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One last time

Why?  Because she’s so damn cute!

Is this an open thread?  Oh, you betcha!

107 Responses

  1. Can’t watch that too many times! What a doll.

  2. She and Piper Palin need to be a ticket in 2036

  3. N00b question here…this is seraphiclight. My wordpress username is bluestoat and it won’t let me change it if I’m logged in, but it won’t let me use my avatar if I’m not logged in. Anyone know a way around this or am I stuck posting as bluestoat if I want my avatar?

  4. News alert – tens of thousands of really pissed off gay people have taken to the streets in Los Angeles and are shutting down the streets… L.A. County suspended issuing marriage licenses tonight.

    The news people look positively baffled…. How could, on a night when everyone should be celebrating the accomplishment of The One, be mad? Just because Obama sent his own personal homobigots to assure the “Christians” (I use that term very loosely) that they could vote for Obama and still be able to hate the gays without reproach…!

    Equality is not a zero sum game. F*ckin’ nitwits.

    I’m so angry.

  5. Seraphic: Got to your wordpress profile and change type in seraphiclight as your nickname. That way you get to keep you avie.

  6. Thanks, Regency…I actually did that but I missed the dropdown for “display name publicly.” D’oh…let’s see if this works now.

  7. Please fight back against crappy press suggestions that Palin costs McCain the election. This is a continuation of ass-hat bullying tactics.

    As the great Joe Scarborough has said many times, it was a very difficult year for GOP. Bush has approval ratings in the 20’s. 80% think the country is on the wrong track. The USA is mired in two wars, threat of terrorism, and is facing a severe depression.

    McCain didn’t run the best, or the most aggressive campaign. But, like Hillary he had to deal with a hostile press (a free billion dollar enterprise giftwrapped for Obama,) not to mention being outspend 8 to 1 in advertising. Not to mention the Tsunami of financial bad news in September. No one can fight all of this. (the conspiracy nut in me wants to think Bush intentionally brought the financial September surprise, b/c he hates McCain).

    In normal times, you can say that McCain could have dealt with the financial meltdown differently. But the media was ready to crucify him, no matter what. If the campaigns acted the reverse, Obama would have been called bold, and McCain would have been called senile and out of touch.

    I say all this, because after attacking Palin, and subjecting her to a nasty vetting that they never used on Obama, Press wants to again re-write history, and refer to their narratives and manufactured bullshit as fact.

    Palin has enormous political skills. She is real, she is positive, and knows who she is. If I may say this, she is a ‘red-neck’ woman and proud of it. The village people hate her for it.

    They also hate her for the same reason they hated Hillary. How dare that Hillary and Palin don’t know their place, and stand in the way of The One annointed by the village and the media. Misogeny is just the icing on that cake. All the mother and women issues that Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have had, just shows itself there.

  8. Winger blogs are going apeshit over the Palin smears.

    Sarah is the most popular Republican alive right now. She single-handedly almost saved McCain’s campaign.

  9. Sarah Palin is a good woman. I stand completely with her. The media is going to push the narrative that this is her fault whether we like it or not. I’m not saying we shouldn’t fight but I am saying that we would do ourselves an enormous disservice if we expected things to change.

    Speak of which, where are all those women’s groups that swore they’d cover for Sarah? I don’t see Republican women out there or the Women Count PAC. They all vanished just in time to leave Sarah high and dry.

  10. Palin is the only reason some even voted for McCain…certainly a lot of the PUMAs I know.

    (myiq, your clown scares me.)

  11. Saw one talking head on Monday nite (prolly Fox cuz I gave up the others) but he said that if McCain had had 2 more days he’d probably pull off a win.

  12. Seraph:

    He would scare me too if he wasn’t my guardian angel.

  13. nite all.

  14. To be fair, all clowns scare me. 😀

  15. Anyone still up?

    I just got back to the computer. Took a bit of a beating today from people who knew about my no-love-lost feelings about Barack. They felt bad once I explained what happened to my once right to get married in California thanks to Obama supporters.

    May this be another Stonewall.

  16. I love all of you.

  17. Love you to, Puma-SF.

    I refuse to accept gloating because I have no doubt that BO=Bush. Sorry, guys, I think you’re in for a rude awakening.

    Scrubs, I’m sorry you got hassled. That’s been happening all over. But the way I see it is the behavior you put out into the world will come back to you. Be kind to those who are hurting or they will not be there to comfort you.

