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      Let’s point out the obvious. Russia had no reason to attack its own pipelines. If it doesn’t want gas to go thru them it just turns off the tap. Sabotage to the pipelines weakens Russia’s position, since it will be months before they can offer to turn fuel back on, which they would have wanted to offer during the winter in order to pressure Germany in specif […]
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

For some reason we are immune to it. But family members, friends, and co-workers have changed. How did it happen? What can we do? We must stay together, hold hands, as RD always says, and keep ourselves safe. Maybe someday we can save the ones who haven’t drunk too deeply of the koolaid. Perhaps it’s some factor in our blood?

Be careful out there, Conflucians; and whatever you don’t don’t fall asleep!

312 Responses

  1. Ahhh, clean tables.

    Thanks, BB!

  2. Are we still playing Brushes with Greatness? I served apple crisp to the Dalai Llama once. I mean, he’s no Michael Jackson, but still…

    Joanie — I’ll bite on the Bill Gates story, I’m dying to know.

  3. I’d sell my soul for 8 straight hours of sleep

  4. Are people turning into Obots?

    I was thinking today (as I do everyday) are we all on the verge of something very new? I think so (I say it cautiously). Often I think, “Is it just me?” “Am I hurting because of the outcome?” Or, I am tapping into something we are all feeling?
    Are we seeing the two party system for the strait-jacket it has us in? Are we seeing how seedy and lowdown the Dems are? Are we misplaced misfits??
    Will we have a home soon?
    Just ramblings….

  5. The Confluence is our home for now. This is where we get the courage and strength to face Obamaworld. It’s scary out there!

  6. Valhalla,

    The Dalai Llama? Apple crip? Sounds like an interesting story. Do tell.

  7. BB, and my loved ones here:

    Once again, I am so grateful for you all.
    I am bearing down on the most horrible Christmas ever–the westcoast Obot gathering.

    Yuck. I’ll be clinging tight to my fellow Conflucians

  8. We are the first members of what will become a massive grassroots movement.

    It’s not crowded now, but it will be.

  9. JoanieB — Last thread & stories. Ick! on both!

    I have a tepid Obot spouse but rest of family is 0-free. Never thought I’d be grateful for them, but there it is.

  10. mmmmmmmmmm apple crisp………..

    Joanie ask Santa for a big stick to beat them with.

  11. continuing thoughts from previous thread — elevators — I rode in an elevator with Gopher from the LoveBoat once. Not quite as fun a story as it could be, since he was a Congressman at the time, not really Gopher.

  12. myiq, yes, we will be joining forces with more and more of those “progressives” who kept trying to believe that anyone with a D after their names was better than an R. Sadly we know better now.

    We are good company! (Maybe I’ve had too much French Puma (Cointreau and whatever).

  13. apple crisp — your making me hungry. I could use some apple crisp — unfortunately my cupboards are bare. Nothing but bottled water in the fridge & a bottle of champagne.

  14. My family is equal opportunity in their loathing of politicians of all political creeds. I have to work extra hard to get them to vote or have anything to do with the process.

  15. Valhalla, let’s forget the Congressman years and just cling to the Gopher days…

  16. We are like the French Resistance — we are the BO Resistance. Viva La Resistance!

  17. joanie, I know from experience, if they give you a hard time, just start making fun of Obama. You’d think they’d just brush it off, but it drives them crazy and then they want to change the subject.

  18. The Love Boat…….soon will be making ano-ther run…..the Love boat promises something for everyone!

  19. I don’t have any other celeb stories but many many many concert stories — Yikes…those were the days! Aerosmith, BTM, Foghat, Alice Cooper, Led Zepplin, Grand Funk Railroad,…Oh the 70s!

  20. CWaltz,

    There is one in particular (no names) that I really do feel like taking a stick to.

  21. I met Ronald McDonald and Phyllis Diller (not together)

  22. SOD,

    I loved your story about Huey Lewis.

  23. There was always more going on in the audience than on stage at a concert in the 70s. — for sure.

  24. BB- Amen!!! I live in an area where they drank the Kool Aid quit heavily… I’ve become more of a hermit and try to keep my mouth shut, while out amongst my community.

  25. “It’s not crowded now, but it will be.”

    Exactly, myiq.

    bb, I don’t know what makes us different. I’m one of 8 children and only 2 of us didn’t drink the kool-aid – and everyone of us felt the same way previously. We were also ALL Hillary supporters.

    My older sister sent me an e-mail yesterday that said simply: OOOOOOOBBBBBBAAAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAAAA WON!

    I don’t think I will be speaking to her for quite some time. (She knew how I felt.)

  26. What a perfect night this would be if Hillary won.

  27. Can you believe I have NEVER been to a concert……..not even the free ones? As I stated, hopelessly boring.

  28. I just remembered a couple of wierd celebrity sightings. Years ago Anne Landers came into my office to visit my boss. Another time Kitty Carlisle came in. LOL! This was back in the ’60s.

  29. BB — that’s 100% true. Did you watch the video. I swear he was recalling my stupid fan moment. It came out less than a year after that incident. But then again, I’m probably not the only nutjob fan that’s done it to him. The picture is hillarious though. I still laugh when I look at it.

  30. Scrubs:

    The response to “Obama won” is “America lost”

  31. I don’t think I qualify as being “progressive” since I’m fairly conservative. What I am though, is for the reform of our political system (on both sides) so that we no longer have to pick between bad and worse candidates, and so that elections aren’t turned into glorified American Idol contests and the media actually does its job.

