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A message to the GOP: Palin was your only bright spot this year

Barack Obama didn’t win because Sarah Palin doesn’t know Africa is a continent. Barack Obama won because people really, REALLY hated Republicans, even the ones who were kinda reasonable.

It’s not like you guys don’t understand this. And I sure as Hell don’t intend for you to get away with it. You guys were so bad that it is criminal. Your asses should have been impeached a zillion times over by now. The stock market is tanking again and your outrageous behavior was so over the top that the American people overlooked corruption in the Democratic party just to avoid voting for you. They preferred to hand the country over to a complete neophyte who cheated his way to the top rather than put the country in the hands of a more seasoned and less Republican Republican.

People without family ties don’t get to be governors of major oil producing states by being stupid. It’s a nice scapegoat that the media has provided you guys but I don’t buy it. Sarah Palin had nothing to do with the fall of the Republican party.

You need to acknowledge how loathesome your legacy is. Feel the gritty realness of what your reprehensible behavior has wrought. Shut up for several years until you have had time to reflect on the hardships you have caused to ordinary men and women. We will be cleaning up after you for generations so the next thing I want to hear out of your mouth is mea culpa.

And get the f#%^ off of Sarah’s case. You’re making fools of yourselves.

105 Responses

  1. I really did like Sarah Palin. Trashing her will hurt all of us!

  2. Breaking News!

    I figured out why Obama was elected and McCain was not.

    Please go to http://www.tinyurl.com/5wmqug to read all about it!!!!

  3. Give it to ’em, RD! What Riverdaughter said.

  4. Brava, RD!

    I joined Lady Lynne’s group today and volunteered to to anything. What a sad time that we even have to conemplate such a thing.

    Thank you, Barack.

  5. Leaks to the press have shown she was not ready and her workability factor was not ideal. True or false, who knows.
    I think Palin aired ot the room across America that women are not capable to have families, and be extremely effective public servants. She also broke the stigma that you need to come from special schools,clubs and be connected to be in politics.
    I congratulate her on her hard fought campaign and wish her success as she continues serving her Alaska constituents. I hope she will continue the fight to press for tapping into American resources and keep ecological balance at the same time. She has a lovely family and it was a pleasure to be a supporter.
    Her ‘wolf’ thing was again a failure of the media to report that a balance on the moose population was needed as many rely on this as a source of food.


    Left question regarding the recent Supreme Court Ruling on previous thread.

    July? 2008

    The Court, dividing 5-4, ruled that Congress had not validly taken away habeas rights. If Congress wishes to suspend habeas, it must do so only as the Constitution allows — when the country faces rebellion or invasion.

  7. Just need to get a few things off my chest. Let me ask these questions: F@#$% Misogyny.

    Why is the McCain camp attacking Palin if not to destroy her for 2012 by making her a target of ridicule?

    Why is the Obama campaign that was “not about race” celebrating their victory with every story about overcoming the past, being a black man, being so emotional about blacks in America etc. etc. etc. ? I have never in my life been so aware of black vs. white than I am today….thanks to Obama.

    Obscene = the cost of the campaign and the “in the tank” media.

  8. Exactly RD.

    It’s ridiculous and no wonder that ticket lost. The campaign team does not get it. If Obama had lost, he would have blamed it on the ignorant and racist country, not Biden. McCain lost b/c the conservatives sat this one out and that was because of McCain, not Palin.

    Grow up and learn from your mistakes. The 2012 campaign now has the knowledge of hindsight.

  9. I was not as impressed with Palin as you were, but the people piling on her are, after all, the people who picked her–so blaming her for their loss is reprehensible.

    I had thought that circular firing squads were exclusively Democratic–guess not!

  10. Thanks, looking for integrity. I left you a note on the previous thread.

  11. How sure are we that it is the McCain camp?

    Mark McKinnon, one of the people listed on Red State’s site, was a supporter and advisor to McCain until Obama became the DEM nominee. He stated he would not continue advising McCain if Obama became the nominee. Thus he is a supporter of Obama.

