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Those other eight percent are Villagers


From Rassmussen Reports:

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republican voters say Alaska Governor Sarah Palin helped bid for the presidency, even as news reports surface that some McCain staffers think she was a liability.

Only 20% of GOP voters say Palin hurt the party’s ticket, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Six percent (6%) say she had no impact, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

Ninety-one percent (91%) of Republicans have a favorable view of Palin, including 65% who say their view is Very Favorable. Only eight percent (8%) have an unfavorable view of her, including three percent (3%) Very Unfavorable.

When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year — Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

Three other sitting governors – Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Charlie Crist of Florida and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota – all pull low single-digit support.

(emphasis added)

According to FOX News Jindal, Crist and Pawlenty are the frontrunners for 2012.  What do they each have that Sarah doesn’t?  Two things:  “low single-digit support” and a penis.

Now why does a lefty-librul petulant clown care about a conservative Republican from caribou country?  Because in 2012 it is virtually certain that the election for President will come down to a Democrat vs. a Republican.  I would like the choice to be between the best candidate from each party.

I would love to get to pick between Hillary and Sarah in four years.  I would hate having Barry and Mitt as my options.  If you were picking the next GOP nominee, which potential first family would you choose? 

This one::


or this one:



171 Responses

  1. I have to admit, Huckleberry’s dog is cute

  2. I want Sarah. She doesn’t even have to win (though I actually doubt I would mind), she just deserves the chance to be the nominee. Finally, a woman as the presidential nominee of a major party. That would be a step forward for women regardless of her politics.

  3. This is excellent news! If the Republicans love Palin, she may be the nominee in 2012. I’d love to once again get to see her do inverviews and debates! Imagine Hillary or Obama debating Palin. Now THAT’s entertainment! And the Dems are guaranteed a win in 2012.

  4. The dark-haired Huckabee son looks like the kid from Far Side

  5. I want to ask a question that I asked in the last post, because I do not want to be resigned at this point – or talked into the view, or be told I’m not being realistic – that a Democrat (as we now know them) / Republican match is inevitable.

    Does anyone know about the political leanings of Anne-Marie Slaughter? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne-Marie_Slaughter

    I know she suffered some controversy at Princeton. However, I liked a lot about her book “The Idea That is America”.

  6. Wonderful, Myiq2xu. Sadly, I always suspected it would be a Republican who would be the first woman president. It’s sad, but they really do treat their women politicians with more respect than the Dems do.

  7. I agree, Regency. I hope it happens.

  8. That the media hates Palin is another reason I like her. Remember the media hates the Clintons, hated Gore, hated Kerry, hated Edwards (I know, I know, but still). And they loved Bush, love Powell, love Obama, heck, they still love Rove.

  9. Help, I’m in moderation and Tweety keeps talking about his tingly leg!

  10. Is that their house behind the Huckabees? If so, the Dems will bring up the “house” thing again. How can a mere preacher afford a house like that? How many houses do the Huckabees own?

    That was the lamest “issue” I’ve ever seen any campaign come up with. It was Barry Lame.

  11. I’ve returned to my assertion that given the current and coming nature of the economy that this may indeed by a one-term presidency. This guy is no Bill Clinton and he certainly doesn’t give me warm secure feelings like Bill does. He hasn’t even convinced me that he’s competent much less adept at national issues.

  12. UTC:

    I would love to see a viable and acceptable 3rd party candidate.

  13. KJM:

    That’s the Arkansas Governor’s mansion

  14. Regency, help me please to understand, and you too, BB, what is the difference between supporting a woman on the basis of her gender, and supporting a man on the basis of his skin color. What is that I’m missing? I know madamab wrote about this last post, and i understood where she was coming from. But it sounds to me that you do not care what Sarah Palin’s politics are- only that she’s a woman. Is that an unfair inference?

  15. i really don’t see how anyone who actually paid attention could NOT see how sharp Sarah is. I mean, in the VP debate she wiped the floor with Biden. I’ve never seen anyone look so glad a debate was over than Biden.

    Sarah was the Master Debater. Joe was the masterbate…. er, you know what I mean.

  16. myiq2xu, is it unworldly to start looking? (I’m not trying to be sarcastic – really asking).

  17. I care that she’s qualified and she is. Just as John McCain was qualified. So while I’m glad she’s a woman, I’m more glad she’s qualified. Her womanhood is just a boon for me.

  18. Regency – but she is a Republican. I thought part of RD’s credo was that this is a site for Democrats in exile. Not for Republicans. Have I got it wrong.

  19. UTC – the difference is that the 30% Solution has been proven to work. Once women reach that critical mass, they automatically begin shifting the debate in any country, and womens’ lives get better.

    Voting for a person on the basis of skin color has never been proven, scientifically, to improve the lives of people of color in that society.

