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Change You Can’t Believe!



Oy, such changety-hopety-change! You shouldn’t know from it!

So, Chicago Congressman Rahm Emanuel is going to be Barack Obama’s Chief Of Staff, eh? I’m sure he is a Washington outsider who has no connection to the same old politics of the past (like Joe Biden, that fresh-faced newcomer!). I’m also certain that he reflects all of Obama’s “liberal” views on the war, and since the “centrist” DLC is the most eeeeevilll organization EVAH according to our fauxgressive brethren, I’m positive that he would never touch such an organization with a ten-foot pole!


Looks like Emanuel has been working in Democratic politics since 1984. He was with Bill Clinton from 1991 (when he was the campaign’s finance director) to 1998. He is a member of the DLC, and here is his record on the war:

Emanuel supported the October 2002 joint Congressional resolution authorizing the Iraq War, differentiating himself from all nine other Democratic members of the Illinois Congressional delegation (Sen. Richard Durbin, Reps. Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Bill Lipinski, Luis Gutiérrez, Danny K. Davis, Jan Schakowsky, Jerry Costello and Evans) elected in 2002.[14] .

Oh, and remember when Jesse Jackson promised that the Zionists’s hold on American politics would be loosened? If you thought he meant AIPAC and was not being a wacked-out anti-Semite, get used to disappointment. Emanuel has already introduced Obama to AIPAC and is extremely pro-Israel. Ain’t nothin’ gonna change there either.

Another stellar possible Cabinet member from the Clinton era is Larry Summers for Treasury Secretary. After Summers left the Administration, he became the President of Harvard. He did not exactly cover himself in glory.

Many of you will remember Larry Summers. He is the sexist former President of Harvard University who infamously said: “There are issues of intrinsic aptitude, and particularly of the variability of aptitude, and that those considerations are reinforced by what are in fact lesser factors involving socialization and continuing discrimination.” In other words, according to Larry, boys are better than girls at math – they’re just born that way. Shortly after this asinine comment, Larry was summarily dismissed (e.g. FIRED) from Harvard.

Misogynists of a feather flock together. I guess Larry Summers, despite his bizarre pseudo-scientific views on the female sex, is “likeable enough.”

By the way, I have already received an email from a fauxgressive action group, stating that what we have to do now is kick Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party.

My God, you Obamabots are clueless. SHAME ON YOU. Your problem is not Joe Lieberman, but Barack Obama. Joe “Short Bus” Lieberman, in all his neocon splendor and misogyny, is the face of the New Obama Administration. Rahm Emanuel IS Joe Lieberman. Your hysterical blindness has caused you to elect the very people you claimed to despise.

You said you hated Hillary because she was a Washington insider, a member of the DLC, a relic of the “failed” (LOLOLOLOLOL) Clinton Administration, and a supporter of the Iraq War. And this description differs from Barack Obama’s Cabinet picks in what way? Oh yes, I forgot – le scary vah-jayjay! Don’t worry, though, folks. I’m sure there will be far fewer females in Obama’s cabinet than there would have in Hillary’s or McCain’s. Silver lining, baybee!

The same old people are going to take control of this Administration. Obama, like Bush, was just a used-car salesman who seemed to be offering something new and shiny, but it turns out, had just given an old junker a shiny paint job. Bush dragged Nixonian and Reaganite relics into his Administration, and Barack Obama will drag Reaganite and Clintonite relics into his. (Look for our favorite war criminal, Colin Powell, to have a role too. After all, we must reward the people who promoted the war that we pretended to disagree with, right?)

The Onion has it right. You are all hilarious and pathetic. Enjoy your shiny new car while it lasts; but don’t be surprised if it starts to develop an alarming rattle very shortly. Will you even notice, or will you pretend it sounds like hope and change?

Cross-posted at Partizane

189 Responses

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  2. If Emanuel is so pro-Israel, why do I keep reading that he was encouraging the US to push Israel for huge land concessions in exchange for peace?

    BTW, updated my own blog: http://julies9164.wordpress.com/

  3. madamab:

    From last thread because you are too fast for me:

    I will gladly pursue the 90% solution. Just don’t try and stop me when I get to 30!

  4. I think BO picked RE because of the Chicago connection. We are getting a Chicago WH. Remember whatsername from Hillary’s campaign who switched to Obama’s VP staff right away — another Chicago Axelrod connection.
    Any chance of anyone investigating Axelrod? If we can separate him from BO it will be a good thing for the country, imo.

  5. madamb – I liked to your Tale of Two Parties post.

  6. Julie – I dunno. I can’t pin Obama or his folks down. I just know what happened and who he is pushing forward.

    Meanwhile, OMG OMG OMG…Obama is speaking about the economic crisis. He came out and said he won’t do anything until January 20, 2009 because Bush is still President. and we only have one President at a time.

    Then he started going into his stump speech.

    Now that’s leadership.

    What a useless fucking tool.

    BTW – there’s one woman behind him. ONE.

  7. *linked* to your post. Sheesh!

  8. Thanks, Julie!

    Mlhath – That’s a promise! 🙂

  9. I want so very badly to be wrong about Obama, but sadly, I just know I was right all along. *sigh*

  10. Kim — left a message for you in the old thread.

    Spot on madamab — the Obots got exactly the opposite of everything they say the wanted with the election of BO — somehow, though, they will justify it all because, you know, with BO everything old is new again.