  18. {{{Puma-SF}}}

  19. scrubs, I expected to take a beating from my friends here in SF who are all Obama supporters (or at least have to listen to their gloating), but they were all so blindsided by Prop 8, that they weren’t in the mood to celebrate or gloat. Strangely, we had solidarity in our misery. My guess is it’s just the first of the buyers remorse we’re going to see.

  20. I guess it’s official—Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff. Chicago politics in the White House. That’s change you can count on.


  21. Puma-SF, are you in San Francisco? I thought I was the only one here.

  22. I’m still up, and feeling warm affection for everybody in my usual cold, non-expressive way

  23. Glad to hear I’m not only one taking it on the chin.

    Way back when Prop 8 was being floated as an idea, I never imagined it would pass. At the time, I was over at Democratic Underground and they all laughed about the possibility of it even getting on the ballot. Well, not only did it make it onto the ballot, but the man those DUers love so much helped it to pass. I am just so disheartened by the whole thing.

  24. Hey, myiq, throw me some of that cold, non-expressive love, mate.

  25. myiq, if Angie were here, I’ve no doubt she would swoon over what you just said.

  26. I, too, am a DU refugee. I was once a “Blaue Engel”…now I’m just seraphiclight.

  27. On isues after issue, Obama supporters are going to discover that Obama will do nothing to further a liberal progressive agenda or will work against it.

  28. Palin has scary lady-parts!

  29. The more I think about this election the worse I feel.

    Anyway I wanted to extend an invitation to Regency, Lil Isis and other students on this blog. If they want to visit Florence, the home of Renaissance art they can sleep on my floor if they want to.

    I’m afraid my flat isn’t luxury but my son(age 20) studies art at the ‘Accademia delle Belle Arti” in Florence and he could show you around.

  30. Great, because I have a tummy ache:

  31. Actually he will be going to Sacramento for a month in July-courtesy of the University of California.

  32. I find myself agreeing with you yet another time, myiq. Obama supporters are going to be disappointed.

  33. It’s not over.

  34. Right back to all of you. Sorry but I am off to bed. Work is calling me. Much love again to you and hugs, too. Night.

  35. Hello, Regency, I’m here. I’m fighting for Sarah Palin. I’m sick over this whole throw women under the bus. Absolutely sick. Sarah Palin may not be everything I support, but she far exceeds what I want in a candidate.

  36. nv swing – that salt and peppa song is fantastic! Makes me feel pretty good.

  37. NV, Same here, wholeheartedly. Women need to stick together. We don’t all have to vote for each other but we must protect each other.

    It’s a shame that we still haven’t learned that.

    And now I have to head to bed. Good night!

  38. I was thinkin about the last media thread.

    What I mainly see of MSM is BBC World because it comes free here with digital terrestrial (you don’t need a satellite).

    Now BBC World has many things in common with BBC UK, except for one thing-financing.
    While the home media is financed by the Brit public thru what is basically a special tax, BBC world is not-but by private interests -a chunk of which are Arab.

  39. Wha?! BBC World is financed partly by Arabs? Well it’s good to know the difference between BBC UK and World.

    I just went over to Sugar’s and read this old McCain anecdote. It’s a good story:


  40. Night Regency.

    Thanks for Hillary. We aren’t staying up very late tonight – both tired.

  41. I’ll be up for a while

  42. Blah blah blabbity-blah

  43. Whatever. Go gloat somewhere else. We really don’t give a fuck what you think.

  44. And look at your ugly-ass gravatar, too!

  45. Thanks for the entertainment, stupid tr0ll.

    Thanks for the fix, myiq. Is it the same person as last night at this time?

  46. Last night? I don’t remember anything about last night

  47. Ha! I didn’t think so.

    Reminder: you and angie needed the private room next to RD’s bedroom for a little while there. 🙂

  48. “drunk and horny” doesn’t narrow it down much

  49. Yes, Brittannia, it’s the whole story that taxpayer’s money should not be used to finance foreign viewers…

    Personally I think that BO’s hidden card was his middle name. And, that however he does as Prez he will once more have big money in 2012.

  50. NV

    great stuff to wake you up – dont you love old school!

  51. drunk and horny – yeah, that about covers it. Except that you also started new threads exactly when I needed you to last night so you must have been at least a little bit clued in to the blog.

  52. Can’t hang, guys. I’m going to sleep. Am on call tomorrow night and need some rest tonight to get ready for the disasters that walk through the door.

