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A Tale of Two Parties: Myths, Realities and Strategies in the General Election

What Happened?
What Happened?

Now that the shock and disbelief of Election Night have passed (and I must admit, I feel no small relief to finally have the matter decided), I find myself more able to analyze what happened on Tuesday. And unsurprisingly, it isn’t the tale the media told us.

We are all supposed to believe that the Democratic turnout was enormous and unprecedented. The youths and the AA’s came out in droves. It was an outpouring never seen before for the most Unifying and Post-Partisan Candidate Ever! We are also supposed to believe that Obama’s electoral strategy of expanding the map into the South and West through that turnout was successful, and that his Holy Awesomeness was recognized throughout the land. Yea, verily, he is the President of All The People! (Yes, I heard a pundit on MSNObama actually say words to that effect on Election Night.)

Yet, in fact, none of these things are actually true. All the assumptions above are based on nothing but pretty stories – indeed, I might say, with a hat tip to Bill Clinton, “fairy tales.”

Commenter Cognitive Dissonance mentioned this yesterday, but I had already seen bloggers State of Disbelief and Edgeoforever mentioning it on PUMA sites during the day. From EOF’s site, let’s take a look at the actual turnout numbers this year, compared to the numbers in 2004, the election between the Worst President Ever and Senator John Kerry, a man for whom I gladly voted.

411,304 Nader

63,507,800 – Obama
56,151,859 – McCain

Youth voters only ^ 1%
AA voters ^ 2%

So, this enormous and unprecedented turnout for Obama was only unprecedented for a Democrat. It amounted to 4.5 million more votes than John Kerry, and only 1.5 million more than Bush. The PUMA factor is being estimated at between 2.7 million and 2.9 million, and we must not forget the role of the much-investigated ACORN in registering all those new voters, some as many as 72 times each. As usual, stories of election fraud will be suppressed by the corporate media, since their favored candidate has won once again; but I suspect that ACORN contributed greatly to those surprising numbers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. In any case, the PUMA numbers were very close to matching the “massive turnout” numbers for Obama.

One myth down.

The second myth is that Obama could win without PUMAs because he was going to “expand the electoral map.” He felt he even had a chance in deep red states like Kansas, but counted on states like North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado and Virginia to make up for his possible losses in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Obama’s map held up, and even improved in the General Election (although many of the red states Obama thought he would win stayed red).

However, in the primaries Hillary Clinton disputed that map, and so did we. The numbers were simply not there for Obama. But we didn’t realize that he would have a lot of help – not just from ACORN, but from…Republicans.

As we know, Barack Obama is the most scandal-ridden Democratic Party nominee in recent memory. He is our Rudy Giuliani, whose mob ties, failures of judgment on 9/11 (putting the emergency response center in the World Trade Center so he could see it from his bachelor pad) and inveterate and classless womanizing caused him to self-destruct in the primaries. Yet where were the 527 ads against Barack Obama this year? They wouldn’t even have had to lie this time, the way they shamefully did in 2004 about John Kerry’s military service.  Obama repeatedly insulted working-class voters, cementing his elitist creds in a way Al Gore and John Kerry never did or could. Obama really DOES hang out with domestic terrorists. Obama’s pastor, mentor and friend of 20 years is an unrepentant, America-hating misogynist and racist, who is close friends with renowned anti-Semite and whackjob Louis Farrakhan. Obama’s associates in Illinois are being investigated and indicted. His birth, his education and most of his life are shrouded in mystery. The slightest bit of investigation uncovers a mountain of dirt and doubt. In addition, his choice for Vice President made Dubya look well-spoken. So why did the Republicans not do what they do best, and destroy the opposition?

There is nothing else to conclude other than this: the Party hung McCain and Palin out to dry. They threw the election. Influential conservative commentators pulled their punches, and some even backed Obama openly. KKKarl Rove was on the teevee saying that an Obama win was inevitable. The media leaked stories of chaos within the campaign regarding McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. The Republican Party allowed Governor Palin to be savaged in the press (and it is still happening), despite the brave statements of a few Republican women when she was first introduced to the public. Senior Republicans snarled that she was not ready, inexperienced, an embarrassment. Key Bush figures like Colin Powell and Scott McClellan endorsed Obama. The evangelical base never supported McCain, despite the addition of a Christian conservative to the ticket. This behavior was a shocking departure from the Party of the past, which had always followed Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment.

The effect of all of this undermining was undeniable: 56 million voters came out for McCain, and 62 million voters came out for Bush.

We don’t know what the PUMA factor was, since a lot of PUMAs voted third party, left the top of the ticket blank, or wrote in Hillary. Some even stayed home in protest. Those PUMA votes would neither have gone to McCain nor Obama. However, if we assume for theoretical purposes that about a third of PUMAs voted McCain, that means that at least 7 million fewer Republicans voted for McCain than Bush.

The short-sightedness of these voters astonishes me, for John McCain and Sarah Palin were the only shot the Party had at redemption. They were rebranding the Party as the Party of feminism, tolerance, government oversight and responsible spending. That brand is now lost to the Republicans. The Democrats will never regain that brand either, because they trashed the person who exemplified it, Bill Clinton, in order to gain Barack Obama. The Republican Party Leaders found themselves a Democratic George Bush, and they did everything in their power to help him win.

Some well-meaning Republicans think they can rebuild the Party by going “back” to conservative principles. Sorry, but wow! Get a clue, guys: Republicans never govern the way they say they will. George W. Bush was beloved by the base, and he was completely anti-conservative. The government grew huge under his Administration; spending was out of control; and he all but destroyed the Constitution with his faith-based initiatives and unprecedented seizing of executive power in the name of “National Security.” Of course, he “kept us safe” too; that is, if you forget that 9/11 happened on his watch and so did the anthrax attacks, and that he created thousands of NEW terrorists by instigating two invasions and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Well, if Bush is what you love, oh Republican voters, have no fear: Barack Obama seems poised to continue smoothly in the tracks laid so deeply by George W. Bush. There will be no oversight of anything, with a one-Party government in power; out-of-control spending will certainly continue; and faith-based initiatives and warrantless wiretapping are both enthusiastically supported by the Senator from Illinois. Oh, and Joe Biden promises us death and destruction within six months, so you may get your terrorist attack too. Well-done, folks! And I feel so lucky, living in New York! Golly gee, I sure hope I live through Obama’s first term, unlike 3,000 of my compatriots in Bush’s first term, and so many, many thousands more in his second. But hey, what does it matter as long as you all get what you want?

