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Both Sides Now

I’m feeling a bit numb, but not comfortably. Just letting everything settle in. Although I had Patron on election night and not Southern Comfort like madamab, I’m moving a bit slowly, but no migraine!

I thought that November 5th would be the day that my life would return to normal, and mark my political devotional journey’s end. One way or the other, I could return to civilian life. Heh. Hasn’t happened yet. Tomorrow. Apparently, it’s hard to get moving, or declare a direction for myself after stopping short.

The morning after, Riverdaughter congratulated Obama and his supporters, whose dreams were fulfilled, saying she understood their joy. She made some waves! I get what she was feeling, because I saw it wash over her at our NYC election night gathering. Congratulations to Obama and The Democrats! And really, would we have wanted them to be sore losers? (Whoops, I forgot: they already were–to Hillary.) From what we’re seeing, Obama’s election to the Presidency is a huge participatory be-in where African Americans can finally be vindicated, feel and see that there’s a way up for them, and that we respect them.

Baby boomers who fought in the civil rights movement are celebrating that they don’t have to leave the country, that their sixties spiritual dreams are fulfilled, and that anything is possible. Even some of my mom’s generation, who were born eighty-something years ago and live in Florida, went for Obama. Hard-core feminists disliked and demonized both Clinton and Palin, and went to Obama. I’m writing, keeping to myself at home, so they don’t see the tread marks up my back.

By any measure of my life up to this year, I’d be as happy as a clam at the big win. Instead, I feel let down. I’m an emotional being. My beef all along has been about the means, the dirty means, the integrity-less, back-stabbing, issue-equivocating, race-baiting, misogynistic, homophobic, money-mongering, combo far right/left MEANS. Period.

Had either Hillary or Sarah gone to the White House, I don’t see that women and men would have universally and spontaneously rejoiced in the streets all over the country like they did for Obama. Do you? Reclusive Leftist wrote that women are just supposed to wish that everyone else does well, regardless if it’s to their own detriment. I’m thinking about that, thinking and wondering.

Some ardent feminists are such fishes in water that they can’t really tell they’re in the tank. Gloria Steinem was on post-election Oprah, and the gist was: Palin had no content, wasn’t fit to be VP or President, and it’s McCain’s fault for choosing her. Gloria said that the more people found out about Palin, the more they went away from her. (These days, I’m feeling that way about Gloria.) She pontificated that women’s issues are about substance not form, it’s what you’re for that matters, not just being a woman. It’s not that she’s wrong, I just don’t like the holier than thou attitude. Hmmm, more tread marks from another feminist who’s absolutely confident within herself, and elated that Obama’s in.

The MSM and FOX News are doing entire segments about Palin’s reported temper and refusal to be coached before the debates. Perhaps they’re right, who knows, but I feel that once again a woman is being scapegoated by Looooo-sers. Her governor rating WAS over 80% BEFORE the MSM, pundits, and Obama got a-hold of her. I guess I should be glad that Obama won, because Hillary’s treatment would have been far worse had he lost.

Although the spiritual and progressive Left are elated, and Obama’s background agendas and means to power have escaped their horizons, I don’t fault anyone’s celebrations. I understand their genuine joy, but am saddened by what they chose to see and what they chose to gloss over, ignore, or spin. Michelle’s Narciso Rodriguez dress got more perusal than Obie’s record. Yet, a majority of Democrats complained that Republicans ran a more negative campaign. They thought that questions about background, associations, decisions, and policies were extraneous, old-style politics, and off-the-mark. They were all for women in high office, just “not those women.”

I don’t see that Hillary Clinton will be supported by the Dems for Majority Leader. David Gergen was also on Oprah I-didn’t-use-my-TV-show-to-promote-Obama. Gergen said that Hillary Clinton came so close but did not make it through the door this year, but that she made 70 different appearances for him, and women will have their time. Obama’s alliances are made, and despite her generosity, it will never be enough. Just like he treated Alice Palmer. It’s rumored that Rahm Emanuel will be Chief of Staff, and that he and the Clintons are enemies. Right now, Hillary’s rise to Majority Leader or President seems as probable as Obama’s choosing her for VP. (But, I’d love to be proven wrong.)

I always “made the holidays” for my kids. When we lived in a collective household, I’d cook and prepare and engage others to help, and we’d celebrate the Jewish holidays (along with all the other holidays of whomever lived there) — Passover, Chanukah, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur. After the Farm, when my kids were growing up, and even after they were on their own, I kept up with our traditions, inviting friends and family. It was always lovely and warm.

When I moved to New York three years ago, I expected it would be the same. However, when I called to make plans, they said, “Mom, we have our own thing, with our group of friends. You’re welcome to come, though.” Well, as a parent, that was a whole re-orientation—a “mother, please! I’d rather do it myself” moment. I wasn’t in charge of the family holidays anymore, which was a surprise but good for two reasons: 1) my apartment and kitchen are teeny, making complicated meal prep tricky, and 2) I must have passed on the holiday tradition in such a way that they wanted to carry it on themselves, with no prodding or guilt from me.


In Obama’s acceptance speech, I didn’t hear an attempt to lower expectations, I heard a call to action, an exact echoing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We may not get there in one year or one term . . . It’s your moment, your time, and get ready to work. Everybody who voted for Obama, everybody who was dancing in the streets and cried for that moment: You’re on! Let’s see who steps up. YOU can make the holidays for us now.

I’m an optimist. Maybe it’s good. Obama got people to move on his behalf for whatever they thought he stood for, and Obama says that brothas should pull up their pants. (Maybe my son will do it, too. Sorry, dear.) Now that’s something that just might happen in an Obama administration!

I don’t mean to make light of the serious problems ahead, and I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to make mistakes, and I hope for every success, because we’re all in this together now. Some voters, though, might be a little surprised when and if they discover what they actually bought. To them: you wanted it, you got it. And I’m glad you’re going for it. Enjoy! God bless us all, and God bless America!

