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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Happy Birthday to Me!
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Happy Birthday to Me!
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Laid Back Thursday

I’m taking the evening off to watch some TV and just veg a bit.  But I found this hillarious video over at Cannonfire that I couldn’t pass up:

Yes, Obamaphiles, this is really the way the world sees you.  It was that bad.  Time for rehab.

This is an open thread.  What’s on your mind?

155 Responses

  1. OMG, spot-on. That’s a riot.

  2. Brady Quinn is have a pretty good game!

  3. Riverdaughter!! Check out the post I’ve got scheduled for next hour!!

    That’s Hilarious!

  4. Cannonfire also suggests that just as Bushies were MORANS, Obots are INTELLEGENT.

  5. RD, I like some of the comments under this YouTube. It seems that some people actually see themselves in the video. There’s hope?!?

  6. Wow RD, you read my mind (not about the video, LOL!)

    I have a slight sore throat trying to make its way into a full blown one.

  7. Here’s what is on my mind: I am grateful for The Confluence. I don’t comment often, but I read here every day and night.
    Thank you, Riverdaughter.

  8. OMG! Tina Fey wrote a PUMAesque episode of 30 Rock. Too cool!

  9. As I said in the last thread…


  10. I know this is satire, but why does it describe Obama supporters so perfectly? “They’ve proven their minds can be taken over by vague and empty rhetoric” is what an honest journalist should say. And what is ONN?

  11. Obama News Network?

  12. Onion News Network.

  13. awww……our troll is gone. I wanted to let him know him laying on the couch like that is a good picture of him.

  14. Watching Greta. She’s talking about Oprah (who seems to believe she DIDN’T promote Obama on her show. Huh?)

  15. What was the 30 Rock episode about? I haven’t watched that show in a while. Was one of my fav shows before the strike and I never got back into it when they started the new shows again.

  16. Great video. On the money.

  17. gqm: Who has it worse? Black men or white women? Pretty funny. Oh, yeah, Tina Fey is definitely a PUMA.

  18. I can watch the episode online tomorrow…

  19. i’ve switched off the tv for awhile … i’m just playing the music loaded on the computer. I think I may have to order a case of wine for the rest of the month so i can sleep at night.

  20. I’ve been welcoming outraged gays to the ranks of PUMA. They describe themselves in exactly the same terms as Hillary supporters did a few months back.

  21. Have you thought about how many Americans have been willing to be a bot for either GWB or Barack Obama? Add those two groups together and the number is staggering. And here we are on the outside of both groups.

    Mountain Sage

  22. dakinikat: is it going to get bad? I have to admit that today when the market tanked, I started to feel very uneasy.

  23. Liz Lemon several months ago:

    “There’s an 80% chance that I will tell all my friends I’m voting for Obama but will secretly vote for John McCain.”

    It may have happened.

  24. sm77 — I hope you don’t get what I got — it started as a little sore throat too & now I’ve been out for 3 days. Take care of yourself.

    Mountain Sage — there is no shortage of stupid in this world.

  25. For the unemployed, its been uneasy for a while. Granted, I’m changing fields completely, but still, it’s rough.

  26. Hey ugsome, I saw you over at Liberal Rapture. Your posts on Prop 8 were incredible, really were.

  27. riverdaughter: yeah, every forecast I’ve seen is not good … most are saying that we’ll be down every quarter in 2009 and I’m seeing some really bad unemployment projections too … this is looking a lot like the 80s recession … it’s not pretty at all

    weds market slump was one of the few post election slumps .. and it was the largest on record …

    that’s a real vote of non confidence by the business community, what that means is they are not going to be doing any expanding any time soon

  28. meanwhile, I forgot how much I love Steely Dan …


  29. Riverdaughter,

    All women are worse off than all men!!!!! All you have to do is look at the economic demographics. Overall women of all races, earn less than men of all races! I think that speaks volumes.

  30. The Onion nailed it. Couldn’t stop laughing!

  31. I don’t think it’s completely fair to tie the Dow plunge directly to Obama’s holy ascension, as it has been unusually volatile these past two months.

    However, I don’t doubt for a second that the business community has little confidence in him, as his economics plan is absurd. Cut all the taxes, but spend hundreds of billions on everything? The only way he can do that is to print lots of extra money. That leads to mass inflation, a total loss of foreign investment, and tyranny.

  32. The Onion is officially my best friend again.

    Reminds me of the article they did on the old woman who lived long enough to see a woman running for President be completely eviscerated.

  33. Battlecat: Biotechs are starting to close ups shops and bigger pharmas are not buying them anymore. The research industry is coming to a screeching halt. It’s getting scary out there.

