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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
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    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
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Too paranoid or not paranoid enough?


This past year has seen many strange and unususal events.  Recognizing that something is strange and unusual doesn’t make you paranoid, delusional or a whack-job.  As we progress from infancy to mature adulthood we learn to connect cause and effect, which allows us to both explain and predict events.

We know that what goes up must come down, water runs downhill, alcohol makes you drunk and babies come from having sex.  In fact, if we see the effect we don’t need to observe the cause to know that the cause exists.  A common law school explanation for “circumstantial evidence” is if when you go to bed it is clear and dry outside but when you wake up in the morning everything is covered with snow, you can be reasonably certain that it snowed during the night even though you didn’t see it happen.

But sometimes we see an effect that has no apparent cause, or we see a cause that doesn’t have the expected effect, and when that occurs it’s perfectly normal to consider it strange and unusual.  And when someone gives you an explanation that doesn’t make sense, you don’t have to know what the truth is to conclude that the person is lying to you.

Among the things that are strange and unusual about this election campaign is the way the media has been so completely in the tank for Barack Obama almost from the time he first emerged on the national stage back in 2004.  It wasn’t quite so evident during the primary campaign because the media has hated the Clintons for the better part of two decades, but when the primaries ended virtually the entire media moved in lockstep to support Obama, abandoning John McCain who had been their long-time favorite.

This is a strange and unusual occurrance because the media has been favoring GOP candidates and/or hating Democrats for years.  While there have been numerous stories in the blogosphere discussing the media’s enthusiastic support for Obama, most of them assume that the media is made up of individuals acting independently.

I find it difficult to believe that a large and diverse group of people working in the television and print media as well as prominent lefty bloggers would all join in unanimous agreement practically overnight.  I find it much more likely that a smaller and far less diverse group would do so.  That smaller and less diverse group is made up of the people who own and/or control most of our “free” press.

Rupert Murdoch, Jack Welch, Robert Iger, Ted Turner, Leslie Moonves, Craig Dubow, Bill McClatchy and Arthur Sulzberger Jr. control a big chunk of television, print and radio media.  These individuals, along with the other people who pay the salaries of the talking heads and writers with whom we are more familiar all have something in common: they are very wealthy.  And by “very wealthy” I ain’t talking about Joe the Plumber kinda money, I’m talking about “Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless” stuff.

Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, Maureen Dowd and Bill Kristol are just a few of the bloviating gasbags who make lots of money being inane, puerile and obtuse to reality.  They can’t be ignorant because they are college educated and have far more access to information than most of the general public.  Why would anyone pay them so much money for being so egregiously incompetent unless they were doing exactly what they were hired to do?  It’s obviously not a bug, it’s a feature.

So why do all those wealthy individuals who own and/or control the media want Barack Obama as our President?

I’m guessing it ain’t for the same reason all those African Americans and nutroots progressives supported him.

UPDATE:  The public stoning of Sarah Palin continues:

Uncritically, Carl Cameron and Shep Smith are reporting that some anonymous McCain aides say that Palin didn’t know that Africa was a continent; she thought, allegedly, it was a country.

It does not occur to either man to question these anonymous, and quite absurd, claims.

Or to wonder if perhaps these aides are of the Buckley/Parker sort, or if they perhaps have in mind a candidate they prefer in 2012…

Thus even Fox News begins the campaign to irradiate Palin to toxic levels for 2012.


Here’s a story these staffers tell: Sent to collect Palin from a hotel, she greeted them, straight from the shower (running late, I guess ) dressed (scandal!) only in a bathrobe (presumably a very thick hotel bathrobe).

These staffers called that “uncommon” — Cameron delighted in the word to give it the sound of “whorish, unprofessional.”

Rupert Murdoch owns FOX News.

260 Responses

  1. Angie’s not here yet?

  2. I personally think this is the first thing we need to combat, the media. They are just out of control.

  3. I am beyond disturbed…. a reporter could say that he “heard’ that Palin got on her knees and serviced every staffer on a daily basis…. and the media would report it as fact and wouldn’t contest it at all…. but if someone points out that Obama’s college records are sealed? shhhh…. sweep that under the rug

    This has gone beyond realistic…. apparently Palin doesn’t know what countries are in North America…. if this woman is SOOOOOOOO dumb….. how in the hell did she get elected as governor? Did anyone stop and think about it that way? This is beyond ridiculous and utterly unbelievable….

  4. I just posted the same thing on the last thread, Ana.

  5. Maybe instead of uncommon, they should have said common. Or more precisely, commoner. She’s just regular folks, ya know. Not worthy of contaminating their rarified air.

  6. IQ,
    If a candidate pays networks half a billion dollars to air ads, do you think they wouldn’t be in the tank for him?

  7. I said on the last thread we need to build our coalition around gender issues.

  8. gapeach: she’s trailer trash. Same as them damned Clintons.

    I grew up in a trailer and know some trailer trash who were just as smart–or smarter–than people I went to grad school with. Its not about competency so much as a class thing. The efficacy of trailer trash politician to change the political landscape scares the power brokers.

  9. I’m shocked at what I’m witnessing.

  10. sod,
    we have to be smart in any new movement/coalition. Case in point: electoral politics. MoveOn spent millions and millions of dollars on the presidential race and didn’t have any impact. A smart movement will use a millions of dollars to win several low-level races.

  11. I’m glad to see that there are still people out there willing to defend the poor trodden masses against the corrupt media establishment. Obviously knowing stuff about where Africa is isn’t important to become President, or 63 million morons wouldn’t have voted for Obama.

  12. “So why do all those wealthy individuals who own and/or control the media want Barack Obama as our President?”

    Nail on the head, myiq. Nail on the head.

    Whatever we build from here, it has to involve breaking down the brick wall of big money media propaganda. The media rigged this election. A handful of corporate powers held the monopoly over mainstream public info. More and more, I wonder: what does it mean to have free and fair elections?

    In the last thread, someone rightfully pointed out that the big media turned on Palin because they saw her as trash. So, that became the narrative.

  13. Wow myiq!
    I was just going to comment on this very blog post. They’re even saying Palin “took the clothes, even the ones that didn’t fit.” Now why the hell would she do that?

    Remember when the Clintons left the White House they were even accused of taking the furniture? It just never ends.

  14. gq, i was just writing this on PUMA PAC

    I just think we need to bring the PUMA groups together under one place. That would be a good first step.

    Then we need to get more organized, assign duties, have conference calls, set out a plan for 2010. Maybe even consider having some PUMAs run for office in the local level. Those are all good initiatives to me.

    I think that’s we should be collectively working on as a group.

  15. BTW, IQ, why do you think the netroots progressives* supported Obama? From my perspective it wasn’t about the issues.

    * For those who don’t know me well, I use progressive as a pejorative. They revealed themselves this election cycle to be nothing more than opportunistic former Republicans or followers of opportunistic former Republicans.

  16. Hey Harry…do you do this everywhere you go?

  17. Excellent post, myiq: I was just having this conversation earlier today. How could every “different” media outlet have the same stories, same points of view?

    A few elections back, I realized left v. right was a game to keep the masses busy and that the real action was with top v. bottom. Classism is why they went after Bills BJ. Classism, not sexism, is why they went after Martha Stewart. Classism is why the McCain/Palin ticket was doomed from the start. And within the context of classism is the answer why BO’s “win” is a hollow victory for AAs.

  18. Sarah Palin energized the GOP base, but the party leadership doesn’t control her.

    The GOP leadership wants her destroyed just as much as Obama does because they both see her as a threat.

  19. sod, reread that post. I don’t think Harry was saying anything different than what you are saying.

  20. gqm:

    The nutroots leadership was bought and paid for. The first thing they did after selling out was purge dissent.

    That’s why RD left dkos.

  21. sorry Harry — I see Tro!!s everywhere. and sometimes they don’t even know it!

  22. Sophie:

    They all report the same stories with the same slant.

    The also ignore the same stories.