PUMAs, Conflucians, we still have work to do! Thank you for reading my stuff, helping me keep my sanity, being here to raise each other up, and remaining a strong, clear voice for truth and fairness.

[cross-posted at Lady Boomer NYC]

147 Responses

  1. I understand their joy, but I condemn the fascistic ways of their candidate

  2. Beautiful post, LB!

    Until we women acknowledge that it is okay to vote for women just because they are women, we will never, EVER get anywhere.

    Unfortunately for scaredy-cats, the 30% Solution is the only thing that works. Handing over your power to men and hoping they will let you have a tiny slice of it does not work. We need those numbers in Congress or we will simply never progress.

    We need to be like Alice Paul. We need to be unyielding. We cannot say, “Oh, okay, I’ll step aside JUST THIS ONCE.” No more. We’ve seen what happens to accomplished, strong women like Hillary and Sarah when we women are too “self-sacrificing.”

    This is the year of the woman, whether the corporate media and the Obamasphere admit it or not.

    We won’t get fooled again.

  3. frenly – exactly!

    mb — Thanks! Phew, I was worried that nobody would get my intent.

    This is the year that many women had their eyes opened, especially by the words and deeds of other women, and can’t go back. I do like the idea of a new feminist movement, or something.

  4. SOD, we are agreeing, you and I. There is no celebration. I am saying: okay, buyers, you wanted it–step up and make it happen.

  5. To paraphrase Gloria Steinem:

    PUMAs need feminists (like Gloria) like fish need a bicycle.

    Thanks much to the contributors on this blog for helping so many of us through this time.

    Uncomfortably numb, indeed. Just another brick in the wall.

  6. wow, I haven’t thought about the prisoner in a long time … who is number 1? You are number 6.

  7. P.S. Please note the “No Excuses” jeans label.

    For complete affect, please watch the accompanying videos, the first from the Red State Update boys–love the robot–the second from “The Prisoner.”

  8. I am sorry LadyBoomer, but I can not bring myself to offer congratulations to any of them.

    I was at a election night party held for an Illinois Senator that finally took the 14th district back from the repugnicagns. She was the one bright spot out of the entire night.
    I heard many variations of this but the gist of it was……NOW IT IS OUR TURN!

    Excuse me but are we not all Americans?

    All night, I heard how Obama was going to TAKE what was owed them and give it back. I went home with such a damn headache!

    Anyway….I suppose you are right but I can not bring myself to offer my hand at this time!

  9. SOD — Yes, best to not leave exhortations so open-ended. How’s create the land of milk and honey?

  10. Ladyboomer, great post.

    My question is, are even we invited to “their holidays?”

    As far as I’m concerned, it really sucked that I couldn’t share the joy of my
    AA friends in ringing in the first black president.

    Obama has never reached out, never.

    Guess my invite must have been lost in the mail or something.

    Oh, and F**K YOU, GLORIA!!!
    What happened to YOUR BRAIN, girlfriend?!!

  11. I have to agree with SOD on this point: how can one feel inclined to celebrate the ascension of an AA to the highest office, and the breaking through of the color barrier, when that achievement was built on false accusations of r@cism — the most toxic accusation in American politics — by some of the same people who are now expecting — if not demanding — congratulations for this achievement?

    How can, and why should, those of us who have endured those insults be expected to congratulate those who smeared us like this? Their “achievement” so clearly came at the unjust expense of the reputations of so many other people that it is simply impossible to see it as some great justice done — and particularly so for those of us who suffered from those groundless accusations.

    If, say, Donna Brazille and Jesse Jackson Jr and Bob Herbert made up the most vile and mindless accusations, and had those accusations believed by millions of people, why should we wish them any happiness on this day? And why should we wish happiness to those who might have recognized the injustice of those accusations, but chose not to speak a word?

  12. I was afraid to comment. I am from the south and y’all got my cousins in that thar first video.

  13. My point exactly FranklyO!

  14. RedDragon62, on November 6th, 2008 at 4:24 pm Said:

    Red, that is just awful. The hateful, horrible divisive language used by the Obamas makes me sick.

  15. I expected as much from most of them bots..Catrina…. But what baked my noodle was that the others that heard this trash just walked away shaking their heads. I finally asked one of the Zombies to shut the F@#$ up! I could not bear it anymore.

    Mu wife asked me to take her home…she was almost to tears because she and I really believed Hillary would be the “One.” She told me she would never again cast a vote for the Dem party. It broke my wife and my daughters hearts that Obama was allowed to take the party over!

  16. FranklyO,

    Speaking of which, the market has dropped 1000pts since BO was elected. Clearly, the market is racist. : )

  17. Katarina: I felt my best friend’s joy at Obama’s coronation. She sent me a lovely email with a picture of the new first family and I was happy for her. I never told her that I jumped off the bandwagon months ago and was thrown under the bus, her friendship is one I never want to lose. Fortunately, she is a few hours from me and I could just nod when we talked by phone. The hard part is going to be when he lets her down and he will.

  18. (Duped for being stuck in moderation!)


    Speaking of which, the market has dropped 1000pts since BO was elected. Clearly, the market is r*cist. : )

  19. Ladyboomer, I have a migraine for both of us.
    Those treadmarks are on my face.
    I pledge to work hard to prevent the re-election of Barack Obama.
    He will be a failure as a president. He has no integrity and no conscience.

  20. I hope the youth will pull up their pants, tie their shoes and stop alot of negative images women are given. No more hoe, etc.
    Am I hopeful, I would like to be, but won’t hold my breath. I will grow my boys up with serious limits and a short leash. There are lines and there are behaviours that are not acceptable. Otherwise I somewhat spoil them and love them to more than anything.

    I really like the idea of supporting the car industry as an inccentive and investment for the future, even though Cavuto is almost choking. His expressions have been so funny to watch, he is really such a sweet guy.