  34. hey ugsome, you’re totally right. It’s just a matter of time before the lgbt community starts joining the ranks. I speak as a member of both communities. I’m anxiously waiting for my brethren to stop ignoring the writing on the wall.

  35. I was recently being recruited by a big west coast pharma. I was almost desperate enough to go for it. They haven’t announced the opening so its getting tempting I tell ya.

  36. Cut taxes and spend…………..Hmmmmmmm whose economic plan does that sound alot alike? Oh yeah, the putz scheduled to leave the WH shortly. What is it with these people don’t they have basic economics classes?

    The other day I had a cashier who thought he was being humorous say $500 instead of $5. I remarked that if we kept it up that we just might be like Zimbawe and have to pay like that if they kept printing money and spending it at the rate they are.

  37. Mpeters, ugsome – I totally agree. A friend of mine is both gay and AA, living in LA (Obotia). He is not a supporter of Obama, but says everyone he knows is. He was so happy to find out that I’m not…

  38. gq,

    Do what you gotta. it isn’t like anybody else is going to look out for you if you don’t. I worked at Walmart for three years to pay the bills so you won’t see me tossing any stones at anyone.

  39. LA – Lower Alabama?

  40. I still find it mind boggling that one minority group would toss another under the bus. It’s so darn pathetic.

  41. riverdaughter, I don’t blame them. First, there is less credit available. Second, what’s the incentive to invest in U.S. capital markets when Obama wants to raise the capital gains tax?

  42. Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw made my head explode. Curse you Rush Limbaugh!


  43. With all due respect, are companies that pay $400,000 for junkets when they basically were bailed out by taxpayers really good investments? Until there is more oversight in the business community I personally wouldn’t be investing a dime. The one thing I have learned is ALOT of these businesses are completely conscienceless.

  44. “What is it with these people don’t they have basic economics classes?”

    They have them; but they fail them. Must be why BO’s Harvard records are sealed.

  45. What do you mean, you’re not investing in Enron??!!!

    I knew back then things were totally out of control in the business community. And remember how Bush claimed he was going to do more oversight. Yeah, that happened.

  46. These people know what they are doing. It’s greed and lack of regulation that’s the problems. Companies, banks, etc. are supposed to make money so you can hardly fault them for being greedy–it’s what they are supposed to do. I fault the gov for letting them get away with things and not having oversight.

  47. well, hopefully in that meeting tomorrow somebody gives Obama a refresher in Econ 101 and 102 before he hits that press conference, I’d like some specifics and so would the market …i’m tired of the utter confusion over what he considers “rich” and the completely morphing tax plan he’s had …

  48. Angie, I had it too and then it turned into an ear infection. No fun. Hope you and SM feel better soon.

  49. For Simofish: It’s an interesting article.

    Most of California’s Black Voters Backed Gay Marriage Ban
    53% of Latinos Also Supported Proposition 8

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 6 — Any notion that Tuesday’s election represented a liberal juggernaut must overcome a detail from the voting booths of California: The same voters who turned out strongest for Barack Obama also drove a stake through the heart of same-sex marriage.

    Seven in 10 African Americans who went to the polls voted yes on Proposition 8, the ballot measure overruling a state Supreme Court judgment that legalized same-sex marriage and brought 18,000 gay and lesbian couples to Golden State courthouses in the past six months.

    Fifty-three percent of Latinos also backed Proposition 8, overcoming the bare majority of white Californians who voted to let the court ruling stand.

    That appeal ran head-on into a well-funded and well-framed advertising campaign in favor of the ban — and the deeply ingrained religious beliefs of an African American community that largely declined to see the issue through a prism of equality.

  50. Mighty morphin tax plan………Haha. You have me picturing Barack as a Power Ranger.

    Just when I think the country can’t do any worse……they elect a guy because he looks good standing behind a podium, he has the requisite skin color to make him historic, and he does sloganeering just like the GOP. Oh goody. Someone cheer me up and tell me this is a step up from “who you want to drink a beer with” and help me be “hopeful.” He can form complete sentences, perhaps we can elect someone next time that forms sentences and actually means the content of said sentences. Sigh.

  51. shtuey, on November 6th, 2008 at 10:57 pm Said:



    Holy crap. Oh my god. That is the … most … *sputter*. Well. I’m speechless.

    Is that for real? Did someone make it up as satire? Highlight:

    BROKAW: We don’t know a lot about Barack Obama and the universe of his thinking about foreign policy.

    ROSE: I don’t really know. And do we know anything about the people who are advising him?

    BROKAW: You know that’s an interesting question.

  52. Brit,

    You’re depressing me more. I want a Ben Franklin join or Die flag. It’s obvious that the concept needs to be ressurrected in the minority community.

  53. alice


    I wonder if they will bother for the mea culpa after the fact.

