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What the hell do we do now?


Sackcloth and ashes.  Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Head up into the hills or down into the bunkers.  Flee the country.

Seriously, we suck it up and go to plan “B”  This election has been one hell of an experience, and as my uncle Billy Ray jim Bob says, “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.”

I’m not going anywhere, at least not until they haul me off to Gitmo.  Blogging is what I have in place of a life.  But the rest of you should relax and get reacquainted with your spouses, significant others, secret lovers, children, parents, pets, friends, neighbors and employers.  Turn off your television, open a book, take a vacation, have an affair, but do something! 

Things will slow down around here for a while, but that’s normal and to be expected.  This is a political blog, and we just had our Super Bowl.  Today starts the off-season but there will always be stuff to talk about.  First there will be the final results wrap-up and post-mortem stories.  Then we’ll get to discuss the transition and the last days of the Cheney – Bush administration.

On my mom’s birthday The Lightbringer will be inaugurated, and he will enjoy a honeymoon period that will last until the first scandal, crisis or major misstep.  I’m gonna predict a very short honeymoon, because we have lots of potential scandals and serious problems waiting in the wings already.

Over at Cannonfire Joseph Cannon has a good post-mortem post prognosticating the problems for PUMA in the post-election period (say that five times really fast):

We may enter a period in which the only interesting writing will appear on the PUMA blogs.

Yes, PUMA sites will lose readers during the period between election and inauguration, and for some little while afterward. But the contrarian sites that survive could one day seem cooler than cool and hipper than hip.

Here’s the big problem: PUMAs need to keep their attacks distinct from the Republican attacks.


The task of the PUMAs will be to keep the heat on the Lightbringer without falling into the trap of conspiranoia.

The COLB controversy gave us a foretaste of how things will play out. I still recall the emails I received from Susan at No Quarter. The basic thrust of her messages came to this: Why are you insisting on proof? If it hurts Obama, it’s gotta be good. Yup, it’s good even if it’s crap. The 9/11 nuts once sang a similar song. Many of them privately told me that I should parrot the CD theory even if I did not believe it, because it hurts Bush. Hurting Bush was all that mattered.

We now live in an age not of The Truth but The Narrative. The question is no longer: “What are the Facts?” but “Which side are you on?” Or: “Which reality makes you feel better?”


It’s all so bloody predictable.

But such is our new world: The only thing that matters is the Narrative, and fuck the facts.

Which brings me to my post-election wishes for the PUMA-folk. May they survive, may they prosper, may they remain liberal (not “progressive”!), may they remain open to new and unusual ideas, may they continue to write the other way when handed a sheet of lined paper, may they speculate freely without mistaking speculation for proof — and may PUMA-land be the last place in America where people still care about facts.

One of the most disturbing things this past year (there are several) was the complete abandonment of principles, ethics and respect for the truth by so many members of Left Blogistan.  If we PUMAs are to have any relevance in the future we must firmly adhere to liberal principles and ideals, including, but not limited to, honesty, objectivity, equality, fairness and logic. 

We can, however, still be foul-mouthed bloggers who say “fuck” and other dirty words.

170 Responses

  1. Me Aries too

  2. I am here

  3. Leo

  4. G’morning afrocity!

    How are things in Chi-town?

  5. ..myiq…well the helicopters have finally stopped flying by my house.

  6. leo like Afrocity!

  7. myiq LOL — but are you April 12 — those are the best aries.

  8. It’s so freeing not having a party anymore! I celebrate that! When the talk radio crowd goes full blast into scandal mode finally “vetting” Obama, I won’t have to waste my time defending him.

    I think the next four years are a waste anyway. With all the debt, neither candidate would have been able to do anything. And with the GOP still having at least 40 seats, expect lots and lots of fillibusters and Obama continually caving to them and giving them what they want. Obama can never revert to using the race card against them ever again.

  9. Hi Fuzzy!!! (I’m still up from yesterday!) I was awake for the whole bloody thing!

  10. Thank you to everyone on this blog for keeping me somewhat sane over this past year. I mostly lurked, but this wonderful blog and its writers will always be remembered as bright spot in an otherwise miserable year.

    Take care.

  11. Poor Biden. Still invisible.

  12. myiq — um, you can blog & still have that affair, you know.

  13. Midlife Mama — no reason to leave; we’ll still be here!

  14. Midlife Mama,

    Thanks but feel free to contribute anytime. We will still be here.