  21. Oy. Hmmm, I think I’m either not clear or you’re all not reading carefully, but being as there are more of you than me (or is it “I”), guess my snark was too subtle:

    Congratulations to Obama and The Democrats! And really, would we have wanted them to be sore losers? (Whoops, I forgot: they already were.)

    I was talking about Hillary, and I go on to state my objections to everyone and thing in the same mess. This isn’t about celebrating, this is about saying, have your party people, you made your bed, now lie in it. This is the same country that elected George Bush twice, and Democrats think they got away with something. There are a lot of people about to be surprised.

    Let them have at it, while we go about our work of reform.

  22. I’m happy for Obama and his supporters. I’m going to put my energy and spirit into lifting women up, instead of tearing Obama down.

  23. I got it Lady…I was just ranting! Sorry…lol

  24. I got it Lady! I guess I was just running a rant! I’m surrounded by Bots! HELP!>>LOL

  25. I was afraid to comment. I am from the south and y’all got my cousins in that thar first video.

    Well, stick around Kim. We may need a translator. ;o)

  26. I got you, LB!
    and I’m not lifting a finger for those fuckers-I voted for proven records, integrity, grit, reform, courage, and experience.

  27. Beth, that’s really nice, let me know how that goes, K?
    Last time I checked Obama didn’t like women very much…

  28. No LadyBoomer — thank you for writing your stuff, helping me keep my sanity, being here to raise each other up, and remaining a strong, clear voice for truth and fairness.

    I’m not going to lie: it makes me happy to see the AA community’s joy in Obama’s election; I just wish he was more deserving. I try to be opptomistic about the prospects of a BO WH but with what I have seen so far about his character it is difficult. I will be glad to be proven wrong.

  29. Petal: As to your boys short leash, I think the angriest my son has ever been with me, was when I told a server my son was not to be served until he removed his baseball cap. After that day, he never went out again with hat hair.

  30. LBNY

    You opened the flood gates! You didn’t think we’d vent? 😉

  31. Phew! Thank you. RD62 and catarina, good, get it off your chest.

    I’ll jes get out the way (that’s fer U RealKim, I lived in TN for 15 years.)

  32. catarina — 🙂 Ummm, guess not!

  33. LB-that would be fer 15 ye-ahs.

  34. Red Dragon

    “All night, I heard how Obama was going to TAKE what was owed them and give it back. I went home with such a damn headache!”

    what were they referring to (not snark)? Reparations?

  35. Yeah buddy, fif-taine.

  36. You guys need to start listening to Rush on this Palin destruction. I know you don’t like him but when it comes to calling the Repubs on their BS he gets it right.

    McCain is busy sucking up to Schumer to remain relevant. His price to pay to get the dems to like him again….Palin. Sticking a knife in the back of a conservative to be popular with Dems is something McCain has a little practice at.

    Any doubts he is behind it….well to me his silence is deafening.

    Now we’re equal, you have no party and I have know party. And both parties through the WOMAN under the bus.

    The thing is how in the world are Repubs thinking they need to dump their conservative base to succeed. They are dead as a party without us. Hell 20% of conservatives voted for Obama. That wasn’t because they liked Obama that was a vote against the R’s for abandoning them.

  37. If it wasn’t for Dr. Violet’s post yesterday and angienc’s *fuck* therapy I probably would have had my head in the goddamned oven.

    The post here on Wednesday was a big mind fuck and I can understand why people were offended enough to leave.
    Utter bullshit.

  38. I wrote a while back, when “spreading the wealth around” hit: Welcome to the commune, folks!

    The difference is: WE CHOSE IT!

  39. TheRealKim, on November 6th, 2008 at 4:39 pm Said:
    Petal: As to your boys short leash, I think the angriest my son has ever been with me, was when I told a server my son was not to be served until he removed his baseball cap. After that day, he never went out again with hat hair.

    Had to laugh – I have done the same thing with all of my boys.

  40. I wish I could be as magnanamous as some of you, but I simply can’t be happy for any Obama supporter of any color. It’s a false “first” for AA’s. Obama does not bear the legacy of generations of slavery any more than I do. His triumph may be symbolic, but it’s an empty triumph gained through fraud, misogyny, homophobia and disenfranchisement. Hell, I’d be happier for AA’s if Jesse Jackson won the White House, and I LOATHE J.J., because at least it would be a victory for all the descendants of people who were ripped unwillingly from their homeland and forced into slavery to see someone who shares their cultural history and common challenges earn his way to the top.

    And I’m not even going to go into what was done to Hillary on Obama’s behalf. I’m sorry. Maybe I’m a small person. But I just can’t celebrate.

  41. YES!

    Thats all I heard for 4 hours. How Obama was going to re-pay them for the 500 years in bondage!

    Needless to say, I was more than pissed! I am APACHE! I should be the one screaming for pay back! But I do not…why? Because I was taught that this is MY country as much as YOURS and there is NO-ONE alive today that can re-pay me for what was taken away from me and mine!
    That was what angered me the other night! Not so much that Obama won. Hell I knew he would once the Economy became the focus….was it coincidence that it tanked when it did???—- anyway

    The answer is yes….that is what I was hearing from Highly educated people

  42. Typical Republican –

    Now we’re equal, you have no party and I have know party. And both parties through the WOMAN under the bus.

    Amen! I hope more of your Republican friends realize this. Both parties have thrown their voters to the wolves. It’s time to stop trusting them and strike out on our own – together!

    Obama says he wanted post-partisanship. Well, he is going to unite Republicans, Democrats and PUMAcrats against him!

  43. Okay, totally off topic, but we have had some sad days and I have something that may make all of you laugh. As most of you know, I am a paralegal. I just took a call from someone looking for a . . .

    christian criminal attorney

    Now that is an oxymoron, but that is Greenville, SC for you.

  44. julies
    you’re not a “small person”
    dont buy into that guilt trip-it’s bullshit!

