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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Drambuie anyone?


Sadly, I don’t actually have any Drambuie so I’ll be drinking Lemonade on Ice with BostonBoomer.

But, the virtual bar is fully stocked: What would you like? We’ve had a rough day around here. Are you ready to make up?

The following link provided by Boston Boomer:

And (Thanks, Dakinikat!)

MyIQ2XU, this one’s for you (Thanks, Boston Boomer!)

229 Responses

  1. Incredible video. My favorite Hendrix cover, ever. I saw Hendrix at Dillon Gym in Princeton. Amazing, brilliant artist.

  2. I was thinking John Lennon’s Gimme Some Truth … but this works

  3. hi brad, thx katie …

  4. Thanks for the warning/refuge comment, KB.

    You would think we could be left alone.

  5. I had to look up Dramuie. Never heard of it. The Confluence — such a source of education. Thanks, Katie.

    Hope everyone is having a good evening.

  6. ummm 🙂

    Iced Lemonade. And Cookies!

  7. i’m still sitting in my house in the ninth ward refusing invitations to roam among the koolaid drinkers T … but I am doing fine …

  8. Love Hendrix. Make mine a Grand Marnier, neat.

  9. Do you have coffee?

  10. I saw Jimi in 1968 at the Hilton in DC. it’s mind boggling to look back and realize it was a hotel ballroom, not a huge stadium. life was good…..

  11. I’ll take a cyber Baileys Irish Cream please. 🙂

  12. kiki –

    My ticket cost $4.00. How much did yours cost?

  13. dakinikat-

    9th ward isnt that near elysian fields? I know a little gay bar on elaisian fields rd?

  14. oy, I just got an email about Obama paying some woman’s luggage fee at an airport in 1988. what a saint! can we just canonize him now and have a new election?

  15. dakinikat, I’ll add the link if you send it to me!

  16. Brad, lol, I have no idea – my parents bought the ticket. what year was your concert?

  17. I saw Hendrix, Supersession (Al Cooper, Mike Bloomfield and Steve Stills), and the Cream in very quick succession. That was my introduction to live rock music. I believe I was 13 at the time.

  18. ok Grey Goose Grand Marnier and pomegranate juice with a twist of lime please!

  19. kiki –

    I used to think it was Feb of 69, but I read that the Dillon Gym concert was Feb of ’70. Either date makes sense to me.

  20. Thank you Katiebird. Say, do any of you remember this song:

    La, la, la, la…la, la…

  21. lol Thanks.

    Aw jeez. Better drop a shot of Irish whiskey in it: I jsut checked in to one of my non-political work related forums, and in a “general” forum that I’ve never checked there is a huge thread full of obots. The ray of hope is that a guy I know over there posted a brilliant defense …. aw nevermind. You know the deal.

    Jameson if you have it, otherwise any will do. 🙂

  22. my brother is a musician – he’s always made his living playing guitar. when we were young, our parents evidently believed that if that was his career choice, concerts were a good learning experience. I was just there so I got to go too. they sent us to every concert that came to town, and since we lived in DC, there were many. it was really very cool.

  23. kiki –

    The point is, I saw Hendrix in an intimate setting and paid four dollars for it. Unreal. Back in those days, real rock music had nothing to do with showbiz.

  24. katiebird thnks a double here!

  25. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a shot of Patron’ por favor

  26. katite: check your email

    and this bright news from my CNN breaking news:

    An accident aboard a nuclear-powered submarine has killed more than 20 people, according to Russian news agencies

    yup Fuzzy

  27. kiki –

    My parents had no idea what I was doing. Scraping together that four bucks was no small feat, either.

  28. No make up! Not even war paint!
    Well, maybe make up sex…

  29. Hi Everyone,

    Sorry I’m late. I’ve been very bad, fuzzy. I went and bought something from Estee Lauder and got a free gift set.

  30. myiq2xu wants to hear Ophelia by Natalie Merchant.

  31. Brad, have you seen what concerts cost these days? it isn’t the same experience at all. it seems less about the music and more about the marketing

  32. fuzzy: that would most likely be The Phoenix

  33. night I am off to cook pasta. 🙂

  34. Could the moderator please delete the Kool-Aid Komment at 9:05 on the last thread?

  35. or fuzzy if you might know it as the The Rawhide?

  36. Hi all! I’d like a nice Chateau St. Michelle Syrah…

  37. dakinikat…holy shit that is serious…was it at see was the “pile” involved I hope we aint got a china syndrome situation here…was it in port?