    I want to elect someone with honor and integrity

  32. Seriously,

    Actually, I plan to be completely unavailable and MIA. They didn’t want me anyway. They made plans and left me out of them. When they offer up a forced invite, I will be “too busy” with work.

    I know how it sounds, but I need to protect myself emotionally. This particular situation is THE most vicious thing I have experienced from family members.

  33. Oh cool response, myiq. Let me go dig her e-mail out of the trash.

  34. I liked reading Ann and Abby. Who is Kitty Carlisle?

  35. Where is Valhalla? I want to hear about the Dalai Llama.

    {{{{Joaniebone}}}} Stick with us. We are the ones no one was expecting.

  36. joanie

    I am so sorry. I will adopt you. That way you have one kool aide free family member. 🙂

  37. That’s what hubby did.

  38. I want to elect someone with honor and integrity


    Beautiful. And by the way, pleased to meet you.

  39. scrubs57,

    That is mean and childish. I remember when Clinton won in 92′ I was in college and this asshole was a Bush 1 supporter. After Clinton won I got together some friends and knocked on his door and he looked so sad and when he opened it we shouted “NO MORE YEARS”, which was a play on Bush’s slogan “Four More years”

    It was mean and after I saw the look on his face I felt awful.
    But this guy was a big asshole about his support for Bush.

    We were also kids then.

    Had McCain won, i would not have said anything to an OBOT.

  40. We are the canaries in the coal mine, the tip of the iceberg.

  41. CWaltz — you must be in your 30s if you don’t know Kitty Carlisle! — She was the ubiquitous game show guest star.

  42. BB, where did you work?

    {{Joanie}} I just wish you could come out here. B says she wants to come out right after Christmas.

  43. I just hit 40 in October.

  44. CWaltz,

    thank you! I think of this has my big happy family. But did you know that Katiebird is my beautiful big sister for real?

  45. The only bigwig I have personally met: John McCain. Good guy, that.

  46. Oh dear BB — don’t those canaries have to die to be a warning to others???

  47. Kitty Carlisle was a famous society woman from NYC. She was married to the playwright, Moss Hart. He died young and she was kind of a C-list celebrity for the rest of her life. She was on “To Tell The Truth” for years and years.

  48. Make the new party already. JUST DO IT!!! Too much of the far left and far right.

  49. Well, it was just a metaphor. I have no intention of dying to warn an O-bot. I warned them all I could already and they wouldn’t listen.

  50. bostonboomer,
    I like that – canaries in the coal mine……yes, I can feel it.

  51. I just want to be named “Kitty Carlisle”. Does it get any better?

    Hey, speaking of names–my next door neighbor is named
    “Dick Bonesteel”

  52. Kitty Carlisle always wore those elegant evening gowns and fur stoles on the game shows. She was one of a kind.

  53. When I saw Ann and Kitty, I worked at Widener Library at Harvard. That was when I was about 19 or 20.

  54. Celeb incounters, there are too many to list, but my favorite:
    Shopping in the same store with Barbra Streisand, 1987, wow, what a rush that was…

  55. elderj

    “progressive” now means willing to sell your principles to win. At least from where I am sitting. I’m a liberal. I’d rather be considered stark raving crazy by the conservativrs then lumped in with the “progressive group.

  56. joanie — ROFLMAO!!! What a name!

  57. Dick Bonesteel? Whoa! That’s a good one. I once had an eye doctor named Dr. Seeright.

  58. Joanie, I went to high school with a guy named Les Seaman

  59. Anyone up for a joke?

    Knock, Knock.

  60. joanie – thanks for the welcome. Let me add to my previous comments that I want to vote for someone who is competent (like Clinton) and qualified (like McCain) not someone who is neither (Obam-bam)

  61. who’s there

  62. {{Joanie}} I just wish you could come out here. B says she wants to come out right after Christmas.

    hmmm…..tempting! I would if I could get away, but no way. Work may be an excuse, but it is a serious excuse!

  63. Nope

    I did not know that joanie, but now I do. Stick with big sis, she’ll protect you from the bots. That’s what big sis’s do.

  64. Speaking of meeting celebrities: remember that Will and Grace episode where Jack meets Cher and thinks she is just a good drag queen? That was friggin’ hilarious!

  65. Barack.

  66. I once knew a Dr. named Dr. Killmore. He actually handed out coffee mugs with his name on it.

  67. BB, did it make you think that you would always see famous people? That it would be common?

  68. As far as big wigs I parked next to Kris Kritofferson’s friends car at the SF airport. I was so rattled when I saw him next me (I had previously seen minutes prior in the airport and was thrilled.)
    Well, as I walked to my car and opened the door I saw that the guy next to me was opening his door and it was Kris Kristofferson!
    I was nervous. I inadvertently moved my hand upwards ( I don’t know why) and I accidentally moved my hands between his legs! I kid you not!!
    He jumped a little and laughed and said” Excuse me.”
    I got the hell out of there.
    This is a true story.

  69. poplicola — I’ll bite, … who?

  70. barack who?

  71. “Barack, who?”

  72. r@cist!

  73. And my friend Rod Peckman thought he had the crown. Once corrected, he bowed his head and handed it over.

  74. I haven’t been to that many concerts. I don’t like crowds. I did see Jefferson Airplane once. I went to see Simon and Garfunkle at Symphony Hall. That was wonderful. I saw Creedence Clearwater.

  75. LOL

    I’ll have to remeber that joke.