    Sad thing is, Obama doesn’t give a fuck about AAs-he used them to get elected and in the process may have reopened wounds that were on their way to being permanently healed

    I’ve heard others say the same about JJ, and I agree. I would have rejoiced if it was anyone else, someone with a heart.

    He never expressed a single bit of emotion, not a single drop of compassion or concern.
    The guy is an evil prick.
    What are we celebrating again?

  45. Typical Repub: Huh, interesting point about McC — I haven’t heard about the Schumer thing — but true, he’s been silent about defending Palin — usually he would have.

    I didn’t realize you were from the conservative wing. I cut a whole para out of my post about: Seems like Karl and Donna were all over this together, and he’s been way too gleeful seeing this go down, although he says he supported McC.

  46. …and women will have their time.

    the arrogance….ugh.

  47. Typical Republican – I don’t believe that McCain is behind it at all. He is silent but I don’t think he is behind it.

  48. I do not congratulate people that win by lying and cheating. If anyone wants to celebrate the symbolism of gaming democracy, they do it without my consent, approval and certainly NOT my congratulations. I’ll be the first to say I was wrong about him if the next two years prove to better than I anticipate, but I will certainly never congratulate based on went on in the primaries. One does not congratulate thieves, one merely recognizes their skills and hides the silverware.

  49. TRK – LOL!

  50. dakini
    Don’t worry about the next two years proving better than you anticipate.
    Fat chance.
    No crystal ball was needed in coming to this conclusion.
    we are fucked.

  51. Palin’s response to the media attacks (source is another blog):

    Palin arrives in Anchorage after a long trip home from Alaska. She holds a press conference. Refuses to comment on gossip spread by unnamed sources and “small, bitter” people saying “foolish things”…on relationship with McCain: No tension. “I love him…I honor him.”

    Responding to a question on whether she has any “hurt feelings,” Palin laughs cheerfully. “This is politics! Of course not. It’s rough and tumble and you’ve got to have a thick skin just like I’ve got.”

    Palin expresses “disappointment in the media — don’t take it personally.”

    Greta stated on her blog that she did not understand why Palin was not included the the “rising GOP star” line-up. I don’t think it’s the GOP (disagree with MYIQ) I think that the entire country has a mysoginist streak that is very heavy. The problem is that many of us women are allowing it to happen to us and participating in it. After all 6 out of 10 women voted for Obama. 60%!!!

    How is it that we have not been able to change that in over 200 years? Israel had a female leader, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Britain…

    Will we ever overcome?

  52. Now, Kim… would that be a Christian attorney for a criminal or an attorney for a Christian criminal? ;o)

  53. Catarina-You expressed that so well. I believe you are right.

  54. Woman is the nigger of the world
    Yes she is…think about it
    Woman is the nigger of the world
    Think about it…do something about it

    We make her paint her face and dance
    If she wont be a slave, we say that she dont love us
    If shes real, we say shes trying to be a man
    While putting her down, we pretend that shes above us

    Woman is the nigger of the world…yes she is
    If you dont believe me, take a look at the one youre with
    Woman is the slave of the slaves
    Ah, yeah…better scream about it

    We make her bear and raise our children
    And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother hen
    We tell her home is the only place she should be
    Then we complain that shes too unworldly to be our friend

    Woman is the nigger of the world…yes she is
    If you dont believe me, take a look at the one youre with
    Woman is the slave to the slaves
    Yeah…alright…hit it!

    We insult her every day on tv
    And wonder why she has no guts or confidence
    When shes young we kill her will to be free
    While telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumb

    Woman is the nigger of the world
    Yes she is…if you dont believe me, take a look at the one youre with
    Woman is the slave to the slaves
    Yes she is…if you believe me, you better scream about it

    We make her paint her face and dance
    We make her paint her face and dance
    We make her paint her face and dance
    We make her paint her face and dance
    We make her paint her face and dance
    We make her paint her face and dance

  55. I am not celebrating either, but I understand why uninformed people would be doing so.

    I feel bad for them. Most of them are not like the Obots we see here. They are good people who don’t know anything about the corruption in the primaries, and didn’t pay enough attention to notice the misogyny.

    The emperor will show his nakedness soon, and it will be a tragedy for everyone.

    I feel like I’ve been beaten up, but I’m not beaten down.

  56. Palin deserves a medal. She’s got guts, I’m sorry.

    Nobody with skin that thick has come down the pike in a long time.
    She stood up for all of us, whether we agree with all of her views or not.

  57. I just want to say that I as a man have done and will continue to work to see a woman in office.
    I have a great woman that has stood by my side for 26 years. without her i would not be complete. i have three daughters that my wife and I taught to be independent. Never to expect a man to care for them or provide for them. It is good to have a relationship with the one..male/female that you love, but do not use them as a crutch.

    I worked my ass off to get Hillary elected. I as well as my wife and daughters all supported her and still do.

    I will continue to fight for a woman’s rights on my blog and I will do what ever I can to see a woman reach the White-House!

    Take that you misogynist shit-for-brains!

  58. For you, Afrocity.

  59. catarina – She certainly does. I would be balled up in a corner and crying, or having a furious meltdown!

  60. thank you, red.
    what is your blog?

  61. Jules, you should have heard my response, I said you want a WHAT? Evidently they want a christian attorney that does criminal work to defend a “good christian boy” who was caught with stolen property.


    My boss took the case, I asked him if a womanizing, heavy drinking presbyterian could be called christian, he said sure.

  62. Kim, LOL!!!!

  63. “reddragon62.blogspot.com”

  64. Yes, afrocity — Sadly, one of my favorite songs.

    It seems like my feminist heroines are dropping away as quickly as my stalwart liberal go-to-guy and gal elected officials.

    madamab — You said my meaning exactly. Maybe I should just take the whole thing down, and put your comment up instead. Raooar.

