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I Refuse to Be Invisible; I Will Not Be Silenced.


On election night I followed the returns on The Confluence. I simply couldn’t stand to watch television or even listen to Fox News on my XM radio receiver. Watching the electoral votes pile up for Barack Obama, I just felt numb. I went to sleep knowing that I cannot do what I did after Reagan was elected or after the debacle in 2000.

Back in the ’80s, I simply shut off the media and ignored politics completely. I went into my shell, read books, went to movies and just tried to stay sane as my country was dismantled before my eyes. Even though I tried not to pay attention to what was happening in Washington D.C., I saw the results of Reagan’s policies as homeless people appeared in the streets of Boston and surrounding towns. Early in the morning, even in the dead of winter, I saw people sleeping in their cars in a Star Market parking lot in Porter Square and a big open space next to Memorial Drive near Harvard Square.

After the debacle in Florida in 2000 and George W. Bush’s appointment by the Supreme Court, I again shut of the TV and refused to read newspapers for awhile. But this time I couldn’t shut it all out. What was happening was just too scary. Especially fter 9/11, I had to pay attention. What I saw was a bloodless coup by large, multinational corporations. I realized that my country was really an oligarchy now. Elections are only a pretense, a sop to the masses to make us feel as if we actually have something to say about what happens in our country.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling metaphorically bruised and beaten, almost in shock. Before I left home I felt I might begin crying and never stop; but I had to work for most of the day–standing in front of earnest, naive young people–and do my best to communicate with them. I had to pull myself together and hold in my emotions until the day was over. Somehow I managed to do it. I don’t think my anger and despair were evident to those around me.

Finally, at 6PM, I climbed into my car and dissolved in tears, not about the results of the election–neither result would have made me happy or confident about the future of my country. I cried because of the hatred that had been cynically unleashed in the media and on the campaign trail–the deliberate use of race-baiting, misogyny, and homophobia that were used as tools to win the election. These hateful genies will not soon be put back in the bottle.

I wish that I could feel joy that an African American man has been elected President of the U.S. But after eight years of being at the mercy of a pathological narcissist and his keeper, Dick Cheney, I have simply become too cynical to celebrate an event that is designed to paper over the hundreds of years of struggle and injustice that African Americans have suffered. Obama’s ascension to the presidency will be used to shut down any further attempts to help poor and working class African Americans achieve true equality.

Our new President, Barack Obama, is such an arrogant preening narcissist that he makes George W. Bush look modest in comparison. And his keeper, Joe Biden (the new Dick Cheney) is the man who savaged Anita Hill and put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. He is a wholly owned subsidiary of the credit card industry and the author and champion of the disastrous bankruptcy bill.

As far as I can see, the Obama presidency will simply be a continuation of the work that Reagan began and George W. Bush successfully advanced–the transfer of our collective national resources and wealth to private individuals and corporations and the dismantling of the New Deal programs along with continued neglect of our national infrastructure. The liberal goal of social justice will be a distant dream. I haven’t seen anything during the campaign or in Obama’s history that gives me hope that he will advance the cause of social justice for African Americans or another other group–certainly not women. I expect the Obama administration to continue to invade the privacy of Americans and to work closely with the media to suppress dissent and even criticism of administration policies.

During my free moments yesterday I tried to jot down my feelings. I felt so confused that my head was a “ball of confusion.” I still haven’t sorted it all out. How do I feel? Well, yesterday I felt despairing, but I’m beginning to move past that I think. I feel angry, frustrated, and at the same time curious about what will happen next, and determined to stay fully awake and aware and conscious of what is happening in the political sphere.

I know that I am still a happy person, separate from this particular event. I won’t let it knock me into depression–although that has happened in the past. I still feel so fortunate to be who I am, to have this life, and to have my family and friends. I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to go back to school and get an advanced education. Although I am poor in terms of income, I have a nice place to live and I have resources, intelligence, experience, and knowledge. I’m not devastated, as I was after the elections in 2000 and 2004. In a sense, I feel relieved because now we know the outcome of this endless election campaign and we can move on and decide what to do next.

Most of all I am grateful to have had The Confluence as an outlet and a source of strength, energy, and support, and to know that you are all still here, that I’m not alone in the way I feel. I strongly believe that what we have done in five short months was worth it. We may not fully see the results of our efforts for some time, but we have made ourselves somewhat visible in the media and on the internet. I believe we can continue to make a difference. Most of all, I think Riverdaughter for her courage and strength, and her tireless efforts to motivate and encourage us with her words. I will forever be grateful to her for allowing me to post at The Confluence.

I’m not very good at organizing and working in public. I’m the kind of person who likes to read, study, and research questions that interest me. I tend to look at the world through the lens of psychology. I love to observe the behavior of politicians and try to analyze it from a psychological standpoint. I’m not a therapist or psychiatrist, just a researcher who finds people endlessly fascinating. So I plan to continue my personal research into Barack Obama’s character, his family history, his career, and his associates.

In terms of our collective political goals, my main interest has always been in preserving individual rights and civil rights. My first priority is to force Congress and the President to restore our Habeas Corpus rights. Without the right of Habeas, we really do not have freedom of speech or assembly or any other of the protections listed in the Bill of Rights As long as one man–the President–has the power to label us “enemy combatants” and put us in prison without the right to have an attorney and appear in court and hear the charges against, we effectively live under a dictatorship. This must be reversed! I do not believe that Obama or the Democratic leadership will restore our Constitutional rights unless we force them to do it through public pressure. I think we can advance this goal through contributing to and working with the ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights.

My second goal is to use our collective strength and energy to fight for women’s and LGBT rights. These are both really issues of gender discrimination. The traditional “feminist” groups have abandoned those of us who aren’t members of the wealthy, elite classes. We can advance these goals through working toward the 30% solution and, as Garychapelhill has suggested, working toward perhaps an 8 or 10% solution for LGBT candidates. In addition, I would like to see the Equal Rights Amendment passed, with LGBT rights added to its language.

Finally, we must work for voting rights in elections and in the Democratic primaries. This is a cause I believe in, but one I know little about. But I’m sure there are Conflucians who will have much to say about it.

In order to advance all these goals, I think we should find ways to make the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence more visible to the public. I’m not sure how we would do this, but one thing I would like to see happen is for these national documents to be required reading for high school and maybe even middle school students and for civics classes to once again be required in high school.

These are just a few suggestions. I’m much more a follower than a leader, and as I said before, my natural inclination is toward reading, research and other solitary pursuits. But we have many strong, experienced, energetic, and passionate people here and at The Confluence and other puma sites. Many of our members and other refugees from the Obamanet have branched out and started the own blogs. Despite feeling discouraged by the results of the election, I’m still optimistic, because I can see how much we have all accomplished in such a short time.

So now, let’s move on together and do the best we can to deal with the reality that faces us. I will hold these words from Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention close to me on this journey. Even though she gave that speech in support of Barack Obama’s candidacy, these words speak to those of us who are not included in the the “great victory” of November 4, 2008.

My mother was born before women could vote. But in this election my daughter got to vote for her mother for President.

This is the story of America. Of women and men who defy the odds and never give up.

How do we give this country back to them?

By following the example of a brave New Yorker , a woman who risked her life to shepherd slaves along the Underground Railroad.

And on that path to freedom, Harriett Tubman had one piece of advice.