  23. IQ, yup. Same with Hillary. Hillary was the more class conscious of the two Clintons and that scared the hell out of the leadership.

    My tinfoil hat says that the Kerry’s, Kennedy’s, Pelosi’s of the Party want to play the role of some wealthy savior. They need the people to know that they are the ones who are giving the people what they need, not acting in a way that empowers people.

  24. SOD:

    Don’t feel bad, I almost hit the eject button myself.

    That comment could have been worded better.

  25. Palin said the clothes would be auctioned off. And if the media persists in being ignorant then they are more stupid than is tolerable.

    If they had bothered to read Palins interviews, articles, and legilation over time they would know that she very well knows where Africa is.

    This isn’t about Palin, this is about bashing women and reducing them to a negligible zero unless they are Michelle Obama or Oprah.

    And yet 6 out of ten women voted for Obama the mysoginist.

  26. I believe the class thing. But I don’t understand the point. Are they afraid someone not of the ‘elite’ might actually care about people? might not buy into their thinking? what do you think?

  27. IQ, not to pat myself on the back*, but the way the progressives acted this year was something I saw in the works way back in 2006. Read the second to last paragraph.

    * OK, I love to pat myself on the back.

  28. LOI:


    They just pretend to be.

  29. The media is neither ignorant or stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. They knew exactly what they were doing in getting Bush elected in 2000. They knew exactly what they were doing in getting us involved in Iraq. They knew exactly what they were doing in pushing the bailout bill with little debate. And they knew exactly what they were doing in electing Obama.

  30. I don’t understand why this Palin bs is going on. Maybe from Fox if they’re trying to help Romney, but barring him wagging the dog or declaring martial law before the next eletion or something, Obama needs Palin to run. How’s he going to leverage misogyny without a woman running? What, he’ll have to resort to eviscerating the other candidate’s wife? This is about all the one trick pny has–seriously self defeating.

  31. I went shopping today and bought two purses. I needed to get away, clear my mind, and reward myself for surviving this year’s election without going mad.

    The people at the top of the mainstream media are so arrogant and full of themselves that they no longer have any sense of reality. They are much like the stars in Hollywood. They are filthy rich and live in their own world separate from ours. They look at most of America with disdain and believe that they are superior which is how they got to where they are today.

  32. I feel sick. I could not watch TV all day. Finally turned it on and saw that very clip – Cameron bashing Palin. Had to turn it off.

  33. Seriously:

    Palin is a threat to both sides’ leadership.

    Even worse, she has scary girl parts

  34. Yes, the GOP is trying to destroy Palin just like the DNC set out to annihilate Hillary Clinton.

    I wonder if John McCain will come to Palin’s defense.

  35. dyb:

    Say “RNC” or “GOP leadership”

    The GOP rank and file likes Sarah the way we like Hillary

  36. I am trying to understand the class antagonism. Do people need that badly to feel superior?

  37. The media is heavily influenced by the Saudis…..Women scare them……

  38. ARE THEY SO AFRAID OF THIS WOMAN, and the FUTURE of her POWER, that they MUST continue to DESTROY HER!!!!


    Hillary, I’m looking for you in the near future regarding this BS.

  39. Sarah has her defenders. Check out http://www.teamsarah.org/

  40. There are backstories to everything. Whether we know what they are or not.

  41. Sara Palin is a Washington outsider, the insiders do not like it, so its attack & destroy…

  42. Hillary no longer actually exists. The Obama administration will ensure that.

  43. Hillary won’t defend Sarah. She wants to keep her Senate seat – which is pretty shaky right now – since she stand in the race after being told to get out.

  44. I’m more amazed every day.

  45. SOD: Why bother? Just de-friend these people. It’s not worth being disrespected.

  46. Linda> Why do you think Hillary’s seat in NY is in jeopardy? Even if she doesn’t have backing of the DNC – she can raise enough money and has enough backing from Republicans in upstate NY to feel safe, I think.

  47. SOD> Aside from dropping people as friends your daughter can set her account to private. You can even make your account invisible to everyone.

  48. She’s not one to back down.

  49. I worked at the polls all day in suburban PA. Had a brief, cut short, conversation with an active Republican lady. (She is usually there with Lit, and I was there with Democrat Lit before I became a worker. We knew each other from our kids.) We both like Sarah (I probably more so). She started to say that she did not understand, after all the nastiness in the primary, how Hillary could campaign for Obama. So she saw the nastiness. (I assume many Repubs were not paying attention as we were. A lot of Dems, it seems, were not.)

  50. I thought I read somewhere a while ago that a potential alternative candidate was going to be found to go up against her in the Senate primary?

  51. I heard about that too.

  52. “Obviously knowing stuff about where Africa is isn’t important to become President”

    LOL Um, yes, Harry, Obama is unbelievably knowledgeable. That’s why he became the nominee. Oh wait, that was back when being wonky was “so 60’s” and channeling Bush’s willful ignorance was cool. And then when a woman who was almost as ignorant as Obama came along–damn, that b—- wasn’t smart and that was bad–for her. “Don’t vote for the know-nothing as #2, vote for the one who’s number 1.” It all makes sense now.

  53. dyb:

    Hillary can probably keep her Senate seat, but her WH ambitions are over.

    No one will be allowed to even consider a primary challenge to Obama in 2012.

  54. It’s not that people want to be superior per se. They want to be saviors and are threatened by someone who says that people don’t need saviors. Its why I am skeptical–as Alexander Hamilton was–of populists (such as that a-hole Thomas Jefferson who used media propaganda to undermine the Washington administration. And then Jefferson employed some of the very things he decried, such as executive power and the LA purchase.)

  55. Every time some one told me that Sarah Palin was “dumb” I responded that “yeah, becoming governor of a state without going to the right schools or having the right political connections shows how dumb she must be.” That shut the up pretty damn quick. Afrocity some time in the early morning pointed out that McCain/Palin didn’t have a “yalie” on the ticket & would have brought the “change” the Obots were stupidly calling for. Obama is more status quo then Palin will ever be.

  56. I’m certain someone is going to run against her, bashing her for staying in the race. But I think she has enough backing of the state establishment, including Republicans, to make it through. Of course, I’ve been wrong in politics before!

  57. Those who are still bashing Palin at this point are a bunch of cowards. Why don’t they go moose hunting with her and field dress a moose? I bet they wouldn’t do that for fear of getting their fingernails dirty. Talking nonsense is all they’re good for. Gossips with a national audience. The elections are over, give Palin and Hillary a break already.

  58. myiq2xu> Honestly, I thought Hillary’s chances of ever getting to the WH were over on February 5th, 2008.

    Carolyn Kennedy to run against her? Hmm…that would be interesting. If that happens, and Hillary stays in the Democratic party, I’ll wash my hands of her.

  59. If BO endorses someone else, she knows she has a problem. If they run Caroline, she’s gonna have a problem. That’s why it was so important for her to very quickly shift her GE money to 2012. She knows — and I agree– that she’s going to have a challenger. There’s no getting around it. It’s only a matter of who they are and how much money BO helps them get.

  60. Most people know nothing about Africa. Our family had a lady from Liberia living with us, a caregiver. She was for Hillary.

  61. Democrats at the national level are supposed to one of two things:

    1. Fight the good fight and lose

    2. Win and vote/govern like GOP lite

  62. IQ, I have a feeling that experience is going to be en vogue in 2012.

  63. “Even if she doesn’t have backing of the DNC – she can raise enough money and has enough backing from Republicans in upstate NY to feel safe, I think.”

    If Bo handpicks someone to get rid of her (and why wouldn’t he after everything she’s done for him), she could have a hard time with the African American community making up such a large slice of the primary vote.

  64. Totally off-topic:

    One more pony I want: accountability for Bushco. Change in Washington? Gimme justice. That’s change.

    Turn and face the strange…

  65. I don’t see Hillary in any kind of strong position now. She was formidable in August but she has been silenced. She can only praise the One now.