  54. Britannia, it’s civil rights for some, but not for others. Welcome to the Obama States of America.

  55. cwaltz, wth? I mean, truly, wth?

  56. I have to ask it: If Hillary had won, would the Stock Market be tanking so?

  57. alice: AND they JUST figured that OUT?

    lord, there is a bell curve for iqs and journalists must be at the bottom

  58. I was out tonight with a bunch of people, one gay friend actually said: it’s okay that CA passed Prop 8, IT WAS WORTH IT TO GET OBAMA! So I told him, Obama refused to have his picture taken with Gavin Newsome, and had his hair cut on the day of Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade. I could see it made him think–he had no idea about these things.

    Others were saying, good, he’s lowering expectations! Basically parroting media talking points. My response: Democratic Congress, Senate and President. He should be able to get whatever he wants, Hillary & Ted have been working on UHC for years and they are ready to roll, all he has to do is sign!

    I find it great fun to tell people, great! Now we know that America is willing to elect a biracial MAN with a funny name. And then I point out all the things we PUMA’s know about him, and they have no idea.

    Obama–the fresh prince of Bill Ayers! That’s hysterical.

  59. Man, I wish I had Jay Cutler on my fantasy team this week. 450 yards, 3 TD and one INT. Sigh.

  60. I know! I’m sitting here at the computer waving my hands around and shouting… wth?

  61. CWaltz, sorry didn’t mean to depress anyone. I’ve always thought that one needs to “know one’s enemy,” so to speak, and to know the facts in order to “win”. It’s not an easy task, but it’s a crucial one.

    Battlecat, yes. The most astonishing part is that the AA community refuses to see the issue through the prism of equality. It’s all in the spiritual realm to them. And to Obama.

  62. Forget economics class, that’s just plain common sense. Do the putz brothers think the keebler elves are on the night shift at the US Treasury making gold bricks out old milk cartons?

  63. Brit

    Lets see. The media picked Bush and didn’t vet him, the media sold Iraq and didn’t vet the necessity of it. Now they are admitting they didn’t Really vet Obama…..I wonder how this one is gonna turn out?

    They did a brief mea culpa on Iraq.I’m sure all the wounded and dead people are really consoled by the idea the media is very sorry that it doesn’t know how to do its job.

  64. Alice, ROTFL. SNL couldn’t have written that! How long did the man run for President, 18 months? And they’re just getting around to the asking questions part.

  65. Brit,

    I know the facts. Now all I need to do is figure out how to CHANGE them. All that knowing does is give me a headache. 😉

  66. Obama does not particularly understand economics. Bill Clinton did; he read all sorts of arcane texts about the world economy. He had a great appetite for knowledge. Obama llikes to be cool, take it easy. He is reasonably bright, but intellectually lazy; he figures he can just pick things up on the fly.

    Obama’s economic plans are a hodgepodge. Another stimulus package. Let people take money out of their 401Ks, to hope that they will spend it. The new horrirfic idea is to somehow put people’s 401Ks back to where they were in August, and then have the government take them and put them in a fund. Somehow they are to merge with social security, in something which looks suspiciously like Bush’s privatization. I have this uneasy feeling that Obama’s economic plans are intended to benefit the urban poor, by taxing the rich and taking the safety net away from the middle class.

    The government has been piling up incredible debt through these bailouts and stimulus packages. Obama has been in favor of all of it. I will defer to the expertise of Dakinikat here, but I am sensing that we are coming close to literally printing up money, to try to paper over our economic problems. We may sink the country under a mountain of debt, destroy the value of the dollar, and end up with inflation as well. And I think we are going to see very high unemployment. I honestly don’t think Obama has any coherent plan; that’s why he talked about false starts and setbacks on Tuesday, and asked for a second term.

  67. Hi everyone

    Just catching up on the news tonight. What a day huh? Stock market keeps tanking. Hmm..wonder why that is? Could it be because…oh…I don’t know…Obama’s radical tax plan agenda to increas taces on capital gains??

    Dick Morris was right tonight when he said Obama would be relegated to being a trustee in Bankruptcy.

    Obama said he would bankrupt an entire industry (coal). Well, looks like Obama is well on his way to bankrupting the nation.

    Think Obama will have a change of heart and do a complete 180 on his tax agenda and say no to increased taxes on Americans, small business, corporations, and investment? I won’t hold my breath. And as you can see, investors aren’t either. They are getting out of the market to avoid Obama’s tax hike on any potential profits.

    Foreign markets tanked tonight. I expect tomorrow to be a huge sell off on Wall Street. The DOW has lost over 10% value since election day.

    Obama’s agenda scares the hell out of investors and i don’t blame them.

    Have to say that Obama’s proposed kitchen cabinet is getting more dirty by the hour.