  11. Oh wait – I think there are TWO women behind him.

    My bad.

  12. Emanuel’s father Benajmin was in the most brutal of the IDF branches, the Irgun, and named Rahm for one of its fallen soldiers. Irgun was involved in the Deir Yassin massacre and many other other massacres during Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine in the 40s. Unlike some people who might be ashamed of their or their families’ participation in such events, both father and son are proud of the ugly bloodshed on their hands.

    Obama really DOES like to pal around with terrorists.

    Emanuel is also a hardcore warmonger who pushed for the AUMF. But that’s OK becuz he doesn’t have a vah-jay-jay.

    Too bad for Rashid Khalidi and the

  13. madamab — he probably calls them Frick & Frack like JFK called his two secretaries.

  14. Jake Tapper is bringing up the topic of Iran and Amadinnerjacket. He asked if Obama has read and answered Achmed’s letter.

    He says no but he will respond. He wants to eat his waffles.

  15. woops,

    …Too bad for Rashid Khalidi and the Palestinians who might have thought they’d get some humane treatment for a change. Under the bus with the lot of you!!

  16. “He says no but he will respond. He wants to eat his waffles.”

    LOL. I predict that within 6 months his nickname will be “Waffles.”

  17. Angie – LOL!

    Oooh, I spotted one more. That’s it, about 25 men and three women.


    Gotta get going, folks. Later!

  18. Iffen they kick old Holy Joe out of the Dem caucus, they better hope they don’t need him again.

    Typically the party that controls the WH loses seats in Congress during midterms.

    If BO is mired in scandal and has low approval ratings, the Dems could lose several seats in the Senate, and they could lose the majority.

    To be fair, although JL supported McCain he kept his 2006 promise to caucus with the Dems.

  19. Well, you kind of inspired it, madamb!

  20. DancingOpossum, on November 7th, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    I knew he would betray them. Obama can’t be trusted on anything.

  21. Did you just hear Obama call himself a Mutt?

    This press conference is awful. The DOW is falling with every word he speaks.

  22. myiq: Yep, that would be a big mess if they kick him out of the caucus. Saw something on yahoo that Lieberman was talking with McConnell about caucusing with the Repubs.

  23. Kim — you have mail.

    myiq — can you go delete the post on your thread where I posted my junk email address for Kim? Thanks! XOXO

  24. The Dem party USED Lieberman. Agree or disagree with the guy to keep him around to get the majority in 2006 and then jettison him because you have a bigger majority and no longer need him is dirty. I’m hoping for a big helping of karma in 2010. Reid is up for relection. I hope to see more about a guy in the GOP named Guinn, who seems to be a moderate popular GOP member in NV run against him.

  25. It kills me that my roomie is saying that no w that Obie’s been elected, she feels like she has to research him.

    What the fuck? Not before but now?

    I hold everyone who voted for him sight unseen accountable for how this turns out.

  26. Hey IQ, You think Schwarzenegger will challenge Boxer in ’10?

  27. afro- you aren’t the only one to notice. My hubby noticed that too.

  28. Why can’t I escape this press conference. It is everywhere.

  29. Interesting: Emanuel was at Freddie Mac during the “problem” period:


  30. Regency, on November 7th, 2008 at 3:13 pm Said:

    Why can’t I escape this press conference. It is everywhere.

    Put the teevee on TNT or USA: Law and Order.

  31. Talk radio this morning said the the Republican Caucus had offered Joe a seat, but that he was holding out to see if he could maintain his position with Homeland Security.

  32. I just can’t listen to Obama speak. I developed an aversion to his speaking style during the primary. Too many Uhhs and Umms which he uses as fillers. Today’s press conference and his taking a pass on influencing the market is just the beginning of that herd of pet goats we will soon have. I suppose we will have an abundance of goat cheese to go with that arugula salad before we know it.

  33. “You can tell a man that boozes by the company he chooses,” Then the pig got up and slowly walked away.

  34. madamab

    Are those 3 women endowed with cabinet posts, or is that just his group of advisors?

  35. FLVoter, on November 7th, 2008 at 3:20 pm Said:
    I just can’t listen to Obama speak. I developed an aversion to his speaking style during the primary.

    Amphetamines, Obama needs amphetamines. 4 years of him trying to complete a sentence is an unbearable idea…

  36. Obama takes shot at Nancy Reagan during the Press Conference. Does he ever leave women alone

  37. sod — no I did not get an email from you. Can you resend? Thanks.

  38. Afrocity–I can’t watch it–what did he say about Nancy Reagan?

  39. Afrocity, how did he do in the press conference?

  40. I keep getting booted, some insane error message and every time I get booted, my avatar changes.

  41. yeah afrocity — what did he say? (I REFUSE to watch him — for the next four years no matter what happens, I’m not watching him)

  42. Put the teevee on TNT or USA: Law and Order.

    I’m a big fan of Charmed these days. Also Bravo and AMC has great movies on. When I’m not doing that, I’m obsessing over fantasy football.

  43. gq — last night I watched some show called Top Design. Still better then the news.

  44. Y’all — I’m going to pick up the cough syrup the doc called in for me (stupid inhaler thing didn’t do anything for my cough). Be good!

  45. He made reference to Nancy Reagan and her doing seances.
    He was bad when the press asked him questions. Then he reverted to Campaign stump speeches.

