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Friday Late Night Open Thread


What’s in your wallet?

175 Responses

  1. Al Franken has already gained 500 votes in this recount?

  2. The Minnie Soda vote has gone back and forth like a B-ball game

  3. Well, good luck to him. My wish is they get to 60 and lose their last excuse–although, even resourceful, I’m sure they’ll come back with “we need unanimity. Give us 100.”

  4. in my wallet — 13 bucks and a lottery ticket. Ticket: my personal economic plan. Only slightly less likely to bring me economic security than Obama’s.

  5. Jeralyn can’t do math:

    “Apparently, some people are blaming African-American voters in California (instead of the obvious culprit, the radical right fundamentalists) for the passing of Proposition 8, banning gay marriage.”

    A) Obama got more votes than McCain in California

    B) Prop H8 got more votes than McCain too

    C) Some of Obama’s supporters voted for Prop H8

    A + B = C

  6. “…the obvious culprit…”

    More magical thinking.

  7. Wow, yeah, genius. Obama’s voters voted against Prop 8, but–the results were somehow just very different!

  8. Somebody needs to analyze the ballot iniatives from all the states Obama won and see where they stand. So far, we’ve got homophobia and not too keen on Asian American’s rights–anything else?

  9. Hi everyone — I’m up — my poor doggy is sick & she woke me up to walk her.

  10. Americans’

  11. Oh, the radical right fundamentalists voted for it too, but they also voted for McCain.

    Without some of Obama’s supporters, Prop H8 could not pass.

  12. Seriously — no that’s not it — the Mormons voted FOR Obama & FOR Prop. 8 /s

  13. Hola guapa!

  14. Hi angie, sorry about the dog. 😦

    Oh and by they, I mean Obama voters, not African Americans.

  15. Allo mon amour!

  16. Thanks seriously — its my fault — I shouldn’t have fed her “people food” but she looks at me with those pathetic eyes. At least she asks to go out.

  17. That is the new meme with the Obots — basically that no Obama supporter voted FOR Prop. 8, but that obviously some radical right wingers came out to vote & didn’t vote for President at all, just FOR Prop 8.

  18. Cognitive dissonance, thy name is Obama supporter

  19. Does anyone know how the Obot bloggers are treating the Rham Emmanuel appointment? Is all forgiven like P0well? Is there any limit to how much they will sell out to pretend BO is who they so desperately want him to be?

  20. “obviously some radical right wingers came out to vote & didn’t vote for President at all, just FOR Prop 8.”

    LOL Virtually every county in CA, including LA, voted for this. With the exception of counties around SF and a few scattered here and there, the entire state voted yes.

    So…any record of the number of ballots cast for no preference in the Presdential election?

  21. I heard that the kos people are fine with it…and of course Hillary would have nominated him too, they say, so that makes it okay although she is the Beast from 20,0000 Fathoms and he is the Messiah. Cuz she does the exact same things….worse, or something. They’re identical, only not.

  22. Rahm, the DLC and the AUMF were SO FUCKING IMPORTANT to Obama supporters when the primaries started.

    They could NEVER EVER SUPPORT ANYONE who voted for the AUMF or belonged to the DLC.

  23. So, it is like I imagined.
    It’s worse then cognitive dissonance — it’s more like bipolar disorder.
    Remember when BO voted FOR FISA & Hillary voted AGAINST it (as she had always said she would) and they were saying she only voted against it to make BO look bad? Jesus effing Christ — that was the best one their demented little minds have come up with yet. lol

  24. So what are y’all doing right now, besides being on here? Is scrubs here?

  25. scrubs is my twin ya know. both April 12 birthdays.

  26. I just checked memeorandum – no headlines about Rahm

  27. Oh, sure they could. They have in the past, they will in the future. There’s just something a little different about Hill that made her specially evil and therefore unforgiveable. Democrats believe in redemption, after all.

  28. myiq — so they are pretending it didn’t happen? LOL Just ignore it & it will go away.

