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Voting Clusterf_ck of mass proportions in Tampa

FIRST, this is what the Board of Elections reports for Hillsborough County, FL – 87% counted so far:

384 of 384 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
John McCain (REP)
Percent of total votes
46.60% 228,323
Barack Obama (DEM)
Percent of total votes
52.40% 256,753

NOW, read this fromTBO.com and notice where they decided to skew the story and do the math:

Count Resumes With Hillsborough Elections Chief Race In Limbo

2051947165November 5, 2008 TAMPA – More than a dozen Hillsborough County elections office workers hunkered down in a glass-walled room in Brandon this afternoon and started to count what could add up to about 70,000 ballots that have yet to be tabulated.

They started with 6,000 absentee ballots that came in on Election Day, and it took most of the afternoon to count them. By late afternoon, workers were expected to begin counting the ballots from two precincts that didn’t flow through the optical scanning machines. They numbered about 4,000.

That likely would take them through the rest of the day. The counting would stop when the last ballot passed through the counter, and that could be 9 p.m. or later.

“Time frames are fluid,” said Hillsborough County Judge James Dominguez, who leads the canvassing board, which is overseeing the process.

Thursday, the counting continues. Dominguez said the remaining votes to be counted are about 60,000 early votes that went untallied on Election Day.

Even though the counting will continue for another day, every vote cast will be counted, he said.

“It is just a question of when they will get counted,” the judge said.

Provisional ballots were to be counted Thursday night and overseas absentee ballots, next week.

Absent during the process early Wednesday afternoon was Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson, who himself is caught in the recount web. His election hangs in the balance as challenger Phyllis Busansky is less than 4,000 votes behind in a 400,000 ballot race.

Now I could give two hoots about Buddy Johnson and Phyllis Busansky.  What I care about it that there are 70,000 abstentee and overseas ballots to count and there’s a 28,430 ballot difference between John McCain and Barack Obama, yet there are 70,000 ballots that are still not counted. That means that McCain can win Hillsborough still.  The question begs to be asked is: with so many absentee, early voting and Election Day ballots left to count, how many other places have the same problem as Hillsborough County?

With an election so close and with many states not done counting so many ballots (like here in FL), why was it so necessary to declare Barack Obama the winner on Tuesday?  Why are exit polls from corporate owned media more valid than actual ballots?  What is the rush of declaring a winner the same night on Election Day?  Why can’t the winner be declared one week later after every ballot is verified and tallied?   Why did the reporter choose to concentrate on Johnson and Busansky instead of McCain and Obama?

Something in the milk ain’t clean!

(Crossposted at LiberalCrat)

83 Responses

  1. The only flaw in your story is that McCain can still win anything — BO will not allow it.

  2. exactly angienc.

  3. Angie – that’s PRECISELY THE ELEPHANT in the room!

  4. That was really creepy.

  5. Evidently this is new math.

    70,000 votes are 1% of 5555076. I don’t think so.

  6. SM — have you checked your email lately?

  7. ooops one too many 5s.

  8. It was necessary to declare Obama the winner early so his party in Ill could go forward no later than 10pm Central time.

    This is why, contrary to agreements in the past, the MSM starting calling the election the moment the polls closed.

  9. Cwaltz – they have a 28,000 vote difference – and with 70,000 vote left to count, McCain could go over. That’s my point.

  10. SOD: OK, will do!

  11. Why am I not surprised that we’ve done it again? Florida – first in election foul -ups!

  12. You realize that for McCain to take the lead in this county, he’d have to get 70% of the outstanding votes. That’s not really very plausible.

  13. NH, I think you’re dead on. The corporate media had decided so early on, during the primaries, that BO was just going to be the president ’cause their big money said so, that the actual numbers became irrelevant. Heck, voting became a formality. And something like an afterparty was a perfectly fine reason to call a winner.

    That’s where we are.

    I’ll go further: it’s only going to get worse. Airbrushed celebrity media Pepsi American Idol candidates will become the norm going forward — it will be necessary to be on the cover of GQ and In Shape to be president. You celeb status will mean more than actual, say, service to your community.

    (Of course, this is only for men. Making these kinds of celeb presidents only underscores that a woman will never be pres — because a women equivalent is a bimbo bitch, eh? They’re downshifting to ensure no woman is president.)

  14. I was a bit confused when ALL the major media started declaring Obama the winner in states that only reported 1 percent of the vote in. Now I know there are ways they claim they could do this but it smacked of suppression to me.