  66. Paranoia – I’ve sunk into it!

    Last night, in all my pain, I talked about a shadow government. My 80 year old Mom asked me tonight why Bush was congratulating NObama. I said because they are paid for by the same people. Have you ever seen two such two-faced “deciders?”

  67. dyb:

    Funny you should say that because she won big that day. CA -NY-NJ-MA

    Not that you could tell from the media reports.

  68. Money talks, especially now, that’s why she’s already working towards 2012.

  69. Thank you gq.

  70. I don’t believe Hillary’s seat will be ‘safe’, event though she literally “killed” herself to secure the down tickets positions,

    I believe they’ll play her for a “fool”, and finish the job they started “attack and destroy”

    She should have WALKED AWAY A LONG TIME AGO, from this party,

    She could have supported and campaigned for her people in the meantime.

  71. Please, if New York ( my home state) was stupid enough to not re-elect Hillary Clinton until the cows come home then I would be shocked. New Yorkers are smart and we know the real deal. She is a better senator than the other 99.

  72. She could NOT have worked for downticket dems and not campaigned for him. That isn’t true and it never has been. They wouldn’t have risked pissing off BO so they wouldn’t have had her. It would have been to their detriment and for some it still was, but he rules the Party now, not here.

  73. gqmartinez –
    u mention the “progressive” websites which we all abandoned what seems like ages ago. will their newfound foul-mouthed, foul-intentioned posters stick with them in the years to come or will they slowly fade away along with the websites? for sure, i will not return.
    i’ve always visited “libertarian” websites as well over the years. the guys who run them hate the corpmedia, taxes, big government, earmarks, dependence on foreign oil, and don’t believe in global warming.
    now u would think they would have been for mcpalin, wouldn’t u? but i can think of 3 big ones (which i will not name because i now refuse to visit them or give them any publicity) who were in the tank for BO til the bitter end. mccain does believe in man-made global warming but palin i think is even smarter in that she believes it is more complex – a combination of cyclical events (such as el nino, historical cycles, etc) PLUS human activities. she should have been the libertarians’ darling. but they were as scathing about her as they were about hillary clinton, so mysogyny has to be one of the main problems.
    mccain’s refusal to vote for earmarks should have made him the darling of the libertarians, but no, they mocked him as outrageously as they mocked HRC and palin.
    when a long list of republicans came out for BO, including colin powell, you would think the “progressive” websites would have had second thoughts.nah.
    when the full weight of the corpmedia came out for BO, you would think the “progressive” websites would have heard alarm bells. nah.
    finally back to the corpmedia. i once asked a 15-year-old american girl visiting my country what programs she liked of the 1200-channel cable stations her parents subscribed to. she had to think a long time before coming up with a single canadian college series!!!
    if we believe in competition, how come customers can’t pick 10 channels for $10/month with rates going up if you want more stations. that would be the quickest way to sort out the wheat from the chaff. i got limited cable for the sake of my invalided father, and there is almost NOTHING worth watching. whatever happened to discovery channel and national geographic? i consider it a good week if there is a single hour on either worth watching. by being forced to have all these channels, we are only perpetuating the rubbish that is being made.
    someone who worked for one of these cable companies joked on radio recently about the policy of one year’s programs repeated for ten years. a caller phoned in and said how come we were originally told we would pay for cable because there wouldn’t be any ads, only to have ads choking up the programs now.

    somehow, some way, i dream of the public taking on the industry and demanding customers have the right to have ten channels OF THEIR CHOICE for $10/month. if that could be achieved, the corpmedia would be shaken to its foundation. aren’t there anti-competitive laws that might allow such a challenge to the cable industry?

  74. Excuse me, not her

  75. gq: what, exactly, were they doing?

  76. She obviously knew what would happen.

  77. SORRY, forgot she’s still our SENATOR.

    I agree with the AA philosophy, they won’t vote for a rcsist———–

    so heartbreaking, I know in my “gut’, they want her OUT.

  78. The GOP leadership told McCain that if he STFU and backed G-Dub his turn was next.

    What they left out was that they would let him be a sacrificial lamb. He almost won anyway, especially when he picked Sarah.

    In 2012, Sarah will not be the “establishment” candidate. But she will have the rank & file voting for her.

    Kinda like Hillary this year.

  79. Well Hill’s seat I believe is up in 2012, so by then Obama is running for his own re-election, assuming of course, he does great, which I doubt.

    She can always challenge him for the nomination if he is a horrible president. We’ll see what happens, there could always be some corruption scandal or something that taints him. Who knows.

    As for Hill, she is pretty safe here. I don’t think he would run someone against her. And I don’t think the democrats are going to be seen than favorably in 2012.

  80. If Hillary was in such jeopardy then she wouldn’t have been paraded out everywhere by Obama and downticket Dems. We the people looooooove Hillary. Despite a nonstop media Hillary-hatefest for all of Feb, March, April, May, Hillary won more votes than Obama. If people thought Hillary was still in the race, she would have won by even more than she did. The “teh math” argument was about one thing and one thing only: depressing turnout.

    We must never, ever forget that Hillary was the people’s choice in the Democratic Party. We must never fall for the narrative that Obama won because he didn’t.

  81. As for the media
    – NBC is owned by GE which stands to make a bundle when those electricity prices will skyrocket
    -AAR (Maddow, Randi etc) was DNC programmed – like the superdelegates, endorsements. Same with Kos, DU, TPM etc.
    Murdoch made a deal with Obama campaign back in August – had Roger Ailes make nice and shake hands. Nov 4 – when all other papers has both candidates on the cover, NY Postal ready decided the election.
    David Brooks, Bill Krystol, Peggy Noonan & other RW bloviators took care of their own side and were really more effective than all th rest – kept 6 million GOP-ers home.

  82. Thanks for posting the “Team Sarah” web-site. There’s also http://www.thenewagenda.com

    Hillary missed her chance @ any advancement last night.
    McCain would have taken care of her.
    Sadly, Obama won’t be grateful.

  83. 2012 is gonna bea nostalgic year.

  84. Her senate seat is up in : 2010

    As far as 2012——-4 years is a long time, but after the BEATING this year (and I mean misogny/fraud/corruption)——who the Hell would want it.

  85. just so people know, polling came in on her ratings a few days before the election, she was at 67%, the highest she has had in NY.

    And her approval amongst AA in NY is at 90% an all time high.

    So she is okay.

  86. So, my diagnosis: not paranoid enough.

  87. And they’re not going to let her do anything. It’s like when she ran around trying to fix the economic crisis and they stuffed her into the closet. Our wonderful representatives don’t care what happens to the country as long as no girl gets credit.

  88. McCain would have taken care of her if his Party had taken care of him. As it is, they’re both in the Senate now. I expect they’ll still be working together, watching each other’s backs.

  89. Al Gore won in 2000 and Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in 2008.

  90. Greta Van Susteren said tonight on her show, that at times when she would speak privately with reporters off air, many would start in on the negative talk about Sarah Palin. Greta would stop them and then ask:
    ‘have you ever met Sarah Palin?’
    ‘have you ever talked to any of her family or friends?’
    ‘have you been to Alaska and knocked on doors, talked to her neighbors, talked to people who elected her?’

    The answer was always ‘no’.

    Greta would call them out on it. She said it was the ‘attorney’ in her. She just couldn’t let it go. I think it’s more the sense of fairness in her character which couldn’t stand the unwarranted attacks on Palin.

  91. No, Hillary’s seat is up in 2012. She was reelected in 2006.

  92. I think we must work for reform of the primary. If that is rigged, the GE is meaningless.

  93. ana — just wait. That will change

  94. I doubt if anyone will challenge Obama in the primaries. If anyone does it will be a popular governor who isn’t beholden to the DC elites.

  95. Myiq2xu,

    This is an outstanding post–I like you when you’re funny but when you are serious, you are very very good. BTW, thank you so much for all your blogging last night. I wanted to write something but I was just blocked. I think I was numb.