  29. Seriously — that little difference is no penis. And between her & BO, I’m sure it is a very “little” difference.

  30. It is so obvious which men have it and which men don’t.

  31. I read on cannonfire that kos took a poll and the majority said Rahm was A-ok. All is forgiven–Rahm sat in the Pope’s chair and passed.

    Hey I didn’t know that. happy Birthdays.

  32. scrubs, myiq & I are all aries. What sign are you?

  33. “I’m sure it is a very “little” difference.”

    LOL Okay, seriously, he looks like Alfred E. Newman.

  34. Cancer

  35. Rahm’s brother Ari is a talent agent in Hollywood — the character Ari Gold on “Entourage” that Jeremy Piven plays is based on him. There is a third brother who is like a biochemist (I think). I saw an interview with all three. The scientist brother seemed like wasn’t an a–hole, but Rahm & Ari — oy!

  36. My mom is Cancer — very loving & home-oriented but moody! lol

  37. I was also born in the year of the Rat

  38. Is it only us three here or are others lurking? show yourselves lurkers.

  39. Hmmm, I wonder who’s worse, Ari or jeremy Piven? 🙂

  40. I was born in the year of the rooster.

  41. my mom is year of the rat.

  42. I am not moody!

  43. I’m sure Ari is but Jeremy Piven is supposed to be a real jerk too.

  44. I was only talking about my mom. lol

  45. I need to read Chinese restaurant placemats more carefully…

  46. AA’s voted overwhelmingly to deny civil rights to GLB T

    I’ve read many excuses. The one that really blows my hair back is, “we didn’t choose to be black, they chose to be gay”.

    Leaves me speechless.

    Reminds me of when Tiger Wood refused to boycott that golf club in the south that disallowed women…his excuse, well, that’s the way it’s always been.

    Just leaves me speechless.

  47. Howdy

  48. Hope your dog gets better fast

  49. 2008 is year of the rat too, btw

  50. See, if I were moody I’d take that personally *cracks knuckles*

    Yeah really, he’s always trashing John Cusack. Cusack may be an a——– too, but trashing friends in the paper still makes him look bad.

  51. please excuse my use of the H word.

  52. It did cross my mind today whether the advantages that are given to majority African American districts in terms of allocating delegates will now be allocated to districts with larger glbt populations. I don’t think African Americans are any more likely to be hiomphobic than anyone else, but it seems like teh current allocation system did its job here so we should move on to redressing other issues.

  53. Hi poplicola — whenever I give her people food she gets sick — but she’s a good girl — she asks for me to take her out. She went right back to sleep though, and I’m awake!

  54. myiq, you know dakinikat’s post about O-DooDoo Economics? All the comments have disappeared. Curious.

  55. Howdy is an acceptable greeting and/or salutation, you betcha.

  56. I’m watching a bio of the Big Dawg on A&E

  57. T — when I was in law school I took a critical race theory seminar — it had about 15 students — 12 AA & 3 white (of which I was one). When we got to the gender discrimination the majority of AAs in the class, who were very quick to point out the inequality in racial contexts, said the same thing — “I didn’t choose to be black. They choose to be gay.” It was mind boggling. That class was in 1997 so, that way of thinking has been around in the AA community for a while.

  58. Seriously,
    my uninformed guess is that we will see weird gerrymandering all over to secure party and ideological lines having nothing to do with traditional blocs.

  59. They’re still there for me

  60. I’m in bed right now. I watched A Streetcar Named Desire earlier and To Die For — on of my favorite Nicole Kidman movies.

  61. Britannia — I can see the comments in that post as well.

  62. Ok, thanks myiq. My browser has gone nuts then.

  63. Thanks Angie, I see them now too.

  64. btw — I’m feeling better — I can’t believe I missed 4 days of work! (I liked it though — I should have been an heiress — my daddy should have worked harder so I don’t have to!)