  38. I’m glad everyone likes my choice of music. I wish I could go to the Isle of Wight right now. Or maybe Mexico.

  39. dakina I been to both my Douglas live on burgundy around the corner from the phoenix..there used to be a billboard for Door furniture by the street I would turn on off elysian fields!

  40. love John’s use of the phrase just a pocket full of hope … ah, johnnie we barelyl knew ye

  41. been to the rawhide too and la feetes and burbon pub and good friends….

  42. BB, do you really feel like leaving the country? my husband and I often talk about retiring to Mexico, but we really have no retirement in sight

  43. fuzzy: know them all well, used to hang out at ruby fruit jungle and what was known as charlene’s… both gone now

  44. boston what was in it I have to take sis in law shopping tommorrow

  45. I think someone left just after I arrived. I hope I don’t have *BO* or something.

  46. fuzzy: my fav is the friendly bar …

  47. the whole country has BO

  48. and fuzzy: details aren’t out yet about the sub …

  49. I’m a terrible waitress, so if I miss someone just jump on the table and I’ll find you….

    jjmtacoma, Here you are — it’s the one with the gold label.

  50. I don’t think anyone actually left.

  51. katiebird, on November 8th, 2008 at 10:01 pm Said:
    poplicola, is this OK?


  52. charlenes is gone? that was like there for over twenty seven years!

  53. I know they’re wingers but they make me laugh. From AOS:

    “Al Qaeda Leader In Iraq Succumbs to Audacity of Hope, Combined Arms Fire, but Mostly Combined Arms Fire”

  54. yeah, fuzzy, it keeps morphing … it’s in it’s second reincarnation … haven’t gone there yet

  55. Brad did…Bostonboomer you so gotta stop terrorizing the str8 men thay cant all be captian spaulding!

  56. I’ll have a glass of Pinot Noir…

  57. fuzzy,

    It was mostly eye make up I think.

  58. Sorry guys, I just got the beef stew simmering

    I use 2lbs cubed Beef or Lamb
    3 cups beef broth
    1 cup of red wine
    2 tsp stewed tomatoes or tomato paste
    1 tbsp flour
    cut veggies celery, turnips, potatoes, carrots, onion
    1/2 lbs of okra (for thickness)
    7 crushed juniper berries

    Hmmm smells good after it is done. I make polenta and it is good comfort food on a windy Chicago night.

  59. myiq,

    I found you an Ohphelia video with lots of gorgeous women in it.

  60. wow afrocity that sounds scrumptious … i’m gonna have to try that ….any other spices?

    and btw

  61. Sounds really yummy, Afrocity.

  62. What is AOS?

  63. I am waiting for the special comunique fro Usama Bin Ladan to BO:

    “allah be praised may I come out of hiding and attend your inaugaration? I also need my special machine that keeps me alive recharged! Oh and that pumpy thing you sent me for xmas barak I now the lady killer with all my wives!”

    Love Usama Bin Ladan

  64. did I tell you, afrocity, you ARE appreciated here?

  65. Katie- Thanks for posting the lovely lady on the couch. She was up the 1st time I logged onto Riverdaughter, which was in June, when we still had such HOPE , but, not the Nobama hope….
    I’ll have a Stoli on the rocks, please.

  66. I am so sorry I had a Larry the Cable Guy moment with my last one-

    lord forgive me and save all the republians!

  67. Afrocity, that is the best thing I’ve heard all day. I’ve got to try that combination!

  68. day-um, afrocity, now you’ve made me hungry. I just made jalapeno, roasted corn, and cheese cornbread using one of those Jiffy boxes. It’s pretty yummy.

    KB – could you round me up a nice New Zealand Sauvignon blanc?

  69. Laney me to isnt that funny! I saw that sofa and the lady with the dry martini and new I ws home!

  70. Hi everybody — I haven’t been here all day but it looks like I missed some excitement around here. At least no one can be mad at me though. 🙂 Everybody ok?

  71. oh I was going to open my rasberry chocolat port wine to toast in pressy McCain ……well there is alwys new years!

  72. Ace of Spades

  73. bb — AOS is Ace of Spades HQ. Right wing site.

  74. Pull up a chair, angie. Order a drink. KB is doing her best to get everyone the drink they want.

    Agree about the comfort of the drinking threads. We needed this.