  46. OMG, Afrocity, that sounds terrible. How on earth did Nancy Reagan and seances come up in the first press conference of a historic President-elect? *slaps forehead*

  47. That’s what I was wondering.

  48. angie, I hadn’t watched TV in years and years. But during the primaries, I realized that even going to the web I was stuck with BS so I started turning of the news and blogs and turning on the TV. I love “How I met your mother” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. And “Charmed” and NFL/MLB.

    Much less anxiety these days.

  49. Thanks for reminding me Angie! I need to go see who won Top Design!

  50. off topic
    from Fox News:

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will sit down for her first post-election interview with Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren.
    Van Susteren will be traveling to Alaska for an extensive interview with the Republican vice-presidential nominee, which will air at 10 pm ET on the Fox News Channel.

  51. Especially since he luuuuuved her hubby. WTF is his problem anyway??

    Remember when Michelle said she would model herself after Laura Bush as first lady? Well, why not, her hubby models Dubya. So we can look forward to a do-nothing, bombed-out Xanax queen in the White House, again. Yay!

  52. Sigh. I’ve been rereading all of the old posts at reclusiveleftist and wondering how the F**K women did this to themselves. How did they vote for this jackass. I can’t even get my mind around it.

  53. celeste, oh good that it’s with Greta. Is that tonight?

  54. Brit,

    Some stupid reporter asked him about his plans for redecorating the White House and schools for the girl, what kind of dog would they get etc.
    He said that about Nancy, I guess because she had seances. It was totally not necessary nor was his comment about himself being a Mutt. He said they may get a shelter dog because it would be a mutt like him.

    Obama again plays the race card. Also I find the comment offensive. Imagine if Sarah Palin had said that.

  55. well, O did say he was proud of getting folks to vote against their own interests, for the overall good of the country. Something like that

  56. Britannia, re: Greta interview w/Palin – They didn’t really say, so I am assuming it is tonight.

  57. gqmartinez: Sunny is a superior program. I live in Philly, so I esp. appreciate it. I also love Parking Wars on A&E b/c the Parking Authority here is run and staffed by fascists.

  58. afrocity, on November 7th, 2008 at 3:48 pm Said:
    Some stupid reporter asked him about his plans for redecorating the White House and schools for the girl, what kind of dog would they get etc.

    Nothing like hard hitting questions in these horrible economic times.

  59. Top Chef is coming back next week. Nothing better than fights with food as the catalyst.

  60. Some stupid reporter asked him about his plans for redecorating the White House and schools for the girl, what kind of dog would they get etc.

    Stupid is the right word. What a thoughtful and relevant question by a member of the elite media.

    I agree with you about the mutt comment. Totally inappropriate and unnecessary and not at all funny.

  61. Focx news headline: Barack Obama pledged Friday to “confront this economic crisis head on” as soon as he is sworn in as the country’s 44th president….

    Yeah right after he picks an expensive private school for his daughters and decides which kind of dog to get.

  62. Micki-Love both of those shows, too.

  63. you are so right on! i love this site. obama will be a horrible terrible hypocritical president. im still so sad mccain lost.

  64. LOI – the women at the press conference were not appointees, they were members of his 90-person economic team, which he was very careful to say would do absolutely NOTHING until his inauguration.

    Oh, and he doesn’t want to hurry up and appoint a Treasury Secretary. It’s not like there’s anything serious going on here in Murka, and it’s not like he didn’t know the fix was in for six months. WTF is Mr. Uh-uh-uh waiting for?

    Ready on Day 1000!

  65. I think the Obamas are jerks for not getting a dog until they had servants to take care of it. Seems so snotty of them, like they can’t even be bothered to take care of a pet for their children’s sake.

  66. Thanks, celeste. I just visited the Fox page and it says the interview will air Monday 10 PM ET.

  67. He didn’t seem to care about the two presidents thing when he made his world tour.

  68. Joan, They hardly gave anything to charity either until he decided to run for preznit.
    I read somewhere that their kids don’t get Christmas presents either (or is it bday gifts?)

  69. I don’t think Emmanuel will make policy though. The big money people will get to do that. His choice is more than anything evidence of the cronyism to be expected.

  70. Top Chef is my fave! Sooo glad it’ll be back soon.

  71. Joan, on November 7th, 2008 at 3:55 pm Said:

    I think the Obamas are jerks for not getting a dog until they had servants to take care of it. Seems so snotty of them, like they can’t even be bothered to take care of a pet for their children’s sake.

    Yeah you rite, especially since I’m sure they had the plastic slip-covers on the furniture at the Hyde Park house! 😛

  72. They also asked him what he was reading. He dodged questions.

    This will be fun. He is only a product that is good on the stump.

  73. Joan – Yes, especially when he had the word “President” stitched on the back of his seat in the Preznitial jet.

    He was really unprepared in that press conference. You’d think that someone who has been taking victory laps since February would have his entire Cabinet selected already, ESPECIALLY the Treasury Secretary!

  74. Votermom,

    They are Muslim. That is why.

  75. Obama is going to be that pet owner who gets a pup, can’t provide what is required of him to care for the pet, and, when the pup wont “behave” he takes the pup back to the pound to be put down. No one should be punished with an unwanted dog.