  65. anybody ever had a chihuahua? They like to curl up under the covers like little moles!

  66. I’m finding out that Cliff from Cheers and Victoria Jackson made some poor production value anti-Franken ad.

  67. I just went over to gary’s site — man does he let John Aravosis have it! y’all should go read it. No surprise, Aravosis is blaming the Mormons too. This is what he said:

    At a fundamental level, the Utah Mormons crossed the line on this one,” said gay rights activist John Aravosis, an influential blogger in Washington, D.C.

    “They just took marriage away from 20,000 couples and made their children bastards,” he said. “You don’t do that and get away with it.”

    First of all, these Obots really do have their heads up their asses, don’t they?
    Second, what is up with all the threats from Obots? What does this jerk-off mean “You don’t do that and get away with it” — is he taking out a hit on the Mormons? {rolls eyes} Such an impotent little pr!ck

  68. Cliff Claven is my hero!

    But I’ve heard that the guy who played him is a real jerk

  69. Franken lives in MN or did he move there just to run? Nothing against Franken per se, but I don’t think it is right to move to a place just to run for office because I think the person who represents that state should, you know, be from that state, know the people who live there, etc.

  70. myiq — the guy who played Cliff seemed kind of like a jerk when he was on Dancing With the Stars.

  71. Wow….that ad was just…wow…seriously, if Pat Boone shirtless in a pool wearing a coonskin cap and the Pretender guy are your stars, maybe don’t even bother…

    The Utah Mormons? The hell?

  72. The Utah Mormons spent money on ads in CA in support of Prop. 8.

  73. he’s from there but he lived in NY before moving back

    So it’s war on Mormons now? Mormons, join us under the bus.

  74. John Ratzenberger is his name.

    An acquaintance of mine was there when he started yelling at someone who asked for his autograph.

    I think it was at Venice Beach

    This was 10-15 years ago

  75. I kind of consider LDS to be a “cult” BUT I do have to say that every single Mormon I have ever met has been a really, really nice person.
    Speaking of Pat Boone — did anyone here ever watch The Osbornes? Remember when they were having trouble with their neighbors & Sharon said how they used to live next door to Pat Boone & he was the most wonderful neighbor one could ask for? I thought that was so funny — Ozzy & Pat friends!

  76. Which ads> The ones that featured Plastic Jesus saying marriage is between a man and a woman? No wonder he’s mad–it’s their fault, they pushed all the Obots into the yes camp. They’re certainly easily influenced by advertising.

  77. what a jerk — he should be grateful that someone even wanted his autograph.
    I would never ask for someone’s autograph though — I think their heads are already too big. Whenever I go to LA (I have some friends who live there so I’ve been a few times) and I see someone famous I pretend I don’t see them and/or recognize them but then my friend Demi (we always go to LA together when I go) tell absolutely everyone we know who we saw. LOL

  78. Seriously — yes, that is one of the ads. But the fact is, BO didn’t stop them or even say anything to his supporters to vote NO on Prop. 8 — and in fact, he did that stupid “Faith, Family Values” tour with Kmeic (not to mention touring SC with the “formerly gay” McLurkin).

  79. What did he do on dancing with the stars?

  80. He was one of the contestants 2 or 3 seasons ago. I say he was kind of a jerk because of the way he acted when he didn’t get as good of scores as he thought he deserved.

  81. Anyone who thinks Obama will ever take a stand in favor or LGBT rights or any other liberal issue is smoking hopium.

  82. Aravosis is also the a——- who, along with Frank, pushed the transgender community under the bus. .

  83. He takes a firm stand against taking stands–doesn’t that count?

  84. Seriously — gary talks about that too in his post. Aravosis is Greek too I think — the whole election of BO is the faults of Greeks (Markos, Arianana & Aravosis) — I’m so ashamed! Believe me, those 3 are freaks!

  85. myiq — the GLBT community overwhelmingly supported him though! It is amazing what a con man he is with all his supporters thinking completely different things about what he will do. Because anyone who thinks he is going to do anything for the AA community is also smoking hopium.

