himself a mutt in his press conference. I noticed that the press said nothing about it.

    Obama at best is our first president of color.

  95. Brad what is that phone number to, Planned Parenthood?

  96. afrocity, I have been referring to Obama as our first president with African heritage.

    I wish you well with your job search. Of course, it will be great to have your voice from wherever you next reside. I have learned much from you.

    Oh, and I haven’t forgotten the “absolution” either.

  97. Gordon,

    I think a lot of us feel the way you do. For the first two days, I was pretty depressed and most of all my head was spinning and my thoughts and feelings were confused. It’s hard to explain.

    Now, I’m resigned, but I won’t go quietly. I plan to help hold his feet to the fire. I wish I had the resources to go abroad like Afrocity. I’d like to just go completely off the grid actually. I don’t like the way things are going in my beloved country–most of all I don’t like the loss of freedom has come under Bush and that I see getting worse in an Obama administration.

  98. Afrocity –

    Brad is my real name. Feel sorry for your history professor. I wouldn’t wish my looks on anyone. I lived in Princeton back in the late 60s. I met Riverdaughter and Murphy there for the first time this past July. It was lovely. I met Riverdaughter’s daughter (her name is NOT Riverdaughterdaughter) and we all ate at PJ’s Pancake House, my favorite casual eatery.

  99. That’s not funny, Brad. Brad posted a number where you can order Barack Obama silver dollars. He simply can’t or won’t understand that we are truly grieving for our country right now.

  100. brad-

    becareful I will refer you to kevin smith’s “bear moment” on Youtube….

    There is a whole sub-culture that sexualizes big bearded hairy guys…..and the striaght ladies have discovered it too!

    Kathy Griffin tends to date Str* men whom I would call bears….dont sell yourself short

  101. Oh, and I didn’t call the number. I have acess to “the google.”

  102. I like the The Alchemist & the Barrister in Princeton.

    Gordon, I crawled in bed after PA was called for Obama.

  103. I think it is hillarious….obama is coining his own money….this is so funny …..bostonboomer

    I am sure the Obama silver dollar will be as popular as the Suzie B….

    and worth about 1/2 as much!

  104. Yes, that is not funny Brad.

    Personally I was waiting for the Obama Amero dollar to come fresh from the mint.

  105. Bostonboomer, thanks!

  106. coining his own money…HAHAHAHA….

    I bet there are people all over the world rushing out to get these “commemrative coins” that are legal tender in some country no one has ever heard of!

  107. bostonboomer –

    Sorry. I think kitsch in all its forms is funny. I think a BO commemorative coin is the height of laughability. Seems like I’m destined to rub you the wrong way.

  108. Lower slobovia issues first commemrative Obama Dollar yours via the franklin Mint….$ 29.95 and if you are on of the first 50,000,000 callers you will get a lovel uncirculated $ 50,000,000 zimbabwie bank note in protective seath…..you to can be a multi millionare! amaze your friends and that is not all we will throw in a Ronco Vegimatic!

  109. Obama is such a dick.

    1. when is Toots funeral? I have heard nothing about it.


    President-elect Barack Obama’s aunt intends to fight a deportation order and hopes to remain in the United States, her immigration lawyer said Friday.

    The Associated Press found that Zeituni Onyango, 56, is staying with relatives in Cleveland after fleeing her public housing apartment in Boston. She had been living there five years.

    Onyango, who is Obama’s father’s half-sister, was ordered to leave the country in 2004 by an immigration judge who rejected her request for asylum from her native Kenya.

    Cleveland attorney Margaret Wong told the AP on Friday she is exploring legal options and may file a motion to reopen Onyango’s case or file an appeal for her to stay on humanitarian grounds. She would not discuss Onyango’s reasons for seeking asylum in the United States.

    “She will do whatever she can do to fight for the privilege to stay in America,” she said.

    Obama’s campaign said previously he did not know about his aunt’s status but believes she should obey the law. The campaign said it was returning $260 that Onyango had contributed in small increments to Obama’s presidential bid over several months.

    “President-elect Obama does not know the details of Ms. Onyango’s legal situation, but as stated previously, he expects that all outstanding issues would be resolved through the appropriate legal process,” Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said Friday.

    Wong, a prominent immigration attorney and frequent political contributor to candidates of both parties, said Onyango believes someone leaked information about her immigration status to try to hurt Obama’s candidacy.

    “She’s upset that people could just hurt her like that … use her to try to hurt Barack,” Wong said.

