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Oh, excuse me.

Bwaaaa-hahahahaha!!!!! —Karl Rove


H/t to V

cross-posted at Lady Boomer NYC

145 Responses

  1. I’m sorry, Ladyboomer.
    I always love your posts.

    but you cannot make me watch that vid of those guys, no way.
    I won’t do it. nope.

  2. catarina – I did. Wish I hadn’t!

  3. True, kinda painful.

  4. i am with catarina

  5. catarina, why, may I ask?

    I’m always doing double takes, but they do get some good ones in.

  6. I always take them as sarcastic. Do you not? Did you see the end?

  7. Lady Boomer NYC, I agree. I think they’re making fun of themselves.

  8. I think they are saying that Rove had The Dems for lunch, and that the RNC ate Sarah for a snack. I’m beginning to agree, although in reality she probably saved their *$$. (Speaking of . . . Where is John McCain to the rescue??? Ruh roh.)

    Do you remember that Donna B. began her “interesting” communications with him back in 2004, after they met in 2003, I believe?

  9. Oh, BTW, thanks, catarina, for the compliment about my posts. Looks like these last two have been a leetle controversial.

  10. I love those guys — they are a guilty pleasure of mine — I take them as being sarcastic too — the letter from Karl smells of “lilac, hand sweat & a whiff of brimstone.” I don’t care who you are — that is funny sh!t.

    My other guilty pleasure is Drinking With Bob.

  11. What’s Drinking with Bob?

  12. Exactly, angie, I thought there characterizations of Karl were hysterical. There’s more, too.

    I think there’s a lot of sarcasm in there — They also said there are Inuits in CAN, which implied, to me, something about prejudice.

  13. Lady Boomer — this is Drinking With Bob (turn your volume down):

  14. Ahh, that was great! Very cathartic. He’ll either give himself a heart attack or prevent himself from having one. Good advice to turn my volume down.

    Hey, I liked his t-shirt. I helped pass the DARE bill when I worked at the PR firm that handled it.

  15. What a kidder! Those guys!! Any more sensitive and people could get the idea that – well – women are people!


  16. urge — I clicked and says page not found.

  17. Lady Boomer — he has some other good ones too, like “Matt Damon is a sexist and a schmuck”:

    and the “MSM thinks you’re stupid”

    Just to name 2.

    I think he’s the guy who will never have a heart attack — the people who get heart attacks are the ones who hold all their emotions in.

  18. Thanks, angie — will listen while I’m putting stuff away in my apt., cuz no visuals necessary — I can see why he’s a guilty pleasure.

  19. Ok Lady boomer posting a picture of fuzzybeargville before he ccolored his beard red? with out his express permission is dangerous!

  20. fuzzy’s red? thanks for giving us a clue.

    Gosh, now look what you made pop into my brain:
    Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair. fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he?

  21. To be honest the demacrats could have nominated a tray of cheeses and won this cycle!

  22. angie –I sent another email – did you get that one?

  23. Fuzzy — Please update your records. 🙂

  24. fuzzybeargville, on November 7th, 2008 at 6:45 pm Said:

    “To be honest the demacrats could have nominated a tray of cheeses and won this cycle!”

    I think they did, and it’s Limberger.

  25. Obama’s first revision to election laws is to prohibit un accompanied woman from voting…from now on women must vote with either a spouse or male relative at their side. If no male relative is availible the woman may bring her clergyman….

  26. well at least the roaming gnome loves a good smelly cheese

  27. sod — I got it. Didn’t you see me?

  28. fuzzy, your scenario reminds of getting a learner’s permit or bb’s essay about sharia law.

  29. Very Funny. I think that really was a note from Rove.

  30. fuzzy,

    Did you see the press conference? Is it true that Obama plans to register everyone to vote automatically? I was listening to right wing radio on the way home. I was hoping they were joking.

  31. Thank you, I needed that laugh!

  32. Carolynn — LOL — The writing looked familiar, but probably only b/c it reminded me of Hillary’s. But why do you think that?