  86. I didn’t watch the “President Elect” press conference (although, as elderj pointed out — he isn’t President Elect until the Electorial College votes) but the only question he answer with any kind of depth was the one about the dog.

  87. Kos is Greek? Hmmm–I was going to say it’s not your faault, but if kos is Greek, too….we may need an embargo or something.

  88. We’re already hearing how he can’t do anything until his second term

  89. How come I’m always the one doing most of the talking? Have y’all left me here by myself?

  90. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga

  91. Well–America likes dogs!

    At least they’re consistent. There’s always an excuse for why they can’t do anything.

  92. myiq — yeah, he said that again during the press conference — par for the course though — as soon as he gets one job, he starts running for the next.

    Seriously — please, don’t rub it in.

  93. They’re lurking and hoping there will be a show

  94. I have to run around my abode between posts–I have slow dialup.

  95. Did you know Muslims are not allowed to have dogs? I didn’t know that, but afrocity said so on an earlier thread.

  96. I thought he was Latino

  97. How come?

  98. you with that “show” thing — when have I ever put on a show?

  99. Dogs are considered “dirty”

    He may be Latino too, but his last name is Greek — maybe his mom is Latino or his dad is Latino & Greek.

  100. I didn’t say you did.

    I said they were hoping for one

  101. myiq — touche — you are so smart — you can always trick me.

  102. kos is Salvadoran/Greek

  103. Welll….no offense, but dogs do slobber and all that, I see their point. 🙂

  104. lol at “hopium.” I think you have something there that should be shared widely.

    What happens if the Electoral College elects McCain? All this “President-Elect” stuff seems like they’re not sure of themselves.

  105. Actually I didn’t mean “trick me” — I meant “best me”

  106. Oh no…are you batting your eyes now?

  107. Nighty-night comment. Some exit polling for Hillary.

    Exit poll survey confirms partisan shift

    The 2008 presidential election saw the biggest partisan shift in a generation — more of a rejection of Republicans than an embrace of Democrats — but voter surveys find no broad ideological realignment behind that shift.

    Democrats made up 39 percent of the electorate and Republicans 32 percent in a national exit poll for The Associated Press and television networks. That left the share of voters considering themselves members of the GOP lower than in any presidential election since 1980 and was a sharp contrast with the 37-37 split between the two parties in the 2004 election.

    What if it had been Hillary?

    There’s no way to be sure, but she might have won by even more than Obama did.

    Voters in the Obama-McCain race said they would have preferred Hillary Rodham Clinton over McCain by 51 percent to 41 percent, a larger margin than Obama’s 53-46 win.

    Among the differences: Women say they would have backed Clinton over McCain by 18 percentage points, bigger than Obama’s 12-point advantage with them. Whites favored McCain over Obama by 12 points but leaned toward the Republican by a narrower 5 points against Clinton. Eighty-six percent of blacks would have backed Clinton — solid, but shy of the 95 percent who supported Obama. Clinton almost matched the two-thirds of people under age 30 who voted for Obama, but nearly one in 10 of them said they wouldn’t have bothered voting at all.

    Sampling error is about 1%. They don’t account for the remaining 8% in the 51%-41% stats. She probably could’ve won with less than $5 per vote, too.

  108. Seriously — funny you should mention that — there are some limited purposes where they can have dogs but they are specifically forbidden from allowing the dogs saliva to mix with their (ie I guess a dog licking your face)
    My dogs don’t slobber though.

  109. Do what to the best of you?

  110. The funnies part was that the podium sign says

    The Office
    President Elect

    The hell? What does that even mean? “Respect the office”? Is it like that stationary “From the desk of Joe Smith”?

  111. Hey zombies!

    Who is still awake?

  112. night Britannia!