  76. Yes, votermom, they seem stingy all the way around. Not warm, giving people-prickly and cold. Sorta full of themselves. Don’t seem like to type to be prez and first lady to me.

  77. Oooooo, President-elects get to have a sign. I didn’t know that.

  78. SOD: the dog question???? Oh, noes! But from what I read, he’s even flip-flopping on that promise….Even Nixon kept Checkers!

  79. No jvsp, they’ll have pictures of Hillary, Bill and other hated individuals which they’ll show to the dog right before they punish it. That way the dog will have visual associations with being spanked or otherwise punished.

  80. afrocity: my sister-in-law is Muslim and she doesn’t like dogs. She thinks they are dirty and no one in her family likes them. She has a dog b/c my brother in law has a dog. I don’t even think Muslims are supposed to own dogs except for specific purposes. I wonder if BO will actually get a dog.

  81. Plastic slipcovers!!! Ha! You’re right!

  82. Afrocity – Jehovah’s witnesses also don’t give presents.

    I can’t imagine Obama is actually Muslim. He seems very attached to Trinity United and Rev. Wright…

  83. here’s where I read about the christmas thing I think


    It sounds like they don’t give their kids gifts but they let Santa give them gifts? And no bday gifts either, just slumber parties. Supposedly it teaches “limits”. Still sounds weird to me.

  84. Yeah, I just checked islamonline.net and you can’t have a dog. And even if you do have one for the acceptable reasons, you have to arrange for separate living space and not get its saliva on you. Interesting.

  85. Well, I’m a cat person so I think they should have asked for a cat. They really require little care so they might have gotten one sooner. Would probably take an instant dislike to O, though, and hiss everytime he was around.

  86. jvsp
    Or he can just put it in a closet and let it die.

    So very, very true, and I wouldn’t put it past him.

    In the M. East dogs are considered trash. Further, whether or not Obama “is” a Muslim (please look up the term teqiyya), the M. East views him as one (he was born to a Muslim father (patrilinial) / there is no such thing as conversion only apostacy).

  87. Obama said one of the girls (Malia I think) is allergic to dogs, so they have to get a specific type of dander-free dog. But they want to adopt a rescue puppy, so they are torn between the two.

    He managed to make it sound like a really serious problem when he talked about it.

    What an amazing leader!

  88. Fredster, on November 7th, 2008 at 3:13 pm Said:

    Interesting: Emanuel was at Freddie Mac during the “problem” period:


    No surprise there. Barney Frank still in charge and claiming people are being mean to him. The banks, giving each other money while the people and the small business community are having there credit lines reduced or closed. Why are some fair and honest people paying for others mistakes? Hey, its DEMOCRATIC POLITICS…play the CLASS WARFARE GAMES…tell them some one else has what they should, never mind the part of them earning it, unlike the stock raiders (CEOs) and others that take millions leaving investors and people with retirement accounts broke.


  89. Today’s jobs report:

    Jobless rate bolts to 14-year high of 6.5 percent

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s unemployment rate bolted to a 14-year high of 6.5 percent in October as another 240,000 jobs were cut, far worse than economists expected and stark proof the economy is deteriorating at an alarmingly rapid pace.

    All the economy’s woes — a housing collapse, mounting foreclosures, hard-to-get credit and financial market upheaval — will confront Obama when he assumes office early next year. And, the employment situation is likely to get worse.

    Many expect the jobless rate to climb to 8 percent, possibly higher, next year. In the 1980-1982 recession, the unemployment rate rose as high as 10.8 percent before inching down.

  90. Britannia – Isn’t that special?

    I envy my doctor and lawyer friends. I haven’t had a job for months.

  91. He managed to make it sound like a really serious problem when he talked about it.

    LOL! I wonder how long it will take him to solve this “problem.” It’s such a tough decision.

  92. All right, must go again…everyone have a great evening…

  93. I have a cat. My cat rocks.

  94. Sorry about the job thing madamab.

  95. Don’t worry, I am sure his 300 advisers will help him make the right choice in this dog crisis.

  96. FYI

    Greta just got a call from Steve Schmidt. The smear about Palin in a towel has been debunked:


  97. Then the Obama’s need to get a Bichon.

  98. SOD,
    I think that the service that Rahm refers to in his book is what Obama was talking about in his National Civilian Security Force. From his book:

    Universal Citizen Service. Citizenship is a responsibility, not an entitlement program. If your leaders aren’t challenging you to do your part, they aren’t doing theirs. We need a new patriotism that brings out the patriot in all of us by establishing, for the first time, an ethic of universal citizen service. All Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 should be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic civil defense training and community service. This is not a draft — nor is it military. Young people will be trained not as soldiers, but simply as citizens who understand their responsibilities in the event of natural disaster, epidemic, or terrorist attack. Universal citizen service will bring Americans of every background together to make America safer and more united in common national purpose.

    He goes on to say that it will provide

    …it will provide real, lasting security benefits.


    …universal civilian service may be just what we need to save the volunteer army and avoid a draft.

    Here’s some more from his 2006 book “The Plan” which may be a preview of other things Obama didn’t tell us about: The Plan: Big Ideas for America

  99. You need to get back on your meds.

  100. Man, can you imagine if it were Hillary giving that press conference? She would be spewing out everything on her to-do list one after the other the reporters wouldn’t be able to keep up with her. She would get right down to business.