If you hear the dogs, keep going.

If you see the torches in the woods, keep going.

If they’re shouting after you, keep going.

Don’t ever stop. Keep going.

If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.

Even in the darkest of moments, ordinary Americans have found the faith to keep going.

I’ve seen it in you. I’ve seen it in our teachers and firefighters, nurses and police officers, small business owners and union workers, the men and women of our military – you always keep going.

Love to all of you,

Boston Boomer (speaking for me only)

UPDATE 1: Lookingforintegrity and Dakinikat reminded me in the comments that the Supreme Court has ordered that detainees be permitted to go into court to learn the charges against them.
From LFI:

“The Court, dividing 5-4, ruled that Congress had not validly taken away habeas rights. If Congress wishes to suspend habeas, it must do so only as the Constitution allows — when the country faces rebellion or invasion.”

I still have a great deal of concern that Obama will not want to let go of the “unity executive” powers that Bush and Cheney seized. I will research this more later and post about it.

UPDATE 2: According the the ACLU website, the right of Habeas Corpus has not yet been restored. The Supreme Court handed down two decisions affirming the right of detainees to hear the charges against them in a court of law. Following those decisions, Congress passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which is still in effect.

In doing so, they cast aside the Constitution and the principle of habeas corpus, which protects against unlawful and indefinite imprisonment. They also gave the president absolute power to designate enemy combatants, and to set his own definitions for torture.

You can get information about the fight to restore Habeas Corpus here and here.

166 Responses

  1. Thank you, BB. This nurse ( a member of your generation) need to figure out to pick herself up one more time and keep going. I emailed Lynn Forrester deRotschild and get a lovely response. Somewhere, somehow, I must reach way down and find whatever it is that will get me through this.

  2. I”m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has finally turned off even local news.

    Responding somewhat to the thread below, alas, the media now will feel compelled not to reort teh truth, but to confirm their own belief that BO is “the One” and will “report” accordingly until it is impossible for them to pretend any longer..just as they did with Bush, and just as they did with Iraq.

    I’ve asked reliable friends to let me know when/if that happens. In the meantime, since I’ve been all news all the time for years, I can simply while away any spare time watching “House” reruns which area ll new to me, while this media game is not.

  3. Wonerfull, BB. I hardly see you as a follower after reading this. The way I see it we need to build it again – almost from scratch. And then, as that corny movie says, they will come….as the reality pokes holes through the koolaid/madia manufactured reality haze

  4. Rima
    I managed to be “all news all the time” selectively, on the internet, avoiding TV, papers for the past 8 years.

  5. BB, thank you so much. I have been “lurking” the last couple of days. Trying to catch up on everyone’s thoughts and feelings in an effort to clarify my own. In reading your post, the cleansing tears are finally falling so I can “pick myself up” and “keep going” and follow the example of you and others here to use what talents I have to make a difference. Thank you again.

  6. BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW. You put to words everything I feel.

    We got to keep this ball rolling – with the guidance of the PUMA spirit.

    We are no longer shackled – but we have work ahead of us!

    What I saw was a bloodless coup by large, multinational corporations. I realized that my country was really an oligarchy now. Elections are only a pretense, a sop to the masses to make us feel as if we actually have something to say about what happens in our country.

    AMEN. Neither McCain not Hillary are a part of this oligarchy.

  7. I agree with Edge, you are not a follower AT ALL.

  8. Accountablilty project: Operation Leper


  9. It is sad but Barack Obama is what America deserves. I find it ironic that the media is reporting the first fiscal stimulus package as a flop and yet somehow they think the architect of that flop will be able to construct a fiscal plan that will pull us out of this. The intersting thing is that from everything I am reading, the second stimulus plan will cement the caricature of how the GOP portrays the Democrats, it will be massive spending on government programs. If they had listened to Clinton to begin with they could have done that spending while sending out checks to average Americans(thus blunting the idea that they are the nanny party). Instead they istened to the putz we just elected and his free market advisors.

  10. hit enter too fast. Heres the description

    RedState is pleased to announce it is engaging in a special project: Operation Leper.

    We’re tracking down all the people from the McCain campaign now whispering smears against Governor Palin to Carl Cameron and others. Michelle Malkin has the details.

    We intend to constantly remind the base about these people, monitor who they are working for, and, when 2012 rolls around, see which candidates hire them. Naturally then, you’ll see us go to war against those candidates.

    It is our expressed intention to make these few people political lepers.

    They’ll just have to be stuck at CBS with Katie’s failed ratings.

  11. There are still alternative voices. It doesn’t bother me as much to read the NYT and WP when they are linked from a blog post, surrounded by context and interpretation. Like, you edge of forever, I manage to know more about what is happening than my family, friends, and acquaintances by using the internet as wisely as I know how.

  12. SOD

    It’s important that we know what they are selling to the masses. I prefer reading because I can ignore tone and have the luxury of sifting opinion from fact.

  13. great post !!! I love waking up to The Confluence. I still can’t decide weather to pull the covers up or to get out of bed.

  14. I never thought I would side with Malkin on ANYTHING. We have now entered bizarro world.

  15. Yes—exactly, BB. Those are our feelings. Now, action-please, I posted on the last thread, unfortunately at the end. Practice and pass on the 6 min. rule. Via my daughter who worked for CNN for years doing PR for Lou Dobbs and now for another Co. If you stay on a channel for up to 6 min. (if you have cable), that channel gets the ratings. Check out-tvnewser.com. Right wing sites and everybody that has been screwed by the media needs to boycott them. Will only work if the numbers boycotting are significant, but the net is a great way to get info out.

  16. “What I saw was a bloodless coup by large, multinational corporations. I realized that my country was really an oligarchy now. Elections are only a pretense, a sop to the masses to make us feel as if we actually have something to say about what happens in our country”

    You are SUPRISED by this?

    America has always been a bourgeois oligarchy, largely because the nation was founded by bourgeois oligarchs!

    They specifically designed the system to give us an illusion of participation, when in reality we are nothing but pawns in game of political chess waged by the competing factions within the ruling class. Elections exist only to legitimate the regime of the day. It’s a good thing that you’ve finally realized this. Real political can change, true justice, can never be achieved by the ballot — only by the bullet. That is how the bourgeois capitalist founders won independence from feudal Britain; that is the only way the future can ever be secured — by revolution.

    [comment edited to remove rude, and inappropriate remark.]

  17. {{{simo}}}
    just in time to join the revolution, see previous thread!

  18. Other than my new blog and my commentary on sites like this one, I am cocooning myself, at least for the time being. The world does not want me, and I am happy to turn my back on it, the way the thinkers and doers did in “Atlas Shrugged”. This time I am the one shrugging. This is what the American electorate wanted, and they can have it, with my blessings.

  19. I empathize with your pain and distress, BB. This country desperately needs a third party, a party which represents the needs of the now ignored and ridiculed working class, Brazile’s “old coalition.” The Republicans are for the super-rich; now the Democrats appear to be for the super-poor, intending to pay for any programs on the backs of the middle class, which is rapidly disappearing. If a third party were formed to represent all those people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, who desperately wanted Hillary over Obama, but were cheated of the result they voted for, that party would keep the Democrats from ever winning an election, until and if they changed from the current party of rich, spoiled, noblesse oblige liberals who view working people, particularly those of middle age, with contempt.