  15. I am totally lost…but before I want to bed I read the book “six million paperclips”-its about how the children’s holocaust memorial in Whitwell,Tennessee came to be….

    we are entering a period of intolerance so to anyones thought but Obama’s…I bet the Obots are the first people who are disapointed in there leader!

  16. Ga6th I agree — I’m not defending anything re: BO.

  17. April 1st, not 12th

    I can’t have an affair, at least not until I get married again

  18. Me, I have to sort through a couple of thousand emails, find the ones I want to keep, and delete all rest (i.e the ones from all the activist groups who wanted me to vote Obama).
    I have plenty to do: my mom’s house to fix up, a scooter to customize, some online money-making, stacks of books to read and movies to watch, some health problems to sort out…plenty of work I can do which will help me flush out the negative energies….

  19. fuzzy — yep, the Obos are first in line for that huge karmic slap in the face. And I’ll be enjoying it.

  20. fuzzy is going through a big depression….wondering is it possible to unregister to vote?

  21. Me I have to figure out how to move to Europe.

  22. I did not sleep well. I’ve been up for over an hour and couldn’t get back to sleep because all I could and still think about is how ACORN got away with it and now they’ll never be investigated. “That Bastard” is still running over and over again in my head.

    Tomorrow I start my move to Seattle. It’ll take me about five days towing that darn trailer on my little Matrix. I’ll have five days to myself and my thoughts and how Obama stole this election. I’ll probably be insane by the end of the week.

  23. Sergei — health problems? nothing too serious I hope.
    I have to get back in the gym & start saying “no to the plate” I gained 10 lbs this election!

  24. ” If we PUMAs are to have any relevance in the future we must firmly adhere to liberal principles and ideals, including, but not limited to, honesty, objectivity, equality, fairness and logic.”

    I agree.

    I tried, very hard, to influence Conflucians to focus analytically on what the polls were saying to us. Very few, IMO, seemed to want to listen. So, I want to support myiq’s call for honesty, objectivity, equality, fairness and logic in the times ahead. We need vision AND we need discipline. We need respect for what is, as distinct from what we want it to be.

    This may not be as bad as we imagine it could be. It almost certainly will not be as good as BO’s supporters think it will be.

    It’s historic for African-American people, and I feel for their joy. That’s a very good thing to come out of all this.

  25. I am thinking of changing my party to PUMA wonder if they will let me?

  26. afrocity — lets see how things go — odds are nothing “really” bad is going to happen (like some of the really out there scenarios — I think BO is the corporate candidate not some sleeper). But if we see the signs we are off to Greece.

  27. Ladies and gentlemen:

    The United States of America was born in a successful revolution against the mightiest empire of its time.

    The USA survived a rematch against that empire.

    The USA survived its Civil War.

    The USA survived the First World War.

    The USA survived the Great Depression.

    The USA survived the Second World War.

    The USA survived the Cold War.

    The USA survived eight years of the Chimperor and Darth Cheney.

    The USA can survive eight years of Plastic Jesus Obama if it must do so, although I suspect it will only survive four years–he’s Carter 2.0, folks. Can you say “backlash elections”? 😉

    Nothing short of a catastrophe capable of destroying civilization itself–global nuclear war, cosmic object impact, or something else on that scale–can destroy our United States of America, certainly no false messiah and his mob of street rabble.

    I had misplaced my childhood’s patriotism.

    I think I have found it again.

    So maybe Plastic Jesus and his Oborg did me a favor after all. 🙂

  28. Cheer up Fuzzy!

    You still have us, and soon you can tell all those annoying Obots “I told you so!” and “Don’t blame me, I voted for Sarah!”

  29. myiq2xu, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:27 am Said:

    April 1st, not 12th

    I can’t have an affair, at least not until I get married again

    Well if you have two lovers — you’d be having an affair with one and a “relationship” with the other.

    Either that or some dogs get very jealous and any attention given to another being is considered an affair.

  30. Ga6th, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:24 am Said:
    . And with the GOP still having at least 40 seats, expect lots and lots of fillibusters and Obama continually caving to them and giving them what they want.

    When Obama said he wanted to be “post-partisan”, I knew that what the GOP heard – and what he meant – was that he was going to cave, and cave often.

    But who knows, maybe that will be another broken promise. If so, it’ll be the first one I actually WANT him to break. 🙂

  31. Urge,

    This has not helped AA’s. You remember my words.

  32. myiq — April Fool’s Day — I should have known.
    affairs don’t have to be illicit to qualify as affairs, you know.