    “She had never asked Barack for help. She just doesn’t want to hurt him,” she said.

  110. “Personally I was waiting for the Obama Amero dollar to come fresh from the mint.”

    In a year or two, afrocity. It’s coming.

  111. Battlecat,

    Better invest in gold like I am..

  112. sorry but the $ 50,000,000 zimbabwie bank not is true it was resently issued about 4 months ago and was for 1 day equal to $ 1.00 US….in a few days it took a hundred of them to be worth $ 1.00 US…..

    Hyper-inflation Dakinikat we may need a lesson on that!

  113. afrocity – did you get my email today?

  114. Brad:

    This was in your first post in this thread:

    “At this very moment, I’m thinking to myself that this post I’m writing is fair and even-handed and friendly; not threatening in any way. But who knows? Someone in here might respond with something like “Thank-you, oh great and wise Brad, for instructing us helpless women”…etc.”

    You have posted 8 comments so far, and in 4 of them you make it sound like you’re being victimized or picked on.

  115. I can’t afford gold, afrocity, but I am investing in education. Hopefully that is still worth something these days.

  116. gold or silver both are stratgeic metals silver more so actually

  117. What I think is so ironic about this commemorative coin is the fact that so many Obama supporters see themselves as the ultimate in urbane super-sophistication. yet here are these coins, minted in 24ct gold, which Obama’s face printed IN FULL COLOR on the coin’s face.

    I’m trying to picture someone with these coins, beautifully framed, sitting next to the Harvard Classics on their bookcase. Mind-boggling.

  118. SOD,

    I just checked, nothing is there.

  119. miq2xu –

    Thanks for the update.

  120. Should I watch 300 again before I go to bed?

  121. I am not helpless. I hope that is not what you think Brad. I may pee sitting down but I can stand up for myself.

  122. Hi myiq,

    I think I’ll go read one of your old posts now. I need a break.

  123. Myiq we are working on his writing style me and the ladies here like most str8 men he is a work in progress!

  124. Katiebird:

    I would include something in the comment policy post about lying, spamming and/or regurgitating talking points.

  125. In a similar vein, I visited my son while he was housesitting his professor’s home and there was “The Audacity of Hope” on their bookshelf, just as many households once flaunted “Profiles In Courage”. What mislead fools are now inculcating their crap into our children’s minds. Of course, Kennedy’s book actually had something to do with others and history, whereas blabla’s is self serving pablum.

  126. battlecat watch meet the spartans its much funnier and you get gay points for watching it!

  127. 300 was really something, wasn’t it? The creators don’t seem to see any virtue in understatement. My son Zachary, who just retired from the Marines (yes, he served in Iraq) absolutely loves that film. I told him that I thought it was the height of homoeroticism. This gave him pause, to say the least. Talk about kitsch.

  128. Carry on Fuzzy, good luck with Brad Doolittle — Pig-malion

  129. History of the world Part 1 is also good….still waiting for part 2-Mr Brooks-tap tap tap

  130. Is Jerry in “meet the spartans”? Lol… I though I had enough gay points, but I guess the more, the merrier.

  131. Afrocity-youmay call me Proffessor ‘iggins….

    ok brad say :

    in ‘artford , ‘arryford, and ‘ampshire, ‘urricanes ‘ardly hever ‘appen!


  132. What’s up afrocity?

    Angie should be here before long.

  133. afrocity –

    “Fuzzy, good luck with Brad Doolittle — Pig-malion”

    How sweet of you. I suspect that somewhere along the way you misunderstood something I said.

  134. Hey, it looks like the whole thing is online. I’ll have to interrupt my Brian Kennedy YouTube spree for some kitsch.

  135. afrocity — I sent it again. I think you have two different emails and I may have sent to the wrong one.

  136. The rain in Spain rains mainly on McCain…

  137. it really pokes fun at the homo-eroticism of the original film but the guys are real hot….

    on fav lines is …

    “…this is sparta we great men with open mouth kissing and we give our wives high fives”

  138. Fuzzy

    “…quit being dashed and do something!”