  76. My son’s violin teacher is named “Miss Fortune”.

  77. femmepresident, It’s stories like that make me think it’s better to walk away if a celebrity is anywhere nearby.

  78. I would have liked to see Creedance.

  79. I met a guy named Harry Palmer once

  80. Nutter is my state rep.

  81. The only “famous” people I remember meeting:
    Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis.

    When I was in college, we brought to our school for a performance. I remember thinking that Ruby Dee is a bit of a flirt.

    I also met Cornel West, but I don’t think he qualifies as famous.

  82. My ex had to see an Orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Butcher.

  83. Do you think there’s a reason MYIQ does not think I am a grown-up?

  84. in the Navy I knew a guy named Richard Dick or as he was known Dick Dick.

  85. Not really, Katie. I’ve never lived in a place where there are a lot of celebrities running around. Once my sister and I saw Paul Simon in a restaurant and we went up a talked to him for a minute.

  86. Oops, not Paul Simon the singer. Senator Paul Simon.

  87. Oh…I do have another “sorta” celeb story. (trust me, I was a wacky person in my 20s).

    So anyways, my new hubby (married maybe 2-3 years) and I were in Las Vegas early 80s. We were in the parking lot of the Flamingo Hilton when I saw a red Ferrari that looked exactly like the one Tom Selleck drove around on Magnum PI. I said to my hubby (who knew I drooled over Tom Selleck and he was the one who benefited post Magnum episode) “I’m staying here to see if this is really his car. Maybe it is and I’m not going anywhere till I find out. This is Vegas!”

    My hubby started complaining and saying, it’s not his…he only has one of those on the show, not in real life…” After about 10 minutes of nagging I relented and we went into the casino restaurant for lunch. While at lunch, we struck up a conversation with the waitress and I told her about my hubby’s and my argument about the Ferrari and it possibly being Selleck’s. She said “Oh yes…he was just in her a bit ago. He’s here for the car race over at Ceasar’s” (to attend, not race)

    Well my new hubby did not “benefit” for the rest of that vacation. I learned later that the producer of the show had given Tom that car just that same year.

    I still bring this up to the hubby whenever I’m really mad at him.

  88. Elderj, good to see you out tonight. Honor and integrity indeed!

  89. I think the perfect name for a gay pornstar is “Dick Hunter”

  90. I love these stories!

    My first boyfriend was a big rock DJ in KC, and through him I got to meet Ray Davies of the Kinks.

  91. OMG! I can’t believe anyone would go to see a dentist named Dr. Butcher. LOL! I just had a flashback to Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man.

  92. my Dalai Llama story (not v. interesting but I’ll do my best): Freshman year of college my work study job was in the dining hall. As I was walking across campus to the dining hall, I was kicked out of my usual pre-caffeine fog enough to notice that there were cars everywhere, with license plates from all over the country, and they were parked everywhere, even on the quad lawn which the grounds people never allow. It was chaos, at least compared the usual orderly and manicured to within an inch of its life campus scene I was used to.

    But my brain wasn’t functioning so I was like, whatever. Jobs on my dh shift rotated, and that day I was at the ‘Dessert Station’. It was my job to hand people the apple crisps as they came through the cafeteria line. People were not allowed to put their own apple crisp on their trays, I had to hand it to them. (economic policy aside: I was on college work-study, and I think sometimes the school had to have these sort of make-work jobs to make sure everyone who qualified for the federal money had a job).

    As I’m braindeadedly handing over the AC, suddenly there is a huge commotion just outside the door and two very, very serious and FBI-looking (shades and everything) guys step through the door and just stand there looking around. (funny how different the times are now that we are in — at the time I was just thinking ‘what the hell’, but if I saw FBI-bodyguard looking people these days in a similar situation, I would think ‘omg, a bomb!’ or ‘there’s been another 9/11!’).

    When they got done checking the cafeteria line out, they stood aside each other and a not very tall Asian-looking man comes in, trailing a lot of professors and other non-student people I don’t recognize. More weirdness, since professors never mixed with students in the regular dh — they had their own. The Asian man goes through the line, takes a tray and food, and when he gets to my station, I hand him the crisp, he smiles and says ‘thank you’ and moves on.

    Later that night I’m telling some friends about the whole thing, saying how weird it all was, with all the cars and the FBI-looking guys, and one of my friends starts flipping out and shouting “Valhalla! Oh my god! that was the the DALAI LAMA! the DALAI LAMA! You served apple crisp to the DALAI LAMA!”

    I didn’t know who the Dalai Lama was. I was just barely off the turnip truck, from a rural little town in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know about Tibet, or anything. He’d come to my school because of one of the professors of religion (Uma Thurman’s father in fact) had done a bunch of stuff for Tibet, and people had come from all over the country to see him. I don’t think I really understood who he was until almost a year later.

    But I remember his smile and his thank you, and even though it was only for the apple crisp, I sometimes fancy that it was sort of blessing from the Dalai Lama I got that day, and maybe the universe has been a tiny bit kinder to me because of it.

  93. I went to school with a serial killer

  94. I’ve met some big bluegrass stars. But you probably wouldn’t have heard of them: Jesse McReynolds. I got introduced to Bill Monroe once.

  95. I saw the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1973 and they were OK but the Opening act was great — Steve Martin… He was hilarious. I can still remember bits of it.