  75. Angie no one could be mad at you we worshilp the quick sand you walk on….

    you missed the cosmetics discussion on whether gift with purchase or purchase with purchase is usually a better deal!

  76. ace of spades blog

  77. Here you go, Laney!

    I love her too. I always imagine she’s me.

  78. sorry link,,


  79. bostonboomer was a bad girl at the cosmetics counter today we hear!

  80. Hola guapa!

  81. Fuzzy- She’s a looker, and I’m a straight gal… I would kill to have her looks…
    But, kidding aside, RD has a talent for keep a happy home. I know its been a tough week, but, this is a comfy place to lurk and converse…
    KATIE, where is my SToli????

  82. We were being mean to peeples too, ‘specially me

  83. Hi Angie,

    It’s been a tough day–lots of bullies. I read this morning’s myiq threat awhile ago, and I think my blood pressure and heart rate are just about getting back to normal. I was a little bit PO’d.

  84. You weren’t mean, myiq.

  85. yeah, but that’s normal for you, myiq. Those of us who know you never get our feelings hurt.

  86. {{{{ sitting in the corner all alone waiting for my pinot – sigh }}}}

  87. Scrubs, Here’s Your wine!

  88. Did I ever tell you I saw Led Zepplin playing in someone’s garage?

  89. may I have a pinot grigio please?

  90. I know, sod, I haven’t found my sav blanc yet.

    KB, you need some help? I think angie would be a creative bartender! (heh, heh)

  91. afrocity — the juniper berries are an interesting addition. A “secret” ingredient no doubt. What does it impart?

  92. Myiq2xu….did you see aces short dig at andyS ..?


  93. Oh, yum, KB!

    Now I just gotta get me a little bit of afrocity’s stew.

  94. Maybe the bartender flagged me on the last post.

  95. Did I ever tell you I had an affair with Jim Morrison?

  96. When did you see Led Zepplin?

    What myiq threat? I haven’t had time to read the comments & I’m dying to know.

    Just hot tea for me. Still not 100% 😦

  97. Here’s some righteous words (at about 30 seconds) from Jimi about the ultimate worth of politics. Dick Cavett interviews him. Enjoy!

    Enjoying my Katiebird special Grand Marnier.

  98. BB — Get outa here! Jim Morrison? Before, After or during the Pam days?

  99. BB- A girl after my own heart… When feeling down, spend money on me, me & me… I bet you feel a tiny bit better after the cosmetic counter spree!!!

  100. In my dreams….

  101. Submarine accident details for fuzzy…

    “During sea trials of a nuclear-powered submarine of the Pacific Fleet the firefighting system went off unsanctioned, killing over 20 people, including servicemen and workers,” Igor Dygalo said, without giving any details of the circumstances of the accident.

    “The submarine is not damaged, its reactor works as normal and radiation levels on the submarine are normal,” Captain Dygalo said.

    According to a web site investigating the sinking of the Russian Submarine “Kursk” in 2000, there are four methods used to extinguish fires on Russian naval vessels:

    “The first is to vacuumize the compartment, then the oxygen burns away and the fire ceases. The second is to use the fire-extinguishing foam, which cuts access for oxygen into the fire zone. The third is to supply a chemical noble gas into the compartment. And, finally, the fourth is to flood the compartment with water. The fourth method is rarely used in submarines…”

  102. Wait a second–this morning’s thread? Ack. Sorry if we started anything.

  103. Sorry about that. I feel kinda silly tonight.

  104. bb — no kidding! Fat Jim or gorgeous Jim?

  105. I’ll take up the Drambuie offer. Am I the only one?

    What was the myiq threat? I thought I caught all the posts et al today but I missed that. Unless you mean when he told the tro!!s where to get off.

    The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants is on the Family Channel right now.

  106. BB- Jim Morrison, please tell!!!

  107. Laney, did I really miss you? If so, just jump up on the table

  108. angie – look up thread at what afrocity is cooking. That’s gotta be good for all that ails you.

    BB, you had me going there for a moment.

    SOD – I missed the topless comment. If you come back here in about 4 or 5 hours, we zombies won’t mind you being naked.

  109. {{{{{ jumping on the table too }}}}

  110. I was kidding! I thought myiq was kidding about seeing Led Zeppelin in a garage so I tried to top him.

  111. Myiq – you saw Led Zeppelin in someone’s garage?! OMG! In college, I followed them around the Southeast, then to DC! Robert Plant!!!!

    I’d like a Chilean Chardonnay, please!