  139. Look what Andy CDS/PDS had to say:

    “I’m still bemused by the drop in gay support for Obama after Kerry. I’d put it down primarily to the fact that the gay political establishment, with its usual brilliance, fused itself with the Clinton campaign very early on, and there was a real slice of Clintonian anti-Obama hate that wouldn’t go away. For much of the campaign, I expressed surprise at how so many gay men and lesbians were indifferent or hostile to Obama. Maybe there was a particular lesbian bond with Clinton, which may have led some lesbians to pick McCain (they’re susceptible to a little Alaskan boobage as well). Maybe that goes for some diva-worshipping gay men as well, men who so identified with Hillary that they couldn’t reconcile themselves to Obama.

  140. MyIQ6xMe (giggle)


    I would include something in the comment policy post about lying, spamming and/or regurgitating talking points.


  141. oh to get it right you have to spit while saying the word “Sparta”

  142. Got it SOD. I will work on it tonight. I have some suggestions too.

  143. Myiq2xu…where did said quote come from the lesbians will be offended and will want to march around the office of the person who said that Sarah Palins “Boobage” was attractive to them….

  144. Oh, for Pete’s sake! What a moron that Andy is. Hey myiq2xu, I did find the earlier thread quite interesting. Thanks for the tip! I still haven’t finished it. brb.

  145. afrocity — there’s a question for you.

  146. myiq2xu, who spewed *that* bile?

  147. Fuzzy:

    Andy Sullivan at The Atlantic

  148. Boobage???? aaaarrrrrfggghghghghghg.

  149. Maybe I’ll change my avatar – so there!

  150. You know what would be awesome? Obama bungles this Russian missile crisis-in-the-making – which he will – and then Palin steps in to charm their Russian rockets off.

  151. Andrew what a lost soul….he was the cover bear on bearslife magazine…a few issues back!

    No nekked pics (thank god) it is not that kind of magizine it is a lifestyle mag for the bear subculture “celebrating the masculine lifestyle”

    Martha Stewart for big hairy gay men….I adore it!

    the Magizine not Andrew Sullivan….I dont believe he has rock hard glutes anymore!

  152. No battlecat Obambi screws up and he sends biden and kerry over to bore the russians to death….after 8 hours in closed door session with these to birds….Putin and Mendevev whats his name would come out screaming we surrender we surrender!

  153. Boston Boomer — I just sent you an email.

  154. Andy had to be told by his editors to STFU about the Palin kids

    He was ground central for the rumors about Trig

  155. I bet the russians are wishing they had boris Yeltzyn back!

    Kind of like us wanting hillary!

  156. I swear… it’s like any women that try to compete or achieve equality are tied to the stake, tortured and burned.

  157. Fuzzy, I couldn’t take two hours with Kerry or Biden, let alone the two of them together. I have nothing against Biden, he’s just not very interesting. Kerry is an assjack for trashing our troops.

  158. ok I need to be on katiebirds mailing list

  159. {{Fuzzy}}

    Do you really want an email from me? They’re not that fun.

  160. to me, it just seems that the MSM is concentrating on how and why McCain LOST the election, instead of looking at the reasons why BO won the election. Maybe there are a few things under that rock that they don’t want to really look in to.
    don’t get me wrong, it was a well planned campaign, but there are a few things… (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…)

  161. Seriously, folks, very click on the progblog sites generates revenue since most websites with ads charge based on the number of hits they get. Also, the more traffic they get, the longer they stay online as pundits. A lot of folks like to go to progressive blogs and point out inconsistencies. That’s fine, if that’s what you like, but you must understand that even if you despise the person’s blog and “set them straight”, you are actually helping to perpetuate their power.

  162. Alegre posted this:

    “Steamy Magazines Make Men Feel as Bad As Women
    Guys who check out the sexy female models in so-called lad magazines such as Maxim have more body-image problems than their pals, a new study finds.
    While it is fairly well-known that women feel worse about their bodies after viewing other females in Cosmopolitan or Glamour, guys apparently take the same knock after perusing the lingerie-clad women spread across the pages of Maxim, FHM and Stuff.”

    I was overcome with snarkiness and responded:

    “Yes, I always feel terrible after staring at scantily-clad models. I feel so bad I just want to abuse myself.”

    I’m gonna burn in hell

  163. hey gqm! Are you still causing trouble?

  164. I don’t want Obama to fail in the same way I didn’t want Bush to fail. If he fails, the country is screwed. Hell, even if he is a good president, the country will not be in great shape after four years. He shouldn’t be rewarded for his fraudulent elections, but his failure directly impacts me and everyone else.

  165. as always, jjm. Gotta get some adrenaline for my soccer game tonight.