  15. PaulDem — you do understand that every vote is supposed to count in this country and all one needs to win is one vote, don’t you?

  16. SOD -I just did – check your email & I’ll log in later. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  17. any ballots not yet counted will just get dumped in the ocean.

  18. Thats funny Myiq2xu.
    I posted it on my site earlier today.

  19. myiq lmfao maybe they’ll just die? bwahahahaaa! thanks for that

  20. myiq2xu, on November 6th, 2008 at 8:05 pm
    Ya gotta see this!


  21. “every vote is supposed to count in this country”

    Well, actually, no votes are supposed to count in FL–or does that change if they vote the right way?

  22. Perfect video — I can’t wait to see their disappointment when they grow the f*ck up & realize BO is Bush with a tan, not JFK with a tan.

  23. myiq2xu: don’t laugh that much, that’s not far from what I saw in class on weds… hopefully tomorrow will be an improvement

  24. {{{drops head…slinks away}}

  25. Today I got emails from Planned Parenthood that started out this way:

    THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE to know we have a pro-choice president! I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to know that the president of the United States supports women — it’s been a while — and I must say, it feels amazing.

    I almost vomited.

    Needless to say, I sent a very clear reply about why I will no longer support them.

    THEN I got a phone call from them tonight asking for money! I was taken off guard, so I ended up sputtering (although I at least coherently made the point that they should have stayed out of presidential politicking altogether, then at least I could have still supported them). And demanded to be taken off all their phone, mail, email and exchange lists. If they need money, they can bill Obama for their campaign services on his behalf. Or they can try persuading the obots to part with their $1000 stimulus checks rather than the shiniest new iPhones. haha, good luck with that, Cecile.

  26. Valhalla — what short term memories the nitwits at Planned Parenthood have — I know it feels like GWB has been in the WH forever, but it was only 8 years ago that Clinton was President and he was pro-choice — heck, he didn’t even mention a woman needing to consult her pastor! Of course to acknowledge that would be to reject the BO revisionist history that Clinton was the same as GWB I suppose.

  27. myiq — that was killer! I just can’t get enough of it.

  28. SOD

    Upset at missing my train BUT LOL!!! at your comment….

  29. dakinikat, on November 6th, 2008 at 8:13 pm Said:

    myiq2xu: don’t laugh that much, that’s not far from what I saw in class on weds… hopefully tomorrow will be an improvement


    If you read the comments, it looks like some supporters saw themselves in the video. There’s hope if they have even that much awareness. 🙂

  30. MYIQ


  31. Yikes! when’s the next train LIT?

  32. It’s hard to tell satire from reality

  33. I wonder how many Obama butt licking trolls lurk here?
    What a bunch of losers.

  34. Washington state voting numbers were down this year. I’m not surprised, the polls here stay open until 8pm, but it was called right at 8pm. Alaska already knew who was president before the polls closed this year.

  35. god, am I in moderation for saying tr@ll???

  36. One more, Charlotte, NC still has ballots to count too:


  37. jjm,
    I asked if anyone had compared the 2004 to 2008 participation rates in the West Coast and East Coast. The race was definiely declared over hours before polls closed on the West coast, and even some mountain states.

  38. gqm:

    There were people declaing it over 15 minutes after the polls closed in the east.

  39. Yeah, it was pretty much called before – days before. I heard that voting turnout in WA was lower this year on the local NPR station (KUOW) but I didn’t see it anywhere else.

    They still haven’t finished counting in Pierce County either.

  40. I love this site. It’s so nice to read the posts & comments of integral, intelligent people. Plus you all have great political insight & a wonderfully (& appropriately) sardonic sense of humor; what more can a disenfranchised leftie ask for?

    Anyways, in the past couple of threads, there has been talk of bringing all of the different PUMA pace under one umbrella org to focus on some central issues otherwise ditched by the DNC (I.e., sexism & homophobia), with one potential objective being to run some of our own in lower-level races. I just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea & opportunity to move forward. It would really be a shame for this community to de out. – which of course is exactly what the DNC & The Precious are expecting.

  41. Hmmm, send this post to O’Rielly, et.al.

  42. oops, sorry for the typos

  43. Honestly,I don’t have a problem with calling some of the races without all the ballots being cast. People are confusing the early exit poll numbers being way off with the final exit polls. The final exit polls are not far off the final numbers, and you have to have very high statistical confidence to call a race from the exit polls, something like 1 in several tens of thousands and as a math person that’s good enough since the likelihood of being wrong is negligible.