  53. There will never be a female President of the United States. There. I said it. Ladies, go home and grab your burkas and start cooking dinner for your man and popping out babies. You will never have equal pay for equal work, you will never be considered competent or capable at anything you ever do, and you stand no chance of ever getting anywhere unless it’s to a soccer or hockey game to cheer your (male) children on. Of course the laws will be wide open to allow you to abort female children so you don’t have to sully the landscape with them at all anymore.
    How do I know? Because before even half the nation’s votes were tallied tonight, not only were all the major networks calling the race for Barack Obama, but the pundits are already discussing how Sarah Palin was John McCain’s downfall. Pundits attempting to defend her popularity with statistics were shot down on Fox News. That’s it – it’s over. You will not see another female Presidential candidate taken seriously in this country in our lifetimes. We’ll be lucky if we continue to see women continue to hold seats in the Senate and House after tonight. Female Governors? Forget about it. Palin won’t be re-elected there, because in spite of the fact that Alaska loved her (90% approval rating) just 4 months ago, she has been trashed and is now persona non grata in her own state courtesy of the Chosen One.

    Gail Guardian — on InsightAnalitical

    Powerful writing — and this is just one of many commentaries on the election.

    The trashing of Sarah Palin is unforgivable.

    Someone wrote that today was the “high point” of the O-zero administration — it is straight downhill from here.

    I’ve collected a file of some of the best comments on blogs — I’ll read them in a year and see which vision of the future under O-zero is correct.

    One of the very sad pieces of business is the the O-butts are out in full force and leaving the most horrendous, vile messages. There is very strong anti-Jew messages — so much so that I am really concerned. Evidently O-zero’s followers have gotten the message that it is alright to hate Jews. (Atlas Shrugs — is one blog which published some of their hate mail.)

    And the hatred and vile messages are directed at women — one waitress got a sexist note for her “tip” calling her a b*tch. Black men openly directing their hatred at women.

    I’m hoping that this is an isolated occurrence — but I’m concerned that this is the beginning of a pattern. Back to my caucus experience — I witnessed young males shaking in rage as they spoke of the “evil & corrupt” Clinton(s). These were the creeps who attended some sort of training session — camp Obama — and all they could do is spew hatred toward Clinton — NOT ONE of these young males could tell us any of Obama’s policy positions. They had merely been trained to trash Hillary — trying to get Hillary’s votes to switch to Obama.

    The hatred I saw oozing from the O-butts is the same sort of hatred in the attack on any blog that is opposed to Obama. And then today the written attacks against Jews. Sicking and vile.

    Hey I know an island in the Caribbean — great weather, wonderful swimming, affordable for retired expats. Or maybe not — if O-zero decides to spread the wealth.

  54. I don’t really understand. Palin is a terrible choice, especially in juxtaposition with Hillary. How does supporting Palin do anything to make sure that strong, liberal women get into office? How does it have anything to do with rescuing the Democratic party from control by the Deans and Obamas and Pelosis? She panders to the freedom fry crowd and derides science. She’s anti-choice and ambiguous on evolution. She’s very much a product of the right. I’m a little confused.

  55. JJ

    I am pro choice – that means I accept if somebody makes the choice to not have an abortion. As far as I understand Palin is pro live, but does not intend to forbid abortion as a policy maker. Anyway which Rep in their right mind would do that, they never would get any majority again.

  56. Someone mentioned using other names above.

    I have used many names on the Web:

    Dr. Karma

    Monster from the Id [I mainly use this one on the “assimilated” websites]

    Kid Charlemagne [I still use that one on Legion World]

    amrak63 [I still use that one on YouTube and Wonderland; the latter is an Azumanga Daioh fansite]

    and of course, Ivory Bill Woodpecker. 🙂

  57. So when do we get to work to prevent this whole 2 year nightmare from happening again? I know we have a shot in 2 years to do something with the senate/house etc. right? Is it too early to plan for 2012? Any ideas? I’m ready to go to work, I tried to do what little I could this go ’round, I want to do even more next time.

  58. JJ:

    Sarah Palin is not being attacked for her beliefs. She is being attacked because she has a vagina.

    That is misogyny, and it’s wrong.

  59. From Lynn Forester de Rothschild


    At the end of this long campaign, I am writing to congratulate and thank you for your steadfast work on behalf of our country. All of us are probably not pleased with the outcome of the election, but we all accept it and will do our individual part to continue to serve the best interest of this nation we love.