  33. Obama slips in reference to seance by Nancy Reagan
    By KEVIN FREKING – 1 hour ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — In his preparation to become president, Barack Obama said Friday that he has had discussions with all former presidents — or almost all of them.

    “I’ve spoken to all of them that are living,” the president-elect said in a lighter moment during his first press conference since his victory.

    “I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances,” he joked.

    It actually wasn’t Nancy Reagan who was linked to conversations with the dead; it was Obama’s top Democratic challenger for the presidency, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y.

    In either case, use of the word “seance” might be overstated.

    Nancy Reagan consulted an astrologer to help set her husband’s schedule, wrote former White House chief of staff Donald T. Regan. The revelation created a furor and President Reagan even broke with his policy of not commenting on books by former White House staffers. “No policy or decision in my mind has ever been influenced by astrology,” Reagan said.

    In his book “The Choice,” Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward described how Clinton consulted with a spiritual adviser who led her through imaginary conversations with her personal hero, Eleanor Roosevelt. Newsweek magazine, which was promoting the book, characterized the visits as “seances,” a term that White House officials quickly tried to squelch.

    “These were people who were helping her laugh, helping her think,” said Neel Lattimore, the first lady’s spokesman. “These were not seances.”


  34. Women will probably have to consult with their husbands or clergyman and will be instructed whom to vote fo.

  35. Tracy — I’m so glad you got a kick out of it!! I laughed too, every time, just to make sure it was funny, but then I was thinking I’d driven everyone away!

  36. Forgive me …. thought I was somewhere else … yikes & it’s early …. delete that … please .. didn’t mean to post that whole thing here ….

    anyway .. early or not .. he’s a putz .

  37. BO — can’t even get his insults right.
    btw — he should consult with an astrologer — 1/20/09 swearing in time doesn’t bode well for the future president.

  38. Briana — why delete it? he’s a putz as you say. We discussed that comment of his about Nancy on the earlier thread.

  39. Lady Boomer,

    I love those two guys. They are definitely tongue in cheek. I posted one recent that I thought was hilarious. I needed a laugh tonight.

  40. Angie,

    What’s wrong about the swearing in time? Do tell.

  41. Red update is funny but I just wanted to point out that they called Palin “dumb bitch”. The problem isn’t that they said it, the problem is nobody cares – not even women. Every woman that attempts to succeed will ultimately be defined as one of two stereotypes – bitch or dumb bitch. Nobody cares, and other women are often the first to throw out the stereotype. I think women will always fall short of completely breaking the glass ceiling as long as this is the case.

    Would Obama ever have won if it was acceptable for any black man trying to succeed to be painted as an Uncle Tom and AA’s allowed themselves to fall for it everytime.

  42. Briana — Where did you think you were? LOL

    I kept thinking, that was HRC, until I got to that part. Reagan probably should have consulted an astrologer. I think Obama should consult the same astrologer Michelle did when she chose that dress (Sorry, I usually love Narciso, and hate being a catty woman, but that was just bad on her) — and then, let the MSM make fun of HIM. (I happened to like that Hillary did that, and have consulted with my DP in the past.)

  43. Good bb — it was a bit of a rough and tumble day.

    Typical Rep. — Umm, yes, they did call Palin that. And I think that was part of the satire, which was the same as this election. Sadly. And I care. Resolutely.

  44. LoL .. o.k. .. don’t delete …. we don’t usually post ‘whole’ pieces here … that’s the only reason I said it … ..

    this is interesting .. . .

    The Gitmo Dilemma
    Four reasons Obama won’t close the controversial prison soon


  45. Angie-which astrologer did you get your information from? I’ve read a couple through the primaries and the message/prediction kept changing. I thought it was going to turn out well for Hillary until the astrologer said he got it wrong. I was looking at someone who does Modern Vedic Astrology.

  46. We’ve got an asshole at 7:07 though I supsect they are indeed an asshole at all times so that might makes things a great deal more confusing.

  47. clean up aisle 7:07. Better to smell like Bible Spice than BO.

  48. Go away for a couple of days and you miss the action on the Confluence apparently. What’s THE POST and wtf happened to Gary and Mawm?