  113. Hi twin! I was just asking where you were!

  114. Just saw my answer: Seriously, myiq, angie, Brit, pop – all the usual suspects.

  115. What happens if the Electoral College elects McCain?

    Then McCain would have to be sworn in. Read article II of the constitution. The electoral college election is in fact the election.

  116. “best me” as in “outsmart me” or “defeat me”

  117. And johninca.

  118. I’m down with that, I’m not crazy about the slobber.

  119. Hi Scrubs, I’m awake. It’s like 2 a.m. here and I rarely sleep at night.

  120. Been away running chores all day – have lots of threads and news to catch up on. Got pissed off earlier when one of the headlines was all about Obama’s dog. grrrrrrr.

    angie-twin: you feel better?

  121. I thought you said something like “_ick the _est of me”

  122. It will never happen, poplicola. I’m pretty sure the state party gets to select the electors, and that’s the kind of thing Obama’s good at.

  123. Reading Brit’s numbers above except I think one thing would have been different: prop 8 would NOT have passed had Hillary been our nominee. SHE would have spoken out against it.

  124. Has Little isis been around? I’ve seen reg a few times, but no LI.

  125. johninca — exactly — that is why BO is NOT in fact “President Elect” like his big stupid sign said today.
    But I seriously doubt that would happen.
    You know, there is a lot of talk about getting rid of the EC but I don’t like that — it is in the Constitution, first of all. Second of all, it does kind of balance the rural v. urban vote — ie, it would be way too easy for a candidate to concentrate exclusively on the big cities & get huge turnout there to win the popular vote.

  126. I sure wish the electors would go rogue, but I only heard of a couple of cases in the last forty years.

  127. scrubs, it’s the mormons’ fault. HRC can’t control those rogue mormons.

  128. Seriously — now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Little Isis in a while — not since the election.

  129. Haven’t seen LI in a few day I think

  130. johninca — you and me both.

  131. The media would go absolutely insane if that happened.

  132. I know, I know. For a moment I’d allowed myself the luxury of thinking that this situation is exactly the reason the Electors exist.

  133. Reading up-thread: myiq is another sort-of twin, since we are both born in the year of the Rat. If I recall correctly, we are the same age. Not quite the same as my Apr 12 twin, angie, but I’ll allow it.

  134. Hi angie, it would take an amendment to abolish the ec, not gonna happen.

    If you read article II though, you realize that the founders weren’t big on the popular vote. There’s no scenario in which the popular vote elects the president.

  135. scrubs — yes much better — and thanks for asking — you are the ONLY one who did.

    myiq2xu, on November 8th, 2008 at 5:04 am Said:

    I thought you said something like “_ick the _est of me”

    In your dreams, myiq (for now). You do have a wish coming to you. 😉

  136. Yeah, but remember how pissed off we were about the Electoral College when Gore lost?

  137. I am the evil twin

  138. johninca — yep, and our founding fathers were a lot smarter then the jackasses we have in DC now.

  139. You do a good job of keeping that on the DL.

  140. angie = hot twin.
    myiq = evil twin.

    angie + myiq = hot and evil times.

  141. I see Palin/Jindal as a GOP reform ticket in 2012. Romney can run and blow some more of his money.

  142. twin — it could have easily happened in a way for a candidate we don’t like. but besides, I wasn’t pissed off at the EC in 2000 — I was pissed off at Gore for listening to Donna B & distancing himself from the Clintons & not winning his home state. Who doesn’t win their home state? Even Mondale won his home state.

  143. Gore would’ve won if the electors were just based on population. He lost because every state gets two additional electors for no particular reason (one for each Senator).

  144. let me tell you all — Jindal is a freak – serious right winger. I wouldn’t vote for a ticket with him on it.

  145. john, I asked this on the other thread, but do you think Jindal will pick off a lot of Palin’s supporters? It seems kind of like the Great male Hope situation for them.