  96. Hillary was elected to the Senate in 2000. Senate seats are good for six years which means she is up for reelection in 2012.

  97. You watch the Dem Senators will making legislation and putting OB’s name to it like back in his IL Senate days. They will be protecting him.

  98. Two snaps for Greta….

  99. michelina, senators run for office every 6 years. She won in 2006, so she is up in 2012.

    Schumer is up in 2010 and I plan to vote against him.

  100. BO isn’t a Senator anynmore. He actually has to sign stuff. No one can sign it for him. Not even Joe the Biden.


    To much politics!!!

  102. myiq
    Hillary and McCain got the same treatment by their respective parties. Hillary in 2012 – even if Bo lost, would have been as supported as Mccain was in 2008. or Gore in 2004. I didn’t want to rain on people’s hopes before, but I always thought it.

  103. I plan on voting agains Shumer also< he an
    a$$hole———–been around her TOO LONG!!

  104. I think it depends on how he does. If he sucks and does a horrible job, and plunges us into serious issues, the dems might force him not to run or something, who knows.

    We’ll see.

  105. myiq2xu> Yes, I know she won those states. But as you say, you wouldn’t have know it by hearing what the media was saying. And that’s how I knew she stood no chance of getting to the WH. They were not going to allow it.

    The Clintons are and will remain a major money-raising machine. So Hillary won’t be in need of money to run for reelection. She probably will have problems with the African American community and Carolyn Kennedy would take them. But Hillary would carry the Republican areas outside of NYC. I’m not discounting what you’re saying and she might have to put in some work into the reelection. But I think she’d still win. And again, if Hillary remains in the Democratic party – and they run someone like Carolyn Kennedy against her (and no way Kennedy would run without the encouragement and backing of the Democratic party) – I don’t know what I’ll think of her…

  106. BB:

    Last night is kinda hazy. What did I say?

  107. “against” and HERE—-typo alert

  108. I hate to link to Troll Mart, but I’m really disappointed in Scan for this one:


  109. Good night, PUMAS

    I promised my children that I would start to see them again.

    It makes me way too ill that they are going after Palin from both sides. I can’t bear to watch–I have some serious emotional recovery to do. Post-traumatic reaction, I think.

    I’m going to be here mostly in the early mornings, which means, GQ, that we may have to get in touch live, because I doubt you’re insane enough to get up as early as I.

    I need time to think things through. I’ll have something to contribute to our new direction, just not right now. The wounds are still fresh, but I feel dull and lifeless-dead, even

    And be nice, just because I’m not commenting most of the time doesn’t mean I won’t be reading:)

  110. I come from a journalism and graphics background and IMO any new movement will need a good information network. One way to combat the MSM is to create an alternate news source. The Confluence was already doing this which is why it received so many hits. So one thing to do is work out a plan, even a loose one and to build on the existing information foundation.

    So the Palin bashing is still going on? Forgive my ignorance, I’ve been out of it with a cold that blossomed into an ear infection (ouch!). The only thing I’ve heard (before my hubby kindly switched the channel) was the MSM having a bliss fit over Obamamania. It’s sooooo creepy. Has the American Presidency come to this, nothing more than a reality “talent” competition?

  111. Did anyone notice the undertones of the “dominionist” argument: those stupid uneducated trailer trash folks don’t know anything so they have to be religious fundamentalists. They hit Hillary with it and Sarah Palin. McCain has a more demonstrably “religious” record than Palin, but they chose to hit the trailer trash b*tches with that argument.

  112. gqmartinez,

    I think this entire election is about class. Race has just been a tool to dump the working class and the poor from the Democratic party. This is all about continuing what George Bush has been doing for the past 8 years–robbing the treasury and dismantling the New Deal. I see now that I am one of the throw away people. I’m lucky that I have education and family and some resources, but I’ll never be wealthy and don’t want to be. I’m expendable to these people–disposable.

  113. Ana
    me too. I will be delighted to vote against Schumer, if nothing else, for the roll call circus.

  114. myiq2xu: go check my last comment in moderation …

  115. That’s right, for the first time BO’s feet are going to be held to the fire, and he is going to have to take responsibility for what he choses to do or not do.

    I for one, can’ wait. The dems have gotten away with blaming Bush for everything, now they are going to have to take responsibility.

  116. myiq2xu, I don’t care who thinks I’m a conspiracy freak. I’m certain the Obama campaign used some of those Saudi slush funds to bribe key players in the media. And for the reason you cite – there’s just no other explanation for it.

  117. Ana — I hate to disagree, but this year has taught me quite a bit about the social view of women.

  118. you don’t have to release it, but some one besides me needed a look

  119. Good night Joaniebone. I think we all feel pretty much the same way. I feel like my head is still spinning and I can’t think straight. We will sort all this out and move onward.

  120. I’ve always liked Greta and she really came through for us. Now, I absolutely love her. I just wish her show came on at a better time.

  121. Rupurt Murdoch
    Well I remember when he was trying to buy the Chicago Sun Times. Columnist Mike Royko, may he rest in peace, kept writing outrageous pieces about “The Alien”. (Murdock is from Australia.) When the sale finally happened, Royko and a lot of others switched to the Trib, even though it was a fusty Republican rag.

    The Sun Times used to be pretty cool, it had besides Royko inside the front page, Doonesbury and all the other good comics. It was also a small tabloid shape and you could read it standing up on the El during your commute by folding back half of the page. After The Alien bought the Sun Times, it went downhill and only had scandal headlines, I switched to the Trib just to read Royko, but Chicago was never the same after that.

  122. MYIQ and GG

    I was trying to be facetious and failed miserably. I am not communicating well today. Yes the media knew exactly what they were doing – doing what their bosses paid them to do.


    My daughter went through that last night and all day today. She’s made her site private for a while thinking it would die down. It didn’t. She lost the remains of her innocence in the last two days.

  123. gq, I’m an athiest and that annoyed me more than anything. OMG, religious people are superstiition- driven morons who believe in evil spirits!!!! OOH!

  124. gxm
    From the B0bot blogs and forums to Faux – everyone is bashing Palin today.

  125. If Hillary tries to run against Obama in 2012, she will have to start fundraising and campaigning NLT Spring of 2011. If she does, the DNC will find someone like CK to run for her seat in the Senate.

    That puts HRC in a bind – if she loses in the primary she might not have a job to come back to. Not to mention the DNC will spread the word that if you donate to anyone but BO you are screwed.

  126. Goodnight BB.

    Goodnight family.

  127. Personally, I think the media will continue to treat Obama with kid gloves. I expect him to get the same media treat that Reagan did. Reagan was a puppet of the ruling classes and so is Obama. They just needed a Democrat this time, because Bush ruined the Republican brand.

  128. bb: i still say that Rove was a little too jovial last night

  129. I agree that the fix was in, and that this had nothing to do but with screwing the american people. you wouldn’t believe how many people in my job were bamboozled.

    But I just don’t think he will be able to keep up the charade for longer than four years.

    For 6 months he will blame bush and the media will go along, but after that, the charade will get old.

    Plus the Republicans are regrouping. They are going to hold the dems up to the fire for everything, for the next 2 years, to win back some seats. After that, my guess is they run Jindal, and take the chance with him. I don’t see how Obama can beat someone like Bobby Jindal.

  130. Obama will start receiving high-level security briefings starting this Thursday, information that he had no access to even as a senator. Scary stuff innit?

  131. I saw a horrible Newsweek piece highlighted at Susie Madrak’s. They think it is very amusing. Unnamed sources calling them Wasilla Hillbillies and that she spent more than 150k and went wild in Niemans. I hate all this delight at trashing her now that she’s lost.

    Didn’t Ted Turner sell all his holdings to Time-Warner? I think he just raises buffalo now and buys up land.

  132. MyIq: Actually she’s already started fundraising for the 2012 primary. That’s where her GE money, by and large, was transferred to. She’s got money and continues to fundraise. However, if she decided to pursue both (like Biden did this time), she’d have to raise twice as much.