  33. afrocity, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:28 am Said:
    Me I have to figure out how to move to Europe.

    Go to Canada and take a right. 😉

  34. Oh, BTW – Obamanation is trying to blame Sarah for McCain losing.

    The misogyny never ends.

    But the GOP ain’t buying it, so she’ll be back.

  35. Sergi,

    I may do that too…Canada. I don’t want BO’s hands on my money.

  36. “Well if you have two lovers — you’d be having an affair with one and a “relationship” with the other.”

    No, I’d be having a threesome

  37. Hell, think of all the fun we’ll have watching PJ and the Oborg unwittingly engineering their own downfall! 🙂

  38. myiq — blame Sarah for McCain losing? Wasn’t BO a shoo in before Sarah?

  39. Angie:

    Illicit is the only way to go

  40. myiq,

    The Obamanation blames anything that pee’s sitting down.

  41. all affairs are not adultery — a “love affair” by itself does not imply adultery.

  42. angienc, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:29 am Said:
    Sergei — health problems? nothing too serious I hope.
    I have to get back in the gym & start saying “no to the plate” I gained 10 lbs this election!

    Mostly not serious for me (except for one or two); they are “teaching illnesses.” But thanks for your concern (I wasn’t fishing for it, honest.. 🙂 )

    I’m up 35 since 2000, time to do what I know I need to to take it off.

  43. myiq — it doesn’t have to be adultery to be illicit.

  44. Obamanation fears Sarah 2012

  45. Obamanation fears anything that pees sitting down.

  46. My policy is “If it’s a sin, I’m in!”

  47. If BO was smart he would choose Palin for Energy Commissioner or whatever it is called. Will he? Nope.

  48. Sorry urgetocompute I want every Obama supporter to feel the pain I feel by election 2012….I want them to see this fraud for what he is….I want everyone who participated in this hijacking of democracy to crushed and made hungery and homeless….I want a lot of reaping you you sow!

  49. my heart is breaking for sarah palin

    I hold the media accountable for what they did to her, and I will never forget.

  50. myiq2xu, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:33 am Said:
    Oh, BTW – Obamanation is trying to blame Sarah for McCain losing.

    The misogyny never ends.

    But the GOP ain’t buying it, so she’ll be back.

    Topsy-turvy O-nation thinking again. As that guy pointed out on his “Toast” post, she actually energized the party AND purged it of faux conservatives at the same time.

  51. It’s historic for African-American people, and I feel for their joy. That’s a very good thing to come out of all this.

    Baloney to this crap.

    O-zero is NOT an African American — he did not grown up in the AA community. HE is using the AA and 95% are too damned r@cist to know that he played a gotcha on them.

    They didn’t pay his way into the White House — in fact we don’t know WHO is buying O-zero. His donors list via credit cards is bogus.

    I cannot abide r@cism and the AA community demonstrated blatant r@cism. There will be serious consequences to this this — and a whole lot of people are going to be angry when their illusions are ground to dust.

    This was the most blatant r@cist and sexist — hateful campaign I have ever seen. So there is no god damned fucking joy for r@cists — EVER.

    I guess I am a liberal no longer — because I will NEVER see the joy or good in a sexist pig and his sexist pig followers.

    What joy is there when someone can only win by cheating and lying and stealing???

  52. I really like the Toast post and it made sense. The problem is that he was counting the election to be fair and logical.

  53. Good morning lovely friends. I went to bed at 9:30, but must admit I sleep little. We can all feel sorry for ourselves (and America) for a few days, but then we need to get over it and fight for America. I’m off tomorrow for a weekend getaway with Lovo–parents weekend at our Freshman daughters school. It will be good for my spirits. Today, we get to hold our heads up high. We are patriots and should be proud that we did not vote for The One. Peace PUMA

  54. Sarah is the front-runner for 2012, but the party big-wigs don’t want her.

    She’s a reformer and a maverick

    If they can’t buy her they’ll try to beat her.

    The rank and file loves her like we love Hillary.

  55. afrocity, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:35 am Said:

    I may do that too…Canada. I don’t want BO’s hands on my money.

    Myself, I’m staying here. My music school is here, and my old piano teacher is in Chicago. And I love this ‘ol town so much. 🙂

  56. if palin wants to make a go at it in 2012, she needs to remain very active nationally… perhaps she should link up with T Boone Pickens and work with him on Energy issues. That will keep her in the spotlight from time to time.