  146. Each state gets the same number of electors as it has Representatives and Senators.

    Minimum is 3

    DC gets 1

  147. You haven’t heard the last of Gov. Palin…

    nytimes (dot) com/2008/11/08/us/politics/08palin.html

  148. If Angie and Scrubs are twins, and me and Scrubs are twins, then I might get to explore a new mortal sin.

  149. the spam blocker is a sexist pig.

  150. Yeah, and the Reps are based on population, but adding in the 2 for each Senator screws things up and vastly overrepresents the small states.

  151. john, I asked this on the other thread, but do you think Jindal will pick off a lot of Palin’s supporters? It seems kind of like the Great male Hope situation for them.

    No, he won’t. Trust me on this– I know how conservatives think. My father was a John Bircher.

    Palin has over 60% support in the GOP. She’s regarded almost as a St. Joan of Arc like figure. Jindal is in single digits.

    If Romney wants to blow another $20 million he can, but I see Palin/Jindal.

  152. LOL I don’t know, scrubs…it wouldn’t surprise me, is all.

  153. On another topic (that you guys have probably already discussed but I just haven’t looked): why would John Kerry want to be Secretary of State?


  154. angie, my fears exactly. That things will be so messed up in 2010 that we will lose in a landslide to some toxic Romney/Jindal ticket.

  155. Jindal has single-digit support.

    Sarah is the star of the GOP – there is already a backlash at the people smearing her.

  156. Don’t believe the stereotypes about Republicans. Sarah is their gal if she runs. Jindal is veep at best. Besides, he can’t just raise the kind of money it takes based on his current status– Palin could.

  157. what mortal sin would that be?

  158. myiq – careful…….

    I think Barack will have to screw up worse than Dubya to allow a Romney/Jindal ticket. But, then again, I though Hillary would be President-elect right now so anything can happen.

    I think it goes back to that neurolinguistic programming that we talked about a month or so ago. Obama’s campaign became very adept at NLP. Now that he is in, though, some of the programming is wearing off and some in the msm are seeing the emporor as naked as a jaybird!

  159. Because he’s an egomaniac with delusions of grandeur? He probably thinks he can run again.

  160. Hey, myiq agrees with me!

    Right now Republicans care about ideological purity, not male superiority– and Sarah has it.

  161. scrubs — I don’t know why Kerry wants to be sec. of state but I love how he is begging for the job! lol Judas (Richardson — or as my mom calls him “the fat one”) wants the job too. I hope BO doesn’t give it to either of them. That would be a good karmic kick in the pants for both of them.

  162. I know he has single digit support now, but even at redstate there are some people slamming her and talking him up. Isn’t it unusual for conservatives to bash other conservatives?

  163. Romney only wins if Palin doesn’t run. He couldn’t even beat McCain after burning 20 million dollars.

  164. scrubs — all the psychics predicted a Dem would win this year & that it would be a one term presidency & that a woman would be President in 2012.

  165. Seriously, they’re just chewing the fat over at redstate. The rank and file are for Sarah.

  166. And even Limbaugh, Greta asked him who the party leader was, and he hesitated. She had to steer him in to talking about palin and then he brought up Jindal.

  167. angie – really? Unlikely it will be Hill unless BO totally sucks rocks. If it ain’t Hill, Sarah is a possibility but she is damned sure going to have to get the media more on her side. I suppose that means that Soros et. al. would have to abandon Barack and make the journalists more Sarah friendly.

  168. New thread up

  169. Sarah’s problems would be media bias as well as fundraising discrepancies, correct.

  170. scrubs — one psychic — Michelle Whitedove — predicts it will be Hillary — she says it is her reason for being born — to be the First Female President — and she will be one of our best ever. The other psychics I’ve seen have only said a woman in 2012.

  171. i’m going to the new thread. this one is too slow on my browser

  172. Garry’s site? I want to see Garry’ site too! Address? pretty please?

  173. edgeoforever, it’s in the blogroll and here: http://garychapelhill.wordpress.com/

  174. What’s in my wallet? About $14 and a food stamps card.

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