Poor John McCain and Sarah Palin. Poor Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are career politicians without a Party. Both Democratic and Republican Party Leaders teamed up with the media to elect Barack Obama this year. No one else ever had a chance.

I am sure that within a few months of Barack Obama’s inauguration, we will know a lot more about what he intends to do to, er, for, America. One thing we know for certain is that the media never, EVER likes the candidate that is good for our country. They liked Reagan. They liked Bush. How’d those guys work out for us?

As I said before, I understand the joy that so many Americans are feeling. But if you look at the reality of what happened on Tuesday, you will see that it was a very ominous sign. Yesterday, Russia felt emboldened to announce a very aggressive move that they had been threatening to make for months. The stock market fluctuated wildly yesterday, but ended up down 145.44 points – an extremely unusual event on the day after an election – and today, it is plummeting further. I fear that things are going to get worse for Americans before they get better.

I do have faith that our democracy will survive, however; but only if enough of us are willing to discard our party loyalty and work together to make it happen. I invite everyone of all political stripes to join us in the effort to become more than hopeless pawns of the corporations that run our media and our political parties. I will have an updated blogroll soon, which will provide more information about things you can do to help.

In the meantime, while we organize and focus, stay strong, my fellow Americans, and remember this quote:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead
US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 – 1978)


157 Responses

  1. Yep…we tried.

  2. SOD – pretty much

  3. I hope they realize that they are under the bus along with us…

  4. I have to admit, when I saw the numbers and realized that we were out there bailing out a dingy with a Dixie cup while the Repubs lounged on the beach, I felt a strange betrayal. Not as deep as the betrayal I felt from my own party, but betrayal nonetheless.

  5. I posted a note at the end of the prior thread. It disappeared. Any idea on what happened?

  6. SOD, it’s unbelievable. My daughter just couldn’t understand why Florida went blue. Now we know why. Un-freakin’-believable.

  7. madamab: yes, they are under the bus, but I think we will be under the tires.

    I am proud of my tire marks.

  8. Dee – sorry, that happens sometimes for some reason…try reposting it?

  9. myiq said over at Reclusive Leftist that the rightwingers are fighting back over Palin.

    Anyone know of some good not-too-scary sites where this is happening?

  10. Great job madamab! The GOP loves BO as much as the msm does and would not be surprised if BFFs Rove & Donna B. worked together closely throughout this election. It was no coincidence that the same msm that “picked” W “picked” BO — it is foolish & dangerous to believe otherwise.

  11. Julie – I feel that way too. We did the “right” thing to protest our party’s actions, but we didn’t understand that the Republicans weren’t going to back us up.

  12. They’ll regret in in 4 years when they realize that Obama’s not going anywhere and it’s too late to do anything about it.

  13. Seriously – Try this one. They’re not TOO scary…

  14. Seriously — the people who were suckered into voting for BO (and that is exactly what happened) are going to regret it in less then a year.

  15. angie did you get my mail?

  16. OMG – I just got a letter from Jane Hamsher (Firedoglake) saying it’s time to get rid of Lieberman. Oh yes, the “liberal” Obama will now get rid of all those terrible DLC types! Did she not see who he appointed to be his chief of staff?

    What a clueless moron. Lieberman is the LEAST of their problems.

    She’ll learn soon enough.

  17. Arizona Proposition 102 (anti-gay marriage) passes: http://www.azcentral.com/news/election/azelections/articles/2008/11/05/20081105elect-propositions.html#comments

    Approved by 56.5% of the vote. http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/2008_ballot_measure_election_results

    But McCain won only 51% of the vote in Arizona: http://www.kpho.com/politics/feature.html

    Hopey, hopey, changey! (It’s the hopey-changey conga…)

  18. madamab,

    I heard that Lieberman may go Republican.

  19. Repubs switched to Indie over the last 8 years.
    Their party base has been shrinking and Bush is party responsible for that.
    The Evangelicals should get some credit for the shrinking, too.
    People fled.

  20. Seriously: I knew of one, RedState…

    Here is what they are doing:

    We’re tracking down all the people from the McCain campaign now whispering smears against Governor Palin …
    It is our expressed intention to make these few people political lepers.

    So, they are taking names and plan to trash any campaign that hires the people who are leaking stories. They actually have three names so far. Hmm.. wonder if it will work.

  21. Thanks madamab.

    Yeah angie but not as much as they will when they realize their little plan backfired. Then they’ll be REALLY sorry.

  22. afrocity – He IS a Republican, whether he calls himself one or not.

    I’m just saying, if they’re worried about him and not Obama, they’re idiots.

  23. I don’t think “Party of” Joe is allowed back into the Democratic Party at this point, unless they reallyreally need him.

  24. One really can’t put even these vote count numbers for Obama into context without factoring in the effect of the financial crisis, which was the Sept-Oct surprise that completely skewed the results.

    It’s would be rather like having Bush’s re-election not long after 9/11, instead of 3 full years later, as it was.

    Obama has led, so far, a charmed political life, in which outside circumstances have enabled him to achieve positions he would not otherwise have dreamed of. He ran as an agent of change in the primaries, when change was the overriding issue; he ran against a Republican opponent in a time when the Republican brand was in its worst shape since the Depression. And even that was not enough: he was behind in the polls even with all those favorable circumstances, yet happened to have the luck to have the worst economic crisis since the Depression to strike us.

    But that charm ends now, and reality begins. For every voter who turned to Obama when things looked desperate, there is a voter who will have no patience with a botched or even mediocre outcome.

    Just as Bush’s approval was once in the 90s, and now is rather lower, so it is likely to be for Obama unless he can live up at least in good measure to his hype. And Obama’s problem is that there was so much hype — and he so gladly accepted it as his due.

    As Bush has learned, the disappointment is only greater, and the public’s rejection only more vehement, when the original expectation was so high.

    And all the people that Obama and his supporters kicked on their way up will be kicking back on their way down.

    That, I have to say, I look forward to.

  25. Well – time to make dinner. Later, beloved Conflucians!!!

  26. afrocity — I’ll go check now! brb

  27. I foresee a crash and burn. 4 years and counting. The Republican party let themselves down. Levin thinks the Republican party was more loyal to McCain than McCain was to them. It’s ridiculous. If the party puts up a right winger against Obama, and not a moderate/populist I’m staying home.

    I’m pushing for Palin. Anyone know how to get in contact with her? Letters of support are needed.

  28. It’s such a shame that the evangelical Christian right gave up on John McCain. What were they thinking. Yes, Rove kept telling them they might as well stay home, but what happened to their sense of outrage that kept W in office. You are so right, Madamab. The Republican brand is in shambles.