  101. Just realized that BO’s voice message was still on my machine. My 11yo made me delete it.
    She said that one of her classmates observed that in her class, all the smart kids were for McCain, and the others for BO.

  102. She said that one of her classmates observed that in her class, all the smart kids were for McCain, and the others for BO.


  103. National Civilian Security Force: a program that will help us avoid the draft by getting people to draft themselves.

  104. I think it’s time to move on. BO is going to be President, unless the Supreme court decides otherwise. Time to ditch the BMW (bitchin, mainin, whinin) and decide what’s important. If not, bitterness will prevail and BO will surely have won.

  105. SOD, exactly!

  106. Don’t worry, I am sure his 300 advisers will help him make the right choice in this dog crisis.

    🙂 he failed to use them well during the economic crisis. He couldn’t understand them so he called Clinton’s advisors, then Hillary and then BC. After that he was ready. With 300 advisors and still couldn’t make a decision.

  107. Beth White
    Who is your comment for?
    If you start acting up again you will be fed to the mean clown.

    tr*ll alert!

  108. Too funny SOD……and why is there a rocket strapped onto this basket??!!

  109. SOD!
    what a great idea for a PUMA fundraiser!
    They’ll go like hotcakes.
    Never thought I’d be saying “told you so” this soon..

  110. Well, Beth White would know about meds. She is used to the hallucinogenics in the kool aid.

  111. SOD-I am!

    Urge-It’s only been two days-I need to bitch a bit longer. Move on sounds a lot like get over it. Those two phrases guarantee resistance. Best to just be patient, if you can. : )

  112. Erik Svane, a dual US/French citizen who blogs from France to keep us up to date on what the French news media is saying (in French, not in their English editions, which tend to be a bit “cleaned up” for US consumption), has noted something that he expected to happen: Obama is no longer a “black” man– within minutes of Sen. McCain’s concession speech, Le Monde sent out a news alert stating:

    “Barack Obama entre dans l’histoire américaine
    Le candidat démocrate, 47 ans, sera le 44e président des Etats-Unis. Pour la première fois, un métis va diriger les Etats-Unis, tout en bénéficiant d’une forte légitimité en raison d’un taux de participation très élevé.”

    This nuance change from “un (homme) noir” (a black [man]) to “un métis” (a man of mixed blood) was something Erik has been expecting. This way, the EU elites can sit back and still retain their superiority in that the US did not elect a “REAL” black man, but a man who was half white.

    Erik says, “Besides some dubious humor, the language was changing within minutes… It’s no longer “un (homme) noir” who has won the White House, according to Le Monde’s email service, but “un métis”. (That way, the path is open for charges of anti-“black” racism to be levelled at (white) Americans in the future…)”

    BabelFish literally translates “un métis” as “a mongrel”, but the intention on the part of the French media is undoubtedly the “mixed blood” connotation rather than the more direct suggestion of an insult. BabelFish is not a very reliable translator when it comes to subtleties.

    The warning from Erik is for us to be alert that the EU media elites will probably even take away from us the fact that we elected a black man, and to continue calling the US a “racist” nation. Le Monde has already set up that nuance.

  113. OT, but yesterday, one day after Prop 8 passed in California, my 10 year old daughter came home and said that another fifth grader told her that “your moms are lesbians and that’s not okay, and you can’t stay with them. They’re gonna come and take you back to foster care.” Lovely.

    I told her if anyone came for her, they’d have to go through me first. She just smiled and said, “I guess I should wait in my room until you’re done, right?”

    I’m only about L/G rights and the 30-95% solution from now on. Now I have the privilege of tucking my kid into bed at night wondering if it’s marriage today and adoption tomorrow.

  114. Joan, sorry for that. Move on does most definitely not mean get over it for me. I can never get over this. But if I do not move on to the important issues, instead of complaining, then BO will have won.

  115. {{{{Erica and daugher}}}}
    Don’t even know what to say. Jesus.

  116. Joe Biden on how he envisions and likes the New World Order:

    EricaLeigh: I am right there with you. Frankly, if anyone were going to take me and mine to a camp, I would have preferred it be someone other than BO, because I can’t stand him…but he’s the new Fuhrer.

  117. I have cats & dogs — a cat would never put up with BO’s shit — only a dog is stupid enough to lick the hand that hits it — I mean, I love my dog, but they are easy to fool. Cats aren’t.
    BTW — BO poodles & malteses are dander free dogs. I don’t believe for one second the little girl is allergic to dogs OR that they really want a pound dog. Lying liar.

  118. Hannity just used Obama as a success story starting out as a community organizer to being president. He forgot to mention the fraud he committed to get where he is. Please lets never forget that Obama never won the nomination. He stole it. He might have beaten McCain but he didn’t beat Hillary. The nomination was awarded to him!

  119. Erica- I am so sorry. No mother should have to be put through that EVER. You just keep on keeping on and give your daughter an hug and let her no the only wrong being done is when people feel they have the right to tell other people who they can and can’t love.

  120. Regency, on November 7th, 2008 at 3:11 pm Said:

    I hold everyone who voted for him sight unseen accountable for how this turns out.

    I can almost understand those folks. We all get fooled by some slick talkers some of the time. But those who studied him and still voted for him, I can not forgive.