  49. RalphB: Riverdaughter posted that Obama’s win represented a good thing for the American people, even if the candidate himself was wanting. Some folks disagreed with the sentiment and left.

  50. Gary has a blog called Electric Blues. Some of the old regulars who got upset with RD’s post are hanging out there now.

  51. ugc, Is that all? Sounded like some big deal. We’re all entitled to our opinions, even the wrong ones 🙂

  52. Is Obama Screwing His Base with Rahm Emanuel Selection?

    By Stephen Zunes, AlterNet. Posted November 7, 2008.

    Obama has asked conservative Clinton vet Rahm Emanuel to be his chief of staff — it’s not a good sign for progressives.


  53. Typical Republican, on November 7th, 2008 at 7:07 pm Said:

    Red update is funny but I just wanted to point out that they called Palin “dumb bitch”. The problem isn’t that they said it, the problem is nobody cares – not even women.

    Good point. I had to go back to listen again “moose eatin’ b______” was his line, but it could easily have been “dumb.”

    I took it as satire as well, but you’re right about people not being “politically correct” except when it comes to r@cist remarks. Thanks for pointing it out.

  54. NO, the commentary was a TAD inappropriate at the time—a couple days later wouldn’t have hurt. The timing for the thread was off.

    RD got a little carried away about the AA win and history, while not realizing the LGBT were sitting back shaking their heads and crying.

    Gary and Mawm were a little offended,

    Hope they come back soon.

  55. Sorry about the link .. here it is ..

    I am always surprised to read or hear that even ‘some’ questions are being asked about the ‘one’ .. from our left blogs …

  56. RalphB, I think it had to do with the timing. It was the morning after. Not many people wanted to celebrate anything.

  57. Regency,

    Which one at 7:07? I deleted the one that called Palin a rude name.

  58. you got it, BB.

  59. It’s days later and I’m still not celebrating. No chance of htat happening actually. I would have had an offended reaction no matter when she posted it.

  60. Typical Republican — I think you’re right, Obama would never have stood for it, yet worked to create the appearance that people would be r@cist. That’s what was so upsetting re: both The Clintons and women.

  61. Hello everyone!!

    Sounds like Friday night cocktail hour! Where’s MYIQ?

    I have been in the trenches head down and have come up for air.
    To find fuzzy chaos on RD as a result of a rather funny LB video.

    No woman or man should be called a b!tch.

  62. Thanks, Rege

  63. i have my cosmo right here … no more theraflu!!!

  64. Have a good weekend guys!
    Tomorrow’s my bday — the big 4-0.

  65. Happy birthday!!!

  66. votermom!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  67. Enjoy, votermom. Happy Birthday! It may not be as painful as you imagine – the big 4-0.

  68. Did somebody call me?

  69. BB — thanks for clean up.
    cheers, dakinikat!

  70. right on cue, myiq! LOL!

  71. Protesting at L.A. Temple

  72. Happy B-day, votermom! Get wasted!

    I’m drinking coke. I’m the designated escort.

  73. You know .. I am getting sick & tired of this ‘stuff’ about ‘some’ denying RD the same choices & freedom that we give ourselves & that She gives us right here on her very own blog .. &

    ..Frankly, the thought has crossed my mind that a few have used this blog …. to build and promote their own blogs … yeah . That’s fine .. cooperation is always good …

    I was here , I saw her point . She was viewing it from a bigger prospective .. beyond our own prejudices and self interest that made most of us vote against the O man .

    Truthfully … no matter what anyone chooses to believe It was a momentous event … Not only here but in the whole world . Just as it would have been if Hillary had been the one on the front pages all over the world that morning … . So what if it was because he was AA .. So what if it had been a Woman ..?? .. results would have been the same . RD was right about acknowledging the truth beyond our world ..

    She even made it a point to say how despicable he is in spite of this… ‘historic moment’ … AND … that still wasn’t enough . .. for the ‘outraged’ ones …. that is what makes me think that ‘as usual ‘ self promotion/self interest .. was involved ..DUH.