  112. SOD,

    I apologize, cooking and blogging at the same. Juniper berries are the most under utilized spice on earth. Great for stews and adds a woodsy flavor. My secret ingredient.

    You should taste my honey infused duck breasts with lavender.

  113. scrubs — I kiss better then I cook.

    I already made myself chicken soup this week– that’s enough cooking for one year.

  114. Seriously,

    You didn’t do anything.

  115. afrocity — I do use lavender (great for cheesecake or creme brulee) but never tried juniper berries. Where do you get them? fresh or dried?

  116. I’ll take a gatorade for now. I’ve been itching to open an old bottle of petite syrah, maybe after the game.

  117. lavender is also wonderful with Salmon. I’m very intrigued by the juniper berries though.

  118. SOD — I’m so sorry!! Have a bottle on the house!

  119. Katie- Sorry, you got my drink, so no jumping on tables tonight…
    And by the way, its a damn go Stoli…

  120. I’m too lazy and impatient to cook or kiss…

  121. ggmartinez, Gatorade, just for you!

  122. Laney,

    I feel much better!

  123. angie – no mentioning kissing. I think your lover is around and he goes a little mental when you stir him (or the Captain) up.

    afrocity – you are making me even hungrier! angie and I will be right over. Are you a chef?

  124. Not to diss anyone’s legends, but did you know Zepplin was the biggest rip off band ever? Almost everyone one of their songs was a rip off of someone else’s music. There’s a book that discusses musical rip offs, and they top the list. The comparisons are astonishing. Mostly unknown artists’ recordings were ripped off, but still were nonetheless.

  125. SOD,

    Dried usually. We have some specialty spice shops in Chicago. I get mine there. But Whole Foods should have them too or Dean &Deluca if you are in NYC.

  126. Angie:

    “Thread” not “threat” (it was a typo)

    See the end of the zombie thread from this am, there is a message for you

  127. SOD,

    You know what’s really good? Ben and Jerry’s creme brulee ice cream. Yummy.

  128. If I’m caught up on the drinks I’d love to hear how and when MyIQ: “saw Led Zepplin playing in someone’s garage?”

    Or did I dream he said that?

  129. Yay! a whole bottle!. Someone better call my hubby…it’s gonna be a long night! Last time I drank a whole bottle of pinot…..

    never mind…long story.

  130. I didn’t really see Led Zepplin in a garage.

    It was Elvis and the Beatles in a jam session in my neigbor’s living room

  131. Just as long as it wasn’t George Bush.

  132. thanks afrocity — I’ll be getting some tommorow for sure!

    and BB — thanks for making me hungry for ice cream! Thank God I’m too lazy to go out and get some!

  133. See, I knew it!!!

  134. MyIQ, did I get you a drink?

  135. But my story was better and a few people fell for it. LOL!

  136. Afrocity, Your stew looks great — but, I missed your drink order. What would you like?

  137. Yes, Katiebird – I’m good

  138. I did, BB — I totally fell for it! But by the time I had a chance to comment, you debunked yourself…

  139. kb — thanks! {{smacks lips to get every last yummy drop}}

    Funny, I had a sudden urge to cook today, too, but I quickly squelched it. That never happens to me. Must be some sort of mass escapism.

  140. SOD,

    In Chicago the Marble Slab Delivers.

    But take a look at my life since BO won:

    President-elect Barack Obama’s Chicago neighborhood has become a very different place to live now that Secret Service agents have turned the once easy-going area into a virtual fortress to protect the next president, The Times of London reported.

    Assassination fears surrounding Obama, codenamed “Renegade” by his security on the campaign trail, mean that he may become the most heavily guarded president in history. After months of shaking hands with strangers, the President-elect delivered his victory speech from behind bulletproof glass in Chicago’s Grant Park.

    Streets around his mock-Georgian mansion in enclave by the University of Chicago have been closed. The main thoroughfare has been shut down because it passes his yard.

    Visitors to the synagogue that faces his house must put their names on a list 24 hours before they attend so that their identities can be checked.

    “I live one block away. I get carded to go on my block,” said Adrienne Stone, 33, a U.S. Air Force veteran. “I have become accustomed to the Secret Service being everywhere. I don’t get a lot of sleep. There are helicopters overhead. But he deserves this. We have lost too many leaders before their time,” she said.