  57. I’ll take Angie somewhere warm and teach her some new sins

  58. sod — I need your opinion — on facebook 1/2 of my “friends” are Obots. They have actually posted their “status” which is what you are doing/thinking right now full of all these ecstatic comments as if BO getting elected has cured all of society’s ills. One girl (lets call her Kim) has “Kim sees that the words all men are created equal made a giant leap forward today in this country (and by “men” I mean “people”). I sh!t you know — the idiot actually wrote this. So, I wanted to write something that took Prop. 8 into account (the fact that BO won CA by 10 points but Prop. 8 passed). So far, the best we’ve come up with is:

    “Angela sees that the GBLT didn’t get a unity pony.” OR

    “Angela sees that in CA all men are created equal unless they like other men”

    what do you think and can you come up with something better?

  59. Northwest,

    I agree with EVERY point you have made.

    AA’s have been allowed to get away with this.

    Obama’s aunt will be offered a position in the white house as a maid if she is lucky. Or Barry may still let her get deported. Or she will suddenly die like everyone else in his family. I am happy for BO’s girls. I hope he gets to let us know them better.

  60. sorry shower time!

  61. myiq — luckily for you, premarital sex (or fornication if you want to go old school) is still a sin. So, I’m in. I love the beach.

  62. Oh, yeah, and I should finish the half-dozen books I’m writing…. 🙂

  63. Honora,

    BO says we are resistant to change.

    I am done with the DNC and HRC.

  64. fuck obama, seriously, and every fucking dumb ass gay person who voted for him. His cowardice and homophobia have cost us our fundamental rights. Prop 8 was passed in CA If he had helped, it would have failed. I hold him entirely accountable and will never forgive him. I spit on him and wish him nothing but harm. All the gays and so called feminists that voted for him are dead to me. fuck them

  65. angienc, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:46 am Said:
    myiq — luckily for you, premarital sex (or fornication if you want to go old school) is still a sin. So, I’m in. I love the beach.

    “It’s only premarital sex if you plan on getting married.” 🙂

  66. posting for the 4th time:

    I love this line:

    angienc, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:38 am Said:

    Obamanation fears anything that pees sitting down.


    This is bumper sticker material.

  67. afrocity — I think the real (non-voter fraud) election played out exactly how the toast guy said it would. The numbers were fixed — hell, they were probably fixed BY the Sec. of States themselves.

  68. angienc, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:46 am Said:
    myiq — luckily for you, premarital sex (or fornication if you want to go old school) is still a sin. So, I’m in. I love the beach.

    “It’s only premarital sex if you plan on getting married.” 🙂

  69. I am done with DNC as well. they will never get another vote from me ever.

  70. Northwest rain — actually, I was riffing on what afrocity said first:

    Obamanation blames anything that pees sitting down.

    But I do think fear is a more comprehensive word to describe their actions.

  71. Words really do fail in trying to describe a deep feeling of waste and great loss of respect for my fellow Americans. Yes, the DNC conspired to give us a horrible choice, but America went along, blissfully ignorant and oblivious to the consequences. And we the people will all pay the price, again. We did not learn the lessons of re-electing GWB in ‘04, we just lurched to the opposite extreme in a combination of panic, emotional immaturity, and laziness, but also because of the lack of basic, fundamental knowledge or our power. The subversion of our primary system, May 31, 2008, and the sham convention went by without notice by too damned many millions. If no importance is attached by the network and print media then it didn’t happen. As far as ability, knowledge, and expertise, BO could have been picked out of the yellow pages and propped up by hundreds of millions.

    Political science has to be re-awakened. Something has to happen at the root level in our public education and journalism schools across the country so the next generation cannot be stampeded so easily over the cliff. Time to roll up the sleeves, stay involved, and keep demanding accountability. The Obots won’t.

    I don’t get around much in the blogs, but PUMA and Confluence have helped me along in this year of insanity. Take care all.

  72. Afrocity,
    You are right about that dress MO is wearing. It does look tranny. I don’t think I’ve seen a more hideous dress since Laura Bush wore that couch upholstery suit in 2000.

  73. myiq2xu, on November 5th, 2008 at 6:44 am Said:

    I’ll take Angie somewhere warm and teach her some new sins

    I”ve always been an A student, eager to learn! 😉

  74. Thomas — what is with the “take care all” we are still here, and I for one plan on still being here.

  75. Yep — I agree garychapelhill

    There are a whole lot of “feminists” who are anything but.

    I do NOT understand the gays and lesbians who supported a homophobic like O-zero.

    I’m still in shock that one of my very best gay friends voted O-zero because he “wasn’t bush”.

