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Friday Zombie Shift Open Thread



Brains! Must eat brains!

What are you hungry for?

60 Responses

  1. Crap.

  2. lol, that pic in my inbox freaked me out… ahaaahaaa

  3. Britannia?


  4. Okay, I put a less graphic pic up instead.

    Is that better?

  5. Why, thank you for being so considerate, myiq. At least it’s not a close-up this time. Are those twins?

  6. I guess I missed a gross picture or something? Is there a way to fend off those O-bot zombies? Will they snap out of it, or are they permanently brain dead?

  7. The person on the right looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  8. BB:

    Those aren’t Obots, those are old-fashioned English zombies.

  9. This might have been posted already, but I just read it. The article has some balance in it. McCain’s advisers don’t even agree in their reports. Maybe something for the interested morning crowd. Best read in its entirety.

    Palin Aide Fires Back at Reported McCain Camp Slams

    One top McCain aide came to Palin’s defense today. Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s top foreign policy adviser, who helped prepare Palin for her vice presidential debate, praised Palin’s campaign effort and intelligence.

    “I’ve been working over 20 years in Washington and I’ve been around literally dozens and dozens of politicians. She is among the smartest, toughest, most capable politicians I’ve ever dealt with,” Scheunemann said. “She has a photographic memory.”

    Okay, that’s it for me. Off to bed. Thanks for everything, myiq.

  10. Sarah Michelle looks waaaaay better than that!

  11. Peacocks and lilies blog has a perfect tie in to your article.


    It was so good, I put the video up on http://www.DailyPUMA.com

  12. G’night!

  13. I guess I missed a gross picture or something?

    Yes you did! My heart gave a lurch.

  14. Well obviously, I mean if sarah Michelle were wearing zombie makeup.

  15. My head is exploding like zombie pic… Cambell Brown defending Palin. Geez, unreal.


  16. Buried near the bottom of the ABC hit-piece:

    “Asked about the Fox report that she did not know the NAFTA members or that Africa was a continent, Palin said, “If they’re an unnamed source, that says it all. I won’t comment on anyone’s gossip based on anonymous sources. That’s kind of a small of a bitter type of person who anonymously would charge that I didn’t know an answer to a question. So, until I know who’s talking about it, I won’t have a comment on a false allegation.”


  17. I know, myiq. I’ve seen Sean of the Dead multiple times. But the picture reminded me of the video Joseph Cannon posted. I want to know what to do if I encounter any of those zombie O-bots tomorrow. I have to work on a college campus, you know.

  18. Seriously:

    Sarah Michelle has shorter hair

  19. Don’t mess with sarah.

  20. BB:

    Hold up a picture of Sarah Palin – it works like using a cross on a vampire

  21. I am a horror afficianado from way back in my childhood. My mom wouldn’t let me see horror movies, so I’ve been making up for that deprivation for my entire adult life.

  22. Excellent idea, myiq! LOL!

  23. I’ll put the pic I used first up at Klownhaus in a little while.

    I’m gonna do another Sarah P post

  24. bb, tell them there are some people who are upholding Democratic principles in the next building and they need to go and take them out.

    Sarah Michelle used to have really long hair.

  25. I only remember her from Buffy and Cruel Intentions

  26. Hi guys, long time lurker here…

    Check out this great radio interview with Sarah where she speaks about those pathetic rumours and frustrations with those handling the campaign…


    I love this woman.

  27. I’ve seen pics from when she was a child actor, she had waist length brown hair.

  28. Finally, a new thread. I totally kept getting kicked out of the last one.

  29. Check out this very funny video – it will take your mind of recent election results:

  30. I love that she’s not backing down at all. I hope that she stays front and center and keeps swinging.

  31. Just woke up with a severe jolt after nightmares about what a draining experience in over-the-top psychological warfare the last 10 months have been, and then I pop in here to see the reduced zombie picture! Horror is not a fun high for me, so I think I’m gonna go watch part of a chick-flick before hitting the sack again. “You’ve Got Mail” is the chosen cheesy but still happy high narcotic. Cheers.

  32. I HOPE the same, Seriously. One of my only HOPEs for the country, sadly. I think that’s it for our gal, Hillary.

  33. Wait, Karolina – watch my video above! You’ll get a good laugh.

  34. LOL Scrubs. They are so cute! Thanks!

  35. Yeah, Hillary is completely screwed. I can’t even imagine what the He Men Women Haterz Club is going to put her through.