  74. happy birthday votermom!!! Another SCORPIO PUMAS!


  75. Yes –

    What’s cocktail hour without MYIQ?

    Happy Birthday Votermom!!

  76. Happy B-D Votermom … from another scorpio puma ..;))

  77. bb: sorry! I was on the phone with my mom & then walked the dogs so I didn’t see your question. Anyway according to a story in the Washington Times a while back:

    Fifteen hundred astrologers attended the United Astrology Conference in Denver, Colorado back in May (2008). The consensus among a panel of seven astrologers was that Barack Obama would win the next election for President. Yet there were other more “ominous” predictions about the “presumptive nominee, election day, and the possible consequences affecting whomever is actually inaugurated as President. . .

    The astrologers also noted that the date of the Inauguration is “scheduled for a particularly bad time” planet-wise, and that astrologers were concerned for Senator Obama’s safety. . .

    Astrologers believe that the person who is elected on election day may not be the same person to take the oath of office on Inauguration Day.

    Whoever is inaugurated may face concerns for their “safety”

    The whole story here:


  78. Happy Birthday, votermom!!!!

  79. I dunno, I don’t agree with every one, i’m use to being disagreeable now… RD chose to try to put the situation in a different light than I would have but I’m not going to get all pissy about that … she’s not getting pissy at me for posting my mind … isn’t the beautiful thing about the PUMA movement that we can have some variations on the theme? Not every one here voted McCain or third party or topless. She certainly hasn’t gone Troll Mart on folks. She also isn’t pushing her meme on every one. We can all disagree on some of the finer points while still embracing the greater truth that this election did not advance the interests and the civil rights of all of us …

    and i’m posting what I think right here … as well should every one else …

  80. Thanks, Angie. That doesn’t sound too good.

  81. lady boomer, I used the dread TR0ll word

  82. While a history changing event, his election has certainly not been transformative of anything and may never. That depends on what comes in the next 4 years. Believing anything else is a form of hysteria.

    Life changing event for one family from Chicago and none other at the moment. It could prove to be a very good thing for African Americans who are young enough though. However, for older African Americans, I imagine it will be like my friend at work says, “Not one damn thing will change for him”.

  83. Happy B-day Votermom! As they say, life begins at 40 🙂

  84. Briana, I think the reaction was more about pain and the intensity of this long election season than promotion. Associating Barack Obama with anything positive has been a stretch for the blogs I most frequent even if it was just symbolic.

    I do appreciate your other points.

  85. Purple .. you may be right … however .. Doesn’t anyone involved think that RD had pain…?? ..

    I think so.

  86. angienc

    the signs were right but the analysis wrong. Clinton was the true presumptive Dem nominee. Although there is no confirmed birth time for her the analysis showed that upheavals would not allow her to win, to be the nominee so the astrologers were right, just the interpretation was wrong. The nomination was stolen from her and there was an upheaval. A friend of mine who’s been doing this for decades did an analysis for this entire election process and got the same results by his interpretations were different. He basically said in June that what is taken from one by force will be taken from him by force by the inauguration. There would be no physical demise however. Which is good.

  87. Briana, it’s also a particularly sensitive time for the LGBT community. You have to factor that in.

  88. RD’s post might not have been popular (I very much disagreed with it!), but it is one post. And though I was late to find this site, it has been a wonderful place to find support, where one can voice one’s outrages and hurts, a refuge where dissent and respectful discussion is still welcome; and it is thanks to RD. Someday we might not have this forum for sharing. Some day we might not be allowed to disagree and stand indignant in disbelief that someone disagreed with us. RD deserves at the very least the benefit of the doubt. There are great posters here, great commentators, and wonderful people. It would be a shame to tear apart a community based on one post, a post where those who objected could voice their objections without fearing being “banned”.

    What counts is not that “we” disagree, but what we do about it (IMHO)

  89. Briana,

    Thank you for saying that. Riverdaughter has worked her a$$ off writing a new post almost every morning for the past year. She is a human being and she’s entitled to express her feelings just as much as anyone else. It may have hit some people wrong–in fact I was a little startled, but so what? I got over it, and I think she had a point.