  121. urge — no offense, but sometimes you are a pill. no one is bitching & moaning here we are reviewing his press conference and he sucked as we expected. furthermore, even if we are bitching & moaning, what is it to you? is this your blog? You’re not the boss of me.

  122. Haniity is a shill. He’s whining because obama will not except his framing. I am no Obama fan but who made Hannity Master of the Universe? If income creates jobs because it funds stuff like police, roads, schools and why is it again that investment income HAS to be taxed at a lower rate? I don’t buy what he is selling.

  123. wlotus,

    It isn’t like they got taken by a slick talker 4 and 8 years ago. When is it that we start to hold people accountable for their failure to take important decisions seriously and consider facts when making these decisions?

  124. WAIT A SECOND! Did anybody notice that during his dog and pony show press conference, Obama was standing in front of a sign that I think read: Office of the President Elect! His hubris is off the charts.

  125. The real question is: Is Hannity the master of his domain?

  126. ks — did you expect any less?

  127. I actually thinking about buying a gun — a rifle probably — that New World Order bs is scary.
    {{{Erica}}} Don’t let the bastards get you down. You should visit gary’s site: garychapelhill.wordpress.com He is really taking on those who voted for BO & FOR Prop. 8.

  128. I sure feel sorry for the dog. …

  129. Whoa Angie! @ 4:56 pm *wink*

  130. O/T, but this is beyond bizzare:

    Just days after his historic win, Obama has chosen Clinton as the man who will lead his administration in resolving the Kashmir conflict. In an interview to Time Magazine – Obama has hinted that he may appoint former US President Bill Clinton as a special envoy on Jammu and Kashmir to make best use of his experience in the Indian sub continent.
    As the Obama administration considers appointing Bill Clinton as envoy to Jammu and Kashmir, political parties in India have very clearly said that there is no need for a third party intervention in the issue.

  131. CWaltz — the theory is investment income taxed at a lower rate encourages more investment; when that income is taxed at a higher rate less people invest. Clinton lowered the capital gains tax & the market grew, more jobs were created, etc. because people began investing more money. Face it — the really rich don’t suffer that much when the economy is bad — they just stop investing their money.

  132. Just so EVeryone knows .. RD has…” Electric Blues (GaryChapelHill) ” …. on her blog roll. Seems as if some do not know this…

    hopes this helps ..

  133. cwaltz, on November 7th, 2008 at 4:59 pm Said:

    It isn’t like they got taken by a slick talker 4 and 8 years ago. When is it that we start to hold people accountable for their failure to take important decisions seriously and consider facts when making these decisions?

    I said I can understand. I did not say they aren’t responsible for their actions.

    I doubt the people who voted that one into office this time are the same ones who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004. Different groups of people, different sets of blame.

  134. “I actually thinking about buying a gun — a rifle probably — that New World Order bs is scary.”

    My sis’ boyfriend is going with me to look at rifles… LOL! I used to laugh at m y winger friends …”get your rifles while you can.” Now? Not so much.

  135. What happened to Corrente?

  136. jvsp — I know! I’ve never even held a gun in my hand — but I have a cousin in VA who is a big hunter & he is going to take me to get one & teach my how to handle it (if I decide to do it, and frankly I’m leaning that way).

  137. My take on ‘that one’s ‘ press conference … He said nothing …

    seems as if he had to belittle someone .. . no surprise there ….

    As one of you noted .. omg … the difference if that had been Hillary.

  138. Briana, on November 7th, 2008 at 5:13 pm Said:

    My take on ‘that one’s ‘ press conference … He said nothing …

    seems as if he had to belittle someone .. . no surprise there ….

    Get used to it — it’s going to be a long four years.

  139. Thanks, everyone. This Prop 8 has got me so down. I never thought for a minute it would pass. It’s hard not to think of dominoes: marriage, adoption, birth children, working with kids…how far will it go?

    Angie, I will check out Gary’s site. I’m furious about Prop 8 and the way BO called out the evangelicals and religious haters by saying he only supported marriage between a man and a woman because “that’s when God is in the mix.” Nice, Obama. Now everyone knows you think my marriage/family is unholy. Terrific. Then a robocall of his quote played in CA with no refutation by O. And, the Obama-controlled DNC gave 5% of its pledged funds to the No on 8 Campaign. I really hold him and his DNC responsible.

    About the gun thing. I’m a pediatrician and can tell you that statistically, guns are used far more often against household members than intruders/others. But watching this election unfold has caused me to think about it too….another unbelievable outcome of BOs ascendancy.

  140. angienc, on November 7th, 2008 at 5:12 pm Said:
    jvsp — I know! I’ve never even held a gun in my hand — but I have a cousin in VA who is a big hunter & he is going to take me to get one & teach my how to handle it (if I decide to do it, and frankly I’m leaning that way).

    Yes! I’m not the only one! Do let us know what kind of cannon you get. One of my friends thinks me crazy, but, if so, at least I know there is someone else who is tooooo! LOL!

  141. angienc, on November 7th, 2008 at 4:56 pm Said:
    urge — no offense, but sometimes you are a pill. no one is bitching & moaning here we are reviewing his press conference and he sucked as we expected. furthermore, even if we are bitching & moaning, what is it to you? is this your blog? You’re not the boss of me.


    Angienc, your f**ing hysterical.