    Before we all go back to our day jobs, I am contacting you once again for your help. My personal journey in this campaign has made me painfully aware of two deeply disturbing realities of our political process; namely, partisanship and sexism. These two are not related but both are rampant in our politics and seriously interfere with the progress of our society. I have seen how fundamental principles have been abandoned by our leaders and the media in favor of partisan power and irrational bias. As a result, both of these lethal trends are getting stronger in our body politic My interest in both the partisanship and sexism in the 2008 Presidential election leads me to ponder if there is a role for this site in helping to resolve either issue.

    Perhaps you have completely tired of politics by this point and need a rest. I certainly understand that position. But, in the event that you are energized by what you have experienced, I am using this site to ask you to send me your thoughts on whether we can – or should – try to promote change in our national partisanship and/or rampant sexism. I am particularly interested in knowing your thoughts on how we might address these issues through:

    this website
    existing organizations or websites
    existing articles, presentations or reports (please send them or a link to them)
    interesting individuals from either party who may participate
    any other thoughts and strategies

    Please send me your comments by going to together4us.com and post your ideas in the Comments section. That way they can be viewed by many people and commented on by others.

    And, if you would like to personally be involved in any way in an effort to forge a solution to the corrosive affect of party politics and gender bias, please email me directly at lynn@together4us.com.

    Once again, I want to thank you for everything you did in this election and I am very pleased that in some way our paths have crossed at this time. I trust we will have the opportunity to do some good together in the future……together4us.

    I wish you well.

    Sincerely yours,
    Lynn Forester de Rothschild

    Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s campaign.

    I really like Lynn , and we may be able to combine efforts 🙂

  60. RCG:

    There is always work to be done.

    “Bloom where you are planted.” – Hillary Clinton

    “Do the best you can with what you have where you are.” – Teddy Roosevelt

  61. Israel cautions against Obama dialogue with Iran
    Thu Nov 6, 2008 5:24am EST

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel said Thursday U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s stated readiness to talk to Iran could be seen in the Middle East as a sign of weakness in efforts to persuade Tehran to curb its nuclear program.

    “We live in a neighborhood in which sometimes dialogue — in a situation where you have brought sanctions, and you then shift to dialogue — is liable to be interpreted as weakness,” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said, asked on Israel Radio about policy change toward Tehran in an Obama administration.

    Her remarks sounded the first note of dissonance with Obama by a senior member of the Israeli government since the Democrat’s sweeping victory over Republican candidate John McCain in the U.S. presidential election Tuesday.

    Asked if she supported any U.S. dialogue with Iran, Livni replied: “The answer is no.”

    Livni, leading the centrist Kadima party into Israel’s February 10 parliamentary election, also said “the bottom line” was that the United States, under Obama, “is also not willing to accept a nuclear Iran.”

    Obama has said he would harden sanctions on Iran but has also held out the possibility of direct talks with U.S. adversaries to resolve problems, including the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

    the article in full :

    bo will not get a “pass” from the rest of the world , not every woman is um oprah lol , some women have countries to run

    go Tzipi Livni !!

  62. To branch off from JJ’s question, are we allowed to attack any woman, ever, if we disagree with her beliefs? What is the difference between a misogynist attack on a woman and a legitimate one?

  63. Johnny G:

    Have you ever seen a male candidate criticized for answering his hotel room door in a bathrobe?

    For his shoes?

    If people wore shirts calling Obama a n*gger would you call that racist? I sure would.

    So why is it okay to call Sarah a c*nt or Hillary a b*tch?

  64. morning all time for work!

  65. G’morning fuzzybear!

  66. Another thing on the betrayal of the LGBT community by a majority of the AA community…

    from me a direct quote…

    “People who win their equality at the expense of their brothers and sisters have won nothing and have lost everything including their own souls”

  67. JJ:

    All the choices were terrible for a liberal. I should know, I are one.

  68. To JJ and JG —

    An example of overt sexism by the O-Zero campaign was one of the last tv ads —

    Sarah’s image was used in such a way that it was obvious that O-zero was calling Sarah Palin a bimbo — as someone who is stupid because she is a woman.

    Disagree with Sarah on policy that is a valid and proper way to disagree. But the attacks on Sarah by the media and camp Obama were derogatory, personal and degrading. Sarah’s children were attacked — and the vile names she was called — that is an attack on ALL women. Except that many women have no comprehension that THEY are being attacked for being female just like Sarah was attacked for not having a penis. As the Brits put it — Sarah at those nasty little female bits that make immature, inadequate males very nervous.