    I can’t celebrate, but I can certainly see why black people are thrilled. I read some interesting comments by Harry Belefonte. He doesn’t really agree with Obama–Belefonte is very far left–but it’s still a symbolic victory for the black community.

    I also think it is extremely hypocritical for AA’s in CA to vote for Obama and also vote to outlaw same sex marriage. I’m disgusted that people who have been horribly discriminated against don’t want to support another group who are being discriminated against and targeted for violence. And I think Obama is a homophobe too, which is one of the reasons I couldn’t support him.

  90. BB: I can’t disagree with anything you said on that last post … really

  91. Thanks, Dakinikat.

  92. Briana — whatever.

    RalpbB — if you haven’t already, you can read the post for yourself here. I think there was subsequent discussion in later posts too, but this is the main one.

  93. LOI — sorry, can you explain that a little more. I only know what I read here — I think you are saying that the “person winning the election is not the same one who will be sworn in” doesn’t mean BO winning on Nov. 4 will not be the one sworn in, but it means that Hillary won the nomination but it was “stolen” from her — she should have been the one sworn in, but now it will be BO. Is that right?
    Also, what does your friend say about the day of the swearing in, which these astrologers say is a “bad time” planet-wise.

  94. My take on RD’s post was not that she was celebrating, but that she was acknowledging a milestone. The first non-white-male President, much as I dislike everything about him, is a big (forgive me) change worth noting.

    I had spent election night unable to sleep and had formulated my own response to use while going out among the Obots. My coping mechanism was and is, I think, similar to what RD suggested.

    “Great!” I say to those who are celebrating. “It’s wonderful that a biracial MAN with a funny name can be elected President. Now all our sons know they can be President too. BUT HE .. is not for UHC, cheated to win, did not actually win, used misogyny….” and I point out everything that is wrong with him and his election.

  95. RalphB.. talk to the 106 year old in Georgia and ask her if she cares about the next four years …

    Look .. I can’t stand the guy or his tactics .. blah .. blah .. & blah .

    It just doesn’t change the moment or the respect that I feel RD deserves … I mean we are democrats .. right ..?? Yes we have accepted repubs here and I think it is great .. the truth still remains .. that RD has given us the freedom to express our feelings & thoughts with very few restrictions ….

    I simply feel She should be given the same privileges that she has given us .. . … AND to reject her for one post made should not be any reason to walk away . .. and say “I’m never coming back” ….. come on … it’s a little much….

    There have been posts here that have made me feel uncomfortable … actually , everywhere that is the case, We are grown ups …. we will never be in total agreement on everything ….. I accept that … but I don’t have to throw anyone ‘under the bus’ … because of a difference of opinion …. especially when there has been a relationship formed over months ….

    there’s more to it.

  96. bostonboomer, I have been wondering what Harry Belafonte’s take was on this. Should I Google this or do you have a source you can refer me to.

  97. Interesting new poll numbers regarding Palin, from Rasmussen :


    Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republican voters say Alaska Governor Sarah Palin helped John McCain’s bid for the presidency, even as news reports surface that some McCain staffers think she was a liability.

    Only 20% of GOP voters say Palin hurt the party’s ticket, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Six percent (6%) say she had no impact, and five percent (5%) are undecided.
    Ninety-one percent (91%) of Republicans have a favorable view of Palin, including 65% who say their view is Very Favorable. Only eight percent (8%) have an unfavorable view of her, including three percent (3%) Very Unfavorable.

    When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year — Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

  98. typfka: not only did he NOT win by winning the primary and earing the nomination in earnest, he brought out some things that were as bad as r@cism and failed to acknowledge them OR chastize and prevent them

  99. tpfka nycblue, on November 7th, 2008 at 8:13 pm Said:

    “Great!” I say to those who are celebrating. “It’s wonderful that a biracial MAN with a funny name can be elected President. Now all our sons know they can be President too.

    Actually, tpfka — all our sons know they can be President too as long as they have $700 million from god knows where, the msm running propaganda for them 24/7; and ACORN & the voter fraud that goes with it in their back pocket.
    If they don’t have that, they can forget it.