  20. UTC, for me, because of the past election, I will now support any woman candidate by default over any man UNLESS it is proven that she has a serious disqualification — such as corruption. That’s my main reason for not supporting Obama, even before I realized he was such a sexist — the obvious corruption in his record. I will also support any minority person by the same token, as long as they are honest and principled. I will not vote for a crook in any form.

  21. UTC:

    It’s not unworldly, but even if there is a 3rd party candidate there will still be two major-party candidates in the race.

    Just because I think Sarah would be a great GOP nominee doesn’t mean I’m obligated to vote for her.

    I want as many good choices as possible in November 2012

  22. Maybe now we are feminists in exile.

  23. UTC: I really wouldn’t know. You’d have to take that up with her but the last time I checked we welcomed everyone who felt like they’d been kicked in the chest by this process. Is that something we don’t do anymore?

    Is it a matter of “oh, you’re one of those conservatives; you got fucked, sucks to be you”? I don’t accept that.

  24. myiq2xu, do you really think that Hillary would oppose a sitting Dem President? Or will there be another party by then? Or will Obama decide not to run becasue he has done so poorly? Can you or someone discuss this?

    I just don’t see Hillary being able to do anything.

    My prediction is that Obama will be so bad that the Republicans will win 2012 and keep the White House and Congress for 30 years or more, much as the FDR coalition did after the Hoover years. Obama will be the Democrat’s version of Hoover.

    Only possibility of Hillary running the way I see it and think it through now is for a third party. And historically those never do well in this country. But then again, maybe Barky would be that bad and Republicans too.

  25. UTC:

    The Republicans will have a nominee in 2012.

    That nominee could become President

  26. HIllary can only run against him if Public Opinion turns in the next four years. It’s suicide otherwise. Obama’s a narcissist, he’ll run no matter how bad he’s done.

  27. The only thing I don’t like about that photo is that it’s a pre-Trig photo. Somehow one of the random thoughts I was thinking today in my pre-waking moments was that if Palin would run in 2012, Trig would be 4 years old. And I also wondered about how Palin’s appeal will change with age.

    Huckabee’s an eloquent speaker, though. Much better than Obama. He talks in a way that can inspire. Too bad what he talks about is extreme stuff.

  28. Bert:

    I expect Obama to be the Democratic nominee in 2012, and I expect him to run unopposed in the primaries.

    That’s why the other options matter so much.

  29. I read somewhere that this was the first time a candidate made his acceptance speech totally alone. There are usually family members, and the VO onstage with the President-Elect. Obama chose to be up there completely alone.

  30. I think Huck’s happy with his Fox gig. He definitly is the voice of the extreme right-wing and I think they’re prety pleased to have him in the public eye, speaking for their causes.

  31. Bert – I tended to think the way you did, until I saw how eager the media was to get Obama elected.

    Will they turn on him, as they usually turn on all Democratic Presidents? Or will they all have Chris Matthews syndrome?

    If they turn on Obama, then anything could happen in 2012. IMHO.

  32. The Dem’s will run Obama in 2012 no matter how badly he does. He’s the 1st AA president. Hillary will not run.
    This is the cost of misogyny.
    She would have been the best president of our lifetime.

  33. I know that we are Democrats in Exile, but if given the option of voting Palin in ’12 or Obama, it is a no brainer.

  34. TheRealKim, and the speech was a dud. I watched it, and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember a thing he said the day after.

  35. Bert

    Hillary is only powerless for as long as she chooses to be. Until such time as she sees fit to jettison the democratic brand though I don’t see a 2012 run in her future. I disagree with Sarah on alot of things but I am willing to listen and see what she says if she chosses to run in 2012.

  36. There was no way in hell, I was going to watch that acceptance speech.

  37. I took a two-hour shower in lieu of watching that speech.

  38. This question is OT but my mother-in-law is a fine artist. She was thinking of painting a commemorative portrait of either Gov. Sarah Palin or Sen. Hillary Clinton. If given the choice of a commemorative portrait of either politician, which one would you choose?

    I personally would like a commemorative portrait of Sen. Clinton.

  39. Oh, Dissento. They are all dressed exactly alike. Did you not see how creepy that is?

    Smarter tr0lls, please.

  40. The dark haired son killed a dog when he was a youth-camp counselor

  41. FLVoter – Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!


  42. I am a Democrat and I don’t agree with all of Sarah Palin’s policies. However, I just felt like she understands me. I am not a Washington insider, I am not extremely wealthy, or anyone who will make a huge impression on the world. I am just a regular woman, who worries about retirement and my family. The only other person who make me feel that way was Hillary.

  43. kjmontana,

    Huckbee has been Governor of Arkansas for quite awhile. He probably makes a good salary. Now he has a show on Fox News.

  44. TKR, me too. Hillary & Palin both have the common-touch.

  45. Romney has said he will not run in 2012. He felt this was his ‘one time’ shot. Of course, that could change in 4 years. I think Huckabee would love another run, but I don’t believe voters would ever give another conservative republican another opportunity after the disaster of Bush.