    Axelfraud roaming the halls of the White House as Obama’s Senior Puppeteer…er…Advisor?

    Howard scream Dean as Health and Human Services Director?

    John Kerry as SOS?

    Rahm Emanuel as the confirmed Chief of Staff. Emanuel is no friend of Bill and Hill.

    And have you heard about Larry “Women are genetically inferior to men when it comes to math and science” Summers as a possible Treasury Sec for The One?

    Summers resigned in shame from Harvard for his sexist remarks about women, and now we learn Summers is one of Obama’s main go to guy’s on the economy?

    Obama and the good ol’ boy network.

    That’s the kind of “change” he believes in.

    Praying that America sees the light, and if the court challenges fail (many will be filed before the electors meet to vote on December 15, 2008) to knock Obama out, that America will hold Obama’s feet to the fucking fire.

    Where is my free Government healthcare? Where is my check? Where is my tax cut? Where is my second and third and fourth stimulus package?

    Obama kool aid snortes must have voted with that B. Spears song rining between their ears…”Gimme gimme more, gimme gimme gimme more”…wonder what they will do when The One is exposed as the fraud that he is?

    And yeah, Barack “The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayres” Obama is funny as hell, but scary as hell all the same.


    The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayres

    How about this one:

    “The Fresh Pimp”

    angienc, I need to see one of your F bombs tonight! Please, share one with us

  68. William, I have the same uneasy feeling. I hope we’re wrong.

  69. William

    Just keep thinking TRANSFORMATIONAL……too bad only a select few of us cared that transformation isn’t always necessarily a good thing. It’s a good idea to have a clear picture of what you are going to be transformed into. With the lack of vetting and the way his plans are constantly changing;it’s hard to get a picture of what we are going to look like in 4 years. That much change just for the sake of saying change makes me very uneasy.

  70. Mountain Sage, on November 6th, 2008 at 10:22 pm said: “Have you thought about how many Americans have been willing to be a bot for either GWB or Barack Obama?”

    Some of these fools voted for Bush and then Obama. I know at least two of them.

    And I’m so glad there’s a place where I don’t have to keep my lip buttoned.

  71. William — Obama does not particularly understand much outside of his own self. Unfortunately, like a proper egomaniac he thinks he understands everything. That is what is the most dangerous about him.
    BTW — aol headline screams “Yanks No Longer Ugly Americans” re: how the rest of the world just loooves us now for electing an unqualified, misogynistic narcissist who happens to be black President. I’m betting that will be short lived. Really, they didn’t particularly care for the unqualified, misogynistic narcissist who happens to be white that we have now. The novelty of BO’s skin color can only last so long.

  72. Joseph Cannon is right. It is the best video of the year because it’s so true. Just like Ben Affleck’s impersonation of Keith Obamamann. You just can’t make this shit up.

  73. Sandra –at least the fools who voted for Bush & Obama are consistent. Its the ones who would never have voted for Bush that puzzle me.

  74. why wouldn’t brokaw try to figure that out when he was hosting a debate or three months worth of meet the press…

  75. RD –

    What are your thoughts on the possible selection of Larry Summers as Obama’s Treas Sec? I’m sure you’ve heard about Summers’ sordid history.

    Obama has no clue when it comes to the economy and he ahs no shame in surrounding himself with Chicago thugs and sexist creeps! Wonder what Hillary thinks about Larry Summers?

    Reading some blogs and statements from some women groups about their thoughts on Summers working in an Obama Admin. They don’t seem pleased, and rightfully so.

    Financial prediction for tomorrow: 700+ point loss for the DOW to take us under 8000.


  76. RD I’m still ffing mad. I’m sorry but I don’t see anything historical about Obama stealing the election. It was NEVER about the color of his skin. I am way past that. Weren’t we supposed to elect the best candidate? I need more vodka.

  77. From now on, I am going to actively oppose affirmative action for two reasons:

    1. It’s not necessary because there is a “black man” in the highest office of the land.
    2. It’s not deserved because 7 of 10 AA’s actively deny equal rights to other minorities. (The remaining 3 of 10 are smart enough to not need affirmative action.)

  78. Hey alice—thanks for the props!

  79. cwaltz: hurricane katrina was transformational too…

  80. The economic situation is bad and we may have a bad recession on our hands. I also think the markets are responding to Obama’s election. The political downside is that the economy just might pick up in two years or so and Obama would take credit for “turning a bad situation around” and get reelected in a landslide.

    I do think though that the Repubs will pick up seats in the midterm elections if the economy doesn’t pick up.

  81. Where’s my free popcorn and my economic stimulus package? You promised me free money Barry!! Where’s my free money?! LOL!