    I think what many of us are coming to terms with is that we do not feel comfortable in this Democratic Party, the party of Pelosi, Dean, Brazile and their hand-chosen nominee Obama. We don’t feel at all comfortable with the Republicans, who will now drop any efforts to nominate moderates, and will pick one right-wing social darwninist after another. I do think that the only way to feel that our voices will be heard, is to work, in whatever way we can, for a third party. The hard part will be finding a political figure to front it. The Democrats are wedded to Obama, and will not desert him, no matter what he does. But why can’t average citizens actually represent this new party? Why does it have to be one of the same old hack figures? No one can keep someone off a local ballot if he or she gets enough signatures. Take 10% of virtually any Democrat’s vote away, and he will lose the race. It is a drastic step, but what else is left?

  20. This is great BB. I am still in a rage and don’t think it will be subsiding soon. When someone says to me even the least offensive ” Everything will be better now that Bush will be gone.” I can’t even speak to answer them.

  21. Thank you SM!! Now that we have gotten the poison out, we can get to work and start using our snark weapons again! I think I’m about ready for some “trailer park” faux photoshop, so I hope you’ll be working on something soon.

  22. I posted this on the other thread. I would like to see PUMA PAC start shaping the p[erception of media and “journalism”. The media engages in revisionist behavior and then issues mea culpas in small print. Meanwhile WE are the ones stuck with the consequences of their behavior.

  23. I can’t watch the news at all anymore. Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Jon Stewart, Colbert Report are things I used to enjoy. It seems the only safe have I have are the Confluence, and the blogs that have branched from it. I haven’t even written on my own blog in months. I don’t want to stop believing and be silent, but I can’t help feeling we failed miserably.

  24. bostonboomer, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    One of my favorite places is the National Constituion Center in Philly. I had a real pang to go there yesterday and grieve, frankly. I think security would’ve been escorting away a crazy lady! But instead I read my little reference book on the Constitution that I keep right by my computer. My friends find it quite amusing that I know more about American Govt. than British.

    I signed up on Lady Lynn’s site and am ready to get to work.

  25. CWaltz
    ” I would like to see PUMA PAC start shaping the p[erception of media and “journalism”.”

    How would we go about doing that?

  26. I’m going to put up a long Letter from Lady Lynn –so here’s my warning.

  27. Together4US

    Dear Kathryn,

    At the end of this long campaign, I am writing to congratulate and thank you for your steadfast work on behalf of our country. All of us are probably not pleased with the outcome of the election, but we all accept it and will do our individual part to continue to serve the best interest of this nation we love.

    Before we all go back to our day jobs, I am contacting you once again for your help. My personal journey in this campaign has made me painfully aware of two deeply disturbing realities of our political process; namely, partisanship and sexism. These two are not related but both are rampant in our politics and seriously interfere with the progress of our society. I have seen how fundamental principles have been abandoned by our leaders and the media in favor of partisan power and irrational bias. As a result, both of these lethal trends are getting stronger in our body politic My interest in both the partisanship and sexism in the 2008 Presidential election leads me to ponder if there is a role for this site in helping to resolve either issue.

    Perhaps you have completely tired of politics by this point and need a rest. I certainly understand that position. But, in the event that you are energized by what you have experienced, I am using this site to ask you to send me your thoughts on whether we can – or should – try to promote change in our national partisanship and/or rampant sexism. I am particularly interested in knowing your thoughts on how we might address these issues through:

    this website
    existing organizations or websites
    existing articles, presentations or reports (please send them or a link to them)
    interesting individuals from either party who may participate
    any other thoughts and strategies

    Please send me your comments by going to together4us.com and post your ideas in the Comments section. That way they can be viewed by many people and commented on by others.

    And, if you would like to personally be involved in any way in an effort to forge a solution to the corrosive affect of party politics and gender bias, please email me directly at lynn@together4us.com.

    Once again, I want to thank you for everything you did in this election and I am very pleased that in some way our paths have crossed at this time. I trust we will have the opportunity to do some good together in the future……together4us.

    I wish you well.

    Sincerely yours,
    Lynn Forester de Rothschild

    Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s campaign.

  28. It is just that when I hear that Rahm Emmanuel is going to be Chief of Staff and he thinks this of Pumas:

    “They’re just going to stick to their knitting,It’s not that they’re anti-Obama.”

    I just want to get sick all over again.

  29. I signed up at http://www.together4us.com this morning.

  30. did some one post it on the previous thread and i missed it?

    Sorry, i was writing my thread today … should go back

    ((((silly me))))

  31. Daniel,

    Where in my post did I say I was surprised? I’m also not ashamed to admit that I’ve grown more worldly and knowledgeable since I was a child and a young woman. Now either use some common courtesy or take your condecending lectures and go elsewhere. I’m simply not in the mood, and we don’t allow our commenters to be insulted.

  32. Thank you BostonBoomer. Very well put – personal but with a larger vision.

    I have been here all through the Primary and GE, only posting occasionally. Now, surprising to me, I find myself here even more.

    I want to stay involved in what has come out of all of this, new coalitions of thinking and caring people. This is a good thing.

    Thanks also to everyone else who write here and who come here.

    Fran in Phila, PA

  33. bb,
    Again, I completely agree with your sentiment, analysis and prescription to bring about the real change to help Americans and not the faux change that Obama personifies for the oligarchy. I have begun with the LGBT issue on Marriage Equality here in VT.

    Polls are stating that Vermonters are 2-1 in favor of marriage for gays. I sent an email to our Republican Governor who has opposed this in the past and am corresponding with my two new state Reps (one Democrat, the first in 30 years and who was a PUMA in sentiment, and one Republican). I am going to write letters to the Editor and work hard on lobbying for this issue and hope that VT will pass and the Governor sign the bill into law to give my fellow Vermonters equal rights.

    I am also working on the “30% solution” here in VT. Only one woman (Sec. of State) is in a state wide office. That is a disgrace. I hope to see if the Gov and Lt. Gov can have women candidates (Democratic, Progressive are my first choices).

    I agree on the Habeas Corpus and will be lobbying Bernie Sanders (not a hard sell), Patrick Leahy (should not be a hard sell since he has stated that was his goal, but he was an early Obama backer) and Peter Welch (he did vote against the bail out bill at first, so may be he is independent enough to do the right thing).

    Vermont is actually a leader in voting rights and protections of the vote. We have Town Meeting across the state which is direct democracy in action and we also have an excellent early voting program. My focus on this issue would be national to ensure against both voter fraud (the preferred method used by the Democrats,except in caucuses) and voter suppression (the preferred method used by Republicans). I am also going to work on the primary systems to try to institute the elimination of the caucus system and do away with the duopoly of Iowa and NH.

    IMOP, the worst that the DNC and Obama did, was the abject fraud and voter intimidation perpetrated by their thugs. I want to see criminal actions brought and toughened measures placed into law to protect against this.

  34. Where is Pat Johnson? Her comments are always a pleasure to read, incisive and smart!

  35. This prop 8 thing is a disaster … all the DNC did was get their candidate elected on the backs of gays and lesbians … if this is their new coalition, we need a third party

  36. Dakinikat,

    I hadn’t seen Lady Lynn’s letter before. Thank so much for posting it.

  37. Chris Matthews: My Job Is To Make Obama Presidency a Success



  38. Why don’t we do the ol’ divide and conquer on the media? We could do print ads, viral internet videos, PUMA radio, and mobilize in local areas. We’d need to start early though.