    What is egregious, IMO, are two things: projecting any state before EVERY SINGLE POLLING STATION closes; and projecting a state when its too close to call–that’s what the big problem was with FL in 2000. The math wasn’t there to make a projection then, but they did it anyway.

  44. I’m going to miss you guys – I’m off to two days of back to back meetings in West Palm – be back toyou on Sunday. Myiq – be good and if you can’t be good at least have fun at it.

  45. It would really be a shame for this community to de out. – which of course is exactly what the DNC & The Precious are expecting.


  46. gqm:

    When the media declares the election over 3 hours before polls close in the west, it affects turnout which affects local and state races.

  47. Die out?

    Yeah, like we’re all gonna go over to dkos or Zsa Zsa’s place.

  48. IQ,
    There you go again not reading my posts. I said I don’t agree with calling any state until every last polling station is closed.

  49. take care Joanelle!

  50. My guess is that calling the election over cost Dino Rossi (R) the election and probably Darcy Burner (D) as well. It may have even cost Carol Gregory (D) her close race which was decided by only a few thousand votes.

    Damn East Coasters and their need to get the results by their 10 O’Clock news.

  51. BTW, I’m referring to WA state races.

  52. myiq — if you really want to insult Arianna, call her a Turk — nothing is worse for a Greek person.

  53. Hannity and Scarecrow.

    DNC throws Lieberman under the bus

  54. On an unrelated note, why are they broadcasting the football game on the NFL network? Sigh. How am I supposed to scout for fantasy football players if I can’t see the action?

  55. gqmartinez, on November 6th, 2008 at 9:01 pm Said:

    Damn East Coasters and their need to get the results by their 10 O’Clock news.

    Oh yeah, blame it on those of us who like to go to bed early. 🙄

  56. SOD

    8:40 – and it takes me w while to walk. I’m no longer a sprightly 23 🙂

    I’m going to leave in 5 minutes.

  57. afrocity — that’s their MO — when they don’t need you they throw you in the garbage. I got the same email from firedoglake that sod got — “It’s time to get rid of Lieberman” Personally, I hope he switches to the Republican party & the people of CT keep him in.

  58. The whole Lieberman thing is hilarious to me. Seriously. He has a generally liberal voting record and agrees on most of the big votes. His talk of bipartisan efforts earned him the scorn of the progressives*. Obama runs on post-partisan consensus, the same damn thing as Lieberman, and he is considered the political messiah. At least have some freakin’ consistency. Sheesh.

  59. There’s plenty of room under the bus. Let them keep discarding constituencies. It just gives us a bigger pool to build ours from. 🙂

  60. SOD- thanks! Myiq2xu – that’s the last place I’d ever expect any of us to wander off to. Blogging on DK gets you roughly 1500 more spins on the wheel of life

  61. Did you see the weak ass clip that Alan Colmes just played of Lieberman?

    “Lieberman said things about Obama that crossed the line”

    Lieberman was caught up in the emotions of the moment and went over the line”

    “He should apologize to Obama”


  62. angienc

    Plus – like I mentioned elsewhere, I don’t think Obama wants him around. I watched on CSpan as Obama backed Lieberman into a corner. He took him by the arm while in conversation, and took him to the side. I thought then that it would have repercussions and then at the RNC Liebermann endorsed McCain.. There must be a youtube of that.

    I am definitely NOT a fan of Emmanuel, but have a question. Given his and his fathers history with Israel, would he not be very protective of Israel and work to maintain the status quo in policy?

  63. I agree – more people under the bus, more constituencies from which to grow. Similarly, Summers ad Treasury Sec could be a boon. Lots more pissed off women in academia to pick off

  64. Is he for real?? I mean c’mon

  65. GQMartinez – I’d like to see legislation passed where the president cannot be called until every vote is cast.

    1 week after election day, the day after Veterans Day should be enough time to COUNT EVERY FRIGGIN LITTLE PIECE OF PAPER!!!!! (ugh, sorry, I get so exasperated with this.

    Can I live in a state where there ISN’T this constant voter fraud in every election PLEASE????

  66. LOI — I haven’t seen that clip of BO backing Lieberman into a corner but it doesn’t surprise me — he has gotten where he is through threats and intimidation.
    As to Emmanuel — his & his father’s history with Israel is the ONLY good thing about his being COS.
    Lieberman is liberal — his big “sin” with the neo-progs was his support of the war — those hypocritical f*cktards — only Hillary’s vote for AUMF “counts” and only Lieberman’s support of the war “counts” — Kerry, Powell, Emmanuel — they are all as pure as snow. If I hadn’t mentioned this before: F*CK THEM ALL.