  82. ugsome: irony becomes you

  83. You know. I told my husband on Wednesday morning: Hate wins.

    I was at the hairdresser tonight and overheard a conversation. A self-identified Republican was on a tear, just this mindless rant. She called Palin “Trailer Trash Barbie.” I was tempted to say something but since I was “eavesdropping” I bit my tongue.

    But it’s just weird, the whole rapturous love-fest with this oozing undercurrent of hate.

  84. elderj –

    It will be a repeat of 1994, only larger gains for the Rs. And guess what, in 2010, redraw the districts.
    If Obama is able to clear the court challenges that are coming to test his eligibility, I think the Rs will win the WH for a minimum of 20 years to come, maybe more.
    Yes, I truly think things will be that bad with The Fresh Pimp driving the bus in Washington.

  85. Gee

    Would those be the same women’s groups that basically wanted Obama because Sarah Palin couldn’t possibly be a “real” feminist. I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for the feminist groups that allowed themselves to be pimped out by the Obama campaign hollering outrage.

  86. Hey MadameB, sorry for the late response but yes, you are so right. To be gay & a puma is paradoxically a rare thing. My gf & I are the only two amongst our friends who weren’t obamots & have been embroiled in heated arguments as a result. And even now, most if not all of our circle is totally reticent over prop 8. Noone wants to have a dialogue around how a large segment of obot supporters, under the Lightbearer’s direction, put prop 8 over the top. Total bs.

  87. One thing that seems perfectly obvious to me is that if Obama had made the slightest effort to do so, he could have inspired his followers to have defeated Proposition 8.

    The advocates of Prop 8 came out aggressively with a flyer featuring Obama’s words and a robocall that featured Obama’s words as well, saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I have little doubt but that any number of AAs and other supporters of Obama were swayed by this to vote for Prop 8.

    Now the Obama campaign, buried deep in the newsreports about those flyers and robocalls, mentioned that, in fact, Obama opposed Prop 8 because it was discriminatory.

    But did Obama allow a robocall of his own words countering the robocall by the advocates of Prop 8? No. (Bill Clinton, on the other hand, did record such a robocall).

    By any reckoning, Obama had a strong obligation to correct the aggressive message advocates of Prop 8 with an aggressive message of his own. No one else could possibly be as persuasive in undoing the damage of that message. They were quoting his words to advocate for a proposition that Obama clearly said he opposed. How could he not be obliged to fight back on this matter with the same publicity as those who used his words against Obama’s own stated position?

    I’m sure that all Prop 8 opponents would ever have wanted or expected out of Obama would be that he would simply defend emphatically his own stated position when others have purposely distorted it.

    Yet Obama refused to do so. It was an act of extreme political cowardice, given both his obligation and the consequences.

    If you look at the numbers, it’s plain as day that Obama’s clearly and aggressively stated opposition to Prop 8 would have made the difference between its success and its failure. Even swinging the AA vote from 70-30 to 50-50 would by itself have come very near to turning the tide.

    Essentially, Prop 8 passed because of Obama’s political cowardice.

  88. okay, i’m out for the night …

  89. Heh

    Hey isn’t it great how the Democrats and the republicans have still managed to keep us divided. AAs and Hispanic folks vote against gays. Next up, Hispanics and gays, screw over AA community. Oh and let’s not forget the women, I’m sure we’ll get the shaft too. The more things change the more they stay the f-ing same.

  90. Nite dakini

  91. This:

    is infuriating. What the h3ll happened to the so called 4th estate. I knew it was bad, but I thought that they were deluded and drunk on koolaid. Now it turns out that they perpetrated this fraud stone cold sober?

  92. Those anonymous asshats that are attacking sarah Palin are disgusting, just liek the filth they are spewing.

    Hello, all you anonymous jerk offs that are puttin gthe blame on Sarah Palin, Sarah was th ebest thing that ever happened to McCain 08.

    Cameron’s hit job today (just saw it) was nothing but filth journalism at its worst. no sources, all anonymous, and probably all lies.

    Sarah Palin – I like her and I’ll support her and vote for her if she runs in 2012!

    For now, I’m glad she sees what they’re trying to do and is putting her focus on being the best Governor she can be in Alaska.

    Obama is going to tank as Prez. I truly believe that. I hope he is a success and our country recovers and the economy and everyone succeeds, but I just don’t see it happening with Barry O at the helm. Obama is not a leader. He is a follower.

    Me thinks Obama’s honeymoon will be very short.

  93. Iron Man: F*ck the f*cking f*ckers.

  94. cwaltz

    This is all good news. We have them exactly where we want them.