  39. jvsp,

    Pat said she was taking a break for awhile from the blog. I hope that she will return eventually.

  40. I’d also like to see a PUMA project that riffs off of swing state.

  41. Dakinkat

    We DO need a third party.

  42. I admire your (bostonboomer) ability to get right back to work. I have chosen to telecommute the past couple days. But then I work in a small office so I knew I would get little work done and the constant traffic of self congratulatory snobs that would descend to confer with my (politician) colleague would set me off. Not to mention the constant ringing of the phone.

    For me, this had been far worse than the W elections. And I cetainy never thought I would actually start commenting on politics online. I even left comments on a couple of more coservative sites stating that if they has stopped whining about not getting Mitt and backed Mac – he may still have lost (those dead people get you every time) but it may have puncured a few more holes in the O and brought more people back into the normal distribution of reality.

    Reagan I was able to handle better – but I was young and he did not – as a person not a politician — get on my nerves the way O and Ms O do. Maybe it was also becuase I was younger. Or becuase at least Reagan worked his way up the ladder (OK he started in Hollywood – but he was a Governor and he was president of SAG. He was also self made to a large degree). O has never worked for anything. In my opinion neither has the Mrs.

    Since my foster pets had a couple specialist appointments this week- I had already told my boss last week that I would be in and out as time allowed. I have a very long commute and its often not worth the trek unless I have meetings. Having to concentrate on the animals well being has helped me focus on life’s more positive opportunities. I have also gotten much of work done at home so I am not overwhelmed with guilt at having not started/finished projects. I am getting over the anger. But not the disgust.

    My mother has refused to even look at any news on TV other than the weather channel. Her paper backed McCain – so I figured it would not go over board on the O (it has not). But she read that McCain’s speech was moving -I so printed out the text of McCain’s speeches and comments and read them to her. We both cried. O would never have been so gracious.Gee – O would never have been as polite as W has been. But the O has never really matured past pre-school.

    I am feeling better today. More accepting of what was inevitable. The puppeteers got their new Pinocchio – but this one will never learn not to lie. I don’t think he understands the concept. He is always right. I envison some major temper tantrums.

    But I will continue on with my own activities. I have contacted associates to see how I can help with getting organized for dealing with what it to come. I am, at heart not a very political person, but I have found there are a lot of tasks for volunteers. I am good at writing and crunching numbers and design. No cold calls or canvassing. But even just doing computer work in the background gives one satisfaction and is very useful.

    In a way, a very dark humor sort of way, I am waiting to see what happens when people realize just who they have turned the keys over to for the next few years. Certainty not the person they all seem to think of as O – for O is indeed a shape shifter.

  43. I’d like to see RD put up one of those “days/hours/minutes/nanoseconds until he leaves office” counters. She’ll need three: one for the best case scenario (four years); one for the worst case scenario (eight years); and one for Barky’s fantasy scenario–ten years or so, wasn’t it?

    Do it today. It’s never to early to begin happy anticipation.

  44. alexei,

    Thank you and congratulations on all the hard work you are doing. I am so clueless when it comes to organzing, and I’m really overwhelmed already trying to get my doctoral dissertation written. But I do hope to get more involved here in MA. I discovered there are a couple of groups focused on electing women here. I have their websites bookmarked, but haven’t done anything else. At least I can be proud that we have gay marriage here and that people from out of state can now marry in MA.

    I don’t have a lot of faith in Patrick Leahy at this point. He seems to be all talk and no action; but I hope you can light a fire under his butt somehow. We can’t go on much longer link this or Habeas will be relic of the past–not part of King Obama’s postmodern governing strategy.

  45. Heh

    I got where Emmanuel can stick those knitting needles.

  46. bostonboomer, on November 6th, 2008 at 12:06 pm Said:
    Pat said she was taking a break for awhile from the blog. I hope that she will return eventually.

    *sigh* This election has been impossible. I hope she doesn’t forget her fan base. 🙂

  47. Biden voted against Clarence Thomas. Facts are facts. You can like Obama and Biden or not. But Biden voted AGAINST Clarence Thomas.

  48. Mt. Laurel,

    If only I had had a choice yesterday! I’m just a peon (grad student) and Wed. is my work day.

  49. Yes, the oligarchy. We saw that with Reagan but so few people seemed to appreciate that fact. It was a much smaller segment of the oligarchy than we’ve seen in Barack Obama’s case and we still don’t have any clear idea about all of the sources backing him, but when our votes were thrown overboard during the primary, the handwriting was on the wall.

    I’m amazed that so few people who went to the polls recognized what was happening to our democracy. So much work to do to correct the problem; so little money and so little time to correct what is happening.

    Besides ungodly amounts of money, the wizards who devised Obama’s campaign knew they had a winning combination — using an almost black man and the psychological weapons of race-baiting, gender-trashing, voter intimidation, and appealing to the ego of certain “upper classes.”

    Here’s to our strength to fight on despite the odds!

  50. Just as PUMA is bigger than Hillary Clinton, I tend to think it is bigger than Barack Obama. I want to see us expand so that people have options better than bad or worse.

  51. Yes, I am aware of that, Elizabeth. But thank you for sharing anyway. My point was that Biden made Clarence Thomas’ ascension to the Supreme Court a fait accompli when he savaged Anita Hill. Best wishes to you and have a lovely day.

  52. Yeah

    and if he could have he would have voted AGAINST Anita Hill……..so your point is.

  53. CWaltz,

    We seem to be getting very pedantic trolls today. First Daniel and now Elizabeth James. It’s so kind of them to favor us with their condescending lectures.

  54. The conservatives are dealing with their own rift. They are struggling and trying to decide between “moderate” or crazy extreme. I’m rooting moderate myself. I appreciate fiscal conservatism even if I don’t always agree with it.

  55. I think that the new DNC of Dean and Brazille have just birthed the new feminist movement and the a much stronger GLBT rights movement, perhaps we should merge interests? I think that there will be more folks discovering they were left under the bus and the movement will continue to grow … third party anyone?

  56. Step 1 is the most important and it isn’t complicated: do not forget what happened. The DNC corrupted the process and very few people know about it. The media openly advocated for a candidate rather than being objective.

    Talking about women and LGBT rights is all well and good, but not much can be done if the system is broken and setup against us. If we forget–and many are glossing over the corrupt nature of this election–we will never fix the fundamental problem. Sexism was a problem, but despite that, Hillary won and it is only because of a corrupt process that Obama was given the nomination. The media was against Hillary every step and she still won but it was the corrupt Democratic Party that gave Obama the nomination.

    We need a process that works and is just.

  57. we could call it the Not paid for by Corportists Civil Rights Movment … and we me ALL civil rights not just a select few…

  58. gqmartinez,

    I think someone needs to publish a book about what happened in the primaries especially, but the general election too. Are you by any chance interested?

  59. They are waiting to see if we take Rahm’s advice or if we can mobilize and are the next wave of an internet grassroots effort. Hey, Elizabeth, blame kos. He was the one who founded this movement with his “I am the decider” behavior during the primary> Riverdaughter and et all just took his advice. It IS a big ol internet out there.

  60. BB – This is a beautiful post. Thank you so much.


    PUMA was a gnat fighting an elephant this election. The two Parties and the media were united against us, and conspired to give us a “Democratic” George Bush.