    A good friend and Obama supporter sent me a piece on George Wallace’s daughter, Peggy Wallace Kennedy where she waxed eloquent about how her father would have pulled the lever for BO, out of a sense of final justice. You can look it up if you want, but be ready to feel very uncomfortable. I was against Wallace all the way, but all this fawning over BO because of his race is getting a bit tiresome. I suspect it has just begun. I pray that the AA community can survive BO.

  29. Alaska State Capitol Building
    Third Floor

    P.O. Box 110001
    Juneau, AK 99811-0001

    Phone (907) 465-3500
    Fax (907) 465-3532

    State Info (907) 465-2111

  30. gordon – from your lips to G-d ears

  31. jjm, that does my heart good, thanks.

    The one thing I learned this year is that the Democratic Party hates all women, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens, left, right, center. These Republican guys may be jackasses and they may be sexists but at least they treat the women who are on their team as if they’re *actual team members* instead of enemies or subhumans.

  32. Gordon, the AA community won’t survive when Obama screws up. They will most likely disown him and say he is not really AA (which he is not in my opinion). You know, he is not a descendant of slaves, etc.

  33. The DNC hates anything that urinates sitting down. I keep telling you guys this.

  34. Oh I just heard the best BS conversation between an Obama supporter and a radio talk show host.

    Oh it’s funny how they contradict themselves. He talked about how Obama was above all the name calling done to him (Ayers, Rezco, etc) and then began to riducule Palin and McCain over his age and his war injuries.


  35. The host made the guy sound like a fool by the way.

  36. The republicans did not turn out partially because they are much more ideologically driven than the democrats are. Democrats talk of their constituencies in terms of identity (Blacks, Women, etc) whereas Republicans in terms of issues politics (economic conservatives, strong foreign policy, etc) which means that the Republican coalition is much more precarious and fickle. If one group doesn’t feel their ideas are being respected, they will NOT vote. They won’t vote for the other guy (usually) but they will just stay home. Democrats will vote a lot of time with their “group” which is why so many people are under the bus in the Democratic Party this year. The group identity was used for votes, without ANY ideological allegiance

  37. Speaking of Obama’s charmed life, let’s not forget the little boost in the sympathy vote he got from the “coincidence” of Granny Dunham buying the farm on election eve.

    On the last thread, someone asked about her funeral arrangements. My guess is she’ll be buried with her head resting on the same pillow that some Obamathug used to smother her.

    Okay, can ya tell I’m REALLY mad today??

  38. I am so happy that my company just laid off 43 people all Obama supporters. Guess they didn’t have hope and change.
    Hilarious, what a bunch of losers.

  39. Can someone get rid of the f*ucking tr0ll at 6:33? They, just like their Supreme Leader do not know how to be gracious in success and apparently cannot understand numbers.

  40. I really think we need to viable third party movement. One that recognizes the need for civil rights and respect for ALL americans among other things. Pull the independents and the middle away from the left and right wings … seriously

  41. Sorry – I feel today like Angienc felt yesterday.

    My daughter is still getting it and it looks like one of her profs will grade her down for supporting someone other than Obama.

  42. Dr. Lynette Long is convinced that “Hillary Did It”


    I admire Dr. Long, but I’m sick of Hillary being blamed for every, fricken thing. Republicans didn’t turn out for McCain and/or Bush drove them from their party. Hillary didn’t do this.

  43. integrity,

    challenge the grade. vehemently

  44. I expected that for Lieberman – do you remember the video of Obama backing him into a corner? I saw it live on CSpan

    I knew Obama was ruthless from the Alice Palmer days, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and that scene made Obama’s character very clear.

  45. xax

    We are.

  46. Good news from New Hampshire!

    “NH Makes History With First State Senate With Female Majority”


    (My apologies if this is old news to PUMAs.)

  47. ElderJ

    I agree totally. I no longer feel the need to belong to the DNC. The party of ASS and losers.

  48. Sorry, I still detest Obama and it ain’t going to change. I am not going to lift one finger to help him if he says “go shoppiing” I will stop shopping except for food and gas….if he gives me a rebate check I will cash it in and put it in a safe deposit box. That denies retailers $$ and the bank access to it to further wreck the credit markets.

    I hope he fails and fails miserably and I hope the republicans continue to show what asses they are also! I want an America so tired and angry at the Dem “O”crats and the Republicans that they will want to try something new in 2010.

    I want his cabiniet tto use their positions in the most incompetent way both here and abroad….I want it to be so obvious that his goverment is for sale to the highest bidder.

    Basically I want every Obamabot to get what they deserve.

    Sounds vindictive? I can be because I have job security. I am going to behave just like a selfish Obamabot….I’ve have already started, I cut my contribution to the Habitat For Humanity they supported BO from the get go. Get a bot to give you money.

    I also refused to support our companies project share….where we help obamabots who cannot pay their electric bills in th winter and summer.

    Like Michelle said Get a Job.

    Hey I even decided to start believing in social darwinism! I feel its going to be everyone for them selves” and I aint getting stepped on anymore.

    I have a litmus test now if you supported BO you get no MO-ney!

    Am I bitter? I sure am, It is a free country so it is my right. I want all his followers children to know there is no Santa Claus…or Easter Bunny…or Great Pumpkin!

    I want their dreams to die a quick and painful death…like mine died a slow painful death.

    I am angry at both parties that did this and I hold them both responsible….

    My daily rant is over….

    I also will not tollerate political talk at work around me any more I complain and bring up that city employees are prohibited form such conversation while on the clock.

    If I never hear the name Barak Obama again I will still not be happy.

    ok now it is…

  49. sorry RD having a hard time being happy and getting over it….

    be patient with me it will take some time

  50. Litterally backing him in a corner? He towers over him.

    Looking, go straight to the school administration if your daughter is being marked down unfairly. They will pay attention to you.

  51. angie as always you are right

    afrocity you are still my iron jawed angel amongst the he man woman haters in Chi town

  52. I read this in an AP report:

    Obama planned to stay home through the weekend, with a blackout on news announcements so that he and his staff could get some rest after a grueling campaign and the rush of their win Tuesday night. He is planning a trip to Hawaii in December to get away with his family before their move to the White House — and to honor his grandmother, who died Sunday at her home there.

    Is the implication here that Obama is not even going to attend the funeral services for the woman who primarily brought him up? Can that be true?

  53. I think Liberman will be fine.

    His best bet is to lay low in the party for the next two years. Pelosi/Reid and Obama will mess it up enough. When he runs again, I doubt people in CT will throw him out, especially if he goes Repub, but I don’t see him doing that.