  133. bostnboomer
    Bingo! They tried hard to reaganize W, but he eventually fizzled towards the end. So, on to the next one.

  134. Hillary will not run for President again. I think the DNC will try to defeat her in NY. I hope they won’t be successful. I still don’t understand why she worked so hard for Obama. He hasn’t even helped with her debt. What did she get out of it?

  135. bostonboomer – I am like you – same age and able to get by – but disposable.

    I think the ‘elites’ just used the AAs. One young black man – a musician in CA did a video. He called them ‘vote fodder’.

  136. I agree with you Bostonboomer.

  137. Can we please start by ensuring Lawrence Summers is not part of any future Obama cabinet?

    Yes, that Larry Summers. The former Harvard head who said women are innately less capable of doing math and science.

    Not just a sexist, but a terribly bad scientist, and also a guy who’s responsible for the current economic crisis in the first place.

  138. What are your predictions?

  139. g/n and xoxo joanie.

  140. Oh man, well, I’m glad I’ve been sick and spaced out on cold meds. That’s horrible. The election is over. Kicking Palin around only goes to further emphasize the sheer misogyny that our culture has gleefully engaged in. If I hear any of that sh!t at work, I’ll probably lose it. It was bad enough that I had to spend today being congratulated. (Everyone still assumes I supported Obama. That’s what I get for being a loud mouth liberal!)

  141. She gave her word. Whatever other motives she had, we’ll probably never know but at the surface that’s it. She said I will work my heart out and she did. She didn’t say I’ll work my heart out if you wipe out my debt, or I’ll work my heart out if you make me VP. She took an oath without preconditions. She kept it.

  142. myiq2xu, it depends on what happens in the next 3 years. How Obama performs as president. He can only go with the charade for so long, before people start to notice that its just a charade.

    I think Obama is just what the Republicans wanted. Carter part 2. They will get their acts together and run a Reagan in 4 years.

  143. Lakota in GA, If they’re really out to get you, then you’re not paranoid!! Talking about a shadow govt isn’t paranoid or conspiracy theorist material. It’s well known and documented. Even ex-presidents have spoken out about it. Did you know that the same investment family financed both sides in our Civil War? (Rothschilds)

  144. Hillary got out of it a reprieve from a burning at the stake. For a week, tops.

  145. If life if in the White House is anything like it was portrayed on the West Wing, Obama can’t handle it. I don’t even think he could handle playing the president on the West Wing.

    This is going to be such a difficult 4 years for the president- any president to deal with.

    I loved the idea of Hillary and Bill working together. Her making the decisions and he being her non-official advisor. Having two qualified people working together seemed like a bonus. I loved Tina Fey’s ‘Bitch is the New Black’ bit on SNL during the primaries. She said basically the same thing.

  146. What can I say to my lesbian friend who voted for Obama? This friend of mine was a huge Prop 8 supporter. What do I say to her so she GETS it? How can I pull her away from the democratic party?

  147. dakinikat,

    You could be right. Rove has always seemed rather fond of Barack Obama. The one good thing (well not good, exactly) is that I get to continue my research on Obama and all his pals. I was thinking yesterday that if he won, I wouldn’t have any reason to do it anymore, but now I can psychoanalyze him to my heart’s content.

  148. Ana
    You mean, if he is not awesome, like W? They carried W in glory for cca 6 years!

  149. I’m pretty sure RFKjr. would run for Hillary’s seat if she gave it up. It was his dad’s and he’s interested. He would never contest her though. That’s from what I have read anyway.

  150. We’re just lucky he’s no going to be SecofEd, Chevalier.

    OTOH, this is Obama’s world and we all live in it. Maybe if we taught our daughters from birth that they’re inferior and destined only for handmaidenhood, we could save them a lot of heartache.

  151. dakinikat, I got a bad feeling about them Republicans. I think they’re up to something. I’ve said since January that it didn’t seem like they wanted to win this one.

  152. The other side used Barack Obama’s voice and quote to pass Prop 8 and he didn’t try to stop it. (Just don’t tell her that Bill tried to get people to GOTV against it. Might sway her.)

  153. edgeoforever @ 11:33 pm: Oh, so the sources remain anonymous. Told ya they were cowards. McCain would not have gotten the votes he did without Palin. Bunch of ingrates.

  154. I’m gonna try to catch some sleep, I’ll be back later (I never sleep more than 3-4 hrs at a time )

    See ya on the zombie shift!

  155. bb – yes. they knew they had to back a democrat this time.

  156. Night, MyIq

  157. Simo, does she know about Donn McClurkin?

  158. BB,

    One of the things I got from Howard Zinn’s History of the American People was that the power brokers succeed by dividing the lower and middle classes. The DNC and Kennedy/Kerry faction were able to divide the lower/middle classes by race. African-Americans are disproportionately lower and middle class which cut out a huge chunk of Hillary’s natural constituency. The only candidate who could do that was Obama. The only way to beat Hillary was to take the AA base away from her. So that’s what they did.

  159. good night, myiq!

  160. I have heard Dems say that Sarah Palin didn’t go to Harvard Law, therefore, she wasn’t qualified to be Vice President. The Dem Party has really become too “elitist.” Self-made people need not apply.

    Geraldine Ferraro was right. Obama wouldn’t be where he was if he weren’t black AND male. Someone really really wanted him to go to the Senate in 2004. Kerry and who else promoted him for keynote speaker? The sealed divorce records of both of his opponents (Dem primary and Rep in the GE) were illegally revealed so Obama won effortlessly. Even less effort than hiring a Harvard elections official to eliminate all of your opponents for State

    I really like Sarah Palin. I think the media has killed a potential populist. Hillary has certainly been taken down by the ill-bred “pundits.”

  161. bostonboomer, on November 5th, 2008 at 11:28 pm Said:

    I think this entire election is about class. Race has just been a tool to dump the working class and the poor from the Democratic party.


    BB, I’ve come to believe this, too. I don’t think it’s an accident that the women who were targeted as old, bitter, r@cist, knitters — who even dared to carry our lunches to work! — were set up as *poor*. Trash. The un-lovely, the non-Hollywood, the not-New York Times women. No mistake whatsoever.

  162. Seriously, I’ve come to the conclusion that’s exactly what many people DO tell their daughters. How else to explain what just occurred?

  163. Simofish,

    Tell her that Obama implicitly pushed Prop 8 in order to win the black vote and that black vote put it over the top. Tell her about his values tour. She may not see it right away though. I’ve found that once the koolaid kicks in it’s really better to just stay away from politics. The koolaid creates a situation where people seem to be wearing blinders and no matter how many times you tell them something bad about Obama they “forget.”

  164. Simofish, I don’t understand. If your friend is gay, why would she support Prop 8?

  165. sod & gxm — I agree about Greta — she is the only one I have any respect for.

  166. Geraldine was wrong. Black, male and Cheney’s cousin.

  167. Buenos noches guapa!

  168. It will happen before you know it.

  169. night myiq — see you in your dreams!

  170. bon soir mon amour!

  171. I don’t know what the Clinton’s motives were/are. But sometimes I think the moderates are giving the leftist of the party what they want, so that they can hang themselves.

    I think this is a hard presidency and the Republicans knew it. So they setup McCain to lose, instead of risking their up and coming talent. Now they go back to rebuilding. In 4 years they run a conservative, after the Pelosi/Red/Obama government destroys the country.

    Also, it will be harder for Obama in 4 years, he has casted himself as this large then life person.

    I think the Republicans can come back if they run a new face like Jindal against Obama. That to me, is their best bet. I think they should consider Palin at some point. Just not yet.

  172. I agree, individual letters to Sarah!

  173. alice, the NYTreviewer complained that in one scene of the SATC carrie wore a big flower pin “where the cool chicks wear their Obama buttons.” Pretty much says it all.