  166. I don’t feel bad after looking at women’s magazines, and I’m old, fat, post-menopausal, and bitter. I love reading fashion magazines, anyway, not so much Cosmo. I like Vogue, Allure, stuff like that. I totally love reading about make-up. I guess I’m really a wierdo.

  167. Oh, wow. This completely flew under the radar (like the New Hampshire state senate having America’s first female majority).

    “Oregon town elects nation’s first transgender mayor”

  168. wow, I think I see the Unity pony and it’s still missing a few legs? Can we just throw back a few and regroup for awhile? please?

  169. Agree with you BB. I love that stuff too. In fact one of the things I love about Christmas is the Make-up Gift sets in the Department stores.

  170. Dakinikat — that’s a good idea. Are we all ready for a party?

  171. Party in NYC?

  172. katie, I’m there … I still have some vodka, cran, limes, and triple sec … my glass is just screaming cosmo!!!

  173. Katiebird,

    I love those gift sets!

  174. Oh, goody. Can I have an iced tea with lemonaide in it and lots of ice?

  175. I have to say, every year “When Harry Met Sally” gets better and better.

  176. Hey trolls

    I spent 12 years in a uniform I’m not getting over the stealing of the primary EVER. You may have won the battle but I intend to win the war and that is what this is to me now. Your guy doesn’t represent democracy and for that I will never like him and will continue to oppose him. He could be the bestest President EVAH and All I will remenber is that he trampled on people’s rights to get there.

  177. Myiq2xu-ROFLMAO

    “Yes, I always feel terrible after staring at scantily-clad models. I feel so bad I just want to abuse myself.”

    I’m gonna burn in hell”

    to each his own….I am a Bear and 100% beef guy my self

    Maxim and FHM for big hairy gay men…of course thay make me feel better about myself

  178. Obama needs to intervene on behalf of his aunt, for god’s sake. He can’t give her one of the White House’s 400 bedrooms?

  179. SOD: come to new orleans … you’ll get beads for that soon!

  180. I think I’m gonna do a post about tro!!s and other internet vermin.

  181. My friend Pat Racimora over at NoQuarter had a cartoon on trolls a while back if you need inspiration, IQ.

  182. okay girls since you brought up the makeup gift sets wihich do you think you get a better deal with..

    Gift with purchase or ….

    purchase with purchase….

    Este Lauder and Clinique i think give the best value!

    sorry boys gay men and str8 women and make up discussions its what we do!

  183. anyone here? I am making beef stew.

  184. Afrocity:

    From scratch?

  185. stateof disbelief,

    At “insightanalytical” Kenosha Marge posted a very good article on the sexism and mysogeny you mentioned, along with some of the other items you listed. I think you would find it very interesting.

  186. I’m here, Afrocity. We’re waiting for Katie to get the cocktail party organized. Yum, beef stew sounds good.

  187. seriously –

    maybe he could give her a job cleaning on of the white houses 32 bathrooms…I think Obambi is that kind of a “nice guy”!

  188. yes from scratch.

  189. fuzzy,

    Estee Lauder is my favorite. I’ve been wearing Youth Dew for about 20 years now. I know it’s old fashioned, but I still love it.

  190. Beef stew without the beef would be better for us veggies.

  191. xmas shopping in an economic down turn! yuck!

  192. I got a really good gift set from Elizabeth Arden once too.

  193. My mom makes the worst stew in the world. What do you put in yours?

  194. Does anyone have any requests for preferred cocktail party music tonight? I want something a little bit relaxing myself.

  195. Estee has lovely fragrences white linen and beautiful are really nice fragrances also!

    Keep the beef in Afrocity I am a carnivore…Afrocity come down to Florida it is like a whole other country

  196. afrocity, on November 8th, 2008 at 7:38 pm Said:
    I am actually trying to leave America and applied to some overseas jobs today. BO scares the shit out of me so I am trying to get out.

    Please consider staying; we need good people now as ever.

  197. you know what? I remember afrocity when she was aaa gal, and what I remember was she always told us what she was eating, had just eaten or was going to eat.

    afro, I had forgotten that until you mentioned the beef stew. it’s funny but you talking about food seems comforting, like no matter what’s happened, life will go on. thanks! you made me feel better

  198. Captain Spaulding makes a pretty good stew but I’m not sure what’s in it.

    I’m a meatatarian like Fuzzy

  199. my aunt loves anything from the Red Door Collection as we ca;; Elizabeth Arden!