    The media certainly did a job on McCain 75 % of the coverage was negative — Fox news was balanced — the rest of the “news” was only 14% negative in the O-zero news coverage.

    When the media CHOOSE the candidate — and gave highly biased coverage of a war hero, an honest and decent person — it is no wonder that O-zero was telling his donors not to worry that he WAS going to win.

    FUCK THE MEDIA. Oh and the horses they rode in on.

  76. Look at Angie, trying to steal the black woman’s words and profit from it. You Pat Boone you! 😉 I am gonna sick President Barack Hussein on you!!!

  77. PUMA up folks — we still have each other and alot of work ahead…..
    I thank everyone here from the bottom of my heart…. the support that each of us gave the other was priceless and I could not and cannot live without it!

    Support is still going to be needed in the days to come…. the LGBT community lost big time in this election so those of us PUMAs who are pink have even more work to do.

    So …. elder PUMAs …we need a game plan…..

  78. So what does proposition 8 mean?

  79. Sadly, McCain’s closing lines from his stump speech resonate even more: “Stand up with me and Fight!” I think the old man knew the only shot he had was to get a super, super majority or the voter fraud would win.

  80. Maybe in four years Oliver Stone will come out with a movie called “O” , laying out all the facts about Obama.

    [Hey, I can dream, can’t I? 🙂 ]

  81. Prop. 8 means no same-sex marriages valid in CA

  82. Angie:

    I prefer a really bad student

    Are you really bad?

  83. Now we will see if President Obama can govern. And if the Congress can do so. The Republicans still control the courts in most areas and I wonder if we are going to see antics in that area again as in the Clinton terms.

    I am disappointed but not surprised nor afraid except for the finances of ordinary people. So many people are expecting all of their problems to be solved and it is not going to happen, many of their problems are going to get worse. We as a country cannot borrow our way out of a problem any longer and the piper has to be paid. Austerity will be touted as patriotic but it is really only austerity.

    I am going to spend the absolute minimum on everything but food. Since President Obama thinks we as Americans eat too much, I am going to eat extremely well just for my health, enjoyment and spite. Oh yes, and getting my hair done.

  84. We call it Prop H8

  85. I think women still have a long way to go to be treated equal in this country. That is sooo sad to say. It will take a very courageous woman to run again because of all the sexism in America. That, to me, is very sad.

    I guess most of us (18 million) went over to Obama’s side. That is too bad. I feel betrayed again. Oh well, I will make the most of the next 4 years and hope that America can withstand Obamanation for that long as well.

  86. myiq — under your definition, yes, I’m really, really bad.
    I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I know this much is true, I want to do bad things with you.

  87. afrocity! I said I was riffing on it! I thought we were doing a little jazz scat! LMAO!!!

  88. NoObo: One of the projections that I saw on Fox last night was that approx 18% of HRC voters went to John McCain. That’s something for a group that has voted reliably democratic.

  89. Angie:

    You’re gonna get us both kicked out of here

  90. Isolde (love your name)

    I was just thinking the same thing about spending. I am not doing Xmas gifts this year. I usually give way more than I get. WAY more. Many were Obots who never sent thank you card.

    I am also too giving of my time. I am going to stop teaching after this semester. and do what I can to leave America.

  91. I just blogged about what I plan on doing, rebel.


  92. AngieNC-

    oh about “To the LGBT Community-BOHICA”

  93. myiq2xu, on November 5th, 2008 at 7:00 am Said:


    You’re gonna get us both kicked out of here

    Worried about getting kicked out? You’re not quite as bad as I thought! 😉

  94. fuzzy — what does BOHICA mean?

  95. Hi, delurking for one minute to say THANK YOU.

    This has been a wild ride of seeing my hopes in both HRC and McPalin crushed, and I don’t think I could have survived it for long if not for the wonderful wit, snark, intelligence, confidence, and comfortable atmosphere found here.

    I’ll stay here (lurking probably) and whatever next step PUMA takes i’m ready to take it with them.

    Thank you

  96. chatblu:

    I know, but our 18% didn’t make a difference…that is sad. Sorry, I am feeling down. What swayed the election??? ACORN? Independents?

  97. Thanks Kevin. I am proud to be a member of this group. It is the best blog with the sort of people that one only dreams about being friends with.