  65. I put that video up on my blog two weeks ago.

  66. madamab

    what an example she set for her daughters by not letting the horrific smears get to her.
    that is truly what one must do sometimes to survive.
    I don’t want to hear about Obama’s “spine of steel”-the steel belongs to Sarah.
    I’m just in awe, can you tell? 😳

  67. LB – Hahahahaha! Don’t you dare!


    My boss took the case, I asked him if a womanizing, heavy drinking presbyterian could be called christian, he said sure.

    In my best Southern accent:

    “Well, bless his heart!”


  68. Red Dragon

    I hear you. This country was built first on the rivers of blodd and loss of freedom and property of Native Americans. If my reading is correct Native Americans don’t have full rights in some ways because of treaties etc. that were written. That is true in Canada as well. I recently saw a film documentary from a Canadian ex-minister about the history and the issues today and I could not believe it still exists.

    Obama already has a program for reaparations. He said he would provide reparations in the form of huge funding for education etc. to the inner cities. It’s on his web site.

    I think reparations should begin with the Native American people.

  69. I think Palin is not included on the rising star list because the odds of getting off the looser list are HUGE after you’ve been on a loosing ticket. Think Edwards. Think Geraldine–she even eventually lost her seat. Think Mondale. Think Quayle. The loosing VP almost always fades into oblivion. Don’t think it’s necessarily a sexist based estimation … but just my observation in this.

  70. Lady Boomer I got it! I think you saw my response to another person’s comment. I voted for any woman on the ballot. There weren’t many here, but I did it.

  71. “Palin deserves a medal. She’s got guts, I’m sorry. Nobody with skin that thick has come down the pike in a long time.
    She stood up for all of us, whether we agree with all of her views or not.”

    I wish I could have the chance to tell her how much I admire her.

    As for Steinem, I’m amazed she can even talk with her mouth full, you know what I mean. I can’t even say that she’s set the cause of women back 100 years because it’s pointless, women will never ever be treated as equals in this country. But she’s hopped on the band wagon with everyone who ever dsmissed her as a dumb whatever while patting the stupid dude down the hall on the back and I hope she’s happy.

  72. Obama needs to pay me reparations. My family lost a lot of union soldiers and his family enslaved africans and sold them off to be sent here. He should be the LAST person entitled to talk about reparations if we’re discussing it based on genealogy and logic.

  73. dakini, I’m trying to hold out hope.

    Palin re-energized that ticket. The GOP should go back and look at the jump in fundraising after the convention.

    and besides, I can’t imagine Palin fading into oblivion!

    Afrocity wants to send her to law school.

  74. “I didn’t realize you were from the conservative wing.”

    Fiscal conservative primarily.

    madamab – How on earth do PUMA’s and conservatives form a coalition to bring back ethics to our parties? It’s not that I think Sarah is ready to be president or even that I agree with everything she stands for but I think she was the most honest person on the ticket.

    You may not realize how much we didn’t like McCain since he was the democrats favorite republican for so long. I have no doubt now that he is either directly involved or just letting it happen in order to regain his maverick status.

  75. Seriously
    was that his BACK that she was patting?

  76. Sean Hannity show, Commentator just said Rob Emmanuel will nationalize Chicago Politics and will get rid of Hillary.

  77. No MB, bless his wallet, After his sure, he said they had cash for the retainer, so I am sure he would be anything they wanted for the right price.

    Jeebus, are we still thinking about that commune, I could sure enjoy dancing in the daisies with some flowers in my hair, again.

  78. I meant this one, and thank you, mb.

    madamab, on November 6th, 2008 at 5:01 pm Said:

    “I am not celebrating either, but I understand why uninformed people would be doing so.

    I feel bad for them. Most of them are not like the Obots we see here. They are good people who don’t know anything about the corruption in the primaries, and didn’t pay enough attention to notice the misogyny.

    The emperor will show his nakedness soon, and it will be a tragedy for everyone.

    I feel like I’ve been beaten up, but I’m not beaten down.”

    RedDragon62, wow, that’s beautiful. Your family, Hillary, and we are all lucky to have you. Thank you! Will check out your blog.

  79. Typical
    go here:


  80. Catarina,

    I hope that did not offend anyone when I said Palin should go to law school. I did not get my masters until I was 31.

    I think it will give her an edge up and let her know the inner workings of energy law.

  81. Dakinikat



    Funny you should say that about Afrocity and law school. A few years ago some group tried to pas a Bill that would require congresspeople to read all bills before passing them. They stated that CPs do not read what they pass and so much money is wasted and stupid decisions are made. The interesting point they made is that since the majority of CP’s are attorneys they should already be doing it because it is their fiduciary duty and as attorneys they know that. Palin could be formidable with a law degree.

  82. Two days of a more than 400 drop on the DOW … and the big joblessness figures don’t even come out until friday.

    Obama is supposedly having a meeting with his ‘advisors’ and then having a presser. We’ll have to look for the market reaction. If it’s bad again, look for more money to leave the US markets and go abroad. Watch for Capital Outflows in the current accounts.

  83. Typical – Actually, I don’t care about the parties anymore. They threw us all under the bus.

    We need to focus our activism elsewhere. The media, feminism, LGBT rights, whatever is important to you. Find a non-partisan group you can work with and go to it. Don’t expect any party to make it happen for you. They are all tools of the corporations.

  84. afrocity: never too late … women need advanced degrees to being taken even minimally seriously, much more so than a man could get away with ..

  85. As I said yesterday, I’m glad for the people who are happy. But I can’t condone or accept the way Obama achieved his already historic (and it hasn’t actually begun) Presidency.

    I have no idea what sort of President Obama will be. He may be this generation’s Reagan. A personality so loved by his adoring fans that his disastrous policies are either overlooked or blindly lauded. The only problem with this scenario is that Obama doesn’t have the Reagan “charm.” He’s a bit too arrogant, and not a good actor so the disdain shows through. I’m not sure he’ll be able to pull this tack off.