    I’ve been impressed with Jindal every time I’ve heard him speak. I don’t agree with his views at all, but he’s knowledgeable and that comes across. A combo ticket of Palin and Jindal might be a formidable team to Obama in 2012.

    I would love if Hillary would try a Ted Kennedy/Carter style challenge to Obama in 2012- especially if he is failing. It seems unlikely, but hey, so did Obama winning. Much can happen in 4 years. Obama won’t have that shiny new car smell anymore.

  46. I’ve spent the past few days primarily lurking here and, have to admit it, licking my wounds. Oh, and also getting back to work. I’m delighted to see a whole bunch of new screen names popping up – hurrah! (But where, oh where, is Pat J?)

    And now, in answer to your binary question, myiq, I say: none of the above, though I’m pissed all over again, this time at the GOP’s attempted exorcism of Palin. It’s time for a third party!!!!! Call it the Integrity party, the Uppity Women & LGBT party, the Know Something party, the PUMA party, just form it please, someone. We can post on the Net ’til the cows come home, but nothing is going to change Out There unless we establish a formal organization with a central office and energetic fundraising mechanism and a media presence.

    Okay, any volunteers?

  47. Somebody probably said “wear vertical stripes, they make you look thinner”

  48. UTC:
    quoting Kenosha marge:
    “The women of the free world better quit their damn bickering over who is or is not a “feminist” and worry about crap like this. Or we’ll all find ourselves in bondage to the men in our lives as our grandmothers and other female ancestors were just a short time ago.This is scary stuff!”
    As I said before, we HAVE to get over liberal and conservative and unite as women to overcome the misogyny that is out there. Sarah Palin may have conservative views, but can you imagine her condoning Sharia law in any way? Women, liberal or conservative think differently than men. When women reach the 30% solution, you will see them govern differently than men.

  49. Pat had to baby sit yesterday for a friend. I don’t know where she is today.

  50. what is the difference between supporting a woman on the basis of her gender, and supporting a man on the basis of his skin color. What is that I’m missing?

    It’s called identity politics, only in the case of women, it does not seem to translate to votes. Judge one demographic only if you think that demographic does not have the same right to see their aspirations fulfilled. I’m assuming, of course, that the candidates for office pass basic human decency and qualification requirements. The AA community supported Obama and no one has judged them for it, thank goodness.

  51. “Regency – but she is a Republican.”
    So is Obama, that didn’t stop the DNC from selecting him……

  52. Kat5, Murphy started PumaPac, so we have an organization.

  53. I think instead of a party, we should form a solid voting bloc. That’s how the evangelicals got so much influence in the GOP.
    Make both parties compete in pandering to us.

  54. urgetocompute,

    I guess we all differ on that. I don’t have any problem with black people voting for Obama because they want to have a black President. I think women have every right to do the same thing. I don’t think any man can understand my issues as well as a women. I would vote for Palin in 2012 unless she runs against Hillary. It wouldn’t be just because she’s a woman though. But I think the 30% solution is a good idea. I plan to vote for every woman I can from now on unless I know she’s a crook or something.

  55. That makes a lot of sense, votermom.

  56. bb, (blush)

  57. Kat5

    I think there is still some mulling going on as to what PUMA is going to evolve into. I don’t think third party has been completely ruled out but I think it would tak e more than one cycle to happen.

  58. I am very happy to see those figures regarding Sarah and the GOP. Seems to be the direct opposite of the pundits. Perhaps already sharpening their “don’t even THINK about the presidency, you stupid girl, you!”

    I am curious about the 30% solution. If we are 52% of the population, why are we settling for only 30%? Aren’t we worth more than that? It feels like settling for seventy cents an hour when my male peers are making a buck. Why isn’t equality and actual parity our goal?

  59. Didn’t Pat J say she was taking a blogging break? I thought I had read that a day or two ago.

  60. Um, folks, the difference between voting skin color and voting for women is that voting for women WORKS. It’s a proven way to get womens’ issues addressed in a society. And it is PROVEN that women do not have to belong to any particular political party in order for it to do so.

    Voting for skin color gives you a feel-good moment. Nothing more.

  61. Kim — it was the first time in the US that any politician after winning an election spoke alone — there is always his family behind him. What BO did was very Stalinesque imo.

  62. votermom

    And they lost that influence a cycle or two later.

    I would totally love to see a third party. I get really tired of bad and worse.

    The biggest barrier is that it would mean you have to broaden the plank to get to a majority IMO.

  63. Hillary won’t run again in 2012. That unity pony won’t allow it, and if she was shredded to pieces for running in 2008, it would only be 100 times worse to run against a sitting president of her own party in 2012. If she didn’t turn her back on the party who treated her like mud on its collective shoe after the primaries, I don’t see her leaving it in 4 years.

    It’s going to be Obama vs Someone, and it would suit me just fine for that Someone to be Palin.