  98. thanks kevin! come on over (ie “delurk”) any time you want

  99. If I get tossed out of here where will I go to blog?

    Besides, I don’t mind an audience but we should charge admission

  100. Many “True Believers” will end up being very very disappointed in The Messiah. He cannot possibly begin to fulfill all of his promises unless he figures out how to work with people he doesn’t like. And when the sheeple wake up to reality, some are going to be very angry and that’s when we’ll begin to see unrest in the inner cities. I’m thinkin’ 2010.

    Although not a Puma by birth, I consider myself one by adoption. Thank you all for your passion, intelligence, and wisdom. The fight has only just begun.

  101. practicing my PUMA Comebacks…

    “I told you so!”

    “Do not Blame Me I Voted for McCain!”

    ok got them memorized!

  102. Florida, where I live, even went for Obama. It was close but he still won. I am upset about that especially after what happened in the Primaries.

  103. B-end

  104. Mary:

    No matter what Obama does some of his supporters will be upset, but I’m guessing it will be the so-called progressives and the AA’s that will be the most unhappy

  105. afrocity — dreams about being friends with? we are friends! Bu we are the best group in town, I do have to admit.

    BTW — if you want proof that we are friends, I will post my “junk email” address on here (the only I use to send all spam, etc when I buy stuff on line & only visit when I’m expecting an email or once every 2 months just to delete all), send me your email to that one & I will send you my “real” email back. How’s that? We are friends. Let me know if you want me to post it (and tell me when you sent it LOL or it might sit there until I go delete everything).

  106. My comments are NOT posting — when I hit submit comment the page jumps to the top.

    What I’m trying to say — Afrocity — you need to take care of yourself and GIVE yourself gifts. If the Obots don’t bother to send thank you notes — teach them a lesson.

    I have a couple of nephews like that — and so I stopped giving them gifts. I’m going to leave them out of my will (when I write one).

  107. fuzzy! LMAO!!

  108. afrocity, on November 5th, 2008 at 7:07 am Said:
    I am proud to be a member of this group. It is the best blog with the sort of people that one only dreams about being friends with.

    Hey, well, if you want, I will come visit you in Chicago; I am only 90 miles away 🙂

  109. Northwest — are you putting links on your posts? or are you using forbidden words? if so the comment will not post.

  110. ok, myiq — I’ll shut up now.

  111. Well, here we go again. Feels like 2000 when Bush won. Very empty.

  112. BO will not be respected in the white house. I could see that from the Al Smith roast. Obama is a token negro for the DNC. The DNC has finally found a way to use blacks again.
    A true AA is not president anyway. BO is bi-racial. BUT expect BO to squash any other true AA from getting power. BO will protect that legacy of first AA, until he dies. BO is selfish. His senate seat is going to Jesse Jackson Jr. who in my POV is more what I was thinking of as first AA president.

  113. I guess all the votes have been counted!

  114. Nothing in the moderation queue

  115. NoObo, on November 5th, 2008 at 7:07 am Said:

    What swayed the election??? ACORN? Independents?

    NoObo, one thing stands out from a longer term analysis of the polls – the economy did it. McCain was ahead until the economic meltdown began. He never recovered.

  116. Sergi you have a date!

  117. i still cant believe what has happened….. america elects a black president ……. world becomes colored blind.but its still ok to diss the gay community.my geuss is the gays will be first to go to gitmo lol
    i am so confused …… i thought i was liberal buti voted for mccain. i thought i was a democrat but i voted for mccain. i am gay but didn’t care if prop 8 past. mostly from the political fighting with my gay friends who drank the koolaid

  118. 6:31am–I meant to say “it will only NEED TO survive four years”–maybe I should get some sleep. 🙂

  119. angienc — no forbidden words — or links.

    every 3 or 4th comment posts — the one you are responding to was the 3rd try — nothing nasty. Now if I use the F word — THAT posts immediately.

  120. Screw all you in CA who voted for BO AND Prop 8. May you rot in hell cursed to be witness to an endless succession of tacky gay marriages.

  121. urge — the manufactured economic meltdown — not that it wasn’t coming but that whole brouhaha right when it happened was a farce.

  122. Don’t shut up!

    I need to find us a private room

  123. afrocity, Thanks. I had already decided to cut back on Christmas. My gift to most people this year are classic cookbooks. I am giving mostly used thus very cheap and easy to find books, plus the favorite local charity cookbook. This is running under 20 bucks for a interesting gift and I am trying to keep to a theme for each one.

  124. My faith in the american voter is shaken…I just in the words of phil collins “I dont care anymore”

    I will be back but am taking a break and going to work I want to make a proposal that triple our electric rates to show support for obama’s bankrupt the coal industry!