  200. That’s So Gay – Wanda Sykes:

  201. Natalie Merchant

  202. Natalie Merchant… (finish the sentence) is awesome.

  203. my mom wore estee lauder. she’s been dead for many years but to this day I associate that scent with her. it wasn’t youth dew though, I don’t think, but I can’t remember the name

  204. yeah we are so normal hee talking about make up and beef stew and eating travel…along with our politics…that makes it easier to spot the tr0lls thay are not 3 dimentional like us!

  205. I’ve worn musk oil since the 60s. of course, I still wear my peace sign jewelry, tie dye stuff and chuck taylor high tops. at work they call me the token hippie.

  206. Oooooh! Battlecat, that’s a good one. I’ve never seen it before.

  207. dakinikat — re:the beads. I’m afraid with mine they’d throw the beads only if I put my shirt back on!

  208. fuzzy,

    My mother-in-law used to wear Red Door. I just realized she died 2 years ago today. Isn’t that spooky? I miss her.

  209. fuzzy, I know you saw the youtube about the obots who have nothing to talk about now 🙂

    I think myiq found it – it was very funny!

  210. Which Natalie Merchant song would you like?

  211. awww BB. weren’t you divorced but stayed close to your ex and his family? that’s unique, and very sweet.

  212. Oh, {{{BostonBoomer}}} – I’m so sorry.

  213. Ophelia, of course!

  214. myiq @ 8:10 pm: You have posted 8 comments so far, and in 4 of them you make it sound like you’re being victimized or picked on.

    myiq, do you have anything against whiners? 🙂

  215. Brad Mays and other Conflucians

    I have visited this blog and others from justsaynodeal to get info, opinion etc. in the time leading up to the election. I will always remember the turmoil.
    I still come and read, I have not drunk the koolaid.
    I am watching carefully events and would not hesitate to get back into opposition mode.
    At the same time I am from the left, I support peace (not appeasement, but efforts made through negotiation not confrontation or killing). I am thrilled at the prospect of a green revolution, but will fight ethanol (food for fuel) and higher energy prices to enforce it.
    I am really hopeful that Obama will bring home our troops, and sooner rather than later. I support changes to the healthcare system to make it work better and cheaper for all of us.
    I support helping the American car industry , even though I’m not clever enough to know if it is really good to do so.
    I like Rahm (cute too) because they say he gets things done, which I considered a weakness of Obama. I believe he calms the fears of many Jews and Israel while at the same time he represents the left in relaying the clear message that peace is what we seek.

    I can only say I am watching really carefully and so far I am relaxed. I am getting over this election, moving on. If I can trust Obama, I will support his efforts because they are really what I believe is what America needs. If he starts to go commie or radical I will not hesitate to express opposition.
    Seeing the Clinton people also gives me confidence because it shows he is not so arrogant to think he is a genius.
    I always thought he was another dose of Bush – too idiological and did not grasp the complexities of the issues.
    If he will make the right decisions and forward a moderate left/centrist agenda, I believe he could be successful, I think America really wants it. If he can stay in the center it seems most people are willing to give him a chance. Personally, I really hope he will so we can finally get on track and start doing what is right for America.
    These have been hard times 9/11, the war, Katrina, a President who would not listen and catered to the top, an ecconomy suffering from inflation and false growth.
    I just want our troops to come home and to get on with my life knowing that Washington is hearing my needs and not stifling them. I will always love and respect the Clintons, and be grateful for the service they gave and continue to give us.
    Sorry this is so long.

  216. Petal –

    I am not a member of this board, so I’m not sure why you’d begin your post the way you did. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say in your post, but I guarantee that the regulars here are not going to be the slightest bit amused by it. But I will say this – there is no chance that Obama is going to “go commie or radical,” as you put it. Obama is a Trojan horse for the status quo.

    Something tells me you shouldn’t be expecting a warm welcome here.

  217. afrocity> I saw an AP headline about Obama’s “mutt” comment. But their interpretation of it was that Obama is just so relaxed and comfortable with all things racial – that it was completely inoffensive for him to say that.

  218. “Seeing the Clinton people also gives me confidence because it shows he is not so arrogant to think he is a genius.
    I always thought he was another dose of Bush – too idiological and did not grasp the complexities of the issues.”

    I’m not sure I see the distinction between Bush importing people into his administration from previous ones and Obama importing people into his administration from previous ones. Obama’s mantra of change makes no sense in light of Biden, Manuel, Kerry, etc.

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