    I’m willing to bet that this is Obama psy-ops to split the Republicans and ensure that Palin doesn’t run against BO in 2012 because she’d be formidable. The thing is republicans are looking at a Jindal/Palin ticket with Jindal on top.

  12. Thanks, RD, for standing up against the continuing misogyny of the media, the right, the left – I am feeling absolutely depressed at the hatred from all quarters

  13. Quite frankly, the reason McCain lost is because republicans didn’t show up and vote for him. Any look at the numbers reveals that fact. Us Puma’s showed up enough to have put him over the top had they come out to vote themselves. This has nothing to do with Sarah Palin and everything to do with the fact that many republicans don’t like McCain because he isn’t far right enough for them. This is nothing more than our despicable mainstream propaganda machine going after another woman for their psychopathic entertainment.

  14. I recall reading somewhere (not sure where) that some of Sarah’s top campaign “aides” are closely tied to Jeb Bush, who has his own plans to run in 2012. That would explain how the prank fake-Sarkozy caller was allowed to get through to her, since it’s her campaign staff’s job to vet these calls and determine their legitimacy. I find it hard to believe that Palin, an honor roll student throughout high school, did not actually know that Africa was a continent. Has she or her staff made any attempt to deny this allegation? This all seems too similar to the fake SAT score report with low scores that was circulating through the internet a while back.

  15. LOI:

    Sarah is the star of the GOP right now, not Jindal. She has enemies because she’s an outsider, a reformer and worst of all, SHE HAS A V@GINA!

    Misogyny never sleeps

  16. G-d please NO to Jeb Bush! No amount of time in between terms is gonna make that family ascend again. They really don’t have a clue.

  17. If this supra ugly campaign season has a silver lining, it’s this: many of us have been deeply wounded by the unexpected, rampant misogyny and are now ready to go to the barricades in defense of other women, no matter their social class or politics. I feel sort of like a latterday (and very minor league) Bella Abzug. Though very much a creature of the Sixties, I’ve never described myself as a feminist. But maybe I’ve been one all along. At any rate, attacking other women is not an option. Defending them, however, very much is. The more vocal the defense, the better.

  18. My theory about the trashing of Palin?…Romney ’12
    He’s the boy’s club favorite

  19. Having survived 8 long grinding years of being sold to the insuurance companies by Jeb, I would walk thru ground glass to keep him out of the white house. My premiums went from $890 to $6600 in 3 years.

  20. Is there a place I can read the stats for how many “PUMAS” showed up? Because Obama was appointed president by the media no one is going to be reporting PUMA numbers.

  21. RD – Good luck with your exhortation, as awesome as it is.

    These guys have no self-awareness. They are already gleefully saying how much fun it is that we are going to destroy each other for the next four years.

    They don’t get it that THEY are the ones that have destroyed the Republican Party. THEY are the ones that gave us Bush and refused to show up to support McPalin.

    They actually think the Republican Party will work with them to destroy Obama. Duh, the Republican Party WANTED Obama! They don’t realize it, but the Rush Limbaugh conservatives are as homeless as we are.

  22. Whew! You said it, Riverdaughter. I am in the process of writing Governor Palin to lend her strength in the face of the ridicule she has and is facing. Again, the double standard is used against her as the media and her own party try to make her the whipping boy (girl). Amazing, considering some of the candidates (including the selected/elected ones) that have been offered us this year.

    Meanwhile, my overseas daughter just wrote me that at the moment she feels the world is being led to the brink by another Jim Jones. (She is very far away in a place where I wouldn’t think she would sense it as much as we do here.)

  23. MYIQ

    Yes, I know she is the star now, but I’ve been reading all the comments to the blogs – from Malkin on and Jindal/Palin keeps poppin up with great frequency when discussion ’12 possibilities. The thought is that only Jindal could beat Obama, and there is a bit of veering away from Romney.

  24. Nah, it’s Jindahl … believe me

  25. MYIQ

    I personally (no offense) would like to see the Iceland solution. Women running for POTUS and VPOTUS.