    I am wonder more about Emmanuel, Obama’s new chief of staff. I think that was a bad move for Obama.

  54. I think the media is trying to destroy Palin, because she could possibly beat Obama in ’08. So they want to destroy her now.

    They aren’t counting on the fact that Jindhal can run too at that point. Or that Bloomberg is going to run, as an independent, and take votes away from Obama.

  55. The MSM is widely reporting that President-Elect Obama is considering
    Larry Summer for the position of Treasury Secretary. We at The New
    Agenda say “No How, No Way!”

    Who is Larry Summers? Summers is the ex-President of Harvard
    University who was forced out after publicly stating that women have a
    less intrinsic aptitude in math and science. The New Agenda wrote the
    following piece about Summers and his record on sexism and misogyny
    last month http://thenewagenda.net/2008/10/12/larry-summers-3-strikes-youre-out/

    We issued a press release yesterday, and this morning, The Washington
    Post (http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2008/11/06/clinton_supporters_not_hot_on.html)
    published an article detailing The New Agenda’s objections to Obama’s
    potential appointment of Summers.

  56. Larry Summers would be basically a slap in the face of every woman with an advanced degree at a minimum… the ass …

    AND he’s a republican

  57. I was hoping against hope that John McCain and Sarah Palin could re-brand the Republican Party and then, hoping even more wildly, that Bill and Hillary Clinton could somehow join them and bring the center of the country together — or at least foster a climate in which rational thinking and facts were considered important tools in decision making.

    Both parties now are beyond hope, but the trend has been there for some time. Still, I so no real hope in any of the other existing parties either.

  58. Someone asked about contacting Sarah Palin & afrocity was kind enough to give her Alaska info.
    Here’s more:
    go to http://www.teamsarah.org
    I signed up on Saturday & I noticed that very few joined since then. It would be a great way of showing our support if we all joined this site. The organizers Fred Thompson, his wife & others would be able to report it.
    I left her a message through there too.
    There is also an e-mail

  59. “see ” no real hope…

  60. I sent the following to the Fox outlets and to the Repub. e-mails I had:
    What is going on with the Republican Party inner circle and the media
    with their renewed bashing of Sarah Palin?
    She did more for the McCain/Palin ticket than anyone else (besides the
    Republican Party itself)
    could have done to win the election. She is a huge asset and she must not be maligned further to make room for some other Republican bigwig who wants to run in 2012.
    When are women in the United States going to be treated with the respect due them for their accomplishments? When will Hillary and Sarah be more than their clothes?
    John McCain, please step up and address this issue!

  61. OMG opened my fortune cookie and guess what it said?

    “He who seeks will find”

    oh and ……the second one said….

    “Its time you asked that special someone out on a date”


  62. Personally I think if Obama damages the party the way Bush damaged his party, it will be a win for the country. Both parties need to go, they haven’t represented the people for a while now.

  63. Obama’s first act as President will be to expel NH from the Union….

  64. I haven’t watched the news, but are they still trashing Palin.

    And what the hell, John McCain step up and put an end to this.

  65. Gloria Steinem weighs in on Summers, “OMG! Best choice ever! I am not smart enough to understand math or science but I understand when Dudez are awesome! Thank you President Obama, and sorry I opened my big dumb female mouth again–I often forget my place!”

  66. I’m back!

    why fuzzy — are you asking me for a date? lol

  67. While it’s wicked for me to hope for it, there would be a certain perfection if Obama chose Summers as his Sec of Treasury.

    Virtually every woman in academe knows of Summers’ infamous comments about women. And essentially every last one of them despise him.

    These women were with rather few exceptions not just Obama supporters, but of the most virulent sort.

    My not so nice view: let them finally feel the misogyny in a way they can understand.

  68. Thanks for the stats on the continued dumbing down of America. Looks like the US has increased the number of stupid voters by 1.5 million in the last four years, although Kerry is as loathsome as Bush. Years ago, my husband told me presidential elections are back-room deals so I don’t see the point any more of voting. Any future campaign literature I get is going to be “returned to sender”. As far as campaign contribitions, I’ll leave them to the Saudis.

    The layoffs Afrocity wrote about are in the offing. Sorry I can’t provide links, but I read on at least two other sites that business owners were laying off Obama supporters first. This is going to get bad.

  69. Ana — I haven’t watched the news since Tuesday & you know what? I like it better this way.

  70. hey Emmanuel is a great choice for Obama…I bet it will be emmanual that “unviels” the new mid-east peace plan; you know the “two state solution” where the state called Isreal is moved 250 km west of its current location!

    He will task the dutch to help the Jews reclaim there small part of the “MED” failing that he may theach the chosen people how to walk on water.

  71. Republicans expected us to to save them – we would’ve been able to push him over the edge but not carry him over the finish line in every state!

  72. I like it better this way too angienc.

    I just can’t believe they are still going after this woman. It’s over. I am sick and tired of this.

  73. sorry I know the jewish state is real nervous about Obama and his Isreal policy.

  74. that is correct fuzzy, Israel is scared.

    Putin on the other hand is embolden by this new President. The Russians are not going to play nice.

  75. well angie my familys going to ashville next summer and tourng buildtmore

  76. And to be honest I don’t blame Putin for playing his hand now. He is trying to get Russia back on the map, with a weak US President, it is his best shot.

  77. Madamab, thank you for this really insightful analysis. I hadn’t had the stomach to consider the polling, but this all makes sense. Strange, isn’t it, that one end of the repubs would be on strike while a bunch of people are acting with them on the other end? If the tables had been turned in 2000 or 2004, I don’t think dems would have reacted the same way.

    What a bleak result.

  78. I still wonder if George Bush didn’t get some secret help in 2004. If you compare George Bush 2004 vote total with George Bush 2000 vote total, I think there was a huge explosion of “new” voters in 2004.

    But had George Bush really done in his first four years? 911 was already three years removed.

    What if all those 2004 votes for Bush didn’t exist to begin with? I have no proof, other than there was a huge spike of Republican voters from 2000 to 2004, where did they all come from?


  79. The republican party did not throw this election. I’m sure you weren’t following the primaries like I was but I’m telling you we were not excited by McCain. He won only because the others didn’t excite the base. We just didn’t have a choice we liked. Thompson was the guy who initially excited republicans but he turned out to be sleepy alot. Rudy 9/11 didn’t have a chance. Romney had resistance from the christian right & he just reminded some of us of a car saleman. Huckabee only appealed to the most extreme christian right – I quickly added him to my hell no list when I heard him talking to NRA members about a hunting experience and he said “an angel guided his bullet to the deer”. Funny, nice guy but can’t have that in the white house.