  95. Ironman – I’m voting for doing all we can to shorten the honeymoon and cut holes in the O-ship so that it tanks even more quickly

  96. mpeters

    At some point they will have to face reality. One of my daughters friends who saw through BO right away told her that he was a homophobe and voted McCain Palin. He said after looking at Alaska that apparently Palin is able to honor gay rights to a greater extent than BO.

  97. CWaltz — I think it is unfair (and in fact, the article is unfair) to say the hispanic community voted against gays — it was only 53% of the hispanic vote that voted FOR Prop. 8. About 50% of the white vote FOR Prop. 8 too. It was the AA vote that voted 70% FOR Prop. 8.

  98. frankly0, Exactly. From what I can tell, Obama only takes a stand when he’s sure he’ll feel no repercussions. Like his much lauded opposition to the Iraq War. Does anyone really believe that if he’d been in the US Senate, and his stance mattered, that he would have stood up against it?

  99. According to Nancy Pelosi, don’t worry folks, we can all grab a free shovel and start digging trenches to pour concrete for roads and bridges!!! Woohoo!! Economy saved!!

    (Insert Howard Dean scream here)


  100. We are in serious economic trouble . . ‘some’ are saying the market can & will be down to 7000 – the worst I have read says 5000 – next year … I know you all know this economic stuff … but, I was just thinking back to the days when ‘health care’ was my biggest concern …

    Obama has promised that those who do not have health care will be able to get the same program that the congress critters have … etc….. Of course he also has promised that those who do have health care – ” that there premiums will go down” .. . … I sure hope he/dem congress/senate can at least do that much … unbelievable how much premiums have gone up in just one year …

    I’m wondering … the way they are talking, Pelosi – all of them .. .. I’m afraid ‘thats’ all under the bus ….. any thoughts..??

  101. This video is great, it describes Obama supporters so perfectly. However, I feel for our country. These next couple of years are going to be rough. I might lose my job because of this guy.

  102. angienc –

    Your comment was super fucking del gorgeous!! Thank you! 😀

    elderj –

    I’m with you on that! Country First is still the best way forward!

  103. OBAMA: The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term.

    But America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you, we as a people will get there. There will be setbacks and false starts.

    There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as president. We know the government can’t solve every problem.But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face.I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.Above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation — — the only way it’s been done in America for 221 years —
    — block by block — – brick by brick — We?

  104. good night dakinikat. good night all. i’m heading to bed too.

    feel better angie.

  105. I don’t know if anyone has posted this before, there’s a petition to sign from Women Count:

    “We call on the president-elect, to create within the first 100 days, a presidential commission on women that will bring together the best thinkers from all backgrounds, sectors and political parties to impact the future of women in our nation.”


  106. elderj, on November 6th, 2008 at 11:43 pm Said:

    That’s what I’ve been thinking too…BO will get credit for an economic turnaround even though a recession and turnaround would probably just be cyclic.

    If he also gets the US out of Iraq, even by 2011 or 2012, it seems like he would be almost unbeatable in 2012.

    Of course, having the economy in good shape and the US out or Iraq would be a good thing, but I’m pretty sure I’ll still vote against him in 2012.

  107. “Reading some blogs and statements from some women groups about their thoughts on Summers working in an Obama Admin. They don’t seem pleased, and rightfully so.”

    Well, great. Since they handed over their votes no strings attached to this misogynist fool while trashing the hell out of his female oponent in the most sexist terms possible, I’m sure they’ll be able to stop it. Look at all the leverage they have, they can threaten to–to–well, okay to once again hand over their votes blindly but then send a *really strongly worded letter* that hey’ll tear up and throw away on the way to the beat the b—- rally. But writing it is the first step!

  108. The reason I believe that the BO honey moon can’t last much longer is because he is no longer running “against” someone. As people here have noted, this election was all about the hate — hatred of Hillary, hatred of Bush, hatred of Palin. Now that BO has to do more then say “vote for me, I’m not him/her” all but the most deluded of his disciples will be slapped back into reality. BO has inspired me to hope — I HOPE people wake up soon and realize the mistake they’ve made. I HOPE he doesn’t screw this country up too badly. I HOPE he doesn’t give a foreign leader the finger during a speech. I HOPE he does turn out to be a friend of Israel. The list goes on. But mostly, I HOPE he gets a conscience between now & December 15 and steps down.

  109. I’ve told all my gay friends about 70% AA support of Prop 8. Some of them are trying to weasel around it by blaming Mormons and Catholics, but most are just as irate and are spreading the news.

    Just a caution to all not to overlook the 30% who tried to smack Prop 8 down. Equality allies to the end.

  110. Brokaw & Rose and every single journalist out there who carried BO’s water can go F*ck themselves. If they started crawling on their knees to China it still would not be enough to make up for how they failed this country.

  111. ..”The economic turnaround ” .. will not be quick imo.