  64. mlhath – the 30% Solution is a MINIMUM. It is the proven point at which things start to change.

    Gender parity is, of course, the ultimate goal, at least for me.

  65. Good point, votermom. But how did the evangelicals achieve visibility and viability as a solid voting bloc? Any valuable (non-biblical) lessons to be learned there?

  66. I see PUMA as combination of both Rep and Dem. The problem with that now is that Rep hate Hillary and for certain do not want her to run again. They want Palin.

    Many Dem’s want Hillary fo 2012.

    So when you hear people make negative statements about Hillary is that from a Rep or Dem.

  67. I want to walk into the voting booth in November 2012 and have to choose between “good” and “better”

    I would love to have “good,” “better” and “best” as my choices.

    I’m tired of having “bad” and “worse” as my options.

    But I know that at least one of my choices will have “GOP” after their name. Until someone better comes along, I want that choice to be Sarah Palin.

  68. Madamab,

    Thanks for your input. I told her that I thought Hillary would be the popular choice but she thought that Palin was a more timely subject since the GE just finished.

  69. FLV: I want one of Hillary, hands down!

    But if later on she feels so inclined to do one of Sarah, I’d have absolutely no problem with that.

  70. Pat J is taking a break from here — hopefully not forever, but could be — she has posted at garychapelhill’s blog — she was very upset over RD’s”post” (you know THE POST)

  71. They had an advantage of churches as a pulpit and a means to connecting with thier potential constituency.

  72. Without going into the personal charm or the policies of Huckabee and Palin (because we were asked to judge based on the photo), I think this is a bit unfair. I mean, I support Sarah Palin for reasons totally unrelated to her being photogenic. Huckabee’s family is a bit rotund, and yes, they are dressed in a family uniform (*shudder*), but honestly. Do we really want to bring our level of conversation down to who is the prettiest candidate? Isn’t this what we’ve been coming out against for months now. There’s a proven psychological bias that we have towards unattractive people. Asch suggested that we assume that attractive people have other positive traits, and vice versa (it’s called the Halo Effect). Although apparently that counts against Palin. I wonder if there’s been research into the Halo Effect and whether the associated traits are gendered?

  73. Thanks BB and madamab. I appreciate your words. (Still capable of learning -slow, but if you bear with me, I’ll get there).

  74. Can she do like a half and half shot? I know it’s incredibly cliche but Hillary’s half bwould be the start of this election’s journey and Sarah’s half would be the end.

  75. That is what I thought Angie, but I wasn’t sure and we get nailed on here if we aren’t sure.

    I just want a woman to break the barrier. Once we get a women to shatter that glass ceiling, I will worry about policy (unless it is Nancy or Claire).

  76. Tell your mom she’ll have her chance at Palin later. Do Hillary, unfortunately due to the DNC, a plate is gonna probably be the closest we will have to getting her.

  77. I am SO voting against Nancy if she runs, woman or not.

  78. Looks like Gary and Mawm have left as well.

  79. Got it, cwaltz. Maybe we form the Secular Church of the Nonaligned Voter?

  80. BTW, myiq, great post. Forgot to say it. I’m so glad that the Republicans are forming their own opinions. But then, part of their worldview is that the media is liberal.

    This had to be the year they confirmed all the conservatives’ suspicions! They couldn’t have been more in the tank for Obama if they tried.

  81. “it was the first time in the US that any politician after winning an election spoke alone ”

    But remember, “This election is not about me, it’s about you”


  82. I was thinking that maybe a way to raise some money is if she does the portrait and I ask that she donate a portion of her profits to maybe the New Agenda or Together 4 Us?

  83. Lots of things could happen in 4 years — for example, BO could get impeached — not likely given how he is the ultimate corp. candidate — but does anyone thing the corruption is going to stop once he is in the WH? It would be easy for Hillary to challenge & unseat Biden in the 2012 primary.

  84. Owenaprhys – That struck me too.

    As he stood there all by himself, proclaiming his own awesomeness, he tried to be humble.

    He did not pull it off.

  85. Being pretty has advantages for both genders in most instances from what I saw in the studies. The attack on sarah’s attractiveness was very “Rovian.” He attacked a strength, rather than target a weakness as a tactic.

  86. Sandra:

    I didn’t say anything about choosing between the two photos. I was judging the candidates on their policies and beliefs.

    FYI those are both photos released by the candidates’ campaigns.

  87. posted by Greta on gretawire.com:
    “READ THIS !!
    by Greta Van Susteren
    I just got a call from Steve Schmidt, of the Senator McCain campaign. He has never originated a call to me before.
    He said the report ( and it has gone viral on the internet and other MSM) that Governor Palin came to the door in a towel is a UNTRUE. He said: “NEVER HAPPENED.” He said he only saw her in business suits or in sweats on the plane relaxing between events.”