  26. The right wing think tank hates the populist streak the Palin has … she may be right on all the issues but it’s not right in that elitist republican way … believe me, they are grooming Jindahl because he could pull AA’s … he pulled them down here

  27. the only way we’ll get what we want is with a serious third party candidate in 2012 …

    Obama will be like the second term Carter … and the rethugs will put up Jindahl with like Romney as vp …

    this financial crisis is going to run long and deep … we ain’t seen nothing yet…

  28. The GOP rank and file want Palin

    The GOP leadership want Jindal

    2012 – Misogyny II

  29. third party candidate with a dem/repub in each slot … moderate … slightly right on econ/national defense issues, slightly left on social issues …

    pure play to the independents and the middle …

  30. Inky

    Those rumors were based on the assumption that most people think that “rednecks” are ignorant, and that the majority of Americans accepts this assumption.

    Those idiots spreading such tales don not understand that in her capacity as Governor and head of the Alaska NG she has to be briefed on international issues and statuses. How, under those circumstances, could she function if she didn’t know that Africa is a continent.

    Besides she is a college grad. and the names of the continents is something we learn in 3rd grade.

    They know this, but are just being b@stards.

  31. But the evangelical right have “issues” with Romney’s religion.

  32. Congressman Rahm Emanuel has agreed to be Barack Obama’s White House chief of staff, according to a Democratic aide.

  33. dakinikat

    I think they’ve learned one lesson and I strongly believe that’s why Palin will be on the ticket with Jindal.

  34. Dubya was elected without being able to name the President of Pakistan.

  35. OK

    W was a lost cause from the beginning. Silver spoon in mouth, never studied. Degree a gift.

  36. looking for integrity – Why does Palin have to be VP. Why not on the top of the ticket and Jindal on the bottom?

  37. Rahm Emanuel? Of teh evil DLC?

    Has Markos head exploded yet?

  38. Obama was elected thinking there was a great lake in oregon, the US liberated Auschwitz, there are 57, no wait 58 states … like I said,

    no one ever gets poor underestimating the intelligence of the american people … PT Barnum

  39. dakinikat, on November 6th, 2008 at 1:44 pm Said:

    third party candidate with a dem/repub in each slot … moderate … slightly right on econ/national defense issues, slightly left on social issues …

    pure play to the independents and the middle


  40. myiq2xu: I don’t know i don’t give Daily Kampf any hits any more … i wait until word filters up through the sewers

  41. Downticket: Misogyny and he’s charismatic and smart …

  42. If Palin ran again as VP I can’t see her getting as much support as she did this time, but who know what will happen in four years.

  43. American ecconomy = energy
    American high energy costs will hurt global growth, they are already.
    Ethanol is creating inflation, increasing food prices and is causing alot of harm locally and globally.

    McCain was fighting a loosing battle, he needed the support of the right but the reality is America is yerning for health care reform, to go green and to end the war.

  44. Riverdaughter, I’ve been thinking of writing a letter of support to Sarah ever since the election, and how writing Gov. Palin a letter in the aftermath will be a helluva lot easier than writing one to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    FYI – If you all have not seen Old Grumpy Guy’s video on The Invasion of the Pod People (and other horror films), treat yourself over at Uppity Woman’s blog:
    (and to think she’s supposed to be taking a vacation – bless her for keeping us in good humor)

    I shall not become an ObamaPod Person. Resistance IS possible. Hell with the Oborg Collective, too!

    Please all – let me know your thoughts on a continued underground resistance movement. My conscience cannot take the Kool-Aid wash they’re trying to put over on us still. It’s tough, but how could we live with ourselves if we “give in”, and deny the lies?

    (Will read more of this post and comments when I have time – lucky to post at home on a lunch break),

  45. Rahm Emanuel is a Chicago pol. This will be a Chicago White House.
    I think I will start selling steel knee protectors.

  46. Yes, miq, Rahm of the puma’s knittting. Iposted that this mornings earlier thread.

  47. This is from Cannonfire:

    Obama’s campaign workers aren’t getting paid…

    Several hundred people are still waiting to get their pay for last-minute campaigning. Police were called to the Obama campaign office on North Meridian Street downtown to control the crowd.