  112. night dakinikat. night gxm.

  113. Mountain Sage, on November 6th, 2008 at 10:22 pm Said:

    “And here we are on the outside of both groups.”

    That’s the thing that really gets me. I’m being pushed into smaller and smaller groups of sane people, but the fact that we’re “outcasts” tells me I’m in the right group. We could have drunk the kool-aid, taken the blue pill to get acceptance. We refused.

    I’m glad to be in such great company.

  114. Everyone hear has seen Gilligan’s Island, right?

    Which character would Obama be?

    Got to be Gilligan!!

    Obama’s ship is taking on water and it’s still November.

    Obama’s reality check is going to bounce!

  115. looking for integrity – good for your daughter’s friend for seeing through BO; & he’s right, BO is a homophobe. Straddled both sides of the fence while he needed votes, now we’re under the bus for sure.

  116. Angie, the article was examining the dynamic between “minorities” and gays.

  117. afrocity – when I read that quote I think of Different Strokes, “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?”

    I ain’t building nothing brick by brick thank you very much. My family already has enough uncompensated labor sunk into the brick by brick building of this country. And I sure as h3ll ain’t going to start building now at the behest of a modern day Pharoah who thinks oceans rise and fall based on his election

  118. A lot of the financial analysts are saying this will last 10 or 12 years, possibly–so Obama would be really lucky if any cyclical bump came right before the elections.

  119. also, angienc – I hope & suspect you might be right (noone to target with hate not good for bo), & battlemcat – I like what you’re saying!

    Night all!

  120. I have never experienced or seen so much hate written in my entire life that the stepford obama supporters screeeeched …………& they are still at it …

    I thought they would lighten up .. be happy a bit .. NOPE … where I ‘use’ to post they have gotten bolder & much much more violent .. .. . .. particularly when ripping Sara up . I can’t take it anymore …. so I go there very rarely now …. I am wondering .. if the hate is here to stay … ?

  121. Britannia — ok, maybe I misread the article & shouldn’t have called it unfair, but I meant more CWaltz’ s characterization that the Hispanics and Blacks voted against gays. I think it goes too far to lump the 53% Hispanic vote in with the 70% AA vote, especially when 50% of the white & Asian vote (I’m pretty sure) also voted for Prop. 8.

  122. I found this tr0ll while googling “no girls allowed tree house”–it personifies the ideal Obamabot.

    I always thought the Obots were really young and dumb looking, kind of like Alfred E. Neuman only green

  123. night mpeters!

  124. elderJ,

    I agree with you and on top of that as a Black woman I felt that America was a great country and I did not need Obama as my president to feel good about the USA again.

  125. elderj — I love the characterization of BO as pharoh — that is exactly who he thinks he is — I expect to see many monuments raised for him during his presidency.

  126. Iron man:

    Obama = Ginger

    New thread up!

  127. so sorry for typo on your name, Battlecat

  128. Iron Man — it is too kind to say BO is Gilligan — Gilligan meant well, he was just a spaz. I don’t think BO means well.

  129. OBAMA: There will be setbacks and false starts.There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as president. We know the government can’t solve every problem.But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face.I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.Above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation — —

    President elect Obama, are you asking us to join in the work of remaking the nation? That is Congresses fucking job. He has won the fucking election and he is still going on and on and on about sacrifice, gonna take hard work, “Whoa, whoa, what is this sacrifice?

    Obama never said shit about that in his campaign. I thought you promised us the world? What sacrifice?

  130. afrocity, you are right about not needing Obama. He is, in fact, a crutch for those AAs who believe he is their savior. A good example of this was that video in which black males suddenly believed they could achieve something because of Obama. The truth was, each one of them can be a success if he believes in *himself*, rather than some media-savvy demagogue. I hope they come to realize this when the great O disappoints them, as he will.

  131. Afrocity, I heard on public radio today that Obama is still accepting donations! LOL! Unbelievable!

  132. Britannia — most unbelievable is that people would still be donating. He f*cking won — or haven’t they heard?

  133. mpeters, typos happen to all of us 🙂

  134. Angie, I thought that maybe Obama overspent and now has debts to pay. Yay!

  135. Seriously, on November 7th, 2008 at 12:11 am Said:

    10 to 12 years?! Really?

    I remember the recession in 1981-1982. I was a teenager, but I recall unemplyment in my city was around 10%. But even that recession only lasted a couple years.

  136. Indeed angienc –

    Obama just may have to exit stage left if the legal battle that is looming prevails:

    I just read this artcile here:


    Worth two minutes of your time to check it out.

    Key date is referenced: December 15, 2008.

    That’s the date when the electors meet and vote for President and VP.