  174. Seriously, I’ve come to the conclusion that’s exactly what many people DO tell their daughters. How else can we explain why women took part in the misogynist and sexist attacks this campaign?

  175. dakinikat — OMFG! what a bunch of classless losers at TM. I’m glad I saw it, but wish I hadn’t.

  176. gxm17, women are hold women back in this country.

  177. You can’t talk to them. I tried to relatives who were mere voters, not koolaid drinkers. “Guilt by association” took care of the neocon endorsements. Once I brought up his defense of Blackwater: “Clearly, I can’t talk politics with you”

  178. Sorry for the double posts. My browser is acting up.

  179. well good night everyone, talk tomorrow!!!!

  180. good night Ana!

  181. Regency — yes — but it it doesn’t hurt to keep drilling in into her head about how Obama was OK being on stage with him and perhaps reinforce the lost on 8 but I need more to go at these folks with. I (and my spouse) are the lone ducks in that particular group of my spouses friends

  182. SOD, “Sexisthomophobacrat Party.” Perfect description!

  183. Simofish, just give her time to realize it on her own. There will be plenty of disappointed moments ahead for Obama supporters to realize the truth about Obama.

    Obama has never marched in a gay pride parade. He refused to have his picture taken with SF Mayor Gavin Newsom, he supports civil unions but not gay marriage – if that hasn’t already convinced your friend about Obama, I’m not sure any additional info would change her mind right now.

  184. btw — I didn’t watch a lick of news today and it felt good. I think I would have been better off being one of those “low information voters” I was accused of being when I supported Hillary in the primary.

  185. Obama is not a liberal, he’s a progressive (see my note above). He used liberals in IL and elsewhere to further his career, just like he used Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc.

  186. gxm17 — I refuse! I just refuse!

  187. Wait – wait – I am sorry — she’s a lesbian who supported NO on prop 8 — shit – I keep getting it backwards — she was a HUGE proponent of NO on 8 yet supports Obama — I need for her to see the light and fight against the Democratic party that left us !!

  188. Night all — I’m done!

  189. Oceancitygirl — you’re probably right

  190. Bostonboomer
    right on about the war on the poor. The hatred of Bill Clinton was always about class as well. It was the elite vs the hillbilies. See it played with Palin too

  191. nite angie!

  192. angie, I haven’t watched the news since some time in January.

  193. Good night, everyone…

  194. “Here’s a story these staffers tell: Sent to collect Palin from a hotel, she greeted them, straight from the shower (running late, I guess ) dressed (scandal!) only in a bathrobe (presumably a very thick hotel bathrobe). … Uncommon”

    I’ve seen many posts saying McCain ran a good campaign. Again, I will respectfully disagree. The RNC was a very organized unit here in Nevada. They were wonderful to work with. Then “Team McCain” came in like thugs, demanding this and that. Some of them were great, the women, but the young man in charge consistently demanded more out of the women’s coalition then any other coalition, and threw them under the bus every chance. Maybe it wasn’t him, but the woman he appointed to head up, I don’t know. I really don’t.

    The final straw for me was when we were told in order to get VIP tickets to see Sarah, we had to make 500 calls, period. No exceptions. They attempted to block our die hard volunteers who had been making calls for months, precinct walking, etc., nope, 500 calls in 3 days or nothing. And that included me. Some of our women who spent all day, every day, making calls and could not attend, gave up their tickets to other volunteers they felt deserved them. Then on D day, they went through the line waiting for Sarah and told people if you promise to volunteer, we’ll give you a VIP ticket. Some of our women volunteers were told no way to a VIP ticket and didn’t go because of it, while people who said sure, if I can get a VIP ticket, I’ll volunteer.

    Can you guess how many put wrong information on the volunteer forms?

    When the rumors came out saying Sarah was not “cooperating” with her handlers, all I could say was: Good for you. Stand your ground.

    GWB threw JM under the bus? Yes. Many Republicans cut him off at the knees? Yes. Republicans stayed home? You betcha. I worked my butt off for him and Sarah Palin, but I am very disappointed by how his team operated here in Nevada.

  195. Haven’t watched the news since the 2000 theft. Get it all on line, selectively, editorialized for my digestion.

  196. Look at Katie Couric. She’s been in Palin’s position, so what does she do? Try to suck up to the dudes who have bashed the hell out of her by joining in on the Palin bashing fest. Good one Katie…oh, they still hate you and are trying to oust you, but for one second there it was like you were part of the frat.

  197. Stockolm syndrome. battered wife syndrome. We used to say that about Democrats. Now – women.

  198. SeriouslySeriously. Couric played it exactly like that. Y’know, Murphy Brown was loosely based on Linda Ellerbee (my personal favorite of all time). I always presumed Corkie was based on Couric.

  199. Good night, everyone!

  200. Good night PUMA LAND,

    I ususally LURK

    Sleep well and be at Peace (if possible)

  201. Ugh. Checking in before bed to find the Palin bashing piece. A bathrobe?!! Scandalous.

    I was just asking this question tonight on a phone call with another friend who is perplexed by all of this: I can understand a few sources backing one candidate, but it has been so monolithic and relentless.

    Thanks for the post. If anyone comes up with any more “clues” please share. The propaganda has been one of the most disturbing elements of this entire process. It causes good people to be easily manipulated, and there are others (ie: Axelrove) who will take expert advantage of that opportunity.

  202. I used to be a Couric fan. No more.

    Thank goodness for Greta. That’s all I have to say. Greta, and of all people Sean Hannity. Never thought I’d say THAT.

    I’m gonna head to bed and hope I get some sleep tonight. Good night all!

  203. Has any one watched CSPAN tonight? I just caught a small bit about international reaction to BO’s ascendency- it was a little overwhelming. Huge crowds in Venezuela with smiles and American flags talking about how they will now have a dialogue. Numerous reps from Colombia and other indigenous peoples discussing how happy they are to have someone who will support their causes, etc. No mention of how this will affect the “indigenous” people of the US of A. Quite recently- this would have seemed like a positive development to me, but no longer- it now frightens me.

  204. Carl Cameron was actually giddy as he delivered his Sarah gossip. Very unprofessional and quite juvenile. This is what journalist have been reduded to? Woud any of them even consider dicussing behind the scenes issues involving men that happen during ANY high pressure campaign? I am so glad Greta put them in their places. Sarah did a tremendous job handling the enormous pressure she was under.

    I can’t wait to hear Major Garrett’s behind the scenes gossip about Larry Sinclair. It is only fair right?


    Karl Rove, imo, was in the tank for Obama.

  205. gzm–How did you deal with the joyful obomazoids? I’m dreading tomorrow when I am again surrounded by them — I

  206. Seriously, what do you think Disney-princess culture is all about? Yep, teaching daughters to be handmaidens.

  207. Simofish, in an earlier thread, someone (forgot her name, but she’s the Columbia journalism student) posted a link to Anglachel’s post about Obama being used in pro-Prop 8 ads. Anglachel says:

    One of the big advertising points for Prop. 8 was Obama saying he believed marriage should only be between a man and a woman. This was left in answering machine messages, broadcast in radio and TV ads, and primted up prominently on flyers. He said nothing to contradict the use of his name and words to put anti-gay bigotry into the California constitution.

    But you’re from there, so you probably know all that already.

  208. nobo- and to think I was apreciating Carl Cameron’s support of McCain- I saw that tonight as well- what a fool!

  209. They are trying to finish Palin off because she was a genuine threat to the One’s ascendancy.

  210. Britannia — did not know this.

  211. The Obama campaign has tried to suffocate democracy within the Democratic party by drowning its opponents in a wave of greenbacks of questionable origin. In reality, his supporters have failed to stifle those Democrats who were truly disgusted with Obama’s abuses. He ran an odious campaign, and most on the left ate it up. I, being a centrist, have decided that I don’t belong in this scumbag party anymore, and I will be seeking my walking papers shortly.
    I have read some of the leftwing blogs today, and they just reinforce my gut feelings about them. The leftwing of the Democratic party is no better than the extreme rightwing of the Republican party. They are two peas in a pod that use the same loathesome tactics to get what they want. Unfortunately for America, the extreme left has found itself in possession of the POWER that they have desired for so long, and they will now proceed to shove their myopic philosophy down their opponents throats. You are either with them or against them… where have I heard that before? My eyes have been opened, and I will never vote solely on party labels anymore. McCain / Palin had the correct slogan… Country First, and I will continue to vote this sentiment. The Democratic party is dead to me, a party of maggots feeding off of the dead carcass of a once grand party. It’s time to move on.