  142. I ran into this earlier .. some of you may be interested ..

    “By the time Obama is through making his appointments, all those Hollywood liberals over at the HuffPuffPost will be huffing and puffing with outrage: and, in true Hollywood style, they’ll be screaming: “Forget the honeymoon – I want a divorce!”

    But it will be too late for that. The Big O marches on, with all sorts of plans for our future, including perhaps “national service,” and – for sure – a significant ratcheting-up of the war in Afghanistan. In the meantime, Iran continues to loom large as an issue. ”

    name of article – Forget the Honeymoon
    Getting down to bizness with Obama

    tons of links included …

  143. Angienc, your f**ing hysterical.

    Micki! the language! LMAO!! 🙂

  144. Paraphrasing Cavuto tonight: He’s such a rock star that he can say things beautifully without really saying much of anything. Wish I could do that.

    I didn’t see O’s press conference, just the recaps, but I think that he looks tired and annoyed. He’s already done with this job and going for the next one: king of the world. And he looks scared to death, b/c I don’t think he thought he’d really get this far and hasn’t a clue as to what to do with the job, or that things would be as bad as he’s learning they are. I can, too, have diametrically opposed positions–it’s de rigueur now! 🙂 Like I said yesterday, God bless us all!

    Meanwhile, over on Oprah (whom I’ve watched for first time this week “for research” since she declared for Obama — ah, what I give for the cause) — George Stephanopoulos is beside himself, and of course Oprah and her panel are gushing all over themselves.

    I think the MSM’s going to give Obie a real hard going-over, don’t you?

  145. You know, when I think of owning firearms, I realize the extent of the firepower the Govt disposes of and I think it’s just futile. What is some crummy rifle going to do against our military?

  146. ok so f**k all this political bullsh*t, lets start a hunting blog!

  147. for the next four years we’ll boycott all media and just shoot things!
    f**k it!

  148. Angie … ;)) . … LoL .. on everything !

    still smiling …. even though a “4 more long years reminder” – made my stomach lurch ….

  149. Briana — I’ve said several times here that I will bet anyone here real money that a year from now you will not be able to find one person who will admit they even voted for BO. For the majority, it might even take less then a year –but there will be some holdouts who insist on WORMing the unWORMable.

  150. “for the next four years we’ll boycott all media and just shoot things!
    f**k it!”


  151. SOD, I have been whispering to the newly dispossessed (gays outraged over Prop 8) that they are now PUMAs. Some are listening.

    Folks, it’s a little mean to pick on the future First Dog. Smarter to get a dog now when they have to help they need to take care of it, than during the campaign. The really annoying thing are the damned lifestyle writers in the White House Press Corps who ask these questions.

    Obot spouse asked, “Did you hear that Bush’s dog bit a reporter?”
    “Why stop at one?” I asked. “Shoulda bit them all.”

  152. well we are having a 3rd clinton administration without the clintons. meet the new boss same as the old boss. change? naw! same ole same ole. the lefties and aa’s are shix out of luck. you voted for the mirage and now the reality is obama is owned by the corporations. you know the same ones who owned bush. china is our debtor so obama has to jump as high as they would like. will israel be out of the picture? no! maybe the other side in the middle east will get more invitations but that’s about all.

  153. ugsome — you are right — it will not save me but at least I can make a stand. (and possibly take some mofo out before they take me)

  154. jv
    angie’s been teaching me bad words 0-:

  155. Oh, BTW, I think that Obama is saying he’s a mutt NOW — like the pound doggie they really want to choose but can’t because poodles don’t end up in the pound — because all his administration appointments are going to make the fauxprogs so pissed off that he’s going to need the White half of himself, not just the Black half, to retain his popularity. Am I being too mean?

  156. ugsome — also, quite honestly, I’m thinking I might have to start hunting if food prices keep going up.

  157. Catarina — You know, I’m usually only on the night crew — I’ve been sick this week which is why I’ve been here during the day. The day crew is much more genteel.

  158. angie,
    The economy was already on the rise when Clinton cut the capital gains tax. Few people actually believe that lower capital gains taxes increase revenue. There isn’t much evidence that increased taxes actually hurt the economy. Conservatives said the economy would tank when Clinton raised taxes in 1993, but the economy thrived. People like to credit Reagan’s tax cuts with the booming economy but fail to mention that Reagan actually raised taxes later and the economy still thrived.

  159. b/c I don’t think he thought he’d really get this far and hasn’t a clue as to what to do with the job

    If Obama didn’t think he would get this far then he should have allowed a real roll call or stopped the voter fraud done by Acorn on his behalf. He wanted to get this far but I think he underestimated the amount of work he will have to do. This is a guy who really doesn’t like working. How many people will he consult before he makes a decision or sign any bill. He can no longer vote present.

  160. LadyBoomer — no, you are not being too mean at all.

  161. any Obama attempted humour always fall flat ….

    …..unless, of course he is giving the finger to someone in front his stepford supporters ……Ahhhhhhhhhh……then he’s funny.

    to them.

  162. Oh riverdaughter, don’t you know only men can vote for war!! Women are not allowed to. Remember the Nation said they would only support anti-war candidates for Prez but when the big O picked Biden, did you hear a peep? Crickets????

    PS – I always felt Rahm’s early support of Obama was with an eye toward building his career so this is no surprise.

  163. catarina
    angie swears like a sailor! …wonder if the drinking is on par…

    One rifle can do quite a lot. And, it isn’t all about fire power. It’s also about fear.