  125. mamw — help me write a good tag line for my idiot face book friends who actually think the “world is a better place now”
    So far, my choice are:

    “angela sees the GLBT community didn’t get a unity pony”


    “Angela sees that in CA all men are created equal unless that man likes another man.”

    — yes, one of my moronic face book friends (Kim) wrote “Kim thinks the phrase all men are created equal made a giant leap forward tonight (and by “men” I mean “people”).

    So, which of my two choice do you like better, or do you have another suggestion.

  126. I agree angienc — that economic meltdown was a farce.

    And I’ve read blogs dealing with the economy that called it economic terrorism — that many traders saw a pattern in the way it happened.

    Then when we look at just who O-zero uses for his “economic” advisers — we are going to be in deep dodo very soon.

    I expect that the midterm elections will be volcanic.

  127. America shits on POW. Elects guy with middle name Hussein, with friends who bomb the pentagon.

    (oh great the helicopters are circling again)

  128. oh and in this case Iof Mr Obama

    “you get what you pay for”

    I believed they were overcharged!

  129. Atlas Shrugged, according to Ayn Rand. In her novel, the thinkers and doers withdrew from a society full of users and blind sheep, so they could live their lives amongst like-minded people who appreciated and rewarded their intellect and hard work. So do I. Whatever bad things happen in the next four years, the country is (again) getting what it asked for. I wash my hands of all of them.

    It is an honor to be able to come to places like this one, where I can be amongst like-minded people. Thanks for being here!

  130. I got it sergi

  131. Hope the LGBT community realizes that they lost last night….

  132. mawminc, on November 5th, 2008 at 7:16 am Said:
    Screw all you in CA who voted for BO AND Prop 8. May you rot in hell cursed to be witness to an endless succession of tacky gay marriages.

    Or, “May you discover that the woman (/man) you just married is a man (/woman). ” 🙂

  133. afrocity — you have mail — I sent you an email from my “real” email not my junk email — so you have now! We are more then just “blog friends” we have moved on to a more intimate level of virtual friendships!! LOL

  134. afrocity, on November 5th, 2008 at 7:24 am Said:
    I got it sergi

    Abzug? As in Bella Abzug???

  135. I wonder how Patsy is doing? She was really upset about this whole election and the disdain that O-zero shows for the troops.

    It must not be a good time to be a soldier — I know the feeling — there was hostility toward the military during a large part of the cold war. O-zero grew up in Hawaii and there is an attitude toward the military among the locals — and he seems to have picked up that attitude.

  136. angienc, how about

    John hates you.

  137. Sergi, it serves them right. Wait until GLBT see that the very AA’s that they have given power to, are extreme homophobes.

  138. Great Angie.

    Sergi, yes Bella Abzug

  139. mawm LOL — “John hates you”? why John? for McCain?

  140. Northwest rain, on November 5th, 2008 at 7:21 am Said:
    I agree angienc — that economic meltdown was a farce.

    And I’ve read blogs dealing with the economy that called it economic terrorism — that many traders saw a pattern in the way it happened.

    I did think the timing was a bit…convenient. Do you have any links to those blogs?

  141. fuzz-=you must work for Florida Plunder and Loot, which appears to be gunning for a rate hike becaude of increased fuel costs. Only in Florida …………………

  142. afrocity — you put up a new picture!

  143. Myiq,

    Great post. In the UK the party not in power is referred to as the “loyal opposition.” And when the British surrendered in Yorktown in 1781, the band played a song called “The World Turned Upside Down.”

    It feels that way this morning. And I believe he will be a one term president. And Hillary could challenge him in four years after That One has focked (misspelling intentional) up.

    What a mess! Perhaps its time to improve the educational system. Parents work all year round so why not expand the school year so that teachers can cover civics.

    H/T Afrocity.

  144. I’m John

  145. Since you now have exchanged emails I’m deleting those posts in case trolls come by

    The may be junk emails but you don’t want crap too

  146. Mar, I believe anyone who became president is a oneterm pres. Sadly, that will mean a return to the Repubs in 2012.

  147. thanks myiq — is it ok for me to say that to you? 🙂

  148. afrocity, on November 5th, 2008 at 7:28 am Said:
    Sergi, yes Bella Abzug

    Wow, and I thought *I* was a political junkie, hehe

  149. mawm LMAO — sorry — I didn’t get it.
    I’ll write: Angela’s friend John hates you, and she does too.