    However, now we are here and we are activists. If we are to prevent the same screwing from happening again in four years, we must all roll up our sleeves and work together. Republicans should join us in this effort as well, since their Party deserted them as well.

  61. Do you suppose there’s the faintest that FEC will do its job now that an actual election has taken place? Apparently it couldn’t/wouldn’t respond to mere campaign abuses, but now the consequences are upon us. (Sort of like the way police respond to reports of threats; “Call us if he shoots you; until a crime is committed and harm occurs we can’t/won’t do anything.” )

    If the massive application of dirty Chicago-fixer tricks to the whole country isn’t enough to get it moving, then I’m kind of at a loss to imagine what would be.

  62. bb,
    I agree about Leahy and I will be a thorn in his side, I promise that. Please continue your writing and perhaps these posts could also be sent out to Letters to the Editor. I agree with gqmartinez, we must fix the election system or all is naught. But we can’t if Habeas is not back in place.

  63. In times of despair, I go with my gut and to familiar quotes from 5 sources: Andy Griffith, Fawlty Towers, Miss Marple, Jane Austen, or Monty Pyton. I make no apologies for these choices. As I contemplate an Obama presidency today, my gut leans Fawlty Towers, the Anniversary episode.

    Trying to pull off a party w/o Sybil, Basil lies, spins, cajoles, bribes, blackmails, insults, and slaps guests and staff, while he steer Sybils into a closet. At the end of the show, people drag or limp to the door, dazed and confused. Polly & Manuel gape as Basil smilingly waves goodbye at the front door, then claps his hands, puts his onto the closet door containing Sybil and says,

    ” Piece of cake. Now comes the tricky part.”

  64. Anybody see Jeralyn’s over at Talkleft latest cheapshot at Palin? I just had to respond:

    “It’s hardly a suprise that you threw one last stone at her head. What a sad parting cheapshot.
    Anyway, you can continue to pretend that your opposition to Palin was merely based on not wanting her to become VP and for people to question McCain’s judgement but I doubt too many people are going to buy that sidestep. The volume, content and strident intensity of your posts on Palin strongly suggests that this was not mere political differences but the politics of personal destruction.

    Frankly, the anti-Palin histrionics were and are ridiculously over the top. It has been largely disgraceful and classless and it has stained the TalkLeft brand. The sooner you finally give it a rest the better.”

    It’ll probably get deleted or maybe I’ll get banned but so what! Jeralyn’s behavior has been outrageous.

  65. Oooooo, Fawlty Towers! Python! They’ll get us through.

    I’m off now to the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  66. SOD – I love that image!

  67. We no longer have Dubya, now we have Aytch??

  68. bb, this wonderful post gave me the sniffles all over again!

  69. BB…..thank you for putting into words what many of us are feeling.

  70. Thank you for that beautiful post, Bostonboomer.

    By the way some of you were asking about the video of Joe Scarborough taking Chris Matthews and the rest of the compliant press to task. Here is the full length one from MSNBC (the youtube one cuts off Joe’s scolding at the end):


    I’m so glad I stuck to Joe, he is the only one I watch on MSNBC anymore.

  71. SOD,

    You got mail.

  72. KS……that was beautiful. JM has become unhinged and she is a disgrace to women, her profession and TL (which used to be a pretty good site). Thanks for taking the time to set her straight…

  73. Palin is still a threat. There is a huge discussion of her on the internet. Alot of folks see possibilities in this woman.

  74. I still like Jeralyn and Armando but I don’t forsee me going back for anything other than to read.

  75. I have to admit that I lean farther right than most of you. But I came to this site because I was disgusted by the treatment of Senator Clinton and women in general this election period. I am as surprised as some of you that we are agreeing so much. Shows that if we just get over our partisan views we can agree on more than we disagree.
    I am joining Lady Rothschild’s site because I want to work with you (my sisters even though we don’t agree on everything) to take our country back.
    Thank you for letting me work with you.

  76. yes, SOD!

    I know many people are thinking of a third party with Hillary at the head. Perhaps McPalin could join her, given that they were screwed over by the Republicans in the same way that Hillary was screwed over by the Democrats…

  77. Did you just say that the US is an oligarchy because Obama got elected?!? After a person who’s been in national power for four years beat someone who’s been in national power for over two decades? After a guy with a name nobody knew while Bill Clinton was in office defeated his wife?

    Unless you have a heightened sense of irony, you obviously have no clue what oligarchy actually is . . .

  78. {{{Kim}}}

    I’ve been thinking. I really flew off the handle after her ‘we have overcome’ post yesterday morning– the one that will live in infamy.

    But maybe there was some sort of explanation that we have overlooked.

    An acceptable explanation would be that Kim was abducted by aliens on the night of November 4, and is in fact being held on Mars against her will while hackers are making bogus posts in her name.


    We still love you, Kim. If your abductors are allowing you to have internet access on Mars, know that we will find a way to rescue you!

  79. bb
    brain damage at 12:48

  80. yeah, sod I did … I emailed you… and i posted on your site so you should have the email addie there too

  81. I’m still inclined to believe that most people voted for the One because they think he can truly share the wealth with them – call the ring in the nose of the American people whatever you want, but a ring is a ring

  82. catarina – no kidding.

    Obama tr0lls are dumber than fucking dirt. Yes, Obama’s $600 BILLION DOLLARS came from the grassroots, not the oligarchy! The media all supported him just because he is teh awesome!


  83. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. -P.T. Barnum

  84. i just made a quick trip to kos just to see what there was to see. of course palin bashing. oh yeah, they are trying to tell themselves that america is now left of center. hmm, the corporate big boys who really control the politicans may have a few thoughts on that kos.

    get ready for the kick under the bus stragedy to be ongoing. i look for the aa’s and lefties to soon be there. move over!

  85. and his finance committe wasn’t completely made up of ALL the folks responsible for the financial crisis …

    nope, no penny pritzker, no goldman sachs …

    nope, nope nope … nothing but a grass roots movement there … move along, move along, nothing to see here

  86. I know many people are thinking of a third party with Hillary at the head. Perhaps McPalin could join her, given that they were screwed over by the Republicans in the same way that Hillary was screwed over by the Democrats…

    McCain won’t leave the republican party. Palin will be in Hillary’s position in 2012. It won’t be easy for her but she does have a chance. Hillary’s political career is over. She won’t have any influence in Obama’s administration. I just don’t think she has realized that yet. What she will do when she does will be interesting. McCain and Hillary starting a new party would be good but they both have different ideologies so the chances of that happening are zero.

  87. i just made a quick trip to kos just to see what there was to see. of course palin bashing. oh yeah, they are trying to tell themselves that america is now left of center. hmm, the corporate big boys who really control the politicans may have a few thoughts on that kos.

    get ready for the kick under the bus stragedy to be ongoing. i look for the aa’s and lefties to soon be there. move over!

  88. my closet-blogger spouse is fighting trolls and defending Palin on his lunchbreak, hehe..

    He’s reminding people that Obama won by 10% of the pop vote even after outspending Mac by 8 to 1 and having the whole f-ing msm on his side.
    Pretty crappy showing when you think about it. Lots of people voted AGAINST Obama.

  89. I got your back Ks. I made my own comment as well as uprated you. I no longer tolerate smearing folk for the sake of smearing.