  141. This is really cute. I couldn’t stop smiling. Bob and Mark interview Piper Palin …


  142. BB- When you mention Jim Morrison, what a nice fantasy, even if it was for only a moment..

  143. This is pretty crazy!

  144. myiq — I didn’t see a message from you to me in the Zombie thread unless it was “My guns are loaded and my powder is dry.” 😉 If that wasn’t it, then maybe it got deleted or was the message from someone else (I only read your posts).

  145. I love mixing the jiffy cornbread with the yellow cake mix. The result tastes just like Boston Market cornbread. Couple it with spicy chil and it is da bomb.

  146. Don’t be silly, – NBC has spoken.

  147. katiebird — in 2004 I believe.

  148. It wasn’t from me, read all the posts

  149. “Did I ever tell you I had an affair with Jim Morrison?”


    Katie can back me on this one–Michael Jackson kissed me once.

  150. Laney,

    It is a great fantasy, but Morrison was a major league alcoholic, so he probably wasn’t all that nice to be around.

  151. That’s an interesting mix, CWaltz. I have to admit, though, that it was my first time having Jiffy in years (I was able to order it from usafoods.com here in Oz) and it was ALREADY pretty sweet.

    It’s one of the things you notice when you go back and forth between the States and Australia: just how sweet a lot of the foods are in America. I hadn’t realized how much sugar was added to things like bread back home.

  152. Wow, this thread is filling up fast!

  153. I’m too lazy and impatient to cook or kiss…

    GEEZ GQ! You better start working on that. Not Good!!

  154. Jiffy cornbread is actually pretty good. I think I’ll pick some up tomorrow while I’m looking for the creme brulee ice cream. I hope they haven’t stopped making it. Do you use actual roasted corn? I have some niblets with black beans and spices in them.

  155. BB,

    Katie can back me on this one–Michael Jackson kissed me once.

    This is true. And I think about it every time I walk by the spot where it happened.

  156. SOD — I’ve been out of the loop today running around taking care of things so haven’t seen the news — how much has the msm even covered the fact that MO & IN are now McCain? I doubt we will hear a word about it.

  157. SOD


  158. BB- Ahhh, he was nice to look at…
    Actually, he was a as@ hole.

  159. Furthermore–and this is also true:

    I have been alone in a hotel room watching porno with Bill Gates–yes THE Bill Gates.

  160. Angie – I went to CNN and they’ve updated the totals.

  161. I picked it up off a copycat site searching to replicate Boston Market and that was all she wrote. My family loves it and it is easy peasy which works for me.

  162. angie, I looked too and didn’t see anything.

  163. My sister, R ate french fries with the Moody Blues.

  164. Wow Katie, your sisters get around!

    Hee hee

  165. Do we need another thread?

  166. The CNN site I saw still had IN listed as Obama still and had the MO as grey rather than red.

  167. sod — exactly — they’ll bury it. That’s our Ministry of Truth at work.

    myiq — just tell me what the message was, pretty please.

  168. Joaniebone,

    No way! Was it before or after his nose fell off?

  169. Yeah, bb, just pan fry the corn in butter (if you have niblets, roast them on the grill or in the oven) until they start browning. I’ll link you to the recipe I used.


    I skipped the honey part – see note about sweetness of Jiffy above.

  170. Thread maybe, but scotch yes!

  171. katiebird — a new thread, but not too far away…I think Rico confiscated my keys so I’ll need to walk there (1/2 the bottle already gone)

  172. Well, none of us was at Woodstock as far as I know, Joanie.


  173. I saw Paul Newman in Harvard Square once. He didn’t kiss me though.

  174. BB, It was when he was absolutely gorgeous–when he was recording “Off the Wall”

  175. Back in a bit – going to buy some wine now that KB got me going.

  176. BB, if you could send me some links, I’ll Open another thread.

  177. The Jiffy cornbread is a staple everywhere. For a while the cake mix could only be found at Walmart. Food Lion added it recently along with a chocolate chocolate chip muffin(which I had to get just for the sake of trying). It has trans fats but we all gotta die someday!

  178. Wow, BB — that’s something!

  179. I saw Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward when he was in NOLA filming “Blaze” they were walking around the French Quarter holding hands. His eyes are THAT blue — or were, may he rest in piece.

  180. Paul Newman. (choke) (sniff) (gulp)

  181. Scrubs, I know what you mean. I’d be out buying some Drambuie if I wasn’t doing naked blogging. It’s just too cold to go out like this.

  182. I PERFORMED at Woodstock

  183. that should have been “rest in peace” d’oh!