  88. I think it’s like Violet Socks (reclusive leftist) says — it’s leverage. We have to be willing to swing our vote like the hispanic vote. Unfortunately, NOW & PP are enslaved to the Dems.
    Possibly we can ally with groups like The New Agenda and document it when the BO admin marginalizes women and women’s issues.
    Lynn de Rothschilde has the right idea — she’s emerged as a leader willing to swing her vote.
    If we commit to voting for women regardless of party, both sides will start running more women.
    How about if we start with the Senate races — start demanding both parties to run women in 2010 for the open races?

  89. I am surprised that anyone would think Sarah Palin would not be a better advocate for women and gays than the democrats who have sold their souls to win the white house. Look how that has worked out so far. I think that we have to accept the fact that the democratic party may be forever changed. I would prefer to look for like minded PEOPLE who would like to work for the health and happiness of the majority, than to walk in lock step with a party that has betrayed us all.

  90. FLVoter – wow, what a great idea!

    Can she do both pictures, or half and half, the way Regency suggested?

  91. urgetocompute, on November 7th, 2008 at 1:46 pm Said:
    Regency – but she is a Republican. I thought part of RD’s credo was that this is a site for Democrats in exile. Not for Republicans. Have I got it wrong.

    I am no longer a democrat and consider myself to be independent (independent but not a member of the Independent party). I don’t think those of us now in the middle should let the fringes pick candidates for the general elections, so will want to vote in a dem or repub primary.

    Anyway, I am independent but now heavily leaning repub because of the corruption of the democratic process by the dems and the misogyny by the dems and the media. Right now, repubs seem relatively less corrupt in terms of the democratic process and less misogynistic in that most of the base is treating Palin well.

  92. I still say we riff off of the 50 state strategy and start getting an idea on what we have to work with and where we all are.

  93. Kim — yep, gary & mawm are gone forever they say (not even a little hope they’ll be back according to the, but I’m hoping time will change that). If you want to “talk” to them go to:
    They post there regularly (you will even see a few of us)

  94. He said the report ( and it has gone viral on the internet and other MSM) that Governor Palin came to the door in a towel is a UNTRUE. He said: “NEVER HAPPENED.” He said he only saw her in business suits or in sweats on the plane relaxing between events.”

    To me story always rang untrue….but unfortunately people who want to believe bad things about Palin will

  95. firelight,

    Yes you have it wrong

    RD has had a handful or two of GOP admirers visit.

  96. semi-OT: I noticed that Eschaton is not mentioning the Rahm Emanuel pick or the possibility of unrepentant sexist Larry Summers.

    I think Atrios may already be regretting his support of the Naked Emperor.


  97. madamab:

    Thank you. I understand that even to get to 30% would be phenomonal. But the MINIMUM should not be our goal. Sometimes it seems that women are content with anything. A minimum of anything should never be a goal.

    Any men you know who would be satisfied at 30% of ANYTHING? We cannot set our goal to just have a woman nominated. It must be a goal to have a woman win.

    Personally, I think it should be 90% women, and let men try for a 30% solution.

    Asking for less than we are never solves anything. If we don’t value ourselves as equal, we never will be.

  98. That wasn’t Firelight. That was urgetocompute.

  99. firelight — I’m now an Independent too & actually re-registered as such (actually in NC they call in Unaffiliated — I like that name even better).

  100. Madamab,

    I will speak to her about doing a combo or doing both. Does anyone have any nformation on the # of members PUMA has, Together 4 Us and the New Agenda so that I can pass them along to her.

  101. oooppps

    sorry firelight. that’s what I get for doing two things at once.

  102. pet_vet, on November 7th, 2008 at 1:32 pm Said:

    This is excellent news! If the Republicans love Palin, she may be the nominee in 2012. I’d love to once again get to see her do inverviews and debates! Imagine Hillary or Obama debating Palin. Now THAT’s entertainment! And the Dems are guaranteed a win in 2012.

    Yea, Hillary on the ticket…please give me a break. She is only allowed to campaign for the Democrats not be on any ticket. Exactly what planet were you on when during this past year?

  103. Angie: I have been posting at Gary’s site for a few days now. I love his writing and will divide my time equally.

  104. Hell, I have even ventured over to Klownhaus a few times. Homicidal clowns don’t scare me one bit.

  105. I think that equality and actual parity are the goal, but we have to be realistic here. Some of the harshist critic against Palin was from other women. We cannot expect that these extremes will come together. Far too many of them do not even see the disparity between women’s rights and how women are treated.
    I suspect that the lefties in the demokraktic party will only see that Obama needs more time, not that he has not even started to make good on promises. They will support him in 2012. I would gladly vote for Sarah Palin or Jindal. I was surprised that he was not chosen to be honest here.

  106. WV: I think that post was pure sarcasm disdaining Sarah. Hillary was just a weapon of “humor”

  107. Kim — great! I will see you there too!

  108. I am afraid we won’t be seeing Hillary on the ticket again. Her name isn’t even being tossed around for a cabinet post. After all the work she put into teh one’s campaign, I can’t believe her name is never brought up. Has she managed to pay off her campaign debt?