  90. oops I said the t-word boomer
    please free me from the dungeon there are Obots here and they just saw what’s happening to the Dow.

  91. SOD

    I replied to your email. 🙂

  92. Sorry, but Palin does not have a chance, Downticket. The Republicans are all trashing her with “leaks” from the McCain campaign as to how stupid she is supposed to be and blaming her for losing the election. As for McCain, since he lost to Obama, he is now done in the Republican Party, as is Hillary in the Democratic Party.

    The only chance any of them have is to go third-party. I think they do have some things in common, including the 30% solution. They obviously differ a lot on economic policy, but perhaps McPalin could be brought to the more sane side of things.

    I dunno. It would be a radical idea, to be sure.

  93. great, another f-ing idiot.
    Nobody got scammed, you pea-brain.
    Why don’t you get a job, or something?
    Obama will not be sending you a check, it was actually YOU who got scammed..

  94. pssttcmere, how are you? long time no talk! you knew me at talk left as hello there! i am glad to see you here. yeah, i agree jeralyn is a big disappointment. i haven’t been there for a long time.

  95. my closet-blogger spouse is fighting tro*lls and defending Palin on his lunchbreak, hehe..

    He’s reminding people that Obama won by 10% of the pop vote even after outspending Mac by 8 to 1 and having the whole f-ing msm on his side.
    Pretty crappy showing when you think about it. Lots of people voted AGAINST Obama.

  96. another tr0ll moron at 1:01 pm.

    Yes, of course we don’t exist. That’s why you’re here.


  97. Report finds pay gap for UT women faculty
    AUSTIN — Women full professors at the University of Texas at Austin make $9,000 less annually on average than their male colleagues.

    That’s according to a report prepared by a 22-member UT task force.

    The Austin American-Statesman reports UT President William Powers Jr. praised the report for “identifying issues we must address to support the professional growth of our faculty.”

    Provost Steven Leslie, who established the Gender Equity Task Force, said steps would begin immediately to address the report’s recommendations, which include developing a five- to 10-year plan to reduce or eliminate gender inequities in hiring, promotion, salaries and governance.

    UT professor of molecular genetics and microbiology, Shelley Payne, says there’s a perception among the administrators that women are simply not as good as men.

    The report noted shortcomings in everything from promotion opportunities to the overall campus climate for women faculty members.

    November 5, 2008 – 2:16 a.m. CST

  98. madamab I cannot help but think it is Obots trashing Gov. Palin. If it is really staffers, I’d have to think they were rats like the media jumping to what they think is a winner, for personal gain. Palin has huge popular support. Not enough to win this time, but if she wants to run, she can go all the way.

  99. TL used to be a pretty good site, but JM completely changed after she went to the convention. Not sure what they did to her there but she left many principles behind in Colorado. Women trashing other women are contemptible.

  100. People who did not support Obama are regrouping and actively joining together in groups.
    Could be the birth of a grassroots movement.

    If anyone in the Boston area would like to meet in person please email

  101. BB,

    A book or a website is a good idea. Not sure I’m the one though. Perhaps a group effort would help. We also have a documentary coming out. BTW, does anyone have that link readily available?

  102. Once again a PUMA has given voice to my feelings. Thank you, bb.

    This is my answer to the question “Where do we go from here?”:

    Country before party. PUMAs forever.

  103. In regards to women in academia, I know that in the biomedical sciences that women are less likely to receive grant money. It takes them more times, on average to obtain their first big NIH grant.

  104. Hi BB,

    As so often happens, you have expressed exactly how I am feeling, right down to yesterday’s tears and the hour that they fell. It’s people like you who allow me to maintain my semi-lurker status, since you so often say what I want to say at least as well as I could have. I just want to add a hearty ‘hear, hear” to every single collective goal that you have outlined for the PUMA movement. I plan to give some deep thought to how I can become a more effective participant in this movement. Your words fill me with hope and cheer.

    ks–I love your comment to JM! Trust me–it’s an honor to be banned from that site.

  105. Of course They are going after Palin – gotta have something scurrilous and of questionable veracity to broadcast now that the election is over. We can’t have anyone questioniong the glorious Barky, now can we? The stock market can’t be bought, however – it was down 500 points yesterday upon news of the upcoming coronation. Wonder if it would’ve rallied had McCain won.

    BTW, D’kat, I see we share a given name. Hubs and I will be heading for NOLA around Thanksgiving and it would be great to meet you. How do I get in touch?

  106. I am still here guys. Thanks for the hugs, I am not going without a fight.

    I took a much needed day off yesterday and swore I would not be on a computer or read anything having to day with this sham election. I slept in, did some shopping and watch anything that had nothing to do with politics.

    {{{{{{Hugs to all of you}}}}}}

    I got some em’s from my AA friends (the ones that I never told I had jumped off the bush and was promptly thrown under). They are, for the most part, happy and proud. I guess now, my only hope for this presidency is for him to PLEASE don’t let them down.

  107. the repubs are going to back Jindahl next time .. mark my words

  108. BTW, people, if you want to fix the system you have to realize how things work. All the major blogs you frequent sell ads based on the number of hits they get. When you go there just to see what’s going on you are directly responsible for giving them ad revenue. When you respond to one of their posts you are directly responsible for giving them ad revenue. It may make you feel good about yourself when you “set them straight”, but you are still giving them ad revenue. We can’t fight these people if we keep giving them ad revenue. And we definitely can’t complain about these folks if we are supporting them.

  109. dakinikat how is Jindal? Good governor?

  110. Sorry, but Palin does not have a chance, Downticket. The Republicans are all trashing her with “leaks” from the McCain campaign as to how stupid she is supposed to be and blaming her for losing the election.

    This is to be expected but I think she does have a chance. Four years is a long time. The republicans should blame themselves for not backing McCain. Palin didn’t hurt the ticket, her party failed to fully back the ticket 100%. Republicans should realize the potential in her. Her primary run will be just like Hillary’s but she can learn from Hillary and expect to be backstabbed. She can be better prepared for them treating her like the DNC treated Hillary. She has a chance. McCain was a moderate and that is why they hated him. Palin is more conservative than McCain.

    I feel bad for McCain. He should have won. He was a war hero that deserved the chance to serve his country at the highest level.

  111. poplicola – no, it is Republicans from the McCain campaign.


    I know that a lot of people like Palin, but unfortunately, that is not enough. Hillary won the popular vote and her Party stopped her from being the nominee. At least 6 million fewer Repubs came out to support McPalin than they did Bush because their Party would not support them.

    We have to develop an alternative to going through political parties. They are both now actively working against the interests of the American people.

    Hopefully we will all find a way to make our voices heard without the “help” of the entrenched and corrupt
    two-party system.

  112. Kat5: Dakinikat@aol.com … I’ll be here!


    Quick note and questions (am on lunch)

    Didn’t the Supreme Court allow HC rights to detainees at GB 5-4 just afew months ago?

    I believe the decision stated : The Court, dividing 5-4, ruled that Congress had not validly taken away habeas rights. If Congress wishes to suspend habeas, it must do so only as the Constitution allows — when the country faces rebellion or invasion.

    If I remember correctly Arlen Specter who wanted to roll back the elimination of HB through the MCA said that if congress didn’t reinstate it the Supreme Court would rule it unconstitutional.