    The line was long and the crowd was angry at times.

    “I want my money today! It’s my money. I want it right now!” yelled one former campaign worker…

    Police escorted Mr. Moulitsas from the building before he could do any damage.


  48. lol, palin is a dummy.

    anyone here that thinks her vag has anything to do with the republican take down you are all hyperventilating over is just drowning in your own depressing victim complex.

    Palin is the antithesis of progressive ideals.
    grow up losers.

  49. Thanks, LFI,

    That’s what I thought, but I just wondered whether she had attempted to fight back against these allegations, as she should. I’m so f*cking sick of getting emails from female relatives, ones who have never sent me anything remotely political before, with the latest on how stupid Sarah Palin is. It truly has been one of the most depressing aspects of this election for me, watching as the majority of the attacks on both Hillary and Sarah Palin have come from other women, at least in my family. Of course, another truly depressing aspect of this election is realizing how many “good Democrats” really do think that working-class people are stupid. It’s the biggest reason why I no longer call myself a Democrat.

  50. downticket

    from what I could gather from the comments is that they are looking for someone to beat Obama, and they feel that Jindal is a match because of background. The good-looking white man is no longer a shoe in. Jindal is smart, educated, accomplished, EXPERIENCED, well-liked, and he is the first Indian-American to be governor of a state.

    This is not my opinion. It seems that when looking at it objectively Obama cannot practice mysoginy on Jindal, nor can he talk about racism. This would mean he’d have to discuss the issues. I think there will be many as obama is totally unprepared to run a good presidency.

    That’s why Palin would be second on the ticket. The repubs won’t give Obama an opening next time.

  51. Catarina
    Sounds good.

  52. I do support efforts for peace though.

  53. I really don’t want to start the 2012 campaign just yet.

    Maybe tommorrow

  54. tr0ll alert at 1:57

    sheesh, don’t you guys have anything better to do, like collect you phone bank paycheck, or party. You got what you wanted, now SCAT!!!

  55. The media started trashing Jindal when they sniffed that he might be tapped for VP. Also called him “dumb.”

  56. the market’s plunging again …

  57. Obotomy victim upthread.
    Pass the cup, they’re not getting paid according to myiq at 1:56
    poor dude is hungry

  58. Jindal is also young and can maybe tap into the present/future for the right.

  59. MYIQ


  60. myiq2xu, That is really unfortunate. Once again, it’s the black community who is getting ripped off by these politicians. It reminds me of the video I’m sure most of us saw of the black woman with her two children saying that Obama would help pay for her gas and mortgage. When the black community is left behind again, the sheen will quickly wear off and they will see that he has more in common with the rich white men who run Washington than he ever had with African-Americans.

  61. We need to pay attention to the net neutrality battle that will soon take place. The internet is the only weapon we have to combat the MSM–the ONLY weapon. Without the internet will have to revert back to the days of Thomas Paine and leafleting. We’ll go no where fast that way. Many Dems have been leaning toward getting rid of net neutrality which would make it really hard to get our message out or even communicate with each other. The Obama campaign was all about distorting the facts and controlling the media. Joe Biden said his supporters are going to have to convince Obama skeptics they are right when we believe they are wrong. Gutting net neutrality will make it easier for them and that must be stopped.

  62. petal

    yes, forgot to include that – think he’s only 36.

  63. I really don’t know how many women are ready to go to the defense of another woman. Especially the 20-somethings who, in my opinion, are a major disappointment. Remember, these are the “girls” who like Britney, Paris and Lindsay, who wear “Sarah Palin is a c*nt” t-shirts, and who think those hip-hop videos with nearly naked girls being dry humped by gangstas are kewl – and “really, those guys aren’t making fun of “us” anyway.”

    My 17-year old daughter said she’s seen 10 year olds at the mall and the movies who are dressed like sluts. These girls are getting the message that all women are good for is sex and subserviance. Who is telling them otherwise? Not the media. Unfortunately if the media has it’s way America’s next generation of females will all have degrees in pole dancing.