  100. Love these guys now. Who would thunk it. They kill me with their delivery, especially that Karl Rove part. Crazy dudes. Thanks for posting! Needed a laugh.

  101. bb: you need to go take care of Nathan on the previous post … TR*ll crap to clean up

  102. Briana, I don’t want to condemn people who have said that they will not come back here. I think the door is open should anyone wish to return. I think some people may be taking a time out.

    I have great respect and admiration for riverdaughter too. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

  103. Britannia…. I did factor the lgbt in … I ‘factored ‘ everyone in & every group .. who was hurt . .. including RD …

    BB … AAs have always voted that way on lgbt issues it’s not new … ‘most’ are church people .. I shouldn’t say ‘most’ as I don’t know the percentage .. but I have read previously it is high .. ..

    Actually , I’m amazed that anyone thought it was a surprise .. we all got the direct actions & snubs from ‘him’ …

    The fight isn’t over for any of us … at least I don’t think so. .

  104. Richard:

    That’s old news, see my earlier post

  105. actually, I see obama’s nonexistant support for Gays and nonexistant outrage about misogyny in this campaign as typical as his rumored hiding in the bathroom during tough votes in IL.

  106. Dak, Angienc, yes, I know all those things. He’s the best President money can buy! I guess I’m just catching flies with honey?

    As the mom of biracial boys (not aa) with funny names, I can see that a barrier has dropped. I absolutely do not celebrate the manner in which it was broken, and I will continue to educate people about how it was done — the refusal to stand against Prop 8, have picture taken with Newsom, to speak out against misogyny, etc.

    I’ve posted a Tom Toles cartoon on my wall. It shows the White House, with colonial-era script and the caption:
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. Ratified November 4, 2008.” That MEN sticks in my craw.

  107. Yes .. that is my point purplefinn… RD has always left that door open for everyone …. it’s too bad a ‘few’ .. are immediately ready to close this door …. !

    just at a time when we should have drawn closer … some chose to divide ….

    I’m sorry . I’m not impressed one bit. I ‘get’ everyone’s feelings .. but ‘all’ feelings have been welcomed and supported here … .. too bad that couldn’t be reciprocated that horrid morning …

    I guess we are children, really…at heart … me too.

  108. Good on you, Briana. If you did consider the LGBT aspect, then I will assume that you were able to look at things from Gary and mawm’s perspective. I’ve only today been reading their posts and the comments, after Angie explained to me why Gary and mawm have been conspicuously absent here.

  109. Briana — I get your point — I thought that post was utter bs myself because it just shows that civil rights in this country has been reduced to “getting a black elected to an office which has been historically held by whites” in the same way that feminism has been reduced to one issue: “abortion.” There is no “overcoming” by getting BO elected given the way he was elected — hell, he didn’t even “win” the nomination, how can he “win” the presidency (and I counted he used fraud in OH, PA, VA, NC & FL — USSC let in at least 200,000 suspect votes; Philly had an amazing 100% voter turn-out — and those are the only two examples I know of — trust there is more). Anyway, my long point is: so what I disagreed? So what I think RD was wrong? I don’t think it is a reason to leave. If gary, mawn, Pat J do not want to come back it is a loss to this site but it is their choice & I’m not going to criticize them for doing so or try to read any sinister motives into their actions. We each need to do what we think is right.

  110. I very much support RD, who invited me here, to say what she wants to say on her blog. After all this time, and everything she and the writers here have talked about, her POV and issues seem clear.

    It’s true that for whatever damned reason, one-half of the country is elated that Obama is Pres-elect — despite all the crappy things we know and have endlessly shouted about — they bought it — for all the reasons that we’ve talked about and those we don’t yet know. And despite that, they are happy as hell. And for them it’s a redemption. I think it’s all a sham, but they don’t.

    Maybe RD should have had her first post be something pissed off. Even though we are sick about all the cr*p in this election, bitterness doesn’t look really great on the loser. That’s where satire/parody/comedy can help — er, sometimes.