  96. Hello Conflucians. I haven’t forgotten about this great site. I’m trying to a) finish an important work project; b) tie up the final stages of The Denver Group (an enterprise that as a few more bills to pay and a couple of FEC reports to file and a computer to sell – with regard to that last item, if you are interested, feel free to write to me at HLFblogger at gmail dot com and I will give you the lowdown).

  97. myiq,

    No way. What serial killer?

  98. Boy…what I would’ve given for a femmepresident/Kris Kristofferson moment with Tom Selleck back then!

  99. I went to see a Sly and the Family Stone concert in Harvard Stadium. That was amazing. At the end everyone ran onto the field.

  100. “I remember thinking that Ruby Dee is a bit of a flirt.”


  101. The name of he oral surgeon who removed my wisdom teeth is Dr. Akin (pronounced achin’) I always thought that was funny.

  102. Vahalla

    That is a great story.

  103. Carey Stayner

    His brother Steven was more famous – Steven was kidnapped in 1972 by a child molester and escaped 7 years later.

    They made a television movie about him. He was snatched about two blocks from where I lived.

  104. I see that this thread is now onto famous people one has met. I have actually met a number of famous people, which is odd when I come to think of it. Leaving out politicians: Sammy Davis Jr (who was a family friend), Bill Cosby, Liza Minelli.

    Justice Breyer, Justice Ginsberg, Justice O’Connor.

    Amartya Sen (a wonderful human being and Nobel prize-winning economist).

    I can probably think of some others. Why are we on this topic?

  105. —–>>>> thankful I never met any serial killers. those people play for keeps… yikes!

  106. joanie, it doesn’t sound bad at all. You totally have to protect yourself, but I’m sure they’ll feel bad about excluding you and realize that your relationships are more important than all this weirdness.

  107. Cuz BB told us about her torrid affair with Jim Morrison

  108. I taught Earl Spencer (Princess Di’s brother) how to water ski. I was topless at the time. Ahem.

    (blushing furiously)

  109. Dr. akin! lol — it’s hard enough to drag yourself to a dentist let alone one with that name!

  110. Madeleine Albright. Ted Koppel.

    Clearly Sammy Davis, Jr. was the best of the folks I’m mentioning. He was older and not so healthy when I got to know him but he was just…cool.

  111. I envy you meeting the Justices Heidi! I think we are on the subject just to relax and hopefully bore a few trolls that have been visiting.

  112. britgirls —- what what what what????

  113. SOD:

    How do you know you never met any?

    They look like everyone else (except the Captain, of course)

  114. Heidi — that’s a heckuva list! We’re just taking a break from the disaster that exists beyond these virtual walls.

  115. Also, rude names. A client at a law firm I used to work at was called Dick Biggar.

  116. BB had a torrid affair with Jim Morrison?! I’m going upthread to read about THAT.

  117. I saw Bill Frist walking down the street one day outside of a local book store… it was weird. He had a couple of secret service agents with him

  118. Valhalla, I love that story!

    myiq2xu, I know who Carey Stayner was. You lived in Modesto? Did you know Scott Peterson? (Just kidding.)

  119. Hey Heidi!
    Saw the new potpourri. Don’t need another computer, unfortunately.

    On knowing murderers: I saw behind one in high school chemistry. He was pretty brilliant and often helped me out as his sister was a good friend of mine. After he slaughtered his girlfriend and went to prison, his sister had to move to another school.

  120. ooooppps I said the T word and am in moderation. Let me out, it is dark and scary here and the people here keep offering me frosty beverages to drink.

    Heidi, I would love to have met the Justices or Albright. I’d imagine I’d bore them to tears with questions about work though.

  121. Sorry, I meant that I SAT behind him in chemistry class!

  122. I ran into Warren Zevon in a dark alley.

  123. Actually, myiq, you started it with your story about Led Zeppelin.

  124. I was interview by a local news station re: Scott Peterson

  125. myiq2xu — that’s true.

    I did meet John Douglass once. He was the famous FBI profiler that started the profiling unit at Quantico. They based the lead profiler of Silence of the Lambs on him and he helped them craft Hannibal Lecter’s character.

    He is probably the most interesting person I’ve ever talked to.

  126. Katiebird, Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed.

  127. MyIQ, I remember the Steven story but didn’t know his brother was a serial killer. (shudder)

  128. I grew up in the same area Charles Manson had his practice runs… Of course, who knew until the book came out. Talk about being spooked!!! It took months to feel comfortable at night.

  129. No, someone else started it

  130. It may be a heckuva list but britgirls topless waterskiing episode reminds me of a much more boring brush with royalty that I had – I overlapped with Prince Edward at Jesus College (yes real name) at Cambridge University, and knew him. Prince Edward not so interested in waterskiing…or topless women.

  131. elderj, I think you need to go back to Ruby Dee

  132. Yes, well, some people are beyond saving…..and why should anyone bother saving someone like Evan Handler? Better yet, let them them drown in their own kool-aid.

    “I’ve been saying that, should Obama prevail, every woman who can stomach it should immediately go out, find a Republican man, and give him a blow job. Just make sure to impress upon him that the only reason he’s getting the blow job is in celebration of a Democratic victory. The theory being that, come the next election, when he finds himself alone in a voting cubicle, his dick will point the way toward the Democratic lever. Kind of a reverse Lysistrata effect. Crass, perhaps, but not an insubstantial strategy.”


  133. I will never be able to think of Frist without laughing. I am sure that makes me a bad person but there you have it.

    All I can think of is when he got the vapors on TV when Harry, for once in his miserable life, managed to best him. That and his video diagnosing gig.