    The ONLY bright spot in this election is that I don’t *think* another Bush will ever get elected to a high office. (Notice I’m hedging my bets.)

    Maybe when O fed-exes out the burkas the women of America will finally get a clue. Otherwise, we’re all screaming into the dark.

  64. Hard to believe they would try to put the blame on Sarah Palin for their loss….they don’t have to look any further for blame than George W. Bush.

    Mountain Sage

  65. myiq – C*lin P*well ring a bell?

    Kos was in on this from the beginning. Sorry. He will never, ever question anything that Obama does, until he is thrown under the bus.

  66. Can I make a request? Whenever someone posts a new thread, can you let folks on the previous thread know there is a new thread up?

  67. This is a little off topic, but when something is about narcissistic entitlement syndrome, it just screams BO to me. http://www.aharrisonbarnes.com/2008/11/narcissistic-entitlement-syndrome/

    I wonder if the SPLC would have sent me an email cheering the election of Sarah Palin the way they did when Obama won. I really do not want to quit the SPLC, but the more I get BO thrown in my face, the more tempted I am to just quit ever freaking organization I belong to.

  68. I think Barack Obama won because the economy went down the toilet, not for any other reason. The running average of the polls points pretty strongly to this and the polls were accurate. Prior to the Lehman Brothers meltdown, McCain was in front. Furthermore, the running average of the polls showed a strong and sustained spike of support for Palin, beginning from when her candidacy was announced.

    I would not vote for, or support, Palin in the future. I do not like many of the things she has said, I do not like what I see as her naivety, particularly on foreign affairs. Unlike some, I do think she is smart. And she is clearly gutsy. But her views are way too Republican for me.

    So start looking for an accomplished democrat (as distinct from Democrat) woman to support for 2012, who will run as an Independent, or as candidate for a new party.

  69. NEW THREAD: where I can do clean up duty

  70. Ihope Rhombo will dance for us.

  71. dakinikat

    Obama is another case entirely, but point taken. I just think the drugs did a number on his brain. (snark)

  72. CLEAN-UP AT 1:57!!!

  73. gqm:

    I always post a notice in the last thread

  74. From Gabe at AOS:

    “From what I can tell, commentators are lashing out for a few reasons.
    (1) They’re simply angry and they’re looking for likely targets.
    (2) All the cool kids inside the beltway hated on her, so the wannabes are just copying.
    (3) Folks aren’t quite ready to admit that McCain bears ultimate responsibility for the shitty race he ran.
    (4) Republican campaign dweebs are looking for attention from the media; bashing Palin seems to work pretty good. (See also: Clinton, Hillary.)

    In other words, Governor Palin is a convenient target who the media is already predisposed to treat poorly. I don’t know what 2012 has in store for us; we’ve got to deal with 2010 first! But right now I support Palin.”

    They have several threads up defending Sarah, and the comments are very supportive of her.

  75. Oops! Link:


    BTW – AOS was PUMA friendly

  76. Karen O,

    It’s not the McCain camp per se. Even hard core conservative talk show hosts are coming to her defense. It’s more the establishment Republicans who joined McCain (think Romney and Bush people). They can’t stand the likes of populists/moderates like Palin and McCain. These are the snakes of DC only looking out for themselves. The Republican party is like the Democratic party, the ideologues will destroy it and the moderates will save it.

    I wish her well. Riverdaughter’s post is correct. The Republican party needs to clean house and Palin’s the one to do it. McCain started it; Palin needs to finish it.

  77. Glenn Beck has a tape of Palin calling to arrange an interview herself because her aides wouldn’t do it


    GOVERNOR PALIN: Hey, Dan, this is Sarah Palin. I wanted to give you a call and just try to hook up with you guys to hopefully get to share a few words with Glenn and I want to give you my husband Todd’s phone number. It’s area code [BLEEP]. Again Dan it’s Sarah Palin, and calling from the campaign trail. Getting on an airplane here shortly but just dying to talk to Glenn. Maybe the campaign’s been too busy to hook up with you guys. So I’ll do it myself and hopefully I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.