    He may be a brilliant President. He may be a mediocre one. He may very well be Bush v.3. But rehearsals are over and he’s going to actually have to do something now. Will he be up to it? I really don’t know but like many others here, judging from what I’ve seen, I think we’re in for a rocky ride.

  86. You may not realize how much we didn’t like McCain since he was the democrats favorite republican for so long. I have no doubt now that he is either directly involved or just letting it happen in order to regain his maverick status.

    I’ve been emailing with a dear friend who is a conservative Christian and I was truly surprised to read that she was uncomfortable with McCain until he picked Palin. It just never ocurred to me.

  87. TRK –

    “Jeebus, are we still thinking about that commune, I could sure enjoy dancing in the daisies with some flowers in my hair, again.”

    I am ALWAYS thinking about the commune!!! I told hubby that we might have to set it up a lot sooner than we thought….LOLOLOL

  88. Well it needs to be somewhere warm.

  89. “I think reparations should begin with the Native American people.”

    C’mon, we let you folks build casinos, what the hell else do you want?!?

    Joking, of course. I agree with you. What early Americans did to the Native Americans is shameful: An atrocity. The one bright spot is that *most* of us recognize that fact. But we have done precious, precious little to rectify it and that has long needed to change. But I doubt it will under BO.

  90. Oh, I have a tingle of hopey-changey running down my leg. Florida allegedly went for the Big O. But look what else they did:


    Defeated an initiative that would have removed discrimination against Asian-Americans from their state constitution.

    The hope and change, it BUUUUUURRRRNS.

  91. G’night all, gotta go. Keep fighting the good fight.

  92. Afro, like I said this morning, if anyone could run Alaska, raise 5 kids, go to law school, and pass the bar, it’s Palin.

  93. I saw a picture om Taylor marsh’s blog today. It really made me gag!

    She is standing with three PUMA’s on a leash in her “Leather” outfit!


    I do mean to sound sexist so please do not take it that way. I just cannot bear to look at Taylor gloating and claiming that “She won!”


  94. Bye Kim!

  95. I’m not offended Afrocity. I just don’t agree with you. I don’t think Palin needs a law degree or even an advanced degree. She’s got the talent and she’s got the job experience. The voters she connects with really don’t care about where she went to school and how many degrees she has.

  96. frankly0 @4:25pm – you said it better than I could. Those are my points and I’m going to be rude and stick with them. Just one addition – he has no plan, policy nor any “associate” who could bring it to him to deal with the problems at hand. We are screwed. As hopey dopies “thinks” so goes our country.

  97. Jadzia – They are determined to extend second-class citizenship to everyone else now. It’s just punishment for slavery and institutionalized r*cism in their eyes.

    We’re all screwed.

  98. Political Bloggers Re-Tool After Election

    This sounds like the classic, “hey, we make a damn good toaster, why don’t we sell Lo-Jack too” plans. My thought is that if you have a niche, say, politics, stick with the guy who brought you to the dance.


  99. Red
    There is a an anti-Obama blog that started it.
    I’m not defending Taylor, she’s vile-but there was a blog war and the other blog did some photo-shopping that unnecessary and not very nice to say the least.
    So this is Taylor’s revenge.

  100. RedDragon62 – That’s Taylor Marsh, classy all the way.

    Let her gloat. She will be crying soon enough, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  101. Oh Kim, too funny!

  102. I said that earlier not to advocate for “Native Reparations”, but to argue against them.

    If my family and those I grew up with were concerned with what was done to us…shit! We never would have gotten on with our lives! Yes it is a national shame that we are treated as we are but we do not lobby congress for the land back. How stupid would that sound?

    No…I mentioned it because of what I was hearing at this party. nothing more!

  103. afrocity – going to law school will be difficult for Sarah. They don’t have one in Alaska.

    Perhaps she could go to Duke University – I live in the shadow of the chapel. I could rent her a room.

    The reason why Duke would be a good choice – the Alaska Law Review is based (written/produced) at Duke. I am pretty certain that Sarah would be able to either write on or test on to the Alaska Law Review at Duke. Unlike Obama’s un-merited placement on HLR and forced selection as President – I don’t think they will need to make up some special rules for Sarah.

  104. “Defeated an initiative that would have removed discrimination against Asian-Americans from their state constitution.”

    Oh, beautiful. The thing about running on hate, it’s hard to keep it contained. It just keeps spreading.

  105. I see Cat…I did not know the back story of that picture. Thanks for pulling my coat to it. I still get a gag reflex when I see her picture…LOL

  106. Ooooh, boo, “hopey dopes.” Good one. I’ll have to store that it away for the right occasion.

  107. I’m sorry LBNY
    but damn that Gloria. Thought she was supposed to be part of the solution, not the problem!
    thanks letting me vent

  108. Gloria wants to be relevent again. Maybe she’ll get to write a little more in Vanity Fair or something because of this. She is just a hooker in a way.

  109. gxm17,

    The law degree is not about her succumbing to elitism. Nor am I saying she is dumb. I think she is very smart. Education is a girls best friend. She knows a lot about energy and I think the law degree specializing in energy law will marry well with her political career expectations. She will also become well versed in constitutional law.

    McCain was in the military and had a fine mind for foreign relations as demonstrated by his military career and time at Naval Academy.

    When you are perceived as an expert in something, you need a combination of experience and education. Alaska gov is the experience, the law degree will be the education.

  110. Red Dragon

    Ok, I meant that if we were going to get into the whole reparations issue via legislation, then we would need to look at Native Americans. I did not express that well. I agree with your point of view.

  111. red
    what sucks is that it was women who did that to Marsh, really nasty and hateful, IMO

  112. catarina–That’s why this is all so confusing, And you’re welcome. you’re pretty mild!

  113. perfectly logical, afro.
    and she could stick it to the haters too!