    Does this mean that HB has in effect been “reinstated”/

  114. SOD,

    That image of us as dragonfly is such a beautiful one! I just love it!

  115. the right wing of the party will eat you alive if you don’t follow some of their basic tenets. I know many of them that thought it was best if McCain lost, because obama will have a hell of a time getting a second term with all that’s going on right now .. then they can run a purist like Jindahl

  116. looking for integrity and dakinikat,

    That decision was definitely a step in the right direction, but I don’t trust any executive with the powers that Bush has seized. I need to research this, but I think the ACLU and CCR are still trying to get Congress to act on Habeas. I have to go out soon, but I’ll look later There are other things happening that interfere with our Habeas rights too. For example just a couple of weeks ago Mukasy approved very broad powers for the FBI to break into people’s homes and investigate without probably cause. I guess the real issue is the “unitary executive” theory, which I don’t expect Obama to work against.

  117. Karl Rove looked really gleeful on election night, and he ‘helped’ brazille … my guess is the repubs want a dem that can’t handle the job to become “hoover” then they’ll step back in with the see what happened thing

  118. How about a “woman for president” pac/movement? What if we can commit votes and funds and times to support any woman candidate from either party? Wouldn’t that give Palin an edge in 2012? Remember the GOP primary is winner take all — and McCain managed to win despite being almost broke at the start. (Do they have caucuses?)

    I will re-register as Republican in PA if it will let me vote for her in the (closed) primary.
    (Since the dems will obviously try to re-elect BO)

    We just need a way to make PP & NOW stfu and realize that if they go down the list of women world leaders, most of them are conservative and anti-abortion. Otherwise they are making perfect the enemy of the good.

  119. McCain was no more on our side than Obama. McCain has voted against women, children, veterans, minorities, and the poor. I am sympathetic to people using the enemy of an enemy for certain ends (preventing an Obama presidency), but we need to realize that McCain is not really a political ally. With the exception of campaign finance reform (which, BTW, he went back on while seeking the GOP nom) and pork/earmark reform, there is little that McCain has in common with us policy wise.

  120. When I see names with the quotes I’ll believe it but for now Ill just take your word for it.

  121. votermom: Olympia Snow, Kay Baily Hutchinson, Christine Todd Whitmen … ton of them … their own party hates them … I know I was a prochoice woman candidate in the Repub party once … the right will eat you alive

  122. dakinikat, I thought the same thing last night when I saw him on TV. Jindal is giving a speech in IOWA soon.

  123. gq: there’s also immigration reform, he’s fought big tobacco … fought against torture and he stood up to Rumsfeld frequently … but McCain is as irrelevant as Ted Kennedy now … believe me, Jindahl is the next

  124. pop – it’s not my word, I’m just repeating what Republican Carl Cameron is saying. I agree he could be lying – I heard the “leaks” are coming from Mitt Romney’s folks, to position him for 2012.

    BTW – if we want a woman President in 2008, I don’t want it to be Palin. I admire and respect her, but I agree with her on next to nothing. There is no way I will work for four years on that specific goal.

  125. gq – I was just thinking the same thing …….. someone will need to write a book about what happened in the primaries.

    As I said previously, I think election reform – esp in the primary – is an important goal.

  126. following up on my comment to clarify: but I will work on the 30% Solution in general. If Palin is the only viable woman in 2012, so be it.

  127. madamab — I’ve unhappily concluded that the press is a state organ, all of it.
    (by the way I’m not even disputing the report)

    I know he said that, but he like the rest of them is spreading a rumor. I have to decide whether mytinfoil hat is on too tight or if “they are the ones they’ve warned me about.”

  128. That’s what I think dakinikat. The Obama administration is going to walk into a mess. A big one. I think the Republicans have had their eye on 2012 the whole time.

    I wonder if Palin was an accident. Do you think they were expecting her to be so incredibly popular? Was putting her on the ticket supposed to be her introduction to Americans… or was she supposed to be the scapegoat?

  129. gqmartinez,

    Do you have any solutions to offer? Every time I have been on this blog with you, you come in and whine and you are the consummate naysayer. Mccain lost, you voted 3rd party or whatever. So move on.

    McCain was MORE of an ally than Obama. What has Obama ever done for womens or gay rights??? Shit for that matter what has he done for AA rights?

  130. Thanks CWaltz!

    I just has to say something over there because it was just insane. But you gotta admit, the rationalizations are funny! I

  131. but McCain is as irrelevant as Ted Kennedy now …

    Ted isn’t irrelevant. Teddy together with Dean and Nancy helped Obama still the nomination from Hillary. He has more power now that Obama has been elected.

    McCain is in Hillary’s position. He was hated before by his party and they won’t stop now that he has lost. They are both powerless unless McCain can start a new party for moderate republicans and Hillary wakes up from the trance she is in and starts a new one for Centrist Democrats. Two new parties.

  132. Dakinikat, I think that a pro-choice GOP women candidate is dead in the water.

    I think in BO’s 1st term Judge Stevens (age 88) will resign, so he’ll pick a pro-choice replacement. Ginsberg might also, though I hope not (age 75).

    So the number of liberal judges will stay the same, so Roe will not be the “burning” issue it’s touted to be this year.

  133. Downticket,

    Ted Kennedy did have a brain tumor. I wonder how he feels about BO being friends with Ayers, who dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan? The person who killed Bobby Kennedy.

  134. MadamaB, the Dem candidates for 2012 are already selected, so the republicans are the only party we have any hope of influencing. I will vote for them if they put a woman up.
    Otherwise, I don’t know. 3rd party maybe.

  135. madamab

    I would prefer a woman candidate who is not as conservative as Palin.

    But I also keep thinking that someone tough as nails that can take it when they dish it out will have to be the candidate.

    And we sure as hell know that Palin can take it.

  136. afrocity
    I’ll burn in hell for it, I’m sure, but TK’s pac wanted to know why I was unsubscribing and I let them know in no uncertain terms that I was very disturbed by that book dedication and couldn’t figure out why Kennedy didn’t feel the same.

    I know, I’m a terrible person.

  137. I like Palin. So she is conservative. Women are not monolithic.

  138. Palin is very conservative but she’s not a theocrat (unlike Huckabee). I think she is more the libertarian kind of conservative, and she is also a populist, which the GOp will need if they want to win.

  139. It was cause for concern when Palin went on at a rally for ten minutes about abortion being a sin.
    I don’t want to hear any shit like that from any politician.

    But I still supported her and it boiled down to trust.
    I never thought Palin and Mccain would go after reproductive or gay rights.
    Obama is waffling liar.

  140. I don’t think any of us really know Palin’s politics. Like Obama, she has a thin record. Her short record, however, isn’t at all like what her Democratic critics make it out to be.

    What we can say for certain is that the media doesn’t like her and that is usually a good sign.

  141. gqmartinez, on November 6th, 2008 at 1:50 pm Said:
    What we can say for certain is that the media doesn’t like her and that is usually a good sign.

    lmao — I never thought about it that way, but that’s a pretty good rough gauge!

  142. The thing I like about Palin is that she seems to be a live and let live type. And really, Roe v Wade has little chance of being overturned no matter what. And if it was, all states except Utah are going to allow abortions. It just sends it back to the states. I believe we have to get over the ‘Roe v Wade’ scare tactic. I don’t mind a prolife candidate if they are not going to beat me over the head with it.