    Without Palin, I believe the Obama map would have looked a bit like Reagan/Mondale.

  80. Reid is already making noises about removing Lieberman. I almost feel sorry for Lieberman. reid used him to get his majority spot and now that they have more than a narrow majority they are jettisoning him like trash. Now, I do not overly care for Lieberman but I at least have never been a phony and pretended and used the man.

  81. franklyO — ditto:

    My not so nice view: let them finally feel the misogyny in a way they can understand.

    I would LOVE to see them justify Summers!

  82. Angie- I have been telling you all, the key to TV is to utilize it only for entertainment. Watch Heroes on Mondays. Watch HGTV or Food Network. Watching “news”(and I use this term loosely) is just going to aggravate you. The only purpose I can see that might serve by watching them is to keep an eye on what the talking point of the day is.

  83. There has been no doubt in my mind these last few weeks especially, that the Republicans threw this election on purpose. Why not. Why would they want the upcoming financial meltdown and what surely will follow ( drastic revenue enhancements to prop up our bebts) to come from a Democrat’s Administration. The financial markets are well aware of what is coming. The Bush Administration/Rove ceratinly does. The amazing thing to me is watching all of the former Clinton staff appearing in what was supposed to be a new and different kind of gov’t. Do you suppose its so Obama will be able to blame them when he fails to come up with the solutions necessary to hold our foundation together? Already, they are lowering expectations of the electorate. Just wait. there’s gonna be a backlash and it won’t take long.

  84. it’s a date then fuzzy!

  85. Referring to the financial meltdown that turned the tide in this election, has anyone heard what, if any, investigation is prto learn who was doing all the naked short selling that started the tail spin? Jim Cramer on CNBC is a pretty straight shooter, and he suggested financial terrorism, because it apparently wasn’t being done by the usual players. I just suspicious enough to believe that triggering this economic crisis might have been a campaign trategy.

    Second, all this talk about reparations…does anyone know what percentage of the white folks alive during the time of slavery ally participated in it? I mean there are only so many palntations, and my impression is that there were a whole lot of poor white folks back then, immigrants from Europe who haded the shirts on their backs and settled on hard scrabble farms…I know many of my relatives were these folks settling on land grant land and trying to make it in mosquito infested swamp land. How many of us have the “stain” on our DNA? Obviously none of us was around then, but putting that aside, how many of us are descended from wealthy land owners? Many of us? Also, who was catching and selling these poor souls in Africa? Someone was lining their pockets and if current events are any indication, turning on members of another tribe isn’t particularly new. I am not defending slavery and certainly don’t want to offend anyone. I’m just curious, and I am tired of being a poor white person, and a racist at the same time.

  86. Hey Fuzzy – are you still coming to Tampa????

    Hey Angie & everyone!

  87. The only time I watch network television is when I watch football.

  88. hey, I’m a female academic AND an economist one on top of that … dont’ wish that on me … He comes to the meetings in January, I’ll sick some PUMAS on them … for sure I’m going to connect with SM and SImoFIsh … i’m sure they have friends

  89. By “throwing the election’ we mean you all stayed home and expected us to carry the Republican party candidate across the finish line Typical Republican. I hope an Obama presidency “excites” you all because that is what we have because you all snubbed McCain.

  90. angie — email me?

  91. CWaltz — you are so right — tv is for entertainment purposes only — Project Runway, Top Chef, Burn Notice, Mad Men & The Closer are the only shows I can’t live without. As far as the “real” news goes — I’ll rely on what I find out here. If something major, major happens ala 9/11 I have no doubt my mom will call me about it.

  92. MadamaB: EXCELLENT analysis, BTW & thank you!

  93. Typical Republican, we know you weren’t excited by McCain. But the choice was between him and Obama after 8 years of a guy they did like. What I don’t get are the ones who love Palin but wouldn’t vote McCain anyway. I mean, good luck to her with Romney gunning for her, Fox against her, and her being set up for 4 years of trashing. How do they think this will HELP her? Ahhhhhh. So shortsighted, and they will rue the day when by hook or by crook they can’t dislodge Obama in 4 years.

  94. state of disbelief — have you checked your email? I just emailed you (afrocity passed along your address to me)

  95. I saw an Obama McCain Presidential Comic book today. Seriously, can we dumb down politics anymore?

  96. angie — never mind.

  97. mods — please delete sod’s post with her email on it! Thanks.

  98. Dakinikat: LOL!!

  99. Sorry about all the typos. My font is so large thaat large portions of what I type isn’t visible before I hit submit, and I obviously can’t type blind. I’m in moderation cause I forgot about racdist being a trigger word. Help!

  100. CWaltz –comics are the main reading material for the Obots.

  101. Hello sm77!!

  102. Saw this online. Tweety has a new job:

    Matthews: My Job Is To Make Obama Presidency a Success

    Just in time for the new James Bond movie, Chris Matthews has earned himself a new moniker: Odd Job. Matthews says he sees his job as a journalist as doing everything he can to make the Obama presidency a success.

    Appearing on “Morning Joe” today, Matthews was reluctant to criticize Rahm Emanuel’s kabuki dance over accepting Obama’s offer to be chief of staff.

    The “Hardball” host (and presumptive candidate for U.S. Senate from PA) was equally unwilling to see the Emanuel episode as evidence of a lack of planning and discipline in the nascent Obama administration. Matthews eventually explained why.[H/t multiple NB readers.]

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: Yeah, well, you know what? I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work, and I think that —

    JOE SCARBOROUGH: Is that your job? You just talked about being a journalist!

    MATTHEWS: Yeah, it is my job. My job is to help this country.

    Matthews wasn’t done with his odd new job description . . . An incredulous Scarborough kept pressing, astonished at such a complete 180 from Matthews’s repeated insistence during the Bush presidency that he had to hold the government accountable.

    SCARBOROUGH: Your job is the make this presidency work?

    MATTHEWS: To make this work successfully. This country needs a successful presidency.

  103. Thanks for the link, tpt/ny. I signed up – and I just unsubscribed from Hillary’s newsletter, which proclaimed “we did it”. Not me. What a topsy-turvy year.

    No 60. That’s as close as we’ll get to checks and balances till 2010. Wonder what’ll happen when taxes go up and the war is still going on.