  164. gq — hey, I was just explaining the theory; I’m not saying it works or not. I defer to dakinikat on economic questions.

  165. hi angienc — is that “mean” quotient a day or night standard? just kiddin’ about both that and my original question.

  166. Maybe off-topic: Does anyone else wonder if the GOP WANTED to lose this time?

  167. jv you don’t want to get angie drinking..

    I don’t think they WANTED to lose, but maybe they knew they were screwed and an O administration would make next election a cakewalk for them.

  168. I can’t wait to see all of Obama’s appointments. “Let’s see, to keep good on the pro-Israel stance we need the most pro-Israel person EVAH, but he has to be from Chicago and he can’t be too Jewish, b/c we don’t like Jews all that much…David, can you give me a man? And I mean M-A-N, not some “Madeline Albright looks like a man” man…and uh, y’know, uh while we are at it, what about a guy from Harvard on education, cuz they have pretty good educations at Harvard–uh, the old president of Harvard is free…sounds great. Is he from Chicago?”

    My party is gone, half my friends are gone, my Hope (TM) and Change (TM) are gone, but I still have my eyesight and a seal that says Office of the President Elect means we better get our pink triangles pressed. And I don’t mean just those of us who are GL–if you even hang out with us, get your pinkies in order.

  169. To quote Homer Simpson, angie, “In theory, communism works… In theory.” :o)

  170. Ivory — IMO, BO is as much Rove’s candidate as he is the DNC’s. The same corp.media that brought us Bush brought us BO. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

  171. Angienc, YES.

  172. angienc, on November 7th, 2008 at 5:39 pm Said:

    Ivory — IMO, BO is as much Rove’s candidate as he is the DNC’s. The same corp.media that brought us Bush brought us BO. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

    so that’s not my tinfoil in a twist?
    voters are obsolete?

  173. Yes are voters are obsolute. You want to keep them distracted though.

  174. catarina — the election this year was nothing but kabuki theater imo — Hillary did not know it until after the primary was over but I think between then & the convention someone DID take her into a room, which is why she went along with that bs roll call vote & stumped so hard for BO — she knew in June he could not win; then she knew he could. Also, McCain didn’t know it was kabuki until the “elite” in the GOP started attacking Sarah Palin. I personally believe that absent voter fraud McCain won the election. Did you see that spectacle on Nov. 4 in Chicago with the lights, etc? NO ONE plans something like that unless they are SURE. There is only one way to be sure in an election. Just sayin’.

  175. OT – does anyone know who designs these avatars?

  176. New post up — Something light for your Friday early eve enjoyment. Who IS behind this L/R Pres-elect, and why has Rove been so jolly lately?

  177. I have company coming over, so need to get going, but I do want to note that a lot of the usual suspects are missing? One unpopular post by RD, just one, in which no one was banned (so far as I recall) from voicing their indignation, and people are out the door. No benefit of the doubt, nothing… Do we have to agree all the time?

    Anyway, I’ll swing in on the night shift! cheers!

  178. wow
    all the hard work and political contributions, down the toilet.

  179. New thead

  180. cheers jv! happy friday

  181. catarina, on November 7th, 2008 at 5:53 pm Said:
    cheers jv! happy friday

    right back at ya!!!

  182. Whoa! Just saw a Rahm Emanuel roast on C-Span. It took place in 9/06 – Obama, Hillary, Axelrod, Paul Begala, Chris Dodd all participated. It galls me to think that Obama kept saying “turn the page” on the Clintons yet he’s replicating their administration. Rahm was actually goofing on Obama’s image of being the messiah! They’re all part of the same club.

  183. OT – does anyone know who designs these avatars?

    Downticket, the avatars are called MonsterIDs. There is a WordPress plugin that generates them. Each MonsterID is randomly generated but is uniquely assigned to a commenter through the commenter’s email address. So if you use another email to post a comment, you will get a different avatar uniquely assigned to that email. The avatar will “follow” the email address across WordPress blogs which use the same MonsterID plugin. There are also other sets of avatars besides MonsterIDs, like Identicons and Wavatars.

  184. Madamab,

    I don’t know what to think about this guy, but so far he is validating my original reactions to him–that he’s DLC, pretty conservative or at least cautious and doesn’t have a lot of new ideas. I just looked at his new transition web site, but that looked about the same as the old web site. He has women partitioned off in a separate category with children.

    I didn’t get to see the press conference. Did he say anything about the civilian security force?

  185. Islam sees most dogs as unclean — except greyhounds.

    On the other hand, Mohamed loved his cat so much that when he was napping with the cat and the cat fell asleep on his sleeve, he cut off the sleeve so he would not disturb the cat when he got up for prayers.


  186. Well I certainly hope that U.S. support for Israel (and other democracies and allies) does not change.

    Ivory Bill Woodpecker, yes, I think the GOP did want to lose. I can’t help but wonder if there wasn’t some vast right-wing-far-left conspiracy to keep the Clintons out. Unprecedented economic growth in the 90s? Strong global leadership? Yeah, can’t have a repeat of that.

  187. djmm: that is because cats rule. I always had dogs growing up and I adopted a cat 5 years ago. The cat is far superior. I might be into a German Shepherd dog b/c they are smart. But I’m going to have cats from now on.

  188. I like both but, yes, cats do rule.


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