  150. I hoped that when I woke up this morning I’d find a miracle. Not so. I still cannot believe that the Obama campaign’s dirty deeds, the most despicable ever in th US, were rewarded with the presidency.

    Is it strange that those who voted BO also voted for Prop 8? Not at all. He is the replacement for Bush in people’s minds.(What he really is we don’t know). Will he be out in 4 years? I think he will have refined his illegal, unethical, election winning methods to such an extent that he will be in the WH another 4 years.

    The media gave us the war and they have now “given” us Obama. They are reveling in their power.

  151. looking — and don’t forget — last night Israel sent airstrikes on Gaza! And BO will show us the way!!

  152. Angie:

    You can say lots of things to me, just keep it PG-13 when the kids are awake

  153. I predict we will start hearing (if we actually hear anything at all on this) that Israel was the aggressor and/or that “both sides need to show restraint.”

  154. 😉

  155. New thread up!

  156. angienc, on November 5th, 2008 at 7:34 am Said:
    looking — and don’t forget — last night Israel sent airstrikes on Gaza! And BO will show us the way!!

    Ok, so already we have new violence in Palestine, and a plunge in the Japanese stock exchange….

    Obama is off to a great start.

  157. My xmas gifts will say

    Merry Xmas!!! Here is your $10 gift card to Best Buy. I am sure that this must come as a shock to you as you are accustomed to receiving far more gifts and stocking stuffers full o’goodies from Auntie Afrocity. However in keeping with the philosophy of our newly elected President Barack Hussein Obama (yes, “That One”)
    I have come to realize that our dear leader was right about EVERYTHING. Therefore I have adopted his vision of spreading the wealth around. I have made a $250 donation in your name to the NRA (RNC, Pro-life org, any other anti-liberal org) . See, I am not that resistant to change after all 😉

    Happy Holidays!

    Dont forget to leave out cookie crumbs for Santa Redistribution!!!!

  158. eff it all — half of those face book “friends” are only friends in the loosest sense of the word. I’m writing:
    “Angela feels bad that the CA GLBT community didn’t get a unity pony despite the fact that BO carried the state by 10. Guess all men aren’t created equal after all.”
    Not short, not pithy, but it says it al.

  159. If there is a bright side to all this…and it is hard to find one, is, that we won’t have to listen to woman bashing from the MSM and the blogs about Sarah Palin and Hillary.

    The dark side is that women still have a long way to go to achieve equality in American politics. 😦

  160. afrocity — you have got to go and see the new post RD just posted.

  161. afrocity:


    I think I will do the same!

  162. We’ve already talked about this: HRC will disappear in an Obama administration. It’s already started.

  163. Taurus, here and I am bullheaded as hell. SO what next?

  164. Chatblue,

    You are probably right.

    Although I was also forgetting my civics lesson. The election must be confirmed in the Electoral College.

    If election irregularities caused McCain to lose a very red state (i.e., Ohio) perhaps the electors for the state could mount a challenge.

    Sometimes we think something is final but the process has not been finished.

  165. True enough.

  166. Thank you so much for the words of wisdom.

    NoObo mentions a bright side.

    I think we should be happy that one ceiling has been shattered. We should be grateful that we may get one or more pro-choice justices on the US Supreme Court. We should be happy to see the beautiful Obama girls grow up in the White House. We should enjoy the jubilation of some of our allies (we better, as I don’t expect it to last long when they understand his lack of experience, but maybe he will learn fast). We should heartily support any and all reasonable legislation and executive orders that come up. We should hope that Senator Obama will rise to the role he has obtained, even if he did so by running the nastiest campaign of a Democrat perhaps ever. Many of our Presidents have had great personal flaws, but have done great things for the country.

    We should be very proud of the concession speeches of both Senator Clinton and Senator McCain and be thankful they are both still in the Senate to work for us and to defend our Constitution.

    But we should also support and defend our Constitution and pour scorn on any new ideas that threaten it (civilian army, FISA, etc).

    And, as I said on another thread, I plan to stock up on gold and single malt Scotch.


  167. myiq2xu, Thanks, I needed that!

    I may not post often, but I will be here everyday.

    I will need the fix to survive President BO.


  168. Is anyone with me in moving to Antartica? Maybe the penguins will treat me better than the DNC has. Before I leave, I’ll be sure to change my registered status from Democrat to INDEPENDENT. I’m through with the DNC.

  169. What am I going to do? Finish editing THE AUDACITY OF DEMOCRACY and move on to my next project.

  170. Thx Brad for all your hard work and courage.

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