    One question before I leave though. What makes leftwing Democrats think that they are the enlightened ones? They have shown me an ugliness that belies their proclamations of tolerance and equality. Common sense has left the party which is evident by the bowing and acquiescence to its most liberal ideologues. This is a party in its final throes, not one starting a new beginning.

  212. “indigenous peoples discussing how happy they are to have someone who will support their causes”

    LOL Uh yeah, good luck with that. Bo was too busy taking bribes to support the causes of the indigenous people in hs own district, but when it comes to fighting for the indigenous people of Columbia, he’s got your back. Way back. So long as you can offer more money than say narcoterrorists…

  213. nobo, in an interview tonight (I wish I could rememer which interview–I had TV on in background while reading here) Rove was asked if he knew and liked B0. He said he did, “they had a mutual friend and when B0 would come to the White House, they would talk about their friend.”

  214. Great, Lou, and Tavis. Is that it?

    I”m off to bed. Toodles ya’ll.

  215. Also, simofish, I noted to you on an earlier thread that I felt that a major reason that prop 8 won could have been all of the young voters who neglected the propositions and just voted the top of the ticket. That would leave the die hards that were pushing for the proposition and those that cared about civil rights. Apparently the latter is now a minority.

  216. Aw, that’s sweet. Carl and Barack heart Donna.

  217. Simofish: data points to use with your friend

    Donnie McClurkin episode.
    Doug Kmiec, a Pepperdine University homophobe, heading up his Faith Family and Values tour.
    Not wanting to be photographed with Gavin Newsom.
    Saying that marriage was between a man and a woman, which words were used by Yes on 8.
    Michelle Obama unable to bring herself to describe Ellen and Portia’s relationship as marriage.
    Not marching in Chicago’s Gay Pride parade even though he was in town at the time.
    Siphoning off so much energy and funds that other candidates and initiatives were starved.

    Barack Obama made the minimal effort to save face with this constituency, but no more. GLBT are low on the totem pole in the new Party.

    Read this Calitics post-mortem. http://www.calitics.com/showDiary.do;jsessionid=C7002B0496CA9A2D094D08D44125A4BF?diaryId=7432

  218. there’s no way that this was a “landslide” but have you noticed that it’s being called a landslide?

  219. So lililam, why is The Confluence no longer on the bitterpoliticz blogroll? I am surprised about that. Also, no reference of No Quarter, which I believe was also listed on the blogroll at one time.

  220. Barky managed to get people to think he was both for AND against prop 8
    which about sums up his stands on the issues

  221. I just read on the BBC website that Kenya has declared Thursday a public holiday to celebrate the election win of Barack Obama.

  222. nomo- Camille got pissed at noquarter a while back, but i don’t know why the Confluence disappeared- it has been less than a week, I know.

  223. Confluence is on the blogroll at bitter, nomo.

  224. LOL He truly is all things to all people.

  225. nobo- it was taken off recently

  226. perhaps inadvertently

  227. I would think that removing a blog from a blogroll more than likely is not inadvertant.

  228. Nomo- I just checked and nobo is correct- it is back on, so Camille may have missed it when she recently revised stuff.

  229. Here is the Question, What are we as a community going to do to eradicate Sexism and misogyny?? How do we raise this offense to the level “racism ” wields? Seriously. The bathrobe comment? Sexism She is now blamed for answering the door while being female. Are most among us, sexist (men, women, boys, girls?) and want to beat up on the gender that “Squeezed them out” perhaps the actuall act of squeezing is abuse. DOES IT REALLY BOIL DOWN TO UPPER AM STRENGTH AND OUR DESIRE TO POUND ANOTHER??? Just what is it? Your thoughts?

  230. Ana said: I think Obama is just what the Republicans wanted. Carter part 2. They will get their acts together and run a Reagan in 4 years.

    Not this Republican. That was my biggest fear. I would have voted for Hillary if she were at the top of the ticket. I told the black young female bartender grinning ear from ear last night that I hope she enjoyed her victory and that he didn’t become Jimmy Carter because she, personally, would seriously regret it. Bill Clinton yes, Jimmy Carter no, and he is the reason I became a Republican.

  231. Reading all these posts about the media persistently bashing Palin is cracking me up! I needed a laugh. These exploding talking heads are truly sick puppies. The day after their grotesque “win” and they still can’t get enough of the Sarah. Hilarious in a sick sort of way. But it’s great because it means she is stuck in their caw and many of us are still fascinated by her. Hope she stays front and center somehow.

  232. Also, he who shall not be named who was taken off the blogroll last month (hint: BTF) is saying sh*t about PUMA at his website again. We have been respectful enough not to talk about him since taking him off this site but he can’t forgive and forget. Some people are really disgusting and hypocritical.

  233. Fox News has the Sarah gossip on thier home page. Sheesh!

    If McCain staff was appalled by her lack of knowledge why did they choose her for a running mate? If they didn’t vet her enough to know that she wasn’t ready whose fault is that? She answered the call and did a great job holding up under the pressure. She engergized the campaign and brought in the crowds.

    Why isn’t anyone making a list of all of Joe Biden’s gaffes? And this is someone who has been around over thirty years? Or Obama? 57 states?

  234. “She is now blamed for answering the door while being female.”

    LOL. I’m still trying to wrap my head against this latest outrage. She opened the door! While female!

    They really are terrified of her, aren’t they?

  235. It all boils down to the same offense as HRC–she brazenly stood there, all non penis having, and dared to act as if she were on the same level with a human being! Shameless!

  236. Also, he who shall not be named who was taken off the blogroll last month (hint: BTF) is saying sh*t about PUMA at his website again. We have been respectful enough not to talk about him since taking him off this site but he can’t forgive and forget. Some people are really disgusting and hypocritical.

    He’s no Voldemort, but say his name anyway since he really has no power—Charles Lemos. He’s quite a flip-flopper, isn’t he? It wasn’t too long ago that he said in this very blog that he wants Obama out of politics completely. Not just out of the presidency or out of the senate, but out of politics altogether. In brief because he was untrustworthy. And lo and behold, what did I just read in his blog? I quote:

    …it was not surprising to me that I cried when Senator Obama won the Presidency tonight even though I remain skeptical but also cautiously optimistic. In the end, Senator Obama is the more prudent choice and I am glad he won. It is a historic night in the United States and I am glad I was able to witness an African-American win the Presidency. It is good for the country.

    Might it have anything to do with the economic crisis?

  237. Getting back to the topic of paranoia, did anyone else see this?

    Dean: DNC Uses Credit Card Data to Predict Votes
    Democratic chair says analysts track personal spending to predict voting habits, claims Republicans pioneered tactic.


    No wonder Obummer backed FISA!

  238. something seemed to be up to me when I saw one of the neocon fox guys waxing poetic about BO one evening a couple weeks ago…

    got me to wondering if BO is not “owned” by Exxon Mobil…

    surely the multinational corps are running this thing…

    I am still furious… especially with Prop 8 passing here in CA…. those were BO’s voters that pushed it through… hate, bigotry, sanctified and legalized separate but equal is what we have here now…

  239. Dean: DNC Uses Credit Card Data to Predict Votes
    Democratic chair says analysts track personal spending to predict voting habits, claims Republicans pioneered tactic.

    Bastards! Guess I’ll never donate online again!!

  240. Yes, .. I too read something from ‘one’ who used to join us and respect us … oh … about 3 or 4 days ago…

    It’ hurt me ..