  78. Yes, very. Funny writers over there too.

  79. Ooops, that was in reply to a comment that AOS was PUMA friendly.

  80. “It’s the economy stupid!” is why he won.

    The worst part is that since neither an Obama or McCain administration was going to be able to clean up the mess by 2012, that means that now the Republicans will have the economy to hold against Obama.

    In fact, I think the economy is one of the reasons why there was no Oct. surprise. The Republicans had sooooo much they could have used against Obama but they didn’t. That’s because the leadership wrote off the next four years with their sights on 2012 and beyond. I noticed Karl Rove smirking when being introduced on a post-election show, he didn’t look or sound disappointed one bit. He knew what he was doing. I wonder who the Republican president elected in 2012 will be?

    The DNC has screwed up so bad and they don’t even realize it yet, they think they won.

  81. If any Republicans want Sarah as the nominee in 2012, they better form their Republican PUMA group *now*. The leadership doesn’t want her, she was a sacrificial lamb along with McCain this year.

  82. My theory is Palin told Cheney to stuff it on the big oil pipeline deal. It’s the Bush Cheney people after her now. Little Bro. has to run in2012. By the way BO voted for Cheney’s engery bill.

  83. Sarah was the only GOP worth listening. I believe McCain loves this country and I trusted him for that despite his many policies I disagree with. This year elections made it possible for this ex-Democrat to vote GOP. I never dreamed it would happen because I was a yellow-dog-Democrat until last April.

  84. Also, Carl Camron on Fox was a big Bush supporter. Did you notice how breathless he reported the “big” news on Palin? He couldldn’t get it out fast enough.

  85. what a bunch of idiot losers you people are

  86. Palin is an easy target… but I don’t think she will be a willing or easy victim. The woman has some fight in her.

    Frenly (formerly elderj)

  87. Sarah is the future! She understands how sacred life is! Right to life is important, geography is not.

    Also why is the media hiding the causes of global warming? It’s NOT man-made and it is part of God’s plan.

  88. Bobby Jindal has said he is interested in running for governor again and then after that he wants to retire and spend more time with his family. I think he’s great and want to see more Palins and Jindals, smart competent Americans with a servants heart and a commitment to cleaning up and reforming their parties. I hope there are Democrat counterparts out there that I dont know of, yet. I think that after 8 years of GWB the Democrats were going to win, just about no matter what. Politics seems to swing in cycles, just like seasons and sunspots. John did us all a tremendous favor by putting Sarah out on the national stage. Now everyone knows her. she is going to be around for a long time. When the starry eyed stories about Obama quit selling for the media, and the inevitable falling out between team Obama and the media occurs expect to see a change. At that point I think we will start to see Sarah much more visibly. As we can plainly see both parties need to go back and refresh themselves on what their bases are. We all need to demand that the media do their jobs, their real job. the eventual Obama backlash will cause a lot of predictible things, which might seem far fetched now. The annual meeting of the Interstate oil & gas commerce compact happens in a couple weeks. Governor Palin is the chairman and will probabaly give an address ( I would assume) guess the media will want to stay away from that . It seems a bit ironic to me the media didnt look at the past record of Obama, or Sarah Palin; but for totally different reasons

  89. Bill O’Rielly has asked Sarah to respond to the accusations on Monday’s show

  90. Hi, first time poster here. I’m just curious how people who were once Clinton supporters could possibly switch over to Palin supporters? They seem to have diametrically opposed views on most topics.

    Beyond that, whatever one’s views on Clinton, she was certainly very smart and very well versed on the issues. Palin-and I am being kind here- not so much.

  91. On fire, RD. I feel your righteous anger. we have been so betrayed by Democrats (sic) this year we haven’t had much time to call out Republicans.

    I plan to wear my Hillary swearshirt and a Palin button to a women’s conference. I’m wondering what kinds of reactions I’ll get. I want to take a stand against sexism toward accomplished women in the political arena.