  36. I just ran across this essay. I don’t know anything about the site its on or the writer, and Ive heard the word narcissist but basically only hte old mythological story of it. Can anyone make sense of this?

  37. I am hungry for some honesty, forthrightness, and integrity. I am now seeing articles stating emphatically that He cannot fix the econnomy in a single term (I agree. Nor in forty terms.). I also read thatt it wasn’t really the youth vote – ?huh? message control from the friendlies is in high gear. They have joined hands with Chris Matthews to make this the best Presidency EVAH.

  38. New post at Klownhaus (including the original pic at the top of this thread):


  39. You mean the least accountable Presidency EVAH!

  40. What Regency said.

  41. myiq2xu — the key phrase in one of the quites you cite is: “…guaranteed to heighten friction between the two camps.” All of this is being promoted in order to sow discord among those who did not vote for Sen. Obama.

  42. What happened?

    Did the zombies get y’all?

  43. consensus at my office – independents, republicans and awakening Obots:

    The press can only protect him for so long after which the people will get restless. The Obot (who was awakened by Matthews statement that his job was to help BO but when it was W his job was to hold the govt. accountable) said that the reaction would be in equal measure to the adulation – and invoked the spectre of the French Revolution.

  44. nah MYIQ

    I wish we all had your ability to stay up 24 hours…

  45. All of a sudden I have an uglier avatar than before.

  46. LFI:

    Before the progressive Blogosphere melted down this year they were the lonely voices telling the truth about Iraq and the Bush Crime Syndicate.

    Maybe if we do the same someone will eventually offer us a buttload of money to sell-out too!

  47. I sleep in 1-2 hour increments

    Then I eat some brains and blog for a while

  48. MYIQ

    That’s true – spent a lot of time there. The only place I still go to get additional info. on the current status of Iraq and the other war zones is antiwar.com. He drank the koolaid until he “saw the light”. I haven’t been there in a few weeks though so I don’t know if that’s changed.

    It would be difficult to resist $$ but I don’t think I could go that route.

  49. LFI:

    Me either. I’ve tried to get rid of my conscience but the little f*cker just won’t go away.

  50. Now, if only our PE BO had one…

  51. There was a blurb somewhere about Palin possibly considering running for the senate seat that’s sure to empty when Stevens gets sentenced (not sure about the status but he was convicted). Someone has to fill in for 30-60 days (but she may not appoint anyone as the legal status is unclear), after which a special election has to be held. I’m not sure how that works, running for the Senate when you are the governor. It could be speculation…

  52. She could run without any conflict of interest. Politicians run for one job while still holding another all the time.

    She couldn’t appoint herself though.

    If she really has WH ambitions it would be a smart move.

  53. Well I guess the koolaid turned to vinegar for Justin at antiwar.com:

    “So, you thought you were turning over a whole new leaf for the country when you marked your ballot for the Dear Leader – didn’t you? Well, surprise – surprise!”

    Link –


    He collects new stories from all news sources from all over and all affiliations. His blogroll and commenters are many of those you are familiar with – the common thread is the Iraq war and foreign policy.

  54. I don’t expect WKJM or kos to ever admit they were wrong or seriously oppose Teh Precious but a big chunk of the sippy-kup kingdom is in for a rude awakening.

  55. Agreed –

    It’s unusually quiet here this am.

  56. Are these the boyfriends of the obats of “Emily’s List, NARAL, PP”? I think it is time to let those anti-women “feminists” crawl back under their rocks by withholding all donations. They got their penises back in power (see above photo) and no woman is president or vice president.

  57. Somerset:

    There are several female zombies in that photo. Zombies don’t discriminate.

  58. I went back and looked at you are right….some of those zombs are actually women. It is good to know that zombs allow gay marriage unlike some groups we now know about. (note commonality of o, m, and b…zombie is another obama anagram!).

  59. looking for integrity,

    I don’t think Justin Raimondo was ever a Kool-Aid drinker. His site (antiwar.com) is severely critical of both parties and has a strong libertarian bent. It also provided some of the best, bar none, antiwar coverage of the whole Iraq fiasco. I don’t always align with the crew over there politically but they are principled and smart as hell.

  60. I’m loving this sh!t. Even if I can’t stay up all night. Keep ’em comin.

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