  114. The interesting thing to me about Gloria Steinem and Co is that it “proves” something I’ve felt for a long time. Namely, that life sometimes gives you the opportunity to prove your principles or “put up or shut up”

    As you all know, Steinem wrote an article during the primaries which stated that if a woman was running for POTUS with a resume as slim as BO’s she would not be taken seriously and laughed at. Of course, the Leftblogistan went nuts.

    Well, as fate would have it, in short order along comes a woman , Sarah Palin, with a similarly thin resume who is not even running for POTUS but VP, and what happens? Almost instantly she is not taken seriously and laughed at.

    Gloria Steinem was proved right . So what did she do? Say, Ha! I told you so! No, in order to keep favor with the kewl kids she tossed away her previous principle and threw Sarah, and her own intergrity, under da bus.

    Also, what is it with the condescending and obnoxious posturing that allows, for lack of a better term, the established liberal feminist hiearchy, to act like plantation overseers and decide what other women and what “correct” views on what issues those women must hold, in order to be deemed acceptable enough to enter the realm? Ridiculous.

    All this to say, this is why PUMAs matter. When you all were tested by fate, as it were, you stood by your principles and integrity. Congrats.

  115. Afrocity is right. It would provide her additional support for what she is already doing and working on.

  116. Does anyone remember the dog days of the failed fight for passage of the ERA when the rumor swept through the feminist community that Gloria was actually an FBI operative?

    At the time, I thought it was a completely stupid story likely started by someone who actually was a plant in the movement by the FBI.

    After Gloria’s attack on Palin I am re-thinking that almost 40 year old rumor.

  117. /rant on

    I’m sure I’m a r*cist for saying this, but I am so tired of hearing privileged, overentitled schmucks like the Obamas, who have been given everything BECAUSE of their r*ce, complain ceaselessly about how victimized they are. Enough!

    African-Americans got THEIR Constitutional Amendment 40 years ago and they are still whining about r*cism. Now, they’ve finally got an AA into the President’s chair, but not through an empowering and inspiring campaign, but through anger, hatred and division. MLK is rolling in his grave.

    And as for us women, why did we ever let ourselves believe that dressing like whores and appeasing the patriarchy was feminism? And when did we start thinking that just voting a certain way was going to get us everything we wanted? Where the FUCK is our ERA? And is it going to take us 40 years after THAT is passed before we have a woman President?

    Ladies, GLBT friends, and everyone else who is being treated like second-class citizens by the political parties, we need to GET OVER IT and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The parties will not help us. We need to do it ourselves!


    /rant off

  118. Integrity:
    Thats okay…I got the gist of what you were saying. I am not a slave to the PC Culture that I took any offense to what you said…Hell…I want a casino! LOL


    That was the sad narrative during this whole charade of an election. Women attacking women. I found that the saddest part of it all. Obama used that to his advantage..shame on them all!

  119. when did we get to vote for a hierarchy for civil rights? some civil rights are more civil than others is that it? the suffering of some folks outweighs the suffering of others? where did i miss the memo on that?

  120. sheesh, i wish i could see where the sell-off money is going … if it’s overseas, that’s not going to be a definite international vote of no confidence for us

  121. afrocity, I absolutely agree with you about the law degree. I don’t know if the recent haka is true, but seems like whatever Palin has going in pure charisma, not to mention executive experience, will be enhanced by knowledge of constitutional law or some kind of international/foreign relations study. It’s not about getting elected, it’s about running the country.

    Sad thing is, we’re trying to prop Palin up, which is fine, but HRC was already there. Hill could spout facts, figures and policies on a dime, unlike ANY OTHER candidate in this race, or maybe ever.

  122. Hillary bailed on us, LB.

    She helped Obama get elected.
    She was my first choice but she’s gone and that was HER choice.

  123. Sarah is one of those quick studies. Quick studies are often bored by the ticket-punching of higher education. They prefer on-the-job training. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. IMO, nothing trumps talent and Sarah’s got talent (and brains). If she decides to go back to school, fine. But I really don’t think it’s necessary.

  124. dak – you might want to find the deposition that Dean had to give last year as the result of a lawsuit brought by a former gay staff member of the DNC for wrongful dismissal.

    I understand that Leah Daughtry and Donna Brazil were also schedule to be deposed. I don’t know the current status of the case. But, it is all right there in the narrative – you know, the need for AAs to maintain their “unique” minority status. Didn’t you get the memo?

  125. Catarina – It was her choice for the Party to stab her in the back?

    I don’t think so.

    After she got crushed by her Party, she did what she had to do to survive. She got through it. It had to feel like a thousand needles sticking in her eyes.

    I am curious to see what she does next, and I will never blame her for living to fight another day.

  126. Afrocity
    Rahm Emanuel is the PUPPET-MASTER”!
    Ever since I saw him “encourage” James Clyburn to “throw Pres. Clinton under the bus”; I knew he was behind this fraud.
    Sorry to say you all ignored me.

  127. “order to keep favor with the kewl kids”

    Keep favor? She never had it and she never will. If she thinks debasing herself like this is going to make them like her, she can think again. Awww, too bad Gloria, they still hate you, still the same misogynistic slurs, still callling you a racist, still laughing at you? Saying you’re as dumb as Palin and as much of a ba ll bust ing b—– as HRC? No respect for Gloria? Awwwww.

  128. mad
    i never justified anything the DNC did to HRC
    but she’s gone-supporting her is not an option.
    I can lament Hillary, and I will never forget her.
    But she won’t and can’t run again.
    will she really live another day?

  129. Madamab,

    Well at least blacks can’t whine any more. As far as I am concerned you are free, whites are free at last. I am black and I am in favor of getting rid of affirmative action.

    The sad thing is that feminism saw Roe V. Wade as its only mission. I guess AA’s only gave a shit about getting a black GUY in office. They will never make a push for a black female president it does not matter to them.

    I retched yesterday when those idiots with ovaries on The View crying and saying I looked ta my son and told him baby you can make it as a black man. What the Fuck?
    Whoopi Goldberg said now I feel like I can put my suitcase down.