  92. Mattbird, 3:59; I’m not a Palin supporter. I’m against sexist attacks on anyone. Why don’t you answer one for me. How could any AA vote against civil rights for everyone?

  93. Top lies about Sarah Palin since August 2008:

    * Sought to ban books in Wasilla.

    * Advocated teaching creationism instead of evolution.

    * Believes men co-existed with dinosaurs.

    * Believes the war in Iraq is part of God’s plan.

    * Trig is not her child, but her grandchild.

    * Someone shouted “Kill him” at one of her rallies, in reference to BHO.

    * She advocates re-conditioning homosexuals.

    * She tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired as a state trooper.

    Some of these are still frequently repeated, long after being debunked. You don’t get to be the most highly reqarded governor in the country without being pretty smart and well-versed on, at the very least, the issues directly related to your job.

    She entered the race late. By contrast, Obama, with a similar amount of experience, had at least an extra year to do his cramming on world affairs, which he did specifically to run for President. Palin had about a month.

    Of the eight most respected presidents of the 20th century, two had been senators and six had been governors. There’s not much occasion to meet with world leaders when you’re doing a job governing a state.

    Palin had succeeded at the most common Presidential stepping stone. Whatever experience she lacked could be learned on the job as VP.

  94. “Bill O’Rielly has asked Sarah to respond to the accusations on Monday’s show”

    Joanelle: I hope she tells O’Bloviator to take a flying leap off a frozen tundra.

  95. Thanks, RD. My sentiments exactly. Are you okay?

  96. Does anybody have any links with the names of McCain staffers that are supposedly trashing her?
    I don’t believe one word of it.
    I’m convinced that this crud was “leaked” to the Media by Obama’s cohorts to destroy Sarah.
    They know how popular she is and that she is a threat to Obama’s dictatorship

  97. Marial,

    I agree. This does not strike me as McCain’s style

  98. Marial, I think it’s a set up for Mitt Romney. Sarah’s the one to beat in 2012.

  99. Sarah Palin is being attacked because no one will do anything about it. The negation of women this election cycle has been astounding.

  100. Sarah is bein attacked because we have 2 groups of people who can’t stand her, the people who voted barry who are dems, and the people who voted barry who are repubs. There was a lot of talk this election about a 3rd party, like it or not, we have one now as far as I can tell. i think we have traditional libs/dems, and traditional repubs/conservatives, and then the new 3rd group which is just off the wall bonkers and they don’t really fit into either one of the more established parties. What killed McCain was bush, and horrible campaign, despite all that it was still fairly close, and may have been even closer had some of those military votes been counted. I really feel for women after Tuesday, I’m sorry ladies, please don’t hate all of us guys, I don’t support barry, or the attacks on Palin, she was the brightest part of this whole gig, and the people attacking her, especially from her own side, are displaying in plain view why they lost Tuesday.

  101. We need to respectfully demand that McCain step up and firmly and definitively support Sarah Palin, and call an end to the attacks. We need to ask him to tell those “unnamed sources” within his campaign to address their problems to him. We know he can do it. We have seen that side of McCain before. How can we contact him? I’m not internet savvy — how do we get a petition started?
    In any case, I am not so sure that these ‘unnamed sources’ are from the mccain camp. I think they’re Oborg collective members who’ve been given the message that it’s open season on women, and who aren’t going to let that pass without destroying every woman they can.

  102. And don’t forget how Sarah’s entry into the race threw off the Obama campaign — for a week or two, the Lightbringer was no longer the center of attention. And his resentment showed. He was petulant and backbiting. Now his zombies are getting revenge for him.

    Still, McCain should make a clear and loud statement to stop this misogyny.

  103. A petition from Women Count, I think this needs to happen:

    “We call on the president-elect, to create within the first 100 days, a presidential commission on women that will bring together the best thinkers from all backgrounds, sectors and political parties to impact the future of women in our nation.”


  104. Oh, I mean, please sign the petition:


  105. what the… did someone delete my last post?

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