  134. Heidi — LOL!

  135. britgirls, as you know, we LOVE nudity around here.

  136. How are we defining famous?

  137. “I remember thinking that Ruby Dee is a bit of a flirt.”


    Huh? Why would she flirt when her husband is right there?

  138. Personally, I’m glad we are having these silly threads right now. It has been a bit too serious around here today.

  139. Heidi — we’ve been from Kitty Carlisle to Huey Lewis to Serial Killers.

    It’s a pretty big umbrella.

  140. Thank you moderator person. 🙂

  141. Heidi — wow, you have met a lot of cool people. Was that mostly because of the campaign work you did this year, or because you are a super-duper-smart law professor?

  142. Actually Stayner was more of a spree killer. He killed three people all on the same day, I think.

  143. BB, torid,eh?

  144. I knew a girl named Crystal Cox in high school — that was so cruel of her parents — the guys teased her relentlessly.

  145. You’re very welcome, CWaltz.

  146. My computer has been down since last Sunday.
    Long story
    My heart is broken and more and more people are wondering how we let America down.
    I still believe, now more than ever.



  147. BB:

    He killed more than three. He was convicted of four, but there were others.

  148. Yeah, how DID we make the switch to celebrities? We were talking about being immune to the kool-aid.

    Must have had too many drinks in the last thread.

  149. “Huh? Why would she flirt when her husband is right there?”

    Never stopped me!

  150. Gordon, I was only kidding about Jim Morrison, unfortunately.

  151. Meanwhile, it is good that folks are taking a break. Scrubs57, we have some potential buyers for the computer, thanks – I just thought since I like the people over here I’d let them know about the heads up.

    I do NOT want any explanations of why/how it got rough over here earlier today – I just want to say that I hope people who stick around will work through this rather trying period TOGETHER.

    I don’t want to get any more serious about that on this mellow thread.

  152. ruby — Even Handler sums up exactly how the Obots think of women, doesn’t he? disgusting.

  153. My brushes with the famous are nil.

  154. I didn’t know that myiq. What a troubled family!

  155. welcome back helen…we’re all currently de-stressing by sharing celebrity stories, funny names and anything else light and cheerful

  156. {{Heidi Li}} — I love you!

  157. State … such a surreal experience. I had a summer job teaching people to water ski in Greece on a tiny island called Spetses. I was only 18 so the boobs passed the pencil test back then. A water taxi driver I knew told me he had a private client but he couldn’t tell me who it was. I loaded the gear into his boat and off we went to a private beach (I was only wearing bikini bottoms but this was typical attire on my usual beach). So he drops me off on the beach. I recognized Earl Spencer right away. I am dying just thinking about it. God, how embarrassing!

    But that was an amazing summer. Had such a good time that I went back the following summer. Got into a lot of trouble, looking back on it.

  158. On my recent business trip, there was a poor marketing rep named “Jenny Poon”.

    We were endlessly having to circle the room and introduce ourselves for each new speaker that came to present.

  159. britgirls — Now THAT”s a story. 😉

  160. I don’t think I’ve ever actually talked to a famous person. Oh, Jimmy Carter. But he doesn’t count. Does He?

  161. Angie,

    There was a girl in my school named Tam Paxon.

  162. Older person checking in

    Kitty Carlisle was an actress and a singer. She starred in a couple of films including “A Night at the Opera” with the Marx Brothers. She became a game show contestant when she got older because that’s what they used to do with aging actresses back then. Later in TV history they let them go on Love Boat cruises.

  163. Flirting is innate in some of us. It’s part of who we are.

  164. Who said it got rough?

    I don’t recall any eye-gouging or broken bones.

  165. I don’t think it is coincidence that the threads get silly (or stupid?) when I am here.

  166. Valhalla, on November 9th, 2008 at 12:10 am Said:

    Not the campaign work – I didn’t anybody I met because of that. The Sammy Davis Jr connection came about through my parents. Madeleine Albright – pure accident. Justices – law career.

    I did get to meet Ted Danson and Mary Steenbergen and a number of other well-known people because of working on the campaign.

  167. (or vulgar?)

  168. Katiebird

    If you think Jimmie counts, then he counts.

  169. CWaltz, on November 9th, 2008 at 12:13 am Said:

    Excuuuuuse meee?

  170. Of course Jimmy Carter counts. Are you kidding?

    Did I ever tell you I saw John F. Kennedy in the flesh? It was not too long before he was murdered. He was starting to campaign for reelection and he gave a speech in my town. My best friend got to shake hands with him.

  171. samanthasmom,

    I looked her up on Wiki. I didn’t watch alot of tv growing up.

  172. joaniebone, on November 9th, 2008 at 12:15 am Said:

    No such thing as coincidence (smile).

  173. bb — oh, the poor thing! that’s worse then poor Crystal!

  174. Seriously — Ruby arrived before her husband did; I think they were coming from two different places.

    She wasn’t flirty in a “eww-disgusting-get-a-hold-of-yourself” kind of way, but more that charming-older-woman-I-could-rock-your-world-if-I-wanted-to way.

    And yes, meeting her was much better than seeing Bill Frist. He looks like a skeleton, but his family has ridiculous money.

  175. Heidi — do you know Terry McAuliff personally? If you do, tell him he is very much appreciated by me! I’ve always wanted to meet him and thank him for being the shining spot of my day during the campaign. His enthusiasm and positive take on everything was inspirational.