    Really Whoopi?
    Really Whoopi?

    Did you not feel that way when you won the Oscar for GHOST?

    Did you not feel that way when you became the first black woman to host the Oscars??? How much money do you make Whoopi??? You don’t seem the least bit disenfranchised to me. Yet you had mental baggage that you were carrying around until Obama won.

    Blacks are full of shit. I am so disgusted with my own race.

  130. Afrocity – you go girl! I really love your comments. I never used to be against affirmative action, but I am beginning to see why it can be a bad thing.

    New post up!!!

  131. madamab, nice rant. Thank you. Just reading it made me feel better!

  132. Imagene Rahm Emanuel saying he needs time to think about the job? Shit, has he thought about anything else for months? Of course he’s taking it. Nancy can relax( as much as she can) since I believe he was also thinking about the speaker job

  133. I remember less than a year ago when “DLC” was a dirty word in the sippy-kup kingdom.

    So was “AUMF” and “FISA”

    (sigh) They grow up so fast!

  134. Rahm Emmanuel is one of the founders of the DLC, for god’s sake. That’s why we got into this mess, HRC is Saan because she’s associated with the DLC. That’s what drives the unbelievable level of hatred levelled at her, the pure unadultered evil of the DLC. So you’d think that will eliminate Rahm.

    Wow. If I didn’t know better I’d start to suspect that there’s more to the hysterical reaction to her than meets the eye…

  135. Myiq – LOL!

  136. Monday:
    Cavuto to Bill Richardson: “So . . . have you talked to Bill Clinton lately?”
    Richardson, chuckling heartily, “No, No, haven’t talked to Bill Clinton.”
    “Have you talked to Hillary Clinton.”
    “Yes, yes, (chuckle, chuckle) Hillary and I have talked, (stumbling over his words) and made amends.”
    “Okay, well, if you talk to Bill, let us know here at Fox about that breaking news.”

    Hillary is doing what she needs to do to survive. To me, the previous exchange and info about Big Dawg is giving us a peek into the family conversation.

  137. NEW POST UP!!!


  138. if we are post-racial then we should treat everyone equally.

    I believe that people don’t think any other groups are really discriminated against because they do not learn that history in school. We learn about the struggle of African Americans, but how many learn about the coolies, or Native Americans, or any of the others? Considering the media – there are almost no movies or programs covering the history and suffering of these groups.

    So when they go to vote they do not believe these groups need the civil rights we all should have.

    And yes – As the most powerful nation in the world, how come we are so behind in women’s rights? It’s time to get the ERA passed. I haven’t looked at it in a while but could it be/does it need to be revised to include the LGBT community?

  139. A thought:

    If Rangel passes the Draft and it passes through the Senate, women will be drafted to serve like men in combat. I believe the draft will pass by next summer.

    If it does, then women will be required to shed their blood without having equal rights.

    Then the ERA should come first.

  140. I have a 17y/o son.
    My husband & my just turned 18y/o daughter “both” voted Obama.
    “If “MY gets drafted/I won’t be able to look @ them.

  141. I spent “election” night (my optically scanned ballots, both of them, proclaimed no undervotes tho I did not vote for all candidates but then I voted in Cook County, IL) with neighbors, one of whom wanted desperately to tell a sexist joke about Sarah Palin and her vagina.

    I told him go right ahead as long as he told one about Biden or Obama and their respective penises. He demurred UNTIL he had enough to drink. Then he proceeded to begin his “joke” re Palin’s sex organs. I don’t know how it ended because I left.

  142. LadyBoomer, in your very gentle way, you just planted a political boot on the collective Obot ass, shoving them out of the nest and telling them time to fly, m-fers.

  143. ugsome — Thanks God, you got it! I was feeling a bit misconstrued. That’s what I get for such a rambling narrative. I appreciate your comment.

  144. My comment about Sarah needing a law degree. dont think she needs it and since she is busy running a state she doesnt really have the time. She already operates at a very high level in the oil & gas world, where we have know her for more than a couple years. I grew up with a very good lawyer. baby sister was sigma cume laude at UT and went on to be assistant DA of a large county in northwest Texas for a number of years. She put a lot of bad people away before she left us. In my work I deal with a lot of legal and high level science technical folks. lot of people with law degrees arent that bright. or even able to grasp basic natural resource science fundamentals. what is important is overall grasp and recognizing big pictures. one sharp thrust into the heart of the matter, beats endless thrashing with a blunt stick.
    not to offend any doctors or lawyers out there, but one of little sisters observation was ( she was married to a doctor ) ” you dont find that many really bright intelligent people in law or medical school. You find a bunch of highly driven over achievers” my addition to that after seeing “environmental” lawyers around here is that a number of them are slightly insecure guys with very large egos who are always trying to prove themselvs. I would rather have someone very bright who is sure enough of themselvs they are not always looking for the approval of others to measure their self worth

  145. grubbsi — What you say makes sense. There are many well-educated people who don’t have a clue. Take Larry Summers, for example.

  146. Gloria Steinem’s support for Hillary was really weak. She started blathering for The One immediately after Hillary was forced out. Made me puke!

    As for Sarah not wanting to be coached before the debate, she made the right decision. I thought she was wonderful. She’s an original. As an office mate of mine whose Uncle was the first Gov. of Alaska told me, any woman who can survive in Alaska has his respect, and Sarah runs the place.

    Pelosi was probably feeling threatened by Emanuel so she had her puppet take him out. I read once that she ruled by “fear.” Would need to have that confirmed. She seems really dippy and incompetent.

  147. Interesting post and blog. Relevantly, many prominent experts and publications have pointed out that Obama is part of Generation Jones, born 1954-1965, between the Boomers and GenXers.

    You may find this page interesting: it has, among other things, excerpts from publications like Newsweek and the New York Times, and videos with over 25 top pundits, all talking specifically about Obama’s identity as a GenJoneser:

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