    I believe the strategy will be to have electors file lawsuits in the states that Obama “won” on tuesday, or maybe even in all 50 states plus DC.

    No word from Souter yet on Berg’s writ. Me thinks multiple state lawsuits will begin to be filed next week to force Obama to put up or shut up re: certified, tangible, fully documented PROOF of US Natural Born Citizenship.

    Obama and his team of lawyers have been, so far, able to shuck and jive on the issue, but now that the election has been held, it IS a Constitutional issue and I don’t see how Obama will be able to defeat those legal challenges that will now surely come in multiple state courts, and maybe even a few more at the federal level.

  137. Hi Pumas I am glad to see that humor is still alive and hasnt been taxed yet. I originally came by to see how your part of the world was reacting when they announced Sarah Palin as the running mate. I like what I found and have kept comming back. I commend your troll patrol, you keep things nice enough, but dont seem too restrictive. I live in a small college town not too far from Austin where we have a beautiful river that runs thru the heart of our little town. That video describes people I know quite well.

    I have called myself a paleo-puma cause I left the reservation a long time ago. local politics drove me futher away. I vote split ticket. at least my dem congressman voted aginst the bailout, so I could still support him. my state rep tried to get very poorly thought out legislation about local natural resources passed, so I had to vote aginst him, tho I was just as pleased that he won. the legislation did not pass anyway. I see a lot of politicans saying they want to use science to provide proper guidance for regulations, but as a true technocrat, I see them ignore anything they dont like. even when their own lawyers tell them they will go to trial, loose and just throw away the peoples money
    I love the Puma motif. I live a few miles out of town and we have some of the real thing in the neighborhood. Big kitties with long fluffy tails. most folks sort of know about that and its no big deal. lots of interesting stories over the years I hope that you Pumas become a permanent part of the landscape. an acknowledged force that everyone knows is out there. not often seen, but keeping everyones guard up just a little more.

  138. “Britannia — ok, maybe I misread the article & shouldn’t have called it unfair, but I meant more CWaltz’ s characterization that the Hispanics and Blacks voted against gays. I think it goes too far to lump the 53% Hispanic vote in with the 70% AA vote, especially when 50% of the white & Asian vote (I’m pretty sure) also voted for Prop. 8.”

    Basically, Obots joined in a cross cultural alliance to screw gays. Ecumenical hate.

  139. Rahm Emanuel and Hillary are not friends, and I don’t know that Obama’s doing this to stab Hillary in the back or what.

  140. Britania — no way! The man “raised’ (and I use the term loosely) more then $700 million and he has debts? Talk about not being able to live within your means! He’s bankrupting the country for sure. Thank God I have job security in that I do bankruptcies for a living!

  141. angienc – if you do bankruptcies for a living you may well be in for a personal economic boom under BO.

  142. Just wanted to let y’all know, thank you for being here…..I’ve struggled to get through my depression the last three days – we knew it was going to happen, that O-blah-blah would win over the better candidate. But it was hard to take as it really happened.

    Now onto the next battle, and whatever we do, this time we need a strong ground game. Even just a handful of physical, offline events that we GA PUMAs did in Atlanta gave us A LOT of traction, recognition and visibility – much more than our tiny group’s blog posts and online groups.

    Making sure Lawrence Summers doesnt as much as get to smell the Treasury Sec’y’s position may be a good place to start our next plan.

  143. Angie, exactly!

    Afrocity, apparently Obama and Emanuel are good buddies. But you must know the scoop well.

  144. I’ve heard Rahm hated Hillary.

    firelight, yeah, some of them are saying it will take 10 years or more to get everything sorted out and back on track fully. There may be small recoveries along the way, but not a full readjustment.

  145. And oh – it’s a crazy coincidence, sm77 and angienc. I’ve had a sore throat for the last four days too!!
    It started small, but it’s been tiring me out since. I think it’s on its way out, though – I’ve been having hot tea thrice a day….bizarre, no?

  146. Rahm reportedly also has a dirty and loud mouth. A perfect match to Obama’s supporters.

  147. And he’s bully and an idiot–he’s the one who jumped on the table and screamed eff you to the Republicans in 06, isn’t he? Quinteseential Obot behavior, well except they usually do that to other Dems.

  148. Crafty predators that we are, I think we should stealthily pick off the freshly disaffected—quietly inform them of their new PUMA status. Some will accept and some won’t, but in either case it is effective.

    I have been contacting the most outraged over Prop 8, politely welcoming them to PUMAhood.

  149. Civil rights — it’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand.

  150. myiq – please look down here. The other thread is crashing a BUNCH!

  151. For the video: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


  152. I saw a bobcat 10 feet from my door – we had a stand off of sorts for about five minute…. It restored my spirits. But this video made my laugh again. Thanks so much friends.

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