  176. Jimmy Carter was the first President I met. And although I am not huge fan, he’s definitely famous.

  177. Sorry- except of course for Heidi 😉

  178. I do know Terry now, from the campaign. And he’s terrific. I don’t know when/if I’ll see him again – maybe if he runs for governor of VA – but I really will tell him that he has a fan in you.

  179. myiq – I thought bones WERE going to get crushed for a second there.

    There is a surgeon here in town who offers to do cheap vasectomies: his name is Dr. Knott.

  180. Heidi — if I were from Virginia I’d vote for him 72 times.

  181. Yeah, Terri and Harold Ickes – my two heroes.

  182. CWaltz, on November 9th, 2008 at 12:18 am Said:

    Whew. Of course, I realize that the problem was that I failed to name YOU on my original list….

    But you know folks we all know somewhat the regular writers for the Confluence and yes, they count as famous.

  183. charming-older-woman-I-could-rock-your-world-if-I-wanted-to way.

    That’s what I aspire to. But only when I can be described as “older”, of course!

  184. poplicola,

    What happened with Warren Zevon?

  185. I love Terry — is he married?

  186. angie — hands off!!! 🙂 I called dibs

  187. Terry is married, very happily. I had the pleasure of getting to meet his wife and speak with her at some length.She is a class act.

  188. angie-twin: aren’t you taken?

  189. I am getting into this late I know…
    but I saw William Dafoe ( aka The Green Goblin in Spiderman) making out with a girl in a Church in Rome. I was extremely scandalized 🙂

  190. Terry is thinking of running for governor here? Yaaaaaaay.

  191. angie, I know a certain clown whose heart might break if you go down that road…….

  192. scrubs:

    Not mine


  193. Joaniebone — it’s very appropriate. 😉

  194. sod — no fair! you have a husband!

    scrubs — I don’t see a ring on my finger. 🙂

  195. There is a train scene in Lethal Weapon 4 and i was on the set while they filmed it.
    I had to get the crew for it and told my bosses if I do not not get to see Mel Gibson they do not get a crew.
    It was so cool pulling on to the set cab end first and watching everybody get out of the way.
    I also watched them film Blowout with John Trevolta in Phila and Witness with Harrison Ford and Trading Places all filmed in 30th st station in Phila.



  196. Just said hello and talked for a few minutes; he’d just finished a concert at this old hall, I happened to be walking by on my way to buy beer or something.

  197. joanie – who is the older sister: you or KB?

  198. How young was the girl???

  199. waited in line for 90 minutes to get Harry Chapin to sign a t-shirt for me MANY years ago. I was fifth from the end of the line. I asked him to sign the shirt “disco sucks!”, which he did, and did for the next four people who also requested it.

    told my wife this story when I first met her about 8 years later. She had been about five people in front of me at the same concert, heard about the special signing, and tried to get back in line to have that added to her shirt, but they wouldn’t let her. Coincidence? I think not. I think she was stalking me for a long time!

  200. angie — there you go…you had to remind me. (((( poooff! there goes the fantasy ))))

  201. Can’t answer–Katie might hit me.

  202. scrubs, Me.

  203. Ok, gang – I’m off to bed – trying to keep better hours now. Glad I got here when the discussion ranged from meeting murderers to Warren Zevon, let alone bone-crushing and bare-breasted waterskiing.

    Stay loose, Conflucians.

  204. Joaniebone:

    Naw, I’m open minded


  205. There is a train scene in Lethal Weapon 4 and i was on the set while they filmed it.
    I had to get the crew for it and told my bosses if I do not not get to see Mel Gibson they do not get a crew.
    It was so cool pulling on to the set cab end first and watching everybody get out of the way.
    I also watched them film Blowout with John Trevolta in Phila and Witness with Harrison Ford and Trading Places all filmed in 30th st station in Phila.



  206. see — myiq said it himself — he doesn’t care about me.

    besides, I really was only asking out of curiosity not any intention to pursue him.

  207. scrubs

    KB is big sis. Joanie told me earlier.

  208. What, angie – you took it off for your shower? 🙂

    I never did read any more about your gay husband.

    Heidi – is this place relaxing you yet?

  209. helen, We just watched Lethal Weapon 4 this afternoon! that is one explosive movie…

  210. Oh, sorry, elderj, I didn’t mean to imply that Ruby was being inappropriate, I just wondered why joanie said understandable, it made me wonder if Ossie had a rep for being Warren Beattyish or something, but I think she actually meant that it was understandable she’d flirt with you. My brain is working a lot slower than my typing fingers, ignore me. 🙂

  211. Joanie is younger, Katie has bigger zucchinis

  212. myiq, now please don’t go into HOW open-minded. That’s for the late-night thread.

  213. No, angie – myiq was talking about my two heroes. He still totally adores you.

  214. Nite Heidi

  215. myiq2xu,

    I can see Katie blushing from Kansas!

    And the word is “gazongas”. Now, mine are nothing to be ashamed of.

  216. When did I say I didn’t care???

  217. Oh yeah…they filmed my fat a$$ walking down the street in a street scene from “True Lies.” They were filming some extra shots and let our group walk down the street during filming in LA. I never did check to see if my rump had it’s 15 minutes of fame.

  218. my gay husband is one of my best friends who is a gay man so he is my “date” whenever I need one — we just joke and say he is my “gay husband”

  219. My favorite Lethal Weapon saying, “They FUCK you!”

    Fitting, huh?

  220. joaniebone, isn’t this the late-night thread? I retract my boob story!