  109. Sandra S @ 2:15 pm: Thanks, those are good points.

  110. Wishing and hoping about 2012 isn’t going to do anything. We have to challenge the media/DNC/RNC power structure. We need to make sure there is no threat to net neutrality. Obama silenced dissent by kicking reporters off his plane. As president, with net neutrality gone, he’d be able to easily silence his critics (or at least his media allies could).

    We need to protect net neutrality before anything else. It’s the only thing we have to work toward the 30% solution or whatever you find most important. Waiting until net neutrality is threatened will be too late.

  111. Is that poster Beth White serious? I’m in a med-haze but I want to tell her to eff off if she is saying Hillary supports conservative family values. It is BO who supports conservative family values (ie women should consult their pastors about abortions; First Lady Hillary Clinton did nothing more then have tea with other leader’s wives).

  112. define conservative family values Beth?

  113. gqm:

    We can multi-task.

  114. gqm, could you point me to a good link that explains net neutrality and where it stands now?

  115. Kim — like her name would be tossed around for a cabinet post! LOL She got more votes then BO and more LEGAL pledged delegates & she wasn’t even vetted for VP.

  116. Oh and for the record, I don’t caricatures of “conservatives’ any longer. I disagree with them on gay marriage and abortion but I refuse to demonize them rather than engage in debate with them on how to proceed forward.

  117. Dems seem to agree with Republicans on gay marriage, so that issue is out to lunch.

  118. The RealKim: I will be pushing for Hillary to run again.

  119. Angie, we should have dinner sometime, I am only an hour from you.

  120. Ang- I think it is a trap to divide us.

    The trick is to respect different viewpoints. I refuse ot pigeonhole people.

  121. Beth White = tr0ll

    Mlhath – if you feel like promoting a 90% solution, you are welcome to do so. 🙂

    I chose the 30% Solution because it has some science behind it, and has even been enshrined in the Constitution of Rwanda. Now, they have more women than men in their government. Once the critical mass is reached, then the number of women seems to snowball.

  122. cwaltz — I agree with you on that. The whole Republicans are evil meme is stupid & childish. Yep, there are Republicans who are lying cheating frauds (Rove, Cheney, et al) but guess what — there are Dems who are lying cheating frauds too (Donna B, Dean, BO).

  123. MYIQ

    Thank you. I like this much better. Obviously my survey of the conservative & rep blogs wasn’t representative. I have to say that every Republican or conservative I’ve spoken to does not like Romney.

    Having NPD Bo will run again however badly he does. And no one will oppose that as they would be risking the trotting out of the race card (fair or unfair)-hey, it worked the first time. And Hillary cannot oppose a democratic incumbent. However, and I don’t know if it’s possible, the will of the people could prevail if they are completely disappointed by BO.

    I think MYIQ is right, it’ll be between BO and a Republican.

  124. Wow, Greta’s blog has more than 1000 comments on the post about the trashing of Palin. Lots of Obots.

  125. KIm — where are you? That would be great!

  126. Who cares what the Republicans want? Democrats also wanted Hillary, a lot of good that did them. Marketing will tell them differently


  127. exactly ang!

  128. I am in Greenville, SC

  129. gary & mawm are gone forever they say

    What? I missed that. WTH happened?

  130. madamab

    Once the men see that behind those scary lady parts there are brains, common sense, and a desire for the common good (not saying that women are perfect angels – but they do bring in more human friendly changes) they lose their fear and and so it snowballs.

  131. Does anyone else have a post going up soon?

  132. Britannia — RD’s post “Overcome” after the election really upset gary & mawm because the BO carried CA by 20 points yet Prop. 8 also got passed. The supporters of Prop. 8 used BO’s own words that he thinks marriage is between a man & a woman in their ads & BO did NOTHING to stop them. They believe (and they are right) that BO has gotten into the office by stepping on women & the GLBT community & they were offended that anyone could find anything to celebrate in that. You can go to gary’s blog if you want to talk to them.

  133. LOI – yes, and also there are enough women to convince every party and faction to support more women for elected office.

    I always hoped Hillary would be elected, not just because I thought she was great, but also because I thought it might be instructive to a lot of men. After she was President for four years and their penii didn’t fall off, they might be less averse to voting for more women.

  134. myiq – I can put mine up. Should I?

  135. Kim — my cousin lives in Greenville, SC!! (actually she lives in Moore, SC but it is 15 minutes away). I go to visit her all the time!!

  136. iq,

    None of the other “tasking” will matter if net neutrality is gone. I’m a late convert to this, I am. But seeing the Obama camp behavior and the way his supporters acted, both in the MSM and in personal interactions, I’m quite worried about not having a venue.