    This behavior is what we used to call sex role stereotyping — way back in the 70s. Women could be secretaries or receptionists — but NEVER the boss. Not a whole hell of a lot has changed since then.


    Different subject — I’d like to know who the hell owns O-zero. It sure isn’t the AAs because they cannot afford nearly a billion $$$ to own a politician. But someone or some group dumped millions of $$$ into O-zero’s lap two years ago and kept dumping money — enough to buy an election.

    O-Zero owes someone or some group big time.

    Bushie seemed to be owned by the oil companies etc. At lease bushie was a bit more honest about who his donors were than the illegitimate con man O-zero.

    Any ideas — who owns O-zero? Perhaps whoever paid his way through Harvard continued to be his fairy godfather?

  69. NW Rain:

    Obama raised more money last year (before the Iowa caucuses) than John McCain spent on the general election.

  70. Northwest rain, put George Soros on your list.

  71. JJ:

    Please explain what is so “detestable” about her policies?

    How did she explicitly call out fruit fly genetics for derision?

  72. BTW – I will defend Palin or any other woman from misogynistic attacks.

    I will condemn racism, religious bigotry or discrimination based on sexual orientation too.

  73. jj- I don’t see how you as a scientist and all can not see a distinction between criticizing Palin’s political stands on issues and attacking her because she is a woman and therefore chromosomely unfit to hold high office. I remember when Ferraro ran for VP. I was in college and to see her in those debates and to watch her being attacked because she dared to use her maiden name has had a profound impact on my life since. I watched that clip and hope that there are now little girls that think that ladies can be VP. It is huge and the fact that I disagree with Palin politically does not diminish that .I hope that I would be strong enough to encourage my daughters to run for public office after seeing what the feminists of the world will do to them. Peace

  74. What the hell is a fruit fly geneticist?

  75. Good Morning All

  76. If I don’t get an answer to my questions I’m gonna assume that JJ was just a troll and delete those comments.

  77. G’morning! AAAG!

    You went back to your old alias?

  78. Sorry myiq I thought I was signed in.

  79. JJ can jump off a cliff. Woman have suffered a huge defeat with two great candidates being thrown under the bus.

    I say BO should make Palin chairperson of Engery. But I bet he wont

  80. I thought I smelled a floater

  81. I smell troll

    Buh-bye JJ

  82. I find JJ’s remarks to be “detestable”

  83. JJ also cut and pasted her responses. (shudder)

  84. What remarks?

    Nothing left but the smell, and that will fade

  85. I spoke at some length last night to a friend who had reluctantly voted for Obama. Her reason? She was afraid of Palin and her religion. Now this is an intelligent woman. How in the world can you fear the Wasilla Bible Church and have no problem with the Right Reverend Jeremiah KKK Goddam America Wright? The mind boggles.

  86. JJ thought that “Drosphilia geneticist” would impress us.

    I used to do pest control, and Drosphila is the common fruit fly

  87. Myiq,

    Totally!!!! LOL. When she said that I conjured these visions of my Biology teacher in high school teaching us about alleles.

  88. Afrocity:

    It was the way JJ kept sliding all the nasty adjectives in that tripped my troll sensor.

  89. SOD

    Where is the conference. I do think Palin should be in the loop about Energy.

  90. JJ

    I suggest you read all her interviews from her time on the city council, the articles about her, her legislation, and watch her debates from the earliest times. I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised that she is not the monster you think she is (unfortunately you’ve been subjected to too much Obama propaganda). She reiterates often that her parents were teachers and one a science teacher at that and explains more than once what her position is.

    Before I formed an opinion about her I read through everyhting.

    An old habit developed during the discussions about the Iraq war, when I found that the media is for sh*t – biased, untruthful propaganda the likes of which I’d only seen coming from East Germany when I was living in West Berlin. I used to laugh at it until I saw it on my own soil. At that point disillusionment set it.

    Now, when there is a story in the media I immediately assume it BS, and go check it out at various places on the internet with various viewpoints.

    And generally thats what scientists do, having quite a few of them in my family, they check everyhting out before forming any sort of conclusion.

    That said, absolutely no sexism is correct, no matter what.

    As for Palin, the republica/conservative community is designating Jindal/Palin as their ticket for the next election.

  91. *sorry for typos, am running late for work.