  184. No one bit on the Bill Gates hotel room story? Damn. The best story ever.

  185. Angie:

    @ 10:00 am

  186. 😦 I miss Paul Newman already.

  187. CWaltz, Me too…

  188. ok!

  189. MYIQ, are you wanting ALL of us to look????

  190. Here’s my celeb story…only I could do something this dumb.

    I blinded Huey Lewis once. I was at his concert about 20 years ago and snuck back stage (it was an outdoor concert) and climbed over the fence to where the bus was. He was coming out of one of the trailers back there and when he saw me I froze and my mouth dropped open (I was a huge Huey fan) So he ran right up to me and said sssshhhhhh! (I guess he thought I would scream) I quickly pulled my camera out and snapped a picture about 3 inches from his face. I still have that picture – it’s hysterical. He wasn’t so happy about it. In one of his next videos he had a woman run up and take a picture in his face just like it. I swear he was dissing me on that one!

  191. Joanie, if you want to watch porn with Bill more power to you! 😉

  192. There are a couple of tr0lls at the very end of the John Kerry SoS thread. Clean-up is needed.

  193. (mentally checking your age…)

    “I PERFORMED at Woodstock.”

    I don’t think you could do THAT kind of performance

  194. myiq — oh, sorry — I saw that — I didn’t take it as a message for me per se, more like an excuse for the poster to talk.

  195. Joaniebone:

    Grown-ups only!

  196. CWaltz, the point is, I didn’t want to. It was a hopeless accident.

  197. So MyIq who was the young lady you “performed” with?


  198. Angie IS more of a woman than I–no doot a boot it.

  199. I have no celebrity stories. Alas I am hopelessly boring. I will have to live vicariously through you all.

  200. New post up!! With video.

  201. Goldie Hawn patted my husband’s hand on an airplane.

    He’ll do anything for attention.

  202. oops, his head

  203. I didn’t get all the names

  204. The crazy woman with a camera is at about 55 sec.

  205. And since there’s no one around to hear, I’ll admit that I once ran smack into Warren Beatty as he came out of an elevator. I was just 18 and I was totally embarrassed.

  206. How are you guys doing with Obot family members? Everything calmed down?

  207. Seriously, I’m just keeping my head down. And they aren’t trying to talk to me either. I figure another 4 or 8 years and we’ll get over it….

  208. sod — that’s a good story!

    I’ve seen some celebs when I’ve visited LA but I never go up & talk to the because I like to pretend I don’t care. I’ve seen Gwen Stefani at a store; Adam Sandler at a Coffee Bean; Britney Spears at a salon; John Mayers at a club; the good looking guy who played on Alias in a club; Ian Ziering at the Griddle; and Dom Deluise at the Ivy

    That’s it — the biggest star, obviously, has been Paul Newman.

    I’ve also seen a lot of stars when they were Bacchus at Mardi Gras — Charlton Heston, Kirk Douglas, Nicholas Cage, Dennis Quaid — but I don’t count them because they are up on the float — not the same as “street encounters” when you aren’t expecting them.

  209. Warren Beatty — 18 year old girl — I’ll bet he still remembers it katiebird!

  210. Ah, I got my plate of stew and watching a Jullian Moore movie Savage Grace

  211. Oh puke. Now MEchelle is being called the “First Lady of Fashion”:

  212. Once the elections are over my family usually comes collectively together to proclaim they all suck.

  213. angie — he actually posed for a great picture a few minutes later and gave my friend and I a tour of his “bus.”
    But the camera story is the best part.

  214. My buddy at work made up a photoshop of me and Paris Hilton hugging in Las Vegas. Really spooky for an old dude like me. When he posted it in the hall, some of the women looked at me in a very different light! Bwwaaah. My Grand Marnier is taking effect.

  215. I really don’t think he even noticed. I’m sure I wasn’t the sort of 18 year old anyone noticed.

  216. SOD, that’s a great story!

  217. Warren Beatty? Wow!

    Hey guys, new thread up. Come and join us.

  218. Katie, he noticed.

  219. Michelle Looks like the bottom of my shoe every tme I see her. Like when she went to vote, Oh my God.

    No nonsense style = I don’t give a shit

  220. Sorry, I ran off for a kid-less dinner with my husband.

    Thanks for the wine, Katie!

  221. Celebrity story: I used to work in a music store (instuments).

    Roger Fischer (Heart) used to get his guitar worked on and one time he came in and played a song for me that he supposedly wrote “just” for me.

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