    Even sites like this place could be burdened to the point of not being useful or an easy place to gather. The internet is, at this point, our only major weapon against he MSM/DNC/RNC axis. No matter what the choice of issues people chose, net neutrality needs to be up there.

  137. The next time you are here, we should all meet for dinner. We have a few decent restaraunts.

  138. Angie, thanks for explaining. I was surprised when I saw the Overcome post too. There were so many comments on that post, I couldn’t keep up.

  139. madamab:

    Whenever you’re ready

  140. gq — we can take to the streets the old-fashioned way — they didn’t have the internet during the 60s & it seems to me they were more effective in their protests then we’ve been.

  141. If Obama crashes and burns in his first term (a very distinct possibility) why shouldn’t Hillary run against him in 2012? At that point she will be seen as the savior of the party.

  142. NEW POST UP!!!

  143. Kim — its a date — email me at my junk email address & I will email you at my “real” email address. I will not be going up there this weekend ’cause I’m sick & she is coming here next weekend, so it might be about 3 weeks before I go up that way. That ill be fun!
    My junk email:
    tell me after you’ve emailed me so I can check it.

  144. Kim: crap, that is not right. Here it is:


  145. my-You are so mean to use Huckleberry’s “fat” photo!

  146. Now myiq: You know that’s an old pic of Huckabee and the family:


    I don’t know if “the boys” are still chowing down on pork rinds and biscuits and gravy but Huckabee went on a drastic diet and exercise routine and got the weigh off.

    Re: gary and mawm: I’ve been spending time there too; a lot.
    I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself so much over there.

  147. Too bad I can’t vote. But then, I doubt I could vote for Piper Palin till 2038.

    I LOVE that kid. She defines cute and adorable.

  148. Myiq-

    I was probably misinterpreting then. I’m just really sensitized to my own subconscious biases right now. I think it’s going to be awhile before we get a seriously overweight president, and it sure as hell won’t be a woman when it happens. There’ll be two years of debate about whether or not they’ll drop dead in office from a heart attack, just like the totally unrecognized ageism that McCain went up against.

  149. scary mary
    call a stylist!
    what happened to those “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” people?

  150. bostonboomer: “Sadly, I always suspected it would be a Republican who would be the first woman president. It’s sad, but they really do treat their women politicians with more respect than the Dems do.”

    Yep. That’s the sad truth. After the disgusting sexist attacks on Hillary and Palin this year, I will never call myself a Democrat again.

    Luckily for me I live in VA and since we don’t register party affiliation here I’ll be able to vote in the 2012 Republican primary. If Palin is running, she’ll get my vote.

  151. I would really like to see women stick together
    like the blacks do.

    If they did, we would be on our second or third
    female president or vice-president by now.

  152. I have to say, if we’re supposed to think the second picture doesn’t look like a good First Family because they’re fat, that’s really offensive.

  153. I do not base my vote on pictures of candidates. “Which would you chose?” based on pictures-when I know very little about the man doesn’t help. There seemed to be a suggestion that because the man was large as was his children that maybe he wouldn’t be a good president. As a large person, I find the suggeston off putting. My size has nothing to do with my brain or my compassion or my abilities in a number of areas.

  154. I dont think third parties are the awnser. They seem to be too co-opted by fringes. As many times as I have not liked either choice in some race I have never seen a viable canidate from the Green’s or anyone else. I dont mean viable in that they just were not going to get the votes, I mean viable in not being half way insane. ( as I type this I am in a room that used to be one of Ron Paul’s local district offices) I think a organized coherent block somewhere near the middle is better. Make the 2 major parties woo you, or at least be afraid to piss you off. Winning the center is, and always will be, the path to victory. Having a coherent organization with stated goals, like 30 %, and no pledged alligance to a party label is the way to go. In my opinion.

    thanks ghost 2, I just hope I am around for Chelsea vs Piper

  155. And I agree with the poster above that people would spend a year talking about fat the man and his family were,, how they lacked self control and how they were stupid because of their size. I am concious of fat phobia and I don’t like it.

  156. Hey, they didn’t even poll me. As a lifelong Dem, Palin sealed my
    vote (of course, the lack of morality and the corrupt nomination
    process meant I could not vote for what used to be the Dem Party).

    I would vote for her over Barry in a heartbeat.

    Huck has had a gastric bypass so he is of a normal weight now.

    I am re-registering today to Decline to State (Independent in Ca.). It
    feels even better than voting the first time for a Republican Presidential

  157. And, I’ll switch my affiliation from Decline to State to Republican to vote for Palin in the Republican Primary if she is running.

    One of my Diehards group members made the point that we
    need the 50 percent solution, not thirty. Have our government representatives resemble our population.

    We need a viable third party.

  158. Um, to all of you folks who are taking offense at the Huckabee photo. I think you need to check your own bias. The family is wearing matching freakin’ outfits! Cute on CHILDREN perhaps but not on grown children. JMHO of course.