  67. “DNC throws Lieberman under the bus”

    Lieberman is awesome. Always has been. I think he deserves PUMA support.


    Obama – “The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers.”

    h/t AOS

  69. hey — I’m in moderation — what did I say?

  70. Looking: Yes, but the problem with Rahm Emmanuel is he was MADE and BOUGHT for by the Chicago Thug Machine, Inc.

  71. Oh cr!p — I forgot P0well puts you in moderation — can we get rid of that & sm — can you get me out? thanks.

  72. Thanks sm!!

  73. sm,
    I don’t disagree with the legislation given what’s happened. But isn’t it sad that we’d have to write some basic common decency into law because of the media is so damn intent on doing this?

  74. I’m now a fan of watching NFL games online. They have so much more interesting commentary and player info than on TV. Really good for fantasy football geeks.

  75. Hey did you guys see this:

    Cafferty: African-American as Pres. before a female? – On the Cafferty File on CNN.

    So now they care about women. Nice!!!

  76. Rahm Emanuel is the “Tom Delay” of the democratic party. I can’t believe there was a time when I respected him.

  77. Ana — that King of Misogyny can kiss my a$$. I loathe him — and I mean seriously, I loathe him. He is more worthless excuse for a man than even Kevin Federline.

  78. PS — I can’t believe God doesn’t smite that dogf*cker Cafferty for the hypocrisy.

  79. GQMartinez – that’s why I want to see legislation that prohibits actual announcement of a president until every vote is cast.

  80. I hope Sarah Palin takes O’Reilly up on his offer for 30 minutes to talk about all the accusations being flung in her direction.

  81. Hi everyone 🙂

    Just catching up on the news tonight. What a day huh? Stock market keeps tanking. Hmm..wonder why that is? Could it be because…oh…I don’t know…Obama’s radical tax plan agenda to increas taces on capital gains??

    Dick Morris was right tonight when he said Obama would be relegated to being a trustee in Bankruptcy.

    Obama said he would bankrupt an entire industry (coal). Well, looks like Obama is well on his way to bankrupting the nation.

    Think Obama will have a change of heart and do a complete 180 on his tax agenda and say no to increased taxes on Americans, small business, corporations, and investment? I won’t hold my breath. And as you can see, investors aren’t either. They are getting out of the market to avoid Obama’s tax hike on any potential profits.

    Foreign markets tanked tonight. I expect tomorrow to be a huge sell off on Wall Street. The DOW has lost over 10% value since election day.

    Obama’s agenda scares the hell out of investors and i don’t blame them.

    Have to say that Obama’s proposed kitchen cabinet is getting more dirty by the hour.

    Axelfraud roaming the halls of the White House as Obama’s Senior Puppeteer…er…Advisor?

    Howard scream Dean as Health and Human Services Director?

    John Kerry as SOS?

    Rahm Emanuel as the confirmed Chief of Staff. Emanuel is no friend of Bill and Hill.

    And have you heard about Larry “Women are genetically inferior to men when it comes to math and science” Summers as a possible Treasury Sec for The One?

    Summers resigned in shame from Harvard for his sexist remarks about women, and now we learn Summers is one of Obama’s main go to guy’s on the economy?

    Obama and the good ol’ boy network.

    That’s the kind of “change” he believes in.

    Praying that America sees the light, and if the court challenges fail (many will be filed before the electors meet to vote on December 15, 2008) to knock Obama out, that America will hold Obama’s feet to the fucking fire.

    Where is my free Government healthcare? Where is my check? Where is my tax cut? Where is my second and third and fourth stimulus package?

    Obama kool aid snortes must have voted with that B. Spears song rining between their ears…”Gimme gimme more, gimme gimme gimme more”…wonder what they will do when The One is exposed as the fraud that he is?

    And yeah, Barack “The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayres” Obama is funny as hell, but scary as hell all the same.


    The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayres

    How about this one:

    “The Fresh Pimp”

    angienc, I need to see one of your F bombs tonight! Please, share one with us 🙂

  82. I enjoyed this article and am happy that someone is watching the math this time. MSM likes to spout out false figures and everyone just goes along with it. Check out c-span online for a map and mouseovers of the vote count. McCain lost Missouri by 5, 859 votes?
    check out North Carolina. McCain lost by 13,993 votes? Check out the counties. That’s where you’ll find the mistakes. PA counties were good to McCain/Palin except for northeastern counties.

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