  104. as far as I know, every time Larry Summers speaks in academic circles, lots of folks stand up and turn their back to him …

    remember the guy that got the noble prize for discovering dna/rna? Crick, I think? He lost his emeritus status at Cold Stream Harbor for suggesting that AA’s had smaller brains and were basically genetically pre-disposed to lower intelligence? He got drummed out of the scientific community. I can’t imagine why they haven’t drummed Summers out of more than Just harvard by now … same damn thing stated… just a different target.

  105. angie — you’ve got mail!

  106. This entire blog and tread is so “off base” as to why McCain lost and I’m speaking as a Conservative.

    Obama “The Brand” could not be beat. If it was easy, Hillary would have done it. She’s a better candidate then McCain and Palin combined.

    He out spent McCain 6 fold. He had a clear message ” Everyone making under 250K is getting a tax cut” He said it over and over and over and over. People got it! When do democrats beat republicans on the tax issue? Never. But Obama did and McCain sucked at poking holes in his plan. McCain NEVER felt comfortable talking about the kitchen table issues.

    McCain did not have a clear economic message until “Joe the Plumber” exposed Obama’s “Spread the Wealth” theme.

    McCain was undiciplined and off message and he threw one too many “Hail Mary” passes.

    Obama “The Brand” is as well known around the world as Cocacola.
    Obama “The Brand” has many well oiled sponsers
    Obama “The Brand” if not tarnished will be almost impossible to take down in 2012.

  107. There’s a new post up

  108. Typical Republican

    Some of your party seems to be dead set on self destruct. McCain was the GOP party’s chance to prove they aren’t the party of W and that conservative views do work. He was promising to balance the books. He was telling you he’d continue funding defense but everywhere else America was going to pull in their belts. He was the one person in your party with a record of reform (which should have been welcome after 8 years of getting caught lying and cheating). In short, he was a conservative with moderate views. Your party needs to understand it has a choice it can remain a majority going farther and farther right pretending that there is nothing wrong and continue to lose or you can start listening to people who are telling you why they are put off by the party. In short get the loonies(and yes YOUR party has them too just like ours) under control.

  109. It’s a war against the center. The left is trashing the Clintons and Lieberman, while the right is going to trash McCain/Palin. Can’t have bipartisanship participants doing what’s actually best for the country.

    I am *disgusted* at the way the media is still going after Palin.

    But did you all hear about the good news in New Hampshire? The state senate has a female majority.

  110. comics are the main reading material for the Obots.

    The scary thing it that your statment is the truth.

  111. Ha! At least Tweety admits it.

    sod — I’ll go read it now. brb

  112. Oh, One more thing…….
    This election was also a referandum on Bush!
    A vote for Obama was a vote against Bush and frankly I don’t blame people for that.

  113. Carolynn

    Are you looking at the numbers? The reason McCain lost was because your own party didn’t show up, don’t blame that on McCain.

  114. edit – The scary thing is that your statement is the truth.

  115. Why doesn’t Tweety just hang up the mission accomplished banner. Propaganda TV……ugh.

  116. Battlecat, Wow!

  117. MSNBC has a separate budget for cardboard cutouts of the One. They keep buying them, and Matthews, KO and Maddow keep licking them until they disintegrate.

  118. sod — I’m in!

  119. Based on the numbers presented, it is a fallacy that 7M Repubs didn’t come out for McCain. The number who voted for Bush is not broken down by party affiliation. We don’t know how many of Bush’s voters were Repubs to begin with. There are far more registered unaffiliated voters than for either party. 21 states don’t even have party registration. For that matter, we don’t know how many of any party or no party voted for Kerry, McCain or Obama either. Every person that considers themself a Repub may have voted for McCain for all we know. It just wouldn’t be enough if Indys voted for Obama.. It is just conjecture to blame his loss on fickle Repubs with the limited info we have.

  120. cbn — lol — I didn’t mean it as snark!

  121. Stupid Obamabot just emailed me: Obama will pray for me.

  122. Obama only prays for himself and TO himself.

  123. CWaltz and Carolynn

    Who knows, maybe 3% of repub voters died since 2004.
    It’s not like new voters are registering-people have dropped like flies.
    The local Repub party has tried to recruit all former dem voters that supported McCain. They are desperate for new blood.
    I got an email from them before the election was over.

    Their get out the vote effort was so lame. McCain had no money.
    Their “find your precinct” tool on Mac’s website didn’t even work.
    They called me at 11 on election day and asked me to call MN voters.

  124. Well, I didn’t stay home. I posted this back when I first found this site. My plan for two years was to vote for Hillary not because I liked Hillary but I WANTED the republicans to get smacked down because of the past 8 years. When I saw what you saw with the “ONE” I changed my plan and decided I had no choice but to go for McCain. Apparently many conservatives decided to risk Obama rather than vote for McCain. Rush actually said he thinks this is what happened today on his show. He said he has recieved many thousands of emails from conservatives who said this was their plan.

    I suppose the reason I started following your plight was because you ended up with the same plan I had for my party. Burn it down so it can be rebuilt better.

    Although I will say I gained SO much respect for Hillary in the way she fought. I actually wanted to vote for her by the end. She would have been a good president.

  125. carolynn, i disagree Obama is unstoppable, but a combination of things didn’t happen for him to be stopped.

    I do agree that McCain was a weak candidate, who didn’t know how to campaign.

    Second, Palin’s rollout was badly done

    Third the media was too in the tank for Obama and failed to do its job. Had they reported the news, and not created it, this race would have been different.

    But it is what it is, I wish Obama luck, for the sake of the country, but I think he will be defeated in 2012. Now that his feet are being held to the fire, he is going to be held responsible for what happens.

  126. catarina — saw your comment on the last thread about my f*ck therapy — glad I could help!! LOL

  127. “Obama “The Brand” could not be beat. If it was easy, Hillary would have done it”

    She did do it. She got more votes than Obama but was thwarted by DNC shenanigans. “Obama the Brand” wasn’t unassailable. He lost because Republicans couldn’t be bothered.

  128. Typical Republican,

    Are you saying conservatives put their party before the country.

    They actually rather have another Carter presidency, to get a Reagan out of it?

  129. CWaltz,

    Okay, call me typical. But if you are right, tell me where were all the moderates on Nov 4th? The Pundints all told us that McCain would expand the tent. We were told he would bring in the moderates and independants. PUMA’s aside (and we do value your vote – thank you) for whom did the moderates and independants break for by over 70% – Obama.

    Look, I’m just as upset and frustrating about Obama winning as anyone. But to say ” Where were the Republicans” we blew it, we didn’t show up, I feel is unfair.