    I could easily make a list of ‘his’ posts here and he would look like the complete fool that he is ….. Also, I must tell you – I always gave him ‘cred’ … but , really .. he is a lightweight …. I am very, very up on ‘foreign policy’ … . his sources are sooooo average . Dumb female me …. always trying to help … the ‘guy’ … .. LOL .. no more . I’m done ..

    so many betrayals … just as Obama betrays … so do the people that follow him . …

    Patriot Act
    Campaign Financing
    Cheney’s Energy Bill

    how republican can you be and get the dem vote ..?? .. there is much more ……

  241. Linda,

    I visited teamsarah. If they want a larger membership, they need to remove the comment that links being smart and being feminine. It’s quite insulting.

  242. People respond very positively to socially skilled narcissists. Obama is such a person.
    He makes people feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves (i.e. him). That’s what his odd use of ‘we’ language is about. People crave this (wanting to be part of something larger than yourself is part of the draw of religion). Fusion with a narcissist feels good (at least initially – before your life is sucked out).
    People want to follow a confident leader. Obama is hyperconfident.
    Moreover, Obama has the manner of the elite – he’s ‘one of the club’.
    Elite journalists (many of whom will have come from affluent backgrounds and went to Harvard and Stanford) respond positively to Obama’s elitism. They value being in the club. Being good at this social status game is how they got their top tier jobs. So they’re going to admire these features in Obama.

  243. Ana: “I just think we need to bring the PUMA groups together under one place. That would be a good first step.”

    I think this is the most important first step. I, for one, have trouble keeping up with all of the sites, which is why I have only posted here two or three times.

    We need an umbrella organization and a central “location” on the Web before we can make any progress…whatever we want that progress to be.

  244. Jean, there’s a Hillary Supporters group on Team Sarah, which is a bit more palatable than some of the other areas. They are very conservative, “family values” types for the most part, but I think we could even manage to make some coalition progress with such disparate groups of people if we came together around common goals that benefit us all.

  245. I am so mad at the McCain aides and those idiots at Fox News that I could spit rusty nails into concrete. They’re not just throwing Sarah under the bus–they’re out to see the bus runs over her carcass and leaves nothing but a bloody spot on the ground (allusion intentional.) I have loathed Bill O’R for a long, long time, but his show sank even beneath his own lowness level with that a$$ Carl Cameron and his “sources”. Why doesn’t lightning just strike people like that where they stand???

    McCain’s handlers were incompetent and every bit as much to blame for the hits Sarah Palin took as the Obama campaign. Now it appears they want her to go down with the Titanic. Well, she’s the only reason the GOP got me to vote for them this year, and I vow I’ll never do so again as long as they treat women like this. Jerkoffs.

  246. seraphiclight,
    I wouldn’t be able, in good conscience, to remain in a political grouping that’s particularly conservative (even though I voted for McCain-Palin). I’m an old fashioned liberal (toward the left end of liberal).
    Haven’t posted at The Confluence until today – though I’ve been reading the site pretty often (along with Anglachel’s site, Cannonfire, etc.). Even NQ has, overall, drifted too far to the right for me to go there much anymore.
    Anyway – just speaking for myself – I know others may feel quite differently.

  247. well, the obots and lefties are in for a rude shock. obama is bought and paid for by the corporations just at this diary has indicated. i have been saying that all day on no quarter.

    the dnc are securing their power. emanuel is chief of staff. he is pelosi’s guy. the new boss is the same as the old boss. nothing new here keep moving is what i am now thinking.

    the so called turbulence will continue and obama can tell all those waiting for their mortgages and gas bills to be paid by him that he just can’t help them. under the bus with the rest of us.

  248. G, I’m on the far left myself, so I understand where you’re coming from. Actually, I just got an e-mail from the admins at TeamSarah asking for donations to help keep the site going, and the site is funded by something called The Susan B. Anthony List. I had just assumed it was a feminist site, if conservative, but when I went there I discovered its main goal is repealing reproductive rights for women. Ugh. I think I may be done with TeamSarah after all. 😦

  249. TheRealSharon, on November 6th, 2008 at 1:52 am

    I really doubt that actual McCain aides are saying this. I haven’t heard any news source name any names. The Obama camp is spreading misinformation in an attempt to neutralize Palin in 2012. Don’t believe their lies, and don’t believe that it’s coming from unnamed aides.

  250. New thread up!

  251. seraphiclight,
    Thanks for the response, and for seeking to further a PUMA structure appropriate for the long haul.

  252. ok! ok! for the tenth thousand time!!!!!!!!! in the last days GOD gives satan domion over the air ie= tv, radio,airwaves. I love each and every one of you but you are so smart you are dumb. It is right in front of you. his rise to power ,his teflon skin nothing stuck from Resko to his cousin the butcher Odinga.Why don’t you try reading the Bible at least the book of Revelation,
    and the book of Daniel, what do you have to lose thirty minutes of your time weighed against gaining eternal life. That is a no brainer

  253. Yeah, it’s really weird how they all got behind Obama. Even the bailout bruhaha seemed contrived. The question is why? I think Obama is the one backed by the power brokers this time, just as Bush was in ’00 and ’04. Who are they and what do they want?

    jet, I’ve read Revelations and Obama is not the Anti-Christ. He’s a spoiled brat politician and a puppet, nothing more.

  254. At least since the 2000 elections, if you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying attention.

    Over on Cannonfire, someone suggested that the GOP wanted to lose this time, to leave a Democratic President and Congress facing an oncoming financial disaster.

    Maybe the “H” in Barack H. Obama will come to stand for “Hoover”? 😉

  255. Two things to remember about the Republicans. First, they live in the same structurally misogynistic society as the Democrats. If Democrat misogyny manifested like a bad smell just at the idea of a woman candidate, so would Republican – it’s a common cultural characteristic. Second, a number of Republicans are former liberals, men who “saw the light” and became not conservatives, but Neocons. These men see themselves as part of an intellectual elite – and they hate Sarah not just for being female, but for being working class. Nothing can express the hatred of the intellectual elite (Liberal or Republican) for those who work with their hands, go hunting and generally behave like “red necks”.

  256. As a new member of the Republican party, I will see what I can do to change their attitudes towards women. I saw and heard tremendous support for Sarah Palin, not reported by MSM of course. Republicans do seem to be ahead in the nominating department. And there is Condi, who Bush stuck with through thick and thin. I do not believe that the Republicans would have taken a star like Hillary Clinton, had she been with their party, and treated her the way the Democrats did. Also, they defend their first ladies to the max. Never will the democrats get another vote or nickel from me.

  257. This post is excellent, I have been thinking along these lines for a while now. It has been frustrating to read post and comments by people baffled by a single commentator or a single news source.

    In their dealing with the netroots, I fear they found it delightfully easy to distract the most powerful tool of the people since the Patriot Papers.

    How to keep focused on the shadow leaders is harder to plan and I suspect there are unknown types of trolls sent to lead us away.

  258. I was trying to figure out why Repubs don’t want Palin. One report said it was a former Romney person that had joined the McCain camp that was very unhappy with the Palin choice. But I wonder why the party is allowing this. It seemed to me they have already decided Palin isn’t the future of the party and have quickly turned to Jindal and Pawlenty. Why? What demographic did she not do well with? For me, she is too far right to ever vote for but I have to idea what happened with polling.

  259. I am sick and tired of the bullsh*t about Sarah Palin. The campaign staff people who are now trying to trash her is disgraceful. Some of the media, including some Fox reporters are jumping in with their lousy two cents. She campaigned as hard as anyone could expect out of a person. She is articulate and convincing. Even drawing larger numbers then McCain. McCain lost this election because of race. The AA community voted 90%+ for Obama and in record numbers, plus a segment of the Republican party, the politcal an economic either stayed home and sulked or voted for McCain. Examples being K. Parker and N. Noonan, who were very critical of her and McCain’s pick of her.

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