  221. Well hubby requires a groupie and since I am the only one awake I must pay attention to him. You all have a good nite.

  222. myiq — someone said a certain clown’s heart would be broken & you said “not mine” 😉

  223. I used to love the Lethal Weapon movies, but I can’t watch Mel Gibson anymore since I found out he’s a homophobe and religious nut.

  224. britgirls – it gets REALLY crazy around about 0300 (Eastern)! Stick around and see for yourself, if you dare.

  225. That was addressed to scrubs re: bones crushed

  226. oops –looks like I misread! sorry myiq — you’re still my number one!

  227. I like Dirty Harry movies though.

  228. myiq — misunderstanding — lets kiss & make up xoxo

  229. Bye, CWaltz. It’s been fun.

  230. I gg, bbl

  231. Angie likes to pick fight just so we can make up

  232. OK…I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel — but I met this guy at Venice Beach – Harry Perry, the world’s most famous street performer.
    He didn’t like me too much because i didn’t give him money.

  233. The Obots hate MacAuliffe. Of course, they hate everyone, but he hasn’t been touched and purified by Obama like Rahm.

  234. myiq — what does “I gg, bbl” mean?

  235. Oh boy, this thread is already over 200 comments long.

  236. BB- My heart broke when Mel became a religious nut case, so sad… And, I’m Jewish…

  237. fighting & making up keeps the romance alive. 🙂

  238. Angie claimed to be a good kisser in an earlier thread, myiq. Did you catch that one?

    Now, I thought you were saying “not mine” to Terry M and Harold Ickes being my heroes.

    I am well aware YOUR bones didn’t get crushed. Heh heh.

  239. angienc
    gotta go, be back later

  240. I ❤ Terry McAuliff. 🙂

  241. scrubs — I said “I kiss better then I cook”

  242. thanks pop!

  243. cya, cwaltz. Come back and play later, after you have taken care of the hubby.

  244. MYIQ has been studying “The Tweens Guide to Texting”

  245. oh yeah, and your cooking sucks. Hmmmm, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together. That means you could be a so so kisser.

    Somehow I doubt it.

    I’m curious about Harold Ickes and what he has been up to. Going to google for a minute.

  246. I googled Terry — married with 5 children — he’s off my list.

  247. (yawn) I think it’s bedtime….

  248. scrubs — myiq is gone for a while I hope he isn’t upset with me.

  249. Angie,

    I think it means “I gotta go. Be back later.”

  250. yeeesh! 5 kids….he’s a worker bee too!

  251. Oh, I think I ran off elderj. I need to learn to be more ladylike. 😦

    Wendy Ward’s charm school didn’t do much–I was too young at the time my parents made all five of the girls go.

  252. night kb — is someone going to do a new thread soon? This one is getting long.

  253. Angie,

    Maybe he heard a call of nature.

  254. Which Terry are we talking about?

  255. I’ll put up a new thread. Back soon.

  256. Joanie — Terry McAuliff.

  257. g’Night, Angie. I’d better not try to post. I’m so sleepy, I’m almost dreaming.

    {{Joanie}} Good night!

  258. sod — I know — 5 kids! that kills whatever romantic interest I might have harbored even more then the marriage itself (although that killed it too)

  259. Never mind. Turns out that Ickes really has slurped the koolaid.

  260. A couple of years ago I saw James Carville and Mary Matalin in downtown Seattle. There were lots of people around and I saw them from about half a block away. Without thinking I did a double-take and then they both sorta did a double take at me.

    I turned away and moved along, kinda embarassed that I had done a double-take. None of the other shoppers seemed to be paying any attention to them.

    Oh, and when I was a teenager, I used to know this guy named Phil Good. He used to always say, “If it Phil’s Good, do it!”

  261. angie — not so sure about that. It can go both ways you know… that many kids??? There’s a reason the wifey keeps letting him go back to that well. 😉

  262. Goodnight Katie! I love you!

  263. Y’all now that this election is over, I have got to start taking care of myself — I’ve gained weight, I haven’t been eating right or getting enough exercise. It’s like I’ve been chained to the computer & tv!

  264. katiebird, don’t you have a big problem with Carter? Of all the Presidents in all the towns in all the world…

  265. Are we still on who we met stories?

    Just last May, Terry was in town for a fairly small Hillary party here. I spent a fair amount of time him and his cousin that lives in Seattle. His cousin actually asked me out afterwards.

  266. sod — I never thought about it like that! 😉

  267. ooh joanie — did you accept?

  268. You haven’t been sleeping right, either, angie. I love having you around on the zombie shift but am well aware of what time it is in your part of the globe.

    Humor is good for you, though. Stick to these threads.

    I haven’t seen some of the regular posters around since the election. Maybe they are taking some time off like we all need to.

    I, myself, am energized.

  269. JOANIEEEEE….you know Terry!! lucky girl!

  270. scrubs — that’s true too — my sleep schedule is all messed up & that isn’t good either.

  271. Terry was WAY more charming. Truth is, I didn’t call him, but I still have his card.

  272. My main motivation to get in shape is to go out to Big Smoggy & surprise myiq! lol

  273. {{{{ melting }}}} I knew it…he’s just as charming in real life. sigh…

  274. angie, I’ve actually been a bit worried about you. How on earth do you keep thse hours? I wish you were out here, and we could take power walks in the morning. The views here are great!