    8 long years of George W. Bush can make even a staunch Republican do stupid things like -Vote Obama.

  130. “She would have been a good president.”

    America has no idea what it has lost.

  131. hehe angie now tell me how does one stop??

  132. ” I can’t imagine why they haven’t drummed Summers out of more than Just harvard by now”

    Because liberal and conservative men and the media esablishment conisder him a brave truth teller who said what needed to be said (to a bunch of women who don’t know anything even though they actually have degrees in the subject, unlike Summers).

  133. yeah, Carolynn-I think everyone wants to blame someone, might as well be the “rethugs”-sorry!

  134. y’all are all wrong about why McCain lost — he ran a fine campaign & came very close to winning considering the money & machine he was up against. But none of it mattered — did you see that extravaganza in Chicago? You don’t plan a spectacle like that unless you are SURE. The only way to be SURE is if the fix is in. Heck, I think Mac DID win & the # of votes BO needed to make him “win” were added in after the fact in PA, OH, VA, NC & FL. No way did the majority people in this country who voted vote for BO. I know that as surely as I know my own name.

  135. Carolyn,

    I do agree that it wasn’t neither Republicans or PUMA’s fault. We all need to stop blaming each other, and realize the fix was in a while ago.

  136. who says you have to stop? My mom told me that I can’t go around saying “f*ck off” to everyone who voted for BO. I said just watch. LOL

  137. angienc, I agree that the fix was in. And that part of the reason why BO won was because of ACORN fraud.

    Hell in my precinct they were having people vote repeatedly for BO, and I live in NY, not even a swing state.

    They weren’t registering or checking people either.

    Imagine what they were doing in the swing states.

  138. it’s bad, ang. I can’t stop f-ing swearing. If this continues I might have to wash my own mouth out with f-ing soap.

    and yes-you’re right about “the fix”
    Obama is a cheater and a liar.

    I do think McCain made a big mistake by keeping his public financing pledge. I hoped he’d say “f you, all bets are off!”
    But hey, maybe it wouldn’t have made a rat’s ass worth of difference.
    Maybe nothing would have.

  139. I just checked the numbers at CNN.com, and they’ve been updated.

    64,593,704 for Obama
    56,855,894 for McCain
    121,449,598 Total (not including alternative parties)

    Whoops, I just checked again, it’s now:

    64,629,649 for Obama
    56,887,996 for McCain
    121,517,645 Total

    I think we need to wait until every precinct is reported 100% before we can validly crunch the numbers.


  140. Ana do you know for sure that Michael Bloomberg plans to run as an independent in 2012? Maybe PUMA can evolve into its own political party and we can all back him. Hopefully after four years of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Dean, people will be as disillusioned and angry with the democratic party as they are with the Republicans but they will still be angry with the republicans for the war and debt. So maybe he will have a chance.

  141. Ana – no, just the opposite. They did exactly what you did. It’s just they didn’t follow the primary, Hillary treatment so they didn’t recognize the difference between Obama and Hillary. Remember, during the primary there was not that much difference in the primaries on policy it was how they conducted themselves that caught my attention. I think alot of conservatives just didn’t see it, why would they if they were watching the MSM.

    Carolyn – I hate to keep bringing up Rush but he is right about some things. He has been saying for years about McCain and other R’s who are trying to play both sides of the fence that they would lose because they can never out democrat a democrat without losing their base. Obama played to the most radical of his base then shifted center and they said well he has to do that. McCain on the other hand stuck his finger in eye of the base repeatedly and then thought picking Palin would bring them all back. Sadly, it didn’t.

  142. I think 10% of republicans voted for Barr because they were unhappy with McCain’s stance on the bailout.

  143. Well, now we know that you can buy the Presidency for $700M.

    And if someone questions your candidacy, just call them a r@cist. And it’s a woman questioning you, well…..if she’s otherwise unassailable, she’s a bitch, or neurotic, or a neurotic bitch.

    But this too will pass. Later rather than sooner, but it will pass.

  144. What shocked me was the hatred of the Clintons by people supporting Obama. Why would Democrats hate the Clintons, because of a BJ. It almost seemed as if liberal republicans ha taken over the Democratic party. It just didn’t make sense. I think it could of somehow also have been Bush’s way to personally redeem himself. Remember the ‘George Bush hates blacks’ comment.
    I cannot imagine why republicans did what they did, but they certainly seemed complicit.
    I think your idea is great and look forward to your suggestions.
    I certainly hope congress and Obama will be ‘by the people and for the people’ I guess we will see soon enough. It’s hard not to get cynical about it all, but if we do they win. I’m just relieved it’s over, what a nightmare !
    At least Rove said Obama is not really that bad, thank goodness for that. What a joke.

  145. Romanticising the “president -elect “, while wearing very thick ,steamy , rose colored glasses ..that is what was happening today on NPR ; ( Nasally Pretentious Radio LOL) in that hideous devoid of life “anemic academic monotone ”
    I actually enjoy Diane Rehms show more, because her neuro-condition prevents her from speaking in that horrible NPR monotone . But even Diane is one of the obots who is so quick to defend him from any suggestion of disparagement But today while I was driving around in the rain bringing nursing care to homebound. , I had to listen to JOAN FUCKING BAEZ on the Diane Rehm Show , while they both glorified the “historic election” and exalted bo to a status of demi-god. One amusing part was listening to what they thought the future would bring , bo having been elected. however I did say
    yes I did say Joan fucking Baez….
    When I was much younger , I was so enamored of Joans voice and music I used to go the libray and play her records in the listening room for hours on end . I had every one of her albums and knew every one of her songs and no female vocalist could touch her in my heart . she was one of my female heroines right up there with Amelia and Florence and Hypatia .
    But today …when she said she felt that by bo being elected that ” democracy had returned after being gone for so long “and that she felt a huge burden lifted from her shoulders , in my mind she fell as far down until she was shoulder to shoulder with Brittany Spears .
    I have to admit after hearing her ; I understood a bit better , and had a clearer window into the mindset of those really carrying ” white guilt “. understanding the mindset does not help me excuse it .
    I listened to her expurgate herself of this enormous burden simply by virtue of bo having being elected, and Diane Rehms oohed and awed and empathised right along with her .They went on and on about their memories from the civil rights days , and their memories somehow did not include womens rights .No mention was made of womens rights .

    I am sure there is a podcast of that show from today somewhere if you want to go hear it , but take a bucket with you , because you will need it for a very different kind of purge . I cannot bring myself to provide a link .