  143. gqm
    We know a lot more about Palin than we know about Obama.
    There’s the whole reality thing..she hasn’t wavered in her beliefs.
    Obama made it up as he went along.

    Teams of lawyers dumpster diving in Alaska found nothing on her.
    Imagine what we could find in the dumpsters of Chicago..

  144. helped steal the nomination from Hillary.

    afrocity, on November 6th, 2008 at 1:39 pm Said:

    Ted Kennedy did have a brain tumor.

    I can’t excuse him for what he did because of his brain tumor. He knew what he was doing. He betrayed a friend because of jealous and pettiness.

  145. None of them should be excused and I’m sorry if I don’t find anything historical about Obama being the president elect. It has NEVER been about the color of his skin.

  146. Off topic, but seriously I am in tears this morning. I work 2 jobs, and my husband works one in addition to being a SAHD during the day. I am exhausted and completely burned out. Yesterday, many months after I probably should have done so, I finally put up an ad for a “mother’s helper” for somebody to come in and help my husband out with the kids a couple of mornings a week. Within 12 hours there were THREE vitriolic posts about me on the job board, demanding to know what I am doing all day if my husband is there, and proclaiming that I obviously don’t love my kids. Because the (double digit) pay rate I was offering (more than I can afford, BTW, but notwithstanding that we give 10% raises every six months and a two weeks pay Christmas bonus) was deemed to be too low.

    I feel crappy enough that I work so hard I never see my kids, and don’t have the money to pay $25/hour (which I would if I could, it’s important work). I am just crying and crying because I am so sick of being called a bad mother. I hate the mean girls of the Internet.

  147. another wonderful post…..my heart aches for the truth……not so soon to see….how sad we must carry on…thank you for saving my days with your wonderful writings….i have saved quite a few to a folder and this is one that will be safely tucked away for history……for my children to see….what they have not seen so clearly lately….oh but they will indeed….thank you

  148. Stodghie…..hello there!! 🙂

    Glad to see you too…..drop me a line and tell me what you have been up to….PssttCmereathotmaildotcom

  149. Jadzia,

    I am sorry to hear that. My mother hardly ever worked I would have loved to have a mom like you when I was growing up.

  150. bostonboomer: This is a wonderful piece.

    Jadzia: I am so sorry to hear that. What business is it of anyone’s why you need help? I am so sick of this judgmental attitude toward women by other woman. When I was a grad student I earned $6/hr as a mother’s helper for a stay-at-home mom, and I was happy to have that extra cash. If you live near a college, maybe you could post something on a jobs board there.

  151. Sorry if I offended, but I’m just amazed by all the posts saying “I’m so sad to see what’s happened to our democracy” and “our democracy is being taken over by oligarchs.”

    Statements like that suggest that those making them think we actually had a democracy at sometime in the past that the oligarchs took over. When was that exactlly? The oft-lauded Founders deliberately intended that only white male land-owners — bourgeois oligarchs — should have any say in government, and very little has changed since then.

    And I’m sorry, but believing that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are somehow not part of the this oligarchy is completely divorced from reality.

    Yes, there does need to be a third party: a party that will realize that you cannot play by the rules when the odds are deliberately set in favor of the house. Instead of crying over spilt milk, the answer is to organize and arm yourselves for the day when we can rise up and overthrow this unjust system and establish one where all human beings can be guaranteed true liberty, justice, and equality.

    It just ain’t going to happen in the ballot box, or on the internet.

  152. jadzia, check out au pair agencies, sometimes they have pt help.

  153. daniel when you say “arm” i am taking you literally!

  154. Catarina,

    Yes, you should take me literally. It’s not going to be feasable any time soon — the corporate bourgeoisie, with their monopoly on the media and education is just too powerful right now. However, as we have seen in recent months, the capitalist mode of production is inevitably going to collapse under the weight of is own inherent contradictions. This present crisis is just the tip of the iceberg — wait until global oil production peaks in a few years! Then the people will have an opportunity to strike, to tear down the unjust system of Obama and McCain and Hillary and Palin and take charge of our fututre for ourselves — or sink into a new Dark Ages that will make the fall of Rome look like a birthday party at Disney World.

    America is not and never has been a democracy, Our votes do not and never have counted for anything more than window-dressing. There are only two superficial differences that distinguish the US from the People’s Republic of China: we have two parties and they have one; there the government owns big business and here big business owns the government.

    It was foolish to think Hillary or anyone else could change this situation — why would any politician bite the hand that feeds them? It’s also unhelpful to lament about how bad Obama is. He’s no worse than any of the other players in this game.

    It is shortsighted to think that something new has happened, that some freedom or influence we as the people might have had in some fictional golden age have been usurped and taken away. It is naive to complain about a party anointing its candidate without regard to the people.

    All I’m saying is open your eyes and take the red pill. Giving up illusions is the first step toward achieving a world where illusions are unnecessary.

  155. Thank you for this writing, BB. It says how I, too, feel. I did the exact same thing as you previously: hide my head in the sand.

    It was Hillary’s candidacy that woke me up and the misogyny that stirred me further. Proposition 8 has given me a new anger.

    Rather than just being woken up, stirred, and angry, you came up with decent ideas. I’m listening.

  156. BB – You read my mind and made it sound a heck of a lot better – quoting Hill brought back thoughts of what could have been (and tears.) But as I told my immigrant neighbor who is soooo bummed out “it is what it is” and we will move on.

    I too signed up at http://www.together4us.com this morning.
    There is so much great energy at this site – I’ve been flat on my back most of the week – thank God for Acupuncture! – But have managed to read most of your posts. We have an incredible group of people here! Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

    RD you have mail.

  157. Corrections:
    #madamab, on November 6th, 2008 at 12:54 pm Said:
    Yes, Obama’s $600 BILLION DOLLARS came from the grassroots…
    That would be “M”, not “B”. “B” is for the Bank Bailout, “M” was for the Messiah.
    #dakinikat, on November 6th, 2008 at 12:55 pm Said:

    Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. -P.T. Barnum
    That would be H.L. Mencken. Barnum did the one about “new suckers every day”.

  158. Brian H: thank you, both true American Geniuses and both quotes are apt

  159. I think McCain was the RNC’s Sacrificial Lamb from the very beginning. However, they did not anticiapte Palin’s nomination electrifing new life into the base. so now I think the RNC along with the DNC is trying to destroy her.

  160. TheRealKim, on November 6th, 2008 at 1:14 pm Said:
    I got some em’s from my AA friends (the ones that I never told I had jumped off the bush and was promptly thrown under). They are, for the most part, happy and proud. I guess now, my only hope for this presidency is for him to PLEASE don’t let them down.//
    I’m genuinely curious about just what they HOPE he will CHANGE, and what “letting them down” might involve.

    It’s just that I’ve read anecdotal references to all sorts of wild *$&(. And the Black Panther who blocked a polling checker and said, “It’s not Whitey’s rules any more,” suggests dreams of a takeover.

    What do your friends actually expect?

  161. I just joined together4us as well.

    I may go look closer at Emily’s List as well.

  162. BB, you speak for me

    you are in my heart.

  163. Got your back in Santa Cruz, CA.

  164. duh thegreatgeno….oligarchy is not about who has been around longer. In Obama’s case he is just another member of the old white guy crew only he has slightly darker skin. It is about power and who is bought by who.

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