    So, we’re figuring out where and how to put our energies. IMHO, people are touchy. I think there is absolute value in continuing to protest and be outraged and keep our eyes on the prize — there are so many. For whatever cause, we can never be done. However, I think it’s helpful to try to hold opposing viewpoints within ourselves. I’m not saying it’s easy. . . . and be good to each other. My 2.

  111. well, it reminds me of suffrage: all men before ANY woman …

    but it makes me just furious and I want to fight even harder, I have two multiracial daughters and they still have an uphill road, i promised i wouldn’t leave them that as a legacy

  112. Ladyboomer: Exactly, which is why I am here on a friday night and not with the celebratory Obots in my favorite neighborhood spot …

  113. Briana, now I’m feeling the pain of the loss. You really are a persuasive person!

    RD hasn’t spoken. So I can’t presume to know what she feels. At least you’ve made and triggered some comments that let her know we appreciate her.

  114. Dak — A friend emailed me on Wednesday, angry and despairing that we will never see a woman President, which fear I share. She said:

    “I am fearful there may not be a woman elected President in our lifetime. After all, there are still Latin, Asian, Jewish, American Indian, gay, and ADHD men to go. Have I left anyone out?

  115. tpfka: yes that’s exactly it!

  116. tpfka:

    Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists

  117. Briana, Didn’t say I was going anywhere and I’m certainly not upset at RD or anyone else. I don’t particularly care for the thoughts of a 106 year old in GA, I’ll make up my own mind thanks.

    We all have opinions and the right to express them without some jackboot landing on our throat.

  118. Pema Chodron for President!

  119. Lady Boomer: i’ll be the first one to endorse that!!!

  120. Angienc… yeah. RD has expressed all those same opinions .. & facts to back them up .. . btw, everyone here knows those facts … at least I think so. AND we sure knew them before the other night .. . I thought that was why we were ALL here… !

    At least you are still posting here … but I have seen other stuff …. elsewhere & it’s not too nice … sheeesh … one even said … “we never talked to him” … oh my goodness. puleeeeeze … ..

    I’m done with this now … unless provoked further .. LoL ..

  121. dkk – LOL! I should have known that!

  122. My thinking is that when friends or loved ones are having a disagreement, it’s best to avoid taking sides.

  123. I can’t claim credit for her words, but especially appreciated the “ADHD men will come first.”

  124. RalphB .. as long as you give RD the same privileges that you are giving yourself … it’s fine with me …

    and btw … I’m not trying to form or change your mind … I don’t even know you and have never heard of you .. I’ve been here since Jan. … I never saw you .

  125. myiq, yes, “disagreement” would be an apt word, I think, rather than a slamming of doors.

  126. myiq — exactly my point — but you always express it better & more directly.

  127. Hi all – we have to remember that people are really sensitive and it won’t subside anytime soon.
    We have a AA secretary who’s assigned to our all-white group. One of our co-workers, she said, referred to “President Biden”. She took that as meaning that he wanted BO ass@sinated. I tried to calm her down by saying that he probably thought that Biden would control BO like Cheney controlled Bush. Yeah it was feeble, but it was the best I could come up with at the time.
    The secy knows that I voted for McPalin but didn’t taunt me about it. She wouldn’t – that’s not in her character.
    So we just have to remember to play nice in the sandbox…. and think about 2010. That’s when this little dilettante will have his comeuppance.

  128. Mmmm, myiq. That’s a good stance to take.

  129. tpfka — I don’t know I think BO probably has ADHD — it doesn’t seem like he can focus on one thing for too long.

  130. Angie!!! I had the same thought and emailed her back that BO has the ADHD category taken care of. LOL.

  131. I started in March, but am not around that frequently. So I don’t know you either.

    If you had read my first response to my question about the post, you could have saved your typing fingers. Here it is and I don’t think I’m denying anyone the right to express themselves.

    “ugc, Is that all? Sounded like some big deal. We’re all entitled to our opinions, even the wrong ones :-)”

  132. tpfka — LOL — great minds!!