  92. If I was gonna fund a study of the genetics of a California pest I would have it done at UC Davis

  93. Looking,

    I love Jindal.

    I am also going to write to Palin and suggest that she gets a law degree. She can easily do this in 3 years. She should apply to Univ of Alaska and take the bar there because it is very important where you learn law. For instance if you are into oil and gas law you should go to Texas, Environmental law Vermont and so on.

  94. I LUHRVE this mini-Sarah ! She’s a doll! How many hits now on that vid?

    Then there’s this:


    In the comments section, note this: (sounds very credible to me)
    saint louis wrote:

    The ongoing destruction of Sarah Palin can be traced to a number of McCain’s operatives whose loyalties clearly lie with George W and Jeb Bush.

    Nicole Wallace and her husband owe their careers to Jeb Bush and George Bush. Tracey Schmitt is also a product of Bush political patronage.

    Nobody hates John McCain more than George W Bush, and Jeb Bush is the invisible 800 pound gorilla in the room for 2012. The “mismanagement” of Sarah Palin by Wallace and Schmitt is so complete that it cannot be assumed to be pure incompetence. Wallace set up the “hide Sarah” strategy, the wardrobe disaster, the Katie Couric debacle, the “diva” leaks, the “rogue” leaks, and now the “Africa-is-a-country” and “What is NAFTA?” leaks.

    Blaming Romney for all this seems like a red herring, a theory based on his supposed consuming desire to be nominated in four years. But Romney operatives are NOT in control of Palin. Bush operatives are. Maybe the blame Romney theory instead is a smokescreen put up by the Bush brothers. Publicly smearing Romney with that tar will weaken another potential rival to Jeb Bush. George W Bush preferred leaving a path to the Presidency open for Jeb in four years than to elect the hated McCain and to set up a complete stranger as VP.

    Sarah now will have filth and abuse rain down upon her from the liberal MSM, the Romney crowd, and, most importantly, the Bush family.

    God Save Sarah Palin!
    11/6/2008 6:47 AM EST
    Recommended (2)
    Report Abuse

    Oh, and —
    methinks JJ sounds like a troll pretending to be a high-falutin’ ‘scientist’ – s/he may just be a college student doing experiments with the common fruit fly – Drosophila – and that would fit in with the typical 0bot arrogance and elitist attitude.

  95. I went to Captain Spaulding’s School of Law and Truck Driving

  96. Thanks for posting this video. I love it. The little girl is beyond adorable. And I was just thinking about her this morning. Many folks are saying that one reason Obama’s win is great is because now AA boys can believe they can one day be President. I agree, that’s a wonderful thing.

    But what about the girls?

    And it got me to thinking that a direct result of the free-for-all misogyny directed at Palin right now will have the exact opposite effect on little girls. They are seeing that a woman will be attacked, ridiculed and derided if she runs for high office. And the little boys who are watching this hatefest will grow up to accept and maintain the sexist narrative. This is how we keep hate alive. I think there needs to be a concerted effort to STOP THE HATE.

    It only ruins the positive narrative of an Obama win to vandalize it with messages of hate. I am calling on Obama and his lackeys to end this. It is time to stop. Right. Now.

  97. I went to the mailbox last night. I just got my race card in the mail from the Obama campaign!!!!!

  98. Jindal/Palin? That sounds like Jindal would be on top of the ticket. Why not Palin/Jindal?

  99. RD has a new thread up!

  100. gxm:


  101. SOD, I’m with ya. (Just as long as I can drive there.) That’s a great idea.

  102. gxm17,

    Who knows what can happen in 4 years. It may be Palin/Jindal. Like I said she needs a law degree.

  103. afro, that’s a great idea.
    if there’s anyone who could run a state, go to law school, and pass the bar it’s Sarah.

  104. Regency -where can I find my profile – wordpress.com? worpress.org? I can’t seem to get my gravatar back although I’ve not changed anything.

  105. on a positive note, Praise the Lord, we dont have to hear anymore of those Obama sermons, Good lord,
    what a relief

  106. Obama is busy building his cabinet by seeking out the most sexist and homophobic MEN he can find.

    Corporations want all women out of the top jobs…that’s why Michelle Obama was trying to tell women to not work for corporations back in Feb. Obama works for corporations.

  107. IQ
    Some store in Manhattan sold TShirts that said “Obama is my slave” and one girl bought one, wore it, got beat up as a result-and sued the owner of the store.

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