  275. firelight, I was walking down hanover Street in Boston when the Democratic convention was there, and a car zoomed up and stopped and James carville jumped out and went running down the street like a rabbit. There were some other people getting out of the car, but I was too stunned and trying to see what on earth he was doing to check and see if it was Mary. I also saw Anna Devere Smith, who didn’t act wacky.

  276. Angie — you little devil you! Well then off to bed. It’s up early and sneakers on for you. 😉

  277. the sad fact of the whole thing is that Hillary won that primary. Thinking about the RBC meeting still pisses me off.

  278. I’ve got to go!! night all

  279. sod — LOL! Yep, my plan is to be back to my fighting weight by January (gotta cut a little slack for the holiday). 🙂

  280. night sod!

  281. Goodnight, State. I should go to bed, too. But if I can’t sleep I may sneak back and see what mischief you’re up to at 3 a.m.


  282. Imelda Marcos waved at me from across the street. No, I didn’t notice her shoes….

  283. G’nite to all who are leaving. It was fun.

    Hey angie – is the Big Smoggy Los Angeles?

  284. goodnight SOD!

  285. scrubs–hoping she’ll be in your town?

  286. celebrity stories:

    While working my way through college I had a job with an attorney whose hobby was being involved with the entertainment industry (he later concentrated on entertainment law). He would collect posters and photos and have them signed by celebrities in person and auction the off on PBS with Variety for childrens charities.

    I met a very charming Kirk Douglas on the set of his movie, a nice staffer for Mick Jagger who was meditating and the “vibes” were not right to meet with us that day, a Baryshnikov in his towel straight from the shower (true story) who was happy to sign, and Charlton Heston who spend some time talking to us. The older stars were much more charming than the younger set.

    Later on I worked for a hotel translating for the unions and hotel mgmt. during negotiations and meetings. On my way up to a meeting I ran stepped into the elevator to find Princess Grace and Caroline in there with no bodyguards or anything, giggling over having gotten lost somewhere in the city. They turned to me and asked if I also found it confusing. Being directionally challenged in general I told them that which they found hilarious. I was 20 at the time and didn’t think it was thaaat funny. Now I think it is hilarious and so do my family and friends.

  287. scrubs — I’m assuming Big Smoggy is LA, but I’m not 100% sure.

  288. Who joanie? You mean angie? I would LOVE to have her come down to Oz. As a matter of fact, I’d love most of the Conflucians to come visit. I have a huge flat available if anyone wants to come.

    Unfortunately, we are VERY FAR AWAY down here.

  289. Baryshnikov! In a towel! God, I would have passed out.

  290. This guy helped me with directions at the Griffith Observatory last year. He was a big supporter of Hillary’s.


  291. Scrubs, that’s how I feel too! My door is open for Conflucians–a nice view home in Seattle

  292. Jesus. I know!

  293. I don’t think I could make it to Australia — I don’t think I could be on a plane that long. The only way I could do it would be as part of an “around the world” thing. You know a while in Europe flying to Japan with stops along the way and then to Australia — back the same way.

  294. Ahhh angie I had such a crush! I took dance for 17 years and went to every performance (matinne for $1) at the auditorium theater. I must ave seen the Turning Point a zillion (ok – exaggerating) times. I froze so the attorney I worked for did the talking. I still have my signed Turning Point poster. It was the only autograph I ever asked for.

  295. (prior post re: the towel image)

    Sean was at that party with Terry M, too!!

  296. LOI — no kidding! I’ve said how I like to pretend to be all nonplussed whenever I’ve seen anyone famous, but I wouldn’t have been able to pretend in front of him!

    (I’ve seen Turning Point about a zillion times too!)

  297. I have always wanted to go to Australia. It’s big on my to-do list.

  298. I have to go now, guys. 7th work day in a row tomorrow. That’s why I’m being silly tonight.

  299. My cousin was an extra in Turning Point – she was one of the girls in the son’s ballet class. Got a big close-up too (redhead, around 15 at the time).
    Speaking of extras, a co-worker’s daughter was in the BU band in Mystic River. He thought she’d be really excited about working with Clint Eastwood. Instead, she told him “Dad, he’s so old.” Sigh.
    ‘Night all.

  300. ‘night

  301. night joanie!

  302. brb

  303. jb – you are more than welcome to stay here. Google Cairns (where I live). It’s a pretty nice place.

    Angie, I always break up our trips to the States for the same reason. One time we went from Cairns to Guam to Honolulu to LA. We were absolutely knackered by the time we got there at 5 in the morning. Those around-the-world flights are a pretty good deal. You could stop in Greece first.

  304. night joanie and betuscha.

    Where is Fredster? Johninca? Regency? Little Isis? Britannia? jvsp? (doesn’t usually show up this early)

  305. Scrubs–googled obediently on my way to bed.

    Would it scare you if I said I was coming?

  306. I had no idea Sean Astin was a Hillary supporter! I’ve always loved him. I’ve seen him do interviews and he just seems like a really interesting, cool and enthusiastic guy. Also, he was a great Sam in LotR.

    At one point in the primaries I stopped trying to know about celebrity endorsements, because they were all obots, and more than a few (I’m looking at you, Susan Sarandon) said really, really cr*p and ignorant things about Hillary.

  307. I think Sean could play Terry in a movie and do it really well. They don’t look much alike but good actors can easily overcome that.

  308. New thread up. Sorry it took me so long.

  309. jb – wouldn’t scare me at all. I have seen how you have handled yourself here. No worries, mate.

  310. 🙂

    (getting busy on travelzoo…..)

    Goodnight for real!

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