  133. …and RalphB .. Welcome to The Confluence .. !!!!

  134. no matter what anyone chooses to believe It was a momentous event … Not only here but in the whole world .

    Sorry, but not in the whole world.

  135. Man — I’m watching Ghost Whisper — if Jim dies I am going to be seriously pissed.

  136. droppingby — LOL — so right — we here in this country overestimate our importance all the time — that is why no matter who we elect President we will never lose the image of the “Ugly American” for long.


  138. droppingby … You are right and not here either. However, no matter how you want to think of all of ‘ us’ … we are small in comparison to the great big outdoors …

    I mean, let’s get real … we had bzero power over an election ….

  139. I see a new post up ….

  140. Damn, angie. Don’t tell me what happens on Ghost Whisperer – we are a season behind down here.

  141. My luck… new thread and I’m still in moderation.
    Thank god this week is over.
    Just remember, fakers always get caught, eventually.

  142. Man — I’m watching Ghost Whisper — if Jim dies I am going to be seriously pissed.

    I was watching too. lol…..maybe he will be a ghost always helping her.

  143. Please forgive me I am tired , I am tired from a long day at work, I am tired of people who don’t get the analogies comparing children victims of rape being stoned to death in one culture and women running for president having to be servile to keep their career because she dared get in the way of the big boys agenda, in another .
    Because that is what Hillary and Sarah did . They dared stand on their own two feet , look the obies straight in the eye and say I am in this game and I am in it to win it . The did not simper, whimper and whine , defer , or follow. They led and spoke directly . I believe that was their sin .That sin was as much as a sin as becoming a female priest in the current catholic church , and they were excommunicated !!!
    I am tired of looking at and hearing from boys , and maybe even especially boys in positions of power pretending to be grown men who do this , whether it be verbally, or visually .
    The boys pulled out every stone in their arsenal and threw them as far and fast and as hard and often as they could, and they still are throwing them . .l am tired of the he man woman haters clubs giving nothing but lipstick service to womens issues while paying them less and making sure they are irrelevant and objects .
    Let us not forget the objects , because some of that would have to be eliminated from our culture if men took women seriously in this society .
    The glass ceiling is etched with porn , and women are being asked to pose for the etchings. You see, it is difficult to pose for the porn etchings on the glass ceiling if you are trying to break it . That makes those etchings boys really mad . The funny part of that , is , that so many of them are not even consciously aware of it . for those that are the least bit aware , it creates inner conflict , and instead of dealing with that inner conflict , and sorting it out , they attempt to make the creator of the confilct ” the girl” go away …They dont see that the creators the of the glass ceilings etched with porn is the actual creator of the conflict .
    If you do not assume the servile subservient expressions and positions ,( see Nancy Pukelosis frequent expressions of subservience deference false moneky smile ; and gratitude while she indirectly uses power. for this reference ) and you are a woman ..you will be stoned . Monkeys do it all the time to any member of the group who challenges anyone in the heirarchy .
    And while I did not like and did flinch to see any congratulations offered to a thief , I let that go too, because we own our vote and our voices here .. and I like that 🙂 .
    While I am rambling .. ( I clearly need wine 😉 ) let me add that it seems glaringly clear to me that if anyone had the slightest shred of doubt about this election being about identity politics and not qualifications , it seems to me that the post election behaviors exhibited by the media monkeys responsible for helping this happen have eradicated all doubt . To me , they do resemble monkeys throwing feces at this point especially Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman but the list of feces throwing and self grooming media monkeys is too long and my fingers are tired too … and no insult intended to the monkeys …….

    Love to you all
    ps I wonder how many phone calls of apology the smart asshole bo is going to have to make in the next few years ??? I am betting a great many .

  144. Like most agents of satire these guys are hit and miss….But know well the stereotypes they satirize…chuckle…imho…It’s best to have a variety of satirists to shore up the sense of humor…

  145. i enjoyed the skit. sure my eyebrows were raised when they discussed palin. it is satire however and was meant that way. i am not sure where the line is for these things. to but pc turns me off, but i don’t like to see palin hurt anymore.??????

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