  159. No; I don’t need to “check my biases”. and I don’t care if they are wearing the same shirt maybe the did it for a lark. And yes, I am sensitive to fat phobia and I don’t apologize for it.

  160. Put the m on a ticket together and I would SO vote for them! If I had to pick one or the other, I’d be hard pressed to choose. I like them both.

  161. I would vote for my dog or cat before I
    I’d vote for Obama. I’d vote for Hickabee before I’d vote for Obama. That’s how much I can’t stand Obama, and think he’s a throrough narcisscist.

  162. I’m coming in late as usual, but yes, I also haev to ask how is it fine to vote for a woman, any woman, against anyone else running, when it’s not right for African Americans f to vote for the half-black or black candidate, with no concern for anything beyodn skin color?

    I voted for McCain, shuddered at the thought of Palin takign over if he died, and basically disagree with he ron every issue. I see her as a more attractively packaged Dick Cheney. That said, since the “far left” DEm handily beat the “Moderate consrevative Rep this time atround (actualy Bush beat McCain), then the far right is going to be back with a vengeance, and with Pailin in the lead.

    II simply find it extraordinarily hard to listen to women wanting to vote based solely on gender. What you risk ending up with is all too often someone who is not up to the job and who then makes it harder for those who are.

    I have the same concerned about affirmative action, which I saw play out with lawyers.. (And I went to law school in the late 60s, when trust me, women were nto welcomed in teh least, but MY plan was alays to create such a strong record they couldnt’ turn me down, and it worked.)

    Vote for the best candidate. Use gender, if you must, as a tie breaker. Tha’s my own theory of life.

  163. “what is the difference between supporting a woman on the basis of her gender, and supporting a man on the basis of his skin color. What is that I’m missing?

    It’s called identity politics, only in the case of women, it does not seem to translate to votes. Judge one demographic only if you think that demographic does not have the same right to see ”

    One comment I kept hearing on television local news…was “Now every child can see that ANYONE can grow up to be President!” and then teh person woudl go on and on about what a wonderful world we now habe.

    NO one added “As long as you have external genitalia,”

  164. OUCH! Those are some bigger boys. Notice the abundance of vertical stripes however. It reall does fool the eye doesn’t it?

  165. I hate Huckabee. I would have voted Obama over Huckabee. I was so relieved when McCain did not pick him.

    Palin is a star. She’ll be back.

  166. Sarah Palin is washed up politically – the McCain staffers made sure that she would not return in 2012.

    Huckabee is the biggest f’ing populist out there and a Morman hater. He made damm sure that Mitt didn’t get picked as VP.

    Think other names – we are: Jim DeMint, Mike Pence and Jindal of course.

  167. These GOP Palin satisfaction statistics only prove why Republicans lost, too much naval gazing. Playing to the base is not going to be the future for the GOP because it was one of the factors that lost them the election this time. Sticking with Palin will only result in worse results the next time round.

    The post Republican convention poll bump began to decline with the Couric/Palin interview and it was downhill from there. I don’t see a path short of a reality TV show called Re-Educating Sarah where she gets a believable Pygmalion treatment and receives Arnold like approval ratings across the board.

    Let’s set our sights on someone who will appeal to new electorate and assume that the base can no longer put anyone across the finish line.

  168. Overheard somewhere in 1976:
    “Going with Reagan will only result in worse results the next time around.”

  169. johnny boy is either a troll or delusional Sarah was more popular than McCain, It was She who energized the base. If you saw some of actual figures about the voter numbers they show that it was apathetic Rep voters who didnt turn out that made the difference this year. That was people who think John is too moderate
    So Johnny boy, ever heard of the Interstate Oil & GAs Commerce Compact ? Know anything about Point Thompson ? Wanna tell me how many years Sarah Palin was on the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. If not you simply do not have sufficient background information to make any statements. maybe you need reeducation. If you cant follow RR’s 11th commandment maybe this party does not belong to you

  170. Next time someone starts putting about anonymous slanders concerning Sarah Palin’s “stupidity” you might remember this. This morning a HRW spokeswoman on BBC radio 4, talking about the Congo, said that it was good African leaders were involved, but there needed to be an international effort too. So I suppose we meant to conclude that according to her Africa is a single country and any talk of African leaders is not intended to convey the sense of something international. What a stupid, ignorant woman! Or not, if you are not a raving misogynist and well aware of the fact that, outside Africa, people of all sorts and levels of education are unfortunately prone to talking about Africa as though it were not a continent of many nations.

  171. I not only did not listen to obama’s acceptance speech..I have no intentions of ever listening to him. All the man has going for him is a loud voice. He doesn’t speak…he yells.and the people think that is great. We have lowered our expections to the basement level. Regardless of what the brainless wonders say about Sarah Palin..she was the only bright spot in this entire campaign. Had Hillary generated that kind of personality..and energy..she might very well be in the White House today.

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