  146. Take the oath to not accept Obama as your president.

  147. Petal – that’s what’s so shocking to me too is how they really seem to hate women who oppose HIM even though so many of them are women. I was looking at the comments on an Anchorage paper to see what alaskans think of Sarah’s treatment. There were no alskans posting, just obots saying vile things about her. Their guy won, why would they continue to devote so much time and take such joy in attacking her afterward?

  148. Petal,

    You have to think outside of the ballot box. Obama is not a democrat. His supporters are not democrats. There was a 3rd party in the election. It was the Obamacrat. He is a product, a cult of personality. Did you ever hear Obama mention the DNC in any speech?

    Now go to Obama’s website. It is clear that this campaign or bowel “movement” will never be a floater and neverending. They are asking for money for the DNC. Can you believe that?
    Mark my words, Obama will attempt to do away with term limits. He will also attempt to get rid of the Natural born Citizen requirements for POTUS.

  149. swanspirit, BO has been in the business of selling racial indulgences. Now every white American has been issued a coupon good for one racial redemption, and consciously or not they have every intention of cashing those in. This is what I find so desperately cynical about BO.

  150. I worked the polls in florida on Tusday. the voting was not overwhelming…crowds we expected did not materialize although most of the voters truthfully were black…and I would say the youth outnumbered the elders. 40 % voted before election day in early voting.

    Many people stayed home instead of voting – not liking either choice.

    My thoughts:

    1)We can forget about the media being taken to task or monopoly ownerships broken up – after all they played a major part in his election, and hiding his dirt.

    2) For the Zero: be careful of what you ask for , for you may get it. And what he has gotten is a country in bankruptcy and falling even further – the market in collapse and going to go futher down – his plans to raise taxes on people losing their jobs in the tens of thousands every week is laughable. And none of his grand plans and false promises can come to be, because there’s no money for funding it – as the multi nationals, auto mfrs, banks, Wall Street, mortgage companies, builders, and who knows who else keep demanding more and more money FROM US THE TAXPAYERS to bail them out of bankruptcy,

    Obama is no Einstein, and he’s no Bill Clinton with 165 IQ to pull the country out of thi 1929 type tailspin.
    Failure will be his name and legacy, not as bad as GWB, but the next two years are going to be worse financially than the current year. He couldnt let Hillary have the election, with a man behind her who could have possibly at least keep us afloat.

    3) I voted for a republican for the first time in my life.., I;’ve left the democratic party and will not be going back. I know many of you think it can be changed from the inside. It. can’t. It’s dirty and as bad as the
    dirty days of the republican party.

    We need a third viable honest decent party – and this Democratic party will never never be that again.

    I will never lift a finger to help the current democratiic party again.

    Move – on raised 88 million dolllars for Obama. There’s no reason that within a couple of years we couldnt do that – for a third party candidate,.

    I will join and work for any who are working toward a viable decent third party. And I think that’s where we should be putting our money and efforts.


  151. This isa sad time for all people who think, but particularly for women and for gays. That neither group ever realized they were being given the shaft just amazes me, and I don’t feel any better for being able to say, ” I told you so.”

    I have spent the last day trying to send messages of appreciation to Governor Palin, so that she will realize that not all of us are jackasses…literally. They say that she is getting tons of interview requests. I sincerely hope that she throws the offers from BABA WAWA and the Oprah right in the toilet, where they belong.

    Those two did what they could to trash her when she was running, and couldn;t even show decency or respect, why should they make money off of her now?

    I am also trying to reach out to moderate Rep. and some Dems who didn’t drink the kool-aid and didn’t vote BO. I just don’t know that there are enough free thinkers left out here to do anything, yet. They may have to see the garbage pit up close and personal first. Not to worry, it won’t be long.

  152. “George W. Bush was beloved by the base, and he was completely anti-conservative. The government grew huge under his Administration; spending was out of control; and he all but destroyed the Constitution with his faith-based initiatives and unprecedented seizing of executive power in the name of “National Security.” Of course, he “kept us safe” too”

    I will again respectfully disagree. I voted for Gore because I did not like GWB. I voted for GWB because I did not like Kerry. The base did not love GWB, they hated Kerry. They sent a message in 2006 and it was unheaded. Most of our representatives voted in favor of a bailout that none of us supported, that was the last straw for many. Didn’t matter that O favored it too. We punish, and send home, our candidates that we feel are not representing us.

    I worked my butt off in support of John McCain even though I was angry with him, I did it for Sarah Palin. I voted for John McCain because of Sarah Palin. I liked JM, but I wasn’t warm and fuzzy.

    I would have voted for Hillary if she were top of the ticket but the DNC took that opportunity away from me. She had a plan. JM did not. His campaign staff was brutal to local parties.

    Republicans stayed home because they felt JM was too liberal. I don’t agree with that mindset, but it is what it is. The fact that some on his campaign are blaming Sarah Palin tells me everything I need to know. They need a scapegoat.

    I personally liked the fact that he was willing to reach across the board, but most of my friends did not.

    His numbers were dismal and Sarah was a better draw at events. There’s a reason for that. Now they’re trashing her. Go figure.

  153. Kellig, if you’re serious, it’s not about money, it’s not about popular vote, it’s about electoral votes. It’s important that all third party candidates understand this.

    Strom Thurman received 2% of the vote and received 29 electoral votes. Ross Perot received 18+% of the vote, almost 19,000,000 people, and not one single electoral vote.

    A third party is only as strong as the states (electoral votes) it can gain, not popular vote. You can raise all the money you want, but until you start taking those electoral votes, all you are is a voting block that can make or break an election for one of the two parties.

  154. A two percent increase for african americans is actually a HUGE deal. That’s almost a 20 percent increase. We went from 11 percent to 13 percent which is almost a ceiling. (black people only make up 12.8 percent of the population in the first place)

    VA and NC don’t go blue without those numbers.

    but as for an actual post mortem, hillary lost because:
    1. bad campaign strategy
    2. she’s tied to the worst of bush: iraq, patriot act.

    Mccain lost because:
    1. bush
    2. palin
    3. lack of a coherent message
    4. bad campaign strategy

  155. Wow, i didn’t realize how stupid that sounded.

    a 2 percent increase in percentage of electorate is over a 20 percent increase in total african american vote.

    i think that makes a little more sense.

  156. […] For some reason that incident came back to me in my last moments of dreaming this morning. I woke up and wondered why on earth my subconscious would pull that back up. Then in my sleepy state the word “Republicans” floated through my head. I put the pieces together and realized that a post from another blog had stuck in my head: https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/11/06/a-tale-of-two-parties-myths-